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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 9, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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outside? >> little chill in the air this morning. ooh ', 60s, pretty nice walking out the door, problems will come this afternoon. looking at the current temperatures, you can see in philadelphia, 61 degrees, 55 up in mount pocono, about 64 down in wildwood, see the temperatures get pretty warm as we head into the afternoon. wind is nice and calm as well this morning, you can see, if i where between five to 10 miles per hour. this is the problem we've got. storm scan3, and we head back it the anchors, i believe an announcement about the peace prize. >> we do. happening right now, want to go out to norway. >> yes, awaiting the announcement of who will win the know best peace prize, norwegian committee no clues about who the winner might be, so very much a surprise. and among those speculated to nab the prestigious award, pope francis. let's listen in and hear what they have zero to say. >> was formed in summer of 2013. when the democrats process was
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in danger of collapsing political assassination, and widespread social unrest. it is established and altern tiff political process at the time when the country was on the brink of civil war. it was thus instrumental in unable in the face after few years, to establish a constitutional form of government, guaranteeing from the mental right for the entire population irrespective of gender, political conviction, or religious belief. has organized, civil society. the labor union, the tunisian consideration of industry, trades, and handy craft, the
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tunisian human rights league, and the tunisian order of lawyers. these organizations reps different sectors and values in the tunisian society, welfare, prince of rule of law, and human right. >> exercise dollars it role as a mediator -- >> you are listening to the announcement therefore the nobel peace prize, just learned it is a tunisian quartet, there were number of notable people and organizations up. >> among those notables, pope francis, german counselor, american he will, secretary of have of state john, even edward snowden on the list. so that was a short list of some of the favorite. at you just heard, tunisian quartet named the nobel peace
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prize winners. >> hearing more about them today, i bet. first, a look at the roads with meisha. >> we're dealing with morning construction, it is friday, one of the lucky travel days, looking really good on the roadways it, will probably continue through the 5:00 and even maybe the 6:00 hour if we're lucky. this is area of construction, route one southbound between route 413 and neshaminy. see the two lanes are blocked here, so you have one driveable lane, looks like drivers are scooting by with no problems. just make note, it is still there, and then quick look, at the ben franklin bridge, beautiful shot when it is so dark out with all of the beautiful lights. both directions, actually, still lose that far right lane on the ben franklin bridge, moving into jersey. roosevelt boulevard, looking real nice, southbound at wissahickon as well. back to you. >> two teens shot overnight in the stenton section of the sit. >> i one of them was in a stolen car at the time. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live for us at northwest detectives with the latest on that investigation.
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justin, good morning. >> this morning police have two teens both critically wounded one stolen car, and also, possibly two suspect on the loose. after that shooting, the backdrop for both crimes, in the city stenton neighborhood. and about 11:00 last night police say they got report of shots fired on the 7900 block of temple road. and nearby, police found a 19 year old man collapsed at his mother's home. he's believed to have run thereto escape the bullet. he was shot stomach. eleven shell casings were found over off temple road, as medics got that victim to einstein medical center, police got reports of another 19 year old, also shot, and collapsed, near a 2014 honda few blocks away, off cheltenham avenue where that teen was not only shot, but the honda he was found near, had at least ten bullet
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>> a male, who was found next to the vehicle with the bullet holes, that victim was more than likely in the driver seat that far vehicle on temple road when he was shot after being shot he drove about two blocks to fill mean a and chelten hand avenue in the rear driveway where witnesses saw him pull up in the driveway, get out of the vehicle, and collapse. >> also came up stole never chestnut hill back in august, so that teen driver could face charges of operating a stolen vehicle, once the story pans out, we also know that both teens are in condition, over at einstein medical center, both expected to recover, and police have no motive at this time, but they do say they've two possible suspect, seen wearing dark
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clothing running south on temple road. we will bring you much more as we get it. live outside northwest detective, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> for the first time in ten years, bill cosby will testify under oath in a sexual assault case. >> the comedian is scheduled to give a deposition today in the case involving judith hoff, accusing cosby of molesting her at the playboy mansion in 1974 when she was 15. she is among more nan two dozen women accusing cosby of sexual assault. ten years ago cosby admitted under oath he gave drugs to women he wanted to have sex with. we'll have much more on this story many coming up in a live report at 5:30. >> meanwhile the us navy will join in the search for the remains of the cargo ship that sung off the coast of the bahamas. navy plans to use sonar and other means to find 790-foot on the see floor. caught in hurricane joaquin when its engine failed, rendering it unable to escape the storm. thirty-three people were killed. >> now, we have since learned about a local connection, the missing ship has, right here in our area. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more, coast guard crews officially stopped looking for el fer owe sunday
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wednesday. they found only minimal pieces of debris. thirty-three people including 28 americans, were on board, michael davidson was the captain. >> and it just floundered, and apparently the waves, they theorize, the wave just took it, played it down. >> lansdowne resident jim manually didn't know anyone on the ship, but, new the ship, and quite well. he helped to build it in 1974 at this old shipyard. >> sad to see it come to an end like. >> told "eyewitness news", the project took about a year interest start to finish. and elferro1 of the largest ships in his portfolio. >> we put the coils in the double bottoms, which is right on the bottom of the ship, ran the steam to the bills. >> i you won't find any signs of the old shipyard t closed in the late 1980s. now it is part of harrah's casino and racetrackment manually said the ship was originally named the puerto rico, ironically, the destination whatever turned out to be the final voyage of elferoo. the data recorder could be as
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far as 15,000 feet below the surface. >> there is a lot of different robotics, to help people at different types of sonar able to detect things. >> as families grip the reality of whatever happened, jim manually continues to play out scenarios in his mind. >> kind like people, we all come to an end at one time. >> but the ship that goes down with all of the 33 aboard, sad. >> in chester, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the owner of auto shop is fighting for his life after being attacked in his business. the man stabbed more than 20 times just before 6:00 last night. he is now in critical condition. the suspect also robbed the business at 63rd and dick street. detective are examining video from surveillance cameras in the area for more clues. >> there is a violent struggle
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inside, blood throughout the business, also broken knife blade inside. we know our victims stabbed over 20 times in the head, the arms, the chest and the side. and we're hoping because it is a pretty busy intersection, someone may have seen the male. >> suspect at the time was wearing a yellow t-shirt and dark colored pants. he is still on the loose. >> authorities are questioning a person of interest in connection with the sexual assault and robbery after temple student last week. a man seen on surveillance video right here from a septa train has been taken into custody for a probation violation. so far, he has not been charged in that sexual assault, the crime happened on september 28th in the 1400 block of carlisle street. >> investigators in hamilton township mercer county searching for black 1992 black f150 extended cab like this one with new jersey tags l-4 4eru. it is in connection to a dead body that was found in row bling park on tuesday.
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the victim has been id as 38 year old jessica prusik. no word on her cause of death. but it is being investigated as a homicide. >> meanwhile, authority arrest two men in connection with deadly whom invasion in lower moreland montgomery county. prosecutors say made ear ali and his close friends desmond smith broke into kevin brown's home and shot him to death on september 27th. ali is the former boyfriend of brown's 18 year old daughter. prosecutors say the daughter been trying to escape their abusive relationship. there is report of sexual assault by both ali and smith back in august that may have been part of the motive. >> she was told by mr. ali if she toll anyone about that event, that he would send dez, desmond smith, to shoot her and her family. >> prosecutors say smith is the one who shot brown to death. >> still ahead this morning, talk about tight squeeze here, this is the store a lot of folks are talking about from delaware county. coming up how that man got his
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finger stuck inside his fuel tank. wait until you see how this one ends. >> how does that happen? also ahead, jewelry store robbery caught on camera. what eyewitnesses say happened just before this mayhem broke out. >> and it is finally friday. we made it. you made it. welcome to the weekend. up top. thank you very much. show you behind the scenes right here in our studio. >> looking pretty good. nice shot there. we're excited. it is friday. we have a little good news in the weather department. not necessarily for today, but for this weekend. so we'll get to that. >> the good, the bad and the ugly coming up. stay with us, everybody.
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>> deadly flooding in -- flooding in south carolina jay johnson to travel to that state. hills meeting with local, state, federal officials comes as the governor there urges people who live along the coast to evacuate. the national guard continues to try to reach those stranded in their homes by high water. fragile dams and more rainfall this week, now threatens those low-lying areas. so far, more than 15 people have died as a result of this flooding, with many other still missing. also south carolina, the city every north charles tonight paying money to the family of black hand shot by white police officer. fifty year old walter scott was gunned down on april 4th, by officer michael playing err, after running from a traffic stop. a bystander caught the shooting on a cell phone camera. slager remains behind bars on murder charges.
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>> surveillance video here, released in connection with stabbing every international hero. center -- spencer stone, one of three americans who tackled a gunman on french train in august, he was stabbed, outside a sacramento bar. he was out with friends, when he was attacked. police believe the incident was not random. stone is expected to make a full recovery. >> the associated press has released new tal think morning, for the number of victims killed in last month's stampede in saudi arabia. >> happened outside the holy city of mecca during the pilgrimage. ap sales at least 13, excuse me, 1,399 people were killed, that's at least 630 victims, more than the saudi kingdom officials polled. nearly 1,000 people were injured, and hundreds more remain missing at this point. >> well, couple in california is caught on cell phone video, trying to rob a jewelry store. >> the woman there with the
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pink and blonde hair, accused of trying to steel a pricy diamond ring. the man who shot the video says the man that she was with faked a medical condition, fell to the floor, that's when, according an eyewitness, the woman with the ring, in a very personal place, oh, boy, uh-huh. the ring was retrieved, oh, and the couple was arrested for attempted robbery. >> okay. well, a frightening moment for passengers on a flight in seattle, after the hero -- they hear allowed explosion, the cause? a tiny little bird. delta airbus landed when only one working engine, pretty scary. as hundreds wandered what the heck wag going on. pilot told passengers the loud noise and the flames were the result every red tail hawk hitting one of the planes engines. kaylee anderson was on that plane. >> taking off and there was a hugeness, oh, oh, like this big burst of flames. i look at my sister and i was like did you see that? >> the crew later found out the bird slammed into the landing gear door, first,
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before disabling the engine. 391 bird strikes have happened at the seattle airport over the last five years. 5:17 right now. food lovers pack chinatown for the annual night market. dozens of food trucks line tenth street last night offering various items. the original night market began in asia as a celebration every ethnic cuisin and cultural customs. glad they got it in last nightment because tonight would not be the night to be outside, right, kyle a will? >> right. if you're outside you will need an umbrella it will be brief, but we will have some downpours, some thunderstorms as well likely this afternoon. let's talk about where we are this morning, not bad at all out there. live look at temperatures, 61 degrees in philadelphia becomes 55 in reading, 63 in atlantic city and 64 in wildwood. this is our problem. we have stormy weather ahead of cold front tracking across the country. soap, while our skies are looking pretty good right now, this is what's going to catch up with us, as we head into rush hour this afternoon. now, we have a marginal threat for severe thunderstorms, talking downpours, gusty wind,
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thunder, so just make sure you're prepared, rush hour could be attributing i one today. talking scattered showers, slow afternoon drive, about .10 to .3 of rain, possible thunderstorm there, too. taking a look at your future ear weather, you can see, the timing here as we look at 5:00. this is that line of storms, rolling across, and that's whether we could get into some trouble with potential for severe weather t does head out of there rather quakily by saturday morning, much nicer there, looking great. so what to expect this weekend? mostly sunny skies, cooler temperatures, we are in the 60s, as we head toward the weekends, while today we look at high of 79. great fall weekends, little leaf peeping perhaps, not quite in the place for it here in philadelphia, but if you head up to mount pocono, yes, they are in the moderate category, little further north even if you want to go into the high category, not bad at all. today high of 79, watch out for the showers, winds will pick up, too. overnight tonight talking low of 56 degrees, as the showers wrap up. and then we get into our seven day forecast, holiday week
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edge, look at this, beautiful saturday, sunday, by monday high of 73 and sunshine, then we just have to get through this afternoon, miss meisha, a then looking good. how are the roads looking? >> things looking good. we have water main break, live mobile three shot. fifth street, south street, near johnny rockets. let me back way out of the way so you can see what's going on. there were report that there was gushing water, businesses can expect some low water pressure in the area. now, this is between fifth street is blocked, between south street and lombard for those of you in the area. and you can see, crews also trying to get this cleared off. you can see, the yellow tape, the cones, indicating, again, that you are blocked, in this area, the street is block between south street and lombard for those of how need to know that. in that area. now, moving to another camera here, where we've cleared some construction in bucks county, route one southbound between route 413 and neshaminy. two lanes block. that again has now been cleared. and mass transit for those of
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you taking the rail lines, patco running a special schedule all day, again, today, and then also route seven, 33, 48 buses, those are detoured. against, lansdale doylestown, bussing 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., between doylestown and colmar, also bussing every weekends between media and elwyn, then construction on route 42 northbound, ram top 295 northbound is closed until 6:00 a.m. 295 north at 42 freeway, one lane is blocked again, that's due to construction. ladies, over to you. >> fire fighters delaware county their hands full trying to free a man's fink their was stuck in the gas tank of his car. kind of strange. "eyewitness news" on the scene yesterday as upper darby wash and lube on chester pike here. the man in the video reportedly told firefighters he thought somebody put chocolate in his gas tank, he was trying to clean it out. that's why his fingerers near the tank. >> how did he hear about chocolate getting in his gas tank? >> i don't know, but firefighters first tried to free the the finger using libri
5:21 am
can't, ended up actually sawing off the pipe that leads to the tank. so the man was taken to the hospital to eventually have the pipe removed. and poor guy, i mean, has our sympathy. i don't know why he thought chocolate was in his tank, but trying to get it out. in the future you know just say hey, guys, can you help me out with this? don't ever put your fingers in the gas tank. poor choice. hopefully's okay this morning. >> okay, it is 5:21, time to check out your philadelphia job market report. >> cbs business analyst, gel listening err joins us with more. >> new report is naming the top 25 up and coming job fields for millennials. the advocacy group young invincible examined government data on pay, projected growth and the share of young people working in each job. not surprisingly, about half of the positions are in the areas of science, math, engineering, or technology. but for those not numbers oriented, one area worth exploring is public relations.
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pr specialists promote and maintain favorable public image for the organizations they represent. they design media releases, plan and direct public relations programs, in order to raise awareness for their clients work and goals. they also help their client communicate effectively with the public, including drafting speeches, and arranging interviews for executives. in the philadelphia area, the mean wage for a pr specialist is more than $65,500. and this career path could lead to becoming a manager who earns more than $100,000. i'm jill schlessinger, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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(flares game two of the new season tomorrow night against the pant nerves miami. last night, opening night, new flyers coach, dave hack tal,
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coaching very first regular season nnl game. flyers get first goal by the way from matt read. but one thing that still needs work, the shoot-out plays, the flyers missed two penalty shots last night, then lost in the nhl new three on three over time format. three to two. >> now, so far in the nba pre-season, six remembers getting some game from top draft pick okafor, he had 12-point and three rebounds last night against the cavaliers, playing without labron james. scotty won it on three-point war second left on the clock. just second left. that shot right there. the home team gets their first win of the season, 115-114, sixers play the nets in albany tomorrow afternoon. i want to see more of that. that can't be east. >> i awesome. >> thursday night football right here on cbs-3 last night, and former houston text and makes his old team pay. andre johnson caught two touchdown passes, from 40 year old back up quarterback, matt hassle back. and indianapolis colts beat
5:27 am
the texans 27 to 20. johnson was cut by the texans this spring after 12 seasons with the team. leads afc south at three and two, next week, falcons and saints on cbs-3. and hey, speaking of the saint, they come to the link sunday afternoon to play the eagles, and the birds really need a win. some of the eagles key start remembers nursing injuries, including offensive tackle, jason peters. he's expected to see action this sunday. both the eagles and the saint come to this week's game, at one and three, on the season. so at least evenly matched. but a win would be quite nice. >> i think much needed at this point, for eagles fans, anyway. coming up in the next half hour, remembering the celebrity chef who helped may creole cuisin popular. >> more on the passing, and also ahead, more on the accusations that have comedian bill cosby facing a deposition today. kyla, you are tracking some showers, right? >> i am. in fact, we could potentially even see some severe thunderstorms this afternoon. so i will get you ahead of that, so you can make your plans for today, plus talking weekend weather. stay with us,
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everybody, "eyewitness news" is coming right back.
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>> good morning to you, today is friday, october 9th, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. ahead this morning, new information about the flu shot scare in mercer county, new jersey, we now know what will happen to the nurse at the center of this scare. she used the


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