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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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bit, construction two, water main breaks to update you. kyla, how is it doing outside first? >> feeling little cooler it me because we have little breeze going. it is calmed down, but when 1st st. out here, like little movie star, the fan on your hair action, makes you feel chilly. so out early definitely take jake today. live look at the temperatures, 61 in philadelphia right now, 57 up in mount pocono, 63 down in atlantic city. live look at storm scan3, shows you that few clouds, could get some sun as the day start. how much, there it is. the big old mess coming our way. >> moderate risk, so downpours, gusty wind, thunder, also, possibility, with what's coming our way. however, once we get this out of here, and it looks like it will be during the rush hour time frame, we're setting ourselves up for real nice weekend, sunny, cooler temperatures in the 60s, but beautiful fall weekends ahead. so, something to look forward to, after we get through the rain today. you can see saturday, sunday, both sunny.
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we start to warm up as we get into sunday, by the way columbus day weekends is this weekend, so, monday also, it will be beautiful. talking low 70s, sunshine. once we're past this, looking good. volume levels starting to build now. i know we got to get through the rain this weekend but sounds like it will be great next week. so, eyes ahead. ninety-five southbound past cottman, looking pretty good. looking steady therement volume levels building and building here as well on the vine, both eastbound and westbound directions, that's what it is looking like there. 422 moving eastbound past route 29 near collegeville. you can see, eastbound direction, looking very busy, looking very, very busy indeed. also, we do have accident, on the talcony palmyra bridge toll plaza new jersey side, so the westbound drivers could be affected in and around this area. route 73, is open, but you certainly can expect delays or you can even use an alternate, such as the betsy ross bridge. now, we have water main break
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here, one of two, moorestown, new jersey main street closed, church street to chester avenue near starbucks, use alternate. such as route 38. and the other water main break dealing with, right now, we cover this little bit earlier showed you live shot, look like they're trying to get this cleaned out of the way, fifth street at south street, near johnny rockets. fifth street blocked between south. zombieses in that area. all right, ladies, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank up. the 2015 nobel pies prize winner just name one hour ago, went to the tunisian national dialogue quartet. the dom he can rasi group made up of four key organizations in tunisian civil society including labor union and human rights league. group established peaceful political process when it was on the brink of sill ill war. the prize, huge victory for the small north african country. >> also, in the news this morning, two teens are shot overnight, in the stenton
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section of the city one in a stolen car at the time. justin fin i have live for us at northwest detective with the latest on that investigation. justin? >> both victims, detective on the case, work to go figure out who shot them, why, and also, why one victim was in the stolen car. flashlights following some 11 shell casings spread about the 7900 block of this road. crime scene one of two of late night shooting in the stenton neighborhood. nearby, 19 year old collapsed at his mother's home, shot in his chest and stomach. he wasn't the only victim. medics quickly moved to cheltenham avenue and east philomena street. >> while transporting that victim, a second victim was found about two blocks away at fill mean a and stenton avenue. victim found next to white car. it was struck multiple times by gunfire. and this victim was lying in
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the driveway next to the car. >> that car, police identify, as late model white honda. it turns out it was reported stolen in chestnut hill back in august. >> it appears that the male who was found, that victim was more than likely in the drivers seat of that vehicle on temple road when he was shot after being shot he drove about two blocks to cheltenham avenue in the rear driveway where witnesses saw him pull up in the driveway, get out of the vehicle, and collapsed. >> that means, the teen driver could face charges for operating a stolen vehicle, even as he recovers from a gunshot wound to his back. and police tell us that at last check, both teens were at einstein medical center in critical condition, again, those are -- those are on track to pull through, we are told, at this hour police looking for two male suspect, seen running south on temple
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road, both wearing dark clothing and again at this hour no word yet on a motive. and we are live outside northwest detective, i'm justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". justin, thank you. >> the owner of an auto tag shop is attack inside his business and is now fighting for his life in the hospital. investigators say, he was stabbed more than 20 times inside his business, at 63rd and dick street in southwest philadelphia. happened before 6:00 last night, he was also robbed. police are looking at surveillance cameras for more clues. >> violent struggle inside. there is blood throughout the business. also broken knife blade. we know our victim stabbed over 20 times in the head, arms, side. and we're hoping, because this is pretty busy intersection that time of night, that someone may have seen this male. >> police say the suspect was wearing a yellow t-shirt and dark colored pants. >> new developments surrounding dead body found in a mercer county park.
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police in hamilton township are looking for a black 1992 ford f150 extended cab like that one you saw t has new jersey tags, l-4 4eru. the body of 38 year old jessica prusik found in some weeds tuesday morning in roebling park. there is no word yet on a cause of death but it is being investigated as a homicide. nicole? >> erika, the us navy will try to recover the cargo ship that sang in the midst of hurricane joaquin. navy plans to use sonar and other means to find 790-foot vessel on the see floor, sung on the coast of the bahamas, couldn't escape the hurricane because of engine failure. >> more information this morning, about that doomed cargo ship. former crew members question the vessel's safety, one person even saying the boat should not have been on the water. correspondent andrew spencer tells us more. >> reporter: a member of the crew posted this photo on facebook in september, it
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highlight what three former crew members are telling cnn, former quarter master kurt brewer says the chief cooks room on the el fer owe was constantly leaking water and the ship drainage didn't work very well. >> this ship is old. if you look at the inside of the deck, on the second level, it is rusted, to death, it is russ everywhere. >> former crew member, chris cash, last voyage ends in the january, calls the elfaro a russ bucket, should never have been on the water. >> only thing we do is mask the problem. we paint over russ. where chip rusts, but it is so much russ. >> another former crew member, who was on the ship, as recently as august, compared the 40 year old boat both to 40 year old car. he said the cook's rom leak water and everything on the ship was old, but he said everyone felt safe. totes maritime who operated the ship said the elfaro regardless of it age met all standards and certifications. the coast guard said that's true.
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seaworthy necessary aside the vessel and it 33 member crew did not survive the run in with the hurricane. >> lost propulsion, taken on water, and was lifting at 15 degrees looks into how and why the ship sang. >> the investigate health, its systems, and its equipment, and that includes document the exact location of the vdr. >> the voight and data recorder what many refer to on airplane as the black box, once recovered, could be instrumental in finding out what happened last week. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, 6:08 right now. coming up: chaos erupts when the leading candidates replace john boehner as speaker of the house withdraws his candidacy. also ahead, into you surveillance videos release, group of men attacking spencer stone, one of the americans who helped stop a terror
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attack on paris bound train this past summer. and police say, this was not a random attack. >> and beach battle in margate. ocean front property owners going head-to-head with governor christie, over a plan that will take away the view they paid top dollar for. that's coming up next. >> we made it to friday. almost the weekend, will it be a wet one? kyla let you know when we come right back. happy friday to you. >> ♪
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carolina he'll meet with local, state, and federal officials in the state. this comes as south carolina governor, nicky haley, urges more evacuations as rivers swell, and dams remain fragile. the devestation has left more than 15 people dead. >> 6:12, and we are tracking showers, this evening, in our area, right, kyla. >> we r but you know what? that same front also going to bring more rain to south carolina showing you quickly, can you believe, talk about adding insult to injury, what they are looking at, future rain amount, as we head through our weaken. so, you know, your heart goes out to them. right now temperatures where we are, 61 degrees, don't have any rain falling except in far western pennsylvania, 63 in atlantic city, 57 up in mount pocono, and as we zoom in here, little cooler in quakertown, 58 in pal my, a also in mt. holly. snow is what we're looking at. as you can see, some of the showers already starting to pop up in western pennsylvania, but it is going to be rolling toward us, and unfortunately, the timing on this could not be worse. it will be rush hour, this
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afternoon. also, we've got potential for some of the storms to be severe, so downpours, gusty winds and thunder, all come along with this, as we get into the 4:00, 5:00 time frame. looking at future weather here is 5:00 p.m. see the heavy showers kicking upright through philadelphia, and then, they're out of here quickly. that's the good news, they move fast, and then they're gone, that set us up for nice weekend, and also sets us up for some nice football weather sunday if you are going to see the eagles take on the saints there at 1:00 kick offer about 68 degrees, with some sunshine. so, good news, 79 degrees for our high today. we watch out for those afternoon showers, thunderstorms tonight, low of 56 degrees. showers will start winding up, and getting out of the way, take live look, i'm the live look, here we go, a lock at your seven day forecast, you can see, that we do cool down, we head toward the weekend. 60s, stowe will feel much more fall like than it will today. but what i love about this seven day forecast, is that not only do we get the sunshine in there for saturday, sunday, but monday, you remember, is a holiday.
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>> indeed. >> beautiful, 73, sunny. a lot of folks have off, so they can enjoy it. >> oh, yes, so nice. >> people who want the fall weather, get almost taste of it, as least. >> just a taste, put your sweater on, get ready for nice day monday. >> so nice, tis the season, so nice. well the roadways looking good on this friday. the only thing we're dealing with is two water main breaks actually, those update coming upment also, disable vehicle on busy road that just moved out of the way. here is a look at the schuylkill at city avenue. see moving in the westbound direction, looking pretty good here, starting to see some brake lights, go off, and i can let you know also that if you are taking the roosevelt boulevard headed into the southbound direction trying to make your way to the area, to around the schuylkill. this is what you are looking at. looking little bit slow now. just kind of slowing down, ever so slightly as you come around the s curve trying to make your way to the schuylkill. overall, thing looking pretty good. here is a look at the blue route southbound near ridge pike, where we had disable vehicle going in the northbound direction in the plymouth meeting area. that's since cleared. so looking good in this area.
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now, ton accident, talcony palmyra bridge toll plaza, new jersey side, so the westbound drivers could be affect in the and around this area. route 73, is open, but you can expect some delays in this area because of. >> this and always use alternate, such as the betsy ross bridge, if that helps you out, as well. those update on the water main breaks coming up in just a couple every minutes, nicole, over to you. >> thank you, check this out. suv standing up on its back bumper. wow. hanging from electrical wires. >> the driver involved in this crash, this is in charlotte, north carolina, drivers okay, but he tells police hey my brakes failed. has to be more to the story than. >> this you don't have your brakes fail and end up like this, right? police say their investigation is not over. how it ended up like that. >> i guess he had to be going pretty fast. >> that's possible. >> wow, not good. still ahead, republicans scrambling to find another candidate for house speaker. >> yes, not where would you expect to find a farm also this morning, but exactly what sprouted at new york's jfk airport, details on this, and
6:16 am
why they have a farm there, when we come back. >> that's interesting. pea past
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>> family of black man gunned down by white police officer is getting a big settlement from the city. court charleston, south carolina will pay $6.5 million
6:19 am
to the family of the late water scott. fifty year old was shot on april 4th, by officer michael slager, while trying to run from traffic stop. the shooting was caught on cell phone camera. the family of scott says this could have been avoided. >> he had a bad record. it should have been dealt with sooner than there is my brother might be alive today. >> slaying fresh south jersey and graduated from lenape high school. he's behind bars on murder charges. walter scott's family says they'll donate portion of their $6.5 million settlement to the red cross, for disaster relief efforts. >> stabbing of international hero, spend err stone, one of the three americans, who tackled a gunman on french train in august, was stabbed outside a sacramento bar. spencer was out with his friends when this attack happened. police do not believe it was random. stone is expected to fully recover. hate to hear this guy who did something so heroic, still ahead on "eyewitness news"
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this morning, break dancers from all over the world are here in philadelphia for a big competition this weekend. they've got some mad skills, but, of course, our producers had to throw me to the wolfs. see if i could get my brake dance on, clearly, embarrassing for me. >> i'm sure entertaining, for everyone else. actually attempt at dance. >> i like it. more on that coming up next. >> hard to top nicole break dancing. but other forecasts in. >> we have our own personal fly girl. oh, boy. we also have to look out for some thunderstorms this afternoon everybody, they could be severe. i'm track those for you, get you set up for the weaken, so you can make your plans. stay with us, we'll be right
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>> front runner to replace john boehner as speaker of the house withdraws his candidacy. as don champion reports, those remaining in the race still don't have any easy path to victory. >> who will leave this house that's divide in the this morning, congressman, daniel webster, and jason, are again, in the running to become speaker of the house.
6:24 am
>> kevin mccarthy abruptly withdrew to become speaker, he had been the supposed frontrunner, but in the end could not get enough votes. proof that far came wednesday night, when roughly 35 hard-line conservatives, who call themselves the house freedom caucus, through their support behind congressman webster. >> i don't want to go to the floor. i think the best thing for our party right now is that you have 247 votes on the floor. >> it is now unknown when the house gop election will happen some of the party, congressman paul ryan to run, but ryan released a statement saying, he won't be doing so. wheel webster has the support of the freedom cause you can, they lack widespread support. >> i think we have a lot of internal fracture, fracturing, that's happened, and we need to figure out a way to unite the party. >> current speaker john boehner, who announced his resignation two weeks ago, said i'll stay on until new lead series elected.
6:25 am
>> in campaign 2016, 85% of americans say the affordable care act will be a factor in their vote for president next year. that's according to new insurance quote. com report. the issue still hasn't divided, 45% would like to keep the law and 44% want to repeal it. >> well, gop presidential frontrunner donald trump has trademark his signature slogan. >> make america great again, first set when former president ronald reagan, however, trump applied for the trademark years ago in november of 2012, and it was approved july of this year, so took couple of years. red hat with the slogan, hot, selling for $25, interesting to know ronald reagan said it first. >> trademark. >> i guess. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", you can file this one under how in the world did this happen? a man gets his finger stuck in his car fuel tank.
6:26 am
>> oh, geez. >> wait until you hear the reason why. that's next. jan? >> and bill cosby back in the spotlight. the philadelphia comedian getting ready to vote for the first time in a decade, those details next. meisha? >> certainly heating up. take a look at cottman, also, dealing with two water main breaks and an accident that actually just cleared, that will help things up. all of the update coming up. first we want to take a quick break. stay where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will fighting to saveatlanti. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the
6:27 am
atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. ♪traveling through seas of oats and berries ♪ ♪peaches, pumpkin seeds, and cherries ♪ ♪i say to the bowl ♪are you trying to temp me? ♪the bowl says ♪"come on down to the land of plenti." ♪ yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good morning, you made it to friday. morning commute looking pretty okay this morning, but, oh, the ride home from work or school, it could be a wet one after a stretch after nice two days, looking at possibly some
6:30 am
showers, for this afternoon, and it had to come to an end at some point, right, kyla. >> brief end. so take heart. still going to have nice weekends. i know everyone thinks wait, rain, i want to go through this again. >> last weekend so crumb. >> i it was casino of rough. i was on the road on friday. i was telling erika he had to -- i had to pull over the rain was so heavy. >> today? >> i think this afternoon during rush hour it, could get like that, could see severe thunderstorms with this. live look at center city, and we will have a pretty good start to our day, but notice, western pennsylvania, particularly, the northwest part of the state, already starting to see some showers here going to increase, so by the time we hit 4:00, just as you might be getting in your cars to head home, i expect to see the showers and thunderstorms kick up. notice the temperature there getting to up lie of 78 degrees. downpours, gusty wind, thunder corks all and part of.
6:31 am
>> this in the marge mal risk category today for severe thunderstorms. good news, though, we do have much bigger weekend, 60s, sunshine saturday, as you can see, high of 70 degrees on sunday, beautiful, and by the way, columbus day is monday that too social security look like it will be sun which some low 70s recalling so it we have to get through this, and be all set. we head over to meisha keeping an eye on the roads. >> sure a.m. busy friday but good friday, overall, everything kind of getting out of our way. see here things are looking good on the schuylkill moving in the westbound direction at the roosevelt. live shot from mobile three. this is where we had water main break earlier this morning, fifth street, south street, near johnny rocket. block and reports of gushing water, low pressure for the businesses in and around this area. now, crews have been work to go get that all cleared up. make note it is still there. back to the schuylkill shot, this is schuylkill westbound at city avenue looking busy,
6:32 am
taillights going on there, and another stretch looking busy for those of you coming from jersey over the ben franklin bridge, moving in the westbound direction, certainly heat up there little bit as well. now this second water main break, moorestown, closed church to chester near starbucks. use alternate, such as route 38, and also, this bus in you detoured, route 47 because of this water main break. >> another update coming up in about 15 minute, ladies, over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. we do have some breaking news, just into our news room. shooting on the campus of northern arizona university. that's in flagstaff. the university says this happened about an hour ago, we know one person is dead, three other wounded here. the shooter in custody of the campus, briefly locked down, now reopened. but again one person dead three other injured after a shooting on the campus of northern arizona university. as we get more details we will certainly bring them to you.
6:33 am
also, later today, president obama will meet with survivors and relatives of those killed in last week's shooting at a community college in rural oregon. >> roseburg, oregon where many disagree with president obama call for stricter gun regulations, gun rights activists plan to protest the president's visit. 6:33 right now. comedian bill cosby is set to testify under oath today and expect assault case for the first time in ten years. >> in his 2005 deposition, the comedian admitted he gave drugs to women with whom he wanted to have sex. jan carabeo joins you now with more on that this morning. good morning, jan. >> good morning, ladies, that was in 2005, today another big day for comedian bill cosby, alleged assault we are talking about today date back to the 19 70s. at that time involved minor, a girl, just 15 years old. cosby's deposition in the case of judith halt, playboy mansion she claims she was assaulted back in 1974.
6:34 am
cosby's attorney denied those claims saying her former attorney tried to extort 250 from the comedian before filing the case. they also say she attempt topped sell her story to the national enquirer ten years ago. now, who have who have just one of dozens of women who have now accused cosby of rape. sometimes after he reportedly drugged them many back in that 2005 deposition, cosby admitted under oath to obtaining quaaludes and giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. but, he has said, both the drugs and the sex were concentual, and the philadelphia native has never been charged with the crime. >> prosecutors decline to file charge against who is bye in huff's case siting statute of limitations so this is civil case and will likely take some time to hear what's said today. judge has sealed the deposition, until a hearing into in december. >> but at some point we will hear from him and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. jan, thanks. meanwhile, another school has decided to resined honorary degree from bill cosby, wilkes
6:35 am
university in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania says it trustees voted unanimously to revoke his degree. cosby received an honorary doctorate in 2004 for his commitment to education, entertainment, social and civil justice, but, the school says, it is to has become clear cosby's conduct does not live to up those values. we have new information this morning about the flu shot scare in west windsor mercer county. free flu shots were given to employees at the pharmaceuticals. the nurse giving the shots, who work for a company called total wellness, shared two syringes, among 67 people. her license has now been suspended. officials recommending employees who got the vaccinations be tested for help tight b and c, as well as hiv. >> a week after calling the city of margate selfish, new jersey governor chris christie files eminent domain action against the beach town. the move would allow a do you know project to move forward. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has that story.
6:36 am
>> in the latest move, new jersey governor chris christie is seek to go take margate beaches by eminent domain. >> towns like margate, you know, you are among the most selfish people in the state of new jersey. i hope it is worth the vanity act that you are all engaging in, because we're going to win eventually. >> fighting words from the governor last week after a two year battle with margate resident over a do you know project to put sands back on city beaches. in the wake errosion from hurricane sandy, up and done the jersey coastline. >> i think they need to find another solution. >> eighty-seven parcels of public property and ten privately owned beach homefront. the state needs eastment to start a project paid for by the federal government. the governor says the resistance of margate residents is holding the project hostage. >> the beaches in margate were a seaside resort. the beaches are our gem, they are priceless. >> margate's mayor, says the state has offered them $29,000 for a project that would
6:37 am
change the landscape unnecessarily. the island's end to end bulkheads have provided protection from flooding. >> it is not a question of money. it is not a question of people losing their view. it is a question that we just don't think it is the right thing for us. >> long time resident, charlene, says during sandy the flooding was bay side. like other, it was the beaches that first attracted her to margate. >> for the people that live on the ocean, for the tax that is they pay, that it would obstruct their view of the ocean, and that's the reason why they purchase their houses. >> margate resident have voted down the beach replentishment project twice and federal judge has sided with them twice. now, faced with the threat of eminent domain, they say they'll once again have their day in court. a process which could take month. in margate, diana rocco, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, firefighters in delaware county respond to an unusual call to help free a man's finger, from his gas tank. >> you can't make this stuff
6:38 am
up. "eyewitness news" here on the scene yesterday at the upper darby wash and lube on chester pike. that man told firefighter someone put chocolate in his tank. so you stuck his fink nerve there trying to take it out. first trying to free the man using lib can't, ended up sawing off the pipe the man will to go to the hospital to have the pipe row moved from his finger. so many questions surrounding this story. oh, there he is, you can see the pipe sting hanging on. poor guy. >> i did feel bad for him. that will had to be painful. but the chocolate thing, then you stick your fink nerve there? >> and he's already at the wash and lube. i mean, think if you see somebody putting chocolate in your car hey, you know what? >> defer to the professionals. >> still ahead, farm at an airport, and major airport, too. >> awesome, it is new york city, one not expect to go have this growing in their backyard. >> blue potatoes?
6:39 am
that's not all either. find out what else is being grown at new york jfk airport. >> you might say i'm doing the back flip, break dancing, wait for it. >> oh, there she. >> pretty poor form, but i tried my best. but his weekend, a big competition, the pro breaking tour in wayne, pennsylvania, more on that coming up next. >> talented kids! >> ♪ >> oh, remember this, taking you back? >> oh, ya. >> nicole, did you get down to this? >> striking a pose. >> oh, you know i did. i broke the moves out. i still got them. not lying. >> they gave you a girl name? >> honorary name, and more on the competition and those sweet moves coming up next. >> talented. >> theirs, not mine, of course. >> we'll be right back.
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>> don't forget to stay tuned for "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. and, this is neat, this happens only once a year, chinatown's night market. foot lovers packed tent street sampling items brought boy dozens of food trucks in the area, oh, so many good things to eat there. the original night markets began, in asia, as celebration of ethnic cuisin, and cultural customs. just beautiful night for it, kyla, hoping for nice morning, what do you think? >> yes, our morning will be just fine, afternoon, that's another story. we will get to that in just a moment. first, good morning to our eyewitness weather watchers out there, who are sending in some observations here, good morning to kyle, in hatboro, where it is cloudy, it is 55 degrees, and where he is, and seeing that a lot today.
6:44 am
a lot of cloudy skies, starting to roll in. fifty-seven, where alex is, and you can see, that he has got cloudy skies, too, but looking forward to the upper 70s today. what you call looking on the bright side. starting to see more color, on the trees now, not bad, at all. and we are going to see stormy wet they are afternoon, take live look at storm scan3, you can see, starting to get some of the showers there, in western pennsylvania, those are all going to be tracking toward the east, and so that's why we're looking out for that as we head across the next few hours, getting to the afternoon. how much rain? talking anywhere from tenth of an inch to almost .4 of an inch, not incredible amount of rain. the problem is some of the storms could be severe. so talking heavy downpours, gusty wind, even thunder, all throughout our area this afternoon. and that's why i think you want to make sure not only just taking the umbrella but making sure you'll a ' have extra time to get where you need to go to. here's 5:00. future weather you can see, just nasty, as it start to roll through there set cents p
6:45 am
for nice weekends, for tonight for our football, game of the week, we have military academy taking on saint mark, 07 degrees and some thunderstorms. today high of 79, little warm out there, and as we get into tonight, low of 56 being quick look at your seven day forecast nice weekend, beautiful weekend, 73 sunshine. so meisha, how are we doing on the roads so far today? >> take a look how beautiful the sky is, as you walk past us, can you just take a peak at that? >> bypass eastbound past route 340, you're all traveling at posted speeds there, but man, just a beautiful skyline. talcony palmyra bridge, let me move out of the way, we had accident earlier, since cleared. looking good therefore those every you traveling over the bridge. plymouth meeting looking good here, as well, starting to see
6:46 am
kind of your normal congestion starting to build for a friday morning, plenty of headlight and tail light. give yourself a couple every minutes, push toward the rush, water main break, fifth street, south street, johnny rocket, fifth street blocked, between south street and lombard. just make note of that. water is casino of gushing out, also reports that the water pressure little lower for the lists -- businesses in and and the area. another water main break here, moorestown new jersey main street closed church street to chester avenue near starbucks, use alternate, such as route 38, and route 407 bus is detoured, because that far water main break. ladies, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. well, flying in or out of jfk airport in new york city any time soon, may notice something new sprouting up. >> dave carolyn from sister station cbs2 in new york shows us jet blue created farm and garden outside of the terminal .
6:47 am
>> this urban farm in the center of kennedy airport. >> 1,000 potato plant that are going to produce about a thousand pounds of potatoes every sees zero. >> jet blue workers turned farmers, big fans, of their organically grown spuds, which happen to be blue inside. >> never seen a blue potato until now. so pretty, siting. can't wait to go home and cook them, see what they lock like. >> i think it is pretty awesome. this is new york city. one is not expect to go have blue potatoes growing in their backyard. >> these blue potatoes are set to be rich in antioxidant, the farm has thousands of plants, stretching across the concourse. >> it is produce that is going to be given away to hundred cents of families in the local community. >> what's grown here will go to food banks, and some of it will also be available for passengers as on board smacks. airport travelers are glad to see this take off. >> i think it is definitely an interesting idea putting a farm in a airport.
6:48 am
>> jet blue has first convinced skeptical airport official, that it would not interfere with operations. for now passengers only view the farm from a far. the area gated for security reasons. >> and that was dave carolyn reporting, while the farm is the first of it casino of course to to use airport land, really isn't glue airport like chicago o'hare, international airport in montreal, also install beehives as a way to be -- oh, i love the one saying what, never seen blue potatoes before. >> it is awesome, very cool. the original programming on netflix, like house of cards, get rave reviews of course, but now it will cost you little bit more. netflix raising the comes of its standard subscription by a dollar to 9.995 month. this price hike affect only new customers, in the u.s., canada, and latin america, current subscribers you won't see the hike until next year. netflix says the increase will help them add new shows, and
6:49 am
those shows not cheap to produce, but well worth it. >> and like you said, be willing to pay a buck more. >> for your house of cards. >> life isn't enough for some facebook users, so the social media giant it is getting emotional. the company's rolling out reactions, and in spain, ireland right now. the new buttons include love, wow, yay, plus happy and sad fay cents. new buttons could be available around here in a few weeks. >> happy face. >> gentlemen. >> 6:49. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning. nora o'donnell joins us live from new york, good morning. >> drop his run for speaker, we will talk with "face the nation" moderator john dickerson and gop strategies about what's next. >> plus, 60 minutes conversation with president obama. also set don't is in the in north korea with rare access to the communist country. fine lay look at the $300 million airport that's practically empty, get there
6:50 am
is that only operates about dozen flights a week. the news is back in the morning. so we'll see you guys in just about ten minutes. >> that's my kind of security line. >> right? straight through. >> nora, thank you. >> right now 6:50. and the pro breaking tour is coming to philadelphia. this weekend, break dancers from all over the world, they'll compete for $909,000 prize money. >> of course the tie l of top b boy and b girl, and as i found out, it takes more than sly moves, erika, you need a little flavor. >> i can mosey, dynamic, competitive, break dancing otherwise known as breaking or b boying, may have its root in the bronx, but his weekend it is striking a pose on the main line. >> this weekend pretty much the biggest event on our planet as far as b-boy and break dancing is concerned. >> it is called the silver back open, professional breaking competition, organized by steve gram, philadelphia resident, and founder of the urban dance and
6:51 am
educational foundation, or -- >> the idea there, why don't we package the event into sort after series or tour. some prize monday any, so the break kearse make little prize money, figure out format where the promoters or the event organize kearse make little return on their risk and put structure together that would potentially attract sponsors. >> private ex quit i executive by day, b boy by night, discovered his flare for breaking in his early to's while working at goldman sachs in new york. >> i ended up getting subsumed into a breaking crew, that would perform on the streets, come out with a suit, grabbed my by the tie, out of the crowd, thought they would mug me, then i go into my whole routine. >> steve said he was drawn to the dance form because of its combative element and cultural diversity. >> hispanic, asian, african-american, white guys, you know, overseas, in europe, and so on t has got that whole mix. >> specially in this circle known in the breaking world as where dancer compete head-to-head. so what's twirling through
6:52 am
their minds when they spin on their head? >> love, nervousness, passion, everything that you know, forgetting, and then everything you know, remembering, and in one moment. >> as i learned, everyone gets their moment. >> like it or not. so that was sufficiently embarrassing. but as my buddy pointed out? >> you didn't fall on your face. >> that is the thing. yes, were able to perform. >> at least i wasn't going up against ryan wagner, who explained, how he chose his b boy name. >> i want to melt you. i want to complete did i destroy when you i battle against you. so really made my style and my ways of movement about that. about completely destroying the owe pope glenn so come saturday and sunday, i'll let the true breakers bat it will out b boys and b girls from all over the world bring down the house here in our hood. >> how awesome are they by the
6:53 am
way? >> so talented. >> so amazing, i mean, little embarrassing. >> oh, were you terrific with the back flip. >> i tried. >> this weekend, free, in wayne, pennsylvania, this is one of 50 stops throughout the country, and in canada, so very cool. also, there are b girls in the competition. >> and you got a b girl name? >> dow. how do you make a star with two fingers, erika? >> i don't know, how do you do that? >> rid here. >> there is the star, folks. >> be girl star brewer. and i i had such a great time with my boy boys that we snapped some self eels. my favorite here. >> very nice. >> aren't they awesome? yes, so again, you can see them live in action, for free, this weekend, and their moves as you saw just incredible. >> and the coordination. >> yes. >> nicole, you looked like a natural to my. >> it looked so great.
6:54 am
>> i have to say also whether i heard were you doing this story my mind immediately went of course to the 80s classic movie breaking, breaking two. >> class glike so maybe breaking three could be in the works? so of course i went to our art department. >> i'm scared. >> so i talked, and of course, they came up with this, it is the movie, breaking three, bug a shoe shrimp brewer, meisha, and here, look, and i just have to bring this out to you, yes, this is photo shopped. we didn't actually pose. >> speak for yourself but we do own those outfits. >> oh, ya. my thigh is moving. >> thunder thighs johnson. oh, that's fantastic. >> well done to the art department. >> in case you need another look.
6:55 am
>> that took that story from ridiculous to just strange, strange. >> our art department they're top notch. >> i think they need to win an a war. >> thank you, thank youment we'll be right back.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
>> another look at your headlines two, teens in the hospital after they were shot in the stenton section the city happened in the 7900 block of temple road, they're both expected to survive. >> also for the first time in a decade, bill cosby will
6:59 am
testify under oath today, in one of the sexual assault cases against him. judith who have who have huff accused cosby of attacking her at the play bonn mansion when she was 15. >> contributions not first and molk sus zest full arab spring, quick check on your forecast and the roads before we head out the door. how are we looking? >> today will start off fine. stormy wet they are afternoon. rough rush hour, sunshine for the weekend, beautiful, little cooler, though. >> looking busy outside. live shot, we sure do, water main break in moorestown, new jersey, main street closed, between church street and chester avenue near starbucks. use an alternate such us a route 38 and route 407, is bus detouring, because of that water main break. >> thanks, meisha a coming up next on cbs this morning, new six, artery is ought r author, patty smith. coming to you tomorrow starting 4:30 and i. saturdays on cbs-3.
7:00 am
>> sorry, a . and a look at t captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, october 9th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." chaos in the capitol after a bombshell announcement. why did kevin mccarthy drop his bid to become speaker of the house? and what is next for the republican party? "60 minutes" asks president obama where the russia's air and missile strikes in syria challenge his leadership. seth doane gives us a look into china with the government following his every move. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. one person is dead. at least three injured. this is in northern arizona university in flagstaff. >> a deadly school shooting


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