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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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warnings. if you are in the path of this particular cell. rest of the line is not looking like a picnic either as it moves through lancaster county and into maryland but this is one we are looking at, this hook right here, classic, classic super cell shape but notice it is hooking up with the storm ahead of it. what we are looking for in the next half an hour is these storms mink until to a straight line. still threat for damaging wind but in the so much that threat for rotation. so this again, a developing situation, you want to seek shelter if you are in this region. we will go back to the severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 tonight. main threat those damaging wind. we seen indications wind over 65 to 70 miles an hour with this storm. notice how fast it is moving. we said 45 miles an hour. 45 miles per hour storm, moving that quickly with the wind embedded in it you are talking about very damaging win situations, capable of up rooting trees, taking down power lines causing major power outage problems and that is why you need to be on the
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lower floor and need to be in the basement and in that interior room because if a tree falls on your home that is mess safe place to be. as the threat for tornado moves through we will see a threat for windows being blown out and things like that. even if there is not a tornado out there and take you back to the radar. this keeps me to the severe thunderstorm watch. there is that signature and rotation. i want to take you back to the warning and show you a area we are most focused on. i will zoom in so we can see what this is doing. up are providence toward norristown. it is moving out of the upper providence area closer to the blue route, closer to 476 here, that yellow that you see is our severe thunderstorm warning in effect and query this so you can see how many people are impact by it. portions of chester, montgomery county, including lower providence, norristown, upper providence that does include plymouth meeting and conshohocken, impacting over a quarter million people right
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now, and, tornado warning, area and, the gulph mills, this whole region montgomery avenue, traveling from the main line, over toward king of prussia, this area is in the warning zone right now. so please play it safe, get off roadways, stay low, if you can, get to a lower level of your home, and again, wait this out and please don't panic but stay safe if you know anyone who may need help or may not though this is coming, some would be on the road and out on the schuylkill this evening that may be always listened to music or pod casts and does not they tornado warning is in effect right now. you need to let them know. act now. go to the basement. go to any interior room of your home. stay with us. we will continue to keep, we will keep this coverage going until this tornado warning is
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canceled or expires, but again, a a very dangerous developing situation here. i'm's getting reports in, non-thunderstorm wind damage in berks county trees down near 76. wind gust of 56 miles per hour as they reported in west nanmeal township in chester county. multiple trees and wires reported down in chester county at the moment. taking you back to where that storm is right now lets take a look we will zoom in and show you where we can expect this storm to go, as we head through next half an hour or so. storm we're talking about is this hook echo right here moving through portions of montgomery and chester counties at the moment. notice it does have delaware county in its sights as well. i will track this out and see where it is headed and expect it to go in the next, really, half an hour or so. here it is, moving east at 45 miles per hour, and i don't know if i can go that far, in my zoom here but that will take it toward philadelphia area probably within the the next half an hour or so. so by 5:17 we expect this in merion.
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5:27 we expect it to be in abington. 5:48 it should cross river and head toward cherry hill. 5:56 it will be in bristol but it is moving rapidly at the moment. we will zoom in one more time and see exactly areas impacted most, by this particular cell at the moment. this is about to move into norristown. it is about to move into towamencin. we have a live picture on route 422, a very busy roadway this time of the day. this is in trooper. you can see rain is moving through. sky looks to have lightened up a bit which is good news as this storm is starting to move a little bit further east of that area lets take a you'll in and find where trooper is, really kind of in the middle of things still in the moment. tredyffrin, paoli, malvern you are seeing heavy rain, strong gusty wind. look at those theresa long the roadway on route 422. this is again so many cars out on the roadway, dangerous cloud to ground lightening. something i have not mentioned with these storms as well.
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you don't want to be outside and on the road but a lot of people left work, they are out there. if you know somebody out on the road if they see maybe a cloud, rain wrapped, something that looks really dangerous if the wind picks up put your flashers on move to the side of the road and find low lying area and stay safe, keep your head down as these damaging wind continue to move through. so again tornado warning is in effect. lets go back to the area in the tornado warning. we will see exactly what we are dealing with right now. there it is still in effect until 5:15 tonight. area that it is moving through very close to norristown, very close to lower providence and heading toward conshohocken. we will query this at the moment. you can see a lot of people impact by this tornado warning. 284,000 people, in that warning area, including upper merion, upper providence, chester and montgomery counties included within that warning as well. very populated area, very busy area this time of the day, especially, again, have have
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to stress if you are in this region and necessity somebody that is, may not be watching our newscast at the moment you need to loath them know that this storm is coming and it is a a very dangerous storm, and you want to stay way from windows. that is what i want to stress, stay away from windows right now. tornado warning in effect for chester, montgomery counties, norristown, upper providence, conshohocken, plymouth meeting, tredyffrin, all of these areas embedded within that tornado warning zone. we will zoom in on a few cities and towns that are within the warning zone ande compactly what you are looking at here. this is starting to move further east. areas i'm most concern where east norriton, whether it pain, cold point, upper merion, down toward gulph mills, balligomingo road right along 476 there. that is a a very busy interchange where schuylkill connects with 476 this time of the evening, people heading all across the region will be using that interchange. if you are out on the roadways and they may not know this tornado warning is in effect.
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you need to let them know. if you are in these areas you want to be in interior room or basement. hopefully you are there already because that is where you want to head in a storm like this. we're talking strong damaging straight line wind in addition to the risk for a tornado on the ground, in portions of our area right now. back to where we are, looking at, join you back on set and show you a as this storm moves east it is continuing to maintain that hook echo, that shape that we always look for on our radar picture, signature shape of the tornado, here it is moving through chester, montgomery counties, right in the head of that hook that comma shape you see there in the head of the comma is where we are concern a tornado could be on the ground at the moment if not strong damaging straight line wind in excess have of 70 or 75 miles an hour. now starting to have move further east, abington heading quickly toward philadelphia this is moving right through main line at the moment. very strong wind capable of downing those trees and power lines and, of course, branches down all a across the region.
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that could lead to major snarls on the roadway, trees falling as people are out on the road. this is not something you want to take lightly tell them to get off the road, pull over to the side and wait this out. it is moving quickly but with the storm moving that quickly you see indication that we could be looking at very, very strong wind and damaging win gust was this particular cell. again here's the velocity signatures showing where that rotation is being picked up by doppler radar across portions of central montgomery county. norristown, moving just further east of your a area, upper providence still dealing with this. it stems down into chester county as well. that is not under a tornado warning that far south but this entire region is. we will go back to where that tornado is a at the moment. forgive me as i cycle through these graphics, some of which are old as storm moves quickly to the east but we're expecting this to be in philadelphia by 5:30 this evening. hopefully tornado warning will expire by then but
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conshohocken, gulph mills, mill road, a all in part of the tornado warning at the moment. lets see if lauren can zoom that out so we can see where that tornado warning is. the it is moving from western montgomery county, into eastern montgomery county and portions of northern chester county as well. we will try to zoom this out and show what you we are looking at. i will step that off a so you can see the scope of this tornado warning. this ace very populated a area. a lot of times we see these tornado warnings and they are well off to the west, not lot of people impact about this. you are talking about a tornado warning moving in the greater philadelphia metro area right at a friday afternoon rush hour. pretty much cannot be a worst time for this to happen. there you are, there is tornado warning. here's what we're dealing with right now. we're seeing again these storms moving east as we go through the course of the afternoon and we will continue to monitor them moving through the day but zooming out you can see our severe thunderstorm warning in effect, if you are, in this
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zone, a act now. go to the basement. go to any interior room. stay away from windows. let people know that may be out on the roadways if they need to get off the roadways if they are in this area joining me from the weather center meteorologist lauren casey, welcome to philadelphia, an active situation. >> very active. these storms are firing up over central pennsylvania, and we had sunshine here for the first half of the day that but that worked against us because it destabilized the atmosphere, gave more juice to the storms and we are seeing them very intense at this time as they continue to move parts of the eastern pennsylvania and will cross the river into parts of the new jersey. so we have five more minutes of that active tornado warning, of course, a warning means the threat is eminent on going so you need to take action. we have that severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the next couple of hours. we will continue to monitor things but right now we need to be acting because that tornado warning is in effect for the next five minutes. for parts of the area.
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our entire area is and that severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 this evening. we are keying with severe thunderstorm warnings and primary concern this tornado warning ine fact for parts of the area right now, ongoing for about the next four minutes. this is doppler radar indicated, so there is some indication on the roads, on the radar that there is some rotation embedded within this severe thunderstorm. in reports coming down owe far of confirmation of the tornado on the ground but we are dealing with heavy rainfall all around that cell, so indeed, as kate was mentioning that tornado could be rain wrapped and very difficult to confirm whether or not the tornado is on the ground. so you need to act as if such, as if that tornado/the ground right the now but we only have, radar indication that is is there rotation with than this cell but these storms have impacting a punch a as they continue to move eastbound at the 35 to 45 miles an hour.
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we have seen numerous wyndam age reports, particularly in parts of the chester and berks county, numerous trees down, also some wires down, in parts of the chester county as well. so these absent of the tornado warning or tornado threat we still do have wind that will create damage 65 to 70 miles per hour, as this line of storms, continues to race at about 40 miles an hour, kate good and lauren, we are hearing that we have a report of a tree on a home, this is in royersford, montgomery county. an area that does have large trees this entire region blanketed with these large trees and tree on a home in lawyers for, montgomery county. i want to take you back to the the storm scan three and we are tracking from the center of the cell to see where it is going, it is moving very quickly. if you are in abington by 5:32 this storm will be overhead. bensalem, 5:46. the mount laurel, 5:56. pemberton at 6:10. looking as destabilization of
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the atmosphere it was a little more pronounced over southeastern pennsylvania. as it moves into new jersey this cell should weaken a little bit but it is moving quickly, keeping its strength and its speed and that is why we are concern about that tornado warning continuing to be extended a a this cell moves east. right now it has not been extended. it has in the been canceled. it is still in effect tornado warning. let's query this and see what we are dealing with here. right now we are looking at eastern half of the tornado warning, western half most of the worst of it has passed for you but in norristown, conshohocken in the main line, in gulph mills, villanova, in bryn mawr, places like this this is heading your way and then we will start to deal with this cell moving in the greater philadelphia metro area right at the time of the rush hour. a lot of people outside on the roadways and it is moving quickly in the philadelphia area so again we cannot show this enough, tornado warning in effect act now, head to the basement, head to any interior room. already report of the tree on a home and lauren, you have
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been getting other reports as well what are you seeing. >> wind damage reports so far. numerous trees down, wires down, latest update national weather service has expired that tornado warning for chester and montgomery counties, so good news there. the warning is expired. our graphic should update any second with that warning being expired but we still do have that strong intense damaging win threat. we have an active severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of the area as well. that severe thunderstorm warning in effect for berks, chester, delaware and montgomery and philadelphia counties until 5:30. center city philadelphia is included within that severe thunderstorm warning for the possibility of the wind in excess of 65 miles per hour. i think that is primary threat ongoing for next couple of hours as this line of severe storms continue to that verse the area i will turn it over to you kate and we will talk more about this severe weather threat as we head into the evening hours. the storm, good news, they should move out by late
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evening hours but it will be a busy next couple of hours that we will to have stay weather a aware. >> that is right. as lauren said this is allowed to expire now 5:15 was expiration time. we have hit 55:00. so this warning if we look up, at our graphics again it should be expiring which goodies news. they are saying cell that prompted this tornado warning has moved out of the region. it is not tornadic, and it is just yellow, that is a severe thunderstorm warning that does include philadelphia but tornado warnings for chester and montgomery counties has expired. national weather service saying that the storm that prompt that had tornado warning is no longer tornadic and moved out of the area. so as of right now threat for tornadoes has diminish, threat for straight line damaging wind, wind in excess of 65 to 70 miles an hour that threat does continue as this system moves in the greater philadelphia area you can see where it is, right now this entire line and look at how quickly this storm proliferated, it the blew up over portions of lancaster
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county. you can see it moving into philadelphia, starting to form in on one long line and that is what i said 15 or 20 minutes. we were hoping that would happen. if you see these discrete super cells moving through the the area that is where you see risk for a tornado when a storm goes off on its own, that will bring you biggest risk of a tornado. when a line of storms you still have risk for strong damaging straight line wind in excess of 65, 70 miles an hour but as this cell connects to the line further south threat for tornadoes diminishes, and threat for straight line wind does not. this line is moving. moving at 40 to 45 miles per hour, to the east, so we still have the risk. we are not out of the wood yet. tornado warning has expire. tornado warning for chester, montgomery counties no longer in effect. severe thunderstorm warnings remain. you can see that hook shape, i'm still very concern. even though tornado warning moved out very concerned about this bow echo shape, this
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comma shape moving through southern montgomery county. look at that lightening witt. take a look at that rain moving through. we had a report of the tree on a home. this is an area full of old trees. of course, full of cars as well on the pennsylvania turnpike right here on the blue route, of course, on 76 and we have ton vigilant this evening. here's our severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the region still for montgomery county, through philadelphia counties a and that goes right through to this evening and severe thunderstorm watch for the entire region. they have issued this as of today, as of earlier this afternoon, showers maybe a few gusty thunderstorm but national weather service saw this threat intensifying as they storms turned nasty in central parks issued severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 p.m. for vast majority of the region. main threat damaging wind in excess of 60 or 65 miles per hour but the storm on these storms is insane moving through. they are picking up speed as they move through the the area and that is our main threat
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throughout the rest of tonight what to expect for the rest of the afternoon line of gusting thunderstorms, blinding downpours with these. if you are outside on the road you will not be able to see in front have of you. may be best to put your flashers on, pull off the road. you are in an interior room, you are safe. but if you know someone heading home from work we are looking at everything, changing, a as we go through the rest of the afternoon. i'm hearing we are ending our broadcast on the cw philly. for more coverage switch over if you are watching us on the cw philly to our sister station cbs-3, here on cbs-3 we will continue to stay with us. this line of storms continues to purpose in south jersey and delaware moving toward the 6:00 o'clock hour. instability over that a area not as pronounced a as it was through philadelphia and northwestern suburbs but this will still produce risk for dangerous included to ground lightening, very heavy rain, straight line wind and threat for hail moving through new jersey. that will be expect to move through at 6:00 tonight. severe thunderstorm warnings in effect that does include
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philadelphia, delaware county, as this line moves through. here's a look. we are embedded in that is he versace thunderstorm warning at the moment. good news is tornado warning has expired, that does not mean threat is over. here that is hook, that line of nasty thunderstorms moving right into philadelphia it is moving through main line right now. in bala cynwyd, ardmore, in any of these areas in havertown, portions of delaware county you are seeing not only very heavy rain, dangerous cloud to ground lightening and threat for small mail but by far biggest threat with these storms damaging straight line wind now. still cannot rule out rotation but this is always seemed a straight line win threat. we had that hook echo. we will go back and analyze any damage path attorney find to see if a tornado touched down across the air were but as of now tornado warning expired. national weather service saying storm that prompt that had tornado warning is no longer tornadic. you can see how this line is meeting. we will see more degrading, a wearing down of that hook
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shape over portions of montgomery county. once it does, once it turns into one straight line, straight line wind damage will be biggest threat as well as heavy rain. you can see red shading embedded in this line of storms moving through north jersey all the way through the philadelphia suburbs, right now, north and western suburbs and now starting to push in delaware as well. if you are on i95 you have not the scene much but you are about to see it start to move on through. we will show you what we are looking at here. a as we you'll in the the closest showers and thunderstorms just starting to push into the philadelphia area do i expect we will begin to see those storms moving through with very strong gusty winds any minute now in philadelphia lets look at severe thunderstorm warning is at the moment. this does include philadelphia, notice where philadelphia, marple, norristown, back towered pottstown, those areas to the west, threat for severe weather has largely ended. but now again, 2.99 million people in this severe thunderstorm warning at the moment, a warning means it is
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happening right now, those are storms moving through and is there our severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 o'clock tonight, and as we have been seeing all day long biggest threat damaging wind, straight line wind and again, wind in excess of 65 or 70 miles an hour, jessica and todd, strong enough to bring down tree branches and send a tree in the house and royersford so very dangerous storm good you made the point of people staying away from windows that is so significant because so many times people wanting to out and see the storm rolling in. but this storm with this kind of wind, that is a recipe for a problem. >> absolutely, you get in the social media people say i want to film this storm coming in, you don't want to do. that i don't want your photos. i don't want your videos if it will put new danger. stay away from those windows. it doesn't take much to blow out a window. just really dangerous stuff good this storm looks like it is moving very fast. even if you don't see anything right now, you said it over and over again pay attention stay informed because it is making its way through. >> here in philadelphia right now and may not see a lit
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built of rain moving in but in the high rise or something like that there is no tornado warning at the moment but that is not to say another one can't pop up. stay with us. something else pops you will we will be first to let you know but you want to have a plan where you would go and even if you are not in the tornado warning good to have a plan what would you do if a tornado were to pop up in the city of fail. >> excellent john, thanks very much for keeping our viewers informed have the we will continue with "eyewitness news" here on cbs 36789 a demonstration outside dietz and watson plan turns violent and philadelphia police make a surprise ago rest after investigators say two people, and, and, live in tacony. alex. >> reporter: and, and, and, walk, but they have, driveways and access had its plant to vehicles, labor disputes are never pretty. around 8:00 a a.m. this one on
5:23 pm
tacony street got pretty ugly. >> one of the employees of the dietz and watson approached the ticket line, and proceeded to drive through with their vehicle, injuring two members. >> they were taken to the hospital and released. that driver was taken into police custody and has been charged. he has been identified as six three-year old steven, yuengling, a company executive, who is married to the granddaughter of the one of original dietz and watson founders n a statement to "eyewitness news" they said dietz and watson is cooperating fully with the philadelphia police department as they investigate an incident involving one of our employees, attempting to drive his car into our parking lot and protesters who were blocking access to our facility. the the dispute does not specifically, involve dietz and watson rather the new jersey based machinery corporation sandmart which recently installed specialty equipment in the dietz and watson plant. within the hour we watched another car cross across this line. we were told someone was hit
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by that once again and had just learned that i second person has been charged, out here today. reporting live from northeast philadelphia, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. gun scare prompts a temporary lock down of lincoln high school in northeast philadelphia police say they received a call at around 11:00 this morning that a student left a gun outside his school. we are told officers performed a search of the campus but no weapon was reare could have. the student was taken in custody but no word if charges will be filed. take a look at this security camera video capture an suv crashing right into a south jersey home. it happened yesterday afternoon, on pine ridge road in washington township. "eyewitness news" has learned that a family was inside the the house at the time of the crash, but fortunately they were not hurt. police tell us that the driver was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the inn noon. developing right now, the texas southern university campus is on lock down after two people were shot at a student housing complex.
5:25 pm
a freshman student, died. police say two persons of interests have been taken into custody and a third is being sought. authorities are now looking into whether the incident is related to another shooting at that same housing complex just hours earlier. and a campus fight end in gunfire, in arizona leaving one student dead and three others wounded. it happened early this morning at northern arizona university in flag staff. correspondent brian web tells us how police were able to take the gun man into custody. >> reporter: investigators left evidence markers near a storm try on the flag staff campus of northern arizona university. an overnight shooting left one student, dead, and three others with gunshot wounds. police say that it started as a confrontation, between two groups of students. >> confrontation turned physical, and one of our students steven jones, 18 years old, produced a handgun and he shot, four of our other students. >> reporter: victim was identified as colin brow, a
5:26 pm
native of annapolis, maryland. jones instagram account shows him wearing an nau sweat shirt and posing with several guns. police say jones gave up his gun when police arrived at the scene. >> he stopped his action with his handgun and everything calmed down for a few minutes as our office's arrived and he was able to take him into custody. >> reporter: students were notified the the incident vee at college's text messaging system. >> so say a reporter shooting out in the hall, in the campus situation stabilized and shooter is in custody. details to follow. >> just kind of makes you forget about all of the little things, you know, there is just this situation, it really puts life in perspective and it is just like, you know, more shocking. >> reporter: police have not revealed motive for this shooting n new york brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". officials say that all four shooting victims were members of the same fraternity delta kai, at alleged gunman
5:27 pm
was in the a member. president obama land in oregon to meet with survivor and families of victims kill in the community college shooting there. dozens of demonstrators gathered near the airport in protest of the president's call for stricter gun laws. and nine people were killed in last thursday's shooting rampage and the gun main then killed himself. fire fighters in delaware county responded to an unusual emergency they were called to help a man, free his fink their was stuck in the gas tank of his car. this all happened at the upper darby wash and lube on west chester pike yesterday. the man reportedly told fire fighters that someone put chocolate in his gas tank and that he was reaching into it to try to clean it out. fire fighters first tried to free the man using lubricant but then sawing off the pipe. he was taken to the medical center get that pipe removed. after further investigation police found the man was a fugitive n word on what he was wanted for. coming up in the the next half an hour here on cbs-3 high drama on capitol hill as
5:28 pm
republicans struggle to find a house speaker. we will have more on the new front runner. new at 6:00 he didn't want birthday presents but instead he is giving presents to some very special fury police officers. it is a heart warming story we have coming up
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good evening, i'm jessica dean. we will continue to track severe weather on "eyewitness news" and meteorologist kate bilo is here with the very latest on that kate. >> well, we have a live picture for you now from wilmington delaware. storms are moving through at the moment and take a look, we have a fall festival it looks like going on and wind, very, very strong. people under that tent, it looks like that tent is very, very prone to falling over with those wind moving through, the storms are just about to push through wilmington delaware. would i recommend those people maybe get in their cars or take shelter as this line comes through. strong wind, you can see right now, these are conditions all across the area at the moment. this is probably a high school
5:32 pm
football field for foot football frenzy that evening. the storms will clear out in time for high school football tonight. problem is we have got very strong thunderstorms right now pushing into the philadelphia metro area, pushing into wilmington and these storms have strong, damaging wind with them. especially this line you see here. southern and eastern montgomery county in northern philadelphia, if you are in chestnut hill right now, east mt. airy, west mt. airy, in abington, in the northeast, these storms are moving through and this hook echo shape you see although it does in the look as pronounced, you can see right here, comma shape, very heavy rain, strong, gusty wind, in excess of 50 or 60 miles an hour still and we still do have the risk for small hail and dangerous cloud to ground lightening. tornado warning that was in effect earlier has expired. it looks like severe thunderstorm warnings have expired as well. those expired, but we are under a severe thunderstorm watch that goes until 8:00 o'clock tonight for the entire area the storms are weakening a bit as they move into south jersey but main
5:33 pm
threat, damaging wind and those blinding downpours out of the road. so when now and 6:00 p.m. these storms impacting philadelphia and areas north and west. between six and 8:00 storms will move to the south and east. after 8:00 showers taper, storms move off the coast and we will have gradual clearing overnight. i have some good news, we have a beautiful weekend on the way. we will have more coming up with the seven day. todd, back over to you. >> kate, thanks very much. more chaos on capitol hill as republicans struggle to find a new house speaker. top candidate abruptly stepped aside yesterday and now pressure is building on a possible candidate who says he is not interested. cbs news correspondent craig boswell reports. >> chaos today. >> reporter: one by one, republicans emerged from the closed door meeting with few answers on who will be the next house speaker. >> how do you get 218 votes. >> we will see. >> reporter: one name was the topic of conversation, paul ryan. >> i think paul ryan right now has the clout, stature and
5:34 pm
overcome aloud and bring side together. >> reporter: for now jason chefitz of utah and danielle webster remain only declared candidates both are closely watching to see what ryan does. >> i'm not challenging him but the process here. i will make that point until,. >> absolutely back paul ryan. paul ryan is not doing it. >> reporter: ryan insist he is not interested. >> right now, i will just make it home for dinner. >> reporter: leaving question is who is. >> do you want the job. >> no. >> does anybody. >> we will find out. >> reporter: it boils down to numbers, to get the job, it takes 218 votes, that will to have include a group of about 40 heart ride conservative whose call themselves the freedom caucus. >> so until we find out who is running and who is interested and we interview the candidates, we're staying non-committal at this time. >> reporter: outing house speaker john boehner wants the decision by the end of the month. in washington craig boss well for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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comedian bill cosby testifies under oath today for the first time in a decade in connection with a sexual assault allegation. cosby's deposition in los angeles involved jidith huth who said cosby assaulted her at the playboy mansion in 1974. cosby's attorney deny the the claims saying huth's former attorney tried to extort money from the entertainer. philadelphia native admitted in 2005 in a deposition he obtained quaaludes and gave them to women with whom he wanted to have sex. but he says both the drugs, and the sex were consensual. well, lasalle university made history today during a special inauguration ceremony. lasalle installed colleen handish as its 29th president, she's first lay person and women president to serve in the non-interim role since lasalle's founding back in 1863. today's ceremony was held at the tom gola arena on lasalle's campus. she succeeded michael mcginnes who served as president there for some 15 years. it is home coming weekend at temple university. students there are getting
5:36 pm
excited about all of that especially because their football team is undefeated and taking on tulane tomorrow. >> indeed. students have been showing their owl pride all day for home coming. vittoria woodill is live at temple where students are feeling optimistic about another win, vittoria. >> hey, you guys, you know what, you know what the best part of right now is, it may be raining but it is in the raining on our temple parade, right everybody. >> right. >> we may be in the corner but that is in the stopping the the poach in the step of these students here. temple has a big game on saturday and they had an awesome pep rally, even though it is raining and we are huddled in the corner. we are just like best friend now. i want to introduce to you katie, who has organized the pep rally that occurred earlier this afternoon. katie, thanks so much for huddling in the corner with me. lou gorgeous. >> thanks, so do you. >> thank you. >> so katie, talk to me about all of the hard work that went in the pep rally and how excited you are for saturday. >> pep rally happens every
5:37 pm
year this year we wanted it to be something different as an organization. we are a student run organization called main campus program board. we decided to do home coming, parade around campus. it hads been hard work. we started planning back in april but we're super excited. it turned out great. we can't wait to be five-zero tomorrow. >> all of the golf carts they are student organization that is decorated each golf cart, is that right. >> student organizations, start connect rating at the 10:00 a.m. this morning. big shout out to temple athletics and temple alumni. it wouldn't be possible without them. >> it wouldn't be possible without you, and all you guys out there and katie and rest of the students who organized this you should have seen it. there were dancers, music. it was hundreds of students all gathering together to celebrate the game. really when i tell you that they went all out for these golf carts, they went all out. balloons, and streamers, and outfits, i mean really, the the constant, good time. now it was had by these
5:38 pm
students here at temple. and it was definitely seen and hurt. katie did such an awesome job organizing everybody. students were pumped to be here. entertainment was fantastic. it is all coming back to everyone, just being excited for tell this weekend. >> yes. >> i was curious about predictions, game predictions and i asked a couple students earlier and here's what they have said. >> super tough, wow. >> do you have any predictions. >> temple, five and zero at end of the day. that is all that matters. >> we will continue to win, we have been winning, four and zero will be five and zero. let's go temple owls. >> wow. >> thirty to zero. >> zero. >> a big goose egg. >> yes, a big owl egg. >> shut out, yes. zero. >> well, there you go, obviously is there a team favorite. let's hit it, you guys, less's get out of this rain, let's head to lincoln financial field, go temple, go owls,
5:39 pm
here we go everybody, let's go, five-zero on saturday. i'm sending it back to you guys in the studio and probably hang out with katie and ride this golf cart around a few times good thanks very much, vittoria. >> we will continue to follow our severe weather. we will take a live picture of king of prussia where worst of the storm has passed but this storm is still tearing through parts of our area we will be right back. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives.
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weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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students from our area took over the new york stock exchange in new york city toy day. >> field trip is part of the germ nation project an organization whose fellow helped improve philadelphia's civic future. students toured the trading floor and learn how nyse interacts with publicly traded company and how stock market influences the the
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
crazy weather today moving through the area. >> very quickly. remains to be said how fast the storms are moving through our area. >> that is what you have to worry about, when you have a line of storms moving 45 miles an hour imagine wind embedded within that storm. very dangerous. good news is wind and storms are weakening at the moment as they move into less, lower instability over portions of new jersey, and things are weakening. still dangerous storms but no warnings, no severe thunderstorms at the moment so things are improving. we have great fall weather on the way this weekend. lets look at video from perkiomen township and take a look at montgomery county. look at flooding, ponding in their yard there. notice trees just blowing in the breeze. very heavy rain. very strong wind as it moved through. it hit and was out quickly. when we are dealing with the burst of wind lake this we have threat for down tree branches and down power lines. i'll be honest we have in the seen as many reports of down trees and pur lines as i would have expected with wind like
5:47 pm
this but we will see them continue to roll rel in throughout the evening and, of course, we will bring you updates on that and power outages as well. our eyewitness weather watchers are riding out the storm with us as they always do we will start off in an area hard hit, media, jim, just looking at cloudy skies. 76 degrees at the moment. storm is pushing in new jersey. kenneth martin reporting 75. what does he have to say. where is the rain ? it will hit new about five minutes, kenneth. lets look at some pictures, look the at these cloud. ed connor sent thus picture ugly dark cloud, for the coming rain and dark sky here from chestnut hill. showing us those cloud. and then rain in chestnut hill as well. see wet streets there let look at time lapse video. it is focused on a parking lot but i wanted you to see sun out all morning, and in chester spring. nice bright day. then watch as rain hits how quickly it comes through and leaves behind these big puddles in the parking lot there in chester springs that
5:48 pm
area with strong line of storms moving through about an hour ago. note thinks is back filling a little bit. it is in the coming through, you get rain and sun comes out. we are a few showers, on the back edge of that line. another line of intense showers moving through portions, chester county at the moment but worst of it is where you see red and where you see that hook structure. we were talking about this yesterday. even our in house model, future weather model did pick up on a few segments within this main push of thunderstorms and that is what we are dealing with today. here's that line, that is that hook that went through chester, montgomery count that i prompted a tornado warning. there are in more warnings in place but in south jersey in, cherry hill, in mount laurel, cherry hill you are seeing rain at the moment and threat for 50 miles an hour wind gust was that line and also threat for small hail moving through new jersey. not quite as much instability in the atmosphere as there was in amount i do expect these storms to continue to weaken and we are in the looking at
5:49 pm
any problems out there notice temperature differential. you can see where that front moved through. philadelphia 68, reading 65. still in the upper 70's down through portions of new jersey. so, a very clear, delineation as that front moved through the rain cooled air and it has heat to work w temperatures got near 80. it was steamy for time of the year a lot of heat and moisture for these storms moving on through. by 7:00 we will see showers and storms along the coast. after 8:00 we will see these storms pushing out. by midnight maybe some clearing and we have a nice weekend on the way. lets talk about good stuff shall we now that the threat for tornadoes has passed. we are looking at a low foliage amount around the area it is more and more every day. taking a drive up to the lehigh valley and poconos, beautiful weekend foreseeing some leaves. overnight those gusty storms still around, and then gradual clearing down to 54. for your saturday, turning sunny, crisp cool fall day, sunday kick off forecast for eagles mostly sunny, 68 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast looks great for
5:50 pm
next several days, cool, on saturday, warmer sunday in columbus damon. look at the even of next week it gets chilly by friday and colder by the weekend. we will keep an eye on that but great weekend head, jessica and todd, back over to you. we have to get through these storms. on the cb is. three healthwatch, americans are putting themselves and other at risk at highly contagious diseases by not getting proper vaccinations before traveling overseas according to new research out today. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain this new study. >> kind of shocking. we were talking about things like measles, hepatitis, which could be very serious and more likely to be exposed when you're oversees ease which why is getting those shots is so important. >> once you get two shots, it is a lifetime of immunity. >> reporter: she's going to india in january and getting shots now to make sure he does not get sick overseas. >> i know friend who have been sick overseas and i don't want
5:51 pm
that for me or my companions. >> reporter: new study find many americans are traveling overseas, without being fully vaccinated, with measles, mumps and right bell a researchers examined 41,000 international u.s. flyers and found 16 percent needed the mmr vaccine but only half chose to receive it. health experts say most measles out breaks in the u.s. are caused by unvaccinated people infected overseas. >> both people believe that they have already had their childhood immunizations, and oh, yeah i would have had that and no further consideration. >> reporter: another study find that hepatitis a out break in mexico earlier this year, could have been prevented if the travelers had been vaccinated. >> even if you are going to mexico, europe, anywhere you are traveling, there are probably vaccines that you should check on. >> reporter: now doctors say that anyone traveling overseas should consult with a health experts two months before leaving the country.
5:52 pm
those shots are so important for you and everybody else around you, check with your doctor for sure. >> stephanie stahl, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight our nicole brewer does back flips, and break dancing, look at her go, breaking out into dance over the the first break competitions this weekend. we will show you next. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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5:56 pm
otherwise known as breaking, or b boying may have routes in the bronx but this weekend it is striking a pose on the main line. >> this weeze end it is the biggest event on our planet a as far as break dancing is concerned. >> reporter: it is a professional breaking competition, organized by steve graham, a philadelphia resident and founder of the urban dance and educational foundation. >> the idea there is one that we have packaged the event into a series or tour but prize money in, so breakers can make some prize money, figure out a format where promoters can make a little return on their risk and put a structure together that will attract sponsors. >> reporter: private equity executive by day, b boy by night, steve discovered his flare for breaking working in goldman sachs in new york. >> i got, assumed into a breaking crew, that was performing on the streets. would i come out with the suit, grab me out of the crowd, they would mug me and then would i go into my
5:57 pm
routine. >> reporter: steve said he was, in love with the dance floor and because of its cultural diversity. >> hispanic, asian, african-american, white guys, overseas in europe and so on. >> reporter: especially in this the breaking world as a dancers like brian hanibul compete head to head. what is swirling true their mind as they spin on their head. >> love, nervousness, and, passion, everything that you know, forgetting and everything that you know, remembering in one moment. >> reporter: as i learned, everyone gets their moment like it or not. >> that was sufficiently embarrassing but as my buddy pointed out. >> you didn't fall on your face. >> that is the thing. >> yes. >> you still were able to perform. >> at least i was than the going autopsy begins ryan wagner, who explained how he chose his name. >> i want to melt you, i want
5:58 pm
to completely destroy you when i battle against you. so i made my steel and my ways of movements about that, about completely destroying the opponent. >> come saturday and sunday i'll let true breakers battle it out, b boys and girls from all over the the world bringing down the house here in our neighborhood. nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wow. >> yeah. >> my body hurt just looking at that video. nicole, she has some moves. >> i'm so impressed with her. >> very nice. >> maybe she will teach us. >> competition is this weekend at yse sports in wayne and it is free that will be fun to see. >> yes, indeed. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 weather team is tracking violent storms, kate? >> that is right, jessica and todd, line of very strong gusty thunderstorms continues to move through the area, i will have latest on the severe thunderstorm watch, what to expect the rest of the evening and what it means for weekend coming up. plus a car drives full speed through a house and it is caught on a neighbor's
5:59 pm
security camera. and high ranking employee of dietz and watson ace rested after allegedly driving through a crowd of striking workers. and it certainly is the sweetest story of the day a five-year old who spent his birthday money on local k-9 officers. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. we are tracking storms tonight, some of those storms are severe. this is a a live outside our studios just a short time ago when it was pouring rain in center city. take a look now as storm scan three and you can see that line of of storms marching right across the area. some neighborhood have had high wind, heavy rain, and some more briefly under a tornado warning. here's a look the at how powerful this system is. you can see this tree, felon green street in royersford, montgomery county and, thanks
6:00 pm
to rich who sent this photo in. it will be a mess for homeowners to clean up, and probably, not the last tree we will see like that tonight. this wild weather, is it is not over yet. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm todd quinones. ukee washington is off tonight. let get over to meteorologist kate bilo watching this line of storms all night long, kate. >> day started off quiet, and, as always as we are tracking the cold front sunshine warm temperatures and high humidity, net a good mixture because we get heat in the atmosphere. thunderstorms love heat and moisture. that is what happened this line ran in the warm, steamy air in place and blew autopsy cross the region. you can see that hook echo. let me take you back here and watch this line as it got a hook as it moves through montgomery, chester counties and that prompted a tornado warning just about a half an hour to an hour ago. that has now expired and we now have no a active warnings in effect for our area that is great


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