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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to rich who sent this photo in. it will be a mess for homeowners to clean up, and probably, not the last tree we will see like that tonight. this wild weather, is it is not over yet. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm todd quinones. ukee washington is off tonight. let get over to meteorologist kate bilo watching this line of storms all night long, kate. >> day started off quiet, and, as always as we are tracking the cold front sunshine warm temperatures and high humidity, net a good mixture because we get heat in the atmosphere. thunderstorms love heat and moisture. that is what happened this line ran in the warm, steamy air in place and blew autopsy cross the region. you can see that hook echo. let me take you back here and watch this line as it got a hook as it moves through montgomery, chester counties and that prompted a tornado warning just about a half an hour to an hour ago. that has now expired and we now have no a active warnings in effect for our area that is great news this line is
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weakening moving in more stable air over portions of new jersey. that doesn't mean you want to let your guard down. these storms have very heavy rain and blinding downpours the threat for hail and also a threat for damaging wind. now south jersey and delaware. we have lingering showers back in southeastern pennsylvania but in south jersey and delaware through the next hour or two expect that line of gusty thunderstorms to roll rel through your area those blinding downpours, wind topping 45 to 50 miles an hour. still frank enough to bring down tree branches and power lines and possible small hail as well, as that line moves through. so here's our severe thunderstorm watch that remains in effect until 8:00 tonight for the entire area lehigh valley and poconos. it looks like your threat has passed. we may start to see national weather service start canceling some of these watches or decreasing the size, of the watches a as we go through next couple of hours but in camden, gloucester, salem, cumberland counties, if you are down the shore this watch is still in effect for good reason. main threat damaging wind and that watch goes until 8:00 o'clock tonight. you can see that line will push toward the coast at 7:00 when it moves from new
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castle in kent counties and delaware. then it moves off the coast. by 1:00 a.m. we will see clearing skies and we have much better news as we head in the weekend. you can see cool down already as those strong storms moved through dropped temperatures rapidly, and see where the storms are right now just pushing into new jersey where they still have heat to work with. temperatures held in the 70es a. coming up we will have information on some of the damage that these storms left in their wake and also have some much better news as we head into the weekend, coming up in the seven day forecast, todd, bang back over to you. >> track the storms and get forecast anytime down load cbs philly weather app to your smart phone and tablet available on itunes and google play. an investigation is underway after a demonstration outside dietz and watson plant turns ugly. philadelphia a police arrested a company executive after two protesters were hit by a vehicle. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has details from tacony. >> reporter: according to police when officers told a driver attempting to cross a picket line in front of the
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dietz and watson plant on to a coney street to enter another way, did he the opposite. >> one of the employees of the dietz and watson approached the ticket line and proceeded to drive through with their vehicle, injuring two of our members. >> reporter: that employee, six three-year old steven yuengling is actually an executive with the company. "eyewitness news" was given this statement, dietz and watson is cooperating fully with the philadelphia police department as they investigate an incident involving one of our employees attempting to drive his car into our parking lot and protesters who were blocking access to our facilities. twenty-nine men hit were taken to the hospital and released with only minor injuries. now later in the day, another person was taken into police custody in a similar fashion after crossing the line, reportedly injuring one more. >> we have learned that second individual has been charged with crossing this line and striking someone who hit their vehicles. now it is not specifically with dietz and watson but instead a new jersey based machinery company that provides equipment for the plant. reporting from northeast philadelphia, alexandria hoff
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". incredible video in south jersey as out of control car slams in the side of the house, neighbor security video captured the crash yesterday. it happened on pine ridge road in washington township. police say they took that driver into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence. a family was up side the home at. time but we were told they were not hurt. problems with the turf at haverford high school has forced school officials to cancel tonight's game against garnett valley. chopper three over the school in delaware county. you can see parts of the field covered, school officials are determining where to hold the game tomorrow. and philadelphia police, want you to take a a look at these two men, police say pair and another man are wanted for a home invasion on sellers street in frankford last week. the suspect tied up one resident and then got away, and, and and, give them a call. the house that was swept away by a coastal storm last weekend is going to cost the
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home owner some cash. the coastguard says the owner on have that home which was built on piling is a long the grassy southern outside north wildwood will to have pay to have it removed from the bay. no word on just how much that will cost. coastguard is warning both tours keep an eye on on dangerous debris n the meantime go fund me page has raised close to two you this dollars for the home owner. a violate event attack at an auto shop in southwest philadelphia leaves the store owner in critical condition. it happened on 63rd street and dick is a avenue last night where victim was stabbed 30 times during a robbery. eye witt the necessary news reporter steve paterson has latest on the search for the suspect. >> reporter: family in disbelief. >> he has got over 27 stab wound i think they said. >> reporter: friday afternoon a return to the scene of the crime. detectives combing through evidence, family, gathering personally affects, son in law peter bryant there to comfort his wife and his daughter, victim's child and grandchild. >> he is just a great guy,
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family man, terrible tragedy. >> reporter: police say shortly before about 6:00 thursday night suspect walked into auto tag services and confronted the owner six three-year old patrick spinosa, detectives now believe the purpose traitor was not only armed with the knife but also a gun and spinosa likely for the for his life. >> probably a struggle for the gun, it discharges, maybe loses control of the gun and pull is a a knife out and starts stabbing. >> reporter: more than 20 minutes and 27 stab wound later the attacker locks the door and flees. police would later found a bullet fragment on the ground next to the pool of blood. now they are trying to find the suspect. >> we believe the offender lives close by here. we believe he walk here and walk away from here. we're hopeful someone does the right thing for this family hoist now struggling. >> reporter: spinosa remains in the hospital in extreme critical condition. we have asked the family they are hoping that he pulls through but surgeons keep finding new stab wound. so far he has cleared through
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one surgery but has many more to go on any road to recovery. reporting from southwest philadelphia, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a lincoln high school student is taken into police custody after a gun scare at the school this morning. police say they received a call around 11:00 a.m. that the student left a gun outside the school. campus was placed on lock down while officers performed a search but no weapon was recovered. it is unclear if any charges will be filed. more charges are filed against jessica lynn, the chester county momma accused of supplying and injecting her own daughter and another teen with her win. rip py waved her hearing on the new charges today which include drug possession and interest to don't delivery and conspiracy. an arrest warrant is out for her boyfriend james burns who helped supply the heroin. a philadelphia jazz musician is facing child sex charges, charles cohen, accused of trying to meet an under age boy for sex. authorities say cohen, thought
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he was talking to a 14 year-old boy on line, but he was really communicating with an under cover detective. the the 69 year-old was arrested when he showed up at an agreed upon spot in montgomery county. a preliminary hearing for cohen is scheduled for next week. we have an update on the trial in the deadly building collapse on a salvation army thrift store two years ago. the the prosecution against the contractor, who oversaw the doomed demolition, has rested. and now defense is deciding what to do next. fifty-one year-old griffin campbell is charged with third degree murder and related offenses in the collapse from june 2013 that killed six people, and injured 13 others. fire fighters in delaware county responded to an unusual emergency today. >> they were called to help free a man's finger, stuck in the gas tank of his car. this all happened at the upper darby wash and lube on west chester pike on yesterday. this man reportedly told fire fighters, someone put chocolate in his gas tank and he was reaching into clean it all out. fire fighters first tried to
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free his finger, using lubricants but they ended up sawing off the pipe. man was taken to penn presbyterian medical center get the pipe removed. after further investigation police figured out this man is a fugitive, no word on what he is wanted for. a big party on temple's campus we will see what the celebration is all about coming up. our favorite story on the of the day, walt is this. he is only five but logan could teach us all very dult lessons about caring, and generosity, i'll have the story of logan's heroes from delaware county coming up. that famous animal rights group wants to help lucy the elephant get the trunk lift that she need but offer comes with strings attached, kate. very active afternoon as line of strong thunderstorms have been ripping across the delaware valley, got news, the the storms are weakening but still will threat remains for south jersey and delaware. i will have more on that and your weekend forecast coming up, leslie.
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phillies are considering to replace reuben amaro junior for preview of the friday foot the ball frenzy game of the week. the eagles putting final touches on the game plan that we're all hoping gets them a victory on sunday. we will have those coming up later in sports.
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tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 do you think you are relatively health i maybe not. find out why doctors say some people are, get this, skinny fat? why your weight doesn't always tell the whole story. our health reporter stephanie stahl explains skinny fat tonight at 11:00. okay. a animal rights organization peta is offering to help save lucy the elephant in margate, new jersey. peta a says it will pay for some of the landmark's $58,000 in repairs. if they could use lucy as a spokesperson for elephants forced in to issuing is us work. the organization maintaining lucy is considering that proposal but tell "eyewitness news" they have some reservations because they want to keep that attraction a happy place, for the the kid. and a heart warming story tonight out of delaware county. >> young boy had one birth take wish, and it did not involve any presents for himself. instead the five-year old
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wanted to get something special to local k-9 dogs. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter had has details. >> reporter: beneath police officers hat, a little boy with a huge heart. asked what he wanted for his fifth birthday a few weeks ago, logan replied nothing for himself, instead, he requested donations to buy toys, treats, and training aid, from local police k-9 units. >> i got a lot of stuff, like treats. >> reporter: yes. >> logan's heroes that is what we call it on facebook and we will keep it that because he said policeman are his heroes. >> reporter: logan's k-9 kindness unleashed such a huge flood of donations in its first few weeks, that the family has had to set up a go fund me account. logan, personally presenting, gift bass kits and card, to seven departments, in and around, delaware county. >> they always helped us, when
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there is a bad guy. >> reporter: for k-9 a's and their partners, the gifts from a special kid, send a special message. >> it is kind of awesome, i have three children at home, it is awesome that logan loves police. >> the heart that he must have is huge, and for such a little will guy it is great. >> reporter: like logan this program is growing fast, by the the the time he hit his sixth birthday he is hoping to help not only k-9 units but officers across all departments in delaware county. >> a lot of us are really proud of you, you did a great job. >> the policeman that i had, was really, cool because, they always helped us. >> reporter: at age five, logan, his family says, has learned a lesson that many struggle their entire lifetime to grasp, it is so much better, to give, and then to receive. in aston, township walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, that will make your friday feel really g looking
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ahead to the future. >> what a nice boy, um. >> great thing to hear. >> well done. >> kate bilo is joining us now, kate, the worst of the storm is, behind us, but still it lingering. >> yes, still nasty conditions for south jersey and delaware. not as bad as it was over southeastern pennsylvania earlier and once it gets out of here we have great stuff ahead. we just to have get through rest of tonight and it has been a busy day, messy day but things are getting better. worst of the severe weather threat has moved out but we are seeing risk for damaging wind, rain and hail over portions of new jersey and delaware. lets look at is what going on right now. we will take you to the roof cam. first and foremost this is looking down toward 16th street and center city. it is cloudy. cameras fogged up with rain drops. worst is moving out. we have showers on the back edge of this line. couple showers on the back edge of the line of showers, just the main line of showers an should are storms are head i. lets look at, storm scan three. we are seeing thunderstorms in south jersey and delaware. notice these showers nor
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slouches moving through montgomery, chester and delaware counties at the moment. now they are not severe. we are just talking steady rain out there but definitely not a quick hit and then clears out this line is starting to back fill a little bit. in south jersey and delaware thinks area we are still concerned about strong storms, and damaging wind as well. mount laurel, gloucester, glassboro and right here too, this line of strong thunderstorms moving through new castle county delaware across in salem county, new jersey that does have heavy rain. you can see that dark red shading. out on the roadways this will certainly slow you down this evening. but the worst of the threat is behind us. let's recap wyndam age reports here across the area. east vincentown ship reports of wires down, possibly power outages there new morgan, pennsylvania reporting trees down. the royersford trees down including tree down on a home and tree and wires down in west nantmeal township, pennsylvania. it has been a messy afternoon all across the region. you can see where that front is. cooler behind it. rain cooled air has us down in the 60's in philadelphia,
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reading and allentown. still juice to work w still moisture and heat across south jersey and delaware where temperatures are holding in the mid 07's at the moment. future weather shows we have cleared this out by 8:00 o'clock when severe thunderstorm watch expired. i wouldn't be subaru surprise if they erode that back edge as these storms move through south jersey. by midnight we are clearing out. sat the day at 1:00 it is a full clear sky h this goes right through the the day sunday. here's sunday at 2:00 nothing but sunshine out there, no problems, the weekend is perfect october weather, what to expect mostly sunny, check, cooler temperatures, highs in the 60'ses specially for your saturday and great fall weekend. we're checking boxes here things looking fantastic. heading to the poconos we have great weather there as well and foliage to look at as well. temperatures in the 50's on saturday. sixty's on sunday. overnight gusty thunderstorms move out. we will drop down in the mid 50's. gradual clearing. heading in to your saturday turning sunny, crisp cool fall day. i showed thaw kick off forecast. temperatures in the 60's heading to lincoln financial
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field very comfortable for tailgating. columbus day machine looks gorgeous if you have a three day weekend, what a stunner and next chance for showers by tuesday. by friday we will barely make it in the 60's for highs and is there a chance that we may be in the 50's. >> getting chilly. >> it will get chilly. >> kate bilo, thanks very much. >> we will be right back.
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wow, wow. >> all that hollering is home coming weekend at temple university and students are getting exited to see their undefeated football team take on tulane tomorrow. "eyewitness news" at the school's home coming parade where student, have been showing their owl pride all day. i have have got to say temple university and that football team this year is one of the the best local sports stories we have going right now.
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>> that is pretty much it. >> yes, that is right. >> if the eagles just could catch some of that, it would be absolutely great. linebacker kiko alonzo, michael kendricks and brandon blair, they are all going to miss sunday's game with the saints. offensive tackle jason peters is listed as questionable. the eagles are one and three. they can't afford to go one and four. two years ago the bird started one-three and did turn things around. chip kelly says he sees the same resolve in this years team. >> these players, they come out here every day and work. i said that immediately after the game. it is not a matter of effort but it is a matter of execution and we have to do better job so we can execute better. >> it is friday night, friday football frenzy, game of the week voted on you the fans. this week delaware military academy at saint marks, pat gallon joins us now live from wilmington with the preview, hi pat. >> yeah, it is a wet wilmington, delaware as you can tell for delaware military
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academy and saint marks. i'm staying dry. the field is not. it looks like they will start in a delay. they were slated by 7:00 but we shall see what happens here. earlier on i got a chance to talk with the head coach of saint marks, his name is john wilson. he talks about this very important match ups. >> we have had a young experienced team in terms of playing time. we have got some seniors on the team but we went through some injuries. we are finding ourselves a little bit more each game and we are hopeful tonight we can play better then we played the last four games. >> yes, delaware military academy, four and zero to start the season. they are out scoring their opponent 119-34. a tough defensive test for saint marks. hopefully we do have a game tonight, with all this rain out here. live from wilmington delaware, pat gallon for "eyewitness sports". >> pat, thanks. reports say that kim ng will be interviewing for the general manager position, she's senior vice-president, for baseball operation was major league baseball f hired
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she would be the first female general untiling, in league history. and, this is story that has people talking, vince says that is a great idea, it doesn't matter what gender if the shoe fits. jeff says, man, woman child, just get this team back on track. and jimmy says if she can do it, go for her, it can only improve the team. we want to know what you think? connect with us on facebook, twit error web site at cbs just want a good phillies team. >> yes, that is right. >> i agree. >> looking for tell tomorrow fill that void. >> we have temple. >> yes. >> great story. >> we will be right back. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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philadelphia, honors its knew green innovation, looks like it is growing right out of the side of the building. >> yeah, thinks the living wall, it is at independent park, institute in olde city. structures i a solar powered billboard that managees the storm water. the student from st. mary's elementary school were on hand, for that ribbon cutting there. >> very cool. >> well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight who says you have to choose between your parents and step parent. meet a woman who took a bold step before stepping down the aisle when steve hartman goes on the road, here now is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: floodwaters reach new heights. carolina roads wash out. >> reporter: we're riding on what is the highway. >> yes, sir. >> pelley: and there is more rain on the way. also tonight, for republicans in despair, ryan's hope. will he run for speaker? >> right now i'm just going to try to make it home for dinner. >> pelley: obama versus putin. >> he's challenging your leadership, mr. president. he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i gotta tell you -- >> and steve hartman with the ultimate wedding gift. >> it meant the world to me. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the carolinas are about to get the last thing they need-- more rain. the worst flooding there on record is already blamed for at least 19


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