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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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behind a mess. heavy downpours and winds knocked down trees and prompted tornado warnings for parts of montgomery and chester counties. the storms also caused damage in the city. "eyewitness news" at 51 is the and large wood streets in west philadelphia where a large tree fell down and block the road there. fortunately, no reports of any injuries around the region tonight. right now that storm system is moving out to sea. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm todd quinones. ukee is off tonight. it's clearing out but also about the cool down. meteorologist kate bilo has a look where things stand now want we can expect as we head into the weekend. kate? >> todd and jess cat storms are now well out to sea. our entire region has all but cleared out. just a few lingering showers over portions of sussex county, delaware. those storms moving even south of there. you can see clouds still hanging on the clouds still moving through the area at the moment but there are clear skies behind that, and win the next couple of hours skies will clear from northwest to southeast and as they do so the temperatures will
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noticeably begin to drop. we've got a cool, crisp saturday on the way. a few lingering showers well off to the south at the moment take a look at the six hour loop of the nasty storms that rolled through earlier. watch his hook shape over montgomery county that's the system the cell that prompted tornado warning just before 5:00 o'clock this evening, and brought damage to portions of montgomery and chester counties right along the border here. good news it's out of here and we don't have any pour storms to worry about this weekend. let's recap some of our wind damage reports here. east vincent township wires roar the down there new morgan berks county trees down. royersford trees down as well. hear from diana rocco about that and west nantmeal township 56 miles per hour wind gust brought trees and wires down. 53 miles per hour wind gust even measured in turnersville, new jersey, as those storms continued to push into gloucester county and moved east of the city. so this is coming to an end now but look at how the day shook out here pope john paul high school in royersford one of the hardest hit areas. clouds and sun and watch it get
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dark. all of a sudden you see the rain and then it clears on out. 61 degrees there at the moment. temperatures are dropping. especially in our north and west suburbs skies are beginning to clear. 61 in reading. 62 in allentown. still mild in philadelphia right now at 67 but you can see with winds now coming in out of the north and west, in the wake of that front we've got much cooler air moving in. tomorrow will be on the cool side and tomorrow night we're talking 40s. even in the city. i'll have more on your week and forecast coming up in just a few minutes much todd, back over to you. >> kate, thank you very much torments night parts of the region are seeing damage from these storms. the rainfall and high winds resulted in downed trees and difficult driving conditions. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco surveyed some of that damage including a close call for one homeowner. >> reporter: friday evening's tornado warning brought with it some wild weather, heavy downpours and high winds. >> man, it was really raining. rain was blowing side way the way the wind was coming. >> reporter: tim was taking a nap inside his open on green
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street waiting for his wife get out of work when he heard the tree come down. >> it shook the whole house i couldn't believe it. >> the giant limb fell from a massive tree taking out the grill and landing on the roof. the bargeings cracked the windshield of the pickup truck parked in the driveway. his wife came home minutes later to blocked off street. >> fire trucks everywhere. and police in front of my house i saw the police officer and i said, where is my husband? he said he's fine. he's fine. we're blessed. we're lucky. >> reporter: the limb took out the neighbor's fence. while they were out to dinner. >> very favre nat. >> our back is all glass. like 13 windows this way and like five. the whole back room was not even touch. >> reporter: the storm left quickly but tim and pat, now have their work cut out for them with a leak in the roof and a yard full of barges. >> just glad it didn't cause any more damage to anything. >> reporter: inclement weather also affected the sports schedule here at spring forward high school. varsity football game against pottsgrove kicked off about an hour late.
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in royersford diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight philadelphia police are searching for a suspect they say robbed three different groups of people at gun point in less than 30 minutes. this is surveillance video of one of two robberies in the 300 block of fifth street in society hill last saturday night. police say the third robbery happened at front and dock streets much those robberies happened between 9:22 and 9:45 and police believe the suspect is driving a dark colored suv with new jersey license plates. police arrest a dietz and watson executive after investigators say he drove through a picket line and hit two people outside the company's plant in tacony. steven yuengling facing charges he's married to the granddaughter of one of the original dietz and watson founders. police say they ordered yuengling to use another entrance to enter that parking lot but he didn't listen. >> one of the employees of dietz and watson approached the picket line and proceeded to drive through with their vehicle injuring two of our member.
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the two men who were hit suffered minor injuries. this labor dispute is not with dietz and watson but with a mash ricoh that provides equipment to the plant. one student is killed and another injured in a shooting near the texas southern university campus. freshman student died in shootinshooting which happened s morning at a student housing complexion. the other student is in stable condition. houston police say two men are being questioned but so far there are no arrests. this incident is the third sho shooting on or near that campus in a week. but it's unclear if the shootings are all related. and another fatal shooting just hours before. this one at northern arizona university. overnight confrontation between students escalated into violen violence. freshman shot and killed one person and wounded three others. the victims were members of the same fraternity. the shooter 18-year-old steven jones has been arrested. the president's call for stronger gun control alleges laying after the mass shooting in oregon left some there in the
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community up in arms. the president flew to roseberg earlier. there he met privately with family members of the victims of lat week's shooting at umpqua community college. some residents who oppose gun control protested his visit. the oregon gunman shot and killed nine people before turning the begun on himself. >> i've got very strong feelings about this, because when you talk to these families, uri minded this could be the end to your child. >> white house indicated the president is considering an executive order that would require more gunnery tillers to conduct background checks. this weekend the nation is marking the 20th anniversary of the million man march in washington, d.c. the huge civil rights rally drew many african-american men from our area and our natasha brown tells us some are returning to washington to commemorate the hitter 86 event.
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>> there was so much excitement. because we were going to be a part of change. >> reporter: memories flow as vividly as if it were yesterday. >> what can a man do when you go home. >> dotting the sea of men who gathered on the national mall in washington, d.c. for the million man march 20 years ago after robert johnson. >> it was like solidarity from the moment we left philadelphia to the moment we got to washington, d.c. seeing all the brothers together and having a good time and being there for a cause. >> reporter: pastor johnson then 29 years old traveled to d.c. with his fraternity brothers eager to be part of one of the largest civil rights mass rallies in history. >> the impact of that march still sticks with me as i raise my children to be the best father i can. and to be better in my community. it grew up here in south philadelphia. went to the local schools and coming back now how do i take what i learned 20 years ago and make a difference in the young man's lives today. >> reporter: now older, wiser and the leader of one of the oldest churches in philadelphia,
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pastor johnson is looking forward to retracing his steps on saturday commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the million man march. >> now, 20 years later, we're trying to recapture and rekindle with a different generation. report roar pastor johnson will be among 50 men from his church leaving before sun advise hoping to recreate a movement started decades ago. >> i want to hear a message of hope. i want to hear a message that up lifts and i want to hear calls to act. i want to hear someone saying he's calling to us action and nobody can help our community but us. >> reporter: natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". the philadelphia branch of the naacp celebrated its annual awards gala tonight. "eyewitness news" in center ci city. official commentator and human rights activist dick gregory received the president's award. nearly a dozen local community leaders were also honored. this annual fundraising event helps support the local naacp. you work out, you eat well,
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you're relative healthy then, right. >> some doctors say maybe not. why stepping the scale doesn't tell the whole starter. health reporter stephanie stahl with new procedure that reveals the hidden truth about your weight. >> local little boy with a giant heart. he's one birthday wish didn't involve any gifts for himself. the important lesson being taught by a five year old. kate? the front brought the damaging storms to the area has now push out. skies are clearing and temperatures are dropping. we've got cooler air moving in for the weekend. so how long will the cool air stuck around? i'll have your seven day coming up. and it's your town, your team, the original the one and only friday football frenzy. that's coming up in sports. >> and coming up after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 it's the late show with stephen colbert he wells james core din, journalist shane smith and a
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performance by halsey. the fun starts at 11:35.
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a pivotal moment in the trial for the deadly building collapse in center city. the prosecution has rested in the case against the contractor who oversaw the doomed demolition near salvation army thrift store two years ago. defense now deciding on what to do next. 51-year-old griffin campbell is charged with third degree murder and related offenses in the collapse from june 2013. six people were killed and 13 others injured. the house that was swept away boy a coastal storm last weekend is going to cost the homeowner some cash. coast guard says the owner of that home which was built on pilings along the grassy sound outside of north wildwood will have to pay to have it removed from the bay. no wore right now on how much that will cost. go fun me page has been set up for the owner. the coast guard is warning boaters to keep an eye out for dangerous debris. many people spend part of the week and working out. even with all the effort to stay healthy, weight can be deceiving. on the cbs3 health watch tonight people who aren't considered overweight are often shocked
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when doctors say their skinny fat. hell reporter stall explain the scale doesn't always tell the whole story. >> susan reid was shocked when her dr. toll her she was skinny fat. her diet is mostly vegetarian. >> i fall right in the normal range. my weight has been normal for the past 25 years. >> your weight in pounds does not necessarily reflect how much fat you have nor does it reflect where the fat is located. >> research has shown having a pot belly or being fat around the middle increases the risk for heart disease and other problems. fat is typically measured with a bmi body mass index score. but new research shows bmi charts can be misleading. >> 20% of the people with normal bmi normal height and weight were greater than the 75th percentile for body fat. what we call the skinny fat. >> susan had modified version of a decks scan the same scan that calculates your bone density and risk for osteoporosis.
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this special version detects all lean and fat body mass and most importantly where you carry it. that was susan's wake up call i was shocked. i had no other indicators that would lead me to this this is thing. >> doctors say there are also fat skinny people. those who are overweight on bmi charts but their fat composition is more normal. >> the special body composition scan uses very low radiation about what you'd get in a cross country night. it costs $185 and isn't covered by insurance. it's available in most locations that have decks scans. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> landmarks down the shore are pink tonight. all over atlantic city buildings are taking part in the lights for the cure campaign. that campaign is a joint effort by cbs3, cw philly and susan g. komen central and south jersey lights for the cure is now knots 14th year. and those pink lights are a reminder for women to schedule a mammogram. october is breast cancer
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awareness month and all month long you'll see the lights across our region. one delaware county boy has learned at a very young age the importance of making a difference. >> five-year-old logan mass was asked what he wanted for his birthday he had just one wish and it didn't involve any gifts for himself. instead he was requesting donations to buy toys treats and training aids for k9 unit in aston. >> logan's who are rows we'll keep it that because he said policemen are his heroes. >> they always help us when there's a bad guy. >> now this is the great part. logan saw such a big response his family had to to set up a gofundme account for the donations by the time he turns six logan hopes to help officers all across delaware county. >> goes to show just because they're little doesn't mean they can't have big impacts n what a great kid. >> absolutely. >> things are looking better out
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there. >> much better. wow. this afternoon was just a total mess all across the area with strong thunderstorms damaging winds, now things have improved already. >> i look it. >> on our way to great fall weekend which is even better news. the weekend is upon us now and if you're logging forward to maybe nice autumn activities outside or maybe you're heading to football game on sunday afternoon great news from the weather department now. the storms are behind us, we can talk about the good stuff. let's take a look what's happening right now. take you out to beautiful shot. look at this zoomed out -- zoomed in, zooming out shot of center city philadelphia. the buildings all lit up. looking beautiful this evening. skies are clearing. just a few clouds overhead right now as those skies continue to clear overnight we'll see the temperatures begin to drop. i've explain it before but clouds kind of in a sense act like blanket does when you're sleeping your body cools but the blanket keeps that radiation from your body cooling from escaping out into the room. that's what clouds do to the air surface keep that radiation close to the surface and keep you warmer w the clouds escape
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the radiation escapes from the atmosphere and you cool down. as we put you over storm scan3 as the front pushes south the clouds are starting to erode with it. skies are clearing to the north and west as we continue that clearing process we'll see city temperatures drop and tomorrow night after a cool day, with a clear sky at night we'll see some of the coolest air we felt in quite sometime. many spots in the 40s. could even see 30 especially towards the poconos tomorrow night. right now nowhere near the 30s or the 40s. we're at 67 degrees still in philadelphia. 62 in wilmington. and in allentown. 53 in mount pocono it now. ing see cooler air starting to filter in. dropping into the low 60s now especially in our north and west suburbs not until tomorrow we really feel the cooling as skies begin to clear with a north wind through the day tomorrow. definitely going to feel like a crisp october afternoon. that's exactly what it is. high pressure in place. the winds around that high coming in out of the north the front moves out to sea, we're talking about highs only in the mid 60s. that's not too far off normal. normal is about 69 degrees for this time of the year. so pretty close to average for
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october. you'll like it warmer you've got sunday with a high right around 70 just a great day. full day of sunshine. great weather for the eagles game. you like it warmer than that we've got columbus day monday temperatures back in the mid 70 as little bit something for everyone this weekend unless you're a fan of rain. i don't have any of that for you this weekend looks dry and beautiful. got our checkmark. mostly sunny, cooler temperatures, only in the 60s. saturday and most of sunday we may barely hit 70 on sunday. and definitely putting a check in that box for great fall weekend. great weekend for the pumpkin patch for the haunted hay rides. for football, maybe heading out to watch football being played i know my son has flag football game tomorrow a great day for that. in the poconos 55 degrees for your saturday. sunday, we're up to 63. definitely feeling like fall and starting to look like fall as well. take look at our fall foliage report low in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs in the poconos moderate foliage and one area up across the border we have high fall color in place
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right now. definitely a good weekend if you have nothing else planned take drive on up to the poconos it's going to be beautiful right along the northeast extension. a lot of great color out there already. overnight we drop into the mid 60s. gradual clearing turns cool overnight. saturday looks great mostly sunny crisp cool fall day. per fact fall day. i wish we could bottle and safe forever pull it out any time of you need a doze of october. the saints are in town, 68 degrees at game time. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast. a fantastic holiday weekend. those lucky enough to be off for columbus day monday will like it. 74 degrees on monday. showers return tuesday. by the end of neck week, we could be talking about a significant cool down by next weekend. you can get updated forecast any time with the cbs philly weather app. check live radar get those severe weather alerts we saw today and share your fall weather pictures with us, your leaf pictures with us download the app now on i tunes and google play. so excited for this weekend. >> perfect fall weather.
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>> sounds great. kate, thank you. >> must within fort birds, right lesley. >> i hate to say it. i have a good feeling. >> okay. >> fifth game of the season and yes another must win for the eagles. the friday football frenzy is neck.
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linebackers alonso and kendrick
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out. jason peter social security listed it's a questionable. another must win for the birds. they can't officer forwarding to one and four. we all know about the eagles offensive woes. they scored three points in the first half all season. but the saints defense is ranked 24th in the league, and not made an interception this season. the eagles know they have to get the offense in gear before it's too late. >> we feel like, you know, maybe we've got some speed miss matches outside this week with some of our wide receivers against their corners, um, you know, but like i said it's all going to be dependent upon how they play. >> we got an opportunity this weekend to go fix it, and that's all we can -- that's all we can do is look forward to, you know, what we're going to do this week again the saints. i think if we do that, we'll be fine. >> can't keep dwelling on the past. we got ticket and make it better and go get win. >> ♪
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you're watching friday night football frenzy. take it away lesley! >> whoo! >> it's friday night. you know what that means fry ball football frenzy some delays and weather cancellations for the second straight week but don't worry. we found plenty of games. we'll start off in the public league roxborough at edison. george washington olney will hunter secondary with the football picks it off. nice interception. over the bridge we go. big time rivalry cam at camden catholic. likes he's going to go. morgan with the strip. he gets his revenge right here. nobody will touch him. he goes all the way in for the score. catholic a win are in 21-16. south philadelphia polumbo do you boy to whitaker.
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polumbo wins this 120-14. archbishop carol visiting cardinal o'hara how is this for efficient scoring. first play of the games? didn't with the big one. 65 yards for the touchdown. carol a winner, 22-21. neumann-goretti taking on west catholic. west catholic khalil, finds the end zone goes around to get the score. west catholic wins 28-zero. finally, we head to chester county. pottsgrove at springford. minute newt tow looking for the end zone for tray jamal. beautiful catch right there. of course he wants to celebrate with the team. springford wins, 22-13. stay tuned. coming up right after the break we have our game of the week, heavy weight battle in wilmington as the delaware military academy takes on saint
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all right. now it's time for our game of the week. cbscbs3 went to wilmington delae for the matchup between the delaware military academy and sane marks. >> we are here in wilmington for the fry ball football frenzy tonight it's four-zero delaware military academy against two-two saint marks. it started off nicely for the home side as saint marks gets on
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the board first. this is jamal wright on the hop he shot right out of the cannon and he goes the distance. seven-zero sane mark in the first. still in the first, al thee yous hanson trots in from 6 yards o out. tied at seven then come the air show and the play of the night. jacob hudson he tosses to paul wolf and wolf goes long to jeff fro gillis. are you kidding me? that never work. but tonight it does. 52-yard touchdown. they go up 21-seven. before the half dma would extent the lead. hudson to the end zone. ben non, gets it one handed. it's all working for the sea hawk, 28-seven at the half. third quarter, jacob hudson working his magic again. saint mark can't coral him he slips in for sick. delaware military academy up 35-seven. they beat sane marks 49-21. from our game of the week i'm pat gallen for "eyewitness
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sports". >> you got to love the frenzy. >> friday night under the lights nothing better. i miss those days thank you lesley. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. our morning team is back at 5:00 o'clock for lesley, kate and everyone here, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm todd quinones. remember we're always online at the late show with stephen colbert is neck. >> have a good night an great weekend. ♪
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