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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> dangerous storms last night. specially for one hope owner. >> storms are gone it, will feel like fall out there. kyla has a check on the forecast, and whether it will be a good week toned spend outside. >> this weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the "million man march". many from philadelphia took place in the historic event. how those who attended remember that day, and what's happening this week toned commemorate it. we'll have the details. today is saturday, october 10th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00 right now.
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we check in with kyla more on the fall forecast, cooling down, but nice crisp, fall weekend. >> i think it is a great week toned get the fall decorations out if you haven't already. you feel it when you walk out today. really the passage after cold front. that's what happens behind t we get cooler temperatures, clear skies, and that's a nice, yes. getting to the sunshine, too, it will be beautiful. little rough ride last night, right? i live in a highrise. i watched all of the storms move n i am glad that they are moving out. so let's talk about your weekend weather, much nicer, cooler, fall feeling, yes, feel that. but sunny, lovely, little overnight fog tonight. it will be warmer on your sunday, live look at the neighborhood network, shows we are in the low 50's, if you're in media, oaks, and notice, there is a little wind there, little creek, about 11-mile per hour, live look at center city shows you we're at 56 in philadelphia, wind starting to ramp down out of the north, still 12 miles per hour, live look at storm scan3, shows you we do have few showers to the south of us, certainly some
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clouds that we will be dealing, with nice sunshine, check it out, talking gorgeous today, tomorrow. today high of just 66 degrees, tomorrow, make it up to 70. and the warm up continues as we get into columbus day. so i will talk seven day forecast, when i come back. but i'm so glad i have better news today. nicole, yesterday was like it is nice and it is not going to stay that way. today we'll get more nice as we go along. >> that's certainly some good news. you mention those storm, and this morning, we know that residents across the region are cleaning up after damaging storms blew through the area last night. the rainfall and the high wind result in the some downed trees and difficult conditions for drivers. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco surveyed some of the damage including close call for one homeowner. >> friday evening's tornado warning brought with it some wild weather, heavy downpours, high winds. >> it was really raining, rain blowing sideways the way the wind was coming. >> tim was taking a nap inside
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his home on green street, waiting for his wife to get out of work, when he heard the tree come down. >> shook the whole house. i couldn't believe it. >> the giant limb fell from massive tree in the backyard taking out the grill and landing on the roof. the branches cracked the windshield of the pick-up truck parked in the driveway. his wife came home minute later to block off street. >> firetrucks everywhere. and the police in front of my house, and i saw the police officer and i said where's my husband? he said he's fine, he's fine. >> we're blessed. we're lucky. >> the limb look took out the neighbor's son while they were out to dinner. >> in the back it is all glass, windows, like 13 windows this way, so the whole back sun room was not even touched. >> the storm left quickly, but tim and pat corn now have their work cut out with them with a leak in the roof and a yard full of branches. >> just glad that they didn't cause any more damage than it did. >> inclement weather also affected this sports schedule here at spring forward high school. the varsity football game
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against pottsgrove kicked off about an hour late. in royersford, diana rocco, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> police arrest a deitz and watson executive after investigators say he drove through a picket line and hit two people outside the company's plant in talcony. steven facing charges, he's married to the granddaughter of one of the original deitz and watson founders. now police say they ordered yuengling to use another entrance to enter the parking lot, but he didn't listen. >> one of the employees of deitz and watson approached the picket line, proceeded to drive through with their vehicle, injuring two of our member. >> the two men, who were hit, suffered minor injuries, this labor dispute is not with deet and watson but with a machinery company that provides equipment to the plant. >> well, this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a suspect they say robbed three different groups of people at gunpoint in less than 30 minutes. this is surveillance video of one of the two robberies on the 300 block of fifth street in society hill last saturday night.
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police say the third robbery happened at front and dock street. the robberies happened between 9:22 and 9:45. police believe the suspect is driving a dark colored suv with new jersey license plate. >> one student sent dead, and another injured, in a shooting near the texas southern university campus. a freshman died in the shooting which happened yesterday morning, at a student housing complex. the other student is now in stable condition. houston police say two men are being questioned, but so far r there are no arrests. this incident is the third shooting on or near the campus in a week, but it is unclear if the shootings are related. >> another fatal shooting just hours before at northern arizona university, an overnight confrontation friday between student escalate intoed violence. freshman shot and killed one person and wounded three other. the victims were members of the same fraternity. the shooter, 18 year old steven jones, has been arrested. >> and, 18 year old college student singled out by the oregon shooter as the lucky one to survive is speaking out
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for the first time. killer christopher selected matthew downing to survive. downing said mercer called him to the front of the room and happened dollars him an envelope. he claims mercy said you are the lucky one, i will not shoot you if you give this to the cops. before shooting himself, mercer killed a total of nine people at the college. >> on friday, president obama flew to roseburg, oregon. there he met privately with family members of the victims every last week's shooting at the community college. in the wake of the mass shooting the president called for stronger gun control legislation, has left some people upset. some resident who oppose gun control protested his visit. >> i've got some very strong feelings about this because when you talk to these families, you are reminded that this could be happening to your child. >> the white house has indicated the president is considering an executive order that would require more gun
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retail tears conduct background checks. >> happening today, the nation is marking the 20th anniversary of the "million man march" in washington, d.c. the huge civil rights valley drew many african-american men from our area. natasha brown says some are returning to washington this morning to commemorate that historic event. >> there was so much excitement, because we were going to be part of a change. >> reporter: the memories flow as vividly as it was yesterday. >> what can the million man do when you go home? >> reporter: dotting the sea of men who gathered on the national man in washington dc for the "million man march" 20 years ago after johnson. >> solidarity from the time we left philadelphia to the time we got to washington, dc, seeing all of the brother together, having a good time, being therefore a cause. >> reporter: after johnson, then 29 years old, traveled to dc with his fraternity brother. eager to be a part of one of the largest civil right mass rallies in history.
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>> the impact that far march still sticks with me as i raise my children to be the best father i can and to be better in my own community. i grew up here in south philadelphia. went to the local schools. coming back now is like how do i pick what i learned 20 years ago and make a difference in the young man's lives today. >> now older, wiser, and the leader of one of the oldest churches in philadelphia, pastor johnson looking forward to retracing his steps saturday commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the "million man march". >> now, 20 years later, we're trying to recapture and rekindle with a different generation. >> pastor johnson will be among 50 men from his church leaving before sunrise, hoping to recreate a movement started decades ago. >> i want to hear message of hope. i want to hear a message that up lift. and i want to hear a call to action. i opportunity hear someone say that he is calling us to action, and that nobody can help our community but us. >> natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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>> it is 5:08 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", flooding reaches new heights in south carolina. and residents are prepared for more rain on the way. we'll have a lock at the devastating conditions down south. >> plus, would you change the color of your eyes if you could? and not with contact lenses. there is a new permanent way it get blue eyes. stephanie stahl shows us how it works and if it is safe. we'll be right back. how much prot18%?does your dog food have? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct
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south carolina flood waters reach new height, one week after historic record setting rainfall. now more is on the way. so far, the state death toll is holding at 17. david begno reports from andrew, south carolina. >> reporter: people in flood ravaged south carolina are trying to replace the place they new that now exists un water. >> i've lost everything that i have worked 50 years for. >> seventy-two year old shell bee's house isn't even in a flood zone. and like most people, she doesn't have flood insurance. >> well i would have to use my life savings to rebuild our house. >> lives in andrews, about 100 miles southeast of columbia. but the misery extends across the state. people are still evacuating their homes. >> you can replace anything in this world except your life. if there is any danger that the water is going to come up
5:13 am
to a highrise in your neighborhood, please. >> the flood watt remembers moving toward the sea but the rivers are still rising, and more rain could be on the way. forecasters say a storm could stall over south carolina this weekend dumping up to an inch of rain before that weather system moves out. >> state officials are monitoring dozens every dams, at least 372 roads remain closed, crews are reinforcing streets, that are in danger of collapse. resident are also being urged to protect themselves, from health problems, that are associated with dirty flood water. david beg know, cbs news, andrew, south carolina. >> well, state-wide clean up begins on monday, 13 miles of i-95 remain closed because of structural problems with several of the bridges. president obama has already signed disaster declaration that orders federal aid to help recovery efforts in south carolina. >> now, the house that swept away by coastal storm last weekends is going to cost the
5:14 am
homeowner some cash. the coast guard says the owner met home, which was built on pilings along the grassy south end of north wildwood will have to pay to have it removed from the bay. there is no word on how much it will cost, but go fund me page has been set up for that owner. the coast guard is warning both tears keep an eye out for dangerous debris. and i'm sure the homeowner is not happy about that. >> hurt to even wrap your head around that video, right? >> so sad. to see what's happening in south carolina, those homes un water. >> right. >> unfortunately more rain expected for them. >> i'm happy to say that your rough ride from last night has ended. >> that's good news. >> yes. we are heading into some really nice weather today. it will feel fall-like. i see your big sweater on. nice and cozy? yes, i had my jacket on this morning, too. anyone headed out the door will want to grab a jacket, as well. temperatures in the getting out of the 60s. what you can expect this weaken, mo he isly sunny skies, cooler temperatures certainly will be there, but great fall weekend. once you get that sun up,
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today, we get that sunrise, it will be beautiful out there, everybody. current temperatures right now 56 degrees in philadelphia. it is the chilly one up in mount pocono just at 41, atlantic city at 56 degrees, and if we zoom in, head down the shore, see ocean city 58. little warmer down in rehoboth beach. they are sitting at 61 degrees. now, the the wind whipping last night. it is still kicking little bit this morning about 12 miles per hour in philadelphia, dover, about 13, lancaster, about 14. we're going to see that ramp down as we get throughout the day today. it will certainly feel bit better. live look at storm scan3, some clouds, they're going to be clearing, and headed out to sea as we zoom out here, you can see, that this front is still draped right along the east coast. so we do still have some showers to the south of us, again, that's why i keep an eye on the south carolina, there they have more showers that could likely come in. but for us, we will be looking good as we head throughout the day today. all sunshine all the time. the thing that to like out for the temperatures, high of 66. the sun will be with us
5:16 am
throughout the day today. up from get outside, no problem, you can enjoy t future weather, so this cold front sweeps out. it leaves us cooler temperatures, but high pressure coming in behind t there is your sunday morning, see we have clear skies, lots of sunshine there, should be absolutely beautiful. get into monday for columbus day, high pressure in control, see few showers trying to make their way up the coals, i don't think very successful, if anything, few sprinkles down the shore, that's about it. say sunday headed out to see the eagles take on the saints, beautiful sunshine, 1:00 p.m. kick off. about 68 degrees. it will be absolutely gorgeous, to be outside. and not just for sunday, but monday, and check out monday, we are warming up back to the 70s above average, our average this time of year about 69 degrees. so lots of sunshine, lovely day monday for your columbus day, if you want to head out this weekend to do little leaf peeping, wanted to show you you have to go north and west to get to the moderate area. starting to see some leaves up there in the poconos looking awfully pretty, nice dry sunny die do. that will talking
5:17 am
temperatures here as women. i mentioned our average was 69 degrees, we will warm up on monday, but don't get too used to it, we'll cool down into tuesday, wednesday, more of the 690's on the way. so 70s kind of pop of 70s getting into sunday and monday. today sunny, cool, fall like, that wind will calm down, so if you feel that feel that way walking out the door. that will make us feel better going throughout the day today. chilly night tonight do. have channels of overnight fog, across our area, so, low 47 degrees, and just be mindful that far if you're up early sunday, will dissipate, give way to beautiful sunshine, high of 07 sunday, there is the warm up for columbus day, then as you can see, few showers possible tuesday, weak front, as it tracks in, and then those temperatures drop back down into the 60s. but pretty good looking weekend, nicole. >> that's my kind of fall week. yes, that's pretty perfect. kyla, thank you. between the eagles and the pope's visit there are a a lot of closures, potential traffic jams to watch out for this weekend, think think is old script. the pope has long since gone. here's meisha johnson to break
5:18 am
it all down for you from the cbs-3 traffic center. >> hey, everyone, i'm meisha johnson reporting from the cbs-3 traffic center. here's what you need to know headed into the weekend. first, the roosevelt boulevard inner drive is closed this weekend, in both directions, until 6:00 a.m. monday. it is closed in the northbound direction between ryan avenue and woodward street. and southbound between woodward street and rhawn street. and in the world of mass transit, the media elwin line is shut bussing between the media and elwyn stations each weekends. starting friday, 7:00 p.m., and this will be in effect through the weekends of november 20th. and if you're curious as to why, this is due to improvement project on the ridley creek bio detective. >> now, if you're a football fan, we've got a homecoming temple football game against tulane, financial field, to the at intoed, then the hero thrill show also begins at noon, which is a philadelphia police charity show which raises money to help pay for college tuition, for children or fallen philadelphia police
5:19 am
officers and firefighters. >> this event will be taking place in the parking lot of the wells fargo center, and what a great cause it is. and last, but certainly not least, the eagles take on the saint at 1:00 p.m. sunday. i won't be missing this one, and i'm sure you won't be either. from the cbs-3 traffic center, have a great weekend, everyone, driver safe out there. we'll see you next week. >> all right, meisha, thank you. do you wish you could change your brown eyes to blue? color contact are one thing, but there is a more permanent way to change the color of your eyes, health reporter stephanie stahl with more on the risky procedure sending some people around the world. >> beaming blue eyes, like movie stars, something actor and musician torren green always wanted, he says, the attention they bring is priceless. >> people really tend to gravitate toward blue eyes. >> but he wasn't born with baby blue's. >> i was born with hazel eyes. >> to change that, he went to india for eye surgery. he had something called bright
5:20 am
occular, a silicone iris implant. >> it is placed inside the eye surge ily in front of the natural iris. >> the iris implant aren't approved by the fda, so americans doctors don't offer them. >> the cornea is clear. >> ophthalmologist doctor david wallace agreed examine tore inch, to the naked eye, his implant are nearly impossible to spot. but with the help of doctor wallace's light and instruments, they came into focus. >> that is the artificial part. that is what we are looking at. >> the brown ring on the inside of the implant, that's his natural iris. while the implant may look artificial when magnified, in real life? >> everyone seems to love the results. >> well, not everyone. >> i would not choose to have this for my own eyes, so i would not want to recommend it for you. >> place your chin on the chin rest. >> doctor wallace's examination found no issue with his eyes, no sign of damage, and his vision is nearly perfect. >> you're at least a sharp
5:21 am
20/25 in both eyes, his eyes seem to be tolerating the artificial implant well watch we don't know is what the downstream risk is. >> and there have been report of permanent eye damage, linked to the iris implants. he said he went into surgery with his eyes wide open about potential risks. >> i researched it for a good eight months or so before i pulled the tryinger. >> now until. >> no regrets, not one. i always wanted to have blue eyes, the fact it is now atlantic city tiff he cannily possible is excite to go me. >> the operation to change eye color cost five to $7,000, but toreyn didn't pay that since now working with bright occular to tell people about his experience. the company is eventually hoping to get fda approval here in the united state. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i think i'm going to stick with the brown eyes. thanks t5:21 right now. still ahead, a look at the movies new in theatres this weekend.
5:22 am
>> i'm kevin frazier, coming up: all-star cast examine the man behind the machine in steve jobs. and hugh jackman faces off with a boy
5:23 am
5:24 am
in entertainment news, shia labeouf gets in trouble with the law again. the actor was busted last night in austin, texas. police say the 28 year old was arrested for public intoxication, misdemeanor charge.
5:25 am
"tmz" rotula buff was out of control and disobeyed police. will buff went to treatment last year seeking alcohol addiction, no worth from his representative. >> four years after his death, bio pick about steve jobs is hitting the big screen, peter pan making a retake. >> a look behind the scenes at the new movies in theatres. >> reporter: this week, hugh jackman is the evil pirate black beard in the original story of the boy who never grew up in pan, and michael, kate wins let, set rogan, take us behind the scenes of the man, who built the machine in steve jobs. >> everyone is waiting. >> michael plays steve jobs, master architect of apple computers in a bio pick, that looks at what made the man who made apple computers. and it wasn't technical jargin that proved tough for the talented cast that includes kate wins let, set rogan, jeff daniels, but writer intense dialogue. >> if a fire causes unmark
5:26 am
stampede, it will be well worth it. >> in a dialogue have, a moment where you have brain fart. you can pick up the lane again. because aaron wright is such a rhythm and kade end, once you sort of lose it, you are kick off the train. everyone sell waiting nor rest many to join in on. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> welcome to never land. >> in pan, gee back before peter pan was peter pan, find a boy brave enough to venture to a strange land with mermaids, colorful tribes, and pirate, led by hugh jackman, who rocked a bald head, and beard for the part. >> he's kind of larger than life. i had so much fun playing t did i say a joke couple of times, am i having too much fun here, man, because i am chewing up serious scene russ on this one. >> you have an ancient prophesy. a boy who could fly.
5:27 am
>> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. >> they all look good, anything with hugh jackman, amazing. for all of the latest new from hollywood watch entertainment tonight each week night here on cbs-3. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", after the favorite to win the speaker of the house drops out, many republicans in congress have been calling for representative paul ryan to step in. why the wisconsin representative says he's not convinced he want the job. >> also, the annual hero thrill show takes place in south philly today. philadelphia police and firefighters will put on a big performance. alexandria who have who have with a preview of today's event, and the important cause it benefit. >> looks like fun. hey, not going to get out of the 60s today. how long will this little cold pop last? i'll have your weekend forecast, including columbus day, i think you're going to like t stay with us, everybody, "eyewitness news" will be right back. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying.
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5:31 am
wells fargo center, where preparations are underway for the 61st annual hero thrill show. i'm alexandria hoff and i will a take you there coming up. >> love that event. such a great cause. today is saturday, october 10th, good morning, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer, just past 5:30, we send it out to kyla grogan. how is it feeling out there, kyla? >> little chilly, nicole. i can see a day coming soon where i'll have a jacket when i come out here. it is breezy kind of cool start to the day. very crisp and very clear. that's kind of the feeling you get when you take a look at the skyline. i can see every little light very clearly behind me. it will be chilly day. we had cold front pass and. that's what all of the stormy weather was all about. today chill in the air, sunny, but cool, wind will be ramming down, and tonight, we will be getting down into the 40's, everybody, are you ready for that? currently we're at 41 greens in mount pocono, 56 here in philadelphia, 56 down in atlantic city, and again, wind is still kicking little bit here. you have 12-mile per hour winds in philadelphia, you can
5:32 am
see, 14 miles per hour in lancaster, we will catch break from that, as the day goes on today. live look at storm scan3, you will see we have some clouds start to clear, push out to sea, rain to the south, but that should not affect us today. we're done, everybody, all of the stormy better from last night is a thing of the past. see sunshine this afternoon, but high of just 66 degrees. so prepare yourself for that if you are down the shore, just 63, and in the poconos it will be crisp, chilly, sunshine, high every just 57 degrees. now, we do have a little warm up on the way. as we head through our holiday weekend, so i will be back in just a few moments to talk about your sunday and monday where the temperatures start with a seven, nicole. >> i like the sound of that, kyla, thank you. well, last night's heavy rainfall and high winds have made for messy morning, some of the sections around the region, montgomery county massive tree limb actually broke off and landed on a house in royersford. the falling branch actually punched a hole into a roof. crushed the fence and smashed
5:33 am
the windshield of the truck in the driveway. even with all of that damage the homeowner said she is counting her blessings. >> the back is all glass, the windows, like 13 windows this way, then like five, the whole back sun room was not even touched. >> inch clem went weather affected high school sports schedule with several friday night football games. >> pivotal moment in the trial for the deadly building collapse in center city. the prosecution has rested in the case against the contractor who oversaw the doomed demolition near salvation army thrift store two years ago. the defense is now deciding on what to do next. fifty-one year old griffin campbell charged with third degree murder and related offenses in the collapse from june of 2013. six killed, 13 other injured. >> happening today, the annual hero thrill show rolls into town, a day that combines fun and fundraising all to benefit the families of fallen police officer and firefighters. love this event. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:34 am
alexandria hoff joins us in south philadelphia where the show is set to take place. alex? >> reporter: good morning, nicole. we here live from parking lot h of the wells fargo center where in a few hours this will be brim withing activity and excitementment out here, just a couple of hours where families will be able to come out, spends really great day with their heroes. now, think of any safety unit from the sit that i your family admires, your children want to growing up to be like, they'll be here, talking about the swat team units, police and fire, there will be visit from police commissioner charles ramsey as well as fire commissioner derrick sawyer, and speaking of which we have deputy fire chief, troy gear here part of this event for many, many years. this is not your first rodeo. i want to hear what does someone who wants to come out here today expect? >> oh, they should expect awesome event. we are going to have some daredevil events conducted by our police and fire heroes, and i'm just asking for the whole city of philadelphia, new jersey, surrounding
5:35 am
suburbs, we had over 20,000 people here in previous years. so we expect to be a large event this morning, also. >> so, that's a big crowd. that means your stunt have to be pretty good. i can imagine they're pretty impressive. give us idea what that means? >> awesome. we will will have teams from our special operations unit. they'll be doing fathers with the equipment that they use to rescue people, we are going to have feats with the highway patrol on their harley saved son motorcycles. it is just going to be an awesome event. we're asking everybody to come on down, common, enjoy the show. it will be a carnival atmosphere. just asking everybody to come on down and just help us support children of fallen fair fighters and police officers who are also fallen firefighters and police officers who are critically injured in the line of duty. and all proceeds go to their college, college education. >> that's amazing. so you are getting to come out here. what's supposed to be beautiful day. you go to watch these amazing
5:36 am
heroes, do what they do best. >> right. >> which is maybe put themselves in a little danger but really it is always about that benefitting the community at the end of the day. that's what this whole event is for. proceeds will go to the children of fallen firefighters, and police officers, and first responders. and also those injured in the line of duty. so great event for very, very good cause. and we will be out here all day showing you what there is to see and hear. i know that there will be a lot. reporting live from the wells fargo center this morning, alexandria hoff, nicole, back to you. >> great day for it, alex, thank you. meanwhile the pressure on for congressman paul ryan to run for house speaker. this comes as majority leader kevin mccarthy drops out of the race. now, ryan made it clear, he doesn't want the job. cbs news correspondent nancy report, republicans say he may be the only one who can unite deeply fractured party. >> reporter: paul ryan had the look after begging man. california's.
5:37 am
>> i did everything except carry his gym bag this morning trying to get him to do it. >> oklahoma's tom coal appeared to ryan's sense of duty. >> i hope he looks inside, i hope he finds that's the right decision for him. >> even running for speaker himself said he would prefer ryan. >> if paul ryan got into the race, of corpse i would support him. he would be the casino of person that i could get excited about. >> ryan's colleagues view him as articulate, smart, drive glenn we need leadership. >> he's cut budget deals with democrats, but still manage to maintain his conservative credit and as mitt romney's former runningmate, he has a national profile. but the wisconsin father of three has said for years he doesn't want to be speaker. >> good job for emptinesser. >> conservative hard-line, who bucked, would cut ryan more slack. one of several today who
5:38 am
wouldn't commit to backing ryan. >> i want to see who else is in the race. if you don't pick a candidate until you know who all of the players players are. >> why would anyone want to be speaker at this point? >> that is the $64,000 question. >> ryan will have a week long recess to think that question over. but it is hard to see how anyone could hold out against this kind of pressure. even mitt romney called him urging him to run. nancy corderses. >> a loft support there. probably don't know this man's name, but he played a very important role in us history. jerry, the secret service agent credited when saving president reagan during the 1981 assassination attemptment, died yesterday. his wife caroline said he died of congestive heart fail europe. former first lady nancy reagan called him a true hero with a great sense of humor. he was eight a years old. >> all right, 5:38 right now. it is going up again. netflix is raising it subscription rate.
5:39 am
the reason for the price hike and how much you are going to be paying. plus this. >> coming up in the tech minute, i have three apps to help you live like a local on your next vacation. >> and the storms are over for the weekends, but cooler weather is moving in. going to feel like fall. how the low temperatures are going to get this weekend. we'll have the details next.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> so the original programming on netflix, like house of cards, gets rave reviews,
5:42 am
people love it, but now, it is going to cost you. netflix is raising the cost of its standard subscription by a dollar, to 9.995 month. the price hike affect new customers in the u.s., canada, latin america. now, current subscribers won't see the hike until next year. netflix says the increase will help them ad new shows, and movies. >> twitter's new chief executive is reportedly planning layoffs. jack dorsey named chief executive of social networking site monday day. also co-founded twitter. according to the new york times, first big plan will be series of cost-cutting moves that include layoffs. twitter has more than 4100 employees, in more than 35 offices. there is no word on just how many employees could be affected. >> well, facebook is testing new ways to express emotions beyond like. you know? that's so simple these days. facebook instead rolling out reactions, new buttons facebook says express broader range of emotions, okay? they include things like love, wow, yay, as well as happy and
5:43 am
sad faces. facebook officials say the new buttons could become available to us users in a few weeks, thank goodness for. that will i have been need to go expand my emotions on facebook. >> hey, you don't have to stick to the tourist spots when you're on vacation n this tech minute, sharon has throw tips to help you live like a local on your next trip. >> social dining is the newest travel trends. number of new platforms lets you enjoy meals, cook by locals and served in their own homes. at the same time, you will meet other like-minded travelers looking for authentic meal. safely and eat with are two of the most popular options for finding local meals. just search for the city to start brousing dinners. you might have heard of air b and b. let you book ants and homes in cities around the worlds, so you can live like a local. a few tips. thoroughly read the reviews, plan your check in process well ahead of time, make sure
5:44 am
the rental has everything you need. finally one of my most coveted traveling resources is four square. that makes it easy to finds recommended restaurant, points of interest, and attraction. most places have reviews and tips, so if it is a restauranteur ' going to, you can find out what dishes people love most. >> in san francisco, for cbs news. >> all right, well, student from our area took over the new york stock stock exchange iw york city yesterday's fieldtrip was part of the germ enation project of student fellows helped improve philadelphia civic future. they toured the trading floor, also learned how the new york stock exchange interact with publicly traded companies and how the stock market influences the us economy. >> so good for them. >> yes, really cool. i have always thought that the younger people should be taught finances. wouldn't you like to have known all of the stuff that you've learned? >> absolutely. good call, kyla. >> right? >> many educators are listen?
5:45 am
>> i hope so, right? i'm here to talk about the weather, though. let's talk about how cool it is outside. look how cool and crisp. live look at center city, make out every look in the building. fall like but crisp feeling in the air today. we will not get out of the 60s, folks, on the upside, we will start to see wind ramp down little bit. in fact, let's look at the current wind right now. it is out of the north. you can see about 12 miles per hour in philadelphia, i felt that when was out on the skydeck, about 14 miles per hour in lancaster. we will catch a break from the winds today. so chilly, that will help it to feel maybe less cool. right now, 56 degrees in philly, 41 in mount pocono, ooh in reading, about 58 down in wildwood. so little warmer down the shore. as we zoom in, though, i have to say good morning to quakertown, doylestown. you haven't even made it to 50 yet. look at that. 49 degrees for in you doylestown, 48 in quakertown, little warm their in mt. holly, that's where the national weather service office is there at 53. good morning to you. i know they're up, they're watching the weather.
5:46 am
live look at storm scan3, you can see clouds will start clearing out as we get into our day. so beautiful sunny day on tap. and we're pretty luck which that, because the colds front is kind of sweeping out north to south. you can see, they still have showers to deal with, little further to the south. for us, pretty much done with all of that. as we take a lock at future weather here, watch the clouds clear out there, 1:00 today, crystal clear, gorgeous, sticks with us as we roll right into our sunday. so, lot of sunshine in your future for the weekends. temperatures are going to feel little chilly today. sixty-six as hi, average is 69, so not too far off. sunday we keep the sunshine in, there but work our way to 70 degrees. notice those overnight lows too. getting into the 40's, so if you're a person like myself who gets up in the middle night come to work take the jacket. it will be chilly f you're up in the poconos, today chilly, high of just 57 degrees, we get beautiful sunshine in this weekend, little morning fog, as we head into sunday, by the way, that carries for all of the area, not just the poconos with the fog and the morning. but sunshine beautiful, start to warm up as you head into
5:47 am
columbus day. heading down the shore, i've got you covered there, too. lot of sunshine, low 60s, and again, watch out for those overnight lows. the 40's will be awfully chilly. so let's talk temperatures. average 69 this time of year, as you can see, we will be below that today. but then we really warm up. as woe head into our columbus day, there, 74 monday, short lived, you will head back down into the 60s as we get into wednesday. so it is fall. we are supposed to be in that 60 territory at this point. but today, 66 degrees. below average. cool, fall like. winds will stay nice and calmment get through the day, start to ramp down ten to 5 miles per hour, low of 47 degrees, watch out for the overnight early morning fog wednesday, winds will stay nice and calm. planning to watch the sunset tonight, getting earlier, isn't it? 6:29. quick look at your seven day forecast, just to show you the warm up, beautiful sunshine through the weekends, few possible showers tuesday, as we do have weak front trying to make it way through, then back to the 60s, on wednesday, into thursday.
5:48 am
now, let's head over to my gal meisha, who will tell you what you can look out for this weekend with regard to the traffic. >> hey, everyone, i'm meisha johnson reporting from the cbs-3 traffic center. here's what you need to know heading into the weekend. first, the roosevelt boulevard inner drive is closed this weekend, in both directions, until 6:00 a.m. monday. it is closed in the northbound direction between ryan avenue and woodward street and southbound between woodward street and rhawn street. and in the world of mass transit, the media elwin line is shuttle bussing between the media and elwyn stations each weekends starting on friday, at 7:00 p.m., and this will be in effect through the weekend of november 20th. and if you're curious as to why, this is due to improvement project on the ridley creek bio duct. >> now, if you're a football fan, we have a homecoming temple football game against two lane at lincoln financial field today at noon, and then the hero thrill show also begins at noon, which is a philadelphia police charity show which raises money to
5:49 am
help pay for college tuition for children or fallen philadelphia police officers and firefighters. this event will be taking place in the parking lot of the wells fargo center, and what a great cause it is. and last, but certainly not least, the eagles take on the saints at 1:00 p.m. sunday. i won't be missing this one, and i'm sure you won't be either. from the cbs-3 traffic center have, a great weekend, everyone, drive receive out there. see you next week. >> all right, meisha, thank you. well the eagles as you said are gearing up for their game sunday against the saints. and we know, really can't afford to go one and four, right? we'll tell you how the team is looking and who won't be on the field this weekend. >> plus, it was a joke on penn state football team after a coach franklin doppelganger took over. coach look alike turned out to be. that's coming up next.
5:50 am
5:51 am
when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
5:52 am
>> linebackers alonso and kendricks out for sunday against the saint. peters is listed as questionable. another must within game for the birds. they can't afford to go one and four. we all know about the eagles offensive woes. they scored just three points in the first half all season. but the saints defense is ranked 24th in the league. and has not made interception this season. the eagles know they have to get the offense in gear before it is too late. >> we feel like, you know, maybe we've got some speed mismatches outside this week, with some of our wide receivers against their corners. you know, but like i said, it will all be dependent upon how they play us. >> we got an opportunity this weekend to go fix it. and that's all we can do is look forward to, you know, what we will do this week against the saints. and i think if we do that, we will be fine.
5:53 am
can't keep dwelling on the past. we just got to fix it, make it better, and, you know, go get a win. >> you're watching the friday night football frenzy. take it away, leslie! (cheers). >> thanks, guys. it is the friday football frenzy, several delays in weather cancellation for the second straight week. not to worry we found plenty of games for you. we start off, roxborough, edison, doing it all for the touchdown. george washington, omni, will hunter patrolling secondary. goes up, picks it off for a very pretty interception. >> over the bridge we go, big time rivalry, camden catholic, streeter, looks like he's going up but he's not. wharton with the strip. recovers to save the touchdown: get revenge right here. no one will catch him now.
5:54 am
goes all the way in. catholic the winner 21 to 16. >> to south philadelphia, palumbo, rolling out it out, palumbo wins this one, 20 to 14. >> archbishop carroll visiting cardinal o'hare, a how is this scoring first of the game. justin, six a yards for the touchdown. carol a winner, 22 to 21. >> neumann-goretti taking on west catholic, over widener field. but catholic's call eel worth a.m., can run through fog. no problem to find the end zone. gets in for the score right there. west catholic the winner 28 to nothing. >> finally we head to chester county for pottsgrove at spring ford, ricky looking for the end zone for tray jarman. making a unbelievable catch. spring ford, 22 to 13. >> all right, well now time for the game of the week.
5:55 am
wilmington, delaware for the match up between the delaware military academy and saint mark, a, pat gal enhance that store. >> i here in wilmington, delaware for the cbs-3 friday football frenzy. tonight it is four and zero delaware military academy against two and two saint mark's. it started off nightsly for the homicide. saint mark's gets on the board first. this is jamal rison the hop. he shot right out of the cannon. he goes the distance. seven-nothing, saint mark's in the first. still in the first. hand son tops in from 6 yards out, tied at seven, then comes the air show, and the play of the night. jacob hudson, he tosses to paul wolf. and wolf goes long to jeffrey gill it. are you kidding me? is that never works. but tonight it does. 52-yard touchdown, vma, goes up 21 to seven. just before the half, extends the lead, hut -- hudson to the
5:56 am
ends zone, goes up and get it, one handed, it is all working for the sea hawks, 28 to seven at the half. third quarter, jacob hudson working his magic again. st. marks can't coral him. he slips his way in for six. delaware military academy up 35 to seven. they beat st. marks 49-21, from our game of the week. i'm pat gal end, for eyewitness sports. >> and that's all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdale have, a great day. >> so we're going to do a little tipsy doodle on the players, i'll dot team meeting today. >> walk over and i do a really proper stiff handshake. >> check this out. comedian keying and michael key, who by the way, is near identical to spend state head football coach james franklin, plays the ultimate prank on the football team. the coach steps out of the team meeting, the popular funny man takes his place. the players of course realize the switch pretty quickly, they just go nuts. key actually penn state alum in town for this weekend's
5:57 am
homecoming game. the 2015 homecoming ground marshall. they look so much alike. that's crazy. >> all right, well, still to come on "eyewitness news", stunts for good cause. today is the annual hero thrill show in south philadelphia. we'll have a live preview of today's event and the important cause and support. >> also, back flips, break dancing, so embarrassing there. oh, breakers from all over the world are in philadelphia for a big competition this weekend, you can see them, in action, coming up next. their moves, much better than mine. i assure you. we'll be right back.
5:58 am
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>> jed's storms are gone, get ready for a cool down. a check on the forecast and whether it will be a good week toned spends outside. the annual hero thrill show takes place in south philly today. philadelphia police and firefighters will put on a big performance, alexandria hoff will have a preview every today's events, and also the the important cause it benefits. >> this weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the million marrero. many from philadelphia took part in that historic event. we'll tell you hoe those who attended remember that day, and what is happening this weekend to commemorate it. >> today is saturday, october 10th, good morning to you, thanks so much for being with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 right now. we send


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