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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> jed's storms are gone, get ready for a cool down. a check on the forecast and whether it will be a good week toned spends outside. the annual hero thrill show takes place in south philly today. philadelphia police and firefighters will put on a big performance, alexandria hoff will have a preview every today's events, and also the the important cause it benefits. >> this weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the million marrero. many from philadelphia took part in that historic event. we'll tell you hoe those who attended remember that day, and what is happening this weekend to commemorate it. >> today is saturday, october 10th, good morning to you, thanks so much for being with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 right now. we send it over to kyla for
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more on the forecast, just sounds like amazing fall weekends. >> yes. >> i'm exciting for the crisp temperatures. >> it will be crisp and cool headed out the door today. 60s today. >> not bad. >> not bad. but the sunshine, gorgeous, clear, perfect. i can kill i on the sunshine, just have to get the temperatures almost warmer folsome people, i think it, it is a little chilly out there. good morning, everybody, hope you're ready for good weekend. wealth is her on your side. we had to deal with stormy weather yesterday, but looking great today. not worrying about the rain. not boring a loft crazy wind. mostly sunny skies this weekend, cooler temperatures in the 60s today, it will be a great fall weekend. so let's take live look know neighborhood network, look at fill fry palmyra cove nature park, waiting for the sun to rise, not quite there yet. few minute after 7:00 this morning when it will arrive. current temperatures, 54 in philadelphia, just 51 trenton, 40 up at mount pocono, and we can't get to the 50 degrees mark quite yet lancaster, 49, 53 atlantic city. live look at storm scan3,
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shows you where we're heading. you see just few little trickles of rain making their way out. the clouds are also going to be clearing, and that sets us up for a really pretty day today with high of 66 degrees. now, notice, you get lots every sunday shine today, overnight lows in the 40's. so just be prepared. if you're out late tonight, early morning, and then you in the we do warm up sunday into monday. lock at columbus day, high of 74 degrees, yes, nicole, like us, get up at 3:00 a.m., why would you, i don't know, you will want the coat on. it is chilly. >> oh, my goodness, you know i had the jacket, the scarf the whole bit. my coat in the 60s, yikes, a mess. kyla, thank you. >> well, happening today, a day that combination fun and funds racing, annual hero thrill show kicks off later today. great show with a great cause. helping out families of fallen police officers and firefighters. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us live in south philadelphia. alex? >> reporter: good morning, nicole.
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we're here in parking lot h of the wells fargo center behind me is one of the main stage for today's festivities. >> this event is beloved and cherished by the city every philadelphia, been held in the past at set ran stadium, convention center, featured movie stars like sylvester stallone, jean altry, plus hundreds of first responders who are true stars of today's event. i want to give you little history lesson about. >> this the hero thrill show created back in 1954, following a devastating gas explosion in north philadelphia, that killed ten firefighters. now, at the time, a councilman decided that something had to be done to help out the children of those who had died in service. that was 61 years ago. now, here we are today, last year we saw more than 20,000 people, come and go over the course of the day at this event last year. which, turns out to be, a carnival like atmosphere, fun for the whole family right now we have deputy fire chief troy gear here, doing this for many, many yearsment something has to keep pulling you back
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here. yep, what kind of feedback to you get from the community, someone maybe child, maybe family member, who has been to this event and felt the powerful vibe that's that just gives off every year. >> you know the kids always look at us as their heroes, they look at us, they want to be police officers and firefighters also. they always give us tremendous feedback on how fun it was, how excellent, they had awesome experience, i mean, to see these highly trained professional police officer and firefighters do what they do, and see it in a time where we're not coming to see somebody that's having a bad day, it is awesome experience. the kids give us real good feedback, teenagers like it, too, families come on down, just going to be food, going to be fun, going to be a lively atmosphere, and we just are happy to see you guys here. >> it is interesting, because you mention the teenagers, i think that's a probably very compete dollars crowd to come out here, and for anybody. a loft times first responders see something on the worse or
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hardest day of their life. and advice verse a but this is complete opposite. both joining together, both sides, and just having a whole lot of fun. and explain again one more time what this event benefit at the end of the day. really great cause. >> well, the cause is awesome. and i'm fortunately -- we have this event, it is unfortunate that to have this event that firefighter or police officer has lost their lives in the line every duty, or have become critically disable in a line of duty. but we want to make sure that there are brother, are sister, and our children, also, are well taken care of, and be able to go on and get a college education. >> that's wonderful. i think i've read 800 individuals, that includes children, and disable firefighters, and police officers that have benefit from the this event. that's 800. that's a whole lot. soap, the festivities are kicking off today at the wells fargo center parking lot at 11:30, we hope that we will see you here. reporting live alexandria
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hoff, nicole, back to you. >> alex, such great cause, such a great day for it, too, that will be good. thanks. switching gear now, happening today, nation marking the 20th anniversary of the "million man march" in washington, d.c. the huge civil right rally drew many african-american men from our area, our natasha brown tells us some are returning to washington this morning, to commemorate that historic event. >> there was so much excitement. because we were going to be a part of a change. >> memories flow as vividly as if it were yesterday. >> what is going to make a man do when you go home? >> dotting the sea of men who gathered on the national mall in washington, d.c., for the "million man march", 20 years ago, pastor robert johnson. >> just like solidarity from the moment we left philadelphia, to the moment we got to washington, dc, just seeing all of the brother together, and having a good time, and being therefore a cause. >> pastor johnson then 29 years old, traveled to dc with his fraternity brother. eager to be a part of one of the largest civil rights mass
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rallies in history. >> the impact of that march, still sticks with me, as i raise my children to be the best father i can and to be better in my own commune i i grew up here in south philadelphia. you know, went to the local school. coming back now it is like how do i take what i learned 20 years ago, and make a difference in a young man's lives today? >> now older, wiser, and the leader of one of the oldest churches in philadelphia, pastor johnson is looking forward to retracing his steps on saturday commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the "million man march". >> now, 20 years later, we're trying to recapture and rekindle with a different generation. >> pastor johnson will be among 50 men from his church leaving before sunrise, hoping to recreate a movement started decades ago. >> i want to hear a message every hope. i want to hear a message that uplift. and i opportunity hear a call to action. i want to hear someone say that he's calling us to action, and that nobody can help our community but us.
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>> natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". wise words. 6:07 right now. hearing for the first time from the college student singled out by the oregon shooter as the lucky one to survive. christopher harper mercer selected 18 year old matthew downing to survive that massacre. downing claims mercer said you're the lucky one, i will not shoot you if you give this envelope to the cops. mercer shot and killed nine people and wounded nine other before turning the gun on himself. on friday, president obama flew to roseburg, oregon, there he met privately with victims of the last week shooting at the community college. now if the wake of the mass shooting the president called for stronger gun control legislation, has left some upset. some residents there who oppose gun control protest dollars his visit. >> i've got some very strong feelings about this, because when you talk to these families, you are reminded that this could be happening to your child.
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>> the white house has indicated the president is considering an executive order that would require more gun retailers to conduct background checks. >> one student sent dead, and another injured, in a shooting near the texas southern university campus. freshman student died in that shooting which happened yesterday morning at student housing complex. the other student sent now in stable condition. he's -- houston police say two men are being questioned, so far no arrests. this incident is the third shooting on or near the campus in a week, but it is unclear if the shootings are related. >> another fatal shooting just hours before at northern arizona university. overnight confrontation on friday between student escalated into violence. freshman, shot and killed one person, and wounded three other, the victims were members of the same fraternity. now had a shooter 18 year old steven jones has been arrested. >> this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a suspect they say robbed three different groups of people at gunpoint in less than 30 minute. this is surveillance video of one of the two robberies on
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the 300 block of fifth street, in society hill, last saturday night. police say the third robbery happened at front and dock street. the robberies happened between 9:22 and 9:45, now, police believe the suspect is driving a dark colored suv, with new jersey license plates. >> police arrest a deitz and watson executive after investigators say he drove through a picket line and hit two people outside the company's plant in talcony. steven yuengling is facing charges. he's married to the granddaughter of one of the original deet and watson founders. police say they ordered yuengling to use another end err the parking lot but he didn't listen. >> one of the employees of deitz and watson approached the picket line and proceed today drive-thru with their vehicle, injuring two of our members. >> reporter: the two men who were hit suffered minor injuries. this labor dispute by the way is not with deitz and watson but with you with a machinery company that provides equipment to the plant. >> this morning, resident across the region are cleaning up after damaging storms blew through the area last night.
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the rainfall and high winds resulted in downed tree trees and difficult conditions for drivers. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco surveyed some of the damage, including a close call for one homeowner. >> friday evening tornado warning brought with it some wild weather, heavy downpours, and high wind. >> i know it was really raining, rain blowing sideways the way the wind was coming. >> tim was taking a nap inside his home on green street waiting for his wife to get out of work when he heard the tree come down. >> shook the whole house. i couldn't believe it. >> giant limb fell from massive tree in the backyard, taking out the grill and landing on the roof. the branches cracked the windshield of the pick-up truck parked in the driveway. his wife came home minute later, to a block off street. >> firetrucks everywhere. and the police in front of my house, and i saw the police officer and i said where's my husband? he said he's fine, he's fine. >> we're blessed, we're lucky. >> the limb also took out the neighbor's fence, while they were youth to dinner. >> our back is all glass.
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the windows, like 13 windows this way, then like five, so the whole back sun room was not even touched. >> the storm left quickly, but tim and pat now have their work cut out for them with a leak in the roof. and a yard full of branches. >> just glad that they didn't cause any more damage than they did. >> the inclement weather also affected the sport schedule here at spring ford high school. the varsity football game against pottsgrove kicked off about an hour late. in royersford, diana rocco, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> crazy storms last night, that's for sure. still ahead on "eyewitness news", flooding reaches new heights in south carolina and residents are prepared for more rain on the way. we'll have a look at the devastating conditions down south. >> plus, something is brewing, craft beer craze is hotter than ever. for some, the drink has become a sort of collector's item. "eyewitness news" heads to local brewery to get the skinny on the most in demands suds. we'll be right b
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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>> society the state death toll holding at 17 from south carolina reporting from south carolina. >> reporter: people in flood ravaged south carolina are trying to remember the place they new that now exists under water. >> i've lost everything that i've worked 50 years for.
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>> reporter: seventy-two year old shelby's house isn't even in flood zone. like most people, she doesn't have flood insurance. >> well, i would have to use my life savings to rebuild our house. >> lives in andrews, about 100 miles southeast of columbia. but the misery extends across the state. people are still evacuating their homes. >> you can replace anything in this world except your life. if there is any danger that the water is going to come up to a highrise, in your neighborhood, leave. >> the flood watt remembers moving toward the sea but the rivers are still rising, and more rain could be on the way. forecasters say a storm could stall over south carolina this weekend dumping up to inch of rain before that weather system moves out. state officials monitoring dozens of dams, at least 372 roads remain closed. crews are reinforcing streets, that are in danger of collapse. residents are also being urged to protect themselves, from health problems, that are
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associated with dirty flood water. david begno, cbs news, andrew, south carolina. >> now, 13 miles of i-95 remained closed because of structural problems, with several of the bridges. president obama has already signed a disaster declaration that orders federal aid to help recovery effort in south carolina and they certainly need it, not good pictures, from that part of the country. kyla, we send it over to you for more in our area. >> i am happy to say we are doing much better than, that we take a good morning look at our eyewitness weather watchers observations. everybody's a little chilly today. we're seeing those 50's, let's take a look at few observations there is one, little warmer, 53 degrees, this is in cherry hill where lynn is, good morning, lynn. she says another crisp, fresh morning, fresh is one way to put it, that's for sure. let's head down here, little further south, and say good morning to dolores, in newark, 52 degrees where she is, starting to get some clearing there, too. she says cold right now but good day for the cancer walk in wilmington.
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she says get started at 9:30, good for you, dolores, we love you are getting throughout to support a good cause. it will be sunny today, at least staying nice and dry for you as do you your walk today. rusty, good morning to you, rusty. and he, too, starting to get clearing. great day to watch the football, go penn state. few weather people i know have hailed from penn state. all right, good morning, everybody, let's take live look at center city. you can see that we are crisp and clear, right? so sometimes you take look at this, might see few clouds, or see little fog hanging out, today, no problem. looking nice and clear. it will be beautiful day once the sun comes up, it will be all sunshine all the time. temperatures right now, though, it is chill, will only get to the mid 60s today, 54 in philadelphia, 41, up at mount pocono. check out how many spots have not even cracked 50. lancaster, reading, allentown, all in the upper 40's, as we zoom out, we look out across the region, not the only one. check it out, 40's in buffalo, but 50's all the way up and
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down the i95 corridor. so everybody feeling the fall chill. we also have feeling the winds a bit out of the north. in wilmington, still to up 16 miles per hour, about ten in philadelphia, starting to ramp down a bit. bet r for us going throughout the day today. live look at storm scan3, shows you our clouds are starting to clear, getting rid of all of the kind of wet their we had last night, the stormy weather is gone. it is a little further to our south. they are still dealing with it, cold front will eventually start to push off shore and we get the beautiful clearing skies. so as we look at hour by hour, you can see, we get into the 60s today, no 70s, just 60s, but beautiful sunshine working our way right through the day. so again if you take jacket, you head outside, it will be just fine. so over cool front pushing taught sea. you can see kind of clear, north to south. sets us up for beautiful saturday, sunday, there is sunday 10:00 a.m., clear skies, sticks with us right on through the holiday weekend, do see few showers trying to work their way up there, on monday afternoon, i think at best maybe few sprinkles at the shore, but i don't think it will be much of anything.
6:20 am
but the full this weekend, cooler, 60s today, sunshine, look at the four's in the overnight locals. zero seven for your sunday, that will be little bit better. if you are headed out, it is great day for drive. if you guys see little leaf peeping, see we're moderate getting to the further north here. so north and west where you want to go. little spots of high. you can see in there, too, right on that pennsylvania-new york border. say you're headed out sunday for football game, we have the eagles and saint playing, 1:00 game. beautiful. 68 degrees sunshine. perfect football weather. you should have a jacket and all set. by monday though back to the 70s, sunny, lovely day for your columbus day. so, i think the big story is that we have sunshine this weekend, temperatures, well, they will be taking little bit of journey. we start off cool today. go above average, we get into the monday. then cool down as we head into next week. so, today, high of just 66 degrees, take the jacket, it is sunny, but fall like out there. as we get into this evening, low of 47. watching out for little fog overnight too. sunday morning could have patchy fog out there. but it does dissipate. we get some beautiful sunshine
6:21 am
sunday we start warming up into monday, few showers to look out for on your tuesday. weak front tries to make its way through, start clearing out mid week time frame with some 60s, nicole. >> whew, sounds good. i like the way you say that leaf peeping. i haven't heard that before. still ahead on "eyewitness news", michael fassbender and all-star cast, man behind apple success, preview of the new movie steve jobs coming up next.
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>> actor shia labeouf gets in trouble with the law against. arrested last night in austin, texas, 28 year old arrested for public inches tox case, that's misdemeanor charge. tm reports labeouf was out of control and disobeyed police. he went to seek treatment for alcohol addiction last year. no word right now from labeouf's representatives. >> comedian bill cosby testified under oath for the first time in a decade in connection with the sexual assault allegations. cosby's deposition yesterday in los angeles involved, and said cosby assaulted her at the plan sean in 1974. his attorney denies the claim saying her former attorney tried to extort money from the entertainer. admitted in a 200 a deposition he did give quaaludes with
6:25 am
women whom he wanted to have sex. he said both the drugs and sex were concentual. >> four years after the death of former apple ceo steve jobs, the new steve jobs movie is now in theatres. as lucy mcdonald reports from london, film re-opening a debate over jobs' legacy. >> reporter: michael fassbender stars as stove jobs. >> i just think he was extraordinary person. you know, change the way that we all live life. >> steve jobs takes place back stage at three pivotal apple product launches. >> system error. >> fix it. >> fix it? >> yes. >> you're offering contradictory -- >> playing john scully, who clashed with jobs' pressure mounted at the tech giant. >> as difficult as he was, you stayed with him because that far genius, even if you have got to take verbal abuse from this guy. >> i'm begging you to manage expectations out there? >> it took me about 302nd to
6:26 am
realize it was you on screen. >> great. that was part of the plan. >> do you have tell me. >> kate wins let perfected eastern european accent to play macintosh's marketing, pushes jobs to pay more attention to his personal life. >> joanna in the film really allows the audience to see that he was a father, that did he have feelings. >> you must be able to see that she looks like you. >> steve jobs widow are reportedly unhappy with how the new film depict the late ceo. >> screen writer aaron said he took artistic license in portraying one of the silicon valley iconic figures. cbs news, london. >> all right, looks good. 6:26 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", after the favorite to win speaker of the house drops out, many republicans in congress have been calling for representative paul ryan to step in. why the wisconsin representative says he is not convinced he wants the job. plus, the annual hero thrill
6:27 am
show, takes place in south philly today. philadelphia police and firefighters will put on a big performance, alexandria hoff will have preview, and the important cause it benefits. kyla? >> reporter: feeling every fall is in the air. we will not get out of the 60s today. but i've got sunshine and your forecast, and little warm up on the way. we will talk about your seven day forecast, when we come back, stay with us, and good morning, "eyewitness news" is coming right back.
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>> the storms are over, it will be a cooler weaken. just how colds it will get. >> plus, there is a new favorite in line to be speaker of the house, but he's not sure he want the job. why the sudden push for representative paul ryan to take the leadership position in congress. alex? >> reporter: well, the 61st annual hero thrill show is here. and so are we. i'm l axe dean ' hoff, live at the wells fargo center coming up. >> today is saturday, october 10th, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. kyla grogan out on the skydeck. are you feeling little chilly out there? >> not going to lie to you, there is a chill in the air, there is a breeze to company that chill, makes it feel little colder. it is fresh, very fresh out here. it will wake you up, folks. only going to see 60s today. soap, this is what happens.
6:31 am
you get the passage every cold front, right, cooler temperatures behind it, and the clearer skies. we get lots of sunshine out there, too. so let's look at the headlines for the day. much cooler fall feeling for you today, sunny but lovely out there. and overnight, we see little fog possible, but a warmer sunday on tap. so, we are on our way to a nice crisp clear day. 54 degrees right now, in center city, wind out of the north about 10 miles per hour, that wind has been casino of calming down bit. it will give us bit after break. we get later into the day today. but check out wilmington still at 16 miles per hour, and i have to tell you any breeze makes it feel little bit cooler. live look at storm scan3, and you can see, just few sprinkles of rain making their way out to the south of us. those clouds are on their way out too. just indication that we see some beautiful sunshine once that sun comes up. 66 degrees, that will be your high today, check out the morning lowe's, in the 40's, for the next few night. by sunday we are warming to up high of 70 degrees, and we get warmer still, as we head into columbus day. i will be back in just a few
6:32 am
moments, to talk seven day forecast, with you, and it is a little roller coaster ride of temperatures starting with the chill in the air today. nicole? >> come inside, get warm up, kyla, thanks. well, happening today, the annual hero thrill show rolls into town, it is a day that combination fun, fundraise to go benefit the education of families of fallen police officers, and firefighters. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us live in south philadelphia where the show is going to take place, alex? >> reporter: good morning, nicole. as you know, this is one every philadelphia's most beloved events, and just couple of hours there is entire area will be buzzing behind me, last year, we saw more than 20,000 people come in and out of the event, all day, so this will certainly be a big one, it is fun for the whole family, if you think of anyone, anyone who keeps the city safe, that you admire in the city of philadelphia, they will most definitely be out here with k9 units, swat, fire, police, a whole lot of fun. but it started from a very heartwarming place after a devastating event. now there is event was created back in 1954, following a gas
6:33 am
explosion, north philadelphia, that killed ten firefighters. and a thought came to be, that there should be some casino of fundraiser, to raise money to it kade the children every those ten fallen firefighters. >> this event has grown and grown in 60 years since, something everyone waits for every year. there is whole lot to see, a lot of practice that goes into. >> this we have an event coordinator here randy. he's been with the event for a long time. even her to than that, you remember going to this? as a child? and tell me some, what was your favorite memory? what made you keep want to go come back? >> alec, i remember when i was a child, about eight, nine, ten years old, and there was so much activity down here, jfk stadium, was filled, and later veterans stadium. i remember the daredevil acts, the police and motorcade highway patrol, coming down the aisles of jfk, and old wooden benches, and we would stand there in the seating and they would be just as close as you are to us.
6:34 am
and it was just exceeding, the roar of the motorcycles, very intimate, large stadium, and i just love the energy of it. even as a child. and now today i get to work on the event which is sort after honor to sort of come to bat for these protectors of the peace. >> absolutely, and then we are expect -- expecting good turn snout last year incredible, over 20,000 people. that's a big sign from the community that they want to get to know these first respond nears very real way. >> they do. they respond. they understanded the value and the importance of the fire and police personnel. and we expect today, you know, thousands, hard to know rid now, but if the weather holds up, we hope, you know, maybe upward of 20,000 people through the course of the day. we just invite everyone to come out, join us today, it is going to be transformed, this whole lot, in back every us, with police, and fire apparatus, and prevention activity. so, we really encourage
6:35 am
everyone to come out, just come to bat for our police and fire families. >> for such a great calls, too, for the feelings -- the winds blowing here, for the families every those who have fallen. such a great event. and whole lot of fun. i mean, we have stunts. how often do you see first responders performing stunts? they p.m. formed some pretty amazing feats, but those stunts i'm excited for. reporting live from the wells fargo center, nicole, we send it back to you for now. >> alex, sounds like they will have a nice day. more on the forecast coming up. thanks. well the pressure is on for congressman paul ryan to run for house speaker. this comes as majority leader kevin mccarthy drops out of the race. now, ryan has made it clear, he's not sure he want the job. but cbs news correspondent nancy cordez report, he may be the only one who can unite deeply fractured party. >> right now ill catch my place so i can make it home for dinner. >> paul ryan had the look of a hunted man as gop begging turned to gone bling, darryl
6:36 am
icea. >> i did everything but carry his gym bag this morning trying to get him to do it. >> oklahoma's tom coal appeared to ryan's sense every duty. >> i hope looks inside, see that's the right decision for him. >> reporter: even utah jason, who is running for speaker himself, said he would prefer ryan. >> if paul ryan got into the race, of course i would support him. he would be the kind of person that i could get excited about. >> reporter: ryan's colleagues view him as articulate, smart, driver glenn we need leadership. >> reporter: he's cut budget deals with democrats, but still manage to maintain his conservative credit. >> we're going back to regular order. >> reporter: as mitt romney's former runningmate, he has a national profile. but the wisconsin father of three, has said for years, he doesn't want to be speaker. >> good job for emptiness at the. >> reporter: no guarantee that the conservative line liners who bucked speaker john boehner would cut ryan more
6:37 am
slack. >> don't pick a candidate until you know who the players are. >> why at this point? >> that is the $64,000 question. >> reporter: ryan will have week long recess to think that question over. but, it is hard to see how anyone could hold out against this kind of pressure, even mitt romney called him urging him to run. nancy courtez, capitol hill. >> you probably don't know his name. but he played a very important role in us history, secret service agent credited when saving president reagan, during the 1981 assassination attempt died yesterday. his wife carolyn said he died of congestive heart failure. first lady nancy reagan, great sense of humor. he was eight a years old. >> new this morning, two bomb attacks in turkey have killed 30 people and injured 126 more. government officials say
6:38 am
terrorists target add peace rally in the turkish capitol. explosions owe minute apart near crowded train station. there has been no immediate claim of responsible for that attack. >> this morning, north korean leader emphasized his commitment to improving the lives of his people on the speech of the anniversary of the ruling party the. lavish military parade marks the anniversary. he also says his country is ready to responds to any kind of war against the us. core even and tv showed the leader, clad in black, waiving to troops in the parade on saturday. >> 6:38 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", craft beers are more popular than ever, we went to local brewery to find out what is brewing behind the popularity of these beers. also, break dancers from all across the world are in philadelphia, for a big competition this weekend. they've got some pretty crazy dances, and even had my poppa
6:39 am
move or two, or tried, to anyway. anyway, live in the studio coming up next. >> the storms are over for the weekend, cooler weather is moving in. going to feel very fall like. how low will the temperatures go? we'll let you know coming up next in the forecast, kyla is here and she'll bring it to you in just a few minute. stick around.
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now it will cost you, netflix raising the cost of its standard subscription by 1 dollar, to 9.995 month. now, that new price hike, affect new customers in the u.s., canada and in latin america. current subscribers won't see the hike until next year, and netflix says the increase will help them add new shows and movies. well, twitter's new chief executive is reportedly planning layoffs. jack dorsey was named the chief executive of the social networking site monday. he also co-founded twitter. according to the new york times, his first big plan will be a series of cost-cutting moves that include layoffs. twitter has more than 4100 block eye, in more than 35 offices. there is no word on how many employees could be affected. >> well, facebook is testing new ways to express emotions beyond like. facebook rolling out reactions, in spain, ireland, new buttons that facebook says express a broader range every emotions, so, they include love, wow, yay, also happy and sad faces. a facebook official says the
6:43 am
new buttons could become available to us users in a few weeks. the beer business not what it used to be. gone are the days of the big brands. now craft beers are the new major players in the beer ballgame. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has more on the beer boom. >> this is called scotch i scotch. >> for peter how, drinking craft beer here at the flying fish brewing company in so many dale new jersey is just as much about the experience as it is the beer variety. >> extremely social, apart from the beers, and the constantly changing by the new beers tonight, there is another new beer coming out tomorrow. so it is always something new. >> right now we are standing in the brewery itself. robin, the co-founder of the brewing company, and has seen a resurgence in the kraft beer industry in recent years. >> the craft beer, it is something that is made by hand with love, as opposed to being a very large, industrial production. >> here at the flying fish brew company, they make about
6:44 am
300 or so large kegs a day, or 4500 gallons of beer. >> craft beers more poor lan -- popular than ever here around the country. here at this vermont grocery store, people lined up early in the morning waiting hours to buy a specialty brew called head i topper. the dream creation of brewer, john, and it is only distributed in limited amounts. >> i get to make beer the way i like to drink my beer. thankfully a lot of people agree that that's a good way. >> what's your favorite beer here? >> that's like asking a mother about her children. >> for robin at the flying fish company, it is about changing the minds set surrounding beer, like their exit series, featuring exits along the new jersey turnpike. >> i just like that it is local, you know, it is being brewed, we live in voorhees, so it is literally broad in our backyard, just nice to support the local business. >> for so many years, beers were just this sort of fizz i yellow, stuff that came in a glass. and now, now there are so many varieties of beer, that have always been around, but never
6:45 am
made. >> the craft beer boom is welcome more than ever here in new jersey, with more breweries popping up every day. in somerdale, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, student from our area took over the new york stock exchange in new york city. yesterday's fieldtrip part of the germ nation project, an organization whose student fellows help improve philadelphia civic future. toured the trading floor, learned how the new york stock exchange inlet err act with publicly traded department, how the stock market influences the economy. >> very cool stuff. >> well, hey, a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason, van eat a meyer join us live with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: hey, nicole. coming up: dynasty on display, today north korea, is holding what may be one of the largest military parades ever. our own will take us inside the hermit kingdom where government minds ers are watching his every move. >> also, it is masses, emergency he is being, still
6:46 am
holds the records crossing the atlantic when it comes to speed. why the symbol of us excellence may not be happened dollars to the scrap heat. >> legendary tightrope walk between the worlds trade center towers is now a big hollywood film. we will get the real story of the day he walked into the history books. >> all of that plus your eye opener, the dish and muse nick our saturday session, just ahead on cbs this morning. saturday. >> always great to see you guys, thanks for the preview. >> we will send it over to kyla for more on the forecast, what's going on? >> hey, tell you what, as you can see behind me, waist going on now the sun is is coming up. boy is it beautiful. live look at the neighborhood network, this is kutztown, not only recording gorgeous sunrise, but notice the temperature, just 46 degrees, it is chilly this morning, we've had cold front pass us by. and that means that we will have cooler temperatures today. but, hey, it will be beautiful. lots of sunshine, we will have the cooler temps but more or less going to be great fall weekends. if you like to get out and b we do have little wind to contend with now. see 06-mile per hour winds in
6:47 am
wilmington. that's going to give us a break, as we go throughout the day. not quite there yet. still little bit after breeze. temperatures right now, looking at philadelphia, 54 degrees, just 48 in reading, 41 up in mount pocono. and as we zoom in here, you can see, lot of people who cannot get out of the 40's yet this morning, pottstown, at 49. and just 46 in quicker town, good morning to you there. you see all of the blues kind of creeping in right, new color for us to see the chilly temperature. live look at storm scan3, shows the clouds are clearing, see few blips on the radar being making their way out of here too. really set up for quite a nice day, we zoom out, in the that that cold front is still draped as croy the east coast, but it is clearing north to south. so, for us, that means, that we're done with the rain. our neighbors to the south not so muchment looking at future weather here, those clouds will start clearing outment look at this, beautiful, 2:00 this afternoon, just beautiful blue skies, that sticks us right into our sunday, even into our monday. so, depending on where you are heading, you will see sunshine everywhere. but temperatures will be very cool in the poconos today.
6:48 am
they will see little a.m. fog by the way sunday, but move into the 60s, monday remember is columbus day. so lot of sunshine there, and high of about 67. i think that's pretty good hiking weather. headed down the shore, not going to be wearing a bathing suit, folks, maybe going for a walk along the shore, should be beautiful. 63 degrees today, 64 tomorrow, overnight lows in the 40's. i know a loft you headed out football sunday 1:00 kick off the eagles take on the saint, sunny skies, about 68 degrees, beautiful, nice clear weather, should be perfect for football. so today, high of just 656, it will be fall like. lots every sunday shine out there. winds will calm down a bit. five to 10 miles per hour out of the north. as we look at tonight, over night lows are chilly, also some fog, possible, as we get into the overnight hours, so just be aware of that. sunset by the way at 6:29. take a look at your seven day forecast, beautiful weekend. we warm upright through sunday into monday. then by tuesday, we are looking out for just a few showers, possible, as we get into wednesday, thursday, that
6:49 am
sunshine is back. i'm going to send it back over to the lovely nicole, who has got some real fun stuff for us this weekend. nick snow. >> yes, i've got some moves. not all of them good. but definitely some moves. tour coming to philadelphia this weekend. that competition happening in wayne, pennsylvania, they're competing for $90,000 in prize money. of course, the title of top b-boy and b girl. as i found out, takes more than fly move, folks, you also need flavor. >> ♪ >> explosive, dynamic, competitive, break dancing otherwise known as breaking or b-boying may have it part in the bronx, but this weekend the main line. >> in this weekend pretty much the biggest on our planet as far as b-boying or break dancing. >> called the silver break open, organized by steve gram, philadelphia resident and founder of the urban dance and educational foundation,.
6:50 am
>> the idea there is why don't we package the events into sort after series or tour. some prize money in, so that the break kearse make little prize money. figure out format where the promoters of the event organizers could make a little return on their risk, and put structure together that would potentially attract sponsors. >> a private ex quit i executive by day, b-boy by night, steve discovered his in 20's while working at goldman sachs in new york. >> i ended getting subsumed into breaking crew that would perform on the street. i come out with the suits, they grab me by the tie, out of the crowd, like they would mug me, them i go into my whole routine. >> said he was drawn to the dance form because of its combative element and culture diversity. >> asian, hispanic, african-american, white guys, overseas, usual, so on it, has the whole mix. >> specially in this circle known until the breaking world as a sniper where dancers like ryan hand balance compete head-to-head. so what's swirling through their mind as they spin on their heads?
6:51 am
>> love, nervousness, passion, everything that you know forgetting and then everything you know remembering in one moment. >> as i learned, everyone gets their moment. like it or not. >> that was sufficiently embarrassing, but as my buddy pointed out -- >> you didn't fall on your face, that's the thing. you still were able to perform. >> at least i wasn't going up against ryan nay pom wagner who explained how he chose his b boy name. >> i want to melt you. i want to completely destroy you when i battle against you. so really made my style and my ways of movement about that. about completely destroying the opponent. >> so come saturday, sunday, i'll let the true breakers bat it will out, b boys, b girls, from all over the world, bring down the house here in our hood. >> ya, fly moves for sure.
6:52 am
i know i still need a little practice, but i know you guys are ready and willing and this is the big weekend for you, right? folks want to come out and see the competition? where do they need to go watch time do they need to be there? >> well the competency is in wayne, it is close to the king of prussia mall. and during the afternoon's both saturday and sunday, there will be pre limbs, so on, so for the, then the final rounds in the evening. >> okay. >> so starting say 5:00 in the evening, running until 10:30, and free. >> talk to us about the atmosphere. i mean, we saw the package. we know these guys have some incredible moves, which we'll see in a couple of minutes here. but what is the atmosphere like there at the competition? >> reporter: well, it will be packed, the music is great. the action is intense. it is very economy tiff, close up, intimate. so it is sort of like a little bit of almost a battle atmosphere that you're going to see taking place. >> yes, combative, cultural. >> definitely. >> flavor happening. why don't you and i step out. >> okay.
6:53 am
>> step-off to the side. and let's give these guys a chance to really get going here f we can pump up the music and see these guys in action. oh, we've got nay pom starting out the crowd. he has crazy skills. check this out. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ryan new bye, actually competing this weekend, right, competing? >> yes. >> ♪ >> yes, nubbing sells competing, as well. >> and ryan is judging. >> ♪ >> are there names for these moves? i mean, when we are looking at this? >> yes, yes. >> a certain type. >> foot work that was a swipe. >> and you said nay bomb is judging? >> and may end up up competing tomorrow. that's a flip. you know that.
6:54 am
>> his back flip is much better than mine. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> space is little more limited here. >> yes. >> we don't have as much room in the studio for break dancing, doesn't happen too often, but man they're doing incredible job. all right, we send it to break right now. but again, hang at ysp sports in wayne, pennsylvania, give it up for these guys. what's up. come on, ty, i know you have some moves. con on, stevement don't be shy, giles. common. >> what a cool pose or something. >> break it out. >> you know my pose. >> that's right.
6:55 am
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at
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cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> one more check on wetter. >> beautiful day, 66 degrees as a hi, need the jacket. hey look at the sunshine, not just today, tomorrow, monday. monday at 74 degrees, few showers possible on tuesday. pretty nice. >> yes, pretty perfect fall wetter. >> yes. >> kyla, thanks. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on television, always on line for you at cbs this morning saturday is next. make it a great weekend. i had fun with that break dancing. >> me too. maybe we should do that more often.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is october 10, 2015, welcome to cbs this morning saturday. is the worst yet to come? more rain comes into south caroli carolina's hardest hit flood areas. plus break news. a rally for peace is targeted in turkey's capital. >> plus massive, majestic and still holds the record for speed crossing the atlantic. so why is the symbol of u.s.


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