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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  October 10, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> [cheers and applause] >> verne: 1st down, tennessee. >> gary: pruitt's defense caught trying to disguy. kimbrough in the middle. it's too late. kimbrough trying to confuse the quarterback. the middle of the field is exposed. a little too cute for that georgia defense. >> verne: hurd. jalen hurd. 6:40 to go in a tied game. nick chubb left with a knee injury. dobbs 316 yards passing. tennessee inside the 15 yardline now in a tie game. they trailed 24-3. up the middle. dobbs.
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>> [cheers and applause] >> verne: 1st and goal. tennessee. >> gary: this is incredible. joshua dobbs over 100 rushing. he will put up 400 yards minimum of total offense. we talked about the key players. the key players. obviously dobbs. but the 2 freshman offensive linemen. jones and hall what a story. >> verne: up the middle. dobbs driving. touchdown! tennessee. >> [cheers and applause] >>♪
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>> [cheers and applause] >> verne: medley for the extra point. whoa! >> gary: it's play asks players. in this case, it's a player, a freshman player. chance hall that seals it for his phenomenal quarterback joshua dobbs who runs right through a tackle. not a beautiful tackle from aaron davis in the secondary. that's an incredible game that joshua dobbs is putting through. he is -- it was abram number 25 he ran through. dobbs is showing the fire in the belly. that butch jones was hoping he would see in this game.
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>> verne: the song in the background. >> ♪ the play of the game is coming up a little later.
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38-31 tennessee. >> gary: butch jones made a name for himself recruiting. there are a few here. >> verne: this is a big recruiting weekend at the university of tennessee. here's the kick. reggie davis. ouch! >> [cheers and applause] >> verne: mcdowell number 20. 5:43 to go. tennessee leading 38-31. >> gary: a flag out there. i think. >> referee: unsportsman-like conduct number 15 tennessee, number 41 georgia. both penalties offset.
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1st down. >> verne: jennings the freshman wide receiver. >> gary: we saw that before. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: in the florida game. >> [very loud crowd noise] >> verne: lambert 8 of 18 for 179 in the game. michel has 21 carries on this one. and gang tackling by tennessee. >> gary: well, against this the season, we remember greer stepping up in this situation. mayfield. on this field stepped up. now it's time for greyson lambert to step up. i remember 2 years ago, aaron murray leading a 2 minute drill. throwing a touchdown pass with 5 seconds to go to tie the game. can grace drays do the same?
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>> verne: play-action. got it. that's mitchell. >> [whistle blowing] >> gary: that's what you have 2 do. the ball thrown right in this dead area. mitchell curls in. wonderful throw. lambert had pressure right in his face. faced a lot of it against alabama last week. and frankly didn't respond as well. tonight it looks like he's got more of that fortitude to say i am bringing this team down. >> verne: mitchell with 5 catches. here's michel. coming in left. good pursuit by mckenzie. he was in on the tackle. lewis number 4. >> gary: butch jones said that we are having our competitive
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character being tested. boy! that's an understatement. down big in this game. as tough of a football game against georgia. everyone's competitive instincts are being tested. >> verne: play-action. lambert and he can't hold off. might have the wind knocked out. no, it's his right arm. >> gary: i think he could feel kelly coming across. kelly pulls his left arm. very good play by kelly. watch. right at the end of the play. grabbed after he gets the ball and rips it loose. wonderful play by kelly. >> verne: mitchell heads to the bench. 3rd down and 9 with 4 minutes to go. >> [very loud crowd noise]
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lambert hit from the backside. let's it fly. it's caught. oh, no. oh my gosh! reggie davis! >> gary: lambert buys the time and throws it as well as you can. it's like handing the baton on a sprint. you can't do it any better than that or feel any worse if you are reggie davis. he has 2 touchdowns but he will think about that one if they don't win the game. >> verne: reset the play clock. 4th and 9. barber. sails this one.
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sutton number 7. nice return. >> gary: sutton shows the aggressiveness that tennessee did not have in those games with they had the big leads. they were playing safe. they were trying to get to the locker room. here, sutton says no. i will be aggressive. no fair catch. i am going for it. that's what they were missing. >> verne: 3:40 to go. >> gary: will tennessee get conservative? remember when nay got the ball gabbing bens florida. -- against florida? 3 and out. >> verne: dobbs.
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stretches out to the 42 yardline. the post game show coming up when this game is in the book. the clock is running with 3:22 to go. it's 38-31 tennessee. >> gary: remember that burned timeout early in the second half. they don't hurt as much in the first half. in the second half they can change your entire strategy at the end of these games. >> verne: 3 minutes to go. 2nd down and 3. dobbs keeps it. can't get to the 1st down mark here. tim kimbrough the first man there. >> gary: interesting call for tennessee. a load at tailback but dobbs has been the money man.
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>> verne: hurd carried it 21 times. 80 yards. joshua dobbs 17 for 118. this is hurd. >> gary: for the change, they are in command of the rushing attack in this game. they lost 5 straight. >> verne: dobbs. he will be short. wait a minute. >> gary: i think he is a bit short. >> verne: yes. >> gary: and mark richt takes his timeout. he waited to see. good call by him. 3 straight carries by the quarterback. kimbrough makes the first attempt. the rest of the georgia defense even though they played 90 plays in in game get the stop.
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getting it going in the opposite direction. >> verne: 4th down. 1:58 remaining. >> gary: if tennessee went for it and made the 1st down, the game would be over. >> verne: exactly. apparently they will not. >> gary: i am not so sure. i think they will try to draw georgia offsides. what is the difference if you punt from the 43 or the 37? i think that adds up right. >> verne: 4th and 1.
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georgia uses one of the timeouts. >> gary: pruitt has to tell his team not to jump offside. >> verne: our at&t great performances. >> gary: it was joshua dobbs that we talked about when we visited with the coaching staff. i said coach, does he have that fire in the belly? that tebow stuff? he said that's the last step. that's the final piece for dobbs to get over. he's shown it in this game. >> ♪ >> verne: fourth and 1. dobbs is on the field. >> gary: georgia has to be told do not jump offside.
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>> verne: oh! 14 on the play clock. 5. >> gary: coach jones takes a timeout to set the strategy again. the university of tennessee is a place where minds meet, and exchange ideas. peyton manning's comprehension skills are widely known. professor george pharr studies materials down to one billionth of a meter. he's advanced everything from micro circuitry to cancer research. the exchange of ideas isn't always predictable. --blue-58 --omaha! but at tennessee it's all about the possibilities. omaha? really?
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>> verne: 38-31. tennessee lost on the road to florida and to arkansas. this is a thing called a hump. they are trying to get over it. trevor daniel on the punt now. reggie davis who has a punt return of 70 yards in this game is back. oh my goodness! half yardline. wow! >> gary: the tennessee fan is going everything that went wrongs turning our way. a sure drop touchdown pass by reggie davis. then they punt and look at this. like it had as!
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>> [cheers and applause] >> verne: really? oh, come on! no. you've got to be kidding me. >> gary: well, if georgia does this, it will be amazing now. >> verne: 1:48 to go. >> gary: remember this tennessee defense could not stop oklahoma or florida when the game was on the line. they will get another chance. >> [cheers and applause] >> verne: lambert from the end
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zone. lobs it out. caught by sony michel. clock continues to unravel. georgia down to one timeout. >> [cheers and applause]. >> verne: mitchell bottom of the screen. >> [cheers and applause] >> verne: lambert. 1st down reggie davis. slides down. >> gary: he knew the clock was going to play. he wanted to line up and run another one. heady play. i will get down. >> verne: georgia ready. 1st and 10.
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incomplete. >> gary: godwin slipped and fell coming out of his break. >> verne: 2nd and 10. >> gary: i watched the tape against oklahoma. the defense of tennessee rushed forward every play. against florida they rushed 3 every play. what will they do tonight? maybe come with more. >> verne: yes. incomplete. >> [cheers and applause] >> verne: 15 seconds left. williams might have tipped that one. >> gary: everything for tennessee in this game since they got behind has been more aggressive. they have not been playing safe. everything has been aggressive.
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>> verne: third and 10. >> gary: no spy anymore. they are coming. they will bring at least 4. >> verne: that's what they do. lambert 1st down. godwin the freshman. the clock will stop when they move the chains. >> gary: beautifully designed play. godwin spins out to the right and curls back into the middle of the field. gain of 19. now the clock starts again. blitz. rome. tries to get near the 1st down marker. can't. >> gary: good job by mark richt taking a timeout. more value being able to spike the ball with offense. timeouts have to be used if you don't get a 1st down.
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>> verne: the end of the play. >> gary: rome spins. randolph holds on. just short. a wise timeout. >> verne: tonight on cbs we begin with "code black" followed by criminal minds and 48 hours. that's the line-up tonight only on cbs. >> gary: we know barring a turnover, they will get a big throw to the end zone. they will throw a hail mary. one thing mark richt has to think about with tennessee having run 90 plays against this defense, might he go for 2 if he scores? joshua dobbs is hot. they have a running quarterback. if they score, will he just try to get out of here with a 2
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point play. >> verne: 2nd down and 1. 34 seconds to go. 3 men down. drop 8. lambert right side. michel gets out of bounds. >> gary: and a 1st down. it was a great call. michel executeed it perfectly. >> verne: 29 seconds left. 3 man rush. lambert. >> [very loud crowd noise] >> verne: barnett got there.
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>> gary: he gets rid of the ball and lives to fight another play. the clock keeps going down. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: great drive to get it out to the 45 yardline. they started on the half yardline. >> [crowd noise] >> verne: michel in the slot on this 2nd down play. lambert steps up. let's it go for the end zone. incomplete. >> [cheers and applause] >> verne: oh, i thought kelly had it. >> gary: a great job. i don't know if mitchell knocked it away. it was a heady up play for him to even attempt it. misread. look at mitchell. staying in the play. and yes, i think he had an effect on that. most device turn around and just say, bad play. watch mitchell. this ball could still have been
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caught. he rips the arms away. mitchell allows georgia to have at least another couple of plays. >> verne: 16 seconds remaining. 3rd and 10. 3 wides to the left 1 wide right. lambert steps up. lets it go. >> [whistle blowing] >> verne: is it caught? >> gary: yes, get up there and spike it. >> verne: towns number 86. they might look at the clock here. >> gary: and give them maybe 1 more second. 6 left. if there are 6 seconds, you will only get one throw to the end zone. if there are 8 seconds left. you could get 2 throws to the end zone. remember there was 10 seconds when the clock was stopped.
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the clock is stopped with 10. it took 4 seconds to ground the ball? if i was georgia i would ask for a review. uh-oh 12 men on the field for georgia. that's the ballgame. they will get an automatic run off. that's it. they won't get a throw to the end zone. they do not have a timeout. that's it. >> referee: substitution infraction. on the offense. no play is in formation. there is no 10 second run off because the clock was not running. >> gary: my bad. >> referee: still seco2nd down. >> gary: my bad. the clock was stopped. the 12th player crosses the line right there.
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once he gets beyond the numbers it's called. got to throw to the end zone. 6 seconds left. you only have one throw left. could go short for 3 seconds. but i don't see how that would help. >> verne: mitchell is top of the screen. lambert into the end zone. double coverage. randolph. the defender. game over! how about the hump. did they get over it tonight? >> [cheers and applause]
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>> [crowd noise] >> [cheers and applause] down to allie laforce. >> allie: coach, tennessee has been waiting a long time for a big win like this to make tennessee rel. is this win what the program needed? >> coach: it means everything because of our kids. they were not going to be denied tonight. we had a great week of preparation. we have great character. this is the first of many. >> allie: after the florida loss, the noise got to the team. what can the noise of victory do for this program? >> coach: well needed. >> verne: well stated. let's see how close the last play was. >> gary: randolph had to go up to the top. mitchell to the right. he went to his money player.
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the guy he trusted the most right here. he knew he had to throw it in coverage. lambert throws it high and randolph reaches up and tips it away. look how close that was. >> verne: wow! joshua dobbs. [laughing] rocky top sung and played with enthusiasm. >> [crowd noise] >> verne: they were down 24-3. with a minute and a half to go in the first half. joshua dobbs, think about this, 312 yards. throwing the ball. 3 touchdowns.
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118 yards rushing. in his high school life he thought about going to arizona state because they were going to give him a state to play baseball. >> gary: yes. tonight he played football. i will tell you that. he was a baller out there. >> verne: our napa plays of the game. the winning touchdown. >> gary: it is. it was taking it right up the middle. behind the freshman offensive linemen and dobbs refused to lose. then the davis drop. >> verne: in a moment like this, i think of the late jim mckay. the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. allie laforce made her way over to talk with joshua dobbs.
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>> allie: josh, congratulations. you are up here celebrating with your biggest fans. what is that like? >> there is nothing like. it i love you too, coach. the defense had our backs. great to celebrate with our fans. >> allie: congrats. >> player: thank you very much. >> ♪ >> verne: rocky top gives way to the alma mater. >> ♪ >> verne: that's joshua dobbs's mother. what a scene. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i am verne lundquist. so long from knoxville. the final score tennessee


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