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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 11, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news," a local business closes its doors after becoming the victim of two shocking crimes in less than a week. good evening everyone, i'm
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natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. just two days ago, the owner of auto tag service was stabbed nearly 30 times and criminals have invaded the southwest philadelphia shop yet again. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson spoke way close friend today who owns the business. >> reporter: with tears barely dry on the faces of friends and family and blood barely dry at the scene of a vicious attack, a fresh crime causing outrage. >> you talk about low lifers, that's it. scumbags. rob the building when the man is in the hospital after he just got stabbed over 30 times. >> reporter: david coletta woke up to his friend's business a marked crime scene broken into less than 48 hours after the owner was critically stabbed during a robbery. police say the crooks pushed in an air conditioning unit to enter the building and trash it. unclear if anything was stolen. >> the place is tore up even more than it was. we're going to seal the whole building now and we're never opening again.
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>> reporter: never again? >> never. >> reporter: this follows what happened thursday night when police say shortly before about 6:00 a man walked into auto tag service and confronted the owner, 63-year-old patrick spinosa. detectives believe the perpetrator may have threatened spinosa with a gun and the victim likely fought for his life. >> there was a struggle probably for the gun, it discharges and maybe loses control of the gun and pulls a knife out. >> reporter: police say spinosa was then stabbed about 30 times before the suspect locked the door and fled. >> everything has got the end and everything is going to start. it's very sad. >> reporter: now after four decades of family ownership, coletta says this latest crime is the last. family now forced to board up 40 years of memories and community service due to three days of pain and sadness. >> maybe god's telling us something. that's the way we look at it. 63 years old, you know, maybe god's telling us something.
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>> reporter: spinosa meanwhile remains in the hospital i'm told in extreme critical condition after going through another day of surgery. family in the meantime praying that one of these days they'll have some good news. reporting from southwest philadelphia, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, one of the men accused in the 1984 rape and murder of a bensalem teenager is now jailed in bucks county prison. george shaw was arraigned on murder charges in morrisville today. authorities extradited shaw from florida where he was arrested just last week. the victim barbara rowan disappeared in 1984 when she was just 14 years old. prosecutors say shaw killed the teenager after inviting her over to babysit. the victim's family was in court. >> a gracious individuals, remarkable individuals who we did not have the opportunity let them know that we reopened this case and we were working on the case and so having given them the opportunity today to see him in our
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custody was very rewarding to them. >> a second suspect, robert sanders is accused of helping shaw dispose of the body. he was arrested in the poconos. camden county police are looking for a missing teenager at this hour. 16-year-old zion hill of clayton never came home last night. he was last seen in the area of park boulevard in camden wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. police say hill frequents the area of wildwood avenue and morton street. anyone with information should contact camden police right away. turning now to our weather, it's been a beautiful start to the weekend but is this going to last? meteorologist lauren casey is live in our weather center tonight with a first look at the forecast. >> hey, natasha. temperature cooling off thunder clear sky. only made it to 66 degrees. back in the low 50's. 53 in philly, 46 in allentown and already some 30's in mount pocono. we do have a frost advisory in effect for that area 'cause we could see some patchy frost forming as we head into the
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latter portion of the overnight period and copterring until the early morning hours of tomorrow, that frost advisory expiring at 9 o'clock in the morning. storm scan3 a much different story than what we had last night with those strong and severe storms rolling through. not a blip on the radar and a couple clouds passing through to the north. we have high pressure in control so it's going to keep skies clear throughout the overnight period and also winds much calmer. we saw those gusty thunderstorms yesterday. right now most areas reporting calm to light winds across the region and in your hour by hour forecast, for tomorrow nice light wind speeds, could start off with fog and low clouds for the early morning hours but those will quickly clear out once temperatures start to warm up. low 50's by 10 o'clock, abundant sunshine throughout the afternoon. high temperatures a little bit warmer for our sunday climbing up into the low 70's and as we head into the evening hours, nice clear conditions as well. we push it back into the 60's but will that sunshine hold
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through columbus day? we'll talk about that forecast coming up. >> thanks. we'll see you cinchona let's talk about some football and not our struggling eagles, not just yet. another burd, the unbeaten temple owls this afternoon they took down tulane at the linc and lesley van arsdale is here to break down thely. >> they are on a roll. we need a feel good sports story. the last time temple started the season five and oh was in 1974. today at the linc the owls gave the homecoming crowds lots to cheer about. owls down 10 to seven handoff to thomas runs through the middle of the green lane defense. to the third quarter armstead scores on a 16-yard run. temple are now five and oh with a 49 to 10 victory and the temple fans definitely pumped about how their owls are playing. >> i think we did so great at the game i very proud of the temple owls.
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win or lose, that's my team. go owls. >> i think we got a good thing going here if we can keep it up. >> i think the game was great, you know. we're undefeated five and oh. >> now with that win the owls could break into the top 25 for the first time in 36 years. >> wow. >> exciting moment over there on the temple campus. >> i'm so proud of them. >> keep it up. >> go owls. yay! thank you very much lesley. many people meantime from our area boarded buses for a trip to washington, d.c. today to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the million man march. tens of thousands gathered on the national mall. nation of islam minister louis farrakhan called for the original march as a day of healing for the black community back in 1995. the theme this time around was justice or else and organizers and speakers called for justice for all racial and ethnic groups. >> what good are we if we
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don't prepare young people to carry the torch? >> some who made the journey to the million man march returned home to philadelphia tonight. they plan to put what they heard today into action in their communities. attorney gloria allred is speaking out about her deposition of bill cosby. all red grilled the 78-year-old under oath for more than six hours yesterday in boston. she represents a number of women accusing cosby of sexual assault. the deposition were you recorded but it will be sealed for at least the next 60 days. today allred said she wants to question cosby a second time. >> we will be filing motions with the court in connection with the deposition and we anticipate that our motions will be heard on the same dates that the court had set, december 22nd. >> dozens of women have come forward with allegations against cosby. he has never been criminally
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charged. two bombs rip through the main train station in ankara turkey today nearly killing a hundred people. the twin blasts were caught on camera. themore than 400 people were injured. no word on who is responsible for the bombings. this was one of the deadliest attacks in turkey's history. also new video shows how another ancient landmark has become a casualty of syria's civil war. islamic state militants blue uppal myra's arch this week. for 2,000 years it was the crown jewel of one of syria's most cherished archaeological sites. investigators say isis is not just destroying ancient artifacts it considers anti-islamic but selling them as well. a show of strength in north korea to celebrate 70 years of rule under the kim family's worker's party. soldiers marched and then
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gathered for remarks by north korean dictator i didn't mean young i wasn't. kim claims his country is "fully ready to defend itself from a hypothetical u.s. invasion." flood waters continue to rise in south carolina. we've got a look at the devastation in that state and how the state's government is handling it tonight. plus, president obama speaks at an event in california and wait until you see who showed up to cheer him on. lauren. >> we had a quiet day today full of sunshine but we do have some rain in the forecast. will it fall on our columbus day holiday? i'll have the answer coming up in your eyewitness weather. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. south carolina flood waters reach new heights a week after historic record setting rainfall. more rain fell across the state today. cbs news correspondent david bedno has more. >> reporter: on the shores of what is highway 41, volunteers were loading up a relief flotilla with food water and essentials. >> by vote, by humvee, helicopter, whatever it takes we'll get to them. >> reporter: robert stamper is the assistant fire chief in the town of andrews. today he was also a boat captain along the way we passed flooded homes a railroad crossing and even a stranded rooster. as the boat reached the shore people were waiting.
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stephanie rim hoped to unload supplies. >> we're land locked pretty much here besides going through on a boat. >> reporter: items were distributed as quickly as they arrived. brittany needed diapers and got them. >> this is so helpful. this is good that people get together and do this for us. >> reporter: assistant fire chief stamper says has an obligation to help. >> these runs that you're making they're outside of your jurisdiction. why are you doing it? >> well, somebody in need we try to help them. that's what we do. >> reporter: the cleve says he has never seen flooding like this before and it's headed south saturday afternoon flooding was reported in georgetown which is about 25 minutes driving distance from andrews. david begnaud, cbs news, andrews, south carolina. >> now in campaign 2016 news donald trump is on the campaign trail in georgia. the republican presidential candidate addressed thousands of supporters at an event in
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norcross. trump advisers say he is committed to a long race despite rumors swirling around that he may reconsider his bid but trump did mention the candidate that he thinks should not run, hillary clinton. >> she's not doing so well. i mean, honestly, she shouldn't be allowed to run. no, she shouldn't be. no, she shouldn't i don't think that the democrats are going to stop her from running because the system is inherently unfair. i can tell you this. if that were a republican that did what she did with the e-mails, they would have been in jail 12 months ago. >> trump continues to lead the other republican candidates in many nationwide polls. and celebrities joined president obama for a democratic national committee fundraiser in san francisco
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today. more than 1300 people paid between $250 and $10,000 to see the president and rapper kanye west. kanye's wife kim kardashian was also in the audience. president obama poked a little bit of fun at the rapper who has said he might make a 2020 presidential bid. >> do you really think that this country is going to let a grab black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name to be president of the united states? that is crazy. [cheers and applause] the president is in the middle of a four day swing through the west coast. of course stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of campaign 2016. we'll have the very latest for you on air and on our web site, pennsylvania hosted the -- the hospital hosted a special reunion today. it was a big celebration for kids who got their start as tiny babies in the intensive care nursery.
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they were joined by their parents and hospital staff in the elm garden at eighth and spruce. approximately 40 percent of the infants born at pennsylvania hospital are from high risk pregnancies. these families and staff have developed deep and very long lasting friendships. new tonight hundreds turned out for the inaugural philly fights cancer event. this fundraiser was held at the legacy youth tennis and education center on ridge avenue. it benefits translational research and clinical trials at the abramson cancer center at the university of pennsylvania. carol king performed at the event tonight. very nice. lauren casey is here with our forecast. little bit of a chill but it's been beautiful. >> sunshine, we'll keep that around into our sunday but it will be a chilly start. you'll is to break out that jacket especially in the morning, take the dogs out for the walk a-cool start down into the 40's but something to look forward to ahead and that's a nice stretch of weather. more sunshine in store as we head into the next several days and clear skies right now
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as we take a live look from our roof cam at center city philadelphia. the building's twinkling there on skycam3. we don't have any clouds in the way to obscure our view as we did about this time yesterday and what's ahead is more clear sky conditions. sunshine but a chilly start tomorrow morning. we'll be down into the 40's, below average for us as we head into the columbus day. going to start to warm things up actually above average as we head into the afternoon hours, talking about some mid 70's and then on tuesday, as most of us head back to work from a three-day weekend the rain chance returns but that's okay because we're going back to the workplace but temperatures right now they are chilly. 44 degrees right now in millville, down to 44 degrees in ac, 46 in pemberton. take a move to the north, 48 degrees right now in palmyra. 53 degrees in philly in center city and we're already down into the 30's in mount pocono. we do have that frost advisory in effect for parts of the poconos because we could see some patchy frost forming especially as we head into the next couple of hours and early tomorrow morning.
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storm scan3 nothing to see. high pressure in control. that promotes sinking air, very stable air so it doesn't allow those clouds to form. we really don't have any moisture for clouds to form anyway. dewpoints down into the 40's and 30's as they are across the region. it feels nice dry and comfortable and dewpoint drops off over the last 24 hours, very significant other order of about 20 degrees. yesterday of course we had the muggy conditions with the moisture, the strong and severe thunderstorms but all of that has cleared on out and that's where it's going the stay in your poconos forecast as we head into the next couple of days, great for hiking and biking walking, plentiful sunshine, chilly starts though but kind of expect that. 65 degrees for your high temperature on sunday as we head into columbus day, on better, near perfect day, sunshine and 70 degrees and a great day to get out and check out some of those fall colors. we're starting to see a good amount of changeup into the poconos. right now moderate range and
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high foliage changeover in the delaware valley starting to see some of the colors peek out, the oranges and yellows and tomorrow is going to be a nice day to do that. overnight clear quiet and chilly dropping down into the middle 40's for our sunday looking very nice, bright sunshine, light winds and 70 degrees for our high temperature right around average and winds stay on the at the same timer side, southwesterly only at about 5 miles per hour. forecast for the eagles looks great. near 70 degrees, nice conditions taking on the saints and hopefully coming home with a win. a nice day on columbus day uppe74.a few passing showers, me clouds around bittern not a washout tuesday. wednesday and thursday high temperatures in the upper 60's. more sunshine on thursday and we have a rain chance kind of scattered in nature is what it looks like at this point on friday and models are indicating that we could get a pretty cold blast of air as we
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head into the next week and the start of next weekend 59 degrees might be a little conservative for next saturday but it's still a week away and we have some beautiful weather ahead. >> we'll enjoy this while it lasts. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. leslie's got lots of highlights for us. >> you want the good news first. >> let's start with that. >> temple and penn state continue their winning ways but unfortunately a very bad start for the flyers.
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>> lesley we're ready for that eagles win tomorrow. >> you are? >> already claiming. i'm putting that w on there. >> i'm with. one and three eagles getting ready for the one and three saints tomorrow at the linc. this could be a pretty good matchup for the birds especially when it comes to the running game.
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demarco murray could be able to break out of that slump. saints secondary has no interceptions. they do have a certain quarterback named drew brees, you might have heard of him. many people calling this game a must win but the birds not going to go there. >> it's not time to panic and start doing things out of character and out of what we believe is going to win games for us. it's really time for to us hone in on the process, evaluate the process and execute the process. >> it by no means is a end of the season type deal which it is kind of being portrayed to be. i'll still think we have a lot of room for improvement. we have players and once we get this thing going we'll have it right. >> you don't want to miss toyota sunday kickoff this sunday at 11:30 right here on cbs3. join me merrill reese and sports director don bell along with a panel of experts as we get you ready for eagles-saints 11:30 right here on cbs3. just two games into the season and the flyers held a team meeting that is not a good sign after tonight's poor performance against florida.
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the panthers just dumping in the puck. steve mason makes a save but left the rebounds in front of the net. panthers on the power play. less than a minute later panthers again with a man advantage. bradley smith with a nice move three-nothing. mason way bad clearing pass and he lit the lamp. steve mason's night is done. panthers scored four goals in six minutes and 46 seconds. that's going to set a modern record for the fastest four goals to start a season. flyers lose seven to one. as we told you earlier in the newscast temple owls are five and oh for the first time since 1974 as they crushed tulane. first quarter owls down a field goal, pj walker finds robbery anderson in the end zone for a 22-yard score. temple takes the lead. after tulane regained the lead owls pulled away. handoff to thomas who runs through the middle of the
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green wave defense scoring a 10-yard touchdown. now in the third armstead who fumbled earlier redeeming himself on this 16-yard scamper. temple up 28-10. the defense was stout. sean chandler takes it 22 yards to the house. temple scored 42 straight points and beat tulane 49 to 10. >> we are playing for four quarters to win the game going away in the fourth quarter. that's our goal and we can't win the game in the first quarter, we can't lose it in the first quarter but we can play a lot cleaner in the first quarter. we'll try to establish the run, try to make some plays. i thought we made some close sieve plays in the past place. jiha did had some big runs. that being said i thought -- we have some things to clean up as we get ready for ucf. proud of the effort. penn state against indian indiana. >> reporter: litany lions riding a four game win streak. no score in the first quarter
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nittany lions with the ball. hackenberg able to find brandon polk. he went 39 yards to the house with a seven-nothing score. game tied in the second hackenberg drops back able to find day sean hamilton behind the indiana defense for another 39-yard score. hackenberg calling his own number. he ran in with two passing td's on the day and two running, penn state rolling to a 29-seven win. >> very nice. >> our college guys -- >> they are doing very well aren't they? i think the eagles are going to follow
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. communities all around the region are celebrating the start of fall. pennsauken new jersey actually held its second annual harvest festival today. "eyewitness news" at the community recreation complex on westfield avenue. some of the fun included firefighters showing kids how to go about using those firehoses. that's kind of cute, right, look at the little hat. there were arts and crafts and plenty of food on hand and everyone had a great time out there today.
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>> i walk over done a stiff proper handshake that that is comedian michael keen meeting james franklin. as you can see there the two men look nearly identical. that sets the stage for this prank at a team meeting. the coach steps out and the comedian steps in. the players soon realize the switch is under way and they go crazy. key is actually a penn state grad and he's also this weekend's homecoming grand marshall and i just recently saw that show like the key and peel show. it's hilarious. >> he started talking -- >> you were trying to figure it out. >> yeah, they do look alike. they look very similar and looking at this forecast looks nice. >> our forecast is going to look similar to today. few degrees warmer by tomorrow afternoon 70 and a lot of sunshine. columbus day looks beautiful. >> very nice. thank you so much lauren and thank you for joining u


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