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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a local business decides to close its doors for good after it was the target of two crimes within a week. why the owners say they're done. plus, suspect is behind bars for a rape and murder in bensalem that had been considered a cold case. how the victims' families responding to that arrest. pivotal game for the eagles today, as they face-off against the saints. why many of are saying it could decide the rest of the bird's season, so let's hope, birds nation has a good day. today is sunday, october 11, good morning, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. 6:00. we send it over to kyla for this forecast. i put the extra sweater on this morning, i was like brr, little cold throughout. >> i felt the same way. zipper up, and then zipper up
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further. >> chilly out there. in fact, it is lead to go some problems this morning, nicole. he want to get right to this. under frost advisory for part of our area. and it is mostly up in the poconos, so it is where you would expect t we are chilly, so sussex, carbon, monroe counties in the mid to upper 30s, this expires 9:00 a.m. this frost advisory, but give you idea on the map where it is, that's where they're seeing the cold temperatures. pretty easy to understanded, when you take look at the live neighborhood network, for instance, royersford, 38, 39 hamilton, just at 40 in pottstown, cinnaminson not much better at 42, live look at storm scan3, here is the good news, clear skies this morning, so should be nice beautiful day. once we warm up a little bit. we've got to watch out for patchy fog, the cold this morning, looking at 70 degrees today, if you are in philadelphia, lot of sunshine, 67 at the shore, and 65 in the poconos. so, we're going to warm up even further monday for our columbus day. i'll tell you all about that coming up in your seven day forecast, nicole?
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>> i'll need mother nature to tile it back just a tad. kyla, thanks. switching gears right now, new this morning, philadelphia police investigating an overnight shooting in north philadelphia that leaves a man in critical condition with two graze wounds to his head. police say it happened along the 1800 block of east albert street, east kensington before midnight. 392 year old man was taken to temple hospital for treatment. there is no suspect in custody. >> local business closes it doors after becoming the target after two shocking crimes in less than a week. just three days ago the owner of auto tag service was stabbed on almost 30 times. criminals have invaded the southwest philadelphia shop again. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson spoke with a close friend of the family, who owns that business. >> with tears barely dry on the faces of friends and family, and blood barely dry at the scene of a vicious attack, a fresh crime causing outrage. >> you talk about low lifers. that's it. scumbags. rob the building when the
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man's in the hospital after he just got stabbed over 30 times. saturday morning, david coletta woke to up his friends' business, mark crime scene, broken into, less than 48 hours after the owner was critically stabbed during a robbery. police say the crooks pushed in an air-conditioning unit to enter the building and trash it. unclear if anything was stolen. >> the place is tore up even more than it was. we're going to seal whole building now, never opening again. >> never again? >> never. >> this follows what happened thursday night. when police say shortly before about 6:00 a man walked into auto tag service and confronted the owner, 63 year old patrick spinosa. detective believe the perpetrator may have threatened spinosa with a gun and the victim likely fought for his life. >> struggle probably for the gun it, discharges, maybe loses control of the gun, then pulls a knife out, starts viciously stabbing. >> they say spinosa stabbed about 30 times, before the
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suspect locked the door and fled. >> everything's got to ends. everything's going to start. it is very sad. >> now after four decades, this family ownership, coletta says this latest crime is the last. family now forced to board up 40 years of memories and community service due to three days of pain and sadness. >> maybe god's telling us something, that's the way we look at it, 63 years old, you know, maybe god's telling us something. >> spinosa meanwhile, remains in the hospital, i'm told, in extreme critical condition after going through another day of surgery. family in the meantime praying that one of these days they'll have some good news. reporting from southwest philadelphia, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, one of the men accused in the 1984 rape and murder after bensalem teenager now jailed in bucks county. george was arraigned on murder charges in morrisville yesterday. extra diet dollars him from
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florida where he was arrested last week. the victim, barbara roane, disappeared in 19848 whether she was just 14 years old, prosecutors say he killed the teen after inviting her to ever babysit. the victim's family was in court. >> gracious individual, remarkable individual, who we did not have the opportunity to let them know that we reopened this case than we were working on the case. and so having given them the opportunity today to see him in our custody was very rewarding to them. >> a second suspect robert sanders is accused of helping shaw dispose of the body. he was arrested in the poconos. this morning, camden county police are looking for a missing teenager. sixteen year old sigh on hill of clayton never came home friday night, last seen in the area of park boulevard in camden wearing bluejeans and a black shirt. police say hill frequents the area of wildwood avenue and morton street. anyone with information should call camden county police. well, new this morning, california authorities are
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investigating a plane that crashed into an unoccupied lake tahoe home. two people were on board that plane when it crashed saturday night. witnesses reported hearing people trapped inside screaming for help. the condition of the two people who were on that plane is unclear. the death toll is nearing 100 after two suspected suicide bombers set off explosions just before a peace rally. >> this all happened yesterday in turkey. cbs news core upon dent wendy gillette has more on the attack. >> terror interrupted a traditional turkish dance in ankoar, hundreds ran in fear after two bombs went off simultaneously about 50 meters apart, many still holding flags to be used in a peace rail bye to start. more flags left behind next to the carnage, outside the capitol city's main train station. ambulances returned to help the more than 300 victims who were hurt or killed in the
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bombings. pro kurdish activists and opposition supporters were taking part in the rally organized by the country's public workers union and other groups. it was scheduled just a few weeks before turkey's general election on november 1st. the event was planned to call for greater deck women rasi and end to the violence between kurdish rebels and the country's security forces. which has flared up since july. no one has taken responsibility for the attack. >> but turkey's prime minister says kurdish rebels or islamic state millitant may be behind the bombings, he called for three day official mourning period for the victims. wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". new video shows how another ancient landmark has become a carnal at this of syria's civil war. islamic state millitant blew up palmyra's after this much weekend for 2,000 years it was the crown jewel of one of syria's most cherished arc logical sites. investigators say, isis is not just destroying ancient
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artifacts, it considers anti-islamic, but also selling them. >> happening today, the one in three eagles will walt the one and three saints at the linc, and this could actually and pretty good match up for the birds. specially it comes to their running game. saint right near the bottom of the league against the rush, so demarco murray may be able to break out every his funk, we are hoping, many say they must win this game for both teams, cherry craig a live report from south philadelphia coming up later. go birds. hey, the eagles are struggling, but another bird, the temple owls, are undefeated. this is great. last time temple started the season five and zero back in 1974. at the linc yesterday, the oils gave the homecoming crowd lots to clear about, as they dismantled tulane. temple scored 42 unanswered points, and are now five and zero, with the 49 to ten victory. temple fans are pumped about how the owls are playing. >> i think we did so great at the game. i'm very proud of the temple owls. win or lose, that's my team.
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go owls. >> i think we got a good thing going here, keep it up. >> i think the game was great, you know. we're undefeated five and zero. >> love it. much more on temple, the eagles and the rest of your sports news coming up later this hour. right now still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", more rain hitting south carolina yesterday, as the state deals with massive flooding. but, one town has found a unique way to get stranded residents the supplies they need. we'll explain. >> also, a scandal may be developing for fantasy football. allegation action of insider trading result nag big win. could other be doing the same? that's the question. kyla? >> we are starting off the day with a frost advisory in the poconos, will the sunshine win the day? i'll have your forecast including your eagles game day forecast when we come back. stay with us, nicole and i are waking you up this morning, cbs this morning will be right back.
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>> south carolina flood waters reach new height, after historic setting rainfall. more rain fell across the state yesterday. dave beg no has the latest. >> on the shores of what is highway 41, volunteers were loading up a relief floatilo with food, water and
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essentials. >> humvee, hell copter, whatever it takes, we'll get to them. >> robert stap per the the assistant fire chief. today he was also a boat captain. along the way, we passed flooded homes, a railroad crossing, and even a stranded rooster. as the boat reached the shore, people were waiting. stephanie ren helped unload supplies. >> land locked pretty much besides going through on a boat. >> items distributed as quickly as they arrived. brittany needed diapers and got them. >> this is good that people will get altogether and do this for us. >> assistant fire chief says he has obligation to help. >> these runs you are making are outside of your jurisdiction. why are you doing it? >> well, somebody in need, we try to help them. what's with a we do. >> chief says he has never seen flooding like this before and it is heading south. saturday afternoon report in the georgetown, which is about 25 minutes driving distance
6:14 am
from andrews. dead begnaud, andrews, south carolina. >> just the situation down there. >> kind unbelievable. >> scary. those poor people. >> i saw that radar yesterday, come on, more rain for them? you've got to be kidding. >> not good. >> looking much better today and we are looking good today. but starting chill. >> i chill think morning, i have to say. >> yes, got the sweater on, the jacket over top, and let me tell you if you live in the poconos, you have more on that on. frost advisory everybody, actually, let's take a look, see the area i am talking about in blue. >> this goes only until 9:00 a.m. see it is not the entire state or anything. it is just up in the poconos. but hey, if you're up in the poconos, you are feeling that going hey, it is a little cold. sussex, carbon, monroe counties, mid to upper 30's, does expire at 9:00 a.m., that frost advisory, so we will get you through. that will also, start to go see little bit of reduced visibility. check out lancaster down to half mile visibility. so little fog possible. obviously not problem in many spots this morning. but just want to point that out if you are hitting the
6:15 am
road. by the way, lancaster right now, 39 degrees. thirty-nine in allentown. boy this color blue is very prevalent this morning. check out millville there, at 38. and as we zoom in, quakertown, good morning to you, you win, the coldest temperature on my map this morning coming in at 39 degrees. the winds is calm. that helps when it is cold. because you get biting winds going boy that can make it even more nasty. so, at least we've got that on our side. live look, storm scan3, nice and clear, than is with a we will see today. see just few clouds, kind of rolling in, and they're moving away. we'll have beautiful sunshine today. in fact looking at the entire eastern seaboard, very nice, again, start see the showers down south, thankfully, they'll push out. they'll catch break, too. little fog think morning in some we will warm up today to high of about 70 degrees, we will have the beautiful sunshine with us, and it should be gorgeous going through the day today. another wonderful day. it will be little cool up in the poconos, make it up to 65 degrees today. little warmer on monday, we are going to see some showers later in the day monday into
6:16 am
tuesday for you. those scattered showers and the clouds continue on your tuesday, there is a high of 656789 but notice monday in the poconos, 71 degrees. so here we are sunday going into monday beautiful, right? we have lots of clear skies, we have weak front will start tracking across it, is late monday night. notice also some of the mess from the south, tries to make its way n see few showers there, monday night into tuesday, then we start to clear out yet again. so i don't think it will be big rain event, we could see few sprinkles out that far one. now, let's talk about fun. kick off forecast. 68 degrees and sunshine, how is that for 1:00? when we've got the eagles taking on the new orleans saints, that should be great game. and by the way tomorrow stunning, if you have outdoor plans, 74 degrees and sunshine, that is well above average. woe should be about 68, 69 degrees, this time of year. so, we will beat that today probably by about a degree, 7 degrees for the high, sunshine, beautiful day out there, sunrise by the way 7:06. so sun's coming up as we speak, everybody. and clear, cool tonight, low of 48 degrees, that wind again
6:17 am
staying calm. that will helps when it is chilly. look at your seven day forecast, see the warm up into monday, cloudy, some showers tuesday, then we get to seasonal temperatures there wednesday into thursday. sunshine coming back. but i have to say, neck weekend, high of 59, sorry, what? that's a little cold. high of 59. >> a high of 59. that's 10 degrees below average. >> oh, goodness. >> gentlemen, just a heads up. >> again, mother nature go, ahead, dial it back and get out that coat, kyla, thanks. >> eagles game today and several events are leading to lots of road closure, potential traffic jams to watch out for today. here ' meisha johnson to break it all down from the "kyw traffic center". meisha? >> reporter: i'm meisha johnson reporting from the cbs-3 traffic center. here's what you need to know for today. first the roosevelt boulevard inner drive is closed today in both directions until tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. it is closed in the northbound direction between ryan avenue and woodward street and southbound between woodward street and rhawn street. and if the world of mass transit, the media elwin line
6:18 am
is shuttle bussing between the media and elwyn stations each weekend. starting on friday's, at 7:00 p.m., and this will be in effect through the weekend of november 20th. if you are curious as to why, this is due time property project on the ridley creek bio duct. football fans, the eagles take on the saints at 1:00 p.m. today. i won't be missing this one, and i'm sure you won't be either. from the cbs-3 traffic sent, have a great sunday, drive safe out there, and we'll see you next week. >> all right, meisha, thank you. well, some former crew members of elfero a ship that sung during hurricane joaquin, now hearing it has structural problems. now it appears to have sung near islands in the bahamas. navy dive remembers now work to go locate the ship's data record nerve waters nearly 15,000 feet deep. well, we have now learned about a connection the ship has to our area. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has that story. >> after the exhaustive six
6:19 am
day search, coast guard crews officially stopped looking for elfero sunday and found only minimal pieces of debris. thirty-three people including 28 americans, were on board. michael davidson was the captain. >> and it just floundered. apparently the waves, they theorize the wave took it and laid it down. >> jim didn't know anyone on the ship but new the ship and quite well. he helped build it in 1974 at the old sun shipyard in chester. >> sad to see it come to an end like this. >> told "eyewitness news", the project took about a year from start to finish. and elfero1 of the largest ships in his portfolio. >> we put the coils in the double bottoms, right on the bottom of the ship. we ran the steam to the whistle. >> you won't find any signs of the old shipyard. it closed in the late 1980s. now, it is part of harrah's casino and racetrack. manually said the ship was originally named the puerto rico. ironically, the destination whatever turned out to be the
6:20 am
final voyage of elfero. the data recorder could be as far as 15,000 feet below the surface. >> there are a lot of different kind of robotics and things that are able to look that deeply there, different times of sonar able to detect things. >> as families grip the reality of whatever happened, jim manually continues to play out scenarios in his mind. >> ships, kind of like people. they all come to an end. we all come to an end at one time. but the ship that goes down with all of the 33 aboard, that's kind of hard, that's sad. >> in chester, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". very sad. it is 6:20 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news", scandal, may be developing for fantasy football, allegations of insider trading, resulting in a big win. so, could other be doing the same? that's the question. plus: new information about pregnant women and vaccines, health reporter stephanie stahl has some reassuring news for moms to be. we'll be right
6:21 am
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6:24 am
essentially amounts to insider trading. >> just pick your sport. >> according to a report in the new york times, a draft king's employee admitted he released early data on what specific players were mother used in starting line ups, ahead of the nfl's third week. getting that early information ahead of the curve could serve as an advantage, the employee went onto win $350,000 later that week, betting on rival fantasy football website, fan dual. in a joint statement, the industry leaders draft kings and fan dual defended their practices. in part saying employees with access to this data are rigorously monitored by internal fraud control teams. and we have no evidence that anyone has misused it. the site's use relatively new format, paying out massive cash prizes, on a daily or weekly basis. instead of season long traditional fantasy leagues. the federal government doesn't define it as gambling, instead, calling it a game of
6:25 am
skill, not change. >> this business is very unregulated. seriously, we've come a long way from the dorm room, playing among that is fantasy football. >> for the nearly 60 million people who take part in this game of skill, the question now is whether they're also being suckered. draft kings and fan dual both ban employees from taking part in gaming on their own site, have now temporarily barred their employees from taking part in any other rival site, as well. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> big business, really serious about it, also, pets will soon be welcome aboard some amtrak trains. this is just in. the passenger train service says riders will be able to table a cat or even small dog on trips up to seven hours long on some of their northeast route. but, pet owners will have to pay a 25-dollar fee. there you go, bring your pooch along. 6:25 right now. coming up in the next half hour on "eyewitness news", there has been rash of gun violence across college campuses recently. more on what's being done to
6:26 am
try to prevent these vents from happening. >> with one and three record, today's game against the saints is a must-win. so will the eagle pull it out? the fans think so. i'm cherri gregg, more from the link coming up. >> let's hope so. and get ready for beautiful day. it will reach 70 degrees today. but you are waking to up some chilly temperatures, kyla has a check on the forecast coming up next.
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today is sunday, october 11, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer, just about 630:67:89 how is it feeling out there, kyla on the skydeck. >> listen, we don't have the wind we had yesterday. so it is actual i a little more comfortable to be out here. if you need to wake up, just walk outside. it is chilly enough that it will definitely get you going. temperatures are chill, 49 degrees in philly, not bad. look at mount pocono, 37 degrees, millville, 38 degrees for you this morning. it is very chilly and that's prompted a frost advisory, for the area up near the poconos, sussex, carbon, monroe counties, temperatures in the mid to upper 30's. that will expire at 9:00 a.m. this morning. but to gave you a idea where it is on the map, it is the area you three in blue. no doubt about it, it is a chilly start. now the good news, we are
6:30 am
going to warm up today. get lots of sunshine, live look at storm scan3 shows you the eastern seaboard looking real good. so we have another one of the beautiful days like we had yesterday, only just touch warmer, high of about 70 degrees, today, check out where we're going on monday for columbus day, high of 74 ties, few showers wrap up, and 72 degrees, this morning, it is clear, it is cool, but it is pretty lovely out here, i like this no wind thing there is helps out a lot. i'll have the seven day forecast and the eagles game day forecast coming up. >> yes, speaking the birds, kai last eagles fans of course hopping the good weather translate to a win. birds will battle the saints and both teams enter today's game with one and three records. soap, it is a must-win on both sides. cherri gregg from sister station, "kyw news radio 1060", live for us at the linc this morning, cherry, good morning.
6:31 am
must win game. >> this came after only win, took a pulp in philadelphia for them to get. that will take a look at the video, the eagles have been practicing hard all week, saying the players are good enough, but the plays themselves are coming up short. he blamed the players, the coaches, the entire organization for the short coming so this week they are more folk cents dollars than ever having lost each game by only few point, the good news is the eagles are favored to win three to one over the saints, in today's game and the saints are set to have a questionable defense, have had no interceptions, few saxon a kicker that is hanging on a thread. fate that the eagles will turn this season around. >> everybody else out there, we may be one and three, but we're not done, philadelphia
6:32 am
eagles will survive today, two and three, nfc east, is still up for grabs. and we are coming after it. nfc east is our division. e-a-g-l-e-s! for life. believe me. and nicole, as you can see, even though people have been questioning the leadership of coach chip kelly there are after i had fans who are confident that this, these lost also all apart of the master plan, and that today there will be a win that will turn this season around. live at the linc, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, eyewitness flew. >> and i hope sean gets what he wants, because that man is a little scary. he may be in rare form, if they don't win today. so go birds. >> right? >> thank you. all right, we are switching gears right now. and one week after a gunman opens fire at a community college in roseburg, oregon, president obama meets with the victim's families. now in the hours prior to the
6:33 am
meeting, two more campus shootings terrorize campuses in arizona and in texas. mary maloney has more on the gun violence. >> the moment marine one landed the president was met with protesters, who say, he returned to politicize the tragedy, by pushing a gun control agenda. >> that's when he made about gun control and the way that coming off, the first thing he said, instead of saying i'm sorry for the families, i think it was just wrong. >> mr. obama met privately with families still grieving their loved ones, following the mass shooting at the community college. the gunman shot and killed nine people, before turning the gun on himself. >> i've got very strong feelings about this because when i talk to the families, you are reminds dollars this could be happening to your child. >> early friday two more college shootings unfolded first at northern arizona where freshman shot four other
6:34 am
students killing one later texas southern university was also put on lockdown following a shooting. one student killed, and another person hospitalized a new law, anyone caring a concealed weapon must have a license on campus. >> what it says to me, i would like not have a situation where we have shoot-out on campus. >> i'm marry maloney reporting . >> at rally in colorado this weekend, democratic president at candidate bernie saunders called for ban on assault weapons, senator for vermont mentioned the two campus shootings at rally in bowel err saturday. now in addition to the ban, sanders called for greater mental health policies, and universal backgrounds checks. in campaign 2016 donald trump is on the campaign trail in george, a the republican presidential candidate addressed thousands of supporters at an event in norcross yesterday.
6:35 am
now, trump's advisors say he's committed long race despite rumors, that he may reconsider his bid. but trump did mention the candidate he thinks should not run. hillary clinton. >> not doing so well. , i mean, honestly, she shouldn't be allowed to run, no, she shouldn't. >> no, she shouldn't. i don't think that the democrats are going to stop her from running because the system is inherently unfair. i can tell you this if that were a republican that did what they did with the emails, they would have been in jail months ago. >> trump continues to lead the other republican candidates in many nationwide polls. celebrities join president obama for national committee fundraiser in san francisco. take a look.
6:36 am
more than 1300 people paid between 250 and $10,000 to meet the president and rapper kanye west yesterday, kanye's wife kim kardashian was in the audience, president obama poked fun that said he might may a 2020 presidential bid. >> do you really think that this country will elect a black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name to be president of the united states? that is crazy. >> all right, the president is currently in the middle of a four day swing through the west coast. >> and, you can stay with "eyewitness news" tore complete coverage of campaign 2016. the very latest on air and on our website >> well, top republicans still calling for congressman paul ryan to run for house speaker. ryan has made it clear that he doesn't really want the job, but cbs news correspondent
6:37 am
weijia jang reports, may be political reason why. >> today paul ryan is in seclusion with his wife and three children, contemplating his next move. after a birrage every house republicans, begged him to run for speaker. the fact is paul ryan is the right man right now. >> suck rink for spewinger? >> i am not. >> why the no? >> because i don't want to be speaker. >> while ryan publicly insisted he doesn't want the job. >> nothing changed and right now i just want to make it home for dinner. >> learned ryan is seriously considering a run. >> former house republican tom davis says ryan is the clear choice. stays could jep art eyes his political future. running for vice president in 2012 might be identifying future white house run, the stop as speak is her not on the tactical road map.
6:38 am
>> this is meat grinder try to take this thing over. a lot of people who have been his friends won't be his friends after couple of decisions. >> even if ryan decides to run, the same group of hard-line conservatives who discourage majority leader kevin mccarthy from running may not give him the number every votes to secure a win, but if ryan does not jump on board, it is unclear what the republicans plan to do. in washington, weijia jiang, cbs news. >> new information about pregnant woman and vaccines. reassuring news for moms to be. plus, local little boy with giant heart. his one birthday wish didn't involve any presents for himself. the important lesson being taught by a five year old. plus, a chilly start to your sunday, but get ready for a nice day ahead. kyla up next with a check on your forecast, we'll be right back.
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>> safety of getting vaccines. study says pregnant women can safely be vaccinate dollars against whooping cough and the flu at the same time. >> thirty-two year old emily whitehead is expecting a baby in seven weeks. and plans to get both the flu and hooping cough de tap shots.
6:42 am
>> we definitely, vaccinations, i've hess the whooping cough is like a real good one to get. >> doctors previously recommended two vaccines be given weeks apart, but now, new six year study in the journal of open stealth tricks and gynecology finds giving the shots at the same time is just as safe as facing -- spacing them. >> the there was no difference in early birth, in low birth weights, in any of the babies outcomes. >> the research also showed no significant increased risk of fever or other adverse effect to the mother or baby, and when moms to be get vaccinated they pason some immunity to their newborns when they receive the shots late in their pregnancies. >> we need to tell pregnant ladies this, so that they understand that it is extremely safe, and it protect both them and the baby. >> for whitehead, having a girl, it eases her mind even more, now that flu season has arrived. the de tap shot not only
6:43 am
guards against per it is cents, which is hooping cough it, also prevent tetanus and dyptheria. stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, pennsylvania hospital hosed a special reunion, it was a big celebration yesterday, for kids who got their start as tiny babies in the intensive care nursery. they were joined by their parent and hospital staff, in the garden at eighth and spruce. approximately 40% of the infants born at pennsylvania hospital are from high risk pregnancies. these families and staff members have developed deep and lasting friendships. beautiful thing. >> well, hundreds turned out for the inaugural philly fights cancer event. that fundraiser was held at the legacy youth tennis and education center on ridge avenue last night. now it, benefits trans lash until research and clinical trials at the abramson cancer center at the university of pennsylvania, grammy winner carol king performed at the event. so lots of things to do last night, and kai last i know, you and i went pumpkin picking. we made the most of our fall week end. >> yes, alexandria, one of our
6:44 am
reporters said head out to medford, new jersey, festival, it was amazing, had these apple donut, freshly made. >> oh! sounds nice. >> people lined up all the way to get those. this yes great. we are starting offer this morning chilly and also a little foggy, and i want to look at kutztown, the neighborhood network, because it really says a lot of first we've got the sunrise happening, always beautiful in the kutztown camera, 37 degrees, the winds, negligible, but tech out. one of the spots that is seeing a little bit of the fog this morning,. >> one problem, the cool temperatures also causing a little other problem, which is some frost, so, we've gotham fog, frost today isn't i -- un i afternoon, tonight looking at another night in the 40's. frost advisory for areas up in the poconos, and it does just go until 9:00 a.m. today so you'll have nice sunny day on your hands, sussex, carbon, monroe counties under the
6:45 am
frost advisory because your temperatures like we saw kutztown mid to upper 30's, again it will expire at about 9:00 a.m. this morning. but looking at the current temperatures, allentown just 39 degrees right now, 38 in millville, and you can see philadelphia, sitting there at 49 degrees, as we zoom out, gives you idea we're not the only one feeling the chill. forty's from philadelphia down to richmond, virginia, check out state college, pa sitting at 39 degrees right now. the nice thing is the winds is calm. that will help us out. because that way when you step out the door, not dealing with the double woman i of the cold air then being slammed in the face with t storm scan3, shows we're nice and clear here in philadelphia. just few clouds. you can see really the eastern seaboard looking good. we do have low pressure system to the south, not going to cause us any problems now but could bring us few showers as we get into our tuesday. >> sting out today, going leaf peeping, go west, go north, i start today see pretty foliage in medford, new jersey
6:46 am
yesterday. got great picture on a little lake there, so pretty with the reflection. we will see above average temperatures as we winds up the weekend and head into columbus day. but hang on folks that cooler air is coming our way too. so the average of 69 degrees, will be below it as we get into tuesday, and wednesday. future weather shows you it is beautiful today. sunday 11:00 p.m. i'll track this for you aoun further. low pressure from the south, will try to bring some showers in late monday night, also, notice, that is a weak system, a weak system making its way across the cold front, that too will bring the wrinkles our way. monday night, tuesday we have to look out for it. not today. 68 degrees and sunshine, your eagles kick off forecast, they take on the saints. should be perfect football weather. so hope you can get out and enjoy it. today looking for high of 70 degrees, that wind should stay nice and calm. and you can see that sun coming up as we speak. tonight, you'll see sunset about 6:27, getting earlier and earlier, low of 48 degrees, so another very cool evening on tap if you're
6:47 am
early riser like nicole, myself, you have to get the coat out in the morning. by the time to tuesday, remember, we have the two little systems to worry about could bring rain in, cool us down, as well. by wednesday in the 60s, next weekends, i think it might be big coat weather maybe. high of 59 saturday, you're going have to get to that storage unit. >> that skydeck is getting colder. >> high of 59? oh, goodness, all right, kyla, thank up. 6:47. let's check in with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic certainly, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. looking at the schuylkill at the vine street expressway. and traffic so far is behaving itself this morning, we will try to keep it that way for you, how about that? >> the vine st. expressway, in the middle coming along fine, we move the traffic cam to i-95 at broad street, if you're doing some very early morning tailgating might be the first at the stadium for today's eagles-saints game. right now i95 at broad looks okay. and no delays or problems.
6:48 am
later on, however, folks head to the game we will be quite jammed. >> if you're taking this to the shore today, no problems on the 42 freeway, a.c. expressway, garden state expressway all look okay, as women. >> taking mass transit to morning on or close to schedule with north rod delays or problems. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> thanks for the update. touching story. young boy had just one birthday wish, okay, and it didn't involve one thing for himself. instead the five year old wanted to give back to the community in a very special way. now i started a movement. walt hunter has the inspirational story. >> beneath the police officer's hat, a little boy, with a huge heart, asked what wanted for his fifth birthday, logan replied nothing for himself. instead requested donations to
6:49 am
buy toys, treats, and training aids, for local police k9 units. >> i got a lot of stuff, and all kind of stuff like treats. >> logan's heroes, that's what we called it on facebook, and we will keep it as. that will because he says policemen are his heroes. >> logan's k9 kindness, unleashed such a huge flood of donations in its first few weeks, the family has had to set up a go fund me account, logan, personally presenting gift baskets and cards, to seven departments, in and around delaware county. >> they always help us when there is a bad guy. >> for the k9's, and their partners, the gifts, from a special kid, sends a special message. >> kind of awesome. i have three children at home. it is awesome that logan loves police. >> the heart that he must have is huge.
6:50 am
>> for such a little guy, it is great. >> by the time he hits hills sixth birthday, helping not only k9 units but officers across all of departments, in delaware county. >> a lot of russ really proud of you. did you a great job. >> well the policeman that i had was really cool because they always help us. >> at age five, he learned a lesson many takes a lifetime to grasp. it is better to given than receiver n as ten township, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> oh, my goodness. that just, whew, that touches your heart, doesn't it? still to come this morning. it is a make or break game for our philadelphia eagles. and we'll tell you why today's game could determine the entire season, so we're really hoping it is a good day for the birds, right? we'll be right back.
6:51 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> the one and three eagles getting ready for the one and three saint today at the linc. >> this could actually and good match up for the birds, especially when it comes to the running game. the saints are 27th in the league against the rush. so, demarco murray may be able to break out of his funk. the saints secondary has no interceptions, but they do have a quarterback named drew brees. many people are calling this a must-win game. but the birds not going to go there. >> not time to, you know, panic and start doing things out of character, and out of what we believe is going to win games for us, really time for us to hone in on a
6:54 am
process, evaluate the pros he, annex cute the process? by no means is this, you know, an end of the season type deal, which is kind of being portrayed out to be, but, you know, i still think we have a lot of room for improvement. we have players. and once we get this thing going, we'll have it right. >> and you do not want to miss toyota sunday kickoff today at 11:30 here on cbs-3, join me, merrill reese, sport director don bell along with a panel of expert as we get you ready for eagles-saints. >> look flyers looking for the first win in florida, start home and home. this game got away from the orange and black quickly, the panthers dumped in the puck. steve mason making the save. let the rebounds in front of the net. panthers score on that, 90 seconds into the game, panthers on the power play, nick beat mason on the glove side. now two-nothing, and there is more, less than minute later panthers again, really smith, with nice move. scoring its three-nothing, then mason with bad clearing pass, uc say thanks, lit the
6:55 am
lamp four-nothing, mason pulled from the game. panthers scored four goals in six minutes and 46 seconds to set a modern record for the fastest four goals to start a season. the flyers lose seven to one. well the last time temple started the season five and zero was in 1974. yesterday at the linc the owls gave the homecoming crowd lots to cheer about. as they dismantled tulane. to the first quarter the owls down field goal, pj walker steps back, finds robby anderson in the end zone for a 22-yard score, temple takes the lead. after tulane regained the lead owls pulled away, second quarter hand off to thomas. runs right through the middle of the greenway defense scoring 10-yard touchdownment to the third, armstead, who fumble early on in the game, redeems himself on the 16-yard scamper, temple went up 28 to ten. the owls defense, sean chandlers, picks off tanner lee, took 22 yards to the house. temple scored 42 straight points to beat tulane 49 to ten. >> we are playing for four quarters to win the game going
6:56 am
away in the fourth quarter. that's our goal. and, you know, we can't win the game in the first quart earl. we can't loose, but key can play cleaner in the first quarter. that's our message. we will run, try to establish the run, try to make some plays, i thought we made some explosive plays, kip was good for us, jihad had big runs, when we needed him. so thank said, you know, we have some things to clean up getting ready for ucf. proud to get the win. >> now to penn state. they start big ten play against inched ann, a the nittany lions went into the contest four game winning streak. kristin had his best game of the season against the hoosier defense, no score on the first quarter. play action, finds brandon polk on the wheel route. and he took it 39 yards to the house, for seven-nothing score. game tide in the second, drops back, finds day sean hamilton behind the indianna defense for another 39-yard score. under minute left in the first half, calling his own number, ran it in. was two passing td's and two
6:57 am
running. penn state rolled to a 29-seven win. >> that's all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdale. have a great day. go birds. go birds. that's it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have for you coming up at 7:00. the controversial people app. have you heard about this? expected to launch next month. but, after all of the backlash on line the creators are changing their tune. they're revising this thing. a social media expert stops by next hour to show what its creators are nothing response to all of the negative attention. plus, going digital. it is time to file away the library card catalogue. say it isn't so. end after era there. plus, it is chilly outside. but it is going to warm up. going to be pretty nice day today. kyla with your sunday forecast coming up next.
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>> a local business closes it doors after getting robbed twice in one week of the the owner was brutally stabbed during the first robbery. the latest on that investigation. >> plus, a cold case gets a break. the suspects wanted for a rape and murder bensalem is waking up behind barts this morning. how the victim's family is responding to that arrest. >> and the philadelphia eagles face a new ons


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