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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  October 11, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> a local business closes it doors after getting robbed twice in one week of the the owner was brutally stabbed during the first robbery. the latest on that investigation. >> plus, a cold case gets a break. the suspects wanted for a rape and murder bensalem is waking up behind barts this morning. how the victim's family is responding to that arrest. >> and the philadelphia eagles face a new orleans saints. many are hoping today's game
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ends in a win to get the birds back on track. that would make my day myself. good morning, october 11, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. just past 7:00. let's check in with kyla. hopefully good game day forecast, a lot of folks headed out to the football game. >> dry, sunshine, not too warm, but warm enough. >> nice. >> i think it will be perfect for the game today. >> good. >> we just hit ooh degrees in philadelphia. >> we're warming up. >> moving on up. >> slowly but surely not everybody warm this morning, let's start off, talk about the beautiful sunrise, that is happening this morning, this is our camera down the shore. oh, just take deep breath everybody. ah, isn't that nice? ocean city beautiful sunrise, get out and enjoy. beautiful temperatures in and around the state right now, take a look mount pocono, 39 degrees, while we hit 50 in philadelphia, still at 37 in millville. so, we have few issues, because of this cold. one frost advisory for few of the counties, up around the mount pocono area, will expire
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at 9:00 a.m. but right now under the frost advisory because temperatures are in those mid to upper 30's. storm scan3, shows, we're going to have beautiful blue skies today, already seeing it in the gorgeous sunrise picture and it is just going to be nice day. just like yesterday. perfect. beautiful. that's high pressure in control, folks. 70 degrees for high today in philadelphia, 67 at the shore, about 65 in the poconos, we do have little fog that we're looking out for, too, this morning in the western part of pennsylvania. so we talk about that when i come back in a few moments, also doing your seven day forecast, and talk about columbus day today. it will be a warm one, i will be back in a few moments with that, nicole. >> kyla, thank you. well, new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating an overnight shooting in north philadelphia at leaves that man in critical condition with two graze wounds to the head. list say it happened along the 1800 block of east albert street in east kensington just before midnight. now they say the 32 year old man was taken to temple hospital for treatment. right now there is no suspect in custody. a local business closes its doors after becoming the
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victim of two shocking crimes in less than a week. just two days ago the owner of auto tech service stabbed almost 30 times. and criminals have invaded the southwest philadelphia shop again. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson spoke with a close friend of the family, who owns that business. >> with tears barely dry on the faces of friends and family, and blood barely dry at the scene of a vicious attack, a fresh crime causing outrage. >> you talk about low lifers. that's it. scumbags. rob the building when the man's in the hospital after he just got stabbed over 30 times. >> saturday morning david column eight woke to up his friends business, marked crime scene, broken into, less than 48 hours after the owner was critically stabbed during a robbery. police say the crooks pushed in an air-conditioning unit, to enter the building and trash it, unclear if anything was stolen. >> the place is tore up even more than it was. we're going to seal whole building now, and never opening again.
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>> never again. >> never. >> this follows what happened thursday night. when police say shortly before about 6:00 the man walked into auto tag service and confronted the owner. sixty-three year old patrick spin owesosa detective believe the perpetrator supply threaten spinosa with a gun, and the victim likely fought for his life. >> struggle for the gun, discharges, maybe loses control of the gun, starts knife out and start viciously stabbing. >> spinosa then stabbed about 30 times, before the suspect locked the door and fled. >> everything's got to end. everything's going to start. it is very sad. >> reporter: now after four decades the family ownership, coal eight says this latest crime is the last. family now forced to boards up 40 years of memories and community service due to three days of pain and sadness. >> maybe god's telling us something. that's the way we look at it. sixty-three years old, you know, maybe god's telling
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cents something. >> spinosa meanwhile remains in the hospital i'm told in extreme critical condition after going through another day of surgery, family in the meantime praying that one of these days they'll have some good news. reporting from southwest philadelphia, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, one of the men accused in the 1984 rape and murder after bensalem teenager is waking up in a bucks county prison. george shaw was arraigned yesterday on murder charges, in morrisville. authorities extradited shaw from florida where he was arrested last week. now, the victim, barbara roane, disappeared in 1984 when she was just 14 years old. prosecutors say shaw killed the teenager after inviting her own to -- over to babysit. the victim's family was in court. >> gracious individual, remarkable individuals, who we did not have the opportunity to let them know that we reopened this case and that we were working on the case. and so having given them the opportunity today to see him in our custody was very reward
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to go them. >> a second suspect, robert sanders; accused of helping shaw dispose of the body. he was arrested in the poconos. the search is on this morning for a missing teenager in camden county. sixteen year old zion hill of clayton never came home friday night. last seen in the area of park boulevard in camden wearing bluejeans and black shirt. police say hill frequents the areas of wildwood avenue and morton street. anyone with information should call camden county police. >> well, new this morning, california authority are investigating a plane that crashed into an unoccupied lake tahoe home. two people were on board that plane when it crashed saturday night. witnesses reported hearing people trapped inside screaming for help. the condition of the two people who were on that plane is still un clear. >> turkish officials still trying to figure how the is responsible for two bomb explosion that killed 95 people and injured hundreds. the twin blasts were caught on camera. turkish police believe the attack was carried out by
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suicide bombers. they went off just before a peaceful rally to stop the conflict between the kurdish stand workers party and the turkish good morning. >> this by the way one of the deadliest attacks in turkey history. >> well, new video shows how another ancient landmark has become a casualty of syria civil war. islamic state militants blew up palmyra's arch last week. now, for 2,000 years it was the crown jewel of one of syria's most cherish arc logical sites. investigators say, isis is not just destroying ancient artifact it considers to be anti-islamic but also selling them. >> well, the eagles are struggling, we know that much, but another bird, the temple owls, are undefeated. the last time temple started the season five and zero back in 1974. the owls gave the homecoming crowd lots to cheer about yesterday at the linc as they dismantle tulane. temple scored 42 unanswered points as they're now five and zero with the 49 to ten victory. temple fans are pumped about how the owls are playing, take
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a listen. >> i think we did so great at the game. i'm very proud of the temple owls. win or lose, that's my team. go owls. >> i think we got this thing going here. keep it up. >> i think the game was great, you know, we're undefeated five and zero, you know. and still the playoffs. >> so of course eagles fans hoping that some that far good luck is going to be left over at the linc for the eagles today. of course the birds take on the new orleans saints, and both teams enter the game with losing records. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio 1060", live for us at the linc, cherry, what do you think? can we do it? can we pull it out for the birds today? >> i think everybody's hoping they will. i mean, with a one and three record for both the eagles and the saint, this is a must-win game for both teams. but the good news is, nicole, that the eagles are favored three to one to win today. and they're hoping to keep that advantage. take a look at the video, the eagles have been working really hard, training all week
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at practice, if you recall, each of their losses have been close due to minor errors that coach chip kelly says were problems with execution. he claims the players have the talent but the organization including the coaches like follow through. the saints led by coach sean peyton, who is from new jersey, are said to have questionable defense, which is put willing them at a disadvantage today. something ultimate eagles fans like shoulder pad sean young bleed green. and they dress, he's dress in the full eagles gear, for every single game, and he got up today before the sun rose for this game. he has confidence that the team can turn things around, beginning today. >> wooer ' still in this division. no one walking away from this division. it is a long season ahead of us, things will get rolling. today the saint may come marching in, but will be playing taps on the way out. >> so execution, execution,
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execution will be the focus of today. and let me just remind folks that the last time the saints were here, that was january of 2014, the eagles won, and they're hoping, as you can see from sean, that they'll do it again today. live at the linc, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> real quickly i do have to ask, has sean been there all morning? i notice you interviewed him. is he already therefore the game? >> reporter: he was here before we got here and he does this every single home game. he's here. but he dresses in that full outfit even when they're away. so he does it at his house, too. >> i love him. just let sean if you see him again this morning, i'm fan. >> reporter: yes. >> thank you so much, hilarious. clock ten, still to come on "eyewitness news", flood waters unfortunately continue to rise in south carolina we'll get a look at the devestation, while resident brace for even more flooding. just not a good situation down there. also, to dip or to swipe. that's the question.
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new security measures mean a new way positive pay. jim donovan clears up the confusion. >> off to cool sunday. it will warm up later this afternoon. kyla up next with your weekday weather. we'll be right back.
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>> this ship appears to have sung in the islands near the bahamas. navy divers work to go locate the ship's water data record nerve waters nearly 15,000 feet deep. after four dry days, heavy rains returning to south carolina saturday. people are being warned to stay off roads all weekend, until those flood waters recede. cbs news correspondent david begnaud has the latest. >> on the shores of what is highway 41, volunteers were loading up a relief floatilo with food, water, and essentials. >> my boat, humvee, helicopter, whatever it takes, we'll get to them. >> robert the is cyst at any time fire chief in the town of andrews. today he was also a both captain. along the way we passed flooded homes, a railroad crossing, and even a stranded rooster. as the boat reached the shore, people were waiting. stephanie ren helped to unload supplies. >> we're land locked pretty much here besides going through on a boat. >> items were distributed as
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quickly as they arrived. brittany needed diapers and got them. >> so helpful. i mean, this is good people get altogether and do this for us. >> assistant fire chief says he has obligation to help. >> these runs you are make rag outside of your jurisdiction. why are you doing it? >> well, somebody in need, woe would try to help them. mast what we do. >> chief says he's never seen flooding like this before. and it is headed south. saturday afternoon, flooding was reported in georgetown, which is about 25 minutes driving distance from andrews. david begnaud, andrews, south carolina. >> just seeing those homes, i mean, un water up to the rooftops just, i mean, alarming, those poor people. >> beautiful part of the country, they call it part of the country the low country because they are very close to see level. obviously that does not bode well when they get a lot of rain. we don't have to worry about rain. we have other concerns. start off with the beautiful
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shot. down ocean city watching beautiful sunrise, i have to share it because i have been watching it here, showing everybody, really nice. we do have our own problems today. one of them, it is very chill. under frost advisory, for some of the counties up a a and around the mount pocono area that's just until 9:00 a.m. this morning. but if you are in sussex, carbon, monroe counties those temps in the low to mid 30's, mean that your a under the frost advisory, expires at 9:00 a.m. another problem we're having, some fog out there. live look at the neighborhood network, kutztown, they have the chilly temperatures at 35 degrees, but look at this. i've been watching this fog as well throughout the morning. kind of blocking your sunrise out there. so, be careful everybody, heads up, you can notice, lancaster, showing just .3 of a mile visibility. you know, everywhere else looking just fine down the coast in philadelphia, but if you're driving throughout the state early this morning, just heads up weeks do have some fog to contend with. 39 degrees, in allentown, good morning to you there, 38 in millville, atlantic city sitting at 39. we made it to 50 here in philadelphia. so doing little better. look at quakertown, good
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morning to you, still holding down the fort. thirty-eight mt. holly, where the national weather folks are busy this morning, their office is there. calm wind, i think that helps at least when you have got these cool temperatures, and this is the other thing that's helping us out today. we are going to have blue skies, gorgeous everybody, just like yesterday. look at the entire eastern seaboard looking good. low pressure system to the south. that will will track toward us event lip, but we really don't have to worry about it until monday night into tuesday. today, all of that sunshine and as soon as we get the fog to dissipate, we get temperatures to warm up in philadelphia, looking out for high of 70 degrees, and it will be just beautiful out there. now, the poconos, the place that is starting off very chill think morning, just gave you a look ahead what you can expected to sunshine also working its way in, 56 degrees as high. we warm up to the 70s tomorrow. and we will start off sunny but watch out, because late showers into monday into tuesday, that will cool things down for you again. so, hang in there, friends at the poconos, you will warm up today, too. future weather, beautiful today.
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11:00 p.m., blue skies, gorgeous. high pressure in control. then we've got two things going on here, we have low pressure tis tell to the south. also got weak front that's going to be tracking across, this is monday afternoon, looking pretty good. but then here comes the weak front, you see the clouds moving n see little rain trying to make its way in, that's 11:00 p.m. monday. that will go into tuesday, that's when i think we could see few sprinkles come through. not big rain event. but just something to keep an eye on tuesday, take the umbrella with you. sunday today, gorgeous, it is our game day forecast, 68 degrees, and sunshine for the eagles game, taking on the saints. go eagles. hey, i've got the werth cued up for you. so you guys have to get out there, win that game. tomorrow, 74 degrees, sunshine, beautiful for columbus day, well above average. i mean, it will be nice monday. so outdoor plans, ya, i would make them. today 70 degrees, your sunshine coming back in, winds stay nice and callment. it helps this morning, don't feel quite as chilly even though the null bergs are lowment tonight low of 48 degrees, sunset about 6:27 p.m. tonight if you would like to wind up your weekend that way. take a look at your seven day
7:19 am
forecast, monday night into tuesday, see the clouds move in, few showers possible tuesday, and then we cool down to seasonable temperatures wednesday, into thursday, lot of sunshine, but i can't help but notice next weekends it is very chilly, very chilly. high of 59 degrees, isn't that what you said? >> is that a high really? >> i don't think that sound like high to me, kai l but you know what, i like what you said about i gave you the good weather birds, it is on up, don't screw it up. >> taking the eagles to task. it is 7:19. time to see how traffic is moving out there. here's ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic sentiment ann? >> hello, nicole. looking at the ben franklin parkway, a loft construction on the ben franklin parkway. the outer drive closed, between 21st street and 20th street, also the inner drive closed between 21st street and logan square, all for this long-term road construction. now, more road construction on the parkway, outbound at logan square itself where the left lane is closed but so far, all of this construction not impeding traffic. everything moving along all right on the parkway this morning. and there is no events real that i we know of to speak of.
7:20 am
so it is open. moving the traffic cam here, this is actually at the boulevard, approaching broad street. no delays or problems on this portion of the boulevard. however, we do have construction further up, both northbound, and southbound. between rhawn street and woodward street. and this is going on through 6:00 a.m. monday. three lanes are closed in the inner drive, also closed. but right now, things are moving along, later on in the day, boulevard doesn't quite crowded gets quite jammed. just note for you there between rhawn street and woodward street. we move the traffic cam one more time to the mid-county tolls of the pa turnpike. and if you are going to the poconos today, the northeast extension looks good, so does the pa turnpike, and no delays at the mid-county tolls. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thank you will. many people from our area boarded buses for trip to washington, dc, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the "million man march". tens of thousands gathered on the national mall.
7:21 am
nation every islam lewis far con called as a day of healing for the black community back in 1995. that theme this time, was justice or else. organizers and speakers called for justice for all racial and ethnic groups. >> what good are we if we don't prepare young people to carry the torch? >> some who made the journey to the million marrero returned home to philadelphia last night. they plan to put what they've heard into action. >> 7:21 right now. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", going digital. it is time to file away the library card catalogue. the end of an era. >> and to dip or to swipe. that's the question, right? new credit card security measures mean new way to pay. our jim donovan clears up the confusion. plus, we're off to chilly start. but warm up is on the way. thank goodness. coming up: kyla has your weather forecast. stay with
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> causing confusion at the check outline. jim donovan hells you out. >> if you in the the line of cash register moving bit slower than usual, the reason could be these. new credit cards and credit card read ers designed to deter fraud. the cars are called emv cards. which stands for euro pay mastercard and visa. the new chip cards generate a unique or dynamic security
7:25 am
code with each transition. what that means is every time you use that cards, the chip will give a security code will not be used again. >> so how do you know to switch? unless a cashier tells to you do otherwise, continue to swipe. >> if it recognizes the chip, you will need to leave the card in place for few second until the transition is complete. >> i dip. >> you dip s this your first type dipping? >> oh, no. >> so you're an experienced dipper? >> indeed. >> at first do you have get used to it, after a while it is fine. >> these technology changes were mandated by the credit card issuers, not by the government. if you're wondering about debit cards, deadlines are different, but you can expect atm's to be chip ready by next year. reporting for three on your
7:26 am
side, i'm jim donovan. >> library card catalogues, shipped, little sad about this,. >> okay, this is the cardiaca catalogue. >> generations of library goers sifted through them to find the perfect read. >> with the non-profit printing final batch of cards, the era of the card catalogue has officially come to an end. >> founded in 1967, the ohio based organization has printed more than 1.9 billion cards, foy libraries world-wide. peak at 19 -- 1995 over 19 billion. >> moving on line, demands for the cards, and the card at log became obsolete. >> final shipment arrived this week, at the new york
7:27 am
concordia college library, closing the book on the card catalogue. >> and that was vanita meyer reporting. i guess all things come to an end at some point. all right. happening today, the annual columbus day paradement kicks off in south philadelphia, the parade start at noon and takes place on broad street. starting at washington avenue and ending at marconi last in south philadelphia. now, street closures will be in effect all along the parade route, so be on the look-out for. that will also, south philadelphia legend, and 50's cruner franky avalon will serve as parade grand marshall. how cool is that? so, a lot of things to look forward to. all right, it is clock 27 right now. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", president barack obama speaks at event in california, and wait until you see who showed up to cheer him on. plus the details on how it will soon be easier for women in pennsylvania to get high tech mammograms. >> and it is feeling like fall outside if you want to venture out go, ahead, grab that sweater. kyla grogan has your weather forecast after the break.
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>> today is sunday, october 11, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:30, send it over to kyla for more on the for carriages, man, coming in a little on the chilly side.
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>> yes. >> reconsidering my choice of jacket, this morning, when i came in, you know, but listen, so beautiful yesterday. right? >> it was. >> kind of hard, because so warm yesterday. by the time we get out of here. >> already starting to feel nice. word of warning, tonight overnight again the chilly temperatures, but it is nice today, beautiful, philadelphia's not one of them. we hit the 50-degree mark, the wind nice and calm, 5 miles per hour out of the south. beautiful blue skies, this is where we're having little trouble, still under a frost advisory, up and around mount pocono, until 9:00 a.m. that's because temperatures there in the mid to upper 30's, we also have little fog to contend, with you can see, lancaster visibility down to .3 of a mile. so, fog and frost, little built after way to start your sunday. once we get over those ishikawa use, looking good, beautiful, blue skies out there, and plenty of that to
7:32 am
go around today. we should hit the 06-degree mark, down the shore, 67, beautiful sunshine for you, too, poconos, 56 sunny. take deep breath. chilly out there this morning, but beautiful day, seven day forecast coming up. remember for a lot of people tomorrow a holiday, columbus day, and it will be a warm. >> one. >> just so happens to be a holiday for both of us. >> for you. i'm here tomorrow. and i'm excited about it so it is all good. >> kai last thanks. weather forecast looks like good one anyway. eagles fans are hoping the football forecast is just as bright. this afternoon the birds will battle the new orleans saints, both teams enter today's game with one and throw records, not so good. kerry greg from sister station "kyw news radio" 1006 is live for us at the linc this morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. as you probably know, that this is a must win game for the eagles, they're still smart interesting that lost
7:33 am
from the redskins last week, before that, their only win came just because the pope was here. of course, the fans are blaming chip kelly. take a look at the video. the team has been practicing hard, all week, working on what coach chip kelly calls execution problems. he says the players are good enough, and they have the talent, but the plays are coming up short. he blames the players, the coaches, the entire organization, for the short comings, so this week, they are more focused than never, having lost each game by only a few point. good news eagles favored to win over the saint who have questionable defense, that had no interceptions, few sacks, and a kicker that had a so hanging on by a thread. all good signs for ultimate fans like sean young, who has been out here, since before dawn, with fate that the eagles will turn this season around. >> everybody else out there, we may be one and three, but we're not done.
7:34 am
philadelphia eagles will survive today, still up for grabs. we are coming after tnfc east is our division. e-a-g-l-e-s! >> even though folks have been questioning chip kelly's leadership they pointed out couple of years ago the eagles were also one and three, they were able to pull it out and win. the nfc east maybe start the winning streak again today. cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> if the team was half as end thousand as i can as our man sean they would be aces. >> yep. >> take a page out that far guy's book. all right, thank you. >> dorn at trump is on the campaign trail in george, a the republican presidential candidate addressed thousands of supporters yesterday, at event in norcross. trump's advisors say he is
7:35 am
committed long race despite rumors he may reconsider his bid. meantime trump continues to lead the other republican candidates in many nationwide polls. well, celebrities joined president obama for a democratic national committee fundraiser, in san francisco. >> # 50 to $10,000 to see the president and rapper kanye west. can ya's wife kim cardiac juan also in the audience. poke fun at the rap who said he might make a 2020 presidential bid. >> do you really think that this country will elect a black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name, to be president of the united states? that is crazy. >> oh, boy. well, the president is current lip in the middle of a four day swing, to route the west coast. stay with "eyewitness news" tore complete coverage of campaign 2016. the very latest on the air, on
7:36 am
our website >> all kind of mammograms including the 3d versions will now be free in the state of pennsylvania. health reporter stephanie stahl explains the new policy, that doctors say could save lives. >> hard to find breast cancer missioned when traditional screenings. >> takes multiple low dose x-rays of the breast, different angles. and those are then reconstructed into a breast, that we can then sort of slice through like a love of bread. >> radiologist, with the women's center at einstein medical center says research shows 3d mammograms find 41% more cases of invasive breast cancer, and reduce the number of false positive's. >> i've been working with other radiologists who believe in the technology trying to explain to ensure ers how vital this is to the detection of breast cancer.
7:37 am
>> even though it says it is not investigational, some insurers still consider 3d mammograms to be experimental, and don't automatically cover it. the pennsylvania insurance department has received complaints from many consumers, regarding charges for this. not any more. governor wolf new policy mandate insurance companies cover all mammograms, no co-pace for women. even the most sophisticated screenings. >> best news i've heard. >> doctors say 3d mammograms are specially helpful for women at high risk, and, those who have already had breast cancer. stephanie stahl. >> he said woe lower the price, but some major pharmacist say he didn't. you may remember this guy, martin jelly, he's the pharmaceutical ceo that hike up the price after drug used by aids in cancer patient by nearly 5000%. the original price of this thing was about $13. but after raising the price,
7:38 am
to $750 a pill, he found himself in a pr nightmare. he appeared on abc news and said he would reduce the cost. major pharmacy chains like cvs walgreens confirmed the price hasn't changed. right now it is $900 a pill. 7:38. still to come on "eyewitness news", the people app isn't out yet. already it is hated. after vast criticism on line, it is getting complete overhaul. find out about the new changes coming up next. >> also, headed outdoor today? go ahead, grab that jacket. it is chilly out there. kyla lets us know just how long these chilly temperatures are going to stick around. we'll be right back.
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the new app people is set to launch next month. after one of the creators described it as yelp, for people, they got tons of backlash. reporter betty yu explains. >> co-founder julia and her best friend, nicole, created the each because they wanted a way to research strangers. >> you're going to be able to really find out who somebody is, before you invite them into your life. >> set to to release next month, profile for themselves, or anyone else you have a cell phone number for. anyone can pose arrayed g or come don't that profile. positive or negative. though bad reviews aren't
7:42 am
immediately posted, anonymous views aren't allowed. >> freedom of speech is cool, but i feel like you should respect people's space. i feel this is little intrusive. >> this week critics slammed the app on line foreign couraging cyber bullying. all of the negative attention, even caused the app's website to crash yesterday. >> i think the people who are most motivated to write a rating about you is someone who doesn't like you. and that could be trouble. >> cnet senior editor bridgette kerry said that can mean defemation, or line bell. you can't exactly say anything you want on the app people. profanity, racism, sex i, are banned on the app. and users can dispute low star rating. >> everyone judges on daily basis. so you have to, human nature. so maybe this is the next step. >> julia insists people is a positivity app, constant complain letters see their own
7:43 am
star ratings, drop. earn courage you to be good, point out good at butte of other people. >> okay, so that was the story kind of the background to this inning there is but after the app garnered so much hate, it creators say they're making some changes, in fact, now they are willing it as a positivity app rethinking to break it all down social media expert jen cannon. jen, i know when you saw that this app popped up, you thought oh, no. we should not be going here. >> the first thing so many people did was run topples, surely this must be some sort of joke. >> sure. >> or hoax or now they're is still a loft speculation as to whether or not it might and pr stunt. >> okay, but let's talk about the latest on this. because, we saw if the background of the app, what it was intended to be. but, just this past week, one
7:44 am
of the creators gone the linked in, and posted that their completely re-thinking this app. in fact they are launching it as a positivity app? the complete opposite of maybe what it was originally intended for? >> so confusing and controversial. >> she is saying it will be this huge positivity movement. and that on monday, you will be able to join the positive revolution with that and beta test t thing so curious to me is that these two women are virtually unknown in the tech start up world. fosh someone who created a app such as this, irony in the fact that she made a post on her facebook page, asking people if they could tell her how to disable comments. >> so much irony here. >> so anyway this new app there is new concept for the
7:45 am
app would be 100% operate in, use worse need to approve reviews. really saying that this is real a about-face? >> yes, if it is true. if it even happens. >> yes. >> but people technique any will, if you read yelp reviews on line, if you ever red them, the typical person that responds or post things there are either very happy and satisfied, or very unhappy and typically angry. and i believe that an app like this by users, we don't need an app. we have this thing called the internet. the world-wide web. people feel free to hurl ugliness at each other all day long. >> i love your line about context. >> oh, and that's the other thing i try to get people to think about this, consider this. everything we read on line. everything we see on line is 100% out of context, unless we're the ones that posted it. >> where there is no context
7:46 am
there can be no truth. >> that's why yelp for people probably not good idea. >> just say no thank you to the people. >> thanks for being with us,. >> thanks for having me. we send it over to kyla, this is crazy, isn't it? >> it is crazy and they spell people peeple. i don't like t spell it the way it is spell. i know trying to be cute. i don't like t good morning, i'll tell how is cute, my eyewitness weather watchers. good morning. chilly temperatures out there, 38 degrees, where michael; and he's in san towing, a pa. his comment is very simple this morning. he says: cool start to a beautiful day and good morning, to everybody. but notice, that we are also a little cool at this observation. this one, 34 degrees, and i want to show this one. we also have some fog out there. eileen is seeing that in gilbertsville at 34 degrees, but fog, and sent me picture of it and says that the sun is trying, trying, to peak out. >> all right, let's take live
7:47 am
look now, little prettier picture, ocean city watching the sun come up. beautiful blue skies, not a bikini day but a day on the beach, beautiful. blue skies again today. and pretty nice afternoon as it starts to warm up. a.m. fog, frost, in our northern areas, around the poconos, but sunny afternoon on the way, light wind, makes it pretty noise out, there not feeling quite as cool. but tonight another night in the 40's. say good morning to kutztown, finally, i can see your sunrise here, still just at 36 degrees, but we had fog out here, i am happy to say it has dissipated so looking great there. so headed into the western part of the state, just make sure that you're aware that that could be problem. frost advisory still in effect, if you're in and around mount pocono until 9:00 a.m., and take a lock here, sus he can, carbon, monroe counties, them tours
7:48 am
mid to p i shall 30's, by 9:00 a.m. that will start to gave you a break, too, see the temperatures warm up. look at this, allentown, 39 degrees, 50 in philadelphia, just 37 in millville. chilly out, there all along the eastern seaboard, seeing a lot of 40's here in washington, d.c., 48, richmond, 45, check out state college pa. thirty-nine chilly degrees. storm scan3, looking great this morning. beautiful blue skies, zoom out looking good, low pressure system, will start to catch up with little bit we head toward tuesday. foliage today, take a drive, absolutely gorgeous out there. just go west. i started to see pretty picture yesterday. i went to to go see the medford apple festival. warm, average 69 degrees cool down as we head into this week. prepare yourselves. you will need that jacket. also, while looking great today, going into monday, still looking good. we have two things coming our
7:49 am
way one low pressure system from the south the other a weak front tracking across, late monday into tuesday, that we would see a little bit of rain with that. sunshine, eagles take over the saint. high of the 68 grass, chilly night with low of 48 out there shall everybody, keep the jackets handy. take a look at your seven day forecast. looking good. we will be warming up on monday, little rain tuesday, cooling down, we get to the mid week time frame. if you love watching weather you can be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up right now at watchers, nicole. >> kai last thanks. 7:49. we check the roads and highways with ann evans, good morning, ann. >> good morning, nicole. beautiful morning, as you just heard the forecast. this is the schuylkill at 202. now the schuylkill is in fine shape. not only here, but through philadelphia, and its suburb, now, this is in the king of prussia area, not far from the king of prussia mall. no accidents to speak of. no construction to speak of. no delays to speak of on the schuylkill this morning.
7:50 am
and, if you are taking 95, or the vine street expressway or the area bridges, they all look okay, too. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thanks for the update. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", both temple and penn state continue their winning ways, we are happy to report, here's hoping to passalong some of the winning luck to our struggling eagles, right? sports coming up next. first though here's a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> the one and three eagles getting ready for the one and three saint this afternoon at the linc there is could actually and good match up for the birds, specially when it comes to the running game. twenty-seventh in the league against the return, so demarco murray may be able to break out of his funk. saints secondary has no interceptions, they do have quarterback named drew brees. many people calling this a must win game, but the birds, not going to go there. >> doing things out of character, and out of what we believe is going to win games for us, really, time for us to hone in on process, evaluate the pros he, execute the process? by no means is this, you know, an end of the season type deal, which is being portrayed out to be. but, you know, i still think we have a lot of room for improvement. we have players.
7:54 am
>> do you not want to miss toyota sunday kickoff 11:30 cbs-3, join me, merrill reese, sport director don bell along with panel of expert, as we get you ready for eagles-saints. flyers looking for the their first win of the season down in florida as they start home in home series with the panthers there is game got away from the orange and black quickly. the panthers dumped in the puck. steve mason make the save. left the rebounds in front of the net. panthers score on that, 092nd into the game. panthers on the power play. nick beat mason on glove side. now two-nothing, and there is more, less than minute laterment panthers again with main advantage, really smith, with nice move, scoring its three-nothing. then mason with bad clearing pass, uc says thanks, lit the lamp four-nothing, mason pull from the game. panthers scored four goals, in six minute, to set modern record, to start season, the flyers lose seven to one.
7:55 am
last time temple started the season 1974. yesterday at the linc the owls gave the homecoming crowd lots to cheer about as they dismantle tulane. owls down fold goal, pj walker steps back, find robby anderson in the end zone for a 22-yard score, temple takes the lead, after tulane regained the lead owls pulled away, second car err hand do you have jihad thomas. runs right through the middle of the defense scoring 10-yard touchdown. to the third, arm stead, who fumbled early in the game, redeems himself on the 16-yard scamper, temple went up 28 to ten, owls defense, sean chandler, pick off tanner lee, and took a 22-yard to the house. temple beats tulane. >> playing for four quarters, taking the win in the fourth quarter, that's our gem. we can't win the game in the first quarter, can't lose it, but key with play cleaner in the first quarter, that's our message. try to make some plate, you know, i thought we made
7:56 am
explosive plays in the past games, jew had had big runs. when we needed him. so, that means, we have things to clean up. proud to get the win. >> to penn state, they started big ten play against indianna. the nittany lions went into the contest with four game winning streak. kristin had his best game of the seasons against the hoosier defense, no score in the first quarter. nittany lions with the ball. play action, finds brandon polk on the wheel route. and he took it 39 yards to the house for a seven-nothing score. game tide in the second. drops back, finds day sean hamilton behind the indianna defense another 39-yard score. under minute left in the first half. calling his own number. ran it in. was two passing td's and two running. penn state rolled to 29-seven win. >> that's all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdale. great day. go birds. >> go birds. still ahead on "eyewitness news", it is a pivotal game
7:57 am
for the eagles today. as leslie was saying, as they face-off against the saints. why many are saying it could decide the rest of the birds season. we'll have a live report. plus: atm and over draft fees hit new record highs. but guess what? there is a way you can avoid those fees. jim donovan crunched the numbers and has some advice. >> and a chilly start to the morning. some areas even seeing a frost advisory. brr. kyla has closer look at how much it will warm up for your sunday, when we come back.
7:58 am
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the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. >> a local business decides to
8:00 am
close its doors for good after it was the target of two crimes within a week. why the owners say, they're done. >> also, a chilly start to the day today. a frost advisory in effect for some areas this morning. but, we are look being at some warmer temperatures. later in the day. kyla with a check on your sunday forecast coming up next. >> it is perfect football season wet they are morning, it is important, since the eagles have very big game ahead of them this afternoon. why many say today's games could decide the rest of the birds season. good morning, sunday, october 11, i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00. we send it over to more on the game day forecast, big day for birds fans, hoping the weather shapes up. >> listen, it will be dry, it will be sunny, and by the time it is all said and done we hit 07 degrees today. i think that's perfect. >> victory dance, please, i was thinking victory, yes. >> shake it. >> okay, you know they better win nowha


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