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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  October 11, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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it was the target of two crimes within a week. why the owners say, they're done. >> also, a chilly start to the day today. a frost advisory in effect for some areas this morning. but, we are look being at some warmer temperatures. later in the day. kyla with a check on your sunday forecast coming up next. >> it is perfect football season wet they are morning, it is important, since the eagles have very big game ahead of them this afternoon. why many say today's games could decide the rest of the birds season. good morning, sunday, october 11, i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00. we send it over to more on the game day forecast, big day for birds fans, hoping the weather shapes up. >> listen, it will be dry, it will be sunny, and by the time it is all said and done we hit 07 degrees today. i think that's perfect. >> victory dance, please, i was thinking victory, yes. >> shake it. >> okay, you know they better win now that i am doing that.
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>> starting off with few problems this morning, one of them is in lancaster, check it out. visibility map, everybody else doing fine, .3 of a mile visible, that's eventually going to gave you a break. watch out out and about this morning. very chilliment check it out. allentown, 40 degrees, same story reading, 40 in millville, at 49 degrees in philadelphia. but a lot of cold air out there. under frost advisory for some of our counties in and around mount pocono, and that will expire at 9:00 a.m. but for right now, it is chilly, live look here at rehoboth. i just saw a bride taking her wedding pictures in her gown and everything out there. so pretty as the sun is coming up. 58 degrees for you there in rehoboth. we will all see nice day. live look at storm scan3, you can see blue skies for all. blue skies coming your way too. warm today. high of 07 degrees, 74 tomorrow, with more sunshine
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on columbus day, few showers in on tuesday, will cool us down a bit. we will talk about that coming up in just a few moment, in your seven day forecast. nicole? >> all right, i look forward to it, kyla, thank you. >> well, today eagles fans are hoping that this good weather translates to big win at the linc. right? the birds will go to battle against the new orleans saints, both teams enter today's game with one and three records. so, it is a must-win on both sides. particularly we hope for our birds. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" 1060, live at the linc this morning. good morning, cherri gregg! >> reporter: good morning, nicole. you said it, yes, this is must win game for both teams. but the good news is the eagles favored, and they've been working hard all week to keep that advantage. take a look at this video as you can see, the birds have been training hard at practice, each of their losses, have been closed due to minor errors that coach chip kelly says is due to lack of execution. he claims, the players have
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the talent but the organization including the coaches like follow through, the saint led by coach sean peyton, who is from our area, they are said to have questionable defense, which is putting them at disadvantage today. but, as you can see, eagles fans are here, and they have been here, since dawn, and now, that the sun is up, so are their hopes. but some say if the team does not pull through today, one person is to blame. and his name is chip kelly. >> i don't think he can hack it here in the ffl, they got to have it, pretty much over. >> two years ago we started one and three and made the playoffs. so i'm feeling good about this game. said the defense stinks, drew brees is hurting. so, i think we'll do it. >> execution, that's the word
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of today, and i want to point out, in 2014, january 2014, the saints were here, and the eagles won that game. then, so, fans are hoping that they'll do it again today. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> hopefully kyla's victory dance helped. it was pretty ledge it. thanks, you couldn't see it, but i have to -- you have to take my word for it. >> eagles are struggling lit bit. but another bird, the temple owls, are undefeated. the last time temple started the season five and zero back in 1974, at the linc yesterday, the owls really gave the homecoming crowd lots to cheer b they complete lid dismantled tulane. temple scored 42 unanswered points, and now they're five and zero with the 49 to ten victory.
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temple fans of course pulped about how the owls are playing. >> i'm very proud of the owls, win or lose, my team. go owls. >> good thing going here, keep it up, finish the year strong. >> i think the game was great, you snow undefeated five and zero. switching gears, new, philadelphia police investigating overnight shooting in north philadelphia. that has a man in critical condition with two graze wounds to the head. police say it happened along the 1800 block of east albert street in east kensington. they say the man was able to walk himself into nearby temple hospital for treatment. there is no suspect in custody . becoming the target of two shocking crimes in less than a week, just three days ago, the owner of auto tag is her have i was stabbed almost 30 times. southwest philadelphia shop, yet again. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson spoke with a close family friend, who owns the business. >> with tearing barely dry on the faces of friends and family, blood, barely dry at the scene after vicious
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attack, a fresh crime causing outrage. >> robbed in building when the man is in the hospital after he just got stabbed over 30 times. >> saturday morning, david woke up to his friend's business, marked crime scene, broken into, less than 48 hours after the owner was critically stabbed during a robbery. police say crooked pushed in air-conditioning aoun at this time enter the building and trash it, unclear, if anything was stolen. >> never opening again. inner. >> again? >> never. >> this follows what happened thursday night. when police say shortly before about 6:00 a man walked into auto tag service and confronted the owner. sixty-three year old patrick spinosa. detective believe the perpetrator may have threatened spinosa with a gun, and the victim likely fought for his life. >> a struggle probably for the gun that discharges, and maybe loses control of the gun, then
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pulls a knife out, starts viciously stabbing. >> police say spinosa was then stabbed about 30 times before the suspect locked the door and fled. >> everything's got to ends. everything's going to start. it is very sad. >> now after four decades, this family ownership, says this latest crime is the last. family now forced to board up 40 years of memories and community service due to three days of pain and sadness. >> maybe god is telling using? that's the way we look at it. sixty-three years old, you know? maybe god is telling us something. >> spinosa remains in the hospital i'm told in extreme critical condition, after going through another day of surgery, family, in the meantime, praying that one of these days they'll have some good news. reporting from southwest philadelphia, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> rape and murder of bensalem
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teenager now jill in a bucks county. georgia arraigned on murder charges in morrisville yesterday. authority extradited shaw from florida where he was arrested last week, the victim, barbara roane, disappeared in 1948 when just 14 years old. prosecutors say shaw killed a teenager after inviting her over to babysit. the victim's family was in court. >> let them know we reopened the case, working on the case, so having given them the opportunity today to see him in our custody was very rewarding to them. >> second suspect sanders helping shaw dispose of the body. he war arrested in the poconos. this morning camden county police looking for missing teenagerment take a look. sixteen year old zion hill never came home friday night. last seen in camden wearing bluejeans, black shirt. hill frequent the areas of
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wildwood avenue and morton street. anyone with information should call camden county police. >> california authorities are investigating a plane that crashed into an unoccupied lake tahoe home. two people on board that plane when it crashed saturday night. witnesses reported hearing people trapped inside screaming for help. the condition of the two people on that plane is still unclear. >> well, the death toll is nearing 100 after two suspected suicide bombers set off explosions just before a peace rally there is happened yesterday in turkey. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette with more on the attack. >> tear -- terror interrupted a dance in anchorage, hundreds ran in fear after two bombs went off almost sometime tape justly about 50 meters apartment many were still holding flags, to be used in a peace role i that was about to start. nor flags left behind, outside the capitol city main train
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station. ambulances rushed to help the more than 300 victim who were hurt or killed in the bombings. pro kurdish activists and opposition supporters were taking part in the rally organized by the country's public workers union and other groups. it was scheduled just a few weeks before turkey's general election on november 1st. the event planned to call from greater democracy, end to the violence between current i shall rebels and the country security forces which has flared up since july. no one has taken responsibility for the attack. >> but turkey prime minister says kurdish rebels, islamic state millitant may be behind the bombings. he called for three day official mourning period for the victims. windy gillette, "eyewitness news". >> new video shows how another landmark has, islamic state millitant blew up palmyra ash this much week, for 2,000
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years the crown jewel of syria's most cherished arc logical site. investigators say, isis is not just destroying ancient artifact it considers to be anti-islamic but also selling them. still to come this morning, more rain hitting south carolina yesterday, as the state deals with massive flooding. but one town has found a unique way to get stranded resident the supplies they need. also, atm and over draft fees hit new record high. guess what? there is a way it avoid these fees. jim donovan crunches numbers. i'll have some advice for you. kyla? >> and we have started off chilly today. but we are looking out for some sunshine, i will have your eagles game day forecast when we come back. so plus a look at the next seven days, and nicole will be doing her victory dance. stay tuned. we'll be right
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>> south caroline flood waters reach new heights. now, more rain fell across the state yesterday. cbs news correspondent david begnaud has the latest. >> on the shores of what was highway 41, volunteers loading up relieve floatilo with food, water, essentials. >> my boat, by hum v, helicopter, whatever it takes, we'll get to them. >> robert the assistant fire chief in the town of andrews, today, he was also a boat captain. >> we passed flooded homes, railroad crossing, stranded rooster, reached the shore, people were waiting. >> stephanie ren held to unload supplies. >> landlocked pretty much here, besides going through on a boat. >> items were distributed as
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quickly as they arrived. brittany, needed diapers, and got them. >> so helpful. says he has obligation to help. >> these runs you are make rag outside of your jurisdiction. why are you doing it? >> well, somebody in need, we try to help them. >> chief says he has never seen flooding like this before. and it is headed south. saturday afternoon, flooding was reported in georgetown, which is about 25 minutes driving distance from andrews. david begnaud. >> the situation there, just terrible. >> it is hideous. you know, i am happy to say it looks like they're catching a break today. >> yes, some good news. >> can you imagine the clean up? right? just hard to even. >> all of those lives impacted. just terrible. >> very tough. >> but here at home, i have to say, it is nice, yes. >> start off chilly.
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have awfully nice forecast for our eagles game day. somebody has a victory dance. >> oh, i thought that was you, kyla doing the victory dance. >> we can all dot victory dancement look at this, 68 degrees. sunshine. >> so the eagle taking on saint, beautiful. sitting in direct sunlight, plenty warmment take the jacket in case game goes on for awhile, and you get little chilly sitting in the shade. frost advisory still in effect, speaking every chilly up at mount pocono, check it out until 9:00 a.m. temperatures have been in the mid and upper 30's, this morning. sussex, carbon, monroe counties, just keep yourselves warm, folks it, will expire at 9:00 a.m. this morning, looking much better. >> notice the temperature here on the live neighborhood network, just 39 degrees, beautiful, though, see, getting sunshine in there. all going to see that as we work our way through the day, lancaster being improvement here for you, visibility, down
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to .3 of a mile now to up 2 miles. feeling good about that. that means the fog giving you a break. but the temperatures little chill any spots rid now. reading, 40 degrees mark, 49 in philadelphia, 43 down in atlantic city if we zoom in little bit here check out quakertown, 37 degrees. good morning doylestown, 39, same story pottstown. just snuggle up everybody. the wind calm. that certainly helps it not to feel more chilly. storm scan3, showing, we are nice and clear, blue skies, are going to be with us today yet again just like yesterday, absolutely gorgeous, all up and down the eastern seaboard. notice little rain to the south. that's a low pressure system that will start to track toward us. and we can see showers tuesday, but today, we don't have to worry about that working our way, gorgeous sunshine, right on through the day. those in the poconos, starting off chim i little look ahead,
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so today, sunny but cool the high of 65, start sunny monday, later showers, in the day, but look at that 71 degrees, warm up, and see the scattered showers tuesday, not the only ones, all looking out for few scattered showers, looking at future weather nice and clear, takes you through your monday, go even further though in the, we have this low pressure system to the south. got weak one tracking in from the west. tying morning, over night hours, see showers rolling in around philadelphia. clears out getting late near the day tuesday. so tuesday will be a take the umbrella with you day. monday though, look at this, sunshine beautiful, high of 74. enjoy these days, right? this time of year, in the 70s, think at this has a different casino after feeling because you know won't last forever. today beautiful, 70 degrees for your high, sunny and nice, nice calm winds out there tonight clear and chilly. it is tuesday you want to take
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the umbrella with you, cool down to wednesday and thursday. next weekend, talking chilly things. >> yes, 59 as a high. >> yes. >> little chill. >> i not increase that yet. >> so, very soon, because we will be forced to. it is 8:19. let's check the roads with ann. good morning, ann. >> nicole, morning old. roadways look okay this morning, boulevard at ridge avenue. no delays or problems on this portion of the boulevard. up further however, both directions, do you have road construction, between rhawn street and woodward street. inner drive. later in the afternoon they tend to get very congested, very jammed up. as for now, the boulevard looks all right, through philadelphia. we will move the traffic cam here, this is to i95, right near broad street, right in the area of the stadium. so if you are going to today's eagles game, should be okay if you are headed out there to do some tailgating. no delays or problems, little later thon highway really does get quite congested but right now looks okay.
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i-95 looks good. moving the traffic cam to the ben franklin bridge, eastbound in the eastbound lanes, heading toward new jersey, we have construction the entire lent of the bridge. right lane closed because of this road work. and again, right now, moving along fine. later on in the afternoon when it tends to get very jammed, might want to take the walt whitman bridge instead if you plan to go out later this afternoon. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. ann evans, now, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thanks for that update getting money out of atm isn't getting any cheater. new report finds the fees have reached record highs when you use an out of network atm. but there are some steps you can take to avoid paying them, and even pay less. >> designed for convenience, at tm's, some consumers paying heavy price for their monday. >> i no one likes having their own money ripped away from them like that. >> new report from bank rate. com, average out of network
8:21 am
atm fee now $4.52 sent. >> last five years. >> that's really highway robbery. highway. >> fees vary city to sit. the study found at lan tax new york and phoenix have the highest in the country. atlanta, new york, rang 19th of that large markets for out of town fees, easier than ever to avoid paying those fees. >> ray, from bank rate. com, urges people to use atm's within their bank's network and recommend joining a bank that reimburses out of network charges. ream nay pinch use debit card, get cash back. >> banks need fees to maintain the atm's, but mcbride says consumers are getting better 00 at avoiding this. >> i am annoying, you know, to pay the fees, obviously. >> expert expect the fees will continue to rise.
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>> the bank rate. com report found over draft fees also setting a new record, the national average is $33.07. but in our area, they are even higher, come in at $34.20. sixth highest in the nation. be sure keep an eye on your accounts. reporting for "3 on your side" i'm jim donovan. >> always hurts to pay the three, four bucks for the atm charge. pets will soon be welcome aboard some amtrak trains. how about that? the passenger train service says riders will be able to take a cat or even small dog on trips up to seven hours long, on some of their northeast route. but, pet owners will have to pay $25 per pet. >> all right, we take slotter break. we'll be right back.
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>> doctor phil has been fishing out tough love for almost two decades on doctor phil. his interview tracey smith that you will be seeing coming up on cbs sunday morning. >> four fill mcgraw and his wife robin every show begins the same way with a walk together across the paramount lot. and a little ritual. >> so what was that touching the thing? >> you know, i started the first time, that has the thing sticking out will just rip your arm, so when we walk by, i touch it the first day to keep her from tearing her arm, and the show went great. >> fourteen seasons in. the doctor phil show is still going great. >> let's do it. >> good show everybody, here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> have a great show. >> entheusiastic audiences, endless parade of troubled guests. >> a host who knows how to put on a show.
8:26 am
>> if our heroin addict, and you did heroin today, correct? really? >> heroin? >> somebody asked me one time, he said, doctor phil, isn't what you do a lot of just entertainment? clearly an attempt to be insulting. and my answer was, my god, i hope so. if it isn't, they won't watch. >> you are drunk in a bar at 1:30 in the morning fight wag cop. that is not good mothering. you need help. >> intervention? >> all right, advice from doctor phil, plus the invasion of the lion fish and multi billionaire charles coke on life and politics. that's this sunday morning, right here on cbs-3, at 9:00. they certainly cover it all. all right, coming up in the next half hour on "eyewitness news", there has been a rash of gun violence across college campuses recently.
8:27 am
we'll have more on what's being done to try to prevent these event from happening. also, pivotal game for the eagles today, they face-off against the saints. why so many people are saying it could decide the rest of the birds season. >> and get ready for abut full day. oh, my gosh. it will reach 70 today. but, you're also waking to up some chilly temperatures. you know, just put on the jacket if you have to head out. kyla will check the forecast coming up next.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> today is sunday, october 11, good morning, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. kylie out on the cbs-3 skydeck, how does it feel out
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this. >> shelly, no doubt about it, still in the upper 40's, here, but i don't know if you can see behind me how blue the sky s but it is absolutely gorgeous today. that i think is the story for the day, how pretty it is, another nice day, live lock at center city and you can see the temperature 49 degrees. wendt out of the north, don't have the wind to contends with as go throughout our day. check out what's happening in allentown, 40 degrees for them, 40 in reading, 41 mount pocono, and millville, has been chill think morning, as well, sitting at 40 degrees. forty-three in atlantic city. that is one of the reasons, we have the frost advisory up around the mount pocono area set to lift at 9:00 a.m. but those 30's that we saw earlier this morning, there, the mid to up 30th's prompted that frost advisory. good news these clear skies they're stunning, live look at storm can three, there go. all going to get in on the action. as soon as little warm up on the way i think those at mount
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pocono will be enjoying the day too. high of 70 degrees for philadelphia today. lot every sunday shine, 56 in the poconos, looking grated today for football or anything else you might be headed outside for. your extended forecast when i come back in just a few, for now we head back to nicole. >> casino will, thanks. eagles fans are hoping the good weather translate to win at the win. go to battle against the new orleans saints, both teams end erring today's game "kyw news radio" 106 with more now from the link. >> you said it, nicole, must win game for the eagles, who are still smarting from that lost, by the redskins last week, and the week before that, their only win, and it took a pull be in philadelphia to get. that will take a look at the video being eagles have been working hard, all week, practicing, working on what coach chip kelly calls execution problems.
8:32 am
says the players are good enough, have the tal edge, but the plays coming up short. he blames the players, coaches, entire organization for the short coming, so this week more focused than ever, having lost each game by only a few points. the good news is the eagles are favored to win three to one over the saints who have questionable defense, that has had no interceptions, few saxon kicker, that is hanging on by a thread. all good signs for ultimate fans, who have been out here just before dawn with fate that the eagles are going to turn this season around. >> everybody else out there, we may be one and three, but we're not done. philadelphia eagles will survive today. two and three, nfc east, still up for grabs. and we are coming after it. nfc east, is you have division -- is our division. e-a-g-l-e-s! for life. believe it. >> even though the fans have been questioning coach chip kelly's leadership, they still have fate. if you recall, last time saint
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were here back in january of 2014, the eagles won, and they're hoping they can do that against today. at the linc, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", "eyewitness news". switching gears, at rally in colorado this weekend, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders called for ban on assault weapons. the senator from vermont mentioned two campus shootings earlier in the week at rally in boulder on saturday. now, in addition to the ban, sanders called for greater mental health policies and universal background checks. >> well, done al trump is on the campaign trail in george a the republican presidential candidate addressed thousands of supporters at an event in norcross yesterday. trump's advisors says he's committed long race despite rumors he may reconsider his bid. but, trump did mention the candidate he says should not run. hillary clinton.
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>> all right, looks like we're having little trouble with that sound bite. we'll get to that. trump does continue to lead the other republican candidates in many nationwide polls. >> well, celebrities join president obama for democratic national committee fundraiser in san francisco. >> 1300 people paid between 250 and $10,000 to see the president and also rapper kanye west yesterday. kanye's wife, kim kardashian, was also in the audience, the president obama poke fun at the rap here said he might make 20/20 presidential bid. >> do you really think that this country is going to elect a black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name to be president of the united states? that is crazy. >> oh, boy. well, the president is currently in the middle of a four day swing, throughout the west coast.
8:35 am
and you can stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of campaign 2016. we'll have the very latest for you on the air, also on our website well, top republicans still calling for congressman paul ryan to run for house speaker. ryan made it clear, he doesn't want the job. but cbs news correspondent weijia jiang report, there may be major political reason why. today paul ryan is in seclusion, with his wife and three children, contemplating his next move. after a birrage of house republicans begged him to run for speaker. >> the fact is paul ryan is the right man, right now. >> i think paul ryan right now has the stature that he could overcome a lot. >> why not? >> i don't want to be speaker. >> while ryan has publicly insisted he doesn't want the job. >> nothing changed. right now i am just going to make it home for dinner. >> cbs news learned ryan is seriously considering a run. >> he's got to decide does he want to come in and try to
8:36 am
heard these unheard dollars animals, or not? >> former house republican tom davis says ryan is the clear choice. but, says, the position could jeopardize his political future. ryan, a candidate for vice president, in 2012, may be identifying a future white house run. and his stop as speak is her not on the tactical road map. >> this is male groin tear try to take this thing over. a loft people who have been his friend won't be his friend after couple of decisions. >> even if ryan decides to run, the same group of hard-line conservatives who discourage majority lied err kevin mccarthy from running, may not give him the number of votes to secure a win. but, if ryan does not jump on board, it is unclear what the republicans plan to do. in washington, weijia jiang, cbs news. >> well, many people from our area travel to washington, dc this weekend to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the "million man march". tens of thousands gathered on the national mall yesterday. nation of islam minister, lewis farrakhan, called for the original march as a day of
8:37 am
healing for the black community back in 1995. the theme this time around, was justice, or else. organizers and speakers called for justice for all racial and ethnic groups. >> what good are we if we don't prepare young people to carry the torch? >> made that journey to the "million man march", have returned home here in philadelphia. they plan to put what they heard into action. >> happening today, annual columbus day parade kicks off in south philadelphia. the parade starts at noon, and takes place on broad street. starting at washington avenue, and then ending at the marconi plaza in south philly. now, street closures will be in effect all along the parade route. so be alert and on the look-out for those. south philadelphia legend and 50's cruner, franky avalon, will serve as the parade's grand marshall. how cool is that? we will take a short break. we'll be r
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"face the nation" will coming your little way a little bit later on this morning at 10:30, here on cbs-3, joining because preview, live in washington, is the moderator, political director john dickerson. good morning, john. >> today a lot to talk b new cbs news poll. that will tell us who is where, in the republican and democratic race, on the republican side, donald trump still at the top. we sat down with with him in his offers friday. that, and then conversation about ben carson, we will talk to him about his provocative comment about guns and the holocaust, and few other issues. and then, we talk to south carolina congressman nick, one. members of the conservative group causing so much excitement in the house of representatives. they don't quite know who their next speaker will be, no answer appears to be in site. two panels, what's is happening in turkey, sewer crashes political panel to sift through the weeks events
8:41 am
and try and make sense of it all. >> i guess you won't be talking to paul ryan today. sound like he's laying low, at least for the time being. >> yes, i think he's in his basement, height g out. >> 8:48. one week after gunman opens fire at a community college in roseburg, oregon, president obama meet with the victim's family two, more campus shootings terrorize campuses in arizona and in texas. marry maloney has more on the gun violence. >> the moment marine one landed the president was met with protesters who say he returned to politicize the tragedy, by pushing a gun control agenda. >> that's when he made about gun control, and the way that coming off first thing he said, instead of saying i'm sorry for the families, i think it was just wrong. >> mr. obama met privately with families still grieving their loved ones following the mass shooting at the community college, the gunman shot and
8:42 am
killed nine people, before turning the gun on himself. i have very strong feelings about there is because when you talk to these families, you are reminded this could be your child. >> two more college shootings unfolded tuesday, first northern arizona tragedy where police say freshman shot four other student, killing one, and later texas southern university was also put on lockdown following shooting. one student kill, and another person hospitalized. in may passed new law set to go in effect next year that will allow anyone with concealed handgun license to car a weapon on campus. >> that means you will have some suit off me. what's that says to me. i would like to not have a situation where we have shootouts on campus. >> mary maloney reporting. >> all right, still to come this morning, it is a chilly start to your sunday, but get ready for a nice day ahead, kyla up next with a check on your forecast, plus: you work
8:43 am
out, you eat healthy, you think you're relatively healthy? some doctors say maybe not. stepping on the scale doesn't tell the whole story. new procedure reveals the hidden truth about your weight. we'll be right back.
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>> touching story out of delaware county. love this one. young i would had one birthday wish. it doesn't involve anything for himself. instead he wanted to give back to the community in a very special way. now he started a movement. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has the inspirational story. >> beneath the police officer's hat, a little boy, with a huge heart. asked what he wanted for his fifth birthday few weeks ago? logan row applied: nothing for himself. instead, he requested donations, to buy toys, treat, and training aids, for local police k9 units.
8:46 am
>> i got a lot of stuff, all casino of stuff, like -- >> logan's heroes, what we called it on facebook, we will keep it at that. he said policemen are his heroes. >> his k9 kindness on leashed such huge flood of donations in its first few weeks, the family has had to set up go fund me account. logan personally presenting gift baskets, cards, to seven department, in and around delaware county. >> they always help us, when there is a bad guy. >> for the nine's, and their partners, gift from special kid, sends a special message. >> awesome, i have three children at home. >> the heart he must have is huge, you know, for such little guy, really great. >> like logan there is program is growing fast, by the time he hit his sixth birthday, he's hoping to help not only
8:47 am
k9 unit but also serves across all of department, in delaware county. >> a lot every russ real proud of you, you did a great job. >> well the police nannied was really cool, because they always help us. >> at age five, logan, his family says, has learned a lesson that many struggle their entire lifetime to grasp. it is so much better to give than to receive. >> in aston township, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you for bringing us good story today. we need those every once in a while. good morning to to our eyewitness weather watchers, couple of observations here, chilly out there, 40 degrees where margo; see she is getting the sunshine in there, in buena vista township, very chilly start. >> your correct, going closer to philadelphia, todd good morning to you, in brookhaven, 44 degrees and he's got lot of sunshine out there, and i will
8:48 am
do one more little further north, 47 degrees for lou, good morning, lou. he's in eagleville. again i love that i'm seeing all of that sunshine out, there everybody, that's what we will all be seeing. >> a.m. greets, i see people out on the boardwalk, taking little walk, yeah, have to have your jacket on, but the wind, little bit winnie down the shore, 9 miles per hour doing little better here in philadelphia. so today we will see we have seen already, some morning fog, frost, starting to get little better there. sunny afternoon on the way, light wind throughout the day, but tonight another chilly one. temperatures in the 40's. frost advisory, 9:00 a.m., only up in the knowledge pocono area, they start off in the 30's this morning, absolutely frigid temperatures, so sussex, carbon, monroe counties about to come out from underneath this now seeing temperatures hit the 40 degrees mark. reading at 40, as well, lancaster we had fog earlier 43 degrees, still 40 millville. and trenton at 43 degrees.
8:49 am
this morning, we zoom out, see, starting to see some 50's now in places like new york and washington dc almost there in philadelphia. we actually hit it then pulled back little bit as we do so often starting to go through your morning. blue skies out, there beautiful, all going to see them today. eastern seaboard looking fantastic. so i think that is going to be the take away from today, how gorgeous will be with the blue skies out there. also, going to warm up. okay, if you are headed out to the eagle game, this is it. so eagles, we set you to up win. taking on new orleans saints, 68 degrees, sunshine, 1:00 p.m. when we have the kick off. if you are headed out today for drive, it will be nice and dry and sunny, foliage, head west, start to seeing some of the orange and yellow, starting to get pretty out there. and the temperatures by the way which should be around that 68, 69 degrees mark, will be well above average monday, see high of 74. but by the time we head into next week, don't get too used to the 70s, out of here. so looking at future weather show you tonight at 10:00 p.m.
8:50 am
still going to be clear skies and beautiful. we get into monday, really nice looking day, clouds coming in as we get later into the day. 11:00 p.m. monday notice low pressure system from the south, and weak front tracking in from the west, to bring us few showers, so tuesday, take the umbrella with you. but today, no need for t70 degrees, sunshine, very nice, cool, as we get into the overnight hours tonight. 48 degrees. take a look at your seven day forecast, beautiful warm up. two showers tuesday, expected cooling down for wednesday, thursday, with some sunshine, and next weekend looking entirely too cold in my opinion, nicole, but -- >> fifty-nine? where did that go? >> mother nature goes where she want to. >> so true. kyla, thank you. 8:50 right now. we check the roads with ann. good morning. >> good morning, nicole. and the beautiful ben franklin parkway, which is closed now. we do have an event going on, a walk, and looks like folks are getting ready for it, but right now the ben franklin parkway is closed, between the art museum circle and spring
8:51 am
garden street. king drive shutdown between the ben franklin parkway and plonlt gum are you drive for recreational activities. general neighborhood in philadelphia, arch street westbound shutdown between second street and fourth street due to the old city market. along third street northbound. and, fifth street northbound shutdown for the meredith home and school association 5k fundraiser run, that's between washington avenue and lombard street. beautiful day for runs and walks, and that's just what's happening here. moving the traffic cam, i95 looks fine through here, philadelphia, no delays or problems. and if you are headed out to the walt whitman bridge take that to the shore point, no delays on the 42 freeway, five, a.c. expressway looks good, so does garden state parkway. on to the mid-county tolls of the pa turnpike, heading to the poconos, beautiful day for it to see the fall leaves. no delays or problems on the pa turnpike or the northeast ex it n sean, and no problems at the mid-county tolls. sometimes all of these
8:52 am
roadways, they get confused because you are talking about so many but the pa turnpike looks good, no delays on the northeast extension, that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> annie never judge because dow not envy you, you have a big job and you always keep it very straight for us. thank you, we appreciate it. >> very casino of you. >> in the health watch this morning, many people spend part of their weekend working out. but even with all of the effort to stay healthy, weight can actually be deceiving. cbs-3 health watch, people who aren't considered overweight, are often shocked when doctors say they're skinny fat. health reporter stephanie stahl explains the scale doesn't always tell the whole story. >> sayings and read shocked when her doctor told hershey was quote skinny fat. she is active, dot a lot of biking plus her die set mostly vegetarian. >> her bmi purposes fall right in the normal rage. my weight has been normal for the past 25 years. >> your weight in pound does not necessarily reflect how much fat you have, nor does it
8:53 am
reflect where the fat is located. >> researcher. is shown having pot belly or being fat around the middle increases the risk for heart disease and other problems. fat is typically measured with body mass index score, but new research shows bmi charts can be misleading. >> 20% of the people with normal bmi, greater than the 57's percent aisle for body fat, what we call the skinny if a. >> the susan modified version of decks a scan, the same scan that calculate your bone density and risk for osteoporosis, special version detect lean and fat body mass, most important lip, where you carry it, that was susan's wake-up call. >> i was shock. i've had no other indicators that that would lead me to think this is a situation. >> doctors say there are also fat skinny people, those who are overweight on bmi charts, but their fat competency is more normal. >> the special body competency scan uses very low radiation, about what would you get in a
8:54 am
cross country flight. cost 18 a dollars, and isn't covered by insurance. it is available in most locations that have decks askance. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, there you have it. we will take a short break. "eyewitness news" will continue right after this.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> a big day for the birds for our eagles. and we are hoping this weather translate. >> well, listen, you know, i've done the best i can, all right, so weather should be fantastic. >> i mean, you are setting it up. the rest is up to you, eagles. >> he can actually, and we're all rooting for you. did i my silly dance f they win, i'm if trouble, i have to dance every time. >> i saw that tweet. really setting yourself up here. >> sixty-eight greets, sunshine, that's what we are expecting at 1:00 o'clock beautiful for kick off. see high of 07 degrees today, everybody, sunny, nice, get out, there enjoy it if you can. tonight will be another chilly night though. upper 40's, and then let's look at the seven day forecast, monday gorgeous, sunshine, 70's, and then tuesday, take the umbrella
8:57 am
with you, i don't they deluge, but few showers out there. that will cool us down little wednesday and thursday. then next weekend i kind of refuse to look at that yet. i'm not okay with it. >> i'm putting my finger over the last part of the forecast, that 59 degrees that crept in there somehow. >> little victory dance? >> victory dance in. >> headed to the break here? that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we won't subject to you this any longer, we're signing off on television always on line for you at sunday morning is next. make it a great day. go birds. >> go birds. let's do it. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. without the internet i would probably be like a c student. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost high speed internet into the homes of hundreds of thousands of low-income families. it lets students do homework and study at home. so far more than two million people across america have benefitted. internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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