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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 11, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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. from the cbs3 broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". the eagles run the saints out of the linc today. good evening, i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us. the birds shook off early mistakes is to rule out new orleans this afternoon of the sports director don bell is here to break down a win for us. >> only the second time the season, way more fun taking about ws. we're broken exaggeration in the
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sports world, this was a really must have. one and three, eagles needed this w to keep the playoffs hopes alive. took it up in the second quarter, birds down, bradford took it off with josh huff going 41 yards for the score. one thing into the end zone out for three weeks. 17 to ten. to fletcher cox, three sacks in the game and birds force four turn overs next play bradford to brent. the eagles win in blowout fashion 39 to 17. >> we had to win a football game. it didn't matter if we were playing an afc or nfc. obviously, our mindset as a team, we had to come out and play on all three phases. >> the win is nice, i think the big thing for us in this team is just to build on this, you know, by no means are we where we want to be as a team but i think
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today was a step in the right correction. >> most certainly was. eagles rush for 186 yards. best performance so far this year by far. you will hear from demarco murray and ryan coming up later. natasha i believe what you just saw those things they had, smiles. we haven't seen that in awhile. >> we haven't seen a happy face. thank you so much, don. >> a win on sunday obviously means a happy monday for eagles fan, especially when it means as much as this one did. "eyewitness news" steve patterson headed out to hear from happy fans after the victory. >> reporter: birds fans. eagles, eagles. >> reporter: poor performance and well, losses, sunday, the eagles laid what your grand daddy might call a good old-fashioned beat down. >> good job eagles. >> reporter: right on time with
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the getting ready to break out the best paper bags. the birds are calling this momentum shift. we empanelled the experts, beard guy. >> happy with the win be hope we can get three and three next week. >> that's why we won tonight, minimal mistakes. >> reporter: of course. mr. no excuses. >> turn this thing around, the ship going straight to lombardo trophy. >> reporter: we figured we'd check social media gloria says one game at a time. they beat a mediocre team. car low says i am still not convinced if we play like this the rest overtime season, we'll see. >> reporter: car low, we will see, right now it's nice to look up and see people smiling.
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>> nothing like coming home to beat up on inferior team, reporting from chick key's and pizza, steve patterson, "eyewitness news". quick mention the giants just beat the 49ers that puts new york first in the nfc east with the birds in a three-way tie for second. what do you think about the eagles big win against the saints? maybe a trip to the post season after all. remember to use #cbs3, we'd love to hear from you. we've had beautiful sunny fall days this weekend, but is this going to last? meetings lauren casey is live with the first look at the forecast, lauren? >> you really couldn't ask for a better fall weekend with all of the sunshine and clear skies right now on storm scan 3, there's really nothing to look at across the delaware valley, we don't have rain and we don't have clouds cover, nice view of the stars, temperatures feeling
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for the too bad, cooling off pretty efficient thely under clear skies, average 68, 70 today, pulled back to 57 degrees in philadelphia. down to the 40s in allentown, same case in atlantic city 49, 48 in wildwood. wind being reported at all of our reportinging sites right now, light wind five miles per hour in philadelphia, overnight we'll keep it calm and quiet. that will make for a nice start tomorrow. nice day entirelyly for our columbus day holiday a lot of sunshine and high temperatures running above average, tuesday, were he bring back the cloud cover, fog in the morning, dense in some locations, watch out for that for your tuesday morning, commute, spotty showers, we dry as we head into wednesday, mix of sun and clouds high temperatures in the upper 60s. we do have a pretty significant cool-down as we look in the long ranger talking about possibility of high temperatures in the 50's and i'll let you know when to expect to break out the coat
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coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you very much. two teenagers are in the hospital after they were stab youed tonight in south philly south philadelphia. eyewitness on 15th on west oregon avenue. 16-year-old and a 14-year-old were stabbed you. the 16-year-old is in critical condition. the 14-year-old is stable. no arrests have been made just yet. police in burlington county are investigating after a man's body was discovered inside a clothing bin, authorities found the body this afternoon dangling from a planet aid donation box. it happened on pemberton brown mills road in pemberton township. the person has not been identified and the caused is unknown at this time. a south jersey man is killed in a freak accident mowing his lawn, about 2:30 this afternoon on sailor's upon road. the 79-year-old was riding the mower, when it caught fire and he burned to death.
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the arson unit and major crimes both investigating and it is still not clear tonight exactly what caused the fewer. authorities meantime are investigating after a person is found dead in a lower pottsgrove home. on the 2700 block of schaeffer road around 11:45 this morning. first responders detected a strong odor inside house and called in a hazmat team. everyone in the home evacuated as crews cleared the fumes. a preliminary investigation found it was a hydrocarbon based substance, but no further details were released. the cause of death is being investigated now. . philadelphia civil rights and lgbt activity image will now be depicted in a center city mural. it's being installed at the 12th street gym on the same day as national coming out day. the community came together to celebrate the woman who inspired the mural. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon has more. >> reporter: it's meant to be as
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thought provoking and challenging as it's name same, sglor array carasez. >> you will see an image with her. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia celebrated october as list beeian gay, bisexual and trans gender events with several events including flag raising. mayor michael nutter thought cards carson as the city's first director of lgbt affairs. sharing personal stories of working with the philadelphia native. >> i figured in his out after some time. she loved to play tricks on me. >> reporter: the loafs were punctuated with more serious moments, carasez who died of breast cancer in 2014 was widely thought of as a crusader of civil rights lgbt issues. >> she would want to make sure you knew about keisha jenkins killed last week in philadelphia, at least the 20th to trans woman to be murdered
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this year. >> in the end that's the motivation to keep on fighting. >> reporter: family friend teresa rodriguez said the activity would be shocked to see her larger than life image off 12th and walnut. >> she would be surprised. >> reporter: friend say that surprise would also be met with pride at seeing awareness of the causes she devoted her life to live on. >> she would have wanted us to remember to keep working. >> reporter: until the neural will be complete in about a month. the 12th street side will depict images. saint james street side. in the gay hood rahel solomon cbs3 "eyewitness news". technical glitches caused nationwide flight delays for southwest airlines today. these passengers waited in long lines as flights pushed back due to computer problems.
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southwest airlines is advising commuters to arrive at least two hours before the flight. there were some issues but they were minimal. two campaign 2016 news now, a cbs hilary clinton and donald trump, brian webb breaks down the latest numbers for us two days before the first democratic presidential debate. >> reporter: the poles shows voters have trust issues with hilary clinton and donald trump, clinton scored 35 percent among democrat voters for being honest and trustworthy, trumps come in lower at 33. >> i happen to be an honorable guy, one thing that's important. when i go to new hampshire and iowa and south carolina we have very good numbers because i'm there a lot. >> reporter: trump still top dog in the republican race at 27
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percent. but he and jeb bush has the highest unfavorable ratings among the republicans with bush dropping 11 point since august, ben carson gets the -- carson told john dickerson why he believes congress is so dysfunctional. >> over the last few elections, a lot of people have been sent to washington with the thought that maybe some changes could be made and i don't think anyone seeing any changes. >> reporter: despite struggles, clinton still far lady in the democratic race, holding on to 46 percent of primary voters compared to 27 percent for sanders and 16 for vice president joe biden. if bide does run he'll have a head start on the honesty issue, finishing ahead of of all the candidates at 61 percent. brian webb cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> stay with "eyewitness news" for everything you need to know about campaign 2016. we'll have all the updates on
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both the republican and democratic races on television and on our website, tonight on "eyewitness news" south carolina in crisis. the new images of the devastation caused by rising flood waters and find out how volunteers are working to help people still stranded tonight. lauren? >> more sunshine in store. warmer temperatures, they're going to take a tumble as we head toward the end of the week, highs in the 50's and what to expect in the long ranger coming up in a few. >> a record breaking a celebration in the sky, find out what was so special about this balloon fiesta when "eyewitness news"
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. american tech companies are stepping up to help solve the my
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green-tinted crisis in europe. inis it a cart is giving customers an option to buy food for refugees families. air b and bis providing free housing credits to aid workers in the region and facebook announced plan to provide free internet access to refugees. kick started now started it is own campaign to raise aid money, as of tonight close to 1.$5 million has been contributed. we're seeing more dramatic images coming out of south carolina, this was the scene today in andrews, south carolina. which is about 40 miles north of charleston, volunteers using boats to bring applies on flooded out road of the hick flooding has already claimed nearly two dozen lives. out of control graph fires at least one home, the flames broke out shortly before noon today in been that it. about 43 minutes east of denver.
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crews were still working to put out hot spots late this afternoon, no injuries were reporter. the young boy who captured the world's attention after singing for the pope at the festival of families is wowing even more people in philadelphia. the extremely talented bobby hill, just 14, singing at the cathedral basilica. st. peter and paul. in any came together to call for an end to childhood puffer at his. hill was chosen to perform for the pope just last month on the parkway and later met the holy father and they exchanged gifts. hundreds of families came together at the philadelphia zoo for a special event that benefits sick children, the fifth annual walk for wishes, event raises money for the make a wish foundation local chapter
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which grants wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. also got to enjoy music performances crafts and prizes as well. >> it's a cause for celebration for of not only who we are as an organization, but the fact that this type of event helps us grant the wish of a child that truly been denied the opportunity to simply be a kid. >> the local chapter in philadelphia, northern delaware and susquehanna valley granted 319 wishes to children. now take a look the kimmel center for performing arts along the avenue of the arts is shining brightly in pink. october is breast cancer awareness no month and the kimmel center is one of the local landmarks taking part. it's a just a moment effort by cbs3, the "cw philly" and susan gcompany man, philadelphia. also the pennsylvania academy of the fine arts is sporting pink in the fight against breast
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cancer. it's a reminder to schedule a mamogram and you see those pink lights across the region all month long. another weekend the martian. >> in your face, kneel armstrong. >> starring matt damon pulled in a better than expected $37 million and that's just in the united states. coming in second, hotel trans veil anyway with a little over 20 million, pan, which tells the original story of peter pan, 15.5 million and the in person and sacario. . >> keep it going into the holiday, great weather today, strolling, football weather. >> nice. >> beautiful. that's what it will be like tomorrow t sunshine even had a warm temperatures up on sky cam 3 looking at center city philadelphia, crystal clear sky,
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perfect night for star gazeing's be temperatures little cool but comfortable. today we topped above average, our average high 68. came in at 70 degrees on the nose in philadelphia. topped at 68 in allentown. of 67 degrees in atlantic city but we had a ton of heat in the country's midsection. up into the 90's all the way up into the central plains high temperatures running mid to upper 90's we're going to be a touch warmer as we head into tomorrow with highs in the middle 70's keep around the sunshine. tuesday upper level disturbance, week's end temperatures will take a tumble cool air rolling in by friday and especially the start of next weekend, temperature right now not feeling too bad, light jacket. uv degrees in philadelphia. we're at 54 in trenton,
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currently 47 in millville, storm scan 3 showing us a bunch of nothing as has been the case throughout the last couple days of because we have high pressure in control promotes thinking very stable air. that's going to stay in place overnight. clear skies, cool temperatures, could wake up to patchy fog, especially in the suburbs, that will start to clear on out as we head to the second half of the morning, sunshine in store, high temperatures, as i mentioned into the middle 70's winds south westerly to southerly five to ten miles per hour, no problems in the wind department. really wherever you spend your columbus day really nice conditions, height wind speed in the poconos mountains. lot of sunshine and high temperatures running above average up to 71, in your seven-day forecast, we bring back the chance of spotty showers especially for the afternoon and evening hours on tuesday, so that could pose a little bit of a hamper on our tuesday afternoon, commute on wednesday, we dry things out a bit. upper 60s for high temperatures
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and we keep it in the upper 60's right around average for us on thursday, mostly sunny skies, chance of showers on friday, 63 degrees. as we head into the next weekend. we bring back the full sunshine but usher in much cooler air. right now we have low temperatures in the 50's, looks like we could feel high temperatures in the 50's. because the forecast is a little far off i went conservative with some of those unmarks could be cooler than upper 50's. >> sort of coat weather? >> it's always coat weather for me. thank you so much lauren appreciate it. >> chase utley is in a little bit of trouble. >> we're going to talk about former philly chase utley. suspended. find out why and for how long and the eagles finally showing up in
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. so the giants won. what does that mean for us. >> the eagles are still one game back in the division. they're the leaders in the nfc east. it's a three-way tie for second place with the eagles. but they're at the bottom. last week after the loss to the rends demarco murray said he wasn't getting the ball enough. chip kelly heard him. he made no promises but today, delivered against the saints. we showed you the full highlights had early. let's show you what happened, new orleans had the 27th rank rushing defense and the eagles took full advantage. murray had his best game running 83 yards, 20 carry, ryan matthews, 23. the success was due to the men blocking up front. >> i was able to, you know, get into a little rhythm and ryan did a good job, sproles came in, they played extremely bell today. i think, all of us, you know,
11:59 pm
were kind of in rhythm. >> the line were you working our tails off today, you know, without them, we -- we can't, you know, make it look easy? one in threes, everyone is a big win now, one game at a time. we go through this one and get ready for sunday night. >> baseball how to suspended dodgers second base man chase utley two games for his hard charging slide against the mets saturday night. broke up a double play and broke the leg of ruben tejada. chase appealing. next sports zone, how did sam bradford's pregame speech spark the offense, we'll tackle that with left bow end and jack mccaffery of the delaware county comes up in a few minutes, by the way, that speech was given in the locker room bathroom. that's what -- sam bradford
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. welcome backing thousands enjoyed the beautiful fall day
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for the neighborhood's second annual street festival it was a beautiful day. streets near 3rd and arch was shut down. the event highlights the neighborhood's art and designer. more than 100 local retailers. guests enjoyed fashion shows, and live music. and lauren, you will be back with us in just a moment with last check on the work week forecast. cbs3 sports zone
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