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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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meisha, a i wonder from a coat on, do you have a coat on out there? >> yes, i do. good morning, yes, kyla, feeling chilly out, there and looking at the roadways, so calm out there. i forget it is a holiday, but nice and calm on the roadways. >> that's good news, we are going to warm up to beautiful temperature today. high of 74 degrees, but right now, little chilly out here. not bad. little warmer than we were this time yesterday. take a live look here, you can see, we are sitting at 52 degrees in center city. the winds out of the west, but nice and calm. i think that really helps when you walk out the door and it is really chilly. plenty chill any allentown, 43 millville, and you can see wildwood at about 46 degrees, little warmer for you, storm scan3, shows, we are going to see gorgeous blue skies, yet again. nice and clear, take a look here, as we ramp up to the 70s today, we will have lots of beautiful sunshine with us, too, so stellar columbus day on tap. do have something to ramp on
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our parade, those showers coming up on tuesday, and also, a pretty wild ride of temperatures, as we head to next weekend, see highs in the upper 50's, and we get into that when we come back. for now we head into meisha. >> fifty's, speaking my language, kyla. good morning, dealing with construction still out, there overnight construction, to two northbound, two right lanes blocked, you can see the cones, some flashing light out there, but again, just take a look how many taillights are out there. not many. certainly won't cause too many slow downs in that area. then we look at 95 south cottman coming around the s curve coming into center city looking good here, looking really quiet on this holiday, of course, a loft you will be going to work nonetheless. boulevard southbound looking good, then once we look at the camera at the schuylkill, construction also the roosevelt boulevard inner drive just update for you, the inner drive on the roosevelt boulevard is now reopened for those of you in and around
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that area. that construction i was just talking about 422 westbound the off ramp to trooper road one lane is blocked in that area. make note of this, 95 north and southbound raps ups, 202 southbound rap p to 995 north is closed until 5:00 a.m. on thursday. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. another day of long lines for passengers at southwest airlines, just at 5:00 a.m., look at the lines. compute remembers getting the blame. now carrier asking passenger for help. justin finch joins us now at philadelphia international airport. hard to believe those lines this early in the morning, justin. >> reporter: erika, good morning. so far the lines have actually shrivelled up a bit here. but southwest is asking pass inning tears actually print off their boarding passes as well as their baggage documents before they get to the airport to help minimize delays. so far, take a look here, the lines just half hour ago were
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stretching and spanning the entire end of this terminal. so far things are moving smoothly here this morning, and again, if you show up earl which your documents, you will help minimize delays for your flight this morning. >> an early check of flight boards at philadelphia international airport show no delays for southwest airlines. but that could change. >> nobody is telling you anything, that's the problem, not a sign, not a person here telling. >> i what are you going to do? i mean, the compute remembers down, nothing we can do. everybody else is in the same situation. >> across the country, computer glitch the airline says has intermittently disrupted service. impacting some 450 of 3600 flight, sunday. from los angeles, to denver, to chicago, do you have wait in line for hours, southwest scrambled to make the best of it. >> they gave us water, told us where the bathrooms, were and actually wonderful, i met some real nice people. >> the glitch in question is affecting southwest website and mobile app. their advice, print your
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boarding and baggage documents before you leave for the airport, and leave early, two hours for pre check-in to avoid delays and mover as quickly as possible. >> so you may be used to having the ticket to your flight on your app, on your phone, that's not going to work for you today. hard documents, again, boarding pass as well as your baggage document. if you don't have those, when you get to the kiosk here you'll print those off, then take your flight also too, saying they cannot change flight today, your flight is your flight, your confirmation number, your baggage documents, will get you on the plane, especially, if you get here early, and leave on time. we are live for now at the airport, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", erika? >> now seems to be the time to arrive, justin, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating a stabbing that put two teenagers in the hospital. someone stabbed the two teens, ages 14 and 16, at 15th street and west oregon avenue, just after 6:30 last night. the 16 year old is in critical condition. the 14 year old is in stable
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condition. so far no arrests have been made. >> right now, 5:05, and the eagles finally got the much needed win yesterday. still unclear, exactly what the future holds for the team. eyewitness sport reporter pat gal enjoins us now, and so sorry about the victory, but bradford still turn over problems? >> little shaky still, has to clean things up, but definitely better performance for him. unfortunately yes in this one, bad saint defense, did not come back to haunt sam bradford, but can you not throw two interceptions in the end zone which he did. wasn't all bad for bradford though as woe again pick up the pace in the second half, we're getting used to. that will going to the highlight. here is the first interception of the game. bradley going for riley cooper, terribly under thrown ball. can't do. that will similar scene, bradford looking for miles austin, bro steps in front, picks it off, behind the receiver, this one better, the turn around, with josh hoff, give that 9.5 on the landing,
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for the eagles, hyatt seven. defense did their part that's fletcher cox, three sacks, two forced fumbles recalls he picks that one up himself. the run game demarco murray came alive. 120 all purpose yards, and score on the day, ryan matthews added 96 total yards, eagles win, 39-17. and after the game, chip kelly was asked about bradford's early inconsistencies. >> i thought he did a good job. i think he, you know, that stuff will happen. but a lot of it is your response after it, you know, we're all going to make mistakes. >> keep going, you know what i mean? obviously you don't like to throw interceptions. but when you do, forget about it, move on. >> next up for the birds, show-down against the giants, next monday night, they'll be playing for first place in the nfc east. the giant struggled last knit against the 49ers, san francisco took the lead with less than two minute left on carlos hide short touchdown. but eli manning pulled off the last second come-back, larry,
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with great catch. 212th left. giant hold on 30 to 27, so they are still a top the division for right now. i just find it amazing that the eagles are even in a position to be in first place right now after they played, but sam bradford, i think he knows there is and everyone knows this, you just cannot turn the ball over in the red zone. you need those point. better teams will make you pay for it. >> this week? >> i'm feeling pretty good about the giants. think the turn around is starting now for the eagles. i'm feeling good. >> so funny. last week eagles fans, wanted nothing to do with chip kelly, but hey, it takes one win to convince them. hey, the eagles are doing great, the sees son doing well. >> it is a long season. you take one game at a time, man, you can't dwell on the past, just have to keep going forward. >> you got to stay the course. stay t we have something special happening here, something special. watch it. watch it. e-a-g-l-e-s! >> oh, what a difference a week makes.
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a 07:00 right now, we're a little more than three weeks away from philadelphia voters electing new mayor. tonight you can hear from the candidate. democrat jim kenny and republican melissa murray bailly face-off in a debate at the whyy studios starting 6:30 tonight. after that, there are two more debates before the election on november 3rd. today is also columbus day. maybe your a off. that will means all city offices are closed in philadelphia. there is no trash or recycling pick up, instead, collection is pushed back a day for the remainder of the week. and, the post office not delivering any mail on this federal holiday. >> still to come this morning, it is almost decision time for vice president joe biden. hear what president obama thinks about his runningmate possibly jumping in the race. >> also: >> put your hands behind your back. put your hand -- >> a politician is stunned by a taser while on his knees outside his home. see what led to this confrontation and the police department here involved it is no stranger to controversy.
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>> also, a world famous chip now facing the scrap heep. the last ditch effort to save the ship that's dock on the delaware river. >> ♪ >> looking live at that ship hoping for a rescue, hoping for that sot. our jan carabeo has that store when we come back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> iran state tv saying the jailed washington reporter jason has been convicted of espionage. he now faces ten to 20 years in prison. iran held closed door trial which is widely criticized of freedom of press organizations, his attorney is expected to appeal. >> the support light now shines on the democratic presidential hopefuls in campaign 2016. they'll face-off for the first time for the first debate tomorrow night. as don champion report, the debate could be crucial for at least one of the candidate. >> new polls show tuesday night's debate could be the most important one of hillary clinton's career. the latest cbs news poll shows
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only 35% of primary voters view her as honest, and trust worth g. during a interview, that aired sunday on 60 minutes, president obama weighed in on clinton's ongoing email controversy. >> she made a mistake, she has acknowledged it, i do think that the way it has been jeaned up is in part because of politics. >> still, democrats overwhelmingly believe clinton has the best chance of winning the general election next year. >> get out of my way, will you? >> but far more believe vice president joe biden is more honest and trustworthy, when pressed on whether biden might announce his candidacy, the president said this. >> you know, i'm going to let joe make that decision. >> president obama was more candid on donald trump. and the latest cbs news poll, 84% of voters believe the republican frontrunner has strong leadership qualities. >> he knows how to get attention. he's, you know, the classic reality tv charger. >> drum almost address undeclared voters in the key state of new hampshire today,
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along with clinton's biggest challenger, bernie sainted ers. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we stay up to date on campaign 2016. when you're not near a tv you can always hop on line to we'll have your forecast coming up in a moment. first weekend even more punishing storms, rain soaked resident of south carolina are probably looking forward to the next few days of sunny weather. some roads in the palmetto state remain under as much as 15 feet of water. both being used to shuttle medical supplies and equipment to those who need them in the hardest hit areas. state continues to deal with unprecedented flooding, that is now claimed nearly two dozen lives. so hard one for those down in south carolina. here at home, some folks off for a long weekends, some back in the car for work and school watch do youy? >> gorgeous today. you couldn't ask for better really.
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talking above average temperatures, sunshine, blue skies, i love it, yes, right? i love it too. let's take a look at our headlines. you can see behind me here, chilly morning, but we will be warming up nicely today. highs in the seven's again, boy, those blue skies, doesn't it make it even better such a nice run these last few days, 52 degrees, current temperature in philadelphia, 42 allentown, so we have some cool temperatures starting the day here, 43 millville becomes 43 atlantic city. we zoom out, take a look at the region, see lot of greens, blues on the map, that indicate the cool air that's out there not just for us but to the neighbors to the north and south. today sunshine will be with us, it will be beautiful. we ramp right into those 70s, we really won't see many clouds today until later in the evening. that's when we will start to see few clouds roll in. but, storm scan3, showing, just how clear it is out there. the minute that sun comes up, see beautiful blue skies. disturbance to the south, that is the one that brought that additional rain to south carolina this being weaned. not going to be big problem for us.
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let mow she you future weather, do have front tracking across tuesday, stormy weather ahead, few showers you see about the 10:00 a.m. time frame, starting to roll toward us, kind of quick hit in and out. but you will want to take the umbrella with you as you head out the door tuesday. other big story coming our way, the average 68 degrees obviously today, 74 means we will be extra warm, but as we get into the end of the week, and into the weekend, we are cooling down, big time, as another front approaches, this one packs a bit of a punch. it will push all of this cold air in behind it. and we will see temperatures next weekend, ten to 15 degrees below average. i know it has been a nice run of the above average, but got to pay the piper sometime. 74 degrees today, sunny, warm, gorgeous, winds will stay relatively calm. tonight low of 58. should be comfortable. clouds coming in getting later into the evening. seven day forecast shows you we stay warm monday, tuesday, showers on tuesday, get back to better average temperatures, wednesday and thursday. but take a look at next weekend. we are talking upper 50's, or don't take a look, as everyone
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in the studio is saying. upper 50's, i bought big comfy coat yesterday, meisha, a so i'm ready. she not looking. >> not looking. can't do it. >> yes, denial,. >> denial cures everything, doesn't it it? >> good morning, hammy monday to you. hitting the roadways this morning, good news, things looking really good. all of the overnight construction project, the accident we had this morning, all of this getting cleared out of the way fairly quickly. great news. now, this is an area that we do have some construction, 422 westbound off ram top trooper road. see it right here, down to one lane, but again not causing any slow downs there. it looks pretty good. traffic levels there, volumes kind of staying steady which is what we want to see. construction 202 northbound between route 30 and route 401, that's all clear. so looking good. here you can see headlights, tail light out, there but kind of the normal flow. little light err than what we tip he cannily see on a monday because after holiday. northbound 452, delaware county, fuzzy camera. but see the light, just low pressure,
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low volume here in that area. construction 95 northbound southbound the ramp to 202 see it all these three bullet minutes right here closed until 5:00 a.m. thursday. so 95 north and south ramps at 202, route 202 southbound between 95 and broom street, and 202 south the ramp to 95 northbound. also, just a quick update. boulevard inner drive is now re-opened. things are looking pretty good, erika, over to you. >> meisha, a thank up. kimmel center for the performing arts is shining bright in pink this morning. october is breast cancer awareness month, and the kimmel center just one of many local landmarks, taking part in the lights for the cure campaign. it is a joint effort by cbs-3, the "cw philly", and the susan g. komen organization in philadelphia. >> and, the pennsylvania academy of the fine art, they're also sporting some pink in the fight against breast cancer. the pink light is reminder to schedule a mammogram. you'll see pink light all across the region all month long. >> 5:18 right now. still to come, remembering a
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civil rights leader. we'll show you the inspiration for the newest mural in center city. also: >> if i feel threatened, as i'm coming awake, i'm going to attack. >> she definitely did attack. see how that women not off inch truth here broke into her home. that story coming up.
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>> texas police department, councilman getting tides dollars while on his knees with his back to officers. resisting arrest, the incident is raising questions on the department's use of excessive force. jericka duncan has that story. jonathan miller was on his knees, with his hands by his side, when he was tazed thursday night, by prairie view texas police. >> go over there before go to jail for interfering. >> before using the taser police warned the city councilman several times to put his hands behind his back.
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>> fraternity brother outside miller's home. miller came out to ask what was going on. >> coming in the tail end of it, like he said, everything is okay. they already explained everything to me. >> but the situation escalated, when another officer asked miller to move away. >> before go to jail, turn around. >> i'm -- >> turn around. turn around. >> i'm not saying nothing. >> turn around. >> miller was arrested, and spent the night in jail. >> shouldn't have came that far. >> but chief larry johnson is standing by his officers, who are still on the job. >> they asked that you step away from the scene, and allow them to finish what they were doing, out of safety for all concern. >> jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> councilman miller was
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charged with interfering with public duties and resisting arrest. coincidentally the female officer in the body cam video is the same one who transported san did a blands to the county jail after being arrested in july. made national headlines after authority say that she hung herself, while in jail. >> 5:24. home intrude nerve indianapolis certainly picks the wrong house. karen dolly woke up and found a man inside her home early friday morning. dolly, who was trained in medieval combat, jumped out every bed and grabbed a large sam err eye sword. she also punched the inch tried err in the face about ten times, and then held him down until police arrived. >> just held him down like this while he was on the floor, and i called 911 with the other hand. >> okay, now, police arrested 30 year old jacob wetzell. they say he was high on unknown substance when he broke in. picked the wrong house there. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", the final sos for historic ship
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here if philadelphia. the record setting ship could soon become just a hung of junk. live with the last minute effort to save it from the scrap heep. kyla? >> and i've got your fabulous columbus day forecast, plus we talk about rain tomorrow, then cool down, coming. i'm have it all when we come back. >> also, traffic a little lighter today as kyla mentioned for the columbus day holiday. watching for any backups as you get ready to head out the door or hey pull the covers back up and go back to sleep good morning, we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, southwest airlines is telling passenger be ready before you head to the airport this morning. "eyewitness news", at philadelphia international airport, one every many airport, where computer problems have delayed hundreds of flights. dozens of passengers lined up before 5:00 this morning. it is unclear exactly what is causing the problem, but southwest says if you are trying to fly out to the airport this morning, you want too get there early, at least two hours early, also print your boarding pass before you arrive. save you the headache once you get there. but still, some long lines. >> also, this morning, a ship that once set sale, sailing
5:29 am
across the ocean, now gathering russt here in philadelphia. it is on the verge every being sent to scrap heat. details on that coming up t needs last minute reprieve. the latest on the effort to save that historic ship. >> also, a picture going viral. if you can look upright here, police officer comforts a young boy hurt in a crash. hear both from the officer and that boy about the heartwarming moment, that story coming up this morning. right now, though, heartwarming to wake up if you have the day off. >> yes. >> i'm going back to sleep. >> yep, so nice, isn't it? it seems nice and calm, just anywhere on the roadways, and the weather, even in the studio, just casino of has calm -- >> it is a holiday, quiet? >> it will be gorgeous today. get ready for another day of above average warmth, looking at 70 today. lot of sunshine, i for 1:00 a.m. getting used to this. our headlines today are lovely, gorgeous, pick your adjective. columbus day will be a stunner. weak disturbance on tuesday. that will bring some showers
5:30 am
our way. then much cooler scenario by the time we get into next weekend. the winds is nice and calm out there, just want to gave you a look, so even though starting offer chilly, you know what it, helps when the winds isn't making you in the faiths too. we are little chill any spots. allentown, one of them, 42 degrees, lancaster also at 42, 43 millville, 52 in philadelphia, so the warmest spot on the map that we see here. storm scan3 shows you nice and clear when the sun comes up today it will be gorgeous blue skies yet again as i zoom out you see little disturbance to the south. that will will stay off shore. should not be a problem for us. but we do have some rain tracking toward us tomorrow. but let's talk about today first 74 degrees for our high. as you are at philadelphia, 69 degrees down the shore, afternoon clouds in there. and in the poconos, about 70 degrees, absolutely beautiful, today, if you are going for hike maybe great weather. we do have to say good-bye to high pressure, you new couldn't last forever, that's our friends, keeping the skies so blue. looking at future weather, see it gets bumped out out


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