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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 12, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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our way. then much cooler scenario by the time we get into next weekend. the winds is nice and calm out there, just want to gave you a look, so even though starting offer chilly, you know what it, helps when the winds isn't making you in the faiths too. we are little chill any spots. allentown, one of them, 42 degrees, lancaster also at 42, 43 millville, 52 in philadelphia, so the warmest spot on the map that we see here. storm scan3 shows you nice and clear when the sun comes up today it will be gorgeous blue skies yet again as i zoom out you see little disturbance to the south. that will will stay off shore. should not be a problem for us. but we do have some rain tracking toward us tomorrow. but let's talk about today first 74 degrees for our high. as you are at philadelphia, 69 degrees down the shore, afternoon clouds in there. and in the poconos, about 70 degrees, absolutely beautiful, today, if you are going for hike maybe great weather. we do have to say good-bye to high pressure, you new couldn't last forever, that's our friends, keeping the skies so blue. looking at future weather, see it gets bumped out out of the way.
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one low pressure up the coast, another tracking across with controlled front. stormy weather ahead, that's your tuesday at about 11:00 a.m. could bring some showers our way. now this doesn't look like it will be a huge little huge every rain, but just some showers, so take the umbrella, as soon as it is in, it is out. it is out of here as soon as late afternoon, early evening, should be looking just fine. so today absolutely gorgeous. i hope you can get outside and enjoy it, i plan to do that. andand if you are hitting the roads, which you know meisha many people today might be either riding home from where they went for their weekend or headed out for day trip. how are they doing? >> absolutely. the roads right now, kyla, looking really nice. we were slowly starting to see volume levels kind of lift little bit right now, certainly is not what we typically see on a monday, a lot lighter, if you will, so here's a look at some construction we have, 422 westbound the off ramp to trooper road. one lane blocked right here. but again, not causing any slow downs. although you can see i show this camera shot about ten minutes ago, seeing more headlights and taillights than even we did.
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so of course, a loft people still going to work today, even though it is a holiday, blue route northbound near route one looking good, there just steady flow. everyone still traveling around at posted speeds, that's exactly what we opportunity see around 5:30, also some construction, new jersey, route 55 south before north vineland, right lane blocked, until 3:30, so until 3:30, i won't be here to update you on that one, but make note that will be the case. also mass transit, lance town, doylestown line bussing weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar and this will go through december. so, for those every you taking mass transit, make note of. that will then also some construction, three thee spots closed until 5:00 a.m. thursday. ninety-five north and southbound ramps to route 202, route 202 southbound, this is between 95 and broom street, route 202 southbound ramps, 295 northbound, erika, back to you. >> meisha, a thank you, being called the last sos for magestic ship of a by gonner a. ss united stay may again beheading for the scrap heep
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unless the financial back is her found in the coming weeks. eyewitness numerous reporter jan carabeo joins us now in south philadelphia, where that ship set this morning. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. it is hard to imagine south columbus boulevard and peer 82 without the ss united state. >> this ship has been here in philadelphia for 18 years, but, it is a very real possibility the owners may have to sell this ship and sell it for scrap at. that will so the folks trying to save this ship here this morning, they like then fate to toppling the statue of liberty. >> the ss united states, was once a symbol of american pride. do you have look past the paint. >> we could do anything. >> part luxury liner fearing everyone from presidents and movie stars to businessmen and i am grant, and part top secret "cold war" weapon. the united state was in a class of her own. >> and could steam 10,000 miles with 15,000 troops without refueling.
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>> this ship could go faster in reverse, than the titanic could go forward, for that, many cruise ships today. >> and on her made encouraging have i thank 1952, the united states crushed the transatlantic speed record a title she still holdsment that history, though; now in jeopardy. the ship possibly destined for the scrap yard. >> we are so close, we really never have been closer to saving this ship, but, unfortunately, we've never been closer to losing her. >> susan gibbs' grandfather designed the united state. now, it is her job to save it. the con is her venosi that owns the vessel is running out of monday. >> i the challenge facing the con is her advance i, to keep this vessel safe and sound here at pier 82 costs us approximately $60,000 each month. >> gibbs gave "eyewitness news" a rare tour of the ship recently, she envisions a museum, restaurant, bank wet hall, conference center. gibbs says the it is close to securing redevelopment deal, but unless the united states
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can pay her bills this month, she may never have the chance to revisit her glory days. >> and for this nation, just to move on to the next thing, and not protect this would be tragic. >> they liken the issue to plane running out every runway. they say they need need to keep the ship here docked in philadelphia long enough to finalize the redevelopment deals. they say they've never been closer to that point ever. you may remember this ship has been in the situation before. it has always found a donor in the 11th hour. they are hoping that happens again. this time around, so they'll move forward with the fundraising effort at the union league on october 29th. they need the funding in place before that. the absolute deadline to save the ss united state, they say; october 31st. reporting live in south philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> here is hoping they pull it out at the last minute again,
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jan, thank up. we hope to learn more today about the victim of mysterious death in burlington county. his body was found in a clothing donation bin. that man's body was found dangling from a planet aid bin on pemberton-browns mills road yesterday afternoon. at this point, police are not releasing many details about the victim or how he died. and, a south jersey man dice in a freak lawn mowing accident in burlington county. police say the 79 year old man was riding a mower on sailors point road in jobstown yesterday afternoon when it suddenly caught fire. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked that fire. right now 5:36. in business news this morning, how gas prices could impact your social security check. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchanges, that story anamorphous. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika, the markets open today after one of their best weeks of the year. on friday the dow added another 33 points, the nasdaq jumps 19.
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americans are paying nearly a dollar less a gallon for gas compared to last year's at this time. but there is some bad news. those lower gas prices, probably no cost of living increase next year for social security recipients. it would be only the third time in 40 years, that has happened, costs of living increases tied to inflation, whisk kept low, but by the -- kept down, excuse me, by the low cost of gas. massive layoffs could become to twitter week after founder jack dorsey was named permanent ceo. re code report that those job cuts will likely be across the board, company is doubled its staff to more than 4,000 employees, in just two weeks, since that company went public. twitter, excuse me, two years since the company went public. twitter not commenting. and, ferrari goes public next week, here is the new york stock exchanges there is week the luxury auto make letter go on marketing blitz to attract potential investors. ferrari expect the price of ipo between 48 and $52 per
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share. so that values the company at about $10 billion. the company trading under the ticker race. erika? >> so if you can't afford the ferrari at least get a share, 50 bucks, you can afford that. >> yep. very good point. >> jill, thanks so much. right now 5:38. and philadelphia civil right and lgbt icon will soon be depicted in center city mural. on sunday an unveiling took place at 12th and walnut for mural dedicate today gloria. she was first a pointed the city's first director of lgbt affairs zoo. was well known as tireless crusader for the lgbt community. gloria died of breast cancer in 2014. >> whether i met her once, for couple of years or grew up around her, gloria had a way to make you feel like you new each other for a lifetime. >> the mural should be complete in about a month. the 12th street side will depict images from gloria's
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professional life. the st. james side will reflect her personal life. the boy who captured the world's attention after singing for the pope at the festival of families is welling wig even more people in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, what a voice. that 14 year old bobby hill performing, this is at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul yesterday afternoon. local fate leaders came together to call for an end to child poverty. hill, member of the keystone state boy choir, was chosen to perform for the pope last minute, last month in the parkway. he later met the holy father and they exchanged gift. still to come this morning, a chaotic scene when a plane comes crashing down just feet from a house. hear from the couple inside that home who just narrowly avoided the close call. >> and was this dirty play or just playoff baseball? hear why former phillie chase utley was sus tended for that
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controversial slide. >> ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ ♪ >> did you know first lady michelle obama is a big fan of alicia keys? find out which other songs made the first lady's play list whether we come back. good morning. >> ♪
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judge a fan is shot outside the stadium. the victim taken to the hospital with what are described as life threatening injuries. no word on what exactly sparked the violence, but police say that they do have a suspect in custody, he's been charged with aggravated assault. back here if phil, eagles fans flying high after yesterday's big win, but there is other sports news involving a suspension for former phillie involving this controversial play. pat gallen joining us now with the ban a lot of people are talking about, the hole where he got injured. now there is this? >> that's the way i see it, play that happens all the time in major league baseball. but last night chase utley was suspended two games by major league baseball in his hard slide in last night's divisional series games against the mets. he is planning to appeal. here it is, utley broke up double play late in game two against the mets and broke the leg of second baseman rubin. now the umpires called the slide legal at the time. they actually called utley
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safe. but mlb later said it was not. baseball officials say they'll decide on his appeal before tonight's game, hall of famer joe tori will hear that appeal. >> the runner just from my experience, you know, situation, while hitting the ground, trying to break up a double play. you know, i hate to think that, you know, utley tried to hurt somebody. >> the flyers open home schedule tonight in south philly against the panthers, who actually beat the flyers saturday night seven to one, and florida fans will get a rally towel, and a schedule magnent. and hopefully see the flyers go after their first win of the new season. soap, erika, i'll be back at 6:00 with more on the eagles win over the saints. quickly on the utley suspension, legal play, it happened within the rules. i think it is actually a play that happens often in major league baseball you. >> seen it before. got hurt so that's the big issue here? >> i think trying to set an
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example, not an over the top play. if a guy pops up, isn't hurt, fine, no one blinks an eye. >> do you think the appeal will go through? >> they might resined one game, but i think it will still stands as suspension. >> pat, see in you about a half hour. thank you. >> and check this out. some neat baseball related here cents that's president george w. bush, tossed out first pitch of yesterday's game between the astros and royals in houston, the 91 year old was joined by his wife, bash racker at the game. the former yale first baseman fractured his neck in a fall earlier this year. the astros won, and take a two game to one lead in their series with game four today in houston. >> some wind weather video in florida we want to show you water slide. see this here? it ripped apart a tractor-trailer filled with mail in tampa yesterday. the mail just went flying everywhere. but the driver walk away from the damaged truck without getting hurt. but, if you are expecting a letter from florida, that could be why it is not arriving. kyla, luckily, pretty quiet for us this morning, right?
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>> yes. we have gorgeous day, starting offer little chilly. say good morning to my eyewitness weather watchers. definitely seeing cooler observations, check this one out, just 38 degrees, where mark is, that's in chads worth, relatively clear skies, he says, high morning humidity cannot be far behind. frost advisory in the poke necessary this weekends, so seeing 38 degrees, could you see few ice crystals, no doubt about it, also very cool this morning, where wayne is, in landon berg, at 40 degrees, and again, just few clouds out there, relatively clear skies, for most of us, this morning, we will do one more here, 47 degrees, this is where barbara lane is in willow grove. and she is also starting off with a cool one. so, it is a chilly start today. but it will be gorgeous. our columbus day will be sunny, warm, tuesday, though, looking out for fewer showers, clouds, then temperatures tumble. as we start to get into next weekends. but that's next weekend. today, 74 degrees, and gorgeous, sunshine, and i certainly hope that you're able to get out and enjoy t current temperatures right now at 52, in philadelphia, 44 in
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reading, you can see the cooler their in allentown at 42, lancaster, also at 42 degrees, and we zoom in here, my goodness, quakertown, look at up. 39 degrees, wow. i think that's what's called under achieving this morning. live look at storm scan3, we are perfectly clear, going to see beautiful blue skies today. disturbances to the south stays off shore do. have another problem. that's a front that's going to be tracking toward us t when it happens, likely to see few showers from that, if you can get me over to that graphic. there you go. rain chances coming in on tuesday becomes 40% there. and that's going to be in the late morning, early afternoon hours. so little weather ahead of our cold front that will drop the temperatures out of the 70s into the 60s, and we'll start to see sun and clouds come in on wednesday. so today, though, looking out for the high of 74. should be beautiful as we get into the overnight low tonight. 58 degrees, and if we take a quick look at the seven day
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forecast, i want to show you that next weekends, check it out, everybody, temperatures upper 50's. meisha, are you ready for that? >> no. i'm never ready for 50's, kyla, you just never have to ask. i'm always ready for 90s, never the 50's. good morning, hammy monday to you. it is looking good out there. i mean, it is number one a holiday, so we have lighter volume levels out there. and everything that we are dealing with this morning is getting cleared out the way fairly quickly. here is a look at construction, trooper both directions between 422 and betswood drive. being told it is one lane open. i was seeing two lanes of traffic moving in this direction. but as you can see it, looks like they're trying get this all cleared out of your way. so i'll have update for that in a little bit. i'll keep my eye on. that will the off ram top trooper road, one lane block here, not causing too many slow downs. but as you can see, plenty more tail light starting to hit that roadway. so for those of you traveling on 422 just know that in terms after monday, still lighter traffic volume.
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but it is starting to heat up now. and an update, boulevard inner drive is now open. mass transit, lansdale-doylestown line bussing weekdays, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and coal marble. >> this runs through december. erika, back to you. >> meisha, a thank up. shear look at your heed lines on cbs-3, long lines already this morning, at philadelphia international airport. southwest airlines is telling passengers get to the airport at least two hours early today for domestic flights, and print your boarding passes before you get there. peck call problems delayed hundreds of flights yesterday. two teenagers in the hospital after they were stabbed in south philadelphia. happened last night 15th street and west oregon avenue, just after 6:30. where officers say the 16 year olan 14 year old were stabbed. and, philadelphia's mayoral cammed date are facing off tonight in a debate. democratic candidate, jim certainly i, will face offer against republican, melissa murray bailey, less than month away now from the mayoral elections. >> well, some chaos on capitol hill.
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the expected republican nominee for speaker of the house pulled out of the race on thursday, leaving many in the party wondering who is going to be the chambers next leader? >> the favorite of many is former vice presidential candidate paul ryan of wisconsin, but he doesn't appear to be as sure as some, but right for the job. kim hutchinson with the details. >> representative paul ryan is still under pressure from fellow republicans to run for speaker of the house. ryan told cnn on sunday, his answer is still no. but, according to ryan's allies, he is still trying to make up his mind if he wants the job. ryan emerged as favorite among some republicans after representative kevin mccarthy's surprise thursday announcement that he would not run for speaker. friend of the ways and means chairman says ryan will only take the job if he gets support from all 247gop house members. hurried thal contributed to mccarthy pulling out of the race. members of the party's
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conservative freedom caucus have another candidate in mind. daniel webster of florida. >> until somebody a declared candidate, won't move to new candidate. >> sunday the group's leader said the freedom caucus would look favorably on ryan if he decides to step n possible candidacy coming up on the campaign trail. gop frontrunner done al trump told "face the nation"? >> i think he doesn't want it very badly but you never nope. maybe he is playing one of the great games of all time. >> and republican candidate bobby jindal summed up on abc this week. >> i like paula lot. the question is what commitment will the next speaker make to the conference about fighting for our beliefs? >> first lady michelle obama reveals her play list. mrs. obama grooving to the tunes every alicia keys, demi low vat owe, celebrates the international day of the girl. the white house released her play list on spotify yesterday to help promote aware fest for gender and equality around the
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wormed. some soul full tunes, by aretha, billie holliday makes that list, mrs. obama is promoting the let girls learn campaign to encourage girls education around the world many still to come: police officer goes above and beyond the call of duty, and now, his actions are going viral. hear the story behind this heartwarming moment after a crash. >> then tonight on cbs-3, it is all new episodes premiere from your episode show. at 8:00 big bang theory followed by life in priests then at 9:00 catch storm january, of course you don't want to miss nci los angeles at 10:00ment then ukee and jessica wrap up the news on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we'll be
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>> california couple counting their blessings after a plane crashes into their house over the weekends. marry jennings and her husband rob were enjoying quiet night at home in their tahoe house when a plane hit it. the house caught fire, but the couple was able to get out safely. they say it is a miracle they're alive. >> felt like somebody hit the house. it jolted and we got up, look toward the window, and branches falling from the tree. >> now both people on board the plane died in the crash. federal investigators are now work to go determine what went wrong. picture of detroit officer is warming hearts this morning, image shows ten year old boy
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there frightened and banked up after an accident, and an officer lying on the gown, comforting him. last week, mother and her four children were on their way to the school, when they were involved in that crash. lieutenant joe tucker was offer duty but he stopped to help. that's when he saw ten year old alone. >> neighbors tending to the other children, and the young man was still sort of alone. so he was crying and nervous, so i laid down next to him. >> he said are you okay? and do you want to watch a motorcycle video? i said yes. >> oh, what a great guy. his mother so moved by what he did, she found him on facebook to thank him. >> still to come this morning, in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we have some new video just into our news room, police searching for suspect considered armed and dangerous, after a robbery at a feltonville 7-eleven,. and in your health watch this morning, howell fans could hold a major clue in the fight against cancer. those stories and traffic and
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weather on this columbus day holiday when we come right back. good morning.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> good morning, happening today, long lines are forming at philadelphia international airport after a technical
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glitch delays hundreds of southwest airlines flights. this video from this morning, look at all of those people, live with what you should do if you're flying southwest today. eagles fans waking up relieved after last night's season victory. explaining why this win was just so important. and, if you have off today for the columbus day holiday, lucky you, you lucked out here, it is expected to be the nicest day of the week, got it get outside and enjoy it, good morning, it is monday, october 12th, i'm erika von tiehl. really looking on two fronts, roads are looking good, weaver gorgeous day ahead. kyla, meisha, do you agree, ladies? >> i agree on both counts. >> and specially when you wake up, and you had an eagles win. >> my victory dance. >> very nice. >> got the moves. >> nice work. well, roads are looking good, kai last how is it feeling outside? >> not bad. little warmer than we were


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