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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> arrest in the murder after transgender woman in north philadelphia. police are saying a tip led them to their suspect. good afternoon everyone, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. developing this noon, arrest in the murder that far transgender woman shot to death whether she fought back against robbers. >> our rahel solomon was first to announce that arrest, rahel is live for us, at philadelphia police headquarters, rahel, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon,
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pat. well, we've been following this since the morning of the murder of keisha jenkins, and today, detectives telling me not only have they arrested one man, but more arrests are likely. now, you saw it first on "eyewitness news", social media pages this morning, police announcing the arrest of pedro reddick, arrested sunday morning, very close to the crime scene, 4500 block of north 13th street. he is charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, and other related offenses. his criminal record includes aggravated assault and robbery, police tell me he is known to rob people in that area including transgender women. because police believe, however, that the motive here was robbery, they do not think this was a hate crime. twenty-two year old jenkins died after being shot twice in the back last tuesday, it happened on the 1300 block of wingahocking. police say it appears the group responsible tried to rob jenkins, when she fought back, she was shot. again, this afternoon we know police are still searching for
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three men, they also believe to be connected. there is a $20,000 reward for any information leading to those additional arrests. meantime, police will be having a press conference here at headquarters at 1:30, we will be here for it, and bring you new updates coming up tonight at 5:00. reporting live at police headquarters, rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> two teenagers are being treated at hospital this noon after a stabbing last night in south philadelphia. the 16 year old and 14 year old were stabbed near 15th and west oregon avenue around 6:30 last night. so far investigators have no motive in this case and no after he haves been made. >> police in burlington county are investigating the death after man found inside a clothing donation box. the man's body was discovered yesterday, dangling in a planet aid box on pemberton browns mill road in pemberton township. he heist not been identified. an autopsy is expected to reveal that man's cause of death. >> the final know asbestos prize of of the year has been awarded to princeton professor
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of economics. the economics prize went to scott lan born angus deeton for his study of world-wide food construction, poverty and welfare. his work focuses on global health and economic development. the 69 year old deeton teaches economics, and international affairs at princeton, we offer him our congratulations. >> the weather team calling this one of the best days of the year. for those who have this columbus day off, maybe just taking off for lunch today, it sounds like great day to get outside. that's where we sent our kyla grogan, how does it feel out there, kyla? >> feels amazing, not just great day to be outside but tough day to get anyone to come inside. beautiful out here, nice, warm, already in the mid 60s, here in philadelphia. just a stunning columbus day. so my headlines today, pretty simple, folks, gorgeous day for your columbus day, however, we do have some showers expected on tuesday, and then a big cool down, coming our way next weekend. but not there yet. taking a live look at the temperatures currently 68 degrees in philadelphia, right nowment look at 70 in
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trenton, and as you can see atlantic city coming in at 71, so little bit of cool start, but boy it has been nice. wind relatively calm about 7-mile per hour winds here, just nice breeze, nothing much. just casino of keeps the air moving. but looking at storm scan3, see nice and clear now, but look off to the midwest, see the line of clouds, that is an indication after cold front that's coming our way. that's what's going to bring the showers tomorrow. late morning, early afternoon is the timing for. that will but today, no showers to worry about. 74 degrees as your high, few clouds if you head down the shore, high of 69. beautiful day in the poconos, 70 and sunshine to me that sounds like great hiking weather. now, i will be back with your full weather forecast, time out the showers for you, talk about big temperature drop coming our way, for next weaken. ladies, back you. >> all right, kyla, thank you. this noon, southwest airlines says that its computer system has recovered from a glitch that caused delays across the nation over the holiday weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch reports from
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philadelphia philadelphia international airport where southwest passengers showed up early this morning to avoid the delay. >> at first the lines were longer than usual at the southwest check in counter early monday morning. passengers cueing up early hoping to get home on time. >> at least this it is moving, it is not what you want to see when you walk up here at 4:00 in the morning. >> lines did move. first flights took off with delays averaging five, ten minutes. weekend tech glitch, delayed more than 3,000 flights sunday. the bug in question, intermittently off line at the airline website mobile app and computer systems. >> ryan gray bound from new orleans after week he ends in philly showed up three hours early and set up system of his own. >> right now we have check in and carry on. we have two people working, one inside, one outside. so we are trying to see which one will go faster, the inside or outside. >> hopefully one will work, but checking in via your cell phone may not. >> they're warning you that if
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you have like your check in on your phone, it may not work when you get there. so do you have print a boarding pass anyway. >> from los angeles, to denver, to chicago, travelers sunday had to wait in line foreman all check in's, southwest travelers scrambled to make the best of it. >> they gave us water, told us where we were, wonderful because i met some real nice people. >> as the morning wore on, those long lines here at southwest did begin to dissipate as the airlines tech teamworks around the clock, to resolve that tech glitch. they say they don't believe this to be the work of a cyber hacker. at philadelphia international airport, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and we do have the latest on the airline delays in our website you can head therefore up-to-date information on the southwest technology glitch. the latest on flight out of philadelphia international airport, as well. >> well, philadelphia area resident are traveling on amtrak and they can now bring their furry friend along with them. for 25-dollar fee, cats and small dogs, can be taken on
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northeast regional rail trains. it is an extension of pilot program that began in illinois in 2013. the pets must remain in carriers and un your seat at all times. they can also only travel on trips up to seven hours. want to talk sport right now. so many people waking up so happy this morning, the eagles are back in the win column. >> don't you think was about time. bird shook off early jitters, eagles quarterback sam bradford over came two interceptions in the end zone, finished with 333 yards and two touchdowns. brian matthews and demarco murray each ran for a touchdown. and the eagles beat the saints 39 to 17. on the defensive side, fletcher cox forced two fumbles. the eagles play the giants in prime time a week from tonight. >> and, here is a live look now, this is flyers caravan ahead of tonight's home opener at the linc against the florida panthers. the flyers are caravaning from the sports complex, to center
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city right now. we have live camera inside to dock oohment all of the fun, nice game, there will be give aways, spectacular 3d light show. to company the player introductions. hopefully fans at tonight's home opener will see the flyers first win of this young season. got to get more people out on the sidewalk there, nice caravan, but you need to cheer for it. >> former phillie chase utley is appealing his suspension for a play that baseball fans are arguing over. and they are arguing coast-to-coast. >> los angeles saying goodhearted slide. but in new york they say utley broke the leg of their second baseman. correspondent don taylor at city field where the dodgers and play tonight in playoff game number three. >> chase utley slammed into second base, attempt to go break up double play. but he ended up breaking mets shortstop rubin's leg instead. >> what a collision. >> it ultimately led to decisive dodger victory and
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sunday night major league baseball suspended utley for two games. >> i don't agree with chase utley. i hate the play. i consider this a dirty play. this is baseball, though. this is what guys do for 100 years, taking guys out. >> what's done in the 18 90s should change. >> gets up -- >> they thought purist argue sliding hard into second base is just part of the game. historically that's true. >> there really is no place for a take-out slide there unless you are trying to injury the infielder. >> major league baseball wasn't letting history set the precedent on this one, in 24 hours, the league pivotted from a non-call to a suspension. >> i can't worry about what's happened in the past. i just base it on what i saw, and the fact that, you know, where we're trying to have rules that's going to keep these players on the field. >> but 36 year old chase utley says he never intended to hurt him. >> again, there was no intent to injury rubin whatsoever. >> chase utley's agent says they are appealing the two
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game suspension and called it outrageous, we're likely to hear a ruling on that suspension before tonight's game. cbs news, new york. and as you can imagine social media just blowing up over this. alec cooler posted on cbs philly facebook page, here it is, quote, bad call. utley did nothing wrong when he made that slide. tejada made bad kucinich late dollars jump which forced his knee to hit utley's forehead while hurting him at the same time. maggie disagrees posted those who are disagreeing are one taking his side because he is former phillie. honestly it looked nasty. didn't look like the chase utley i remember. but someone who is desperate to score a run and win the game. we want to mow what you think. connect with us on our cbs philly facebook page or twitter or on our website >> story had many people talking all summer. beloved lion in zimbabwe killed by an american hunter. now the country announces its decision about whether to charge that hunter. >> and who was the most honest
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and trustworthy candidate running for president? you may be surprised the who the voters picked. he did not even put his hat in the ring yet. but we have the details coming up.
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>> the country of zimbabwe will not charge a minnesota dentist in the killing of his prize lion, cecil this past
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summer. officials say 55 year old walter palmer had legal authority to conduct a bow and arrow hunt. palmer killed cecil with a bow and arrow, two other people face charges in the lion's death, though. a professional hunt here accompanied paul america, and a game park owner who allowed the hunt. >> well, we are just days from the first democratic debate, and a new cbs news poll is showing some big gaps between the candidate. 46% of democratic voters say that they would vote for hillary clinton. 27% would vote for bernie sanders, and vice president joe biden, is in third place, with 16% s looking though at the candidate perceived honesty and trustworthiness, joe biden is on the top that far with 61%. but republican ben carson is very close behind with 58%. at the bottom, hillary clinton and donald trump, in the 30% range. vote letters get the first chance to see the democratic candidates said by side tomorrow night when they take the stage for the first
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debate. craig boswell gives us a deeper look at the cbs news poll, and what it means for tomorrow night's showdown. >> the democrats hold their first presidential debate tuesday night in the contend remembers already trying to show they're different than frontrunner, hillary clinton. >> secretary clinton's always quick for the military intervention. i believe that no fly zone right now is not advisable. >> from day one, i ' post the keystone pipeline. >> the latest cbs news poll shows the former secretary of state, well ahead of her closest challenger senator bernie sanders, but there is a wild-card. >> president, everyone want to know -- >> get out of my way, will you? >> vice president joe biden could announce his decision to run as soon as this week, his boss, president obama, talked about what biden could be thinking during a interview on 60 minute. >> if you're sitting right next to the president, never meeting, you know, rest link with these issues, i'm sure for him he is saying to himself coy do a really good job. >> biden is not expected to
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participate in the debate but cnn has a podium standing by just in case. in the cbs pole, clinton stays in the lead if the vice president does enter the race. but the pole shows that only 35% of primary voters view her as honest and trustworthy. in the 06 mint view, president obama commented on clinton's e-mail controversy. >> she made a mistake, she has acknowledged it, i do think that the way it has been jeaned up is in part because of politics. >> donald trump still leads the gop field by a wide margin, but his negative numbers are high too. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and stay with cbs-3 for the latest on campaign 2016. when we're not on tv you can get the latest on line at philadelphia's mayoral candidates will debate tonight. democratic candidate jim kenly face-off against republican, melissa murray bailey. now less than month away from the mayoral election. >> still ahead this noon, mother nature's power caught
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on video. >> waterspout turns into a tornado and takes out a truck full of mail. you're going to hear from the driver next. kyla? >> i'm monitoring the weather. it is a gorgeous day today. but we've got rain on the way tomorrow. wait until you see how low these temperatures are going next weekend. i'm have your full weather forecast, stay with us, "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> you are looking at a waterspout. the male went flying everywhere, but the driver was able to walk away from the damaged truck, without getting any injuries. one witness says that he didn't even realize what he was seeing.
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>> i didn't even think it was anything except a bunch of birds at first, until i saw it casino of get bigger and get closer, then able to kind of spin around, turn around the opposite direction, to kind of drive back the wrong way until we were able to pull off on to the rest area. then we ran up into the rest near case it got closer. >> terrifying, he said the whole thing lasted just matter of secretary. also did damage to nearby construction site. but you know those second, feeling like hours for anyone involved. >> those are not that uncommon in florida either. they do pop up. and it is basically a tornado over water, you know, the beauty it doesn't usually make it to l you can see, in tampa, someone says the check is in the mail, good luck with that. >> exactly. >> good luck with that. >> back here at home looking beautiful. >> gorgeous today, so nice out, there and i am happy to report we will stick with the gorgeous weather today, go have little rain to worry about tomorrow. and then, oh, my. the temperatures next weekend, will make your eyes maybe pop open little bit. they did mine this morning. let's start off with what we have going on today. we start with live look, down
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the shore here. you can see, this is ocean city. and you agree? i think it is a nice day to get out and take a walk. we've obviously passed the point of juanita put your bathing suit on, but walking i think it will be absolutely gorgeous. feel the nice warmth of the sun today. it is just going to be beautiful. so, we are going to be warming up nicely highs in the 70s again today, sunny skies, light wind, getting used to this, right? high of 74 degrees for your columbus day. and it is just beautiful out on the skydeck. maybe pull up chair and stay there a while. i've seen some people out. little quiet. i saw some folks walking in margate. live look at the neighborhood network, again, just beautiful day to be outside. 68 degrees currently in philadelphia, 67 in reading, we had chilly start this morning up to mount pocono, there is 68 now, atlantic city sitting at seven open degrees. zoom in here, already got some 70s both palmyra and mt. holly. so we're on our way, folks. taking live look at storm storm scan3, skies are absolutely clear. i count find a cloud in the sky. but if you zoom out, look back
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toward the midwest, start see little trouble here. now there is isn't a strong cold front. but enough to produce few showers for us, as we head across the next 24 hours. so today will be fine. but tuesday, as we get into the morning, late morning hours, into the afternoon, that's where we see the possible. so tracking it forward for you on future weather starting monday night going into tuesday, there is 10:00 a.m. see the showers rolling across pretty hit quick. it is in. it is out. then done with t but if up the one caught where the showers are, you are going to want your umbrella so take it with you tomorrow. temperatures stay warm tomorrow. then we really start to cool down. notice the average high there is 68 degrees. friday into saturday, big difference. friday another front coming through there is one, opening the door, i want to say kicking the door open, bringing cold air in, that will give us ten to 15-degree below average temperatures next weekends, who is ready moore? not me. 74 degrees today, beautiful out there, overnight lows, talking 58, should be comfortable, winds staying nice and callment. looking at the seven day, warm temperatures, little rain
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tuesday, wednesday, thursday, very seasonable, we get into friday, and then we have saturday and sunday, seeing pat's face, and she is looking at it, high of 58, 59. >> what a change. >> so friday, few showers, but the good news is if you have plans outdoors for the weekend still count on that. it is just you are going to need a jacket. it will be chill. >> i right. dig out those fall clothes from the closet. >> yes. >> exactly. >> stay with us, we'll be right back.
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special event this noon marks the italian-american heritage month here in philadelphia. >> there was a wreath laying this morning at the magnificant columbus, at penn's landing and christopher columbus boulevard. there is also a wreath laying at the columbus statue at marconi plaza south broad street. there are several events and activities throughout october which is italian heritage month. >> yes, let's all celebrate the american italian heritage. >> good food involved in that. >> you got that right. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> it doesn't get more italian than that. i'm erika von tiehl. >> "eyewitness news" continues on line at the young and the restless is neck, but we leave you with a shot of the flyers caravan. let's go flyers. >> ♪
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>> billy: what a smile, huh? >> victoria: yeah, like her dad's. how are you doing? >> billy: okay and not okay. it changes every second. you know, in theory, you would think that i would feel a little better -- justice for delia on the anniversary of her death, but... >> victoria: that theory's not working for you, is it? >> billy: my baby's still gone. [ sighs ] >> victoria: well, at least adam will be in a cell. i think that's the best that we can hope for. >> billy: is it? 'cause, you know, i feel like a part of me thinks that's ne


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