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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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these individuals that they do robberies. >> reporter: neighbors say areas known for prostitution and police tell "eyewitness news" that jenkins may have been in the neighborhood working. >> it was sad that somebody's child, regardless, it is sad. that shouldn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: jenkins death sparked outrage over violence towards transgendered woman. police are not calling this incident a hate crime. they do however say that reading was previously arrested for a similar crime against a transgendered woman but when victim didn't show up to court, charges were dropped. >> the the fact that this incident or similar incident had happened and in the past, shows the need for our community to feel safe and respected as they step forward and report crimes. >> reporter: while news of the reading's arrest came as a relief for neighbors information about where he was from, a shock. police say he lived not even a block away from the scene, of the murder. and again, police say they do believe three other men including the gun man are still out there, they say they have some strong lead.
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they hope to make arrests soon. meantime reading is being held without bail. the reporting live, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, rahel. freak accident on the lawn more claims life of the former fire fighter and tonight many are wondering what went wrong? it happened in jobstown new jersey. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at springfield township fire company and today he spoke exclusively with the victim's wife, steve. >> reporter: we did, and jessica, this was the couple that was gathered for 57 years of marriage. nearly six decade, for teta and her husband who died in, that accident. we spoke to the wife there and she spoke for the the first time in a long time that they are apart. >> i'm at a lost for words it was a great shock. >> reporter: after 57 years of marriage, tet lipincot can find herself in a place she can barely fathom suddenly without her best friend.
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>> i don't know we're still all in shock. we do not know thousand react. >> reporter: friend and family mourning loss of the 79 year-old retired fire fighter and community pillar roger lipincot. police say at the 2:00 sunday afternoon lipincot was mowing the front lawn when his lawn mower caught on fire and combusted. teta says all she could do was hope her husband left quickly. >> this was over in a flash. i hope it was instant. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: black bunting at springfield township fire company a place where roger sodas a fire fighter instituting training programs for new recruits that will last long after his death. >> the county services center, where they train all fire fighters and e ms he was instrumental in getting it started. all of us really, we are part of him in some way. >> reporter: roger's legacy will be felt in the boots, hell mets and gloves of every fire fight shore suits up here and at home, in the
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eyes of teta he can still feel his warmth. >> roger was our saint, our helper, our teacher, and he was involved in so many things. he was the lifetime member of the fire company, and he had many, many friends. >> reporter: well, no word on what cause that had lawn mower to buts, but the new jersey state police are leading the investigation, in the meantime, coming up at 6:00 o'clock we have spoke to the fire chief here at the springfield township company. for now live from springfield township i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, we will see you at 6:00, thank you. police are investigating the death of the man whose body was found inside of a clothing donation box. the man's body was discovered yesterday, dangling in a planet aid box on pemberton browns mills road in pemberton township. the man has not been identified yet. the authority are investigating the cause of the death. two teenagers are recovering after being stabbed last night in south philadelphia. the 16 year-old and 14 year-old were stabbed near
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15th and business oregon avenue. the 16 year-old boy is in critical condition, and so far investigators have no motive in the case and no arrests have been made. our week is is getting off to a warmth start with temperatures above average. great day to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. "eyewitness news" at fairmount park and busy play ground me role goodies justin drabick is live on the cbs-3 sky deck enjoying that sunshine, justin. >> i don't know fit it does get wetter for mid-october what more can you ask for. we're in the sun sheen, warmth and comfortable with a is in breeze and this trend continues tonight. so we still got a few hours left. get outside and enjoy comfortable conditions. highs today so far way above average. we came in the at 76 degrees, so far philadelphia international airport, so our average high is 68. our record high is 88. it can get hot this time of the year. the not talking about any record but it does stay miles for 24 hours. mid 70's for most reporting station as way from the ocean.
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seventy-five in allentown. then we will get close to the shore we will talk up butter 60's with the southwest wind off the water some suburbs feeling very nice, lower 07's in doylestown, quakertown at this shore. nothing on storm scan three. full sunshine. not and cloud in the sky. that will change later tonight. few increasing cloud but overall very comfortable temperatures with temperatures in the 60's. tomorrow we will change it up a bit. clouds return, still warm, temperatures in the mid 07's. but we will see some chances for some spotty showers, not much at the all, might not need the umbrella rainfall amounts up to .15. we will time out those showers and when you can expect those in the full forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> j.d., we will see you shortly. playoff tensions are running high after former philly chase lit made a hard sly that broke the led of the new york mets player. we are learning he will aloud to play tonight awaiting an appeals hearing to his two game suspension. correspondent adrian a diaz has more on the controversial play that has fans talking from coast to coast. >> reporter: as playoff series between new york mets and the
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l dodgers, moves to city field in queens, new york tonight. >> he gets right there. >> reporter: controversial slide that broke the the leg of the short stop ruben t ejeda is still on fans mind. >> it was a horrible play, dirty play. >> i think he wanted the man to fall down so he wouldn't tag him out but he didn't want to hurt him to the point where he had to not play the game. >> reporter: l.a. second base man chase utley said did he not intent to injure him and appealing major league baseball's two game suspension. >> i just based it on what i saw and the fact that, you know, we're trying to have rules that will keep these players on the field. >> reporter: there has been no hearing so far on you the thely's appeal which means he he could be eligible to play tonight. while there is a lot of talks of the mets retaliating at tonight's game fans we have spoken to said they are not so sure that is a good idea. >> sometimes cooler heads to have prevail. >> we need to score runs and that is best way to retaliation, winning game, winning series and moving on. >> reporter: five game series is tied at one game appease.
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adriana diaz for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we'd love to hear what you think about this story. connect with us on our cbs philly facebook page, twit error our web site the at cbs in the meantime it is time to get flyered up. >> flyers fans are flocking to the wells fargo center for tonight's home opener. our variety the tore use woodill is in south philadelphia right now where everybody is getting pumped up for first game on home ice, vittoria. >> reporter: pumped up is an understatement. we are getting flyered up. >> wow, wow. >> reporter: that is right, home opener, we are live in south philadelphia, right outside wells fargo center. and fans are coming from all over for the game tonight, and dave here came all the way from canada, dave, what was the trip like and why are you so excited for today. >> i'm excited the trip was fine, and we do this four or five times a year. we're excited. because after that loss last night they are coming back, baby that is right. >> reporter: that is right,
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baby we are bringing the heat, right dave. >> we're there. >> reporter: yeah, we are. it does not end there. it doesn't end in canada we are going over to the swedes. give it up to of the swedes. thinks your first flyers game tonight. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: are you a hockey fan. >> of course. >> reporter: american hockey fan. >> yes. >> reporter: are you going to have a great time tonight. >> of course. >> reporter: man, they are so polite. thanks so much. enjoy the game. we have a season ticket holder, bob, he has been a season ticket holder for five years. bob, what does it feel like right now to almost be at puck drop at 7:00 p.m. for game opener, i can feel your energy. what are you feeling right now. >> great the new season, great new coach and we will have great the new results. let's go flyers. >> reporter: and, tonight after the game they may also have the rally towels. we're swinging summer out. that is right. puck drop at 7:00 p.m. at wells fargo center tonight.
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it will be a great game. we are looking to come back off of saturday so we're hoping for a win tonight and i'm sending it back to you guys because we have more flyers news coming up. >> sports director don bell will have more, thanks very much. final noble prize of the year has been awarded to a princeton professor, economics prize which is scotland born angus, for his study of worldwide food conn sums, poverty and welfare. he teaches international affairs at princeton. >> the people keep congratulating me today, and i keep thinking, for what? it is really because it takes a long time to sink in. >> it is great, that he won. it is great for the department. would i honestly like to take a class with him if i could. >> i think it is absolutely stunning to be in an area where there is such enthusiasm about academics. >> reporter: deaton is sixth scholar affiliated of princeton to win the noble prize to economics.
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many are celebrating columbus day throughout our rejoin an in fill at special ceremony. state lodge of the pennsylvania and order sons of the italy in america commemorated italian explorer christopher columbus by laying wreathing at columbus monument at penns landing. italian consul, andre a in attendance as city celebrates italian american heritage month. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", wild weather caught on cameras take a look at the waterspout sweeping across the bridge and tears through a mail truck. live secrets and scams you may tell yourself it could never happen to you or your family but don't be so sure. consumer reporter jim donovan tells us just how many ways scam artists are targeting older americans and what you can do bit. we all know with reserve parking for handicapped and expecting mothers but what about our vets. cleve bryan, coming up, i'll show you an effort to get practical help and recognition to our wounded warriors.
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early to avoid delays. there were five hundred flights delayed over weekend after a technical glitch off line the airlines web site, mobile app and computer systems and passengers say the issue may not be totally resolved. >> they are warning you that if you have like your check in on your phone it may not work if you get there so you have to, have a boarding pass anyway. >> southwest tech staff worked around the clock to get system back on line and at this time the airline does not believe this to be work of the cyber hacker. the average delay at philadelphia international today was only about ten minutes. philadelphia area residents using amtrak can now bring their small cats and dogs along. for a $25 fee for a companion, can ho p on northeast regional rail trains. pets must remain in their carrier and under the seat at all times and trip can only last up to seven hours. well, more and more scam artists are targeting older americans. it is estimated they take billion of dollars from seniors every year.
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>> if you have family members, or friend who were in their golden years, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice on how to protect them. >> that is right. indeed these scam artists are so good they rip off people of the all ages but elderly vulnerable. doctor al caden received a call with someone claiming to be from the irs. >> unaudible. >> she was informing me that there were filing a warrant for my arrest. >> reporter: what he did not know what is the caller was a scam artist. she demanded immediate payment for backed taxes. so he sent her $16,000, through prepaid debit card. >> i am very afraid at that point. >> reporter: he is one of the eight seniors profiled in the new consumer report article on the growing problem of senior fraud. the scams range from fake sweepstakes to being duped by shady contractors and financial advisors. >> seniors have retirement savings under their control, scammers know that, and so
5:16 pm
they go after them. >> reporter: american seniors lose millions of dollars each year to fraud. >> there are ways seniors can protect themselves. the most important thing toys not to answer phone call. if the caller id is from a number you do not recognize. >> reporter: it is also important to check contractors and other workers to make sure that they are legitimate. and seniors should ask trusted family members for help. >> and letting a relative view your accounts on a regular basis for irregularities. >> reporter: if you have the ability to review those bank accounts you can often spot a problem before it gets out of control. large withdrawals or lots of checks being written in the short amount of time are often common when it comes to sweepstakes and charity scams. that irs thing, i can do a story every single day. >> we've got three e-mails today bit. the irs doesn't call you. you don't owe any money. get an air horn, blow tonight their ear. but you have to watch out for the seniors. because they are much more trusting, that is for sure.
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>> thanks, jim, good heads up. unbelievable weather video coming out of florida. a waterspout rips through a tractor trailer filled with mail, in tampa. that mail went flying every where but driver managed to walk away from the damaged truck without any injuries. eyewitnesses didn't even realize what he was seeing. >> i didn't think it was anything until a bunch of bird, until they get bigger and closer. they were able to spin around, turnaround and kind of drive back the wrong way until we were able to pull off on to the rest area and then we ran up in the rest area in case it got closer. >> he also said that the entire thing lasted seconds. tornado also did damage to a nearby construction site. totally the opposite here. >> yes. >> gorgeous, sunny skies, not a cloud out there. >> i'm tough from the weather center. i can always find something wrong. >> yes. >> sometimes too windy. not today. hopefully we can do it again. we will change it up tomorrow bringing a a couple showers in here.
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may want to have the umbrella to be safe but overall it is looking like a good forecast. lets take a look down the shore right the now, with a live look at margate in the sunshine. there were people sitting on the beach earlier, now it is cleared off but nice comfortable conditions and temperatures in the upper 60's along the coast. good to see that ocean calm right now so again, beach still intact here from the previous storm from a couple weekend ago. as far as temperatures go we have something for everyone, average high 68 degrees. the warmth here today at 76. tomorrow still warm. we will be in the mid 70's but by second half of the week we will drop temperatures back into the 60's. in fact potentially in the 50's as we head in the upcoming weekend. lot the at numbers right now current temperatures in the mid 70's away from the water. right along the coast mid 60's in wildwood as we have that flow out of the south of the ocean. and then there you go the the temperatures all across the the new england and ohio valley in the low to mid 70's. nothing cool just yet. that will change though. there is a cold front out across the ohio valley.
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you can see spin and clouds. that is the center of the storm up across wisconsin right now this front comes through tomorrow bringing more cloud maybe a spotty shower or two coming in during the afternoon. still warm ahead of the front we will be in the 07's once again. shower chance come in mid to late afternoon as that front passes on by and we will start to clear skies out the a little will bit on wednesday. a few cloud around. temperatures do drop back in the 60's and then back to mostly sunny skies on thursday, so, even though we're cooling things down it is a nice stretch of weather. this is perfect ingredients for the the fall foliage. you want cool mornings and warm afternoon and we are starting to see good change in new england right now. far northern pennsylvania, some high change in the color around lehigh valley, poconos, moderate change and not much happening here in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs and south jersey and delaware. low change at this point. we have a couple more weeks to go before we hit the peak. here's is what happening in the weekend. big time fall chill arrives as a stronger cold front moves through friday. now we're talking about temperatures ten to 15 degrees below average. rain chances 60 percent
5:20 pm
tomorrow, 10 percent on wednesday, none on friday but thursday and then we will bring it back to 60 on friday. here we go future weather shows not much happening, maybe that stray shower comes in mid to late afternoon on tuesday, and then wednesday, just some sunshine and cloud. tonight it is comfortable, increasing cloud late, 58 degrees for center city. cooler in the suburbs. more cloud around tuesday, and still mild watch out for that shower in the afternoon. high of seven 46789 here's your three day forecast, mid 70's to the 60's with more sunshine through middle of the week and then wait until you see the seven day by end of the week, some chilly temperatures, maybe even some 30's, at night. >> yes, okay then. >> yes. >> it means business. >> all right, justin thanks. thanks, buddy. still ahead a daily glass of red wine may be just what the doctor ordered, why researchers say people who suffer from type two diabetes can benefit. it used to be a mighty symbol of our country but now ss united states could be sold for scraps. we will have more on efforts to save the ship as a
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deadline, looms, tom. the the flyers get set for their home opener we have a line up change to report, live report from the wells fargo center coming up next in sports.
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ready to get flyered up. >> ready flyers have their home opener tonight at the well in south philadelphia. sports director don bell joining us live, rink side, don? >> thanks, guys. that is right home opener tonight for the flyers. they are getting set to take on the panthers a team that embarrassed them saturday night. they lost seven-one to this team so they are looking for pay back. we have a line up change to report, the goalie steve mason will not play tonight. he is out with some family issues, dealing with some family matters, so michael nor nor birth will get their start. a little caravan going through, flyers interacting with the fans tossing out
5:25 pm
t-shirts. it should be a great night at wells fargo. they will have a 3-d light presentation during the opening ceremonies, and during the introductions, and i want to remind you this team lost to the panthers in three of the last four chances here at wells fargo. so a big game tonight. we did talk to claude giroux about 35 minutes ago, and we will hear from him at 6:00 p.m. meanwhile lets talk about what happened across the the street yesterday fans excited because eagles had what was perhaps a season saving win against the saints. they won 39-17. the offense was great. so was the d. but let's tell you about sam bradford and how he played. he threw two, first half interceptions, but was able to bounce back. threw for 33-yard, 519-yard of total offense and 341st down which is most this team has had since the the 50's. demarco murray ran well, so did ryan matthews. they each had touchdowns to take chip kelly talked about it and he said it was all about the offensive line. >> they just blocked better in
5:26 pm
the running game f we can get our running game going, our pass game, our quick game and play action passes off of. that we kept sam clean. gave him an opportunity to throw the football. it starts with us being able to run the football and we did a good job of that. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, i had had a couple eagles experts on and we think fletcher cox is the best player on this team. so coming up at 6:00 we will highlight that defense and fletcher cox in particular was a beast, a man possessed yesterday. that is latest. he was great, wasn't he? that was latest from the wells fargo center, back to you guys in the studio. >> we will get back to you, thanks very much. yeah, he was a beast. no doubt bit. coming up next as the democratic presidential candidates prepare for their first debate, president obama weighs in on vice-president joe biden's possible run for the white house. and the the new way a local supermarket is showing appreciation for wounded military veterans. also new at 6:00 o'clock tonight a disappointing day forbidder fans trying to cash
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in on their free coffee what the company is saying about the the problem with their
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i'm ukee washington. the here's is what going on. police made an arrest in last weeks murder of the transgendered woman, pedro reading is now charged with murder, robbery and other offenses. 22-year old keisha jenkins was beaten shot and robbed. community is mourning loss of the local fire fight hours died in the freak accident involving a lawn mower. police say man's loan more combusted and caught fire in jobstown burlington county. chase utley will be allowed to play after being suspended for making a hard supplied that broke the the leg of the new york mets player, justin. perfect weather today and sunshine warming temperatures but we will swim it you have,
5:31 pm
coming up thomas cold front approaches. a few spotty showers tuesday in the a afternoon but a a lot of sunshine does return for the week. we will drop temperatures as we head in the weekend, certainly talking about highs in the 50's, those details in the seven day forecast coming up, in a few minutes, jessica. >> justin, thank you you. the voters will soon get their first chance to see the democratic presidential candidates side by side as candidates prior to debate tomorrow in las vegas, a new poll shows both democratic and republican front runners are scoring high in a category, that they would rather avoid. craig boswell has more from washington. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidates say they are eager for tuesday night's debate. >> i'm looking forward to the democratic party finally joining this game and having a debate about how we solve our nation's problems. >> reporter: martin o'malley, jim web and lincoln chefee hope to grab spotlight from hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> what we need are answers to
5:32 pm
the problems, in the just campaign rhetoric. >> reporter: latest news poll shows clinton has increased her lead over sanders but separate poll indicates the front runner has work to do. it shows only 35 percent of the primary voters see her as honest and trust worthy. two points ahead of donald trump. some of that skepticism was on display during a stop at a no labels event in new ham sure for voters in the county. >> i don't think your friend are a would man. >> i know i shouldn't have pick her. >> reporter: trump does have a a strong base of support. >> you know what, i'll tell you about the tea party, these are people, in all fairness because you cannot really, these are people that love this country. >> reporter: that basis helping him maintain aid wide lead over g.o.p. field. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with cbs-3 for latest for campaign on 2016 when not on tv you can get information on line at cbs
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philadelphia's mayoral candidates will debate tonight, democrat jim kenney will face off against republican melissa murray bailey. we are less than a month away from the mayoral election. investigators in turkey says isis is prime suspect in the country's deadly terror attack over the weekend. ninety-seven people were killed when two bombs went off at a peace rally in the capitol, on saturday. it the is one of the country's dead ies attacks in years. it follows an up surge in violence twi turkey government and militants from turkish, kurdish minority. zimbabwe will not push for extradition for dentist who killed cecil the lion. officials say five five-year old walter pal inner had not broken the country's hunting laws and he has been cleared of wrongdoing. two other people face charges in the lion's death. a professional hunt shore accompanied palmer, and a game park owner, who allowed, the hunt. police in london have removed the officers who have been watching over wikileaks
5:34 pm
founder julian assange. he has been staying in the ecuador embassy since june of 2012, avoid ago rest. london's metropolitan police are saying that the 24 hour operation has cost them over $17 million. assange is still subject to extradition, for failing to answer a rape charge, in sweden. drivers have them, so do new moms, so now wounded veterans have reserved parking spots as well. >> it is a small nationwide program that has made its way to south jersey. new jersey reporter cleve bryan takes you to one grocery store where some veterans are being honored, with a special parking spot. >> reporter: at shop rite on east landis avenue in vineland may neat is new park ago sign. next to the handicapped spot. one designated for wounded veterans. >> it is a real good idea. they ought to put more of them up. >> reporter: store added reserved parking spot for combat wounded vets at the request of the neighboring buena vista township veterans affairs committee. >> in the monthly vfw magazine which we all get, i saw an article with this in it, i
5:35 pm
contacted the people, and omaha, nebraska. they told me what it was. we said that this was something that we want to do in our area. >> reporter: over the the last few years an organization called wounded warriors family support has given out more than 4,000 of these combat wounded parking signs. >> i think it is marvelous, yes. i'm all for it. >> reporter: buena vista ordered five signs and so far this one at shop rite and one at town hall. >> we're proud to have someone like this represent us, you know, in the community, and if people thinking about us. >> reporter: even though this particular effort began with the buena vista township commit thee the combat wounded project is available anywhere and goal, it is that some day signs like this will be seen just as often as other handicapped signs. >> if this goes well, we should see this every where we go. we should see it in shopping malls, we should see it at the movies. anywhere people gather and there is a lot of people there should be a played for wounded warriors. >> reporter: anyone interested to get a sign free from wounded warriors family support you just have to cover
5:36 pm
shipping and handling n vineland, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i can see that taking off indeed. imagine having unlimited vacation day. say what. >> yeah. >> coming up, another company is joining the new trend. also, ahead tonight, good news for those who drink red wine, new research reveals yet another health benefits. and the cost of halloween these days is down right, frightening. but wait until you hear the average cost of the costume, we will do it on the other i started with pills.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. one company is making headlines for its new vacation, policy. beginning next month, linkedin employees will no longer i have set number of vacation days each year. instead managers will work with employees to plan vacation time, the popular networking site says it wants to focus on results and
5:40 pm
performance, not the hours worked. and if you are on social security, you probably will not be getting a cost of living increase next year. cheaper prices for gasoline have brought down consumer price index which measures inflation. it is unwelcomed news for more than 1/5th of the u.s. population. it effects disabled veterans and federal retirees. for many of us october means changing leaves, cooler temperatures and halloween and the spooky holiday is big business. not many are spending on halloween costumes, it is rising this year. new survey by wide pulse marketing indicates young adults will spend $72 on average for a costume this year. that is up $15 from last years price. so do you plan to spend 72 bucks for your halloween costume this year or more or is that too much? do you shovel out way more. let us know what you think. connect with us on facebook, twitter using the hashtag cbs-3. i'm going to jim on this, nope, not spending $72. >> what do you go as.
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>> i don't know, but it will be less than that. >> i haven't spend money on a costume in
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janet jackson debuts at number one on the billboard 200 album starting with unbreakable. this marks her seventh chart topper and makes her third act to achieve number one albums in each of the last four decade. unbreakable sold over hundred thousand copies in the first week and jackson will be performing in philadelphia at the wells fargo center on february 24th. in your face neil armstrong. >> the martian sores to the stop of the weekend box office rake nothing $37 million. ridley scott space travel saga stars matt damon, coming in second hotel transylvania two with a little over 20 million, pan which tells origin story of the peter pan flapped at 15.5 million and intern and sicario rounded out top five. you have seen his movies, now you can visit his bar. we will take you to the world's only will ferrell theme bar. >> it is kind of the big deal too. stay classy, new york.
5:45 pm
manhattan bar featuring decoration and drink inspired by tv and movie characters. ferrell has been a constant source of joy for him over the years. it is unclear if will ferrell even knows about stay classy, new york but the owner says he is always welcomed, to drop in. >> indeed. >> you never know, i never know. >> my man. >> justin is here now. we wish we could replicate this day. >> not a cloud in the sky. >> just perfect. >> it shows october can be nice. >> yes. >> we had a rough weekend a couple weekend ago but you get knees days in the sunshine, we're talking splendid weather and it does look good for rest of the week. coupe rain chances to talk about over next few days but lets go outside and see is what happening down at the shore. a live look, and check it out, people hanging out on the jetty in ocean city. ocean is calm. that ace good thing. we don't want those waves coming up there kicking on them. the looks like they are doing fishing this evening. why not.
5:46 pm
temperatures dropping in the mid 60's, probably stripers are running now. good fishing conditions, probably for the next few weeks along the coastline. lets go ahead and check with our weather watchers at this hour and still very comfortable at this hour, with a lot of 70's. even upper 07's right now. the we are in the sunshine. we will throw up the the list here to get everybody involved. todd bennet in brookhaven at 07 degrees. eileen in gilbertsville mid 07's. seventy-four. not bad. 781 of the warm are spots in chesterfield, numbering at ed connor's house in philadelphia. carolyn at 73, little bit cooler in buena vista township margot checked in at 68. more south wind in south jersey feeling thane noon of the delaware bay and the the atlantic ocean. down in newark, delaware delores has 07 degrees. lower to mid 07's in parts of the new jersey and lynn checks in the lower 07's in cherry hill. we have nice photos coming from some of the weather watchers g fall colors sent in by phil chapline. check this out. that is what we will be seeing over next few weeks with the
5:47 pm
cool mornings and warm afternoon. not a cloud in the sky today. that will change tomorrow. let talk about what will happen. here's what is ahead over the next four days or so. tomorrow the cloud do return. we will talk about some rain chances, and then again, this is spotty showers. the not everybody sees it. probably won't need the umbrella hit or miss stuff. mid week, sunshine does return. temperatures really comfortable where they should be in the mid to upper 60's and then colder air returns once again, for the end of the week and weekend as stronger cold front approaches. until then, it is nice tonight. mostly clear skies at the moment, clouds to start filter in late tonight the ahead of this front this storm situation over wisconsin and we will see a bit in the clouds as that front, doesn't have have moisture witt but will bring that shower chance. first half of the day should stay dry, tomorrow, just some clouds, and late in the afternoon say around three or 4:00 there is a line of spotty showers that try to come through. that is out for the evening hours. wednesday we will keep it mainly cry a few clouds around and breezy and cooler.
5:48 pm
not talking about much rain at all. here's model spread from this next system tomorrow. maybe a tenth of an inch of rain at best by gfs. really light stuff, spotty showers in nature. temperatures tomorrow morning, again, in the so cool, we will be in the upper 50's, a maybe not even getting out of the 60's around wilmington and central delaware around dover. afternoon highs back in the mid 70's, not as much sunshine as we saw today with the front coming in bringing more clouds. then we will cool it down to near average mid to upper 60's for highs coming in on wednesday afternoon. so overnight, a few clouds on the increase, late tonight, cool, low of around 58 degrees for center city. again suburbs may drop down in the lower 50's. tuesday again more cloud return, first half of the day should stay dry, mild though temperatures above average at 74 degrees. late afternoon we will see that threat for a spotty shower too so go ahead and check out that extended forecast. something for everybody over next several days. if you like warmth you'll like tomorrow 74 for afternoon
5:49 pm
high, cloud with that late day shower chance. wednesday, sunshine and cloud, bree, cooler, 67. lots of sun for thursday, mid 60's. friday we will throw rain chance necessary here again as a strong cold front approaches and then once that front moves through check out the the weekend. we have highs back in the mid 50's, that is it on sunday. so first taste of true fall weather coming in and sunday morning, we may wake up with temperatures in the 30's. so, yeah it looks like time to crank up that heat as we head in the upcoming weekend. guys, back over to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, a new benefit linked to having a glass or two of wine every night for a large group of people with a common condition. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has the new study just released. >> reporter: just released within the hour. we have known that alcohol can be heart healthy for many people but it was unclear for patient was diabetes, exactly what was helpful. well, now we know. this sweeping new research
5:50 pm
shows that red wine, can improve cardiovascular health of people with type two diabetes. >> i'm a all done. >> reporter: fifty-one year-old garrett rubin says he has to watch out for everything in his diet since being diagnosed with type two diabetes. >> fats, salts, sugar. >> reporter: now a new larger study public in the annals of internal medicine says a daily glass of wine may help people with type two diabetes. >> one to two glasses of red wine for men and up to one glass of red wine for dinner daily over a two year period resulted in lower blood sugars and a decrease development of heart disease. >> reporter: red wine also modestly increased levels of hdl or good cholesterol and lowered overall cholesterol. researchers have known for a while moderate amounts of alcohol are fine for diabetics but jury was out on which kind of alcohol had the most benefit. >> so it is feignals, the
5:51 pm
tanons, they all work together with the ethanol possibly to result in positive changes. >> reporter: rubin says his diet, exercise and medication are still his first line of defense. >> now since i have no choice i think red wine might be the the thing. >> reporter: cheers to him. well, there was one more benefit linked to this research. the moderate wine consumption significantly improved sleep quality, that is sleep quality for diabetics in the study. it is kind of unusual because alcohol often interferes with sleep, so, sleep was a benefit too. they tested both red and white wine but they were both good red wine had significant benefit for this one. >> good head up, yes, indeed. >> cheers. >> thanks, steph. leading to a cure for cancers may come from an unlikely self, yep, elephants. new research is out this week from a study looking at why elephant rarely get cancer. biologist say massive mammals have a cancer link of just
5:52 pm
5 percent compared to 25 percent in people. scientists found elephant have have several extra genes that can stop tumor growth. well, new research gives insight into why people fall, infection may ton blame, not clumsiness. study at massachusetts general hospitals find infections can cause low blood pressure leading to light headedness or dizziness. infections may be the culprit inasmuch as 45 percent of falls especially in older adults. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a ship that once set record sailing across the ocean are gathering rust here in philadelphia, and it is on the verge of being sent to the scrap heap. >> that story when we come right back.
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5:56 pm
a fill fixture is floating on borrowed time. >> the ss united states is currently docked in south philadelphia, and as "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao reports unless enough money is raised the great ship could end up in the scrap yard. >> reporter: the ss united states, was once a symbol of american pride. you just to have look past her now peeling paint to remember. >> symbolize aid moment in the history where we could do anything.
5:57 pm
>> part luxury liner ferrying presidents and movie stars to businessman and immigrants and part top secret cold war weapon, the united states was in a class of her own. >> she could steam, 10,000 miles, with 15,000 troops, without refueling. >> reporter: yes. >> this ship could go faster in reverse then the titanic could go forward and for that matter many cruise ships today. >> reporter: for that matter on her maiden voyage in 1952 the you had crushed transatlantic speed record a title she still holds. that the history is in jeopardy. the ship possibly destined for the scrap yard. >> we never have been closer to saving this ship, but unfortunately we have never been closer to losing her. >> reporter: susan gibbs's grandfather designed the ss united states, now it is her job to save it. the group that owns the the vessel is running out of money. >> the challenge facing the group is that to keep this vessel safe and sound here at pier 82, it cost us approximately $60,000 each
5:58 pm
month. >> reporter: they are paying for time, gibbs says the group is closer then ever to securing redevelopment deal, the ideas include museum, restaurants and conference center but unless the the you had can pay her bills this month that dream may turn into a nightmare. >> it would be a tragedy to lose this ship. >> reporter: the the ss united states has found itself on the verge of being sold on scrap before. the group was able to secure last minute donor then, they are hoping to find another now. deadline october 31st. in south philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 an "eyewitness news" exclusive. a heart broken wife speaks to "eyewitness news" about the loss of her husband of nearly six decade, who was killed in a tragic lawn mower accident in burlington county. and one person behind bars, and three more are on the loose in connection with the death of the transgendered woman, how police were able to track down her alleged killer,
5:59 pm
justin. it has been a gorgeous columbus day. we will talk about showers chances and cooler temperatures this week. those december tails coming up. plus a big sports night in south philadelphia, the the flyers home opener, now just an hour away and the eagles are copping off a big win, we will hear from coach kelly about the bird victory over the saints. sharing her husband's legacy a grieving wife speaks to "eyewitness news" about the sudden, tragic loss, of her long time love, killed in a freak accident, this past weekend. tonight, we're learning more about what this man meant to the burlington county community. hello, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. it happened in jobs town, new jersey when a lawn mower caught fire. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at springfield township fire company, steve. >> reporter: you know, ukee, jessica being in town here you get the sense that for everybody who knew him this
6:00 pm
was so personal, that this man, he was a pillar in this community, but for one person it was much more painful. sixteen years of marriage now ending in fire. and heart break. >> roger was our saint, our helper, our teacher. >> reporter: now her angel. for the the first time in a very long time after 57 years of marriage, teta is without roger. >> i don't know. we're still all in shock. we just don't know how to react. >> reporter: friend and family mourning loss of the 79 year-old retired fire fighter and community pillar, roger, lippincot. police say around 2:00 sunday afternoon lippincot was mowing the front lawn when his lawn mower suddenly bused and then caught on fire. roger suffered severe burns and died at the scene. tedda says all she could do was hope her husband left quickly this was over in a flash. i hope it was instantly. i


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