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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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was so personal, that this man, he was a pillar in this community, but for one person it was much more painful. sixteen years of marriage now ending in fire. and heart break. >> roger was our saint, our helper, our teacher. >> reporter: now her angel. for the the first time in a very long time after 57 years of marriage, teta is without roger. >> i don't know. we're still all in shock. we just don't know how to react. >> reporter: friend and family mourning loss of the 79 year-old retired fire fighter and community pillar, roger, lippincot. police say around 2:00 sunday afternoon lippincot was mowing the front lawn when his lawn mower suddenly bused and then caught on fire. roger suffered severe burns and died at the scene. tedda says all she could do was hope her husband left quickly this was over in a flash. i hope it was instantly. i just don't know what
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happened. >> reporter: less than a mile away black bunting at springfield township fire company. >> he was very well like in the community. >> reporter: the chief remembers a man who served as a first responder, township emergency manager and a man who trained generations of fire fighters. >> we have several members who actually grew up from being a little kid with roger. it will be a big loss, you know work him not being around. >> reporter: a big loss, his home, for a beloved father, husband and life long friend. >> he had many, many friends. >> reporter: and still no word yet on what caused that lawn mower come bus cause ago this freak accident but new jersey state police are leading that investigation. reporting live, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, steve. keep us updated. in other news tonight philadelphia police make an arrest in last weeks attack on the murder of a transgendered woman. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon was first to
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report at rest. she joins us to explain why police do not think it was a hate crime, rahel. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. police say that the motive for these four men was likely, money. they say there are no robberies in this area and while one suspect had been arrested police tell us that three others, including the person who pulled the trigger in this very spot a week ago is still out there. >> it is a sad, senseless murder but it is not a hate crime and it had nothing to do with the individual being in transgendered. >> reporter: the story outraged many in the transgendered community, police say around 2:00 309 morning of the october 6th, 22-year old keisha jenkins was brutally punched ape kick by four men including 24 year-old pedro redding tried to rob her. jenkins tried to fight back but while on the ground one of of the attackers shot her twice in the back. >> what we have been hearing is they have done other robberies in the the area. >> reporter: neighbors tell "eyewitness news" the 13th street areas known for prostitution and police say that the victim may have been
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working as a prostitute that morning. >> no way, shape or form does what she was doing when she died or what has been discussed as happening in that area, lessen her life. >> reporter: neighbors echoed the sentiment but they say that they hope for everyone's sake at digsal police press even in the area continues, long after the balloons and teddy bears disappear. >> i hope it the don't stop. we're, you know, they just don't stop patrolling the area. i mean they continue to patrol the area i mean stop the nonsense and everything else. >> reporter: and police tell us that redding was not even a block from the scene. they tell news 2012 he was arrested for a similar brutal attack on the transgender woman but when the victim did not appear in court, those charges were dropped. as far as this case police tell us he is being charged for murder, robbery and related offenses and being held without bail. we're live rahel solomon for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police in burlington county are investigating a man whose body was found inside a clothing donation box. man's body was discovered yesterday dangling in a planet aid box off pemberton browns mills road in pemberton township. man has not been identified yet but an autopsy is expect to reveal cause of the death. taking a look at the weather now a beautiful start to the week across the region but changes are on their way. meteorologist justin drabick is tracking things from the cbs-3 sky deck. >> hi, guess contact beautiful conditions outside right now. only bad thing is starting to get dark early. that sunnies low in the horizon less than a half an hour from sunset but that is what happens when you head towards the cold season. not a cloud in the sky. that changes thomas we track the cold front moving through the region. today we have had a chance to enjoy it. warm and 76. that is what we made it to at philadelphia international airport. well above the average high. we should be in the upper 60's at 68. record high is 88 degrees. and no where close to the
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record temperatures. we will in the see any record highs over next several days either. it will get cooler. right new still very comfortable. low still making tonight mountain 70's in the warm spots. we are starting to see 60's in south jersey, parts of the delaware, in i had to upper 60's in millville and wildwood at this hour. this is setting up to be a gorgeous evening all across the delaware valley no matter where we are. storm scan three nice and quiet. we are not seeing anything on the radar right now. even satellite, nothing happening with the clear skies over us, and that is the trend compliments of the high pressure and some suburbs feeling comfortable right now in the upper 60's. storm scan three not happening, nothing going on, some clouds will roll in here later today, head of the the next cold front. here's what to expect through the evening hours, mainly clear skies, once we hit 11:00 a few more cloud temperatures hold in the lower 60's. tomorrow we will see more cloud return, still warm, we will talk about spotty showers and we will time those out for you in the full forecast in a few more minutes. now back to you guys. see you, thanks very much.
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another big sports night in philadelphia, fly guys are an hour away from their home opener in south philadelphia. "eyewitness sports" director don bellies live where fans are ready for some hockey and still flying high from that big eagles win yesterday that beat down of the saints, don. >> you know that is right. you remember this from your sports reporting days. fans are over here getting set for their players to come out for their pregame warm up, they are grubbing on chicken tenders, got ketchup and beer and all that other stuff. lets talk about what happened yesterday. fletcher cox was dominant for eagles. defensive lineman. they had three sacks, two forced fumbles and one forced fumble. we decided to go to chickie and pete's to put our finger on the pulse of the fans. we wanted to hear from them and talk to wip's josh innes. >> it has been a very difficulties up the i have force on the defensive line since we have been here. i they i is just starting to get noticed, but probably shouldn't gotten noticed before. you go back to last year and
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opponents talking about getting ready to play us and they are talking about fletcher's name. >> reporter: that clearly was not josh ines that was chip kelly, the head coach, talking about his team yesterday and how powerful fletcher cox was. we are talking to fans and josh and here's what they had to say. >> eagles went out and disposed of a bad football game in the saints. they were great against that bad football team and they deserved to win the game and they crush them. now lets see what they do when they face giants. >> can't have sam bradford throwing two interceptions in the red zone like did he yesterday but all and all defense is playing well f we can get offense rolling we will be all right. >> maybe they will be all right. next match up monday night begins new york football giants, the first team, first place team in the nfc east. coming up later in sports, we will talk to flyers captain claude giroux. what does he think about the team's slow start? we will hear from him later on. ukee, back to you. by the way, don eagles fans hoping to cash in on that
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big win at dunkin' donuts may have been a little disappoint today. mobile app has been experiencing issues and free coffee for eagles win promotion was not loading, properly. now dunkin' donuts responded to "eyewitness news" with this statement. we are aware that the mobile app has been experiencing intermittent issues today. our team is working honorary solving issues and we apologize to our guests for the inconvenience. a computer glitch that caused flight delays all over the the country has been resolved. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia a international airport where many arrived early to avoid delays. nearly 500 of southwest airlines flights were delayed over the weekend after a glitch off lined the a airline's web site, mobile app and computer system. passengers says not everything was back to normal. >> they are warning you if you have your check in on your phones it may not work when you get there so you have to print a boarding pass anyway. >> reporter: southwest worked around the clock to get those systems back on line and the
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airline does not believe that the glitch was a a work of the hacker. southwest saw only a ten minute delay today at philadelphia international. still to come on "eyewitness news" lucy the elephant's response. credit eo of the iconic elephant in margate responds to peta's offers to pay for a trunk lift. princeton university professor received a prestigious honor, the award he was presented and why he got it. justin. we will keep things nice and quiet tonight, mainly clear skies but we are tracking our next storm that will bring rain in the forecast, we will time it out when "
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has denied an offer if peta to help. >> the animal rights organization offered to help with the cost of the dancing restoring the attraction in exchange for using lose any anti messages. they want to keep landmark a happy place for children to visit, the restoration is costing $58,000. a big honor for princeton university. >> professor of princeton is winner of the the noble prize in economics. an angus deeton won for at study of worldwide food consumption, poverty and welfare. princeton held a news conference and provided this video for us. the the 69 year-old teacher
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economics and international affairs at the university. >> this is really hard to believe, you know, i am not going to pinch myself and wake up and there will be no phone call and all of the rest of it. so aim slowly getting use to it. >> good wonderful exciting things for the university and, you know, in the tradition of our famous mr. nash, who won the subject of a beautiful mind, the movie and the book. so we're delighted to be here and big plus for princeton. >> that it is, deeton is sixth professor affiliated with princeton to win the noble prize in economics. congratulations. a special event marked italian american heritage month in philadelphia there was a wreath laying at magnificent columbus memorial at penns landing and christopher columbus boulevard there was a wreath laying at columbus statue at marconi plaza on south broad street. there are several events and activities throughout october which is italian heritage
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months. flyers fans gearing up for big home opener tonight in south philadelphia. for those who feel so inclined there is a any you twi wet your whistle at the well. >> "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is in south philadelphia with the sneak peak, todd. >> reporter: oh, indeed, ukee and guess contact look at these card here that could be a game changer in the wells fargo center. this is new self-serving beer taps. they are making their debut for flyers game which is when you buy one of your cars, put some money on it and ideally what you do is grab yourself a little glass here in the plastic cup, tap here, and then you you pour yourself, a ice cold tasty beverage. so tonight at 11:00 we will talk to some fans, rules and regulations, involved in all this but early on fans say they seem to like it but they have some questions. are people losing their jobs here? how long are these going to be down here? we will get into that tonight at 11:00.
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back to you guys. >> todd did in the touch that glass. justin joining us now, what an awesome day but you are saying get ready. >> we will change it. >> it will in the go town hill like big time. >> right, right. >> we will talk about cooler temperatures and cloud and maybe a shower or two. but overall we are looking good for middle of october. the lets go outside and we will go south to rehoboth beach, delaware, right now, live look at the boardwalk. few people out there taking advantage of the nice, evening. notice some cloud starting to move in from the the south as there is a storm system that stays off shore. southern delaware, you guys may see a few cloud, maybe a springal long the coastline but comfortable 64 degrees. south/south east wind at 11 miles an hour. not a bad finish for this columbus day. here's the temperatures. temperatures should be in the upper 60's. not enclose. we hit 76. tomorrow, still in the mid 70's above average. we will get back to near average for wednesday, and
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thursday. and then wait until the seven day forecast if you like cooler temperatures wait until the weekend saturday and sunday. here we go, southern delaware right now, 66 rehoboth beach. sixty in georgetown. mid 60's in capitol city of delaware. mid up toker 60's. cool's long the water on the delaware bay. voorhees 07 degrees as well as mount holly, new jersey. suburbs feeling very nice at the this hour. farther north and west still low 70's. pottstown, lah fey yesterday hill, 72 degrees in allentown and 73 at this hour. we are quiet on storm scan three. there is that storm system off the coast bringing in some cloud in here to extreme southern del marva peninsula otherwise clear skies over delaware valley. that changes tomorrow. here is a cold front sliding east from the ohio valley, cloud will thicken up tonight and certainly tomorrow. we will call it partly sunny. mid to late afternoon there could be a spotty shower or two in a a few locations not everybody sees it. may want to have the the umbrella around.
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not anything have as well. that front comes through. we will dry out for wednesday, sunshine and cloud, breezy and cool and we are back in the 60's where we should this be time of the year. we will keep it nice and pleasant. mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the mid 60's for afternoon high this is great for fall foliage. we are seeing that change. we have a trip planned in the next few days we should see wrapped color change. cool mornings, warm afternoons. that is what you want. we are seeing good change in new england. delaware valley we're on the low side. moderate change from the lehigh valley northward. you may want to take a trip to the mountains this weekend to check out fall color. still earlier. we will still usually peak late october early november around philadelphia. rain chances tomorrow, 60 percent chance but very isolated, 10 percent chance on wednesday, maybe in the poconos we will get a sprinkle. see owe for thursday. backup to 60 on friday as that strong cold front approaches. tomorrow start off in the morning, just some sunshine and cloud. cloud thicken up in the afternoon. the first half stays dry. it three is or four or
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5:00 o'clock we will see line of spotty showers rolling on through. that is front. it goes off shore. back to just a mix of sun and cloud on wednesday with dryer conditions. temperatures tomorrow morning, cool but not cold. low and upper 50's for most locations. still some 60 in south jersey. closer toward the the ocean. look at height temperatures went cloud we are back in the mid 70's on tuesday after noon. we will cool it down again for wednesday, and back in the mid to upper 60's which is average temperature for this time of the year. tonight increasing cloud, cool 58 for center city. cooler in the north western suburbs. your tuesday forecast more cloud, still mild, spotty shower chance at 74 for afternoon temperature. here's the extended forecast typical mid-october weather for mid of the week sunshine temps in the mid up to are 60's for wednesday and thursday. friday more cloud return, a few scattered showers around, the stronger front comes through. that front does mean business. look at temperatures diving in the 50's, that is it for highs, saturday and sunday there is that true fall chill we were waiting on and maybe
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we're waking up to temperatures in the 30's on sunday morning. >> is what your favorite time of the year. >> i like summer. i'm a beach guy. hot, sunny. but this is nice though. >> yes. >> it is my second favorite. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica great to be with you in philadelphia here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. fresh rain pushing flood waters higher in south caroline, we will show you what is being done to help those stranded, in communities cut off. plus a former congressional investigators says that benghazi committee is, targeting hillary clinton. we will look into the sanitation problems that caused blue bell ice cream's listeria out break. it is all part of our cbs news investigation. those stories just a head on
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hockey night south philly. flyers off to open up the home portion of the season, hoping to get revenge on the panthers. >> florida put a beating on the orange and black saturday night in the sunshine state. our don bellies live at the wells fargo center where flyers are looking for a better outcome tonight. >> don? >> they got thumped seven-one saturday night. goalie steve mason gave up four goals in eight shots. but it has nothing to do were performed answer. he is out dealing with the family matter. michael any birth will be between the pipes. lets show you the morning skate as they get set for the game talking about what flyers have done all time in home opener. twenty-six-15-six. now they are taking on the panthers. they have lost to those guys three out of the last four times here at the the center. i spoke to captain claude giroux a short time and ago and what he expect from
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tonight a's atmosphere. >> when you play, in front of your fans it is always pretty special. i think it will be a big game for uses specially after what happened last game, so i think, first period will be key. we know the the fans will be pretty loud. >> over the last three seasons you guys started off slow, i think win less in the first three games, what is that all about? can you put your finger on anything. >> i'd love to know but as i said, this is big for us. i think the the guys are ready to go. it will be an important win for us. >> so hopefully flyers can turn that around here in about 30 minutes or so. let talk about the eagles. they will go back to practice on wednesday as they get set for monday night's showdown with the first place insuring giants at the link, cross the the street here. now, one thing about the birds they were able to get it done yesterday 39-17, against the saints. quarterback sam bradford had two early interception bus shook them off and threw for
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333-yard and two touchdowns. chip kelly was asked how he can get sam to get off to better starts. he had a unique answer. >> you know, we can get a scrimmage going before the double header, he would be great at a double header. he would be awesome. good suggestion. i don't know. we will talk to him about it, but i think he need to see some things and he need to get settled. >> switching to baseball chase utley will be available tonight for game three of the nlds between dodgers and mets. chase was suspended for two games after his take out slide in game two against ruben, t ejeda but chase appealed and no hearing was held today so he can, in fact, play but here at the center, we are getting set for flyers, and the panthers, the puck drops at seven. fans here waiting for guys to hit the ice here for their practice and we will have full highlights tonight at 11:00. let's go flyers.
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>> all right buddy, see new a bit. >> we will be right apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw fill and we're back here at 11:00. up next, the "cbs evening news". tonight a fresh round of rain brings new problems to an already ravaged south carolina we will have the latest from the scene, from new york here now is scott pelley take care family. we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: stranded by the carolina floods. we'll meet a teenager who became a lifeline. >> i look it at him being in the bible, the water being goliath. >> pelley: also tonight, a congressional investigator claims he was fired over the probe into hillary clinton's e-mails. a new report says a rookie cop was justified in the fatal shooting of a 12 year old. and sounding the alarm at blue bell. the sanitation meltdown that led to death and a national recall. >> a lot of times when i walked in there, there was just ice cream all over the floor. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today the governor of south carolina said the state is finally shifting from emergenc


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