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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 12, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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you can come, kanye. >> kanye crashes "american idol"'s auditions. what we witnessed backstag >> plus, jim carrey's emotional weekend as his girlfriend was laid to rest. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." helping carry her casket, see how jim comforted her grieving family. >> jim did bring his daughter to the service in ire land. >> then exclusive, charlie sheen thrown out of a bar. the surveillance video and why was shila buff arrested again? >> plus, inside amy schumer's "s&l" avenue party piggybacking her bff. >> and why did kim's husband hit up "idol"? >> also, bindi irwin's dancing rehearsal with a new partner.
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and vin diesel takes on the haters and mma champs and actors unfiltered. >> when my dress unbuttons during an interview, it's good luck. >> now in our 35th season, the is "entertainment tonight." >> it is an image of jim carrey that we're not used to seeing. his face so very sad as he helped carry the casket of his girlfriend. >> remember, he called letter a delicate irish flower. it was clear at her funeral she touched a lot of lives. >> our senior news editor has details from this emotional weekend as jim said his final good-bye. >> jim carrey looked heart broken, visibly shaken as he helped carry his girlfriend's casket. >> the entire service is aired through speakers outside of the church. she was remembered as someone who was not afraid to chase her
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dreams. her sister sarah, she had su an amazing capacity to love and to be loved >> local schoolchildren formed an honor guard as the actor made the half mile journey from church to cemetery. >> jim did not attend her wake which was on friday night. we're not exactly sure why that was. but it most likely had to do with the fact that jim didn't want to take any attention away from the people and why they were really there which was to pay respects to the white family. >> jim flew to ireland by private jet for the service which was held in the small irish village. jim's 28-year-old daughter jane also attended the funeral. that's the father and daughter grieving with her sister, lisa. >> official cost of her funeral hasn't been released yet. we have to wait for the toxicology report to come out. >> on the same day her body was laid to rest, they tweeted this touching image of the couple together in silhouette w caption, "love cannot be lost." she also remembered as a daddy ace girl. she was found dead after an parent suicide in her l.a. home
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only two days after the third anniversary of her dad's death. she was laid to rest next to her father and a lot of mourners did take comfort in that saying they're together again and finally at peace. >> jim is still in ireland and we're told he will return back to the states later this week. meanwhile, charlie sheen is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons. we have the exclusive surveillance video charlie getting tossed out of a bar this weekend. the exclusive surveillance video. charlie reportedly intoxicated gets upset when a fan started filming him with a cell phone in an orange county bar saturday night. sheen allegedly knocked the phone out of the person's hand and then the bar security stepped in. >> security guard just came and separated some parties that seemed like they might have been having an argument, separated them and left. >> but not what the security tape revealed. they put him in a headlock and they're quite aggressive in removing sheen from the bar. another celebrity in trouble, shia labeouf, arrested in austin, texas. he was drunk whether he was stopped for jay walking.
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he became agitated and noncooperative when police detained him. according to a report, shia and two friends were trying to walk into a bar in austin when a bounce are turned them away claiming the actor was too drunk. he reportedly became verbally abusive before storming a police affidavit said he was a danger to himself and others. he was cited for public intoxication and a misdemeanor which carries a small fine. sunday, shia released a twitter statement. i talk, just not to you. >> now here's the crazy thing. after his incident last year, nancy, he struck a plea deal that required him to steer clear of the law for six months. that period ended just one month ago. so if this happened last month, he was in big trouble.
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>> let's just hope nothing happens again in the future. >> yeah. >> michelle turner is here with some shocking news about "american idol"'s final season and a very famous possible contestant. >> look, there is great stuff, guys. you know the "idol" producers want to find the best talent. but j-lo and the gang never expected easy, yes, kanye west himself to show up and compete for a ticket to hollywood. >> we gave him a ticket. he can come to hollywood if he wants. you can come, kanye. it's okay. nobody ever got there on y own. you can get there now. >> kim and kanye were in town. they were doing something i think with the president. and kanye decided to come over and literally walk through the same doors that all the contestants walk through. the judges didn't know he was going to come. you put on a number. and he performed a song that j-lo in the lyric. >> so if there was any doubt that ryan seacrest put him up to that "idol" audition, doubt no more. >> i say congratula
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>> he did quite well. kim was a little nervous outside the door as she was waiting to see how he would do. i wasn't sure they were com either. but when they walked through, it was quite a moment. >> i was looking off to the side. looking at my phone or something. i saw a guy that looked a lot like kanye west come in. i said so you know, tell us your name, where are you from? >> no advice. >> next, here's a question, how does amy schumer celebrate her awesome issue tackling funny and kardashian bashing s&l hosting gig. >> is that a great message for little girls? the whole women that take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion? >> khloe lost a kendal she lost after her body weight. of course she partied with j-la, duh. there is jay giving the perfect biggy back to their friend. they left after the s&l party
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and then they instagram this pyramid to top the last shot she sent out. yeah, amy brings a whole new meaning to squad gold. and everyone is still talking about the walking dead season six premier. they're killing it. literally. with that gruesome death and zombie invasion. >> this is more brutal than any season we attempt we're an out and out zombie show. we're not apologizing for it. >> we were with the stars who look different from their zombie killing characters. check out the cover of "detail." whoa. >> it was like, i don't know, 95 degrees out. so what you don't know is i'm dripping sweat underneath there. >> nothing wrong with a little sweat. still look good, my friend. "walking dead" star lauren cohan must love battling crazy stuff. this is the first look at a new thriller called "the boy." lauren plays a nanny hired to watch over a doll.
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i kid you not, a doll. things get really creepy. >> do what you promised. >> we can't stay in this house. >> i don't understand what's happening. >> all right. look, it's in theaters january 22nd. when i go to the interview and they show me babysitting a doll, i don't even get that >> as a father two of young boys, that movie scares >> they're possessed. >> on some level, they are. >> stop it! >> here is someone to boys are going to want to see, vin diesel. he has a new movie opening next weekend in which he fights. but right now vin is fighting back against the haters who are trying to body shame him over a recent photo. >> it's tweet revenge for the physically fit action star w posted this six-pack pic on instagram rebuffing rumors he has a dad bod looking a little different on his balcony in miami.
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>> do you think the paparazzi go too far in invadingpeople's privacy? >> of course. it's way too far. it's criminal. >> well now vin is showing off his rock hard abs writing, "body sh is always wrong." >> get out. >> take that, haters. the 48-year-old also showing off his moves in the new action fantasy film "the last witchunter." >> you have to be in such incredible shape to handle the stunts. >> you get out of it what you put into it. i take a lot of pride in feeling comfortable enough with the choreography that i could forget about that and allow m to be just the character. >> he has a perfect voice, too. so deep. >> very commanding. >> i think i'm going to post a picture of me shirtless to give the body shamers something to do. still ahead, we're on three different sets, big bang, nc
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l.a. and crazy ex-girlfriend were the stars once vengeful exes? >> i actually
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that is how millions of fans got hooked on rachael bloom watching her crazy music videos. it's a talent that she has turned into the new show "crazy ex-girlfriend." i don't know what it says about her ashley cousteau. they bonded instantly on the set. >> we should hang out. >> i'm moving. >> moving? >> to california. ♪ >> i just want to say thank you because i'm one of those people
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that makes up really ridiculous songs in my head. all about my daily routine. so thank you for doing that! >> you're welcome. >> rachael bloom is a successful manhattan attorney who turns into the crazy ex-gir when she follows the former fling across country to the suburbs of l.a. ♪ west coast >> broadway trained is her new bestie and becomes her partner in crime. how are the musical numbers going to work into the show? >> somebody having a scene and then all of a sudden in my mind or whoever's mind it turns into a musical number. ♪ friends we have all the friends ♪ >> what is the craziest thing you've done for love? i think that that is obviously a
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huge part of the show. >> the craziest thing is the way i trick myself into thinking wasn't stalking someone. i would run into them and i have this in the diary. dear diary, today i went to that starbucks because i wanted to go there. and i happened to run into blah, blah, blah. >> it's so weird. i haven't seen josh yet. >> what's the deal with you and josh? >> i get i. i get it. i totally get it. >> have you ever been a stalker? >> yes. pizza. i stare at it all the time and i can't have it. >> and jimmy choo. >> up next, more tv. we're behind the scenes to have night's "new big bang" and "ncis l.a.," see how's it's a family affair. >> three of my four children have been on the show. >> plus a dancing star injured. the accident on tape as bindi tells us about dancing tonight without derrick. >> and she is a force with her fist but emma maychamp and rhonda rousey is a big screen star. we sit down to talk about her road house remake taking over patrick swayze's iconic role. >> i don't think that any other man could be the slave. >> stick around. closed captioning provided by --
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween.
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it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that is val making a young fan's day. he gave her a very sweet little dance. that was amazing. it happened outside val's rehearsal. i know that you know what was going on inside val's rehearsal. >> i do. there is the week that they're all the partners are switching up with the dancers. val's partner is bindi irwin. but no matter who bindi is dancing with, the boyfriend is never far from her mind. >> hey, hey, hey.
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>> exactly. >> they're doing the cha-cha tonight and we're guessing bindi will have the usual support system in the audience, her mom and brother. she even had her boyfriend there, u.s. wake boarder. she told us how they make the long distance relationship work. r >> i>> i'm onp>> i'r fashionp fashioned peopfw . yeah. i write letters. >> with a pen? >> yeah. i write lots and lots of letters. >> mother teresa reincarnated. she writes letters and saves the world. >> bindi is keeping the team name for tonight but they' facing a tough critic, brother max is a guest judge. >> i could never be a judge. i would just be like you're all good and going to give you tens and hug you all. that would fail. but he will be so brilliant because he will bring something new and different to the judging arena. >> now on to another dancer, unfortunately there is bad news
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he injured his nose today during rehearsal. he took an elbow to the face from his partner this week. he is tough. >> that hurt. but if there is anybody that knows a thing or two about delivering a blow to the face, it's rhonda rousey. >> she is the baddest female fighter on the planet. trust me, i have learned that firsthand. the hard way. rhonda's undefeated and the undisputed female champion of mixed martial arts and now the champ is taking on hollywood with her first leading role. >> i'm going through this d in no time. >> yep. what you see is what you get.+3
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>> i was pursuing "road house" for two years. i don't think that any other man could ever be the slave. i think that it is a wide angle to take to kind of do a little gender role. >> first she got mild 22 with mark wallburg. she is hoping it will help her snag the real she really wants, captain marv >> i'm really looking forward to doing my first starring ro opposite mark wahlberg. hopefully by the time "captain marvel" come around, i'll have enough experience for them to seriously consider me. >> she seems ready to jump from >> she seems ready to jump from the ring to acting full time it worked for the rock. her next fight is november 14th and no doubt beyonce will be cheering her on.
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she played her viral speech at her concert last month. >> when i heard she existed, i was like what? she even knows i'm alive? >> and when rhonda wins that fight, you better have her one demand ready. >> hot wings. i have to have hot wings. and if i can't get them, it is an actual issue, like, i ha cried before because the hot wings weren't there after a fight. >> get her the hot wings. >> you better make sure she has them. >> that's real. her fight on november 14th is expected to drought biggest crowd in the sport's history. man or woman. >> that's a lot of people. nearly 10 million people will be tuning into "ncis l.a." tonight. it's a big anniversary. we talked about turning it into a family affair. >> it's a bomb. >> chris and ll to the rescue. the star of this scene, daughter. his 7-year-old mae o'donnell. >> she was nervous when she got there. she arrived at my trailer an put a big star with letter name on the board and she warmed up when she got in the makeup trailer and they let her pl with the makeup brushes and do her hair. >> what's happ >> come on.
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>> she had one little line. and, you know, she would rehearse it at home and knew her line. she did it. she said okay. and i'm like we're going to do it again. she said i did it good. >> mae and chris' real life wife play by standers at a bombing. >> give me your hand. the boy! >> the o'donnells have five kids and we've seen lily, charles, and finley all have screen time. and mae the youngest is a pro all the way. >> you okay? >> so why is it important that your kids get a sense of what you do? >> i think it's just great exposure to what else is out there in the world. i don't know that any of my kid will end up in this industry. if they do, that's terrific. >> nice. that is the show's anniversary and i had kids are. there also on cbs, two of the guys on "the big bang theory" have started a band. ♪ dr. joe >> maybe being a rocker will help raj find a groupie. >> everyone is settled now on getting settled, you know?
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and raj is not. i don't know. maybe he'll become like the playboy. ♪ >> we also want to tell you the good news for "blind spot." nbc ordered nine more episo which means the show's first season will last the full 2 episodes. >> all right. let's move on. our "entertainment tonight" bir >> which "hunger games" movie appeared in a movie with tom hanks at just 11 years old? jennifer lawrence, josh hutcherson or elizabeth banks? the answer is coming up next. that's who you think? yeah.
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welcome back, everybody, to the show. tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "hunger games" star appeared in a movie with tom hanks at just 11 years old? >> i did a movie called "polar express" with him. it was a big movie. >> that is josh hutcherson who turns 23 today. >> i love him. i know it was a big weekend for you, nancy. you were addressing an issue near and dear to your heart and that is the fight against als. >> yes, my sweet mom passed away from als. i'm the spokesperson. >> you were one of the folks as honored as a champion in the fight against als.
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>> jann carl, our friend from "e.t." was there. >> you're always fighting the fight. sandra bullock's boyfriend and his modeling heyday. >> good-bye everyone. >> silk shirts, leather pants, scarves and sweaters sprawled on the cement giving his best blue steel. we have the exclusive lost photos tomorrow.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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the "inside hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> amy schumer. >> thank you very much. >> making her sketch about gun control. >> family and also gun. >> amy puts guns in her cross hairs. did her controversial "s&l"
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parody hit the bull >> she was brilliant. >> then, scott's tearful kardashian discon >> it's been a really hard time. is kourtney wiping away her tears with a little bieber fever? >> plus, charlie sheen is booted from a bar as shia labeouf gets arrested again. >> it's been all over th for so many y >> and dancing bad boy is back. >> who in their right mind would want to come back? >> apparently you. this is on his ballroom return and romancing j-lo. did you ever date jennifer lopez? >> i see the attraction. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. how was your weekend? for hollywood's hot messes was more meltdowns and mayhem. >> i mean it was a busy couple of days for some people. charlie sheer


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