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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the murder of a transgender woman. police say it's his confession that could lead investigators to more suspects. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the murder of keisha johnson outrage the lgbt community but police say this was not a hate crime. david spunt is live at police headquarters with the latest on the search for other suspects. david? >> reporter: jessica, ukee, at this point authorities believe this was a robbery and the motive was likely money. they know who they're looking for. they just hope they find those three suspects and soon. >> it's a sad and senseless murder. >> reporter: tuesday morning will mark one week since police say 22-year-old keisha jenkins was found beaten and shot near hunting park. according to detectives, pedro reading confessed to attacking jenkins. but told detectives he was not the trigger man. authorities are confident three others were there and one of them shot jenkins in the back. >> he's helping us out, um, and
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as a result of some of the things that he's saying to us, we should be a able to make a rests very shortly. >> homicide captain james clark told us jenkins put up a fight and that's likely why she was shot. he says jenkins was not attacked because she was transgender but because she had money. clark told "eyewitness news" the attack is not considered a hate crime. authorities say jenkins may have been working as a prostitute when she was attacked. >> anybody that engages in sex work is a human being. and they -- they're life is not less. they do not deserve to be beaten down, gunned down and he can cuted in our streets. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" reached out to keisha's family but they were too upset to speak on camera. strangers stopped to honor the 22-year-old with a vigil near the crime scene. >> that's somebody's child regardless. it's sad. that shouldn't happen to anybo anybody. >> reporter: detectives say that pedro reading a tacked a transgender victim a few years back. that victim did not show up in court so the charges were dropped. if you have any information give police a call.
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they are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of these suspects. live at police headquarters tonight, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. developing now a 14-year-old boy is fighting for his life after he was shot in the head tonight. it happened just after 8:30 in the 1200 block of north teppth street in north philadelphia. police rushed the teenager to the hospital. they say what appears to be a beebee gun fell from his clothing. police are still searching for the suspect. and the weapon. a south jersey community is mourning the loss of a retired firefighter who died in a tragic frequent accident over the weekend. 79-year-old roger lippincott was killed while mowing his lawn yesterday in jobstown. police say the lawnmower suddenly combusted and caught fire. "eyewitness news" spoke exclusively to his wife whose in shock after nearly 60 years of marriage. >> he was our saint and our helper, our teacher.
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he was involved in so many things. he was the lifetime member of the fire company. and he has many, many friends. this was over in a flash. i hope it was instant. i just don't know what happened. >> it is still unknown what caused the lawnmower to burn. you may need your umbrella tomorrow because showers are on the way after what many considered a perfect weather day today. meteorologist justin drabick is on the sky deck. a nice evening before the wet weather rolls in. hey, jd. >> we have time. not until tomorrow afternoon we see our best shot to see showers but still clear skies over center city right now it's comfortable. we're talking about 50s and 60s for the current numbers right now but we are coming off a spectacular columbus day check out the high temperature today hopefully you were outside to enjoy it. 76 degrees way above the average of 68. record high, though, 88 degrees. it can get hot for mid october. here we are mid 50s some of the cool spots to lower 60s here at the city -- airport in
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philadelphia 60 in wilmington. suburbs still feeling comfortable this hour, quakertown, doylestown both in the mid 50s. showers way out across western pennsylvania right now. so clouds will just picking up through the overnight tomorrow we'll see that shower chance waking up in the morning not as cool as this morning. low 50s in some of the cool spots to upper 50's around center city. again for your tuesday just expect more clouds around. it's going to be a warm day and again spotty shower that's the key word. spotty shower chance coming in during the afternoon. we'll time it out for you in the full forecast coming up in full more minutes. ukee, jessica back to you. >> tomorrow marks three week until the philadelphia mayoral election and tonight the two front runners faced off for a debate. they spoke about everything from the recent papal visit to lowering taxes. diana rocco was there. >> reporter: two front runners in philadelphia's mayoral race teed off monday night for the first time with time running out to election day an hour long intense dialogue. they talk about everything from industry to lowering taxes and the controversial stop and frisk
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policy >> i believe that we need to reform the way with do stop and frisk in the city. so that people constitutional rights are protected and that really comes with investing in our police force. >> democratic nominee and leader in the polls councilman jim kenney said his focus will be education. in the form of community schools and universal pre k. >> i do believe the poverty issue is the number one driving issue in every neighbor. >> his republican challenger melissa murray bailey under funded schools are not an opti option. >> before we fund anything else, we need to fund the schools first. and then secondly we need to look at how are we getting better schools in the community and that goes to paying sure that kids can read by third grade. >> both candidates talk affordable housing how they
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would handle the upcoming democratic national conventions given the lesson of the recent papal visit. >> there are things i would have done differently reducely traffic box, encouraging more people to be out and about. so many people left the city which left businesses in dire straits. >> i don't understand the controversy. it was a wonderful weekend. it was a transform ma tiff weekend. everyone was safe. >> reporter: murray bailey says she realizes she's got an uphill battle as the republican candidate in largely democratic city but with just three weeks until election day, both will be pounding the pavement talking to as many voters as possible to get out their message. in satellite center tonight i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diane narks thank you. you can count on "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the race for mayor in philadelphia when we are not on television of course head to for election updates. meanwhile voters will soon get their first look at the democratic presidential candidates side by side.
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the five candidates will face off in a debate for the first time in las vegas tomorrow nig night. candidates martin owe mal, jim web and lincoln shave she hoping to grab the spotlight from hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the latest cbs poll shows clinton increased her lead over sanders on the republican side donald trump leads with 27% of the vote followed by ben carson with 21%. however another poll shows both front runners have work to do with only 35% of voters seeing clinton as honest and trustworthy much that's two-points ahead of trump. hockey is back in south philadelphia. the flyers home opener tonight gave fans plenty of reasons to cheer. >> after embarrassing loss on saturday against the florida panthers they were looking for redemption. sports director don bell has the blow by blow. it got physical, didn't it. >> it did get physical and it was fun to see them back in action and playing well as they did. they traded in florida for south philly. the flyers had no luck in the
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sunshine state during their first two games. now the home opener against the panthers. now the flyers tried to get it done. you see that as there's dave hakstol the new head coach the rookie from north dakota. now, the shot, no good. how about brayden schenn rebounding and scoring and the flyers that's all they would need. they win it one to nothing. your final score. they improve to one-one-one on the season. the next home game is wednesday against the stanley come champion chicago black hawk. >> um-hmm. >> good start. >> good start at home. much need. >> see you later in sports. appreciate it. >> new season and new way for flyers nation to enjoy their favorite brew. >> self serve suds. now being sold at the wells fargo center. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones was at tonight's game and shows us how that new service works. your time to pour your beer and shows your remaining balance which declines as you pour.
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look at the ounce. >> the ounces going up and your value going down. >> reporter: wells fargo center assistant general manager showed off the self serve beer taps. customers put money on a card up to 40 bucks. then just tap the card next to their beer of choice and pour. >> have you ever used one of these before? >> no, i have not. >> reporter: what's the verdict. >> i love it. because i don't usually drink a full beer. >> while a lot of people may love the idea of having these self serve beer taps still there are some people who have questions and concerns. >> right away i asked myself, is this creating jobs or getting rid of jobs? >> campbell contends jobs won't be lot of saying two employees are always needed to check id's and also refuse service to anyone whose visibly impaired. and just like at other beer stands you can only get up to two beers at one time and there are restrictions on how quickly
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you can refill. >> you can only get a beer resets itself every eight minutes there is a process and place to make sure we are compliant with the law. >> right now there's only one self serve beer station located near 10 sick. plans tour add more if it's successful. >> mothers against drunk driving do in the take a position on the legal sale of alcohol to adults but added in a statement madd also you weres another difficulties that any time alcohol is purchased at a sporting event or elsewhere to always designate a non-drinking driver if they choose to drink, and not to provide alcohol to anyone under 21 ". reporting from the wells fargo center, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> maybe you prefer a glass of wine. well we often hear about health benefits of red wine and now there's another way. >> glass a day may be just what the doctor ordered. still ahead at 11:00, how wine could help those suffering from a chronic condition. plus, one of the hottest consumer crazes out l subscription boxes.
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they're convenient but do they make sense for your wallet? cbs3's jim donovan takes a look at which ones could end up saving you money. justin. >> all right. after full sunshine, warm temperatures we're tracking a cold front. it will bring showers and cooler temperatures for the end of the week. those details in the "eyewitness weather" forecast. ukee. >> it's the picture taking social media by storm. what this bride was doing and why she's now being a hero. >> and coming up right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00, late show with stephen colbert tonight he welcomes actress kelly mulligan, elvis costello and a special performance by darlene love. the act
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disable drivers have them and new moms. veterans have reserved reservedg spots as well. this shop rite has special spot for wounded veteran. >> if this goes well we should see this everywhere we go. shopping malls, we should see it at the movies. anywhere where people gather and there's a lot of people there should be a place for our
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wounded warriors. >> the signs are provided by an organization called wounded warriors family support. so far more than 4,000 of the signs have been put on parking spots all across the country. the organization behind saving lucy the elephant in margate, new jersey, has declined an offer from pita to help pay for the restoration. animal rights organization offered to help witness cost of the restoring the he will fan tourist attraction in exchange for use lucy for anti circus messages. it declined the funds it wants to keep the landmark a happy place for children to visit. the estimated cost of the restoration is $58,000. a minnesota dentist who killed a beloved lion in zimbabwe will not face charges in that country. officials say walter palmer did not break hun hunting laws and has been cleared of wrongdoing. two other people do face charges in cecil the lion's death a professional hunter who accompanied palmer and a game park owner who allowed that hu hunt. a professor at princeton
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university wins the nobel prize in economics. scotland born angus dionne won the i was world for his study of worldwide food consumption, poverty and welfare. princeton provided this video. he teaches economics and international affairs at the university. deet on is the six scholar affiliated with princeton to win the know tell prize in economi economics. >> new benefit is being linked to having a glass of wine every night. research shows red wine can improve the cardio rays sue collar help of people with type two diabetes. it modestly increased levels of good cholesterol and lowered overall cholesterol. doctors say diet and exercise are still the first line of defense. >> it is the latest shopping craze subscription bock that is show up at your door loaded with anything from beauty products to clothing. what's hidden inside it's a surprise. three on your side jim donovan discover this new trend can also save you money. >> reporter: maybe you want to
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experiment with unique fashions or jewelry. try out new makeup or even surprise your favorite furry friend. subscription boxes offer something for everyone. nick, loves the convenience of the boxes for food, clothing and razors but what he likes most -- >> subscription boxes help me save money every month. >> he saves a hundred dollars each month by getting regular deliveries right to his door much his trick for saving mone money,ing. >> ion subscribe to the things i use regularly. >> that's something experts say is key when it comes to using subscription boxes as money savers. >> it would have to be an item that you ordinarily bying every month if you're going to get a subscription for. so pay attention to that. the savings tend to be greater if it is a type of product for which you would ordinarily get a premium bran. >> how do you select a box that will help you safe? liz, runs my subscription which reviews box offers. she says, there are more than a thousand options in the us currently with prices ranging
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from as little as $5 monthly to $50 or more. >> the best way to determine if it's a fit look at reviews online to see what was in the past boxes. go back three, four, five months, see if you'd be happy paying that price point for those items. >> beauty boxes offer provide a high val crew with several boxes sending cuff mers products that purchase individually would cost double what they pay monthly. once you've settled on the subscriptions for you, some tips from the experts to safe even more. use coupons and look for cash back offers when you sign up. if you're sure you're in for the long haul, sign up for a longer subscription up front. >> you'll usually get a savings of 10 to 20%. so you're getting one free box a year approximately. >> experts say these monthly boxes don't always bring savings. for example, food subscriptions tend to be more about letting you sample a variety of products than saving you money. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. it was a perfect 10 day in
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terms of weather today. >> sure was. >> we could have some changes headed our way. >> forecast goes downhill a little bit. compared to today it doesn't teague much. add a cloud. isn't yeah, right. >> none of them today. >> no. we're tracking a few showers tomorrow. not a big deal. maybe enough to have that umbrella around. by the end of the week if you're looking for colder air wait a few more days. we're talking about good fall chill heading our way. outside it's comfortable. live look at sent city looking south. clear skies at the moment. temperatures still holding in the low 60s around philadelphia. in the suburbs starting to cool down into the 50's. overall nice night. clouds thinking ken up through the overnight hours ahead of our next storm system. tomorrow more clouds return. still mild, though. we'll watch out for maybe spotty shower or two mainly late in the afternoon. sunshine does return for the mill of the week. temperatures start to cool back to where they should be. fry another cold front approaches bringing more shower chances and that really cools us down for the weekend. highs only in the 50s. i show that you in the seven day forecast. 62 at the airport in
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philadelphia. 54 in reading. south jersey you guys in the mid and upper 50s. milder along the coast. nothing cold over the northeast and mid atlantic right now. fief fees and 60s. warm air mass ahead of this cold front. the front out ahead ohio. the showers should break up more as they move over the mountains tomorrow. but clouds thicken up again spotty shower or two not out of the question for the afternoon hours tuesday. temperatures once again in the 70s despite the clouds on tuesday. the front moves through for wednesday we cool back to where we should be upper 60s with sun and clouds. even slightly cooler on thursday a lot of sunshine around great mid objection weather for the end of the week. rain chances basically tuesday and friday best shot to see some scattered showers around. maybe a sprinkle or two especially up in the poconos on wednesday. that's about it i'll show you this on future weather model. 8:00 o'clock the commute looks good, sunshine with a few clouds. early afternoon most areas stay dry. mid to late afternoon showing up on this future weather model
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spotty showers here and again not everybody sees it. wednesday back to sun and clouds. maybe a sprinkle or two especially to the north and west over the mountains. all right. temperatures tomorrow morning waking up low 50s in the cool spots. to mid and upper 50s around the city. 60s in south jersey. another warm afternoon. low and mid 70s even up into the lehigh valley. wednesday we'll start to feel that cool down low and mid 60s for the mid afternoon temperatures and wait until the weekend we get the strong cold front that comes through. that open the door for cool canadian air. tone 15 degrees for low average highs on saturday and sunday. overnight increasing clouds, cool, 58 for center city. little bit cooler in the subur suburbs. again that spotty shower chance for tuesday. still mild with the clouds around 74 degrees. and the extent tended forecast middle of the week looks great. sunshine and clouds. little breezy temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. another sadded shower is possible friday. then the highs for this weekend saturday and sunday only in the mid and upper 50s.
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but the overnight lows drop into the theirs so even around the city we could be dealing with temperatures in the 30s saturday and sunday morning. >> very very fall like. >> getting cold. >> it happens. we're ready. >> brrr. >> don bell talking monday night sports. >> chip kelly gives us one of the big reasons why the eagles beat the saints, plus the flyers and panthers holding hands and singing come by ya
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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day hex stole is the first college head coach to jump straight to the pros since 1982. the rookie making his home debut in front of flyers fans tonight in south philadelphia. this is the home opener. look at that game face. get used to seeing it. first period no score. sam shoots. braydon schenn rebounding and scoring. the flyers take a one-zero lead. big scrum in front of the net with the panthers. became simmonds leading the charge. michael, gets the start for steve mason. he was perfect. stopped all 31 shots became the first flyers goalie to earn a shut out in his first game since ray emery did it in 2009. flyers win, one to nothing. i had a good pre-game 68 and i think the last game, you know, helped me a lot. i was coming into the game more relaxed and, you know, i was just feeling good the whole day
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and the guys did an outstanding job. so many blocked shots in front of me. >> winning is what we're here for. and it took us three games but, you know, we've really liked our performance two out of the three games. >> so big win for the flyers. now they couldn't run block and they couldn't protect the passer. the offensive line had some issues but yesterday they kept the saints from marching in the back feel. the results magic on the scoreboard and stat sheets. rack up 519 yards and 341st downs. sam bradford rebounded from 21st half picks to throw tour 333 yards and two scores. demarco murray and matthews had touchdown. >> they just block better in the run game obviously if we can get our running game going our pass game with our quick game and play action pass is after that. we kept sam clean cave him an opportunity to throat football
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but it starts with us being able to run the football and we did a good job of that. >> in hockey terms the o line got the first star of the game. second star went defensive end fletcher cox a man poe teed. six tackles but three sacks. two forced fumbles an recovery. his best game as an eagle. he was all over drew brees and one of the big reasons why they won this game. >> he's the best player on the team. >> he's got some moves, too. >> when i see him in the locker room i'll ask him about that. >> employees do. >> i'm in the sure what it was. but it was working. >> thank you, buddy.
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the franklin institute is glowing in pink tonight in honor of breast cancer awareness m cbs3 and cw philly teamed up with susan g. komen philadelphia for our lights for the cure campaign and that pink light serves as a row pointer to schedule a mammogram. you can find more information on lights for the cure at a bride and groom have many pictures taken on their wedding day. >> but for tennessee couple the one picture that stands out is a moment that was never plan. it shows sarah ray in her wedding gown at the scene of a car accident. crash that involved her grandparents and father as they were heading to the wedding reception. sarah and her new husband rushed to the scene because both of them paramedic. they found no one seriously
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injured in the crash and the bride and groom were able to continue on to their reception. >> how about that? >> we'll be right back ♪
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>> that's going to do it for us. our morning team is back from 4:30 until 7:00 tomorrow. for don, justin our entire team i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we are always on for you at up next the late show with stephen colbert. >> thank you for watching. good night, family and sleep well. good night, family and sleep well. ♪
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