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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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to square off in vegas, hillary clinton tames aim at donald trump. supporters are indicted for their alleged role with a confrontation with a black family playboy is turning the page on nude women. and after a questionable play, the new york mets get a playback against the dodgers.
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a you you good morning from the studio 57 headquarters in new york. i'm meg oliver in for hillary 14. when the democratic presidential candidates hold their first debate. >> some say hillary clinton will be herself tonight as she tries to come off as warm and interesting. some of her rivals including maryland's former governor will be looking for a breakout moment. ai head of tonight's first democratic debate, hillary clinton focused on republican rival donald trump in las vegas. monday she made a visit in front of mostly latino workers trying to unionize the trump international hotel. >> if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the
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united states, hard working people. >> reporter: clinton will square off against four democratic rivals and the stakes couldn't be higher. >> this is a people's campaign, not a billionaire's campaign. >> reporter: pundits say her top rival bernie sanders will try to attract voters beyond his grass roots base. the vermont senator has closed the polling gap on clinton in iowa and overtaken her in new hampshire. >> if elected president, the united states of marc wiamerica not have more people in jail than on earth. >> reporter: martin o'malley, maryland's governor, so far has flown under the radar, is more likely to go over clinton than sanders. >> he's the one to seize on the moment and wants more oust of the debates, so he really needs to have a good debate. >> lower polling candidates jim webb and lincoln chafee will take part in the debate.
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neither chafee has campaigned longer than the others. reportedly, an extra podium has been put in the race if vice president biden joins the race. coming up, we'll talk about the debate with the moderator of "face the nation" john dickerson. the united states denies reports that they provided weapons to the syrian kurds. one kurdish official says the u.s. airlifted weapons. the pentagon says u.s. cargo planes dropped small arms to arab groups fighting isis. alerts have been issued to airliners to iraq in the caspian sea warning of long range cruise missiles to syria. they are launching to ships from the caspian sea. the north south route involves port hubs to europe and the u.s. this morning the dutch saeft
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safety board releases its report on malaysian airlines flight mh-17, believed to have shot down over ukraine. jonathan vigliotti has details. >> reporter: good morning. all people on board were killed in the crash. flight mh-17, a boeing 777 was flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur and fell apart. the jet was hit by high energy objects from outside the aircraft. at the time, fighting between ukrainian government troops and pro russian separatists was heated, but there have been no conclusive links. today's reports will look at what caused the plane to disintegrate in midair, why it was flying over in after the accident war zone and what happened in the final minutes of the flight t. report won't address who is to blame. what will be left, a separate dutch criminal investigation. prosecutors suggest a russian-made surface-to-air missile fired from rebel-held territory is to blame.
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but russian manufactures of those missiles gave a press conference saying the model of missile that brought down mh-17 was no longer being used by russia's military at the time of the incident. mech. >> jonathan vigliotti for us in london. thank you. this morning in georgia, 15 supporters of the confed rat -- confederate flag were protesting. >> that's the flag. that's the flag. >> reporter: the confrontation took place in july about 20 miles west of atlanta when members of the group "respect the flag" drove by a child's party in pick-up flags with confederate flags. she was fearing for her life. >> they were yelling, we're going to kill the n-word. >> reporter: they told the atlanta constitution they happened to drive by the party. it was the party-goers who
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started the trouble. >> there were knives pulled. everyone was yelling. there were tire irons. >> reporter: the grand jury indicted the "respect the flag" members that they violated georgia's street terrorism prevention act and terrorist threats. >> we respect the rights of all citizens to exercise their first amendment right, but we're going to require them when doing that to respect the rights of all of the citizens to feel safe. >> reporter: there incident followed the deadly charleston church shooting by a supremacist who posted pictures of the confederate flag. some elected officials in the south have the confederate flag removed from public places. some aurked it is a symbol of tear heritage. some of the accused have been arrested. the case now goes to the douglas superior court for trial, two firefighters were killed when a burning building collapsed in kansas city last night. the building included
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apartments, firefighters rescued two residents and were clearing an area that had partiallyco lapsed when the rest gave way. who other firefighters were injured. it's fought clear what started the fire. classes resumed at the oregon community college where a gunman killed nine people. oregon governor kate brown welcomes students and faculty back to umpqua community college yesterday. nine others were wounded in the attack earlier this month. the building where the attack took place remains closed. parts of interstate five are reopened today as south carolina begins its recovery from historic floods. some communities are still flooded and surrounded by water. dams and bridges have failed. governor nikki haley says they will rebuild but will not speculate on the cost of the damage. coming up on the "cbs morning news," playboy turns the page on nudity. it says it will stop doing what made it sofa mus. intense landing. a hot air balloon blows into a
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. >> onlookers in virginia called out to the pilot of a hot air balloon that was making an emergency landing. strong winds blew the balloon off course sunday. the pilot says he carefully planned the landing spot. no one was hurt. passengers on a hot air balloon in arizona had some minor scratches, but no serious injuries as it made a rough landing monday. as they were running out of fuel the balloon made a quick dissent and landed in north phoenix. an alaska flight was forced to land in buffalo when smoke was reported on board. the airline says a credit card reader started smoking from what appeared to be a melting battery. the crews sprayed it with a cease-fire extinguisher.
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no one on board was hurt. on the "cbs this morning" watch, "playboy" magazine says no more nudity. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anheuser-busch and inbev and samiller said they would create the biggest beer company. they have been trying to create a deal for more than a month, yesterday they raised their bid. they offered over $108 million, the combined company would have 31% of the global beer market t. deal is certain to draw attention from regulators, though, who are worried about its impact on competition. on wall street, stocks edged slightly higher the dow rose 47 points the s&p gained two points heighter. the nasdaq gained 8 points. dell bought the is that da storage company emc in a deal ximtd to be worth $67 become.
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dell went private in 2013. it's been invest income research and expanding its software business as pc sales have dropped. there is no such. as bad publicity. daily fans of sports services, draftkings and fanduel justed a had their biggest weekend yet, despite attorney general cheating allegations. they had a record number of entrants totally nearly $44 million in entry fees. it looks like the volkswagon emission skills, paramount picture bought the book rights about the scandal. volkswagon says it rigged 11 million vehicles. dicaprio is one of the biggest environmental campaigners. a change in magazine world. a radical redesign at "playboy" magazine. no more naked women. next march the print edition will feature women in
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provocative poses. but they'll no longer be nude w. pornography on the internet, they admit it is a part of the changes it pioneered. meg. >> trying to keep it somewhat clean? >> reporter: it will be interesting to see how this plays out. >> we will have much more on "playboy's" decision to not show naked photos. a victorious mac n cheese tirade tries to clear the air. .
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ . dead innian democracy morgan returns to the -- comedian tracy morgan returns to the podium. the milwaukee sentinel says lawyers for two milwaukee police officers shot in the head six years ago say a gun store is negligent when it sold the weapon. they say the man that shot the officer should be blamed. a victory for the plaintiffs
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could open the door to other lawsuits against gun sellers. the minneapolis star tribune decides not to change a minnesota dentist for killing says sill the lion. they say dr. walter palmer's places to hunt were in order. palmer could go back to zimbabwe but not to hunt. protesters who oppose hunting say they will continue picturing his dental office. they earn a policy for student luke gatti. he says he was sorry for his tirade demanding mac n cheese at the student union last week. >> i have some problems i am addressing. thfrls seriously a wake-up call. >> he admits he was intoxicated when he got into an argument with workers at the student union. he is scheduled to be arraigned today on second degree breach of peace and criminal trespass. the los angeles times uncovered bar tabs from ousted
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football coach steve sarkisan, he was spending money on alcohol when he was a coach. he was fired one day after being put on leave. he apologized after appearing to be drunkal a pep rally. and "time" reports on comedian tracy morgan doing comeback. for the first time since the serious car crash that put him in a coma in 2014. he included a photograph for his appearance, the first time on stage in 16 months. straight ahead in sports, sweet revenge, the new york mets come up in the series, the dodgers, chase utley gets a rude reception from fans at city field.
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. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ first, i got to talk about this mets-dodgers. the other night chase utley slid into tejada. he ended up breaking tejada's leg. it's horrible. i feel caught between a team that i love and holding on to my life. >> the new york met versus a
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sense of satisfaction this morning after an emotional intense game three of their playoff series with the l.a. dodgers, mets fans booing chase utley of the dodgers during pre game introductions, he wouldn't play, he moved into tejada with a hard slide. tejada carrying a cane gets an ovation from the new york crowd and then the mets exact revenge with their bats, new york cameras, for ten straight runs in a 13-12k3w4ri7b i think the boos at the introductions were kind of a big statement. for us, it was stay focused. go out, and, you know, let our play do all the talking. >> the mets can finish off the dodgers with another win tonight in new york. in the national league chicago cubs go deep a record six times in an -6 win over st. louis. the cubs are won wake away from
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reaching the series. they can do it tonight at wrigley field. >> the defending champs stay alive. the royals score five runs to surge ahead of houston in a 9-6 win. the series shifts back to kansas city tomorrow night for a decisive game five. the blue jays and rangers will also go to a fifth game tomorrow. toronto avoids elimination by taking game four and check this, 8-4. and a walkoff win on monday night football for the pittsburgh steelers, a running back leveon bell just makes it into the ends zone as the clock hits zero. pittsburgh could have tied the game with a field goal but went for the win instead and they got it. the steelers top the charters 24-20. coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, a look ahead to tonight's democratic debate. plus, actress ruth wilson from the affair and meg oliver. this is the "cbs morning news."
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so how can cnn get viewers just as excited for a trumpless democratic debate? the answer is someone else who won't be there. they've got an extra podium just in case biden drops by, like you do, you know, this year's presidential debates are basically an open mic night. >> here's another look at this morning's top stories -- the democratic presidential contenders hold their first debate they will take part as stephen colbert mentioned at 6:30. we'll be on standby in case vice president joe biden makes a last-minute decision to enter the race. 16 support herbs of the confederate flag are makie
4:26 am
charged with making terrorist threats. members drove by a child's birthday party in pick-up flacks flying confederate flags. a dangerous drive was caught an video in florida. a 23-year-old woman was arrested over the weekend for allegedly driving drunk. police say she used the app periscope to broadcast her ride. aaron flowers of the tampa affiliate has the footage. >> i'm -- >> the video is more telling of what happened. lakelands police say 23-year-old whitney bill had a fun night drinking on the town and dried to broadcast her drunken home live on the smartphone app periscope. >> you hear her saying she's drunk. >> reporter: with periscope, can you stream live from your phone to anywhere in the world so people from all over tuned into her wild ride through lakeland, sergeant gary gross with
4:27 am
lakeland police couldn't believe it. >> i got to tell you i was shocked, after 30 years in law enforcement, i hadn't seen this before. >> two viewers tried to get her to stop. two called 911. >> we're like what is periscope? luckily one of our younger officers was able to help us. we were able to get her off the street. >> reporter: her ride took her here to carpenter's lane, that's within they saw her hit another curb and then they were able to stop and arrest her. the technology helped lead them to her, preventing a potential deadly situation on the road. >> it's probably technology like anything else we will look at. we will have selected individuals in the police department. we will be trained and able to use it. >> reporter: while bills prefers to be seen here than here, police say seeing a drunk driver through their eyes should be a reminder, don't do it. >> coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, new information in the investigation into contaminated blue bell ice
4:28 am
cream. we'll hear from the production workers. plus, legendary journalist bob woodward tellss about his legacy. and the hit show actor joins us in studio. thanks for watching, i'm meg oliver. have a great day. ♪
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good morning, oh, it has been a beautiful few days, but change is in the air. we are tracking some showers, and then some cooler weather. details coming up. also, a violent home invasion in kingsessing. a man shot in the head and his wife threatened while their three children were inside the home. the search for the suspect this morning and the condition of the homeowner. >> and, tonight the democratic candidate for presidents face-off in a debate. last night if philadelphia it was all about the race for mayor. more on the de wait between jim kenny and melissa murray bailey. good morning, it is tuesday, october 13, i'm erray did a von tiehl. check on traffic and weather together. possibility of rain, not good for the roads either? >> good morning cents it my friday,


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