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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, oh, it has been a beautiful few days, but change is in the air. we are tracking some showers, and then some cooler weather. details coming up. also, a violent home invasion in kingsessing. a man shot in the head and his wife threatened while their three children were inside the home. the search for the suspect this morning and the condition of the homeowner. >> and, tonight the democratic candidate for presidents face-off in a debate. last night if philadelphia it was all about the race for mayor. more on the de wait between jim kenny and melissa murray bailey. good morning, it is tuesday, october 13, i'm erray did a von tiehl. check on traffic and weather together. possibility of rain, not good for the roads either? >> good morning cents it my friday, ladies.
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>> the roads are looking good, so kai last i want to hear if we have to anticipate any rain coming down, but just overnight construction we're dealing, with still blocking the roadways. >> okay, so i have some good news, i think our rush hour this morning is likely to be okay. we'll have cloudy skies out, there light showers, so don't panic, everybody, just take that umbrella with you today. warm temperatures in the mid 70s yet again. sun will yield to more clouds going throughout the day. spotty showers, not a lot of rain accumulation, just about, you know, a .10 of an inbetween one and .2 of an inch. 64 degrees in rehoboth. nobody on the board walk now, see little warmer than we were yesterday. live look at storm scan3, shows you, there we do little trouble off to the west, stormy weather, ahead of cold front. but notice, it is the lighter greens, not seeing a lot of orange and red, not expecting it to be major thunderstorm or anything. just be few showers for you today. seventy-four for your high if you are down the shore, you will likely those showers may not make it, will fall apart
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by the time they reach the shore. sixty-five in the poconos where you will be looking out for some showers. tracking this forward with future weather, here we go, 11:00 a.m., see it is not a ton, but you got little back ends to it, too, in the 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 time frame. sets us up for pretty nice day tomorrow. so we talk about cooling temperatures, though, in the seven day forecast, if you are ready for this, or if you are not, boy oh, boy will we feel the chill get to go next weekend. we will talk about that in a moment. now we go to the wonderful meisha keeping an eye on all of this construction, i saw some this morning on my way in. >> probably did on the vine, that's what we're dealing w good morning, kyla, i went from smiling to frowning, you mentioned the colder weather, yes, you know it is coming. feels nice outside. roads are looking good. construction on the vine, mentioned to kai last closed east and westbound between broad and 76. this is due to overnight construction from 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. that lasts until thursday
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actually, then the ramps from 76 to the vine are closed also. kind of crazy seeing the vine lock so quiet. but again, that's closed. i'll let you know it reopens. more construction, two err between 422 and monroe boulevard, you are seeing travelers pass through looking okay there, not too much volume right now, not causing any major slow downs shall but cones in the roadways like that certainly can cause some as we heat up throughout the morning. i'll keep my eye on that as well. more construction, 59 southbound route 14, left lane block, that looks like it is just clearing. now, kind of the time in the morning where we start to see that overnight construction project move out of your way. it certainly has there. mass transit, lansdale-doylestown line is bussing, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar through december, so make note of that. erika, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. "eyewitness news" on the scene of home invasion in philadelphia's kingsessing section which left man fighting for his life. this happened on the 1100 block of south ruby street. justin finch joining us outside southwest detective with the latest on this
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investigation. justin, good morning. >> erika, good morning, police are speaking to a woman who says she heard the gunshots that's now threatening her husband's life. she said she and her family were held hostage in their own home. let's take you now to video of that home invasion. this is their home on the 1100 block of south ruby street in kingsessing where police found 50 year old man on the living room floor, bleeding from gunshot wounds to his head. and found on the front porch, a rifle, police say, that the victim's family insist asks not theirs, and was likely used to shoot that man and left behind by these home invaders. the victim's wife tells police that just after 11:00 monday night, three men charged into their home, through an unlocked front door. she says one mask suspect too err in the kitchen, demanding money, threatening to kill her. she told them she had none, and she said that's when she heard that single shot. she later reveal eyes that was her husk shot in the head. she says all throw men fled
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through the front door. let's take you now to 51st and locust. that's where 18th district police found over turned 2,000 chevy monte carlo, swept a parked car, landed on his roof. no one was inside. there is something in the car that raised suspicions for police. >> inside that far overturned car, police found a bloody handgun. so at this time we're holding the scene due to the possibility that this overturned car may be some way related to the home invasion robbery that was just about eight, nine blocks away, due to the fact that they happened around the same location and at the very same time. >> so now police watching two scenes this morning, that home in kingsessing, overturned car scene at 51st and locust, as well, that 50 year old man now recovering in very critical condition at presbyterian this
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morning. police say his condition is very dire this morning, the couple's three children also home at the time of the invasion, police say, none of those children were harmed at this time. >> we are live at southwest detective, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> we have another home invasion to tell but right now, too, this 15900 block of north 12th street in the city's fernrock section. a 28 year old man was returning home when he was approached by two men, wearing masks. they forced him inside, ransacked his amount, took his watch, and shot him in the leg. the victim is in stable condition at einstein. his girlfriend was home and she witnessed the crime. how much, she was not hurt. >> happening today, a former philadelphia police officer is scheduled to go on trial accused of making terroristic threats. prosecutors say, edward sawikci the third hit him while backing up his car in october of 2013 while he was off duty. he then allegedly rushed at
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him, yelling racial slurs, and showed off a gun f convicted edward faces six-12 years in prison. >> a 14 year old boy is fighting for his life this morning after he was shot in the head. it happened just after 8:30 last night on the 1200 block of north tenth street in north philadelphia. police rushed the teen to the hospital. they say what a pie tears to be a bb gunning fell out of his clothing. police still searching for the suspect and the weapon. >> more on story we broke for you yesterday. philadelphia police arrest one man, looking for three other, in the murder after transgender woman near hunting park. police say last tuesday four men brutally beat, robbed and shot keisha jenkins at 13th and wing-hocking. pedro reading confess today his part in the crime, but he's not the triggerman. >> they all live in the area with very, very close to identifying the other three, and hopefully we'll make an arrest very, very shortly. >> reading is held without bail.
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police don't believe this was a hate crime. they think rather it was attempted robbery that went horribly wrong. >> turning to campaign 2016, there has been a lot of talk about the republican presidential candidates, but tonight it is all about the democrats. the five candidate will face-off in a debate for the first time in las vegas. cards cats martin o'malley, ben, chafer i, hoping grab some of the spotlight from hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the latest cbs news poll shows hillary clinton has increased her lead over bernie sanders. on the republican side, donald trump leads with 27% followed by ben carson with 21%. how much, another pole also shows both front run verse some work to do. only 35% of voters see hillary clinton as honest and trustworthy, that's just two-point jump ahead of trump. >> republican presidential candidate rand paul trying something unique to boost
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numbers, will be the first presidential capped date to live stream his entire day. he will start the day in eye owe washings stream all the way through tonight's presidential debate. you can watch on the campaign's facebook page, you can also ask paul questions throughout the day, just use the hashtag rand live. >> back here in philadelphia, philadelphians will elected their next mayor three weeks from today. two frontrunners, democratic councilman jim kenny and melissa murray bailey faced off in hour long debate last night. they touched off on variety of topics including lowering taxes, affordability housing and poverty in philadelphia. the pair also spoke about the controversial stop and frisk policy. >> systematically stopping young people, generally people's color for no reason at all, going through their business day, going to work, going to school, wall between the police and our citizens, and that has to stop. >> i believe that we need to reform the way we do stop and frisk in the city, so that
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people's constitutional rights are protected. >> election day is tuesday, november third. you can count on "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the race for mayor here in philadelphia. when not on tv head to our website cbs philly. com for election update. >> still ahead this morning, confrontation between black family and group of confederate flag supporters. this leads to charges against 15 people and it was caught on camera, too. plus, the group in charge of margate's famous lucy the elephant, they're turning down a donation to help restore that landmark. why they said no thanks to the cash. >> and, kyla is telling us, we could see some showers. when will it affect you today? she'll let you know. back in two minutes
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>> a confrontation with a black family in georgia leads to the indictment of 15 confederate flag supporters. the family had gathered for a child's birthday party on july 25th, in douglas ville.
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about 25 miles west of atlanta. authority say that the 15 are accused of making terroristic threats and violating a street gang law. two men also were charged with injuring a man at the gas station at the same time. >> police in prairie view, texas are defending their use of taser against a city council member. jonathan miller tried to intravenous officers questioned his friends last thursday night. police video here shows officers using a taser on miller while he was slow and following police commands. the police chief says the officers used the taser according to policy. >> and, a minnesota dent hoist killed a beloved lion in zimbabwe will not face charges in that country. officials say, walter palmer did not break zimbabwe's hunting laws, and has been cleared of any wrong-doing. two other people, though, do face charges, in cecil's death, a professional hunt here accompanied calmer, and a game park own here allowed the hunt. >> the organization behind saving lucy the elephant in
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margate, new jersey has declined an offer from peta to help pay for the restoration. the animal right organization offered to help with the cost of restoring the elephant tourist attraction in exchanges for using lucy and anti-circus messaging, the organization declined the funds because it want to quote keep the landmark a happy place for children to visit. the estimated cost for the restoration is $58,000. right now, 4:44. after beautiful columbus day, now talking about some rain, kyla. >> we are. it won't be colossal horrible rain. >> that's good. >> it is a few showers. >> all right. >> we can always use a little rain, flight. >> little bit. >> it will cool us down a bit, too, but not today. things to look out for this week: clouds and spotty showers today. sun hine will be returning in our mid week time frame. we have another front friday. that will will bring us another shower chance this week, but what it really brings us is much cooler temperatures for the weekend. we are talking highs in the upper 50's, for saturday and sunday, but certainly that wasn't what we saw yesterday. we had high of 76 degrees,
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really over achieved, not a record, there would be 88 degrees. but the average is 68. so see just how warm we've been. really split week. 70s yesterday, 70s again today. but then the rest of the week, we've got 60s coming our way, then as i mentioned even 50's as we head toward the weekend for our highs. sixty-one in philadelphia, you can see we're at 52 mount pocono, 50 in reading, little cool start for you there. look at wildwood, 62 degrees, my warmest mark on the map right now. forty-eight in quakertown, they're chilly, but 58 in palmyra. isn't that amazing, just drive few miles, have entirely different temperature. we have this to deal with. so we talked about this yesterday. we've got weak cold front tracking across this is the line of storms ahead of the cold front as it pushes toward us. and again, as you can see, it is not a lot of orange and red, pretty light rain. so i'm expecting we see the showers working our way into the late morning, early afternoon time frame, maybe few more on the back end of this, but temperatures still in the 70s today. not bad. let me take you through on future weather, let me show you what happens happens here, it starts to fall apart, there
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is our 10:00, 11:00 a.m. time frame. few more raindrops probably coming in. sets us up for nice wednesday, clearing there, looking good. today have the umbrella with you in case you're at the spot where the showers r cloudy skies, spotty showers, high of 74 degrees, as we get into tonight, clearing skies and cooler, at 55, but i think the big news on this map isn't the rain today, isn't even the showers on friday. but those temperatures on the weekends, where we've got upper even mid 50's, you see, sunday there, sunny, but 56. >> we have that going for us. >> we'll take the sun. >> talking sports right now, the flyers will try to make it two wins in a row when they take on the stanley cup championship clamps chicago blackhawks tomorrow night at the well. new coach dave hack stall behind the bench for last night's home opener. flyers looking to make up for saturday blow out lost to the pant nerves florida schenn put them up one-nothing in the first period. things got little tense later on, scuffling in front of the panthers net there.
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hockey game after all of course little fighting, back up goalie michael, earned shut out in his first game, flyers win this one, one-nothing. i thought good game, you know, and i think the last game, you know, helped me a lot. and, you know, i was coming to the game more row laxed and, you know, just feeling good the whole day, and the guys told me outstanding job, so many blocked shots. >> winning is what we're here for. and, you know it, took us three games, but, you know, we really like their performance, two out of the three games. >> over to the eagles now, they say they'll wear their all black uniforms when they play the giants in prime time this monday night at the linc. of course, the birds won sunday against the saints, wrapping up a whopping 519 yards in total offense, 341st downs. sam bradford shook off 21st half interceptions, to throw for 333 yards and two touchdowns.
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demarco murray and ryan matthews ran for touchdowns. coach chip kelly liked the contribution. >> blocked in the run game. obviously if we can get our run game gunning, then our pass game, our quick game, play action possible cents off of that, we kept sam clean, gave him an opportunity to throw the football, but starts with us being able to run the football. we did a good job that far. >> can't wait until monday. still ahead on "eyewitness news", one of the world's most iconic magazines getting huge make over. change coming to playboy. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> jill, we hear big beer merger is finally a g who are we talking about here? >> anaheim err bush, sab
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miller agreed in principal to merge. >> this would potentially create the world's biggest beer company. anheuser busch trying to buy miller for nearly a month, yesterday it raised its offer, over $106 billion. that combined company would have 31% of the global beer market. a lot of the big beer companies is taking a hit, as craft beer becomes more popular. holidays around the corner. we hear there is another company offering unlimited vacation time. how on earth would that work? so linked in the latest company offering discretionary time off, or unlimited vacation time. experts say it is a way to lower and retain top talent in the competitive tech world. but interesting, some studies have shown some of the companies offer the unlimited vacation time workers actually wind up taking less than would you think. >> understandably, still want to have a job. can't always be on vacation, jill.
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>> exactly, i'm taking august off. >> see you in the new year. enjoy the holidays. jill, see you later this morning. >> well, now you can really say, you just read playboy for the articles. the iconic adult magazine says it will no longer feature nude photos on it pages. playboy says there will still be pictures every women in provocative poses but no more full nudity. the changes begin in march. the move appears to be the result of widely available on line pornography. last year the publications website removed nude photos to reach a wider audience and reportedly has been a big success. all right, coming up after the break, checking on traffic and weather together. kyla is talking about the rain. we'll be right
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>> 4:54, and the latest on the
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roads. >> things are looking pretty good on the roadways, busy tuesday dels by the the holiday yesterday, it was fairly busy yesterday. right now the one thing that might cause hiccups for you, we have construction, closure, the vine st. expressway construction eastbound and westbound between broad and 76, you can see, it is completely closed down, and the ramps from 76 are also closed now, this is overnight construction that start at 11:00 p.m. goes until 5:00 a.m. this will last every night this week until thursday. so just make note of. that will route one southbound bucks county between route 213 and neshaminy, you're -- you've lot the two right lanes, both blocked. also construction trooper road between 422 and monroe boulevard. >> this lasts until 6:00 a.m. i have another cup of points of construction in about 15 minute, so a loft construction throughout. >> yes. >> sounds like we'll have dry roadways, really helps us. >> yes, i think we'll be okay for our rush hour today, and i don't think it will be a deluge of rain even for this afternoon. live look at the neighborhood network. you can sweep the temperatures
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are this morning, at the eagles complex becomes 58 degrees, 55 in hokessing, 57 lumberton, notice that the wind is very calm today. so, that's kind of nice. 61 degrees in center city, again the calm wind, there and our skies that were so lovely and clear unfortunately they are about to get little cloudy and then huge spotty shower today. but sunshine returns mid week. and we have a much cooler forecast ahead this weekend. but let's deal with today. live look at storm scan3, those are the showers off to the west. that will be making their way toward us, still warm today, though, 74 degrees, we start to see bit of cooler scenario headed into tomorrow. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are live with the search for the thieves wanted for violent home invasion while the victims young children slept upstairs. also, busted by social media. how a woman's own cell phone could be the star witness in her drunk driving case. and, a local professor wins the nobel prize, but doesn't believe it. that
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from the doctor. bs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning, terrorized in their homes. three men come into a house, shoot a man holding a gun to his wife's head while their children sleep upstairs. live with the search for those thieves. >> also, make sure to grab the umbrella this morning, storm scan3 here showing some rain headed our way today. kyla will tell us when the showers arrive. >> the candidates for mayor in philadelphia face-off with just throw weeks left before election day. hear their ideas for improving the city. >> good morning, today is tuesday, october 13th, i'm erika von tiehl. kyla and meisha keeping an eye on things for us. don't like the sound of showers, but hopefully the morning commute is okay. >> yes, good morning, just dealing with some closures, trying get out of the way for
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the morning commute. hopefully they will be soon. updates coming up. but kyla, feels real nice outside right now. >> it is real pleasant out here. part of it has to do with the warm temperatures, still going to have with us today, the fact the winds is very calm. we do have the threat of few spotty showers throughout the day today. so little difference from the past couple of days that we've had. so taking a look at what you can expected to, we are talking warm temperatures in the mid 70s yet again, but the sun yelding to clouds, spotty showers, not much, talking a .10 to .2 of an inch is all we'll septa. current temperatures 06 degrees in philadelphia, check out reading still at 49, 50 in allentown, so cool spots out there, about 61 down in atlantic city. this is a stormy weather ahead of the cold front. see off to the west. got two things going on actually, low pressure system going up the costes well. that will stay off to sea, so weather off to the west what i am concerned about. let's time it out. show you what we are talking about. it kind of falls apart making its way toward us. there is 11:00 a.m., see spotty showers, them the back ends of this getting into the


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