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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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falling apart making its way toward us. still cool in reading, 49, 62 in dover, about 61 in atlantic city, winds is nice and calm this morning. you can see everybody relatively calm. dover, you have southerly flow there at about 10 miles per hour, that's about it, this is the weather that's coming our way. as you can see, it is kind of falling apart there in western pennsylvania, so not expecting major rainout of this. but dow think you could see few sprinkles. future weather showing you what i am talking about, 11:00 a.m., there few showers in and around the area. and later this afternoon, i think we could see few spotty showers there, as well. then we clear out. we get set for nice looking wednesday. not bad. i forgot my umbrella this morning, i admit it freely, hoping i can dodge to the car between showers. up to 74 degrees today, tomorrow, much cooler, much more seasonable, 67, see the sunshine and 66 on your thursday. now the cooler temperatures coming our way, supposed to be upper 60s this time of year. you know the 70s aren't normal. we head down about average, wednesday, thursday, but look
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what happens get to go saturday. much cooler. i'm going to be talking about that when i come back in just a few moments. because i, for one, just bought new coat. i think might get to use it next sunday shall meisha. >> oh, isn't it nice when you buy something, so amped to use it but oh, but it was cold weather. why was i want that? good morning, happy tuesday a look at 95 southbound before girard. see just a steady flow of traffic now starting to hit our roadways, and it is 5:31, so it is still early. already seeing the levels build. a lot of people were off yesterday for the holiday. now, everyone jumping on the roadways, it will be a busy one, i can tell that you, 42 freeway northbound at creek road for those coming from jersey approaching 295. this is what you are looking at, again, a lot of headlights, freeway friends pulled away to the shoulder, no slow downs, make note they are there again. but again, looking fairly bus any that stretch, as women. here's a look at the schuylkill, headlights moving in the eastbound direction montgomery. looking good, everyone traveling at posted speeds, in fact, on our major mains, all
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of them are running at posted speeds which is good. we have an accident abington meeting house road not causing any slow downs in this area, just not busy enough. and also, in camden, 676 northbound before i76, this is all cleared. for those of you wondered if that construction, and these areas are closed until 5:00 a.m. thursday. ninety-five north and south ramps to route 202 southbound also 202 southbound between 995 and broom street. and then of course 202 southbound ramp to 95. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. it is the democrats turn, to debate in campaign 2016, the presidential candidates appear for the first time off in las vegas tonight. as don champion reports, he'll see few candidates, probably didn't know, or just forgot are running. >> ahead of tonight's first democratic debate, hillary clinton focused on republican rival donald trump las vegas, monday she made it unscheduled visit to join crowd of mostly latino union workers trying unionize that the trump international hotel.
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>> if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states, that includes hard-working people -- >> clinton will square off against four democratic rivals, and the steaks couldn't be higher. >> this is a people's campaign, not a billionaire's campaign. >> say top rival bernie sainted ers will try to attract voters beyond his grass roots base. the vermont senator has closed the polling gap on clinton in iowa, and overtaken her in new hampshire. >> if-ee elected president, the united states of america will not have more people in jail than any other country on earth. >> experts say former maryland governor martin o'malley, who has so far flown under the radar, is more likely to go after clinton than sanders. >> o'malley is the one who is most likely to try to seize on a moment, also made a very big deal out of the debates and wanting more of them. so he needs to have good
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debate. >> lower polling candidates, jim web, lincoln chafee needs to take part n debate. done champion, "eyewitness news". now, we don't expect to see vice president joe biden on the stage tonight. but a lot of democrats still want to see him in the race for the white house. pole shows 48% of democrats which biden? a candidate. 30% of the people polled say that he should stay out of the race. cnn has the podium on stand by, just in case, biden makes lags minute decision to join the debate. 5:34 right now. and there is a viewing today for philadelphia civil rights activist, jerry mondesire. it is from 4:00 this afternoon until 8:00 tonight at funeral home at 12th and brown street. mondesire died october 4th. he had reportedly suffered a brain on your i am behind undergoing kidney dialysis. his funeral is tomorrow. former president of the naacp was 65. a florida woman is behind bars this morning, and facing charges of driving under the
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influence. but her crime may have gone unnoticed if it were not for some social alert users on social media. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now with more on this, and what she did has everyone shaking her head in the studio. >> really cannot make this up. this 23 year old woman arrested on dui charges in florida after live streaming her drunken drive home. the ten frightening minutes were broadcast through the app called periscope. it was people watching who alerted police to this potentially deadly situation. i will really drunk. i am ... >> that much was clear. as this lakelands florida woman broadcasted her night out. whitney beil, live streamed her whole experience, on the app periscope, first, drinks downtown, and then, a potentially deadly decision. >> i'm driving home drunk. >> the 23 year old streamed the ten minute trip for the world to see. and dozens were watching.
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>> fifty-seven people, oh, my gosh, i had no idea i would get this many people. >> lakelands police couldn't believe it either. >> i got tell you, was in shock. after 30 years in law enforcement i hadn't seen anything like this before. she was out of it. it was obvious from watching the live stream video how bad she was. >> so bad, two people who were watching called 911. >> i just saw a girl on periscope driving drunk. she doesn't know where she. >> this young girl is internet streaming, she is driving drunk. >> fast being g police officer download dollars periscope and started watching, too. taking note of landmarks, in the background, so cops could pull beil over. police arrested beil just after she hit yet another curb. >> thank god somebody saw this and they called in. >> now, other users message dollars her as well urging her to stop driving before she hurt herself or someone else. when police caught up with
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her, beil failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breath test. she was charged with driving under the influence. it is amazing she didn't hurt herself or someone else. >> absolutely. so dangerous enough just driving drunk, then periscope at the same time? >> distracting driving, drunk driving. >> thank goodness two people called police. thank youment. >> right now 5:37. in business news this morning, free coffee and a big beer merge. we have all of your beverage news this morning. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange, those stories and much more for us. good morning. >> good morning, erika. all of the important stuff, right? anheuser busch, and miller have, agreed in principal to merge, it would create the world's biggest beer company. this $106 billion merge still has to be approved by regulators. the markets are inning back up to record highs, that were reached earlier this year, yesterday the dow finished 47 points higher, seventh day of gains, nasdaq jumped eight. holidays could be make or break for retailers. >> this year eight in ten shoppers say they plan to
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spend the same or more than last year. as for when they'll be checking off all of those items on the holiday list, about 8% say they've waiting until christmas eve. facebook wants to be a go to site for socializing and shopping. it is testing new ad format that lets customers brouse and then buy products on their phone. and, if you are look to go get your coffee fix for free this morning, head to 7-eleven, just download the 7-eleven app, register your name, your e-mail, and have the cashier scan your code. today through friday, free cup of hot coffee, iced coffee, not included. erika? >> you know what? ice convenely is free other places, so there you go, still enjoy it. >> i like where your head's at. >> thanks so much. have a great day. >> oh, listen to this. kohl's stepping up the on line competition headed into the holiday season. the store will start offering same day delivery for on line purchases to several cities including philadelphia, this will start in the next few weeks. kohl's has not said though just how much that rapid
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delivery service is going to cost you. >> coming up this morning, it is a first in the classroom. see new way a school is trying to improve its student's health. >> also, covering up. playboy magazine says that it is getting rid of the famous nude pictures inside. what's behind the big change for the iconic men's magazine. >> and, here's what's coming un ton on cbs-3. at 8:00 new episode of ncis followed by ncis new orleans, then catch limitless at 10:00 before catch
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new glass of wine every night? researchers say red wine with improve card year vascular health with people with type two diabetes, red wine also modestly increase levels of good cholesterol and lowered overall cholesterol. doctors do add that diet annex err sides are still the first line of defense. standing desks are becoming popular at work as more employees are choose to go stay on their feet. now that trends is moving from to the office from the office to a california classroom. this elementary school outside san francisco, over dozen classrooms have those standing desks. studies show allowing kids to move during the day can improve grades to up 15%, and help kids burn up to 25% more calories. >> you increase your muscle tone in your legs, there seems to be improvement in actually
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circulation, arterial function, extending few calories extra every hour, can lead to big changes. >> now the change is not cheap, though, it can cost up to $6,000 to convert a single classroom. school officials hope to keep the movement going, though, with every child in public school standing at their desk in ten years, grammy a war winning singer george len ends and his modem wife christie teeing and are expecting a baby. just last month, she reviled they were having some trouble start their family. they shared this happy news, via instagram, with this post right here. she says john and i are so happy to announce that we are pregnant. she went onto thank everyone for their well wishes, saying, she looking forward to all of the belly touching. wait until people start coming to up her in the market, kyla, what do you think? >> i don't think many pregnant ladies care for. that will let's say good morning to our eye weather watchers, some having little cooler start out there than other. i wanted to start with this one. 47 degrees, good morning to john, he's in perkasie, and you can see relatively clear
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right now, but still, a little bit chilly, then we go here, 55 degrees, sandra is, in burlington, and she's got few more clouds out there, already, and she says, cool and damp with chirping crickets. remember the bumm a today. good advice. you will definitely want to have it with you if you're the one caught in the spotty showers. >> david dutch in clementon, and 61 degrees for him. looking at the temperatures around the area right now, 60 in philadelphia, but you can see where the chill in the air is, poconos, 46, mount pocono, 49 reading. little warmer down in atlantic city there at 61 degrees. in fact, we zoom in to the shore line, see ocean city already up to 66 degrees this morning. not bad at all. there is a lot of energy coming our way here. so fronts will change our weather pattern, just to show you this upper air energy, that is tracking toward us. it will make big difference in our temperatures, essentially by the time we get to the weekends. live look at storm scan3, these are the showers that i'm concerned about, that will be headed our way. but, as you can see, they are kind of weak. kinds of falling apart, as
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they track toward us. that's good thing. that means we're likely to see just spotty showers, instead of major downpours. hear about 11:00 a.m., see few moving through. then few more in the back side of this, i think during rush hour see few sprinkles before finally start to clear out looking pretty good for our wednesday. then another front friday. >> this one really going to knock the temperatures down talking about the energy moving the weather right now, will set us up ten, 14 degrees below average temperatures for the weekend. so saturday talking high of 59. and sunday, 56. by the way, those are normals for mid-november. so yes, little early for that. but yet it is coming our way. how much, today, check it out, 74 degrees, as a high as we look out for the spotty showers, tonight, nice and clear, and it will get cool, 55 degrees, and look at your seven day forecast shows that you tomorrow, we start to clear out, we get seasonable temperatures there in the mid to upper 60s. then as we head toward the weekends it is saturday, sunday, i can't take my eyes off particularly sunday 56 degrees as high. so meisha, a it will be one of
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those days to test out maybe some of your new fall winter clothing. >> kyla, i'm in denial. i'll just stare at you from over here, die nile. >> good morning, hammy tuesday, 59 southbound coming around the s curve at cottman, looking good here. volume levels certainly starting to build now as we push toward that 6:00 hour. and really, in the southbound and northbound directions, you're starting to see that volume level build in that area. the schuylkill, taillights going eastbound, approaching the conshohocken curve, looking pretty good here. still traveling around at polls dollars speeds in and around that area. in plymouth meeting the blue route, tail light moving in the southbound direction past mid-county approaching the schuylkill, looking pretty good there, again, still traveling at posted speeds in that area. those every you taking mass transit, doylestown line bussing, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar through december. make note of. that will also, we do have construction pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound, and westbound directions at ft. washington part of the on and
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off-ramps, are blocked, as of right now. and then of course i'll be touching again on the construction project on these three areas coming up in a little bit. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. shear look today at headlines on cbs-3, philadelphia police are looking for three suspect in a home invasion in kingsessing. that 50 year mold man was shot in the head. his wife says one of those men threatened her. there are three children were home at the time. >> also, police are looking for the gunman who shot a 14 year old boy in north philadelphia. it happened around 8:30 last night, on the 1300 block of north tenth street. and democrats polled their first presidential debate tonight in las vegas. martin o'malley, jim web, lincoln chafee are hoping to grab some of the spotlight which has been focused on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> new jersey state police are investigating a freak accident that killed a retired firefighter, in burlington county. roger lippincott died sunday while mowing his lawn in jobstown. police say the lawn mower caught fire.
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"eyewitness news" spoke exclusively to lippincott's wife, who then so in shock after nearly 06 years of marriage. >> our saint, our helper, our teacher, he was involved in so many things, he was the lifetime member in the fire company, and he has many, many friends. this was over in a flash. i hope it was instant tape just, i just don't know what happened. >> no word yet on funeral plans for lippincott. >> zimbabwe is not pressing charges against a minnesota dentist in the death after well known lion. officials say doctor james palmer did not break hunting laws and have cleared him of wrong-doing. two other face charges in cecil's death, professional hunt here accompanied palmer, and a game park own here allowed the hunt. , it is thanks but no thanks, the organization trying to repair margate's lucy the elephant reject offer from pete to pain for part of the project. the a man rights group wanted to use the six a foot tall
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statue to raise awareness about the treatment of circus elephants. but, lucy's board of trustees says it wants to keep the landmark as a happy place for children to visit. lucy needs a new paint job, and other repairs, that's going to cost about $58,000. 5:49 right now. a lot of people joke about reading playboy for the articles. but, pretty soon, you can edge legitimately say that's why you read it. our sister station in los angeles reports on the mag sees' surprising decision to stop showing naked women. >> the magazine built on the success of sex is going a little more modest. according to the new york times beginning next march, the print edition of playboy will continue to showcase women in sexy poses, but they'll no longer be fully nude. >> nice that they are taking a step back, and adding a little maybe more respect to their magazine for ladies? recent study found playboy circulation of 5.6 million in 1975 has dropped to just
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800,000. a top editor at the magazine said these days nudity is free, and only a click away, so they're changing with the times. they want to attract millennials, people between the ages of 18 and 30 something, with in depth interviews, investigative journalism, fiction, visual art. the millennials we spoke with told us modernizing their image will be good for playboy. >> one of those things like you are at your friend's house, dad had it in the basement or something. that's what playboy is to me. >> people nowadays, they want something little more tasteful to read that has some insight into, you know, how women think. >> reporting in studio sit, rachael kim, cbs news. >> all right, well, playboy says they'll still feature playmate of the month. but the picture will be more pg13, quote, less produced. so we're asking this morning, what do you think about playboy no longer featuring naked women? use the #cbs3. >> all right, by now you probably have seen this video, university of connecticut freshman here just losing it,
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cafeteria workers who won't serve hill jalapino bacon macaroni and cheese, they say it is because he had open alcoholic container. nineteen year old shoved a food service worker last week, and faces a court date today on disturbing the peace and other charges, but, now, that kid is saying he's sorry. >> no one deserves to be treat that way, like ever. and at the time i was to say the least very intoxicated and like when i watch the video, a few days later, i couldn't even believe it was me in it. >> luke admits he also got into trouble when he attended the university of massachusetts. still to come this morning, saved at sea, we'll show you the rescue after a meant spent five days a drift in the ocean. also: >> i just have to laugh. i know the face that i'm giving my mom is really, mom, right now, you are taking a picture. >> and this is not your
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average wedding photo. how that bride turned into a hero on her big day. we'll be right back.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun.
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>> an emergency landing in virginia, all caught on camera. >> please don't crash into these homes. it happened sunday near virginia, says strong winds blew that balloon off course. many people helped the balloon land. the pilot says none of the of the passengers were ever in any danger, and the emergency handing was carefully planned. >> the coast guard rescued the sailboat lost at sea for five days off the coast of hawaii. man on board that boat lost his mass during a storm more than 20 miles south cue way, once it drifted close enough to shore, they were able to con tacked the coast guard. able to direct crews to him in the dark. the coast guard towed him back to port. how scary, five days. >> tennessee bride leaves her wed to go lend a helping hand. picture snapped here in the moment, going viral. tara and her husband headed to their wedding reception when she heard her grandparent and father were involved in a car
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accident. since the newlyweds are both paramedics, they made a detour and rushed to the scene to help. >> to see how she was doing, and she was upset that she had ruin my day. and i told her that it wasn't her fault. >> oh, no now one was seriously injured in the crash. but her 72 year old grandmother did have to go to the hospital to get checked out. the bride and groom were then able to continue onto their reception. what a photograph right there. incredible. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", do you have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning? who doesn't, right? it can be tough to get motivate today get up and out, while it is still dark outside, flight doctor rob will join us, so he has easy and healthy ways to boost your energy. >> also, just imagine this: unlimited vacation time. we'll tell but the company that is telling employees, hey, now what? take off as much time as you need to. we'll tell which company that is coming up.
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>> good morning, and new this morning, terrorized inside their own home. a man is shot in the head, his wife, threatened, all while their three young children were sleeping upstairs. >> now, police are searching for the group of men who did this to them. >> also, wilmington police node your help tracking down these guys, caught on surveillance camera, trying to
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break into a church. >> and we're tracking some showers for today. but the real change, oh, that comes later on this week, wait until you hear about this. >> good morning, it is tuesday, october 13th, i'm erika von tiehl. want to get a check on the forecast, and on the roads right now with kyla and meisha a good morning, ladies. >> good morning. happy tuesday. stilt fairly early, we touch base on that in a moment. but how is it going outside, kyla? >> i took my jacket off. so not that chilly out here, although the wind pass pick up a touch here in the center sit area, starting to see that, so it is a little bit after breeze. >> 62 degrees, we will see spotty showers throughout our day today. such sunshine will return mid week. then much cooler weekend ahead talking highs in the 50's this weekend.


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