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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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under the car, i had a little pumpkin. i thought anywhere kid could be hiding maybe. >> i was driving around, this morning, and, then i drove, out there, and. >> reporter: neighbors were alerted to keep on the look out for three-year old brendon link creedo when he was reported missing on the 100 block of cooper street around 6:00 a a.m. when the scene mellowed it was clear, that police had made a discovery. >> i saw an car, and he was shaking his head and i thought this doesn't look good. >> k-9 unit tracked him, wooded area off south park drive, in haddon township, and sadly the boy was found deceased. he was found shortly before 9:00 a a.m. >> reporter: location it scene by chopper three is half mile from where the child was reported missing. >> energetic little boy. >> reporter: family and friend describe him as are smart with an affinity for trains. but with so many questions, left, one simple fact is
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unbearable, that these eyes won't light up this way ever again. >> it the is all owe serene. it is just hard to look at. >> reporter: investigators say all of this is still very preliminary. they have not got that autopsy results yet so any obvious signs of trauma they have been unable to talk b the think main question still remains how did that young boy get to that a area of the woods and if he did not get there himself who did bring him there. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". caught on cam why a vicious a assault on a home owner in northeast philadelphia a. video shows two suspects knocking on door of the 70 year-old man in the 800 block of wealthon street in somerton. once the man opens the door he is thrown down and hit with the metal stick. victim remains in critical condition, with a cracked skull. if you have any information, call police. turning to weather now some clouds have moved in after a very bright start to the day and temperatures will
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soon be falling. "eyewitness news" at columbus square park in south philadelphia, the temperature comfortable for fall right now but, we are keeping an eye on a chill, coming our way, justin drabick is outside on the skies deck with more on that, yd. >> we saw highs once again in the mid 70's but changes are on the way. you can see cloud over center city. cold front moving our way. doesn't have a lot of moisture but maybe a couple showers this evening but it does bring temperatures back where they should be for rest of the week. there you go today, philadelphia a international airport officially we did make it to 75 degrees. another warm afternoon. average high 68. record high is 87. it looks like the 70's for a little bit. seventy-five at the the airport. seventy-three wilmington. in mid 07's in south jersey starting to see 60's to the north and west. some suburbs 68 degrees in quakertown. sixty-nine in doylestown. the here's storm scan three you can see spotty-like showers north and west of the city in lehigh valley and poconos. maybe a stray sprinkle another heavier shower moving across
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the the chesapeake bay so watch out, southern new castle will county delaware to northern kent and smyrna you could get a shower within the next hour. wind still out of the out west to west but that is bringing in the mild air and that will change over the next 24 hours. throughout the evening hours just clouds around maybe a stray pringle through 7:00 o'clock. temperatures still around 07 degrees but by 11:00 we are talking about lower 60's. still a comfortable night. noticeably cooler thomas highs get back where they should be for this time on the year we're talking about highs in the 60's but then gets colder for weekend, it will feel like mid-november. those details in a few minutes. ukee and jessica, back to you. a home invasion turns deadly after intruders shoot a fatter with his three young children in the house. >> it happened on the 1100 block of ruby sleet in kingsessing. rahel solomon joins us live from police headquarters with more on this disturbing crime, police do not think was random, rahel. >> reporter: right, jessica. police don't think it is random and family does not
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either. they tell me they think a facebook post from the the victim himself, is what started all of this. in a house just minutes police say late monday night three armed males stormed into this kingsessing home, for one very specific goal in mine. >> entered through the the front door, all brandishing guns, demanding the money. where is the money. >> reporter: police say 50 year-old tony harris was surrounded in the living room his wife, amber held at gunpoint in the kitchen. their children age five, two, and ten months all asleep upstairs, one took me straight to the kitchen and put a gun behind my head and they were telling him well, you keep moving, he was going to blow my head off. >> reporter: authorities say one suspect shot harris, he died as a result. >> it was devastating. it was rough on all of us. just waiting. then they told us when we we got there, his survival rate would be 5 percent. >> reporter: is what worse his family tells "eyewitness news" that they believe this
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facebook post october 5th on tony's account where he jokes about misplacing $60,000 is what made them targets. >> it was over a joke, that was on facebook with some money. it was a joke. he don't have no money. >> reporter: police tell me they are aware of the post and looking into it as a possible motive. family members called murder senseless, police say it is pointless. robbers likely got away with nothing. and the children inside the home at the time were not hurt but to be clear police have not definitively linked that facebook post to the murder. the the family however says they are sure. meantime police are asking anyone with any information about the the murder to please give homicide a call and that number is (215)686-3334. reporting live from police headquarters, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. under the bright lights of the sin city 59 democratic
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presidential candidates will face off for their first prime time debate tonight, with hillary clinton maintaining her lead as the the parties front runner. cbs the news reporter danielle nottingham is at wynn las vegas hotel where candidates are gearing up for tonight's event. >> reporter: hillary clinton hit the vegas strip ahead on the first democratic presidential don't and attacked republican front runner donald trump at a union rally. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining but i don't think it is entertaining when somebody insults, insults women. >> reporter: clinton will be center stage as bernie sanders, martin o'malley, jim web and lincoln chefee try to claim the spotlight. clinton will need to deflect a techs as her private e-mail server and redirect focus to her policies. >> i think the debate presents a real opportunity for hillary clinton to start fresh, to kind of get past scandals. >> reporter: debate here at the wynn in las vegas is first of six scheduled for the democrats. clinton's lesser known
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challengers it is her first chance for a break through performance in front of the national audience. sanders will try to broaden his a appeal beyond his supporters while former maryland governor o'malley is expect to be most aggressive. but one key democrat won't be on stage. >> you never quit on america and you deserve a president who will never quit on you. >> reporter: a super pac called draft biden 2016 release add a new ad trying to persuade the the vice-president to get in the race. >> strong performance by hillary clinton might deter him from running. >> reporter: even if biden decide to run initial polls show clinton leading the pack. danielle nottingham for cbs news, los loss and vegas. stay tune, we will have the latest on tonight's big debate and when we're not on air you can always get coverage at cbs also new at 6:00 will he or won't he? as we await the the first democratic debate, we're also
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awaiting a decision on the potential presidential run from joe biden. we will hear from those who know the the vice-president, on what they think will happen at 6:00. police in wilmington are looking for two young men who attempted to break into a church. take a a look at the these surveillance pictures. police say two tried to break in sent marks united methodist church on limestone road last month. they are wanted for attempted burglary, theft and criminal mischief. one of the surveillance pictures has a clear shot of one the of the men if you recognize either of the suspects please contact delaware state police. new video shows fire fighters battling a mail truck fire in doylestown bucks county. flames consumed vehicle on route 611 near barn plaza a monday. fortunately the truck belonging to the u.s. postal service was empty when fire started. no male was destroyed and no one was injured. officials believe that the vehicle overheaded, causing it to catch fire. a family of the three is lucky to be unharmed tonight after a fire swept through their as exton, delaware county home. fire broke out in the 400 block of garden lane around
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6:00 o'clock this morning. part of the back of the home collapsed while fire fighters were on the scene. there are no reported injuries, and the red cross is currently assisting the family. family and friend are remembering philadelphia's civil rights leader jerry mondesire tonight. a viewing for the former president of the naacp is underway at the funeral home at 12th and brown streets. the community can pay respects until 8:00 o'clock tonight. mondesire passed away october. his funeral will be held at bright hope baptist church tomorrow which would have been mondesire's 66th birthday. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 o'clock a disturbing drive streamed live. >> this is horrible, guys good this video has a lot of people talking to day, find out what happens after a florida woman broadcast herself driving drunk, live, on social media. get reward at one store, use them at another?
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three on your side jim donovan tells us about the card that let you earn lots of points at lots of different places, plus. hi i'm julian van vealed i of the philadelphia a eagles and if you want to know something that you might not know about me, you'll have to wait and see. >> it is a show you do not want to miss. leslie van arsdal sits down with jewel january vandervelde i, find out just how talented he is. okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. whatever speed you need, fios has it. so if you need more streaming for more devices, fios gives you options with the fastest internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 mpbs.
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a florida woman is in trouble tonight after broadcast continuing an alleged drunk driving trip using an app on her phone. >> i am really drunk. >> twenty-three year-old whitney used periscope live streaming app, she documented her entire night out, and all of the drinks that she had. when she got in the car people watching on periscope peg her to stopped and some even called 911. >> i just saw a girl on periscope, driving drunk. she doesn't know where she is. >> i just saw a young girl
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internet streaming, she's driving drunk. >> fast acting police officer down loaded per scope and looked at landmarks in the background to track her down. beal hit several curbs and her car had a flat tire when she was arrested. when it comes to shopping, retailers try everything that they can to keep customers, coming back. and that includes offering loyalty programs. >> whether it is for gas, food or to buy airline tickets, loyalty programs, will lure us in. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at one program taking a different approach. >> reporter: indeed you may have heard about it, it is called the plenty card, unlike other programs it links together different retailers. it the seems every time you turnaround there is a new loyalty program being pitched to shoppers. one of the newest is called the plenty card. >> ♪ >> reporter: run by american express's loyalty program it has nothing to do with their card but instead it allows to you spend, cumulate points at one place and cash in at
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another place. >> i just heard thaw can get points for purchases thaw in make at macy's a and redeem them at other vendors. >> i looked into it and actually became rather surprised. >> reporter: consumer add ohio cade edward dworksky says despite the fact thaw can earn points at a slew of retailers, right now you can only redeem them at a handful of places. this is the list. >> the truth tend to be in the fine print, the headline, well, sometimes they play a little fast and loose witt. >> reporter: marketing professor george john says broadness of the program makes it stronger than most but as with any reward program. >> people go and buy things that they shouldn't buy, because the reward, sitting on the cusp of a gaining psychologically, yes, are we gaining financially, not really. >> reporter: plentyi card was lawn inched may. american express says it had has 20 million users and they say they plan on adding more retailers where point can be redeemed in the future.
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>> macy's the other day and they asked me if i had it. i didn't, but i signed up for it because i do a lot of shopping at macy's but only on sale. >> so yes, it is all will a mathematical process. >> i can only imagine, jim. how do you take your coffee, cream, sugar black? if you answered black, well, this is interesting news for you. new study says you are more likely to be a psychopath. researchers asked men and with men who looked bitter foods to take personality tests and those tests, showed them to be conceded, anti social, and disas -- sadistic. >> i don't know, i'm a skinny vanilla latte person which means i'm child like and afraid of gaining weight. >> yes. >> exactly. >> my man, those temperatures for me were mostly tea guy. i'm drinking coffee from time to time. >> i'm black, no sugar in,
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cream. >> psychopath. >> i'm getting a way from you right now. >> psycho. >> well, hey, at least you can tell us what it is like outside. >> i can guarantee that. >> no problems. >> yes, still nice right now, we are talking about temperatures in the mid 70's but we will cool it the down where it should be for middle of october. talking about highs in the 60's away for the weekend. we will cool things down for saturday and sunday but today, not a bad beach day. check it out live look the at rehoboth beach. it is still 74 degrees. we have south southwest wind at 7 miles an hour. beach is starting to look better. ocean is calm right now. we are starting to get that beach back from that storm from a couple weekend ago. nice conditions there along the delaware coast. a a split week ahead. we have a couple of warm days yesterday and today. mid 07's for the highs. upper 60's where we should be. we will hit that on wednesday and keep temperatures close to average for thursday and friday. then we will talk about november-like temperatures for saturday and sunday. look at the numbers right now, low to in mid 70's for warm
5:18 pm
spots. we will go upper 60's to the north in allentown. sixty-one mount pocono. is there cooler air. the there is a cold front cut ago cross central pennsylvania right now. so 58 buffalo. upper 50's state college. that cold air will settle in through the overnight hours. is there a front triggering a few scattered showers over mountains. one may sneak in here over the next hour or two. very spotty showers, very light, if we see one at all, that front moves off shore later on tonight. we are back to a mix of sun and cloud for wednesday, temperatures cool back in the mid to upper 60's and then on thursday mostly sunny skies return, once again highs in the mid 60's. the friday, here comes another front. it will bring more cloud. this front similar to today not a lot of moisture or a stray shower but it does bring in colder air starting for the weekend. the let's time things out now through 8:00 o'clock there could be a spotty shower or two. by 11:00 we will start to dry things out, clear skies out, cloud will build tomorrow have afternoon so we will call it pennsylvania partly sunny but we will keep things nice and dry and then thursday, mostly
5:19 pm
sunny skies, return. nice stretch of some mid-october weather ahead. here's why we will see colder air. right now jet stream is to the north starting to bring in milder air but start to see hints of that cold canadian air pushing southward, this is friday, we will feel difference, highed in mid 60's. watch what happens as this deep drop, or dip in the jet stream for saturday and sunday allows cold air to move n highs struggle to get in the mid 50's. the here's is what happening this weekend, maybe 60 at best saturday and then sunday with the sunshine we will struggle against 54. that is a average for middle of november. still cool tonight. partly cloudy. fifty-five for center city. cooler in the suburbs. your wednesday forecast overall seasonal sun and cloud. sixty-seven for the high temperature. there is that three day forecast again partly sunny wednesday high of 67 degrees. comfortable. thursday, 66. and the sunshine. more cloud build on friday, mid 60's maybe a stray shower but it looks like weekend guys try to break out those sweaters. >> officially that time.
5:20 pm
>> love it. thanks, buddy. still ahead on eyewitness knew playboy looks to the future turning its back on fully nude photos. we will tell you why the magazine is leaving more than to the imagination after 62 years of naked picture. >> she's the the the first female african-american astronaut to travel to space? well, today she was on earth and talking to kid at a local school in philadelphia. i'll tell you why and why it is so important to them up next. he speaks japanese and he has a voice for theater, coming up next, we will introduce to you one philadelphia eagle who knows how to play the game of
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and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. eagles have the day off but for one bird it is off field skills that are varied. >> don bell joins with us that story. very intrigued by this. >> this is a pretty good one. beyond the x's and o's, and underneath the helmets and shoulder pads are a ton of permits. offensive lineman julian vandervelde i is one that
5:24 pm
stands out. our leslie van arsdal has lunch with the modern day renaissance man and they talk about a ton of things including his on again/off again relationship with the philadelphia eagles. >> drafted by eagles in 2011, julian vandervelde i has bounced off and on the the roster ever since. he a has been acquired and dispensed of 13 times. it has been a roller coaster ride but taking tonight stride. >> every time i was about to quit but if you work harder now you will be so proud of yourself in five years. five years later i'm still here. >> reporter: he has a diverse skill set, he speaks japanese. >> somebody asked me if i speak japanese. the it is only a little. >> so, still counts. >> he also claims to have a feel for the the next big thing in fashion. >> when i come back from the bye week, i will go home and i will bring the kilt and very soon you will see permeation
5:25 pm
of kilts throughout the whole locker room. huge fashion statement. we're like people who set the tone for the rest of the city. so probably then we will see everyone in philadelphia wearing kilts and east coast will wear kilts. all of american will be wear kilts. >> classically trained musician. >> potentially three, if hillary gets elect. >> so football thing doesn't work out. >> ♪ i am a modern major modern general ♪ >> he is good. now, remember when i a said julian has been on again, off again relationship with the eagles. well, it is off again. he was cut by the team around 3:30 today. so again, it has been 13 times on and off with the club so far. they think they will be back. >> may be on again soon. >> with his kilt. >> let's do it good thanks,
5:26 pm
buddy. good stuff. coming up in the next half an hour the final report is in, malaysia airlines flight 17 was shot down by a russian made missle, we will get an inside look at the reconstruction of the down plane. playboy reveals a plan to make the magazine more accessible, why it is turning the page on the most famous
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i'm jessica dean with some of the day's top stories, authorities are investigating the serious death of three-year old brendon creedo in haddon township. the toddler was missing from his cooper street home this morning. the his body was found a short distance a away in the wooded area off south park drive. father of three young children is killed during a home invasion.
5:30 pm
police say three armed males shot and killed 50 year-old tony hard is in kingsessing. the family of the victim believed a facebook post joking about money may have been a motive. stage is set for first democratic presidential debate, tonight at the the wynn casino in las vegas. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley and lincoln cefee will take part. we have a change if the forecast. it has been warm but we will cool it down where it should be the rest of the week and a big weekend chillies on tap as we talk about the coldest air of the season. i will feel like the middle of november. we will break them down in the seven day forecast, back to you. well, new reports out blame a russian missle for fatal crash of the malaysia airlines flight last july. dutch safety board which led the investigation hopes it will bring closure to the families of the nearly 300 souls lost. cbs news correspondent charlie dagada reports. >> reporter: that the plane was shot down was never a mystery. it became clear in the days
5:31 pm
after wreckage and debris rained down over rebel held eastern ukraine. doom boeing triple seven left amsterdam that morning for what should have been a routine 12 hour flight to qualify alum pur. all 298 people were killed, casualties of a war they had nothing to to with, being waged 33,000 feet below. the the vast majority were dutch nationals which is why that country has taken a lead in the investigation. most everybody, except russia a, blames russia, that the missle was fired either by its own forces or separatists that it backs. but the russian company that makes the missle will believed to be responsible contend that the plane was shot down by a missle launched bayou crane forces from government held territory. the dutch findings stopped short of naming which side pulled the trigger and will bring little comfort to the heart broken relatives who may now know the what and why but
5:32 pm
still asking who. >> the answer to that question will be down to the findings of a separate criminal investigation, also led by the dutch, which won't be complete until the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next. charlie dagada for cbs news, london. safety board reconstructed malaysia airlines flight m817 to better understand the crash. replica shows high speed penetration when it was hit by a missle while cruising at over 32,000 feet. investigators say cockpit voice recorder offered no clues that the crew was aware that they were about to be shot down. israeli government is considering new security measures after a fresh wave of violence in israel. authorities say palestinian fatally stabbed three israelis today during a day of rage declared by palestinian groups. those attacks happened near tel aviv. weeks of violence began after rumors circulated israel was taking over a holy site both muslims and jews find sacred.
5:33 pm
students at a philadelphia school got a very special visit from someone who has traveled to outer space. >> the first african-american astronaut met with students at general philip concern i school on fairmount avenue. our steve paterson was there. >> reporter: more than 20 years ago, she rode into the stars. >> lift off. >> reporter: all at once break go through atmosphere, sound barrier and a glass ceiling many thought could not be crack. in 1992, doctor may became the first african-american woman in space. >> inside of us is the the stuff of stars. >> reporter: wisdom from the women who lived among them as part of the tuesday very grateful grade schoolers and their teachers at general philip kea rn ey school. >> all of science that they are getting here. >> reporter: first grade teacher jill burrsack is hero on this mission the. she saw april advertisement for a school to spend the day with doctor may, as part of a nationwide contest. organized parents to write in.
5:34 pm
they won. >> bulk of our experience comes from the local public assistance projects, home less shelters. >> it just shows them that opportunities are out there if they believe in themselves and they work hard for it. >> reporter: tuesday doctor jamison's latest mission to inform and enlighten young mind by exposing kid to how cool science can be. >> kid come out of the shoot and they are excited about the world around them. they are picking up bugs, snails. they are the most incredible scientists that you can find. when a child thinks about going into science they should understand it is definitely within their realm. >> reporter: as an ambassador to the stars doctor jamison is living proof to little girls and boys just like her, anything is possible. >> we have to make sure that those images that exposure to the possibilities are available to everyone. >> reporter: mission accomplished. in north philadelphia, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a great experience. >> ground breaking ceremony took place for i brand new in
5:35 pm
door baseball training facility. "eyewitness news" at marion anderson rec center where mayor michael nutter, the philadelphia phillies and major league baseball celebrated the building of the phillies mlb urban youth academy. 7500 square foot addition will be added to the existing recreational center. very nice. cornerstone of the popular culture around the world is getting a new look. >> after more than six decade, playboy will stop publishing images of nude women. cbs news correspondent anthony mason tells us the decision is part of the redesign for i magazine whose subscriber basis tumbling. >> reporter: when playboy was first published in 1953, featuring marilyn monroe, it was left undated because the magazine's founder hugh hefner was unsure if there would be a second issue. for more than half century, their countless images of eye catching erratica and nude center folds made playboy the model for adult magazines. dominic patton is senior
5:36 pm
writer at deadline hollywood. >> if you look at playboy and its influential of the america and certainly sexuality, they are incredibly profound. here's a magazine that started literal willly when dwight eisenhower was president and now it is 2015, and it is still push every month and it is still something that people recognize. >> reporter: despite its success, playboy has suffered from the internet explosion in which pornography is both free and easy to find. the magazine circulation has dropped, for more than five and a half million in 1975, to about 800,000 readers today. playboy's approach will scrap the nudity and increase the the raw intimacy. when the man magazine removed nudity from its web site last year, web traffic jumped, from about 4 million, to about 16 million unique users per month. >> people who probably never even broke open a playboy magazine know who hugh hefner is a and what playboy is and what that lifestyle is and
5:37 pm
someone who speaks to them as a age of sort of a freedom that maybe they are looking for. >> reporter: while photos may change playboy says its history of publishing provocative articles and news making interviews will continue, something that the magazine has also featured since its very first issue as we have more explains to charlie rose in 2005. >> it was all there. i mean there were pictures, and fashion. >> if you wanted to do that from the beginning find good writers. >> that was the notion good that was anthony mason reporting, playboy will feature a playmate of the month but those pictures will be pg13 and less pro tuesdayed. >> what do you think of playboy featuring no naked women. connect with us using the hashtag cbs-3. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, why the social networking site, hundreds of employees. and also a mega a merger is brewing, what could soon be the biggest deal in beer history. plus certainly not your average wedding photo we will
5:38 pm
have have the story behind this heroic bride and what had happens on her big day. she's now talking about the picture that has gone viral. once again temperatures well above average today in the mid 70's but we will cool it down for rest of the the week and weekend, the eyewitness weather forecast is coming up.
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today twitter tweeted that it is laying off more than 330 people, 8 percent of its work force, as it looks to get back on track. social network has struggled to add new users, while competitors like snap chat are growing in popularity. in an e-mail to its staff newly appointed ceo jack dorsey says cot needs a quote smaller team to make important changes. and anheuser-busch, and s
5:42 pm
and p miller have a agreed in principal to join forces creating the world's biggest beer company. the 106 billion-dollar merger has to be approved by regulators. the deal would bring together budweiser, and miller genuine draft, big beer companies have seen slumping sales as more consumers choose craft beers. now it is time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. cbs business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> reporter: if you are looking for a new job and you might want to check out accounting. because number of opening in the field is already up 19 percent, in the first part of this year, according to work force data firm wanted an lit tics. here in the philadelphia area average accountant or auditor earns $78,000 a year. and even better news, robert half international found that employers plan to boost starting salaries for staff accountants by 5.1 percent next year. you don't need to be a certified public accountant it would help, you earn 5 percent
5:43 pm
more. but becoming a cpa takes a lot of work. you are required to have at least 150 hours of education and years worth of accounting experience under your belt. you will also need to pass the rig wrist cpa exam. the skills you learn are useful in any field which means you can pursue a position in practically any industry you choose. i'm jill schlesinger for
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piece of history will be on display to the public in philadelphia tomorrow. "eyewitness news" got a sneak peak of the illustrated original manuscript of the lewis carol's alice in wonder land. it will be on display through tomorrow at rosenb ac h of the free library of philadelphia. >> thinks the original will manuscript and it is a little bit shorter and missing some of the characters that we necessity from the book. >> the manuscript, was part of the larger exhibit at rosenba thech celebrating 150 years of alice and wonder land. >> how about that. >> check that out. >> justin joins with us our forecast and all right, buddy, tell us what is up. >> it is a mix of everything, something for everybody. warm temperatures and we love
5:47 pm
it today good we will bring back some of that typical october weather, end of the week and into the weekend, it gets cold this weekend. the get ready, break out that warm fall weather gear. take you outside where we have some pretty good beach weather today. mid-october. you still get those nice day. sunnies strong, temperatures in the mid 70's at the the shore. live look, we've got one person there walk ago long the the shoreline checking out some shells, water is looking good, calming down, so getting that beach back from the erosion a couple weekend ago. looking better there. weather watchers, same deal reporting warm temperatures at this hour. we saw highs in the mid 70's today and looking at low 70's. the peter in lawrenceville 70 degrees. cooler in gilbertsville. eileen checks in at 69. warmer in chesterfield ed has 73 degrees. lower 70's around philadelphia clementon, new jersey david dutch one of the warmer spots at this hour coming in the at 76 degrees. and down south, into delaware, also we're looking at mid 70's in dover at andy's house. willow grove, barbara lane checking in at 71 degrees.
5:48 pm
also, weather watchers send nothing photos today. this is kind of the story. we had a mixture of sun clouds and clouds. we warmed up well above average for this time of the year. he those clouds associated with the cold front. maybe a stray shower in spots but obviously signs of fall around the region. ed connor, he send in, loose owe's farm here pumpkins lined up ready to go for the fall season. speaking of fall, we are starting to see good color change across the delaware valley especially north of the city and high reports of, color change in the poconos, already. so maybe you want to take the trip north and check out that nice color up in the mountains right now. even around lehigh valley starting to see moderate change still on the low side for philadelphia but we are seeing that, even south jersey, and delaware. give it the a few more weeks when we peak across the philadelphia region. also signs of fall, and winter, yes, getting dark early. sunset tonight 6:25. november 1st that is when we will turn the clocks back, sunset at 4:59.
5:49 pm
at the end of november setting at 4:36. depressing there we are losing two and a half minutes of daylight each day as we head in the cold season. couple of scattered showers, especially to the north across berks county, lehigh valley and heavier shower offering out chesapeake bay and northern delaware. right around new castle, kent county line. smyrna delaware seeing a brief shower in the next to half an hour or so. it is because of this front, not a lot of rainfall. it will move off shore later tonight, abe dry out, still cloud around for your wednesday but overall comfortable day, typical for mid-october with highs in the 60's. the thursday looks like we are back to mostly sunny conditions but then there is a stronger cold front moving from the north on friday and really brings that change and temperatures for weekend. tomorrow though you'll feel the difference. high low 60's up north in the lehigh valley. upper 60's for warm spots around philadelphia we will go up north mid afternoon temperatures around 63. cut town, allentown 55 in mount pocono. little closer to the city and
5:50 pm
surrounding suburbs, mid six owe's with sunshine. south jersey you can forget 07's tomorrow. we will be holding in the upper 60's into parts of the delaware and new jersey. partly cloudy skies, cool. fifty-five for center city. cooler in the suburbs. your wednesday forecast, seasonal day, sunshine and cloud, 67, for the high temperature, average high in the upper 60es a. right where we should this be time of the year. the nice stretch of fall weather coming in through friday, friday there will be more cloud with that next front, but like today not a lot of rainfall witt. so temperatures will be holding in the mid 50's. it may be a stray shower for the weekend. there we go we will bring in the 50's, mid 50's at best on sunday and that is typical for mid-october and sunday morning we may be waking up to some 30's. all right guys, back to you. well, pope francis came to philadelphia, he made history visiting curran-fromhold correctional facility on state road. >> today our pat ciarrocchi went back to look closer at the francis effect. what she found was gratitude
5:51 pm
and awe. >> reporter: seventeen days ago francis happened, at curran-fromhold prison. >> there was a calm over the facility. catholics and non-catholics alike were all saying the same thing that he had this effect on them that, you know, his humility. >> reporter: twenty-five women and about 50 men or even more. >> reporter: we all watch as video cameras captured the handshakes, the blessings, and the hugs. eighty inmates sat in awe. among them delores, who clings to the joy of that moment. >> when he walked out, yes, difficult cry. it was awesome. all i could think of was my mom. she would have loved it. i said i'm so grateful to be in jail right now. so it was a blessing for me. >> reporter: what you didn't see, was this the arrival of the pope francis documented by a single still
5:52 pm
photographer, warden michelle ferrell, kissed his ring. you have to be tough to work in the prison system 31 years but even forward even ferrell francis moved her to tears. >> he is special. he is special. he has a great message. >> reporter: studying pictures i found this sequence, the pope waving toward the sliver of windows along an inmate's cell blocks. >> the inmates were knocking on the cell windows and he heard it. he could not hear their voices but just hear them knocking and they were at the window waving and stuff. he looked up and saw them and acknowledged them. >> reporter: as they tapped, delores connected. >> both my hand. i had a bunch of rose wrist. i said could you bless these for the girls in my unit and he did. we talked about that. he is a very humble man. that is a a very humble sign for him. take care for somebody. he said pray for me also. i said i most surely will.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: delores is hoping that the drug selling charge begins her gets resolved in court in december so she can be home with her grandchild. warden ferrell told her male inmates the that pope francis wants to address the marginalized, that there is hepp, there is forgiveness and is there love, all you need to do is reach out, and grab it. that is really a message for all have of us. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so true, pat, thank you so much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a bride takes action when her grandmother gets in an accident on the way to the reception. >> the photo goes viral. we will hear from her when we come right back.
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tracie morgan returns to the stand upstage more than a year after being critically injured in the car crash on the new jersey turnpike. >> morgan appeared at new york's comedy cellar monday night. he tweeted a photo performing saying it was his first time on stage in 16 months. morgan is set to host saturday night live this coming saturday. grammy award winzinger john legend and his wife model chrissy teagan are expecting their first child. just last month she revealed she was having trouble conceiving and now she's overjoyed sharing happy news on instagram and thanking everyone for their well wishes. it was supposed to be happiest day of his life but one bride had a more important mission. sarah ray and her new husband were heading to their wedding reception when their grandparents and father go the in the car accident. because newlyweds are both
5:58 pm
paramedics they made a detour and rushed to the scene to help. >> went in and check on her to see how she was doing and she was upset that she had ruined my day. i told her it wasn't her fault. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured in that crash but the seven two-year old grandmother did go to the hospital to be check out but bride and groom continued to their reception. >> glad everything worked out. >> yes. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 searching for answers in the tragic, mysterious deaths of the three-year old in camden county. we will have the latest on the investigation in haddon township. also a husband and father killed in the home invasion in southwest philadelphia, why police think, that what the victim posted on facebook made him a target. the justin. a few showers around and then talking about a big cool down for the upcoming weekend. check out the seven day forecast coming up. plus, a postal truck a blaze in bucks county, where fire fighters had to act fast to put out intense flames.
5:59 pm
a mysterious death in camden county has officers, scrambling for answers tonight, a three-year old boy found in the wooded area not far from the haddon township home. tonight as neighborhood reacts to the tragedy, the investigation continues. hello i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. young boy's body was found in the wood off south park drive less than a mile from his home in the 100 block of cooper street. "eyewitness news" reporter, alexandria hoff is tracking very latest from haddon township, alex? >> reporter: well, it has been nine hours since body of this young boy has been found, but still no arrests have been made, no person of interest identified and no cause of death has been determined. i have been told an autopsy has taken place but those results are not yet ready. the the mysterious
6:00 pm
disappearance, and now death of the young boy has hit the haddon township community since this photo circulated throughout social media early this morning. >> i saw a picture of the little boy and he is just adorable little boy. >> reporter: when three-year old brendon link creedo was reported missing from the 100 block of cooper street around 6:00 a.m., neighbors and friends jumped in to action. >> i wanted to help really. >> reporter: three hours later and half mile away, toddler was found dead in a wooded area near south park drive. >> when i was told that he was found at the cooper river, i was driving around this morning and i drive back there, a few times, it is just scary. >> reporter: k-9 officers led the way to the tragic discovery and trail of only more questions, about who this boy was last with, and how he got to that spot by the river. >> this is being actively investigated so at this


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