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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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disappearance, and now death of the young boy has hit the haddon township community since this photo circulated throughout social media early this morning. >> i saw a picture of the little boy and he is just adorable little boy. >> reporter: when three-year old brendon link creedo was reported missing from the 100 block of cooper street around 6:00 a.m., neighbors and friends jumped in to action. >> i wanted to help really. >> reporter: three hours later and half mile away, toddler was found dead in a wooded area near south park drive. >> when i was told that he was found at the cooper river, i was driving around this morning and i drive back there, a few times, it is just scary. >> reporter: k-9 officers led the way to the tragic discovery and trail of only more questions, about who this boy was last with, and how he got to that spot by the river. >> this is being actively investigated so at this point we will not get into, you
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know, how the child may have gotten out or if he was taken or anything like that. >> reporter: well, off camera brendon's grandfather spoke with "eyewitness news" and gave thus statement. i hope no parent or grandparent has to go through this. brendan was the sunshine of our lives. he had a special character about him. we are devastated. again, no arrests have have been made. the investigation into this mysterious death is ongoing. reporting live from camden county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". murder some believed happened because of the facebook post tonight search is on for three men who killed a father, and his young children slept upstairs. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live at police headquarters with the very late tones chilling crime, rahel. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. victim's family said he was a hard working man but really didn't after lot. but he said last week he
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posted jokingly as a photo of his fiance, his wife, with money and said he misplaced tens of thousands of dollars and his family thinks he lost his life because of that post. at the round and 1100 block of south ruby and you will hear 50 year-old tony harris was a hard working man. he worked in electronics. he was a family man. he had had three young children. he was trust tipping. maybe too trusting. >> he trusted everybody. >> reporter: known to leave his door unlocked monday night police say three armed males stormed through his front door. >> they kept saying where is the the money. so it lets us believe that they felt that it was a large amount of monday soy where in the house. why they thought that? we do not know. >> reporter: family thinks the suspects were talking about this money in a facebook post october 5th family says tony jokingly posted this picture and said he misplaced $60,000. >> some idiot in the neighborhood thought that he had that kind of money in the
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house, and they came, and they robbed him and they shot him in the head for nothing. >> they started fighting and the guy that was on me got off of me and went to them and then in the living room and i heard one shot. >> reporter: tony was pronounced dead tuesday morning. >> it was devastating. it was rough on all of us, just waiting, because they told us when we got there just his survival rate would be 5 percent. >> reporter: police say they are looking into the post. the family says that they are confident that it provided the motive. now they are hoping that tony's death serves some greater purpose and is a cautionary warning for those watching. >> be careful of what you put on facebook, because you never nose who is watching or who is paying a tension. >> reporter: now police say they are taking that post very seriously. they say it is too soon to definitively link it to the murder. they say at this time they do not have any information on suspects or get a away car but
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they are asking anyone who does have any information to please give homicide a call and that number is (215)686-3334. reporting live from police headquarters, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. caught on camera a vicious assault on a home owner in northeast philadelphia. this video shows two suspects, knocking on the door of the 07 year-old man in the 800 block of wealthon street in somerton and once the man opened up the the door he is thrown down and hit with a metal stick. the victim remains in critical condition with a cracked skull. if you have any information, call the police. new video shows fire fighters putting out a male truck fire in doylestown bucks county. flames destroyed the vehicle on route 611 near barn plaza on monday. fortunately the truck belonging to the u.s. postal service was empty when that fire started. that means no mail was destroyed and no one was injury. officials believe the vehicle over heated causing to it catch fire. we have been having
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pleasant weather but it will start to feel much more seasonal in the next few days. meteorologist justin drabick, is on the sky deck to tell us more about that, justin. >> reporter: we are starting to see that first change in the form of the cold front. more cloud are building in. we are seeing scattered showers popping autopsy cross the delaware valley mainly north of the city and south of the city in delaware. check it out on storm scan three. heavier showers in the lehigh valley, also in parts of the southern montgomery and bucks county. around warminster you may see a brief heavy shower moving through and southernly high county and parts of the far eastern berks county seeing a couple showers this hour. thunderstorm actually developing to the the south across northern kent county, delaware. watch out around smyrna, heavier downpours around route 13, route one, heading around smyrna delaware area fuzz are traveling south tonight in the dover region. there is the wide view showing a couple scattered showers through this evening as that front approaches but it was a warm day to day. we did make it to 76 degrees for afternoon high.
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way above average of 68. record high 87 degrees. we will bring back these temperatures where they should this be time of the year. still low to mid 70's outside right now in the suburbs, we're cooler where we are seeing rain cooled air toward quakertown at 66. breaking down your wednesday, in the morning in the the 50's. afternoon highs only in the mid to upper 60's tomorrow. not a whole lot of sunshine. high 6067 for philadelphia and shore. fifty's in the poconos. we will show thaw cool down in the seven day forecast in a few more minutes, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. new at 6:00 speculation continues to swirl about the the political future of vice-president joe biden. we're await ago a decision on a possible presidential run and in the meantime "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos went to his home state of of delaware where many are talking about is what next for the vp. >> reporter: the the first democratic debate is slated for tonight but the true debate throughout wilmington delaware is whether joe biden will run for our country's top job. do you think joe biden will run for president. >> i think it is a 50/50
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chance today. >> i'm's not sure about that. >> i have been wondering. i tend to not think so. >> reporter: in delaware if you are talking politics you are probably wondering the same thing. >> it is a small community here. everybody knows everybody. i think wow get a great deal of support here. >> i think he would be the best democrat running to be honest with you but i don't think he is going to. >> reporter: whether it is sips of coffee or bite to eat, community is asking will he or won't he run? we also wanted to pose that very same question to someone who knows him personally. >> this is in his white house office, we were there for a conference about a year ago. >> reporter: johnnies biden's long time pal. >> i have known joe biden for 45 years. we went to the university of delaware together. >> reporter: he is unshire whether the vp wants to change his title to post. >> this is probably most difficult decision he ever had to make in his entire political career. i can state that
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unequivocally. >> reporter: he says that the death of his son beau and family support are major factors. >> he had a meeting over weekend with the family, out in greenville, brought it all together and talk about whether this was a good idea. >> reporter: of course, will he get the votes. >> unaudible. >> like i said i would rather vote for bernie sanders. >> in wilmington greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" as we await that decision from vice-president biden and for everything that you need to know about campaign 2016, of course we will have updates on the air and on our web site at cbs a viewing is underway for philadelphia civil rights leader jerry mondesire at bright hope baptist church. police commissioner ramsey is paying respects to the former philadelphia naacp president. the viewing is until 8:00 tonight. mondesire passed away october 4th. the funeral will be held at bright hope baptist church tomorrow which would have been
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mondesire's 66th birthday. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 a special honor for late lewis katz from the university that meant so much to him. how 1963 graduate will live on forever at temple university. offering free brain screenings on the go, why this mobile mri unit is in philadelphia on a week long visit. justin. a few showers showing up on storm scan three that is all because of the cold front in moving through that will bring changes to the end of the week, i'll show you seven day forecast coming up. it will be a busy weekend of college football, penn state plays the number one team in the country and temple looking to be six-zero for first time in 41 years. we will hear from the owls in sports.
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coming up, a new way to look fresh, when you work out. less sweating, no more make up or sweaty hair. health reporter stephanie stahl, shows us treatments tonight at 11:00. well, veteran from north philadelphia is finally getting honor he so richly
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deserved. >> he served in the u.s. navy and petty officer and today at city hall congressman bob brady presented him with several service medals he never received. they included, the national defense medal, vietnam service medal and vietnam campaign medal. official announced first official veterans day parade for philadelphia, will be held on november 8th, in center city philadelphia. a big honor for lewis katz. >> temple university named and dedicated its medical school to the late businessman and flap piss. katz, a 1963 graduate, announced a 25 million-dollar to temple right before his untimely passing. today newly named lewis katz school of medicine was commemorated before a sworn officers. katz son reflected on the important role temple played in his father's life. >> he needed to develop, a strong sense of self and that inner strength, that sense of self came from his experience at temple university.
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>> also in attendance senator casey, senator booker. at the conclusion of the naming ceremony lewis katz all time favorite musical group, acapella performers straight no chasers performed. >> ♪ >> cbs-3 healthwatch a new mission to find undetected brain tumors was launched to day in philadelphia health reporter stephanie stahl is here to show just this could be a a life safer. >> reporter: that is right. it is a mobil screening that is part of the health campaign called the road to early detection. it is hard to miss a 70-foot long van parked in center city. it belongs to the brain tumor foundation, on a week long visit here in philadelphia. >> the mobile mri unit is designed to offer people the opportunity to find brain tumors early. >> reporter: debbie and john hurdle will are sponsoring the free mri services in philadelphia a for them, it is personal after a family member was diagnosed with the brain tumor. >> most people develop symptoms and at that point the
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brain tumor is often more advanced, and the treatment options are more limited. >> earlier you can find it out, better your options are, better quality of life you are likely to have. >> reporter: mobile mri, scanner, can find tumors without exposing patient toss radiation, like with traditional x-rays. >> it is estimated a million people are living with brain tumors that haven't been detect. mobile mri unit aimed to uncover. the brain scans for mobile van will be analyzed by experts like neurosurgeon adam sonoban at columbia university. >> is there not much known about what happens to patient was brain tumors before they develop any symptoms. >> reporter: in addition to finding undetect problems the scans will also be used for research to better understand brain diseases. >> it is possible that might lead to new treatments. >> reporter: now if any abnormal results are detect they are sent directly to the
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person, doctor. the van is parked on jfk at 17th and will be here in philadelphia for a week. the scans are available by appointment only so we will have have that information on cbs, click on health. scans in addition to the brain tumors can find other potential problems, aneurysm. so, it is very important service, for free. >> for free no less. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie appreciate it. justin is joining us now. we have had beautiful warm weather yesterday, warm today and more changes on the way. >> big changes, back to fall-like stuff. i know people like that cold temperatures, yes. >> yes. >> and they've got you covered. >> my man. >> yes, yes. >> in due time. >> yes. >> so outside right now it is getting darker earlier as we head to the cold season but looking good and feeling nice, down south into new jersey. right now we will go out to the shore, live, we will go to the beach right now and it was a a nice beach with temperatures in the 70's. you can still get that nice october weather, even along
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the the shore. storm scan 3a little bit active right now. cold front moving in, again, spotty showers breaking out around lehigh valley. a brief heavier downpours possible, southern parts of the lehigh county and northern bucks county as this moves off to the east. we have a thunderstorm that is developing across central delaware, between dover and smyrna right now as that storm really hits the the chesapeake bay. it does have heavier rain. so around delaware seeing heavier showers, route nine, little bit rough. that quickly it rolls off shore over the delaware bay and look out into parts of the salem, cumberland county, new jersey this front will clear us tonight. we will start to dry out and slowly drop temperatures. still warm ahead of the front, 74 at the airport in philadelphia lower 70's millville. atlantic city dover delaware you guys in the mid 70's. there is cooler air upper 50's. the pittsburgh, state college that comes behind the front later tonight. not terribly cold. you have to give it a few more days. that cold air will a arrive. tomorrow clouds and some
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sunshine, not full sunshine. temperatures back where they should be until the mid to upper 60's. the nice day on thursday. the lots of sun. mid 60's for afternoon temperatures. we will watch this next front coming in for friday. the it is stronger but does not have moisture witt. maybe a stray shower but it does bring colder air in here for the the weekend, especially on sunday. timing things out for you know, through the next hour or 2a stray shower in some spots, especially south of the city and then we will clear things out nicely overnight. wednesday you can see more clouds, building up through the day and that is just because of the cold airway up in the atmosphere but again, keeping things dry. maybe sprinkle in the mountains, that is it. the mostly sunny skies return on thursday. here's what is happening with the temperatures, jet stream still to our north keeping us warm but notice the deeper trough and jet starts to move south allowing cold air over canada a to spill southward. that starts to arrive over weekend. core of the cold air over us for saturday into sunday. we are talking about highs more typical for the middle
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will of november. saturday's high 59 degrees, sunday 54. that is mostly sunny skies and it will be windy as well. it will be a chill in the air. fifty-five for low tonight. partly cloudy skies and then for wednesday, sun, cloud, seasonal high of 67. check out the extended forecast cool it town each day. upper 60's still on wednesday, mid 60's for the highs thursday and friday and more cloud moving in friday. maybe that stray shower possible. saturday, 59, mid 50's on sunday but sunday morning guys we will wake up with temperatures in the 30's, even around philadelphia a. certainly suburbs will be in the 30's. >> here it comes. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. "cbs evening news" is a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a look ahead a at that, scott. >> hi ukee and guess contact great to be with you in philadelphia here's the the "cbs evening news" tonight. stage is set and we will take you there as the democrats square off in their first primary debate. plus we will look at what the lapd chopper fleet is
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covered by most health insurance and medicare plans.
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recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. let's talk college football cherry and white getting it done. >> i love this story. really been fun to watch. >> they have been loving life on north broad street. temple owls get closer to history. their head coach matt rule is 40 years old. he wasn't even born last time team went six-zero. the year was 1974. so we will take a look at owls at practice. they will try to go six-zero when they take on central florida at link. team is coming off a 39-point beat down of tulane with
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history in their sights. rule cannot help but celebrate the the seniors who experienced a two-ten season back in 2013. >> twelve-six in your last 18 games, you are 12-six in the last 18 games. you know, that is not just a five and zero stretch. the last two years, they have played good football, not always great but they have done it. >> nice. five-one penn state is playing out of state for the first time this season. nittany lions are traveling to columbus to play number one ohio state. they are just four-11 all time against top ranked team. this will be toughest test of the season and james franklin knows it. >> now going on the road, you know, to ohio state, my first time ever going there. and, face, you know, that type of adversity and that type of environment will be a challenge. it will be interesting. i think, you know, every day we're getting closer as a team and getting a better understanding how to work
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together and compliment one another. this saturday will be a real challenge. >> switching speeds, deep breath and a day off for flyers. orange and black finally got a win last night with the shut out win over the panthers. you can go ahead and thank michael neuvirth, he had 31 saves in the first start for orange and black. steve mason was out dealing with the family matter and neuvirth was clutch. next game tomorrow night at the black hawks against the black hawks at the center. chase utley. >> venom for utley is real in new york, mets fans just can't stand the guy after he took out their short stop on the rough slide. today we find out that utley's appeal of the two game suspension will be heard on monday after the division series is over. game four tonight in queens. mets lead the series two-one. >> the venom. >> of course it is real. >> he used to wear mets out too playing with the phillies too. that is part of it as well.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight new details on how, they discovered the listeria out break. jim axle rod continues the cbs news investigation. from new york here now is scott pelley. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: the democrats take the stage, but can sanders put a dent in the clinton lead? also tonight, as the floodwaters riseed the extent of the disaster becomes clear. >> i'm homeless. >> pelley: finding the source of deadly ice cream took a scoop of luck. >> a low-level outbreak was going on for five years. >> pelley: and for one magazine, no news is big news. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: and we'll begin tonight with breaking news from milwaukee where a jury has just found a gun store liable in the shooting of two police officers. the officers filed suit claiming that the store waseg


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