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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 13, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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do you feel like it's broken? >> it wiggles a little when i touch it. >> backstage with dancing's injured contestant. >> and jla on the record about getting paid less than men, who she blames. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> i think it is making a difference. >> inside the star's new sexist salary war dividing hollywood. >> it's not about the money. it's the principle. it really is. >> then dancing while injured. what really happened? >> it's broken. >> and -- did paula deen almost expose her >> i had a blast. >> and sandra bullock's pda with her new monday and the lost
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modeling shot. leather pants? >> plus, gaga never underdressed to take flight. airport fashion fix. >> and dick van dyke turning 90. >> aging? oh, co >> secrets to eternal youth. >> i eat a pint of ice cream every night and dance around the house. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight". >> jennifer lawrence speaks out for the first time on the battle for equal pay. why do i make less than my male co-stars? >> she is one of the highest paid actresses in hollywood. in the past she may have shied away from talking about the issue, she has the ability to affect change. >> i sat down with bradley cooper today who is named in the article and i got his reaction to jennifer joining the fight. >> i don't know if you saw that op-ed written by jennifer lawrence today. do you feel there say double standard in hollywood? it's being talked about so much as of this morning.
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>> there's a double standard in the whole world, for sure. it's just one aspect. any time there is a place where a voice can come out a outspoken, that's great. >> bradley is standing by his former co-star who is slamming hollywood's gender wage gap after j-la made less than bradley and christian bail in "american hustle," she didn't get mad at the studio, i got mad at myself. i failed as a negotiator because i gave up early. i didn't want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that i don't need. >> it's not exclusively in the entertainment industry. >> her american hustle co-star, michelle sat down with her after the hack news broke. >> it's sad we're 77 cents on the dollar for a man. still? we're going to get there. we're going to get there. >> the call had a-list support. >> hollywood had a very specific way of making women feel like they couldn't have the conversation that it made us seem ungrateful or that it made us seem entitled.
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>> we can't settle. keep talking about at least we're talking about it. >> actress siena miller actually refused a broadway role when she discovered she was offered half the salary of a male co-star. >> i think it's about valuing yourself enough. i would have felt in some ways unhappy. i think we all have to just start standing up for ourselves. >> in an essay, j-la goes on to write, i'm over trying to find the adorable way to state my opinion and still be likeable. i don't think i've ever worked for a man in charge when he contemplated about the angle to use. >> i love strong women. >> you think it will make a difference? >> i think it is making a difference. isn't it? >> i think. so we're talking about it.
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>> yeah, it makes a difference. >> such a great conversation with bradley and siena. they were so open. so honest. and i also got his reaction to amy shum area announcing on snl that they're engaged. you're going to hear that coming up. >> it's a great deal for him. she's a catch. cameron masterson joins the party with dancing news. last night's contestants changed partners. i think i understand that dancing is really not about dancing. it's about the emotion. >> you're on to something there. >> last night especially. there was a wide range of emotions going on, excitement from having max back and tom remembering his late father and a little fear factor when bindi irwin went wild in rehearsal. >> hi, honey. how are you? >> yikes. bindi surprised new partner val with a giant pet python. >> i thought i would bring brandon this morning. >> it was very scary. i'm not going to lie. i couldn't back out. set an example for her. it's about fear and courage. >> example taken they were on the dance floor.
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a guest judge, check out that retro hair. he awarded them the first perfect scores this season. >> ten. >> wow! >> we just drilled at practice over and over and over again. until it was out of your mind. >> alex is still recovering from getting popped in the nose by his partner emma. >> that is dangerous. >> it wiggles a little bit when i touch it. whether i touch it. >> speaking of wiggling, paula deen was cooking up controversy. she kept lifting up her sk >> well, mark brought the milk and you brought the cookies! >> what kind of cookies is paula deen? >> a very thin crispy chocolate chip cookie, loaded. >> lo >> the night also had some poignant moments including tom burgeron with a touching tribute to his late
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father raymond. >> my dad loved this show. he never missed an episode. i would like to say he didn't miss this one. thank you. >> incredible to see how much love and support tom gets there. of course, our thoughts go to tom and his family as well. now moving on to more tv news. did you see this last night? adam levine broke out the totally bald look on "the voice." of course, blake shelton wasn't going to let that slide by, right? he prepared doctor evil, ganldy and lex luther. >> he said he is not bald, he shaved his head by choice. but here's what i want to say, adam. look at me closely. you got it, bro. keep it. one day you may not have a choice. >> it was all by choice. >> adam's band scored two nominations this morning including artist of the year. taylor swift got the most nods. ed sheeran got five. >> no nomination for john legend and i don't think he cares because he is winning in the game of life. john and his wife chrissy teigen are expecting.
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let's kick off quick hits with the big news. it's a little legend in the making. ♪ give >> chrissy instagrammed the news saying john and i are so happy to announce that we are pregnant. i look forward to all the bell yi touching. we know she's not worried about ruining her famous figure. she told us before she would never hire someone to do the job for he >> oh, my god. no way am i going to have a surrogate. i need this thing to come out of my. [ beep ] or my belly, whatever. whatever happens. i mean, i need it to be inside of me. >> john and chrissy have been married for two years and chrissy's been known to say she would like to have three or four kids. one house rule is no hot nanny. just this morning she tweeted i so many excited. i could barf four to five times a day. now from baby news to baby name. >> can you tell us? >> beautiful, gorgeous. >> we love the name evelyn. they revealed the name of her 3 week old little girl to our reporter at the show of her new
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>> what's the inspiration for your daughter's name? >> i just came up with it. >> now on t nashville. she is seeking treatment for post part em depression. she asked the media respect her privacy. she told us about her struggles. >> my personality all around, i wasn't great. i didn't feel as well as i did and positive. it's not a good feeling. >> and finally, the kardashian girl's night out. kris and her daughters were in black except for kylee at the 50th anniversary celebration. they're on several covers for the new issue and we wanted to know just how do you get that kardashian glow? >> what is your beauty secret that everyone woman must know? >> i used to tell my girls when they were little that before you go to bed, you have to wash your face really good but with a really hot terry cloth wash cloth.
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>> after the party, the ladies were seen leaving the l.a. hot spot where a crush of paparazzi had kourtney asking this question. but back to cosmo, we will t ask kris about the recent caitlyn jenner report. >> there is talk that she may be glamorous woman the year. >> kim is due on christmas that's aren't same time that crystal palin and they just posted this announcement. she is having a girl. >> congratulations. >> coming up next, i'm talking to bradley cooper about amy schumer's "snl" shoutout >> am i dating bradley cooper? >> congratulations on your engagement. >> plus, she is "esquire's" sexiest woman alive. we'll show you how she earned that tit >> that's on the way. >> but first. >> on "married at first sight," jamie was not into her new husband doug while jason and courtney couldn't get enough.
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a year later, both couples are beating the they're still together. >> our first year of marriage was started off real obviously. and we had no place to go but up. >> so now it's on season two of "married at first sight" airing to night on fyi. >> it's hard when you're living with somebody you have to be able to make it work. >> kiss. >> and while we're rooting for these couples to stay together, let's face it, marriage can be tough. >> there is definitely challenges that come up where we do question the future with each other. >> i guess this is just normal married life.
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. if you were my girlfriend, we would have got in an argument in the taxi.
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>> that is bradley cooper reuniting with siena miller in "burned." in real life, bradley is dating a super model. hey, that does not stop amy schumer. she announced that they are an item. >> congratulations on your engagement. >> to? >> amy schumer. >> thank you for the secret. >> it's out now. >> i changed my facebook status only it's not complicated. i'm engaged to bradley cooper. >> i did. yeah. she's amazing. >> did you know she was so obsessed with you? >> i'm just the butt of the joke. i'm happy. she's hilarious. >> so he's not really with amy. he is still going strong wi irena shake. he and siena are chefs in end restaurant in "burns" and they're dating off camera. >> do you share dating advice? >> yeah. we talk about it. >> you do? >> but not on camera.
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we have conversations, yes. >> we do talk to each other. >> yes. >> these two sizzle in and out f the kitchen and bradley trained with two famed chefs. gordon ramsey. >> he was helpful to me. i was able to work with him a lot. marcus was really the key point. i mean that guy, he created all the dishes. he was on set all the time. >> double of eve >> and it gets pretty hot in their kitchen. >> we have this pretty horrible fight and he has this thing where he gets -- where the colors rang i watch his complexion change. it's like the bradley turns into the hulk or something. i know it's coming. it's terrifying. >> the blood rushes to my face. >> so much fun to see together. siena called him her best guy friend. >> be careful that, is amy schumer's fiance. >> we heard it. up next, we're at home with one of dick van dyke walking down memory lane with the nearly 90-year-old.
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>> i have a memory of yours from 1982. >> and sandra bullock's date night with her new man. >> and see how he struck a pose in '91. his lost modeling photos are amazing. and did you see what lady gaga wears to the airport? we're going to break down her nonstop fashion parade. closed captioning provided by --
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lady gaga turned the ai into her personal runway.
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one flight, two very different looks. boarding at jfk, it was all about that super dramatic champagne pink fur coat and scarf which topped her matching body contrast. how she added to the green heels for flair. then a quick change somehow. somewhere, on the five-hour flight. because gaga walked, no, she strutted out at lax in total 60s mod. the retro shades and m red lipstick, nails, and heels. >> beautiful outfit, gaga. >> we're naming gaga the best dressed traveler ever. you know, she's been a quick change artist before going gla and into dangerously high cut gown and then arriving in cutoff denim short shorts. who knew there was such a thing as airport couture? we likey. >> fantastic. how complicated is security? right? >> exactly. just wear your sweats and you're good. >> all right. michelle turner is here with a stylish look at sandra bullock's new man. >> brian once worked as a model.
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i doubt you've seen the lost shots of him that just resurfaced. the photos were taken back in 1991. brian was about 25 years old. and we think this is the first photo shoot ever. the shots are embarrassingly awesome. brian gets his best blue seal. we decided he wins throwback photos forever. >> yeah, back whether bold geometric prints and leather pants were on trend, the 49-year-old was starting his modeling career. close inspection of the shirts, off to work, ladies. we see brian has a tattoo of skulls on the right shoulder and interesting scars. >> the photographer who took the pictures described brian as very sunny, polite. he said he was into the environment and he's a little bit of a bad boy. so the term bad boy was used to describe his look more than his actions. >> can we also point out that brian is arguably hotter now than he was then? he has grown into his looks with
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his silver hair and chiselled jaw line. >> their life together is reportedly very low key. there are some conflicting reports on whether or not they're living together. but we do know they go on school runs. they've been out on dinner dates with jennifer aniston and justin and they were even spotted together over the weekend getting very close at casa vega. we want to see sandra happy. if this guy does it for her, we're all in. >> i just like seeing a smile on her face. >> no doubt abo >> you actually sat down with a true hollywood legend that put a smile on your face, dick van dyke. he kept us entertained for six decades now. and he has a new book "keep movin'." >> he lives that. dick is going to be 90 years old in decembe but he is a very definition of young at heart. look at you. what is the secret? what are you drinking? what are you eating? what are you doing? we all want to do whatever you're doing. >> that's funny. i've always kept moving. which is the most important thing. i mean i'm either singing or
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dancing or something. >> dick never slowed down. here's the 89-year-old dancing with his wife arlene who at 44 is 45 years younger. >> we were friends for a long time before i talked her into marrying me. which is -- she said yes. >> she keeps you young though. >> you bet. oh, yeah. she's great cook. great everything. and we dance a lot. >> i came in the other morning. she was washing dishes with her tap shoes on. >> he goes to the gym every morning and shares his other secret to staying young in his book but his diet may surprise you. >> i eat what i want. i eat like a pint of ice cream every night. >> van dyke showed me around his malibu home. he won five emmys. a lot of people thought he should hhve won an oscar for "mary poppins." >> when julie andrews won her oscar for "mary poppins," crew of "mary poppins" made this as my award. >> we spent a lot of time with dick over "e.t.'s" 35 years. i had to share this when he was 56.
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>> look at all that hair that guy has. >> take a look at it. >> yeah. >> take a look at this guy. >> who is this kid? i had my time and place in the sun and all the fame that my life needed. what am i talking about? >> i don't know. >> i'm very serious. there is some gray already coming in there. >> when you look at that guy right there, what do you think of that guy? >> he has a very big nose. but a nice head of hair, i must say. and probably been drinking the night before. a little puffy. yeah. i can always tell. >> drinking was once a problem. but he says the power of prayer helped him stop.
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>> i went to all the, you know, the rehab and all that kind of thing. and just, i got to get rid of it. please take it away. slowly, i was a little sick and dizzy and then all of a sudden, i didn't want it anymore. which is wonderful. >> the clean livin' is working for him. i asked him how he plans to celebrate his 90th birthday, he said i'm going to disneyland. >> how perfect is that? such a kid. forever a kid. >> i hope he calls us because we'll roll with him. >> we're sitting down with another classic star charlotte ray. >> "the facts of life" star's dirty little secret. >> mrs. garrett was always so sweet. the lady behind that had a different life. >> alcoholism, body shaming on the set. >> the more they tried to pressure them, the more they would eat. >> then tom and gisele's love life. a new interview with the hot quarterback, that's tomorrow. >> now in our birthdays, which singer actress took secretarial courses during her down time? was it marie osmond, vanessa williams or madonna? i'm going to say madonna. >> i'm going marie osmond. >> the answer coming up next in the "e.t." birthdays.
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it's all on, your 24/7 destination for entertainment news. all right. did you come up with the correct answer to tonight's "e.t." birthdays? which singer/actress took secretarial courses in her down time? >> i studied shorthanded,
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typing, bookkeeping, secretarial work. i enjoy it. >> that is marie osmond. she turns 56 today. you got it right. >> finally got one right. >> you know the mother on "game of thrones," now she is the sexiest woman alive according to "esquire" magazine. >> you can see why wearing the black lingerie and no lingerie at all. >> this honor comes on the heels of "gq" naming her woman of the year. >> it will be a year she'll never forget. congratulations. good-bye, everybo
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>> the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> you tell me you wanted a million john legends running around. how is practice? >> practice makes perfect. >> practice is fun. >> and it paid off. chrissy and john are having a baby. >> inside her struggle to conceive. >> if it happens, it happens.
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if it's not, just as happy. >> insider? >> plus, they confirm kim's christmas delivery. >> then columbus short's real life scandal. >> two and three, i went to rehab. nobody knows. that i'm breaking it here first. >> domestic violence and drug addiction. >> i was chill when i did drugs. i did cocaine, i was chill. >> plus, lady o lets out her inner fan girl. >> i wanted to be mary. >> and only mary could make oprah do this. >> the first time i ever ugly cried, snot running out of your nose cry. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. >> "playboy" is getting rid of the nude photos. now guys will really read it for the articles. we're going to go into the why and did the cosby scandal play a role in creating this more prudish "playboy"? >


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