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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 14, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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this week is going fast and roads are looking good. a all that overnight construction project getting out of our way. we will touch base in a second. how is it feeling. >> feeling on the cool side, so we are changing things up, compared to past couple days, little chilly, may need to grab a jacket, and little breeze to deal with. we have clear skies and showers out here, and a comfortable day to day. here are temperatures, waking up around philadelphia mild, 57 at the airport but outer suburbs seeing a lot of 40's showing up into south jersey. still hanging on to mid 50's along the coastline. quakertown 46. pottstown is waking up to 48 at this hour. weak drop a few more degrees before sunrise which is just after 7:00 o'clock this morning. storm scan three is quiet, clear skies over us at the moment but we have more included off to the west. that will be the story today, a mix of sun and cloud. partly sunny skies. those temperatures will be income down today, more typical to where they should
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this be time of the year. we have highs in the upper 60's a. what to expect? a mix of sun and cloud. more cloud this afternoon. little will breeze to deal w may feel chilly at times during the morning but again hour by hour, here are the the numbers as we wake up, upper 50's to lower 60's by lunchtime and afternoon highs mid to upper 60's. just a comfortable day. we will make it up to 67, only 50's in the poconos. colder for the weekend. that seven day in a few minutes. what is latest on that traffic. >> reporter: pull out jackets and scarves, thanks, justin. it is still early and are dark outside but levels are building now. wednesday are a busy travel day as we know, 42 freeway north bound approaching 295 you can see just starting to build here. in construction here. always nice. we will get picture whether it is no construction unlike this picture trooper road both directions at audubon road. left lane blocked in both directions due to that morning construction. let me back out of the way.
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you can see movement. this is a smaller road not causing any major slow downs there. in delaware closure until 5:00 . ninety-five north and south ramps to route 202 southbound, between 95 and broom street and also 202 southbound the ramp to 95 heading in the northbound direction so just make note of that. mass transit, lansdale doylestown line busing weekdays 9:00a m to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar. so just make note of that. that runs through december. ladies, back over to you. a three-year old boy from south jersey is fund dead in the woods. >> this morning camden county investigators are sorting through mystery surrounding how he died and who was responsible. discovery was made off south park drive less than a mile from his father's home on the 100 block of cooper street. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live this morning with the details, justin. >> reporter: good morning. this morning the camden county prosecutor's office will resume its investigation
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hoping to find out how three-year old brendan creato went missing and how he lost his life. last tonight a candle light vigil was hell in his memory that brought them to brendan's cooper street home where officials say he was last seen alive in his pajamas. 6:00 a.m. tuesday brendan was reported missing in haddon township where he was staying in his dad's apartment. quicklye in mergecy alerts went out to neighbors and brendan's image was posted on social media. camden prosecutor's office haddon township area law enforcement and nearby agencies launched a thorough search. by 9:00 a.m. police k-9 found toddler in wood off south park drive less than a half mile where he was last seen. many who turned out for that vigil knew brendan and his family and a priest call it a needed time for the community to express its grief. >> the people are members of our parish and they are connect to our church, holy savior. they have one request that the
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grandfather had, just one word, prayers. prayers. >> reporter: sources tell us brendan's parents have been questioned but at the this time in reports of arrests or charges to bring you. we know an autopsy is pending. we are live outside camden county prosecutor's office, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. meanwhile philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey reportedly plans to retire. the report is in the daily news as speculation to what mayor michael nutter administration calls a major announcement on public safety. commissioner ramsey didn't want to spill the beans when he caught up with "eyewitness news" last night. lets take a listen. >> i have a general idea but i guess he wants to save it for tomorrow so i don't want to break the news now or whatever that news might be. there is a lot of things going on in the city right now. >> last night at the national constitution center protesters interrupted ramsey's appearance on police and
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community relations about a dozen people shouted against alleged police brutality. u.s. park rangers escorted them from the building. new this morning a deadly crash in camden county has claim life of the unidentified woman. it happened between 12:30 and 1:00 near sicklerville road and dickinson drive-in gloucester township. it is not clear what caused the car to go off the road and in the trees. there were no other injuries. for the first time in campaign 2016, five tell i can presidential candidates faced off in a debate. >> as andrew spencer reported they create aid few tense moments. >> reporter: one of the the few divisive issues was candidates stance on gun control. >> secretary clinton is bernie sanders tough enough on guns. >> no, not at all good on that issue senator bernie sanders had a tense back and forth with martin o'malley. >> we can raise our voices but i come from a rural state and the views on gun control in rural states are different than in urban states whether
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we like it or not. >> it is no the the about rural and urban, have have you ever been to the eastern shore or western maryland? we were able to pass this and still respect hunting tradition of people live in our rural areas. >> if you think that we can simply go forward and pass something tomorrow without bringing people together, you are surely mistaken. >> reporter: other disagreement didn't get quite so heated. a roth in nevada would vote to legalize recreational marijuana hillary clinton says she's not ready to take a stance on recreational use. >> i do support medical marijuana and i think even there we need to do a lot more research. >> reporter: the two agreed on decriminal icing it. >> we have a criminal justice system that lets ceo's on wall street walk away and yet we are imprisoning or giving jail sentences, to young people who are smoking marijuana. >> reporter: candidates also disagreed on the best way to
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move forward in the ongoing conflict in syria. >> i would not be so quick to pull for a military tool, i believe that a no fly zone in syria at this time actually secretary would be a mistake. >> what i believe and why i have advocated that the no fly zone which, of course, would be in a coalition be put on the table is because i'm trying to figure out what leverage we have to get russia to the table. >> reporter: andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a lot of people still talking about the democrat who wasn't on the stage last night, vice-president joe biden, and his office says that the vice-president, watched the debate from his home in washington d.c. biden still has not made a decision about whether he will jump in the race for the white house. the democrats will officially nominate their candidate for president here in philadelphia, next july. the c ira center is already getting in on the spirit. it is lit up with the letters dnc for the democratic national convention. members of the convention committee will arrive in town
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tomorrow to begin preparing for that high profile event. the funeral for philadelphia civil rights activist jerry mondesire is this morning. yesterday family and friend paid their respects to the former philadelphia naacp president, during a viewing at bright hope baptist church. funeral starts there at 11:00 on what would have been mondesire's 66th birthday. he died october 4th. a candle light vigil was held for a 14 year-old boy who died yesterday from injuries suffered in the shooting in north philadelphia. family members identified the victim as due all very deshields. he was shot in the head in north philadelphia while rushing him to the hospital police say what appears to be a bee-bee gun fell from his clothing. >> my sonnies 14 too. that is what i think about when i'm's out here. it could be anybody's child. i'm saying all of us in the community to step up and unite and do this together. >> police are still searching for the the suspects and weapons. a plane plunge necessary to several homes and setting
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them on fire and investigators are still searching for possible victims, all of this in the rub they will morning. and former nba star lemar odom is in the hospital after being found unconscious at a brotel and we learned more about the supplement he took before passing out. the new rules some lawmakers want to see to make the game more fair. that abe more when we come right back. brot he will.
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former nba star lemar odom is waking up a after being found unconscious in the brothel rachel kill has the latest. lemar odom is fighting for his life in the nevada hospital after being found unconscious at the love ranch. the brothel's owner dennis huff says odom arrived saturday. >> he was trying to get away from everybody, having a good time, in the drinking very much. i put him in my home, to the love ranch las vegas. the girls found him this have afternoon passed out. >> according to e on line odom's ex-wife chloe kardashian is completely inconsolable. they were married in september of 2009, they separated in
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2013, after he relapsed with his substance abuse issues. their divorce was finalized in july. >> hi, lemar. >> reporter: during a recent episode of the reality show keeping up with the kardashians, chloe said she still spoke with her x and will care for him. she has been opened about her ongoing concerns for odom. odom's former team the lakers were playing a preseason game with the sacramento kings in las vegas when odom was rush to the hospital. we know a lot of fans are sending the former nba star prayers and well wishes on social media for cbs news, i'm rachel kim, los angeles, california. a lot of people are wondering what is herbal viagra? well, you don't need a prescription to buy it but f.d.a. warns against taking pills because they are not regulated. the mayo clinic says it can cause dangerously low blood pressure in some men and herbal vei gar after been pulled off market because they contained undeclared prescription medications. erika?
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>> 5:13. a small plane crashed in the mobile home park in palm springs, florida yesterday setting two of the homes on fire and leaving an unknown number of victims. authorities tell us that nearby security cameras captured the the final moments, when this plane crash. you can see that video right here. crash in the park. huge cloud created there too. several witnesses say that the plane just dropped out of the sky from no where. the federal aviation administration is trying to decide why this plane crashed and this total number of fatalities as well. several people are still reported missing. nicole. >> erika, thank you. grab a light jacket before you head out the door because justin is saying it is cool as if i could not tell myself. >> if you like warm temperatures were you spoiled yesterday. >> now we will bring it back to where it should be and it does get chilly for the weekend. >> yes, feeling fall-like. >> i know we will have that fall gear you want to break out. >> yes. >> we cannot wait until that
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happens. >> here's a set up. it is turning cooler near average for this time of the year but feels cooler the past couple days. we will talk about that big weekend chill. coldest air of the season will be typical for middle of of november so get ready for that. this morning down south in delaware, south jersey not too bad we're in the lower 50's. wildwood is checking in at 61. that ocean mild at 66 degrees. we have an influence of the ocean water on the air temperatures. closer to philadelphia, mid 50's, mullica and wood town. malvern you guys are out at 52 . then we will go further north. we will see 40's showing up in quakertown. allentown 49. good morning lafayette hill, you guys at 54 degrees at this hour. breeze coming from the west at 10 miles an hour or less. it has a chill to the air. that jacket is all you need this morning. pretty quiet on storm scan three. we have had heavier showers, rolling through late last night. they are off shore. a few included through central pennsylvania.
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more cloud will build in the afternoon. slight chance for sprinkle in the poconos. here's the setup, jet stream is really active. starting to move south. allowing that cold canadian air to move south as well. we have a big trough from the jet stream developing friday into the weekend. core of the coldest air moves over us on sunday and that will be coldest day out of the next seven. chilly forecast, high, sunny, that is it 54 degrees for afternoon high. we will struggle to get to the mid 50's with sunshine. today though seasonal, sun and cloud, 67 for afternoon high temperature. tonight will be chilly at the 48 degrees for low for the city. you know it will get colder in the suburbs. possibly 30's in the cold spots. here's the extended forecast, a lot of sun for thursday, 66 degrees. more cloud and a stray shower. we will bring in cooler air for weekend. the highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's and maybe some frost sunday morning. all right, meisha, fall is here. >> couple days of 50's justin we will grin and bear it. we cannot escape it because guess what is upon us dairy
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say it? i won't even do it. happy hump day. ninety-five south at cottman coming in the s curve in center city. we are looking good. we are seeing volume levels slowly start to build, as we are's moving in the 5:00 o'clock hour and pushing toward 6:00. in the 6:00 we will see levels change in this area of construction on route one southbound at 413. left lane is opened. you can see a single file lane there passing those cones. i'll let you know if and when that does lift. also construction on the delaware memorial bridge southbound right lane is blocked and this is in effect until november. so make note of that. and then that little fancy spin from our producer, kim, we have these. i will let you know delaware road updates these are new. so what you just heard ten or 15 minutes ago here's a couple more. i-95 northbound and southbound ramp to 202 is closed until 6:00 p.m. on october 30th. route 202 southbound between i-95 and broom street is closed until 5:00 a.m.
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thursday. i will hit on that again in 15 minutes. guys, back over to you you. >> meisha, thank you. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has advice for people that are good with numbers. >> if you are looking for a new job and like math, check out accounting. that is because number of openings in the field is already up 19 percent in the first part of this year according to work force data firm wanted analytics. here in the philadelphia area average accountant or auditor earns nearly $78,000 a year. and even better news, staffing company robert half international found employers plan to boost starting salaries for staff accountants by 5.1 percent next year. you don't need to be a certified public accountant it would help to earn 5 percent more but becoming a cpa takes a lot of work. you are required to have 150 hours of education and years worth of accounting experience under your belt. you will also need to pass the rigorous cpa exam.
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the skills you learned are useful in any field which means you can pursue a position in any industry that you choose. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:19. and oh, my gosh, this time of the year almost time for kid to go trick or treating. >> we will let you know best places to collect candy on halloween. >> full sized candy bars in of that sample sized stuff. family feud that end up in court a woman sues her own nephew. >> just because he showed her some love. ♪ >> we have love run out of that family. hear what a jury decided about that aunt's request for more than a hundred thousand dollars. >> i can't believe this one. >> we will have details coming up next.
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two new jersey lawmakers want the federal government to crackdown on possible cheaters and fan dual and draft kings. senator robert menendez and congressman frank pallone are calling for a hearings. they want the federal trade commission to regulate what that evolved in the billion dollar on line industry, big pay outs for winning big. >> i don't think anyone anticipated the daily games, let alone for it to turn into a multi billion dollar industry, with prizes up to two million-dollar. >> the the calls follow word that employees of the two popular fantasy sites used inside information to win big. well, the flyers will go for their second win in a row when they to on stanley cup champion black hawks tonight at the well. before tonight's game flyers
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will pay tribute to former defenseman kimmo timonen. he played for both flyers and black hawks among other teams in his 16 year nhl career. timonen retired after winning the stanley cup with the black hawks last spring. the chicago cubs have made history they beat cardinals last night to win a post season series at wrigley field for the first time in their teams history. the cubs did it with power, they hit three home runs off cardinals pitching staff to beat the the favorite card six-four. cubs advance to the national league championship series for the the first time since 2003. nlcs starts saturday against winner of tomorrow night's dodgers and mets game in l.a. one of the fans have been waiting for a long time for a post season win at wrigley. 101 year-old loretta a dolan has been watching cubs game and keeping score for decade. at age 90, loretta a tossed out the first pitch. she's confident that the cubs can deliver a championship with you she remembers the good old days.
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>> we take to take our lunch and we never paid anything. i just sit and cry when they don't win. >> loretta hopes there is a world series at wrigley field. she was 31 years old last time cubs made it to the fall classic. >> look at her keeping score. >> look at that, all those years. >> fantastic. >> i would love to bring a soda and sandwich to the baseball game. >> so darn expensive. coming up next, we have latest on the mysterious death of the three-year old little boy. plus councilman stunned by a taser as he questions police. new we are getting a new look at the confrontation, justin? waking up to some cooler temperatures compared to the past couple days but it gets cold as we head to the upcoming weekend, those details coming up in the eyewitness weather forecast. also more than ace keeping an eye on the road before you head out, she will let you know about any backups. we will be right
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a family feud heads to court when a woman sues her young nephew all because of the way that he greeted her at his birthday party. a lot of people will be talking about this one this morning but what a jury decided about her request from money for that boy.
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how about the ultimate wedding crashes, how is president obama ending up getting pictures with the newlyweds out in california. >> that is awesome. >> he stopped by to say hello. i love her face right there. >> that is a memorable photo right there. >> awesome stuff. >> yes. >> all of the wedding photos, will be trumped by that. >> yes. >> no one looking at the bride. >> and, how are roads looking meisha. >> roads are good. overnight construction is being lifted. we have had in accidents all morning long. it will be busy out there. leave a couple minutes early, wednesday's typically are. >> good call. >> dry roadways, justin? >> i will keep this forecast because i don't need you three ganging up on me, so, no bad hair days to worry about. overall, it is a comfortable day. typical mid-october stuff coming at you, we are bringing back temperatures where they should this be time of the year. we are pretty quiet. calm clear skies over center city. no threat of any rain at this point. little breeze to deal w we are
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chilly. some spots in the 40's but overall not a bad start to the morning. there are the numbers, 57 at the airport in philadelphia. forty-nine up in allentown. it does get cool in the northwestern suburbs. fifty reading, south jersey, still feeling good. low to mid 50's. even 61 in wildwood. chill any quakertown at 46. upper 40's pottstown. you will get idea. average suburbs are on the cool side. the breeze from the west at 10 a chill but that should not impact that morning jog or bike ride over the next hour or two. cloud out to the west, we will stream in here later this morning in the afternoon. so sunshine early in the day with more cloud developing, for the afternoon, overall mix of sun and included and seasonal temperatures. the nice cool breeze. and again, highs right around the upper 60es a. the here's the that forecast, at the the bus stop 8:00 o'clock. we have 59 degrees. by three, 66. we will give it a b because of the cloud cover moving n forecast high up to 67 for philadelphia, and little bit more sun at the shore. sixty-six. and c


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