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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 14, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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chilly. some spots in the 40's but overall not a bad start to the morning. there are the numbers, 57 at the airport in philadelphia. forty-nine up in allentown. it does get cool in the northwestern suburbs. fifty reading, south jersey, still feeling good. low to mid 50's. even 61 in wildwood. chill any quakertown at 46. upper 40's pottstown. you will get idea. average suburbs are on the cool side. the breeze from the west at 10 a chill but that should not impact that morning jog or bike ride over the next hour or two. cloud out to the west, we will stream in here later this morning in the afternoon. so sunshine early in the day with more cloud developing, for the afternoon, overall mix of sun and included and seasonal temperatures. the nice cool breeze. and again, highs right around the upper 60es a. the here's the that forecast, at the the bus stop 8:00 o'clock. we have 59 degrees. by three, 66. we will give it a b because of the cloud cover moving n forecast high up to 67 for philadelphia, and little bit more sun at the shore. sixty-six. and then cool in the poconos,
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50's, maybe a sprinkle there and then again a chilly day for upcoming weekend. we will talk about that in a few minutes. but first lets get a check of the road. >> we have been talking about those 50's and every time you say it, i cringe a little. good morning. happy wednesday to you. it is our hump day indeed and yes, we still have morning construction out there route one south at 413, left lane is opened, we are in the single file lane here not causing too many slow downs but every time bee look, we will see more headlights and taillights. we are starting to move toward that 6:00 o'clock hour. we will see levels progress. schuylkill eastbound at spring garden looking good here, everyone still traveling around at posted speed which is what we want to see before 6:00 o'clock. and also some delaware road closure updates, 95 northbound southbound ramps to route 202 is closed until 6:00 p.m. october 30th. also route the 202 southbound between 95 and broom street is closed until 5:00 a.m. on thursday. so that is closed until thursday as well. mass transit manayunk
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norristown is busing these two weekend this weekend and next. no service a at these three stations, north broad, allegheny and miquon. and, media elwyn line shuttle busing none 20th and between the secretary, between media and elwyn. i will have another update in 15 minutes. back over to you. police are searching for clues in the investigation surrounding a three-year old boy found dead in haddon township yesterday morning. >> brendan creato's death remains a mystery. toddler's body was found on south park drive-in haddon township less than a mile from his father's home. "eyewitness news" has learned that both of the parents have been questioned by police and as of this morning no arrests have been made. police are trying to determine if a facebook picture led to a deadly home invasion in philadelphia's kingsessing section. this happened monday night, on the 1100 block of ruby street on monday night. fifty year-old tony harris was shot in the head and killed. his family believed that the recent facebook post made him
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a target. now that post showed a picture of his wife holding $60,000. she was held inside a home at gunpoint while harris was shot in the next room. >> one took me in the kitchen and put a gun behind me head and they were telling him man, you keep moving or he was going to blow my head off. >> we just checked with police and they are still working on this case and no arrests have have been made. the philadelphia daily news reports that police commissioner charles ramsey plans to announce his retirement this morning. mayor michael nutter will host a news conference to announce what his administration calls a major public safety announcement. last night protesters interrupted ramsey's appearance at the the national constitution center. >> unaudible. >> dozen people complained about police brutality and were escorted out of the building. the the commissioner told the audience officers often confront people with violent intentions. >> you have to realize that every one shot by a police
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officer is not someone unarmed, innocent or whatever. listen, i have been here seven and a half years. i have had eight police officers kill in the line of duty, five of them shot to death. >> ramsey supports having pennsylvania state police head investigationness to officer involved shootings. well, it is a lawsuit that is a all in the family. >> listen to this an aunt says her 12 year-old never up in a greeting at a birthday parity. >> "eyewitness news" jan carabao joins with us the the jury's decision. everyone is head shaking here. good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning. this is a strange one. some papers are calling her the world's worst aunt this morning. would you think any aunt would be happy to see her nephew, happy to have her nephew jump in her arms and apparently not the this woman. she said her 12 year-old nephew broke her wrist, caused her pain and mental anguish so she decided to sue for more than a hundred thousand dollars. a connecticut jury though did not buy it.
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>> jennifer why did you take your nephew to court. >> reporter: no comment from jennifer connell as she left a bridgeport connecticut courthouse. it didn't even take 30 minutes for a six member jury to clear her nephew of any wrongdoing. >> we just could not find, you know, liable for what happened. >> reporter: connell sued her 12 year-old nephew after attending his birthday party in west port connecticut back in 2011. on the stand she said her nephew was exited to see her when she got to his house and leaped into her arms. kyle said in her complaint that her nephew caused her to fall by knocking her to the ground result until severe personal injuries including a fracture requiring surgery. connell still wears a arm cast and was seeking more than a hundred thousand dollars to pay for her medical bills but after a two day trial the jury decided not award connell a single cent. curt was a appalled to hear about the case. he lives next door to the 12 year-old and his father. now neither of them were the in the courtroom when verdict came down against the the boy's aunt about this neighborhood in west port
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isn't surprised by the outcome. >> he is 12. he is very independent. he is a good kid. >> tweet us, facebook us your thoughts using hashtag cbs-3 and you could see them on air. we are reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> you wonder how much all that is worth, all of the negative publicity and alienating your family. >> yes, there must be something else going on with this family there. is something else there. >> hundred thousand dollars that poor kid can you imagine,. >> the the last thing you would think of. >> goodness gracious. 5:36. in business news this morning a perfect place to send a halloween night. >> what caused banks to report lower earnings this time around. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with all that information, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. wall street is watching big banks reporting recent earnings. jp minister again chase was first to report and it was a
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miss. bank blameses crazy stock market swings and slowing housing market. dow jones snapped its seven day winning streak and fell 50 points. the nasdaq dropped 42. twitter has cut 8 percent of the work force. that is 336 people. some found out when they tried logging on to their work e-mail and realized they had been locked out. ouch. ceo jack dorsey says company needs to make changes in order to grow users because it is easier with a smaller staff. a warning from the air traffic controllers union, expect more flight delays. union says shortage of trained controllers has now reached crisis levels with the fewest numbers of trained controllers in 27 years despite more flights. the faa puts the blame on budget cuts. and this halloween if a haunted house doesn't go quite far enough for you, air b and b will let you stay overnight in paris famous catacombs, the the nation's cemetery homes to millions of skulls and bones.
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you need to tell them why you think you are brave enough to sleep there. no thank you. if you have any interest, erika and nicole. >> can i pay you not to sleep there. i will tell you why i'm in the brave enough to sleep there. >> i know, whatever floats your boat though. >> people get into it. more than the halloween candy aspect. >> we like candy and pumpkins. >> jill, thank you. well, speaking of halloween there is a new place, new list of the the best places to go trick or treating this year. real estate web site zillow ranks philadelphia as 13th best city to pick up candy on halloween. a place where kid can get most candy in the least amount of time and in the most safe areas. san francisco is number one for fifth straight year. they plan to release best neighborhood for trick or treaters in philadelphia later on this week. i wonder what do you think about people that come and go trick or treating. >> i would because last year i had a total of three kids so
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more the more year. >> we know is there always a couple house that he is have full sized candy bars. you mentioned it. but those are like a jackpot. >> other kid know, that there is one on the street. >> um-hmm. >> the best. >> today is chance to head down the rabbit hole and see a piece of literary history this is original manual script of alice in wand are land written in the 1860. check out the work buy lie is carol at the rosenback museum and library in center city. it will be on display until sunday night. it is part of the exhibit celebrating 150 anniversary of the literary classic. >> that is cool. >> that ace great museum. all of the wall to wall in center city but incredible books in there. >> what a treasure. >> no kidding. >> still to come this morning a pennsylvania teen plans to make a big splash this home coming. >> local celebrity he invited to the dance and what she said to his offer, plus this. >> i just started crying. >> talk about a wedding to
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remember how president obama ended up crashing that couple's wedding on their big day. >> they don't look like they minded. >> cashing in on the selfie craze new strategy that is changing the way people shopped. it has been a big year forte lor swift and now it is getting better, berks county native is nominated for six american muse ache ward. if she wins, she will be the the most honored women in the show's history. >> i feel like every year is a good year forte already swift. >> such a great person too. >> very well deserved. >> we will take a short break, we will be right back.
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a pennsylvania teenager battling cancer will have a special date for him with home coming. >> marcus joy asked miss new jersey lindsey to the dance. marcus has been sidelined from football and basketball since his diagnosis in april. after hearing his story lindsey a says she just could not turn him down. >> battling cancer a at such a young age and being a two sport athlete i wanted to make his home coming special to him. >> awesome.
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she said yes. the dance thinks saturday and then two will visit patients at hershey medical center. we love to hear about these folks out there saying you are miss pennsylvania, back in the the take. >> yes. >> yeah, ten years ago, can you believe it. never any dances or promised but i went to a gala once, didn't sit down all night. got lots of dance requests. in the room with 80 year-old men but it was the best time. >> yes. >> never knew you could polka. >> hey, i can now. >> i love to practice at night. >> what are you saying. >> oh, boy. >> not at all, i cannot to that but i said we have to ask nicole to show us her moves. get a full screen shot. >> that is a terrible idea. >> i will not call you out on that. lets look at our weather watchers, it is cool mountain suburbs outside philadelphia. we're looking at 40's and 50's. we will break it down in gilbertsville, in the coldest spot, 44 degrees at eileen murray's house. willow grove barbara lane
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checks in at 51. clementon new jersey, milder. david dutch at 56. upper 40's in perk so, john jenkins house, cherry hill lynn has 57, in chats worth, mark hearndon checks in at 59. lets check on what is happening. temperatures bob where they should be. we have enjoyed 70's if you like warm air on monday and yesterday but today we're back to the 60's. sunshine and cloud cooling us down. friday more cloud, will return. could be a couple showers here and that sets up for a colder weekend. we have highs more typical for middle of november. not much happening outside right new on storm scan three. we have clear skies right over us now but there is a ban of some clouds over central pennsylvania and that will roll through the morning into the afternoon. we will not see full sunshine today but we will call it partly sunny but that will income temperatures down a little bit. cold front well off shore, you can see cloud building through the afternoon and a stray sprinkle in the the poconos today, tomorrow though we will be back for mostly sunny skies
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as high pressure remains in control. the here's the next strong front and it does have moisture witt. this is friday afternoon, chance for a few showers around and then once that front blows through we will turn on northerly wind and that cools us back down. today highs in the mid to upper 60's, typical for this time of the year. it does get chilly again for center city we're talking 40's and lower 40's in the suburbs and maybe even some 30's in the northwest suburbs and then tomorrow a few degrees cooler, highs in the low to mid 60's. what is ahead? we never think about. that sunshine returns. highs in the the 50's with lows in the 30's a. enjoy today. sunshine and cloud, high temperature 67 degrees. another chilly night tonight and we're talking about highs in the mid 50's coming in on sunday, all right, meisha, what is latest on the road. >> mid 50's? justin, just stop. >> yes. >> good morning everyone. happy wednesday. as you can see plenty of headlights out here. this is i-95 south at bet soy ross bridge. we are looking good. this is route one. i will show you betsy ross
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bridge coming up. this is route one. we have overnight construction. plenty of headlight, taillights at route 413, left lane is open. you are getting by n'synx will file lane there every time i look in this cam eighth is looking more busy, probably will be bus think morning. this is i-95 at betsy ross bridge. everyone is just, kind of a snail crawl, getting busy here, and, speeds, posted, and, and in and around this area i-95, you better believe it will be a busy morning. overall mass transit manayunk, norristown line is busing due to track work. the these are adjustments this weekend and next weekend in play. no services at these three lines, north broad,al gain a and media elwyn line is busing each weekend through november 20th to the 22nd and between media and elwyn stations. just make note of that. nicole, back over to you. here's today's headlines on cbs-3. police continue that investigation in the death of the three-year old boy, searchers found body of
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brendan creato in the woods in haddon township less than a mile from his father's home. also the philadelphia daily news reports that police commissioner charles ramsey plans to retire. mayor michael nutter has a morning news conference, he will only say it is an announcement regarding public on safety. five democrats held their first presidential debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed over u.s. involvement in the middle east, gun control and economic policy. 5:48. love them or hate them it seems like everyone at some point has snapped a selfie. >> or forced in to it. cbs news correspondent hena daniels shows us new ways the companies are trying to cash in on the selfie craze. >> reporter: like most millennials, cristina takes plenty of selfies. >> funny way to communicate to friend quickly what is going on in my world. >> reporter: that is the the trend businesses are banking on. >> people are obsessed with taking pictures of what they eat. >> reporter: why the the ceo have of june are juice
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generation in insuring installed this self he wall at his new location. the customers can snap a pick and post it on social media. >> especially today if you don't document it, it didn't happen. >> reporter: plenty of other businesses use cameras so customers can promote their cameras. at paint box nails, clients can get a photo box pick of their nails giving paint box the perfect advertisement. >> we are living through the greates communication of our time. >> reporter: barry gainer says this selfie strategy is changing the way companies get the word out. >> it has change everything because customers have louder voices and can reach many more people the way you market and you have to get to people new happens in a social first environment. >> reporter: selfie snappers can benefit too. many stores reward them, with discounts and free stuff. >> we live in the world today where people want to share, for every move. >> reporter: and businesses are giving them an easy way to do it. henna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". people love their selfies. is there a very special
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prize guest i'm sure people were trying to get a selfie with this guy. >> the at least secret service was dressed for the formal occasion. >> brian and stephanie got married at torey pines golf course last saturday. while that was pretty exciting, the bride and groom were surprised by the president of the you had. >> barack obama stopped by to say congratulations to the happy couple. >> it was so clear that he was going to be shaking peoples hand that is when stephanie made a decision to just run down there. >> yes. >> i'll sprint in heels and wedding dress. >> i just started crying. i was, running, because i just could not believe it. we were just overwhelmed with emotion. >> what a story to tell. >> stephanie and brian asked the president and detail to stay for the wedding, which was very nice for them but secret service reminded the president we've got work to do. >> no party for you. >> a lot of people will not remember. >> in one will ever forget their bedding bride may have
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been upstaged for a moment. >> yes. >> but still love that. >> yes. coming up, a woman refuses to be victim of thieves, see what happens when she fights back against purse snatchers. >> okay. plus video that ignited a new police controversy. an officer stuns a politician with the taser now we have a new look what led to that confrontation. and we have all new episode for you of your favorite shows tonight here on cbs-3. at 8:00 survivor cambodia. nicole, your turn. >> at 9:00, followed by code black and then stick around at "eyewitness news" at 1:11. we will be that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪
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standing by for fun. ♪
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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appointments available now. new video shows a different angle of a police officer hassing a councilman in texas. thinks dash cam video that shows moment leading up to the hassing. the body cam video does not show when a officer brings councilman jonathan miller down to the ground before tasering him. original police report said miller wrestled with the officer on the ground. >> if the officers are reacting because they are mad at him, that is bad. if they are doing this as a reasonable means to control him, that is okay. >> miller says he was trying to find out why officers stopped his friend outside his home. police have charged him with interfering in their investigation. and a radio dj rock the mike and tries to stop thieves
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break nothing to her car. we have video of it too. radio dj is on the air when she looks out side and sees, that they are purse, was being stolen right out of her car on the street and, about to drive away. she races out, jumps on the that moving vehicle. the car swerved and ran over her foot. undeterred she got the in to her own car and gave chase. >> i jumped in my car and i followed him and, i followed him and get up and go. they got up and went. >> jones says she realizes that jumping on the car was not the best choice. she says she's grateful that she has in broken bones. >> my goodness. a 40 year-old man is in custody for allegedly setting fire to halloween costumes inside a california wal-mart. police say the man was inside that store for three hours before video captured by a shopper shows them pouring accelerant and igniting those customs in the the halloween aisle. suspect was taken for evaluation. in one inside that store was hurt.
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also some chilling images were captured on camera, a couple robs a clothing store in argentina while their baby is crawling around the room. >> you can see, one thief actually pulled a gun on the clerk. you you can see them loading up bags of merchandise while that baby, plays on the floor. >> that is just disgusting to see. a baby in that situation, with the gun, just awful. >> terrible. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live in south jersey a as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the three-year old boy. this story that has the entire community grieving. >> so sad. also a ahead new technology aimed at preventing hot car thefts for infants, we will explain how it works when we come back.
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it is nearly 24 hours since body of this young boy was found, as the community joins his family in grief, up investigators are working to find out what happened, we're live with the latest including the questioning of the boy's father. i'm danielle noting a ham in las vegas, the democratic presidential hopefuls take the debate stage for the first time, and how did they perform? we will take a look coming up. and ramsey rumors mayor nutter expected to make is what being called a major announcement about public safety. what the police commissioner
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has to say bit coming up. today it is wednesday october 14th, good morning to you i'm so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. we will check with justin and meisha for it latest on the forecast and roads. are we saying good bye to the 07's guys. i enjoyed them. >> oh, yeah, right, good morning justin, i know you have to let us know if the 70es air bye for good but roadways are looking g overnight construction projects getting out of our way. one accident to tell but in a little bit. i see no scarves, no winter jacket, that is a good sign. >> i'm a real man so i don't need that. we're not at that point just yet. we could get there for upcoming weekend, and, we will talk about the 30's. seventy's not happening anytime soon. i don't think we're done just yet. there could be hints later on this month of warmer days. it is something to look forward to if you like milder air but it does cool down. we are looking at 50 degrees in allentown. fifty-seven at the airport in philadelphia the suburbs, already dropping down to the 40's with


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