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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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has to say bit coming up. today it is wednesday october 14th, good morning to you i'm so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. we will check with justin and meisha for it latest on the forecast and roads. are we saying good bye to the 07's guys. i enjoyed them. >> oh, yeah, right, good morning justin, i know you have to let us know if the 70es air bye for good but roadways are looking g overnight construction projects getting out of our way. one accident to tell but in a little bit. i see no scarves, no winter jacket, that is a good sign. >> i'm a real man so i don't need that. we're not at that point just yet. we could get there for upcoming weekend, and, we will talk about the 30's. seventy's not happening anytime soon. i don't think we're done just yet. there could be hints later on this month of warmer days. it is something to look forward to if you like milder air but it does cool down. we are looking at 50 degrees in allentown. fifty-seven at the airport in philadelphia the suburbs, already dropping down to the 40's with cloud. forty-six in quakertown.
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forty-seven pottstown. not done just yet. probably dropping a few more degrees before sunrise. wind out of the west at 10 miles an hour or less. it has a chill out here. clear skies over us right now but there are some cloud, that is moving from the west, so partly sunny skies today, not full with sun and then a seasonal temperature right around where they should be, high temperatures right around 67 degrees for philadelphia so throughout the morning, we have some clouds and sunshine, we're in the 60's, lunch hour comfortable at 64 at noon. we will see afternoon highs right on average at 67, for philadelphia, high of 66 at the shore, little bit more sunshine in south jersey and then up in the poconos you could find a stray sprinkle especially in the afternoon, chilly there high of 57. but we're talking about a widespread 50's for the upcoming weekend. maybe a little bit of frost. we will get details in the seven day in a few minutes. let's head back to the studio with meisha for a check of the roads. >> when you said i'm a real man, i like that.
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>> good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. roadways are looking good, we are starting to see volume levels pick up, a as we would anticipate moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour now. you can see the boulevard moving in the southbound direction looking good and once you get the schuylkill heading in the westbound direction around city avenue it is looking pretty good there. it is more busy, moving in the southbound direction on the boulevard then what we're seeing on the schuylkill moving in the westbound direction. that is good. that is one of the areas that does get busy quickly. we're moving in the east and westbound direction looking good both directions, eastbound maybe slightly little bit more busy but overall, still on the vine traveling at posted speeds which is good news. this is that accident i was talking about earlier and just the beginning here, cherry hill pike closed at route 663. use your alternate, buck road. use an alternate such as route 29. we have some delaware road closures updates for you. take a look at this i-95 northbound and southbound ramps to 202 are closed until
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6:00 p.m. october 30th. create 202 southbound and broom street is closed until 5:00 a.m. thursday. also construction on the delaware memorial bridge. right lane blocked until november and some fun stuff, the the flyers verse the black had hawks 8:00 p.m. tonight at the wells fargo center. yes, go flyers. ladies, back over to you. a community in haddon township new jersey is now searching for answers after a three-year old boy goes missing and is found dead a few hours later. >> officers discovered that toddler's body in the woods off south park drive-in haddon township less than a mile from his father a's home. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at camden county prosecutor's office with more information, justin? >> reporter: good morning. today officials will continue to figure out just how brendan creato, just three years old, went missing from his home yesterday, and how he ended up dead. last night a crowd gathered for a vigil in his honor that led them to his cooper street home where mourners gathered and sang and where officials say he was last seen alive in
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his bedroom in pajamas. 6:00 a.m. yesterday brendan was reported missing in haddon township where he was staying at his dad's apartment. quickly word traveled on social media and emergency text alerts were dispatched to neighbors. concurrently the camden prosecutor's office joined haddon township law enforcement and nearby agencies to mount a thorough search. by 9:00 a.m. police k-9's found the toddler in wood off south park drive, less than a mile from where he was reported missing. after the vigil those who knew brendan talked about his adventurous spirit. >> he loved cats, dogs. he was going to be the hulk for a halloween. he had his custom ready. he was a joy. >> reporter: let's take to you a statement from brendan's mother, and reading in part we are heart broken by loss of our beautiful boy brendan creato a long with the creato family who also loss a son and grandson. we are grieving and tremendously sad even.
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now officials say an autopsy is pending, to determine a cause of death and sources tell us that both parents have been questioned, but at this time no reports of an arrest or charges. erika and nicole, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. this morning's daily news is report ago this philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will announce his retirement today. >> that story is adding interest to mayor michael nutter's announcement this morning. his administration said it will deal with public safety. ramsey didn't say much when "eyewitness news" asked him about the the mayor's plan. >> you know, i got a general idea but i guess he wants to save it for tomorrow so i don't want to break the the news now, or whatever that news might be there is a a lot have of things going on in the city right now. >> last night protesters interrupted the commissioner appearance at national constitution center. they denounced a alleged police brutality. well, new this morning a deadly car crash is under investigation this morning, a woman was killed when her car
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left the road and crashed into some trees near sicklerville road and dickinson drive-in gloucester township camden county. it happened before midnight. victim's name has not been released. candle light vigil was held for a 14 year-old boy who died yesterday from injuries suffered from a shooting in north philadelphia. family members identified the victim as duvall deshields. he was shot in the head in north philadelphia a while rushing him to the hospital police say what appears to be a bee-bee gun fell from his clothing. >> he was so talented and gifted and dancing and music. he was awesome. like he loved everybody. you just felt his love. that is why even though we are marking it as love. the that is his new name. >> police are still searching for the suspect, and a weapon. philadelphia police investigating a a shooting that left a teen in stable condition. it happened around 90:00 tuesday night near intersection of fifth and
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carpenter in the queen village neighborhood. police say that teenage boy was shot twice in the buttocks and once in the leg. he was taken to jefferson hospital no arrest has been made. bernie sanders and hillary clinton stole the the spotlight in the the first democratic presidential debate in las vegas. as danielle nottingham reports they tolled on issues ranging from the iran nuclear deal to gun control. >> reporter: front runner hill willry clinton could not escape e-mail scandal dogging her campaign. she apologized again but then turn to the issues. >> but tonight i want to talk in the about my e-mails but what the american people want from their next president of the united states. >> reporter: her closest challenger, senator bernie sanders agreed. >> enough of the e-mails, let's talk about the real issues. >> reporter: clinton separated herself from sanders on his self labeled democratic socialism.
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>> we would be making a great mistake to turn our backs on what built the greatest middle class in the history of the nation you can have all of the growth that you want and it doesn't mean anything, if all of the new income and wealth is going to the top 1 percent. >> clinton and former maryland governor martin o'malley both challenged sanders on gun control. >> it is time to stand up and pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. >> views on gun column troll in rural states are different than in urban states we like it or not. >> reporter: this first debate was chance for lower polling candidates to introduce themselves to voters. >> i am very clear about my principals. i have had no scandals: i have also spent more than half of my professional life away from politics. >> reporter: o'malley took aim at clinton's inside erstad us. >> our country needs new leadership to move forward. >> would i not ask anyone to vote for me based on my last name. >> reporter: four of the five candidates all but jim web specifically mentioned climate change in their opening remarks.
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danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now, many democrats are waiting to learn if vice-president joe biden will run. his office says he watched the debate from his washington home. biden is seriously considering whether to join the democratic field. it is unclear what roll out come of last night's debate will play in his decision. philadelphia is getting ready to host the democratic national convention. we have a little while to wait, it is next july. you will notice that dnc these letters are lighting up on the cira center. tomorrow the democratic national commit thee will launch its operation in america's birthplace. singer cheryl crow performed the national anthem but not everyone was happy with her performance. >> we will have for you later in the show. former nba star lemar odom is fighting for his life this morning after he is found unconscious, we will have the latest developments overnight. technology that could save infants lives when they are trapped in the hot car. we will explain.
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>> ♪ yeah, you may have noticed it is getting darker earlier, but, it is in the fall, we will be dealing with this. >> yeah. >> tell me how that works. >> we will change clocks soon november 1st actually is daylight savings time so mark those calendars. we will be right back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. he was unconscious at a
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brothel. odom was married to chloe kardashian for four years. retired from the nba in 2013. officials say odom was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. he was too tall to fit in the helicopter sent to air lift him. odom is 35 years old and there is no immediate word on his condition. all right. 6:13. checking in on weather, and it felt more chilly this morning. >> yes. >> big difference from yesterday. >> yeah. >> each day will get colder. by the weekend i'm pretty much a full on chill. temperatures for middle of november. we are an hour from sunrise, maybe dropping another degree or two but our average high for today is 67 degrees. we will be right at that for our forecast high. similar conditions for thursday and friday but big drop in the temperatures for saturday and sunday as we go back below a average. sunday will be coldest out of the next seven. compared to 24 hours ago we are anywhere from five to 11 degrees colder. that is a sign of that cool air mass filtering n cold
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front came through last night. south jersey low to mid 50's. still hanging on to 61 in wildwood. fifty-six in dover delaware. knew warning is a at 54. around philadelphia, low to mid 50's. then we will see 40's to the north and west. pottstown, quakertown, chad forward coming in at 49 degrees. clouds rolling through central pennsylvania. they will move through the morning and in the afternoon. so not full sunshine. we will call it mix of sun and cloud. upper 60's. we will go back to mostly sunny skies on thursday and then friday we will watch this next cold front coming through. a couple showers around, and then, big time cool down for the weekend. here we go today building cloud in the afternoon. maybe a stray sprinkle up in the poconos. the thursday mostly sunny skies, not a bad day to be outside. here we go friday with that front, a couple showers rolling through here early afternoon. it doesn't look like a heavy rain or whole lot but enough to have the umbrella around just in case. the seasonal, sun and cloud, 67 for the the high. cool night tonight, 48 for center city, cold in the
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suburbs and just 30's in the suburbs. on thursday morning. and we will make it up to 66 with the sunshine tomorrow. friday mostly cloudy skies and high of 65 degrees. we will give you a stray shower in the early afternoon hours. saturday, breezy 58, wind continue on sunday as well, 54. we will wake up, yeah, and it will be chilly when you step outside. thirty's on sunday morning too. >> yes. >> there could be frost. >> i was going to ask do you think there is frost. >> it depend on the wind if the wind dies down but something to think about. >> thirty's. >> it was just 70 yesterday. >> i know. >> we're in the ready. >> i don't think we're done with the 70's yet. >> listen to us wining. >> that is what they do around here, always complain. >> yes. >> keeping it real over there. >> good morning, everyone. happy hump day. if you are just waking up with us, roadways are looking good. but, overnight construction projects have lifted. we have an accident out there,
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it is on a small are road we will tell but in just a moment. cup main things happening, starting to heat up, 95 southbound at cottman. this is an area in the morning i typically keep my eye on because it is busy. one of the busiest days of the morning, wednesday, machine through wednesday rather really is, and then 95 southbound cottman you add that in the mix and it is a busy day. we're not even in the 7:00 o'clock hour our main rush hour, and take a look at this slowly starting to dip, slower then posted speed around that. curve trying to make their way in center city. give yourself a couple extra minutes. here's the schuylkill taillights moving eastbound before montgomery, looking good here. you you are still traveling at posted speed but every time we pull up this camera you are starting to see it heat up ever so slightly more and more. for those taking the blue route in and around this area this is what it looks like, plenty of headlights and taillights in that area as well. the mass transit the just make
6:17 am
note of this lansdale doylestown line is busing weekdays 9:00 a a in m to 3:00 n and colmar through december this goes through december. this is that accident, ger iville pike closed both directions at route 663 and buck road. use an alternate such as route 29, that is what i would go, to get in and around that area again it is still early. hopefully that will get cleared out. construction on the delaware memorial bridge, southbound direction, right lane is blocked. this goes through november. good news though so for those just leaving your homes now you you are in fairly good company as we make our way toward that 7:00 a.m. hour. a california will woman has a message of advice to prevent hot car deaths. >> this is a warning system called i remind. the car ceta leather includes a weight sensor and that is placed around the padding of the car seat and it is activated when a child sits down. when your child is in the car
6:18 am
seat would it notice it. if the care giver walks away from the car with that child still inside, an alarm goes off on their smart phone or tablet. >> forgetting about what kind of parent it is, let's protect the child. i mean at the end of the day it business prevention and to me, prevention is parenting. >> officials say they hope to see this technology adopted by car seat manufacturers and what a great reminder. you never know what is in your mind. >> so many people say i would never do that, that would never be me but why not just be safe and just prevention. >> you can't predict that kind of stuff. >> yes, little beep all you need and then you can go back. >> 6:18. hollywood actress check herself in the treatment facility after going public with her battle with postpartum depression. >> we will have the latest on that just a ahead. also a small plane land on the busy freeway we will tell what you happened when it came
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including eye med. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. despite tuesday morning's rush a pilot made an emergency landing on a busy stretch of i84. pilot said engine just quit on him. because of that he could not get landing gear down so he put the plane down on its belly. that plane, suffered
6:22 am
considerable damage to its underside wing and propeller. faa says crash is under investigation. palm springs, florida a tragic ending as a pilot crashes in to a mobil home park. two of those homes caught on fire. authorities still don't know how many people may be dead or missing, several witnesses say the plane just dropped down to the sky from no where. the federal aviation administration is investigating. a chain reaction crash in a florida highway leaves an suv dangling, over an overpass. from the air you can see back of it right there hanging over part of the bridge just outside orlando. four people were treated for injuries in that crash. luckily all of them are expect to survive. and all right, 6:22. still ahead it will make for an awkward thanksgiving. we are talking about the aunt who sued her young nephew. >> reason they went to court all over a exuberant hug. >> we will explain coming up. also this... >> ♪ oh, say can you see >> a lot of people weighing in
6:23 am
on cheryl crow's performance at last night's debate, hear the the rest coming up. and weather, justin, he's getting cooler, we were complaining just a few minutes ago. >> we know it is not your fault it is fall after all. >> it is supposed to get cold. that happens. we are talking about changes, we are seeing purple. if you don't want cold you dent want to see. that we will have the the seven day forecast this flu season... your immuthe way it didn't work when rock was young.
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chill crow's version of the national anthem in the democratic presidential debate is generating reaction on social media. >> some of us less than kind, haters will hate. you watch, and you tell us your reaction. >> ♪ oh bees a say can you say by the dawn's early light, is what so proudly we hail, a at the twilight's last gleaming. ♪ >> okay. >> see i thought that was fine. >> yes. >> do i think it is best rendition of the the national anthem i ever heard? no. >> but still very nice. >> but still, still pleasant. >> you know, anything and everything someone can complain about on social media, they do. >> no kidding. >> let's just move on. >> i think she sounded terrific. coming up next on
6:27 am
"eyewitness news" gathering to remember a civil rights icon in philadelphia. details on services for jerry mondesire, jan. she's being called the world's worst aunt this morning, she's sued her nephew after he gave her an enthusiastic hug. she said she was injured. she sued him for more than a hundred thousand dollars. we have results straight ahead and your reaction. and the cubs win, the team is making history, in the mlb playoffs, meisha. well, we have a fire in southampton and ben franklin bridge, including your main road are starting to heat up, i'll have updates in 15 minutes stay right where your cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
6:28 am
6:29 am
fighting to saveatlanti. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
6:30 am
oh , that autumn chill, get ready for those temperatures to take a tumble. this is a live look from our cbs-3 studios and very soon
6:31 am
you may need an extra blanket on the bed except you are justin drabick he is a real man, he doesn't need a blanket or a coat or a scarf. >> that is true, i sleep with the fan on all year round blasting on my face. i just like the cold. >> yes, i feel for her. mrs. drabick i'm's sorry. >> it really is feeling like fall. >> it is fall. the lets keep it real. we do expect this to happen. this weekend we will take a hit but yesterday was so nice, hopefully you enjoyed the weather and let's go back and look at this. this is margate a time lapse from yesterday. it was really nice. even on the beach we're talking about temperatures in the 70's a. we have sunshine. people out walking on the beach yesterday afternoon. today we will see sunshine around but it will be cooler. already compared to yesterday, anywhere from five to 11 degrees colder. jacket weather again in the outer suburbs, philadelphia at the airport 57 degrees. mid 50's in south jersey.
6:32 am
northwestern suburbs, 40's in pottstown, quakertown, willow grove checking in at 52 degrees. storm scan three nice and quiet. showers moved off shore just some cloud around today but we will see mostly sunshine this morning, cloud billed through the day. cool at 8:00. we're talking upper 50's. kid come home from school, overall a b because it is cloud cover. forecast high right on target for this time of the year. sixty-seven for philadelphia more sunshine down at the shore. sixty-six. cool day in the mountains. fifty-seven for the high, a chance for sprinkle there. we are talking about november like temperatures heading in the weekend with overnight lows in the 30's, so break out that fall weather gear. we will have have have that seven day in a few more minutes. lets check that traffic meisha, what is happening. >> good morning. happy wednesday to you. if you are just waking up, we're happy you are here. we are seeing levels pick up. this is for those coming from new jersey at 42 freeway
6:33 am
heading in the northbound direction at creek road approaching 295. you can see plenty of vehicles now just starting to flood the main roadways. the this is typically what we see as we move toward that 7:00 o'clock rush hour. this is 42 freeway north bound for those in new jersey trying to approach 295 is what you are looking at. freeway pulled out to the shoulder. not causing any slow downs. also this is a look at the schuylkill. take a a look at this, looking very busy in and and this area 95 southbound at girard is looking busy. then schuylkill, westbound at city avenue, also, you can see this looking more like a parking lot then anything else. we're dealing with the fire in southampton, that is right we have a fire, county line road is closed at huntington pike, i keep wanting to say park but it is pike. use alternate byberry road. for those in and around the area, we have construction, delaware memorial bridge southbound right lane is block
6:34 am
until november. so make note for those around those area. and pa turnpike, off ramp to fort washington, and also near downingtown the left lane is block for those in and around this area overall we have a very busy morning indeed. give yourself a couple extra minutes. ladies, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. investigators in camden county are trying to determine circumstances behind the death of the three-year old boy in haddon township yesterday. brendan creato's body was found in the woods off south park drive-in haddon township less than a mile from his father's home. "eyewitness news" has learned that both parents have been questioned by police and as of this morning no arrests have been made. police are trying to determine if the facebook picture led to a deadly home invasion in the kingsessing section. this happened in the 1100 block of ruby street. tony harris was shot in the head and killed. his family believes the the recent facebook post made him a target. now that post showed picture of his wife holding $60,000.
6:35 am
she was held inside the home at gunpoint while harris was shot in the next room. >> took me straight to the kitchen and put a gun behind my head and telling him well, you keep moving or he was going to blow my head off. >> police are looking in the facebook post as a possible motive. caught on cameras a vicious assault on a elderly man in northeast philadelphia video shows two suspects knocking on the door of the 70 year-old man's home in the 800 block of wealthon street in somerton. once the man opens up the door he is thrown down and hit with the metal stick. victim remains in critical condition with the crack skull. if you have any information on who those attackers are you are asked to call police. the philadelphia a daily news reports that police commissioner charles ramsey plans to announce his retirement this morning. mayor michael nutter will hold a news conference to announce what his administration calls a major public safety announcement. last night protesters interrupted ramsey's appearance at the the national
6:36 am
constitution center. >> unaudible. >> dozens of people complained about alleged police brutality. they were escorted out of the building. the commissioner told the a audience officer often confront people with violent intentions. >> you also have to realize that everyone shot by a police officer is not someone unarmed, innocent or whatever. listen, i have been here seven and a half years. i have had eight police officers kill in the line of duty, five of them shot to death. >> ramsey supports having pennsylvania state police head investigationness to officer-involved shootings. the funeral for civil rights activist jerry mondesire is this morning on what would have been his 66th birthday. yesterday, family and friend paid their respects to the former philadelphia naacp president, during a viewing at bright hope baptist church. the funeral will start at 11:00 this morning. mondesire died on october 4th. 6:36. it is a lawsuit that gives new meaning to family court.
6:37 am
>> aunt filed suit against her 12 year-old nephew after claiming his exuberant greeting cased an injury. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is in the cbs-3 sat center with more on this we're just shaking our head, pretty much. >> pretty much. >> this was a strange one. you would think any aunt would be so excited, so happy to have her nephew jump in to her arms, give her a big hug. not apparently for this woman. she sued her 12 year-old nephew. she said he broke her wrist, cause her pain and mental anguish so she sued him for more than a hub thousand dollars. a conn need cut court did not agree and did not award her 1cent. she's called the world's worst aunt this morning for suing her nephew over a enthusiastic hug. >> it is ludicrous. >> jennifer, why did you take your nephew to court. >> reporter: no comment from jennifer connell as she left a bridgeport connecticut courthouse. it didn't take 30 minutes for six member jury to clear anybody of any wrongdoing. >> just could not find him
6:38 am
liable for injury. >> reporter: connell sued her 12 year-old nephew after attending his birthday party in west port conn need cut in 2011. she said her nephew was exited to see her and leaped into her arms. connell went on to say in her complaint that the nephew caused her to fall by knocking her to the ground resulting in severe personal injuries, including a fracture rugger surgery. connell still wears a arm cast and seeking more than a hundred thousand dollars, to pay for her medical bills but after a two day trial the jury decided not to award connell a single cent. neither 12 year-old or father, were in the courtroom when verdict came down with the aunt but west port neighborhood isn't surprised by the outcome. >> he's 12, he is very independent, and good kid. >> reporter: of course, we wanted to hear what you had to say so here's some of your comments. free chase utley says, outrageous. we have barry, who say i guess he better write a letter next time. up next, marry says it is
6:39 am
awful to risk losing her family for a money grab. glad she lost. finally we have got this viewer who says she should have used him but he is old enough to control his enthusiasm so no one gets hurt. we want to hear what you have to say. use the hashtag cbs-3 on twitter and facebook. you can see those comments on air. reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" i'm sure he will be less exited to see his aunt the next time. >> yes, hand shakes all the way around. >> no hugs for her. >> can you imagine. >> a hundred you this dollars. >> it is not worth it. >> thanks, jan. still ahead bringing farm fresh produce that may not have easy access. we will show you mobile farmers market coming up next. coming up local lawmakers making changes in fantasy sports betting. we will tell you new rules they are proposing. check out the this wedding crasher, hear how president obama spent time with these newlyweds. >> love that. >> you're watching "eyewitness news" this morning, we will be
6:40 am
right back.
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let's check with justin and weather watchers. cold morning, justin. >> it looks like typical mid-october stuff, and then gets chilly for weekend. we are in the 40's in many spots. dawn checks in at 47 in downingtown. down in wilmington, delaware sally, 52 degrees. up in north wales phil at the 53. lower 50's in chesterfield. buena vista township coming in the lower 50's. gloucester township, sharon has 56. milder right now. another column spot is down in newark, delaware delores lee checks in at 48 degrees. new we will see a nice sunrise this morning as skies for the most part are clear. we are starting to see cloud build from the west but here we go eileen murray send in this shot, the sunnies still sleeping but just around 7:10. we gel that sun up an see skies brightening up a bit. overall a nice comfortable morning. maybe throw on a jacket. here's what is a ahead, today
6:44 am
comfortably it is cool, sunshine, cloud temperatures where they should be in the 60's. friday we will see more cloud return, couple showers possible friday afternoon, that sets us up for a cool weekend of temperatures dropping and typical for mid-november. average high 67. we will hit that today. sim hard conditions for thursday and friday and then we will really drop and saturday and sunday. sunday is coldest day out of the next seven a and we are waking up with 30's in the region. storm scan three quiet, cold front moving through last night, heavier showers in delaware and south jersey, yesterday evening but now just dealing with cloud cover over central pennsylvania, that will roll eastward through morning and afternoon. we will see most sunshine this morning, cloud will build in the a afternoon hours and stray sprinkle up in the poconos. sixty's for a high, comfortable day, tomorrow we will bring back mostly sunny conditions a as that high pressure system dominate mid-atlantic, highs in the mid 60's. here comes the the front from
6:45 am
the north friday, strong, couple showers, especially early afternoon. still 60's ahead of the front but once that front passes wind turnout of the north. cold air spills in. highs in the 50's both saturday and sunday. lets time it out. you can see cloud build back in through mid afternoon we will clear it out tonight go mostly sunny for your thursday. great day to be outside tomorrow and then friday, cloud moving back in. here comes line of showers, it doesn't look like anything heavy or widespread but may need umbrella just in case. here's what is a ahead sunday's high coldest day 54 degrees, that is normal for mid in time period but hey it is fall so we will start get these hits. jet stream on the move, moving south, look at that core of cold air from canada in the the blue. that settles in for the weekend and that is why we are talking about chilly temperatures. today sunshine and cloud. 67 degrees, that is when we will feel chill with highs in the 50's. what is the the latest out there. >> if you are running around
6:46 am
and not around your tv screens and you have to take the schuylkill, come on over to the tv screen ape listen up. this will cause slow downs for you. we have a major accident all lanes block on the schuylkill westbound before 30th street station. also a lane is block even in the eastbound side. all lanes are blocked because of this overturned vehicle on its side and everyone walking around outside their vehicles. on the eastbound side because of all those lights and stop aim there you are seeing backups on the eastbound. take a look at this. this is your backup shot of the schuylkill westbound at south street. you can see this. it is hard to see it but they are not moving. this is complete thely all stop, all these lights. that is not a building, but that is a parking lot. they are not moving on the westbound side. schuylkill eastbound also before the vine take a look, this than the is even the side of the street, and, already you can see these backups on the schuylkill eastbound and schuylkill as we know is no joke in the morning. so certainly avoid this area at all cost or at least give
6:47 am
yourself some significant time, extra time if you will because you are not moving. ladies, back over to you. meisha, thank you. new mobile farmers mark has rolled into chester county. >> it is selling fruit and vegetables in an area where people may not the get them. ukee washington shows thus week in this story of brotherly love. >> reporter: market was created by good samaritan shelter along with providing healthy food, it is also helping homeless get back on their feet. >> so, they are right outside over here we have our local produce, organic. >> reporter: twenty-four year-old john termini gives us a tour inside the nourish mobile market with shelves of fruits and vegetables. >> it is like an ice cream truck but healthy. >> reporter: on this day it is park next to the phoenixville community sent. >> in this air eighth it is wonderful because not everybody is having a car. >> we will come to home. >> reporter: john was the first employee of the market and he is also home less. >> we have a cliche, you know of what homelessness is.
6:48 am
that person in the subway, that is begging for money. >> reporter: good samaritan shelter in phoenixville started the project to provide jobs to people like john. >> imagine a guy coming in the shelter, and being at a low point in his life where we provide him with a safe place to live but also a a job. >> reporter: donations are paying salaries starting at $12 an hour. >> we have four employees right now. we are pagan average of almost double minimum wage to our staff and really helping build them up and get them back on the road to independence. >> i have always been nervous and shy. great thing it moved me out of the the my comfort zone. >> reporter: trailer complete with the ramp was custom made paid for with donations, about hundred thousand dollars from the community. >> we appreciate it. >> reporter: john hopes to save enough money to get enough place and give this job to the next person who need a hand. the right now nourish mobile market is on the campaign to raise $14,000 if they succeed and they are close, a
6:49 am
foundation has promised to match it. to help them reach that goal, go to cbs i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is a really nice program. ukee is looking nice in that three piece sharp. >> he always looks sharp. 6:49. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> one person sorry who misses the three piece suit. >> she's joining us this morning. >> i know, erika and nicole were you reading my mind because i said, to vince in philadelphia, and said he is a white male oprah. >> which means he is your best friend. >> i said that sound like ukeelee's voice, tell him i said yeah. >> hey. >> i think it goodies being compared to oprah so i ain't mad at that. we will look at big moments from the first democratic debate and talk to john dickerson about hillary clinton's performance. plus ricky on that historic ruling that hold a gun store accountable for shooting of two police officers.
6:50 am
jennifer lawrence asks why she makes less than her male co stars. closer look at the salary revelation. speaking of oprah, there she is, but she will be here in studio 57. we're very excited about that. news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes and counting, back to you guys. >> gayle, are you doing the interview with oprah. >> i might recues myself because i already know the answers to all of the questions. >> that is true. >> all right, thank you. see you guys. and we want to tell but this, actress hadden pentea air a she has been opened about her struggles since her daughter's birth since last december. she has a ten month-old with her fiance vladamire klitschko. >> good for her. two new jersey lawmakers want federal government to crackdown on possible cheaters in fantasy sports leagues like
6:51 am
fan dual and draft kings. senator robert menendez and congressman frank pallone are calling for congressional hearings. they want the federal trade commission to regulate what has evolved in a billion dollar on line industry big pay outs for winning bets. >> i don't think anyone anticipated these daily games, let alone for it to turn into a multi billion dollar industry with prizes, up to $2 million. >> the the calls follow word that employees of the two popular fantasy sites used inside information to win big. the american league will decide their championship opponent tonight but this morning cubs fans, they are celebrating like crazy. last night cubs won a post season series at rigali field for the first time ever. cubs eliminated st. louis cardinals six-four with three cubs hitting home runs in the game. national league championship series starts saturday as cubs will play either mets or dodgers. i think so many fans across the country if your team is not in it you you are pulling for the cubs.
6:52 am
>> one of our pro cuesers, jen connor, she must be loving this. she's from chicago. one cubs fan is celebrating her favorite team's success, 101 year-old loretta dolan has been attending games at wrigley field almost her entire life and keeping score. look at had had score book for every game. last time cubs made it to the world series loretta was 31. she goes back to the good old days. >> we used to take our own lunch, and pop, and we never paid anything. i just sit and cry when they don't win. >> makes you cry if they dent win. >> i understand. >> let's do it for loretta a she says cubs are very young this season but feeling confident there will be a world series at wrigley this fall. >> man, 101 years old, loretta doing it up i'm with her those hot dogs and soda get expensive at the ballgame. it would be nice to bring your own.
6:53 am
>> nice to byob at the ballpark. >> reminder to catch a new episode of survivor cambodia second chance at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. >> at 9:00 new criminal mind. a at ten code black an episode where doctors to have work 36 hours straight. that justice not fun. join ukee and jessica after that for "eyewitness news" at the
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6:57 am
three-year old boy in south jersey is found dead in the woods. >> this morning camden county investigators are sorting through mystery surrounding his death and who may be responsible. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins with us more, justin? >> reporter: good morning. very soon camden officials will resume their probe in the death of the three-year old brendan creato, and just how he went missing yesterday. last night a candle light vigil was held in brendan's honor. mourners gathered outside his haddon township home, where he was last seen alive. brenda an was reported missing at 6:00 a.m. yesterday and was found a few hours later, dead in wood off south park drive. sources say his parents have been questioned, but at this point there nor reports of an arrest. camden officials say autopsy is pend to go determine the cause of death. erika and nicole back to you. >> justin, thank you for that updates. in other headlines, reaction is pouring in following the first democratic presidential debate, of the campaign season. many pundits believe
6:58 am
enthusiasm is back on hillary clinton's side and bernie sanders is winning praise and twitter followers for his strong debate performance. i questions that is what it is all about twitter followers. philadelphia daily news reporting this morning that police commissioner charles ramsey plans to retire. mayor michael nutter had has a morning news conference, he is only saying that he will make an announcement about public safety. well, here's a story that is cracking up. >> yes, bride is usually star of her own wedding. >> but this weekend in california there was serious star power at one wedding reception. she had competition. a bride got marry at torey pines golf course getting ready for ceremony there when the president of the united states, shows up. >> yep,. >> updated at least it is the the president. >> exactly. >> the president was covering. the president obama posed with pictures as you can see right there and wished new mr. and mrs. all of the best on their big day. he had some advice but he is not saying what advice they gave him. >> based on the bride's face i
6:59 am
don't think he she minded one bit. >> not at all. >> really exciting memories to take from your memory and wedding days from the photo. >> yes. >> we necessity who will be appearing on their christmas card this year. >> we are feeling much more fall like. >> coldest air of the season is on the way. we are heading in the the heart of fall. that does happen. it goes downhill, with some temperatures by end of the week. mid 60's, a shower on friday and we will get chilly, we are talking about windy a as well with less in the 30's, sunday morning. okay, you guy, very serious accident schuylkill westbound before 30th street all lanes are block, we have a tow truck there trying to get it cleared out but not only affecting westbound lanes but affect in the eastbound side as well, i want to show you a quick backup camera, that is westbound side and eastbound side not looking any better, void the a area if you can. >> all right, thanks. >> next up on cbs this morning face the the nation hose john dickerson live with the debate analysis and as gayle mentioned oprah winfrey in the
7:00 am
studio. >> remember to join us bright and captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 14th, 2015. welcome to cbs. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clash on guns, wall street and foreign policy in the democrat's first presidential debate but they agree on the e-mails. a historic ruling blames a gun shop for a shooting that seriously wounded two police officers. and oprah winfrey will be in studio 57 about a project she calls the culmination of her life's work. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. everybody on this stage has changed its position. >> democratic socialism. >> donnell trum


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