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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i do blank to retiree negative first of the year. >> thank you, for making my city a safer city. >> mayor michael nutter braking down as his friend, police commissioner, charles ramsey, announces that he is stepping down. good afternoon everyone, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. commissioner ramsey leaves with a legacy of policing success, under him, the murder rate and overall crime rate have dropped. we want to get right taught
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todd quinones out for us this noon. todd? >> reporter: well, erika, police commissioner charles ramsey said he hopes he will be remembered as a man who was fair and as a man who worked hard to try and and improve the police department. >> thirty years in chicago, nine as chief in d.c. now 18 in philadelphia. and it has been good ride. i've been blessed. >> philadelphia police commissioner charges ramsey says it is time for him to step aside. i asked him why he wouldn't stay on the job for another year or two as the city transitions to now mayor, and is his replacement should come within the department. >> i think a new mayor needs to be able to pick his or her own team. and hit the ground running. there is a lot of talent inside our department. one individual, in particular, has been mentioned time and time again. that's first deputy rich ross. i couldn't agree more that he is capable of running this department, and if he doesn't run this one, he will run one somewhere else. that's the kind of talent this man has. having said that, it is not my
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choice, not me decision. >> during the announcement this morning at city hall mayor michael nutter became emotional as he thanked ramsey for his service. >> you have changed the culture of policing, in our great sit. >> i at the end of his press conference, ramsey thanked the families of the eight officers killed in the line of duty during his tenure. >> i just want to thank them for their sacrifice, for their strength, and their courage. i'll never forget them. i'll never forget them, as long as i live, i'll never forget them. so god bless you, thank you. >> reporter: well, ramsey also joked saying that he is not burned out. in fact, he is still in his prime but he says after 47 years, it is time to move on. reporting live from city hall, todd quinones, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". todd, thank you. the people of philadelphia are showing some brotherly love for commissioner ramsey. chris hood comment dollars on cbs philly facebook page, it
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will be difficult to replace such fine public servant. amy fell said: he gave police officers a good name in a time when so many are caught doing criminal abusive things. >> let us know what you think, about commissioner ramsey's retirement. connect with us on our cbs philly facebook page or on twitter, for more on his retirement go to our website more on this very big announcement as well as his history a statistics about his time as commissioner. authorities in camden county continue their investigation into the mysterious death of a three year old boy. our cleve bryan is live for us at haddon township police headquarters, with the latest details. cleve? >> reporter: well, the last new information we got from the camden county prosecutor's offers was almost 24 hours ago. and the status remains the same as of now. there was an autopsy performed, on three year old brandon createo. the result of autopsy are still pending, until they make final determination they can't rule whether he died accidentally, or if someone killed the boy and said person
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is still out on the loose. so here is what we know so far. around 6:00 a.m. yesterday police were alerted to the boy's disappearance from his home, on cooper street in haddon township. after searching for almost three hours, a k9 team discovered his body, in a wooded area a few blocks from the home and no word on thinks injuries or signs of now play. the last night there was vigil from relatives and family members, many tears shed, and lot of questions, but family, friends, of the boy, say that his father was being held for questioning, however, we haven't been able to get any information from officials, so, here we are, at haddon township police office waiting for the result of the autopsy, so if it is in fact ruled a homicide, and there are any arrests made, hopefully we're in a position to get all of that information. reporting live in haddon township, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" did still a lot of questions today, cleve, thank you. deadly crash also in camden county has claimed a life of
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an unidentified woman. it happened between 12:30 and 1:00 early this morning near sicklerville road in dickinson drive in gloucester township. it is not clear what caused the woman's car to go off the road and into the trees. there are no other injuries. >> griffin campbell is expected to take the witness stand today in his own defense. he was the owner of the company that was performing the demolition at 22nd and market back in june of 2013. that building collapse killing six people who happened to be inside the salvation army that was right next-door. campbell is charged with third degree murder, six count of involuntary manslaughter as well as other related crimes. >> well, it seems as the week goes on it is getting cooler and cooler outside. we want to head taught our skydeck, and we know you're not the kind of guy to wear a jacket in the 60s but cooler throughout? >> still real nice outside. this is where we should be this time of year. each day gets little cooler. wait for the weekends, talking about some of the coldest air of the fall season ahead.
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right now see mixture of sun and clouds, philadelphia one of the warm spots this hour, coming in at 67 degrees. again, that is the average temperature for this time of year. mid 60s in south jersey as well as lehigh valley, so overall it is comfortable across the lehigh vai i. suburb, low six of's at this hour, doylestown, 62 degrees, 63 quakertown. wind coming out of the west right now. nice little breeze, making it feel chilly out there specially when the sun goes behind some of the clouds. and there you have it on storm scan3, nice and quiet, no threat of any rain, maybe a sprinkle up into the poconos, that's it. just passing clouds from time to time through the afternoon, so call it mix of sun and clouds, seasonable temperatures in the upper 60s, nice breeze coming in out of the west northwest cooling things down little bit. high of 69 for philadelphia, upper 60s at the shore, with little bit more sunshine, and 50's in the poconos, with the chance for sprinkle, but we are talking about high temperatures, ten, 15 degrees below average, in the seven day forecast, we'll let you know when that arrives coming up in a few minute, back to you. >> justin, thanks very much. many gathered today to
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celebrate the life and the legacy of former philadelphia naacp president jerry mondesire. family and friends wore hat and boots to remember the activist unique style, mondesire was also a journalist, a businessman, and the founder of the pennsylvania association of black journalists. the celebration actually coincided with mondesire's birthday. today he would have been 66 years of age. >> the first democratic presidential debate is in the history books, and the leading candidates were the ones who shined brightest on the big stage. correspondent craig boswell has the highlight from the white house. >> him hillary clinton was flushed with excitement as she met with supporters during last night's debate. political pundants saying clinton won the debate by showing command of the issues and de flexing attacks while adding some jabs of her own. >> it is pretty standard tough enough on gun? >> no, not at all. senator sanders did vote five
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times against the brady bill. >> bernie sanders came to clinton's defense on controversial issue that dogged her campaign. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, thank you, me too. >> and while sanders proclaimed to be a democratic socialist, clinton portrayed herself as a frag ma tis. >> i'm progressive, but i'm a progressive to get things done >> sanders stuck to his themes, putting clinton to task. >> you do not, congress does not regulate wall street. wall street regulates congress. and you have got to break off -- >> clinton and saunders overshadowed the three other candidate in the room and the one potential candidate back in d.c. >> i think it closes an avenue. today talking about her performance, not the huge vacuum in the race that needs to be filled by a white night like joe biden. >> vice president biden watched the debate from his home while he decides whether or not he want to enter the race. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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and stay with cbs-3 and "eyewitness news" for all of the latest news on campaigning 2016. get the latest right here on tv or any time in lean at >> all right, talking sport right now. in the baseball playoffs are in full swing. >> and our phillies are making a move they hope puts them in the mix next season. current specialist, assistant andy mc hail has been elevated to the role of team president. macphail has been with the phillies since june, the 62 year old baseball veteran replaces pat gillick who was gm of the world series champs in 2008 and also interim president since august of last year. now, turn our attention to hockey. flyers will go for their second win in a row tonight, the defending stanley cup champions blackhawks are in town. before tonight's game the first will honor fan favorite kimmo timonen. retired after winning the stanley cup with the blackhawks last spring. he played in the nhl for 16 seasons, seven of them with the flyers, certainly fan favorite. >> absolutely, women, coming
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up here on cbs 3, "eyewitness news" at noon: plane slams into a neighborhood. it is caught on nearby surveillance camera. we are going to hear from resident about the terrifying crash that's coming up next. >> also, former nb a and reality tv star lam odom found unresponsive in a nevada brothel. what he supposedly ingested and how his ex chloe kardashian is doing that when we come right back.
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>> surveillance video shows a plane going down, palm springs, florida investigators say it happened last night, that plane crashed into two mobile homes. the plane's pilot was killed, as was a 21 year old woman, inside one of those homes. eyewitnesses saw that plane go down. you know how a plane should fly this way? it was just, i don't know, like the way it is on tv and movies when a plane goes out of control. >> i looked up, it was like there is wings straight up, like that, trying to stop t so with the knows straight up to the air. >> tried to go and save them. but there was too much. there was too much smoke. >> the identities of the victims have not been released. investigators say it is too early to speculate on the cause that far crash. well, a huge surprise this noon, for basketball and kardashian fans alike. >> well, ex nba star will ma'am oath em is fighting for his life after found
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unconscious in a nef at abroad he will. cbs news reporting odom is in critical condition at hospital. thirty-five year old found yesterday afternoon at the love ran in crystal, nef add a he gained more recent fame when he married reality tv star, chloe kardashian, two divorced in july, odom's personal trainer said his marital woes took a toll on him. >> his ex-wife texting each other about seeing each other, resolving things, then when he finally got out there, "tmz", it was really bad, it was not good, it was bad. so he gets a lot of calls and texts, so i don't know if that could have put him over the edge. >> well, there are reports that odom took herbal vie viagr, then drank part of bottle of on yack. completely inconsolable. >> another story this noon, certainly has a lot of people talking. an aunt, suing her nephew. >> well, coming yup she says that she had to sue the child after what she calls an overly
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aggressive hug. justin? >> okay, we're back to typical mid october temperatures today. but will start feeling like november in the seven day forecast. those details
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>> a lawsuit brought by an aunt against her young nef owe over a birthday hug. jennifer connell is being called the world's worth aunt. after claiming that her eight year old nephew knocked her down and broke her wrist. connell want add $100,000 for medical expenses. it took augur bye 20 minute to reject her claim. >> we just couldn't find, you know, liable for what happened. >> ludacrous. >> twelve, he is very independent and he is a good kid. >> well the boy lives with his father in connecticut. connell says that she had to sue because her insurance company wouldn't pay her bills. and what's so interesting, this story has hit a nerve with many people.
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megan lorraine pratt wrote this on the cbs philly facebook page: what is wrong with her? it is her nephew. it is family. she was simply -- he was simply over excited. you should feel the love that he has. not sue him for a hug. >> randy says: you have got to be kidding, right? i thought i heard it all until now. absolutely unbelievable. let us know on our cbs facebook and twitter pages. and i just can't imagine those poor end having to explain this to their son. >> exactly. >> your aunt is suing you because you hugged her too hard. >> aunt jen is a little craze. >> i oh, i know. hands shakes next birthday. >> just not too hard. >> so how about you? >> what do you have to say about the weather. >> weather, it is nice, if you like fall weather. this is typical mid october stuff we're dealing with today, then gets chilly for the week, talking november-like conditions, for the upcoming weekend, so if you are ready to break out the fall sweater that you purchased, you'll be able to do that this weekend, certainly saturday, sunday
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morning, we take you outside right now, nod bat beach day. again, sunshine, mixed with some clouds, looks like one person headed down to the beach in ocean sit. and again temperatures there mid six 60s, not quite as warm as yesterday, a we were in the 70s, but this is typical for the middle of october. so here's what is ahead. middle of the week again we cooled temperatures down where they should be. that's the trend. really once it again tomorrow, friday more clouds start to return, maybe couple of showers coming in here during the afternoon, it is a cold front that really bridges some colder air in for the weekend on saturday, and sunday, highs running good ten to 15 degrees below average. pretty much uniform temperatures right now, mix of sun and clouds, mid and upper 60s currently, 67 in millville. fifty-five mount pocono. some cooler air just to the north and west. buffalo at 52, 57 in state college. so, we won't be setting up for colder night tonight. clouds over us right now, you may get sprinkle or two up in the poconos, that's about it, we have the cold pocket of air rotating over us right now, producing some of the clouds.
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other than that, things pretty pleasant outside. high pressure will be in control for tomorrow. bringing back mostly sunny skies. highs once again in the mid 60s. and then into friday we go, high pressure start to move off shore. here comes the next weather maker, stronger cold front bridges the clouds in here maybe couple of showers scattered, not everybody sees it, highs on friday again in the 60s, then we really bring down the temperatures for the weekend. that front moves on through, northerly winds overtake the region, colder dry canadian air blitzed in, highs only in the 50's, saturday and sunday. through the rest of today, again, clouds, through peaks of sunshine from time to time. maybe stray shower in the poconos. tonight we clear it out. that sets up for colder night, could see 30's in the coldest suburbs early thursday morning, then into thursday afternoon nice and quiet, mostly sunny skies, here's friday, maybe couple of pop up showers, mid to late afternoon with that cold front. temperatures this afternoon, mid and upper 60s, right where they should be for this time of year. chilly tonight, 40's for the
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city so you know the suburbs are drop to lower 40's, perhaps even 30's specially north and west of the city. then slightly cooler on thursday, with highs in the mid 60s, so each day, just gets little colder. then here is what happens on the weekend, strong front moves in. there comes that cold air mass. highs ten to 15 degrees below average. check out sunday. 54 degrees, the forecast high. that's normal for the middle of november. waking up temperatures in the 30's. today seasonable, 59 degrees, sun and clouds, tonight chilly night, partly cloudy, in the 40's, here's the extended forecast, pleasant again on thursday with the sunshine mid 60s. friday, clouds, perhaps a shower, chilly, breezy, for the weekend, saturday and sunday, and again sunday morning, that will be the coldest morning in the 30's, could be some frost to deal with, as well. then next weekends little warmer back into the 60s. >> talk about frost already. >> i know. >> and it is october it, will happen. >> i know, it is inevitable, justin, thanks very much. time to check your philadelphia job
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cbs-3, "eyewitness
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>> coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 selfies while you shop. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with how yourself east can lead to discount, and even freebies, at some stores. that's today at a .
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>> and some very happy and warm campers today. >> oh, yes, thousands of philadelphia student receive brand new winter coats. "eyewitness news" at the convention center as the auto dealer caring for kids foundation handed out 7,000 coats, to those in need. children got to pick out and try on coats of every size and color it, look like, just in time for the chilly weather. 42,000 coats will be given out to low income for use. they'll need those this weekend. >> definitely. >> it is beautiful. they get brand new coat, so different than getting a hand me down. >> and picking it out yourself. >> the color that you want. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl, for justin, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues on line at the young and the restless is neck.
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