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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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where the the boy was last known to be, a alive, with his father, and as we speak to people here they are just desperate for more information. >> could not even imagine what those parents are going through. >> reporter: people in haddon township are beside themselves over the the death of the brand an creato, a vigil last night brought small town together but it doesn't dull the pain. >> i know last night i could not sleep. i didn't know the child. i didn't know the the family. but i could in the think about nothing else. >> reporter: k-9 team found the body at 9:00 a.m. tuesday at coupe are river park a half mile from where he was reported in missing at his father's apartment. >> 911 where us your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year oldies missing. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" , obtain the 911 call. >> you didn't hear or see anything, nothing like that. >> no, i just woke up and he wasn't in my house. i don't know what happened. i don't know where he is. door was unlocked. >> reporter: during the call
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you could hear people calling the toddler's name. >> brand an. >> it has been a living hell. >> reporter: carol deangelo lives across the street from dj creato and says she has known him and his father for 18 years. >> he was a great kid. i necessity, when stuff like this happens and everybody speculating on what is going on, you know, he wouldn't hurt a fly. >> reporter: but with investigators unable to determine if little brandon's death was accidental or a homicide uneasy feelings still fill the town. >> i just want to make sure that my kid are more safe, maybe not opened windows up at nighttime if he was ab ducked. >> reporter: today "eyewitness news" reached out to dj creato on his cell phone and answer, man on the other line said he was too upset to talk. reporting live from haddon township, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". emergency crews respond to reports of the pedestrian struck by a vehicle at action forward circle. chopper three was over p-2 hundred block of frontac street around 3:30 as one
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person was put on the stretcher and then taken to torresdale hospital. no word on the victim's condition or information on the driver of the vehicle. it is, the end of an another, philadelphia's top cop, police commissioner charles ramsey announced his retirement today. ramsey a's policies have drawn praise and criticism during his tenure. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at city hall with more, todd. >> reporter: jessica, after eight years on the job to day philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says it is time to have move on. >> i'm in my fourth seventh year of policing, and which is, you know, quite a bit. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner ramsey last day on the job will be january 7th. he announced his retirement just weeks about the the election to decide hot next mayor will be. >> i think new mayor need to be able to pick his own team, his or her own team and hit the ground running. there is a lot of talent, inside of our department. >> reporter: current mayor
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michael nutter praised ramsey saying he changed the culture of the police department for the the better. >> thank you for coming to philadelphia thank you for making my city, the safer city. >> reporter: nutter noted a a 33 percent drop in the homicide rate during ramsey's tenure as commissioner and the six five-year old said he has had a blessed career and talks about how he hopes to be remember. >> i would hope that people see me as being fair and being someone who really work hard to make this city, and this department bitter. >> reporter: at a merit ceremony this afternoon at police union lodge we caught up with high ranking members of the department. >> we're very proud of the job that he did. i think real test is, this police department is certainly a much better, much more professional, much better performing organization today then it was when he took over eight years ago. >> he brought a lot to the city. arguablably one of the biggest names in law enforcement in this country. i don't think anybody can even
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doubt that. >> reporter: richard ross, whom you just saw there, is named as a possible front run tore replace ramsey and today ramsey says ross, there is no one better in the country. reporting live tonight at police headquarters in center city, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thanks very much. commissioner ramsey is national thely recognized in law enforcement, as we heard from todd's piece there. earlier this year president obama appointed ramsey as co chair of his task force on 21st century policing. in a statement from the president he said that from chicago, to tc, to philadelphia a, commissioner ramsey has always supported our men and women in uniform and the the communities that they bravely served and protect each and every day. i'm extraordinarily grateful for chuck's service and wish him an enjoyable and restful retirement. tonight at 6:00 we will more on commissioner ramsey's retirement and his impact on the philadelphia community. you can head over to cbs for history and statistics about his time as commissioner.
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police in delaware are investigating the suspicious death of the five five-year old psychiatrist. chopper three over the scene in hockessin new castle county in the sand forward rigs community. doctor's daughter called 911. shortly after that a man called 911 to claim spent for the death of the woman, and was taken into custody. no other suspects are being sought at this time. returning to weather, another pleasant day but get ready for a big cool day. by the the weekend temperatures could dip in the 30's. meet the role goodies lauren casey is in for kate bilo, break it down, lauren. >> feeling very pleasant right now, starting off with the sunshine but cloud did roll in the afternoon. we can see those cloud on storm scan three few showers across western pennsylvania but we will stay dry heading in the evening hours and as temperatures continue to will cool, the cloud deck will continue to decrease, and we're sitting at 67 degrees right now in philadelphia right at our average high but little bit cooler toward
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trenton. 64 degrees right now. temperatures in the middle 60's down the the shore. the little bit of the breeze right now out of the west northwest up around 13 miles an hour but a as we head in, that breeze will weigh in, light wind overnight tonight. cloud deck continuing to decrease and becoming mostly clear by 11:00 o'clock hour. temperatures cooling down in the upper 50's by 11:00. we will drop down in the 40's overnight tonight but talking about some 30's for overnight lows as we head in the upcoming weekend and i'll have details coming up in just a couple minutes, guys. >> all right, thanks very much. we have new information tonight on the vandalism of cars blanking to the villanova university football team and their staff. it is a story we first told but last month. take a a look at this surveillance video police are searching for this suspect seen using a credit card stolen from one of those card at a nearby luk oil gas station. the vandalism took place between september 2nd and 3rd when the teen levittown foresees on opener.
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radnor police say suspect broke into more than 13 vehicles at villanova stadium. >> broke passenger windows, driver side windows, and there was one that was a jeep where the the side of the jeep was actually cut. >> if you recognize the the suspect in the surveillance video call the police. man who owns the construction company responsible for the deadly market street collapse testified in his own defense today. griffin campbell is charged with third degree murder, six counts of involuntary manslaughter and related crimes for demolition his company performed at 22nd and market in june of 2013. the building collapse killing six people inside the salvation army thrift store next door. many gathered in north philadelphia today for a celebration of jerry mondesire's life. the journalist, businessman and former philadelphia naacp president, passed away last week. the celebration of life, which coincided with his birth date, was attended by many family members and friend including mayor nutter, jim kenney, and
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district attorney seth williams. former nba and reality tv star lemar odom has been hospitalized and fighting for his life after police found him unconscious at the a nevada a brothel. >> entertainment tonight has an exclusive interview with the brothel owner and kevin frazier has latest from outside the hospital in las vegas. >> reporter: chloe kardashian has been at his bedside talking to him in hopes that he can hear her and so many friend and family have a arrived here at sunrise hospital, that they are all, praying for lemar. now according to a source close to the family inside the hospital, yesterday it was touch and go for lemar. he had a heart attack, some of his organs failed and that is why a coma was induced. now, according to one source inside the hospital, the closest family i spoke with while they wouldn't comment directly on lemar's condition they did say today is better than yesterday. what i do know is he has been responsive and that is why
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chloe is by his side talking to him. same goes for other family members who have arrived they are talking to lemar in hopes that he can hear them. what led up to this tragedy. here's the the weekend time line. on saturday lemar arrived at the love ranch south a legal brot until crystal, nevada. we sat down with the owner dennis huf. >> we pick him up, brought him out, great mood, ready to have a good time. just wanted to getaway for a few days. >> reporter: lemar check into this room, hof claims the reality star was seen taking herbal viagra. >> we heard from my people eight or ten pills. >> reporter: then on tuesday, his fourth day at the ranch, two women found him unconscious. >> we call 911. he started throwing up, a lot, so he was breathing, and then the ambulance and the police came and took him to the valley hospital where they said he was in bad shape. >> reporter: lemar, who is 6-foot ten, was taken by ambulance to sunrise hospital and medical center.
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>> how did lemar look? he looked awful. he looked like a guy really sick and needed to be rush to thee mergecy room immediately. >> reporter: we will have much more on tonight's et. right now back to you. you can see all that information on entertainment tonight at 7:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. new at 6:00 authorities say odom was too call to be transport by a medical helicopter to the hospital, and we will hear from local air medics about regulations in our area, again, that is coming up at 6:00. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a terrifying crash caught on cameras a plane slams in the neighborhood, hear from residents who saw it happen. she's being called the worst aunt ever for suing her 12 year-old nephew and tonight new developments in the case that is now making national headlines. what you may not necessity about diet supplements, health reporter stephanie stahl has new information just released about the supplements sending thousands to the hospital every year. also this... i'm pat gallon. on monday night it is eagles
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and giants for first place in the nfc east. really it is all about the rival willry. we will tell but that coming up in sports.
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surveillance video shows
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plane going down in a residential neighborhood have of palm springs, florida. investigators say it happened last night a plane crashed into two mobile homes. the plane's pilot was killed as was 21 year-old woman in one of the homes. eyewitnesses saw the plane going down. >> you know how planes should fly this way? it was just, i don't know like it is on tv and movies when a plane goes out of control. >> the the wings were straight up, like that, trying to stop itself. nose was straight up in the air. >> there is just too much smoke. >> reporter: identities of the victims have not been released. investigators say, it is too early to speculate on the cause of the crash. new developments in the case of the aunt suing her nephew over a hug. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao tells you it didn't take long for a jury to make a decision in a case that has a lot of people talking. >> reporter: she's being called the world's worst aunt for suing her nephew over an enthusiastic hug.
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>> why did you take your nephew to court. >> reporter: no comment from jennifer connell as she left bridgeport connecticut courthouse. the it didn't take 30 minutes for six member jury to clear her nephew of any wrongdoing. >> just could not find, know, liable for what happened. >> reporter: connell, sued her 12 year-old nephew after attending his birthday party in west port, connecticut in 2011. on the stand she said her nephew was exited to see her when she got to his house and leaped into her arms. connell went on to say in her complaint that her nephew caused her to fall by knocking her to the ground resulting in severe personal injury, drug a fracture requiring surgery, and connell still wears an arm cast and received more than hundred thousand dollars to pay for her medical bills. but after a two day trial the the jury decided not to award conn will he will a cent. now neither 12 year-old nor his father who he lived with were in the courtroom when the verdict came down but their west port neighborhood isn't surprised by the outcome. >> he is 12. he is very independent.
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he is a good kid. >> reporter: jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". conn em's lawyers say her nephew parent's insurance company would not pay for the medical bills and she had no choice but to sue to pay those medical bills. she was never looking for money for her nephew. on healthwatch tonight, american spend $15 billion on diet try supplements each year but a new study from cdc find in many cases, the supplements are actually harmful. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on this new study, stephanie. >> reporter: a lot have people don't realize over the the count are supplements can be dangerous among the issues describe in the new cdc report, young children ending up in the emergency department after getting into supplements meant for adults, including multi vitamins and sleep aids. three years ago christopher herrera took green tea extract and other diet supplements to lose weight. >> after taking the one, i would have to start taking two a day.
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>> reporter: then is a 15 christopher ended up hospitalized with liver problems after family members noticed his eyes were yellow. >> i had had to have the doctor tell me every day that christopher had a 50 percent chance of dying and not making it. >> reporter: his case is extreme but new cdc study shows diet supplements are responsible for 23,000 emergency room visits each year. and 2,000 hospitalizations. young adults make up more than a quarter of those visits, with a majority having adverse reactions to weight loss and energy supplements. >> increased heart rate, or irregular heartbeats, or chest pain, we're common among patient was problems of energy or weight loss supplements. >> reporter: for old's dult the biggest problem was risk of choking. herrera spent months recovering and says if he ever tries losing weight again, it won't be with supplements. >> i will play basketball and start running, every day. >> good idea, right.
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>> reporter: experts say it is important to consult a doctor before taking any supplement, unlike pharmaceutical, companies don't have to prove diet supplement works or is even safe but f.d.a. can remove a product if it is found to be dangerous. hard to keep up with all this stuff. you have to be careful. >> and some of it is claimed to be natural, and it doesn't work. lauren casey joining us now with a look at the weather. the it turned out to be a sunny day that evolved into clouds out there. >> yeah, temperatures warmed up from those cumulus cloud but as temperatures cooled down, clouds dissipating making for a nice evening. temperatures feel good. very seasonable right now. hanging out in the 60's. the not a bad looking fall beach day getting a live look from neighborhood network camera at rehoboth beach, looking good. 65 degrees. clouds on the scene there but as we head in the next couple of hours, some clouds will be difficulties pennsylvania pating, we have west northwesterly wind at 9 miles an hour. storm scan three no showers to worry about the in the cloud deck already starting to thin
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out in some locations and that remember will continue over the next couple of hours. we will see more in the way have of sunshine over the next couple of hours before that sun does come to set, at about an hour from now. temperatures, feeling all right. 65 degrees right now in millville. we are at 66 in atlantic city. sixty-four in pemberton. our average high temperature mid to upper 60's. hanging out around average. fifty-six in voorhees. 67 degrees in fill. the as we move northbound the coolest temperatures mount pocono 54 degrees right now but feeling good in allentown and a cool 63 degrees. we have high pressure in control that will bring us another nice day for tomorrow, that is stable, air that will keep sunshine in effect. high temperatures in the 60's. so again feeling seasonal but a as we head into the next coming days, we will see a cold front dropping through, so, cold front moving in for the first half of the day on friday. we will see increasing cloud ahead of the the boundary. maybe a few sprinkles in the morning but if you leave without the umbrella you will be okay. cold front will drop through
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late day on friday, and then that cooler air spills in on the back side as we head in the upcoming weekend. our temperatures take a big tumble. the breeze kicks up with highs only in the 50's and overnight lows falling down in the 30's. so it definitely will be feeling like fall so maybe a good time to get out there and enjoy that fall foliage as we head in the upcoming weekend because conditions will be dry, we will have a lot of sunshine around, and the leaves will start to turn over right now especially up towards the poconos seeing high foliage turn over right now. so, some beautiful yellow, reds, orange so make a trip up to the poconos with our nice weather in store. even for tomorrow, really nice conditions, mostly sunny high temperatures running very seasonal up in the mid to upper 60's. still in the 50's by 10:00 o'clock hour. by 1:00 we are up to 64 degrees. sixty-five by 4:00 o'clock hour and temperatures in the upper 50's as we head into tomorrow evening. overnight the tonight falling down in the upper 40's, as below average for us, decreasing cloud, chilly, we
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will need that jacket the and start things off tomorrow morning and then by the afternoon feeling very comfortable, 66 degrees, very quiet. wednesday on the lighter side, and mostly sunny conditions and then there is that fall chill down as we head in the start of the weekend. high temperatures only in the upper 50's as we head into saturday. the breezy conditions and starting out with a little bit of the chill. temperatures there in the middle 40's. we do have some cooler eras we head into sunday as well talking about overnight lows that will eventually fall down into the the 30's and we will have all details on that coming up in the extended forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> thirty's here we come. >> good to see you lauren, thank you. still a head on eye witt the necessary news strike a pose, more and more stores are offering selfie stand, three on your side with how it can get you discounts. no more mr. nice girl or gal, jennifer lawrence takes a stance on wage in equality in hollywood. ukee, 90 miles not far enough, for the first time this season it is philly verse
5:22 pm
new york, eagles verse giants and what the players are saying about their heated rival in monday night
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we call it eagles against the giants. >> yes. >> eagles and giants. >> it will be a good one. >> you know it is, it always is when these two hook up. chip kelly wears green but he loves seeing blue. head coach three and one against the giant and he will look to improve that record on monday night football. rivalry dates back to 1933 abe our pat gallon gets you ready for the latest installment. >> eli not only makes quick read and gets it out of his hand if there is pressure he throws it away. >> reporter: that is billy davis talking about the giants offense and that is important but eagles/giants it is all about the rivalry. lane johnson sums it up nicely. >> just so much hatred between each other for the past decade. >> reporter: twice a year eagles battle their most hated fauxes and this is one of their games especially on a
5:26 pm
machine night that has a little extra meaning. >> we have a lot of motivation. with the bye week it is turned up because it is monday night and we are going all black. you know what happened last time we wore all black. i'm hoping we can continue that same streak. >> you get a little bit more juice to play these games. we have to see these guys two times a year. we know them, we're familiar with them. the there is not much you can do to fool one another. it is showing up to see who can punch harder. >> some of the most memorable moments in franchise history of been made in the match ups with the new york giants. we have seen brian westbrook heroics plus two miracles at the meadow land. >> he is running away, in the end zone, and the eagles have won it. >> once again two team will get together with something meaningful on the line and while we are entering week six of the nfl season, first place for eagles sound good. from the novacare complex, pat
5:27 pm
gallon, "eyewitness sports". all right, pat, thank you. they will be wearing those all black uniforms, love it when they rock that look. they will get turned up. >> 2t's. >> yes. >> that is when you are going next level will. >> yes, we we do shows and turn it for the people. >> get down and turn it up. thanks, sir. coming up next on "eyewitness news" front runner dominated the first democratic presidential debate and also, gets an assist from her closest rival. we will get the latest on campaign 2016. wal-mart customers gets quite a rise when rows of halloween costumes are set on fire. whole thing is on camera and we have that
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here's is what happening,
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philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will retire effective january 7th, after eight years as the the city's top cop. ramsey announced his decision during a news conference at city hall today. an autopsy, has been completed on three-year old brendan creato but there is still no cause of death, the the little boy was found dead early yesterday in the wooded section of cooper river park. and ex-nba star lemar odom is in critical condition tonight after being found unresponsive in a nevada a brothel. there are reports that the former husband of chloe kardashian took herbal viagra and donkey battle of alcohol. lauren. >> we have cloud today but we stayed dry. we have a chance of the shower as we head into friday but or wise dry conditions for about the next 24 hours but temperatures will take a big tumble, talking about some 30's for lows, 50's for highs and we will show that to you in your extended forecast, just how chilly we will get a as we head in the upcoming weekend and when you need to break out those winter coats. >> lauren, thank you. in campaign 2016,
5:32 pm
democrats held their first debate in las vegas last night and it was leading candidates who shined bright on the big stage. cbs news reporter craig boswell had more from the white house. >> we're going to win. >> reporter: hillary clinton remains in vegas to rally democrats after tuesday's presidential debate. >> i am a progressive but progressive who likes to get things done. >> reporter: clinton didn't shy away from attacks saying bernie sanders has been soft on gun control. >> senator sanders did vote five times against the brady bell. >> reporter: sanders more than held his own and delivered the line of the night. >> but the the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your dam e-mails. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: sanders campaign says it has raised 1.3 million-dollar since the start of the debate. >> bernie sanders had a strong night. but if you are a supporter of bernie sanders you walk a away feeling good about his performance. >> reporter: democratic strategies doing thornel said clinton's performance didn't
5:33 pm
slam door on vice-president joe biden but he has to decide soon if he wants to get in the race. >> mechanics take time and he is running out of time. >> reporter: biden gave no hints about his plans on wednesday. more than 15 million people tuned into watch tuesday night's debate. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". senator's debate performance helped his bank account. his campaign raised 1.3 million-dollar, 37,000 dollors in the hours after that debate. stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for all of the latest news on tampa pain 2015. you can get the the latest on tv and anytime at cbs police in israel said they have stopped a stabbing attack in jerusalem as the region struggles to contain violence. israeli police say they are not taking any chances after more than a dozen stabbing attacks in the last two weeks, that have targeted jews. there have been four attacks in just the past 24 hours. police fired smoke bombs at a group of palestinian in bethlehem hoping to prevent more violence at checkpoints
5:34 pm
that have been set up. the a attacks began last month when israeli politicians tried to restrict palestinian access to the mosque, one of the islam's most holy sites. the family of the boy bless by pope francis has received more than hundred you this dollars in donation. clouds funding page for michael keith to go buy a handicap van is making national headlines today. of the $114,000 raised, 50,000 have of it came from hollywood director jj abrams and his wife. ten year-old michael has cerebral palsy. pope francis asked for forgiveness today for recent scandals in the vatican and rome. he did not give specific example of what he is asking forgiveness for but many speculate he is referring to the firing of the gay vatican monsignor, and the resignation of the rome's mayor. francis toll the audience at st. peters square scandal is inevitable but wow to the man who causes such scandal.
5:35 pm
pennsylvania budget battle raises on many programs are caught in the cross fire among them programs responsible for helping victims of domestic violence. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has details. >> reporter: here in montgomery county there are two domestic violence organizations that are funded by our state but with our states budget at impasse the doors on both of them could close permanently. after having moved with her fiance, to norristown four years ago, t thewanda found herself in trouble. >> shortly there have after our relationship turned violent and i sought out women's center for help, as a way to get out, stay out, and to keep safety. >> how are you doing. >> i'm doing fine. >> reporter: to this day she uses montgomery county women's shelter for continued counseling. >> you're career minded. you are looking for a career. >> reporter: and job searches. >> my family is in the local here. i use women's center as a second home. >> hello, women's center. >> reporter: that could change if the state budget, is not
5:36 pm
resolved. >> if this budget is not passed, our doors will have to close. we have been in operation since 1976. >> reporter: denise flynn is program director of the women's shelter and already her small facility has had to clash services a lot of them don't have fund. they are starting from scratch. we help them with relocation funds. that is held up now. we cannot offer that today. >> reporter: it could now face closure. >> i'm frustrated. i'm past angry. i'm worried. i'm concerned. >> reporter: path coalition against domestic violence says this women's shelter is just one of 60 domestic violence shelters in the state that could see cuts and closures by novas the state's budget remains in limbo and leaves her unsure of a resolution happening quickly. >> we get people that come here and they are in crisis and they are looking for answers and they are looking for solutions and they are looking to be heard. if these doors are closed, where would they go. >> i'm extremely grateful and
5:37 pm
i hope they can find a way to keep the center opened. >> reporter: in norristown greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a 40 year-old man is in custody for allegedly setting fire to halloween costumes inside a california wal-mart. police say the man was inside the store for three hours before video captured by a shopper shows him pouring accelerant and igniting those costumes in the halloween aisle. the suspect was taken to the hospital, for evaluation, no one inside the store was hurt. still to come on "eyewitness news" uber's big data breach, the personal information, of hundreds of people have been exposed. and then selfies while you shop, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side to show you how yourself ease can lead to discount and free byeness some stores. she's one of the hollywood's most bankable female stars but jennifer lawrence is speaking out against wage disparity in tinseltown. we will have more on her equal pay crusade when we come right back.
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uber is apologizing after a date breach exposes personal information, the ride on company says information like social security numbers, were exposed to thousands of its drivers. cot release aid new app to help drivers manage their accounts but a security glitch gave employees using the site access to other driver's sensitive documents. well, concerns of salmonella promoted dole to recall, bags of fresh spinach. the possibly tainted veg writes distributed in 13 states, including pennsylvania and new jersey. no illnesses have been reported but lab testing found evidence of the salmonella in a random sample of the product. the at affect bags have a best buy date of october 15th. oscar winning actress jennifer lawrence is taking a stand against pay in equality
5:42 pm
in hollywood. her fight began when information leak in the sony hack, revealed she was making less than her male co stars in the film american hustle will. in a essay she pend for lena dunham's naus letter lawrence was mad at herself for not negotiating for more money. >> she's taking a responsibility, she's shedding a light on the fact that women for years have been seen as spoiled, or naive as they ask for anything more. >> bradley cooper made more than lawrence in american hustle and he says he supports lawrence, telling entertainment tonight saying is there a double standard in the whole world. >> we've got m
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"eyewitness news" at the convention center as auto dealers caring for kids foundation gave out 7,000 coats to will local children in, need. the students, are all from the philadelphia cool district and got to pick out and try on coats this different colors, driving away cold will give away 42,000 coats, that will get you through november. very nice. pennsylvania teenager battling cancer will have a special day for home coming.
5:46 pm
>> yes, marcus jozy asked miss new jersey lindsey to the dance and marcus has been sidelined from football and basketball since being diagnosed, in april. after hearing his story, lindsey says there is no way that she could turn him down. >> battling cancer at such a young age and being a two sport athlete i wanted to make his home coming special to him. >> reporter: they will visit patients at hershey medical center together. >> very nice. lauren is in the house to talk about our weather. folks will be turning up the heat just a little bit. >> yes. >> it is going to get a little chilly. thirty's in the overnight lows for the weekend. fall is upon us. today temperatures feeling g hit right around. we did have clouds in the afternoon but now starting to clear things out and nice evening, shaping up. getting a live look, hi there roof cam here from the cbs-3 studios. sky cam three is showing us, and cloud are still in place. lower cumulus cloud starting to dissipate as temperatures begin to cool and that will be
5:47 pm
the effect a as we head in the next couple of hours, and because we will see the skies clearing on out, temperatures will cool down pretty efficiently as well. right now we will check with our eyewitness weather watchers and see what they have got going on. we have a couple good pictures to show you as well. temperatures consistent from weather watchers, at this hour generally in the 60's right now. sixty-three right now. we will look at willingboro, new jersey, and he has commentary to tell us about. kenneth says good day to do anything that you have in mind. the nice conditions, today. very pleasant. felt breezy there for a bit but wind are starting to, now relax as we head into the next couple of hours and into the evening. and, temperatures, moving north and west, 62 degrees right now from our eyewitness weather watcher jeromy blue bell, pennsylvania. he had commentary as well, fall colors in the profile picture there we are full any to fall and that is certainly the case.
5:48 pm
temperatures are dropping. we have canadian air set to spill in but temperatures right now feeling all right and storm scan three is showing us some showers, well up win. we will deal with dry conditions as we head in the next several hours and overnight tonight and already starting to see those cloud, dissipate now, looking much thicker a at beginning of the satellite loop. again we will see clearing trend over next couple of hours setting us up for mostly clear night. temperatures feeling comfortable. 67 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-six in ac. little bit cooler in mount pocono as is usual trend 54 right now. we are talking about much cooler heading further north. temperatures in northern canada down in the teens and 20's. we will get a taste of this arctic eras we head in the upcoming weekend. it will start to push our temperatures town. we have been, seasonal over last several days, tomorrow again, temperatures will run in the 60's, friday will be a bit cooler, pushing down in the middle 60's and then much
5:49 pm
cooler by saturday and sunday with high temperatures only in the 50's. our highs as far as averages should be in the mid to upper 60's, so 50's will be chilly for us and we will see the big cool down because we do have high pressure in control to our south keeping us sunny tomorrow but check out that frontal boundary to the north keeping that cold canadian air bottled up behind it. but once that cold front comes through into friday we could see few showers in the advance of the frontal boundary and more so friday morning and clearing out for friday afternoon. that will open up the door to allow that canadian air to spill in for upcoming weekend and temperatures will take a tumble. offer night the tonight just a touch chilly dropping down in the upper 40's. north westerly wind relax a bit at five to 10 miles an hour. tomorrow another nice looking fall day. temperatures seasonal. in the middle 60's. mostly sun which a westerly wind and five to 10 miles an hour range. looking good anywhere you are heading tomorrow down the shore mostly sunny.
5:50 pm
sixty-five. little cooler in the poconos. the bit more cloud cover to the north and west with high temperatures in the upper 50's. around 58 degrees. the as we look toward upcoming weekend we are taking a big drop in philadelphia a, 57 in the delaware valley for high temperature. breezy on both saturday and sunday and we are starting off in the 30's. 39 degrees to kick things off into sunday morning. monday morning still down into the the 30's as well, on tuesday, we're starting to see rebound mostly sunny for upcoming weekend. we will have a nice sunny stretch as those temperatures start to climb backup and we're eventually up in the upper 60's by next wednesday. >> lauren, thanks very much. more and more stores have found new way to promote their business. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan will show you how companies are trying to capitalize on it. >> if you can do it better than i can. >> ill a's do all of your work. >> there is in better advertising then word of mouth or in this case sharing a selfie. like most millennials,
5:51 pm
cristina takes plenty of selfies. >> it is a funny way to communicate to friend quickly what is going on in my world. >> reporter: that is exactly the trend businesses are banking on. >> people are obsessed with taking pictures of what they eat. >> reporter: it why is the ceo of juice generation installed this selfie wall, customers can snap and post it on social media. >> especially today, if you don't document it, it didn't happen. >> reporter: plenty of other business uses cameras so customers can promote at in box nails clients can get a photo box pick of their manicured nails giving paint box the perfect advertisement. >> we're living through the the the greatest communication shift of our time report this social media expert gary says this strategy is changing the way companies get the word out. >> it has change everything because customers have louder voices and can reach more people, way you market and have to get to people happens in the social first environment. >> reporter: selfie experts san reward them with discounts and free stuff.
5:52 pm
>> we live in the world where people want to share what they do, their every move. >> reporter: businesses are giving them an easy way to to do it. >> by the the way there are web sites, where companies ask consumers to take selfies with products and then if they like them they pennsylvania pay for using photos. foap and scoop shot air machining those sites. i will post links on cbs and facebook and twitter. >> ready, there we go, bang, put it on facebook. >> little blurry okay, we tried. >> selfie on the fly. >> thanks very much. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", a market that employs the the homeless and brings farm fresh produce to areas that might not have easy access. i will she you mission of the mobile farmers market coming up in today's brotherly love, we will be right back.
5:53 pm
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vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. a new mobile farmers market has rolled into chester county and it is selling fruits and vegetables where people might not be able to get them. >> its employees are home less. market was created by not profit good samaritan shelter to get their clients back on their feet. >> so the they are right outside over here we have local produce, organic. >> reporter: twenty-four year-old john termini gives us a tour inside the nourish
5:57 pm
mobile market a brightly painted trailer with shelves of fruits and vegetables. >> it is like an ice cream truck but healthier. >> reporter: on this day it is parked next to the phoenixville area senior center in a community like phoenixville it is just wonderful because not everyone has a car. >> reporter: john was first employee of the market. he is also, home less. >> we have a cliche here, image of what homelessness is, that person, in the subway, that is begging for money or someone like that. >> reporter: good samaritan shelter in phoenixville started the project specifically to provide jobs to people like job. >> imagine a guy coming into a shelter and being at a low point in his life and we are able to provide him were not the just safe place to live but also with a job. >> reporter: donations are paying salaries starting at $12 an hour. >> we have four employees right now, we're pagan average of almost double minimum wage to our staff and really helping build them up and get them back on the road to independent. >> face-to-face i have always been kind of nervous and shy. it moves me out of my comfort
5:58 pm
zone. >> reporter: trailer, complete with the ramp was custom made paid for with donations of hundred thousand dollars from the community. >> thank you so much we will appreciate it. >> reporter: john hopes to save enough money to get his own place and give this job to the next person who needs a hand. right now nourish mobile market is on campaign to raise $4,000. if they are close a foundation has promised to match it. to help them reach that goal, go to cbs hopefully you can help out. >> wishing them the best. >> that will do it the for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> still no answers in the mysterious death of the three-year old boy in haddon township. we are live with the latest on that investigation. end of an era philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey announced his retirement. we will hear from the community he serves about his legacy, lauren? >> reporter: high temperatures have been running at or above average over last several days but we have a fall cool down in store. we can expect high temperatures in the lower 50's coming up.
5:59 pm
lemar odom was reportedly too tall to be air lifted to a hospital after he was found unconscious in nevada so how do hell helicopter in our area stack up. i'm alexandria hoff with more coming up. more than a day later the mystery remains, three-year old bread an creato was found dead in the woods just blocks from his home yesterday morning and at night we still do in the necessity how the toddler was kill. also tonight we are hearing 911 calls from right after brendan's disappearance. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in haddon township tonight. cleve, what can you tell us. >> reporter: i have been in constant contact with the authorities trying to get new fur but nothing coming out since yesterday afternoon, what is new is that we were able to obtain a 911 call placed from the father lives inside these apartments,
6:00 pm
the last known place, where people saw brendan creato. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year oldies missing. >> reporter: confusion and fear could describe this 911 call placed by dj creato around 6:00 o'clock tuesday morning. he says his year-old son brendan last seen wearing red pajamas was missing in their cooper street apartment. >> you didn't hear or see anything or nothing like that. >> no, i just woke up and he wasn't in my house. i don't know what happened. i don't know where he is. door was lock. >> reporter: a neighborhood search ensued but came to a halt around 9:00 a.m. when a k-9 team found brandon's body a at coupe are river park a half mile from home. >> we all just wanted to help. when we got the news it was heart breaking. >> reporter: last night family, friend, neighbors gathered for a vigil but with a new day comes no new answers. the camden county prosecutor's office say autopsy did not the reveal how the little will boy died. they won't say if it a appears


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