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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the last known place, where people saw brendan creato. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year oldies missing. >> reporter: confusion and fear could describe this 911 call placed by dj creato around 6:00 o'clock tuesday morning. he says his year-old son brendan last seen wearing red pajamas was missing in their cooper street apartment. >> you didn't hear or see anything or nothing like that. >> no, i just woke up and he wasn't in my house. i don't know what happened. i don't know where he is. door was lock. >> reporter: a neighborhood search ensued but came to a halt around 9:00 a.m. when a k-9 team found brandon's body a at coupe are river park a half mile from home. >> we all just wanted to help. when we got the news it was heart breaking. >> reporter: last night family, friend, neighbors gathered for a vigil but with a new day comes no new answers. the camden county prosecutor's office say autopsy did not the reveal how the little will boy died. they won't say if it a appears accidental or someone killed
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him. >> it has been a living hell. >> reporter: family friend carol deangeles says even though the boy was last in his father's care she hopes people will not jump to conclusion. >> we have known those people for 18 years that we have lived here. for something like this to happen, it is just absolutely devastating. >> reporter: we reached out to the father, dj creato on his cell phone. somebody answered but said they were too upset to talk. we tried to reach out to other relatives. they are not wanting to speak with the media right now. speaking to people in the neighborhood they say with no answers it leaves them worried of just what if, is there somebody out there they should be worried about their families? reporting live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right cleve, thank you for the update. suspicious death of the psychiatrist in delaware is prompting a police investigation. chopper three over the scene in hockessin new castle county in the sandford ridge community. five five-year old's daughter called 911 when she found her mother and shortly after that a man called 911 to claim
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responsibility for the death of the woman. that man was taken into custody and in other suspects are being sought at this time. some breaking news now a 91 year-old woman is hit by a septa bus. chopper three over fifth and god fry in east oak lane. bus was turning left on to godfrey from fifth. victim was reportedly walking with her care giver at the time. that woman was rushed to einstein medical center and is in extremely critical condition. after eight years as philadelphia's atop cop police commissioner charles ramsey announced his retirement today. ramsey's last day on the job will be january 7th, during a news conference at city hall mayor michael nutter praised ramsey saying he changed the culture of the police department for the the better. the six five-year old said he had a blessed career and talk about how he hopes to be remembered. >> certainly, the drop in crime. i'm not satisfied with it the but it is better then it was. you have to keep pushing forward and try to make it better and better and better. i don't know fit is practical
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to think you will ever get down to zero but closer we push toward that goal, the better off we are as a city. i'm's in the tired. i'm not burned out. in fact, i'm actually in my prime. so there is a lot of things that i still plan to do, in the the area of policing, but it is time to move to another level and i think i can have a great impact nationally. >> all right. we certainly wish him well. when asked about who should replace him ramsey mentioned richard ross as a good choice. while many expected today's announcement to come at some point people around town still say they were a bit shock. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us at independent mall getting reaction from the residents, rahel. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. a lot of people saying really positive things actually about commissioner ramsey. so for that reason not everyone was thrilled that he is leaving. the on the other hand some say that not enough was done to fight crime.
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so maybe change is a good thing. as news of commissioner charles ramsey a's retirement made its way around town so did we. in south philadelphia, some were disappointed and said ramsey made officer seem more approachable. >> giving people a better feel for cops instead of looking out as robots. >> reporter: in north philadelphia just off broad street reactions were milk. >> he had a point where he would put a stop to stuff. he is retiring that will never take place. >> ain't doing nothing but murdering. all he worried about hoist out here on the corner. >> reporter: with 47 years of law enforcement the experience ramsey came out of retirement to serve as philadelphia's top cop. he has been here for nearly eight years. one of his popular initiatives included foot patrols for officers. >> you can touch them, feel them, talk to them, and it made him more realistic to the people. it made them more human. >> reporter: twitter was also a buzz with reactions, chuck connection letter writes in part he has changed policing, audry snyder, thank you for
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your service. >> i think it is to the good for philly. >> familiar are ramsey from her washington d.c. days and now here in fill's said his lead are ship was here. >> i have been here 12 or 13 years here and when i first moved to philadelphia, yeah, there has been a huge improvement. >> reporter: now after so many years in law enforcement, the question some are left with is what is next for ramsey and is what next for the city of philadelphia. >> as we heard earlier, there is speculation that ramsey may move into some sort of national position, today as he looked back on his career he said it a has been a good ride. he has been blessed. he is expected to go in retirement in january. reporting live rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. our coverage of the commissioner's retirement continues on line, head to cbs for statistics about his time as police commissioner. the chillies here. feeling more like fall and it is about to get cooler, as well.
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meteorologist lauren casey is on the cbs-3 sky deck. how sit right now. >> getting cool, still comfortable though. we did start off with sunshine, turn it over to some clouds and now turning it back over to some sunshine but we are heading toward sunset but storm scan three is showing us cloud deck starting to decrease, showers well off in the distance and we will keep it dry as we head into the evening hours. we will decrease that cloud deck. we have gone 2 degrees over the the last hour, very seasonal today with highs in the upper 60's. we are at 65 degrees in philadelphia a60 degrees right now looking up toward allentown and 63 in ac. wind speeds also starting to decline, we have wind direction out of the west/northwest right now, wind speeds of 10 miles an hour in philadelphia a. but wind will be light overnight tonight, to only 5 miles an hour, out of the northwest. pretty pleasant evening in store as we head in the next couple of hours with the cloud deck continuing to decrease and skies becoming mostly clear by 11:00 o'clock hour falling back in the 50's as we
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head toward midnight with you high temperatures will be in the 50's heading in the next couple of days, when you'll to have break out that winter coat in your full forecast in just a couple minutes, guys. >> lauren, thanks very much. an update to a story we first told but last movement vandalism of cars blanking to the villanova university football team and staff. take a look at this surveillance video, police say they are searching for this suspect seen using a credit card stolen from one of the cars at a nearby luk oil gas station. vandalism took mace overnight between september 2nd and 3rd when the team levittown for their season opener. radnor police say the suspects broke into 13 vehicles at villanova stadium. owner of the construction company responsible for deadly market street collapse took the stand in his own defense today. griffin campbell is charged with six counts of involuntary manslaughter for demolition his company performed at 22nd and market in june of 2013. the building collapsed killing six people inside of the salvation army thrift store,
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next door. many gathered in north philadelphia's bright hope baptist church to celebrate jerry mondesire's life. former philadelphia naacp president passed away last week at the age of of 65. the celebration of his life which coincided with his birth date was attended by many family members and friend including mayor nutter, jim kenney and district attorney seth williams. still to come on "eyewitness news", medical chopper restrictions, lemar odom was reportedly too tall to be air lifted to the hospital when he was found unresponsive on tuesday. alexandria hoff speaks to medics in our area to take a look at the situation here. special journey for a man trying to get his life back on track, we will catch up with him on his cross country bike trip and hear why he decided to ride, don. bird have a brees with ease so now on to eli and new york, why manning presents a massive challenge for eagles, tea fence, coming up next in, sports.
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tonight a mother heart break over a child severely injured to cope with her struggles she turned to exercise and that led to a new
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business health reporter stephanie stahl has her story tonight at 11:00. lemar odom remains in the the coma after he was found unresponsive at a brothel in nevada. >> he had to be transported via ambulance to the hospital because he he was too tall to be air lifted. as our alexandria hoff reports tonight you don't to have reach nba heights to be too large for helicopter. >> reporter: this sound means that help, and often hope, has arrived. >> medical helicopters are used to move the most critical patients. >> reporter: doctor william swab is a trauma a certain with penn medicine where they see two critical patients arrive on the helicopter pad a day. >> medical helicopters are designed, to number one be safe, two to move the vast majority of the people who are normal sized and enlarge, and even extra large, but there are extremeness height and weight that we probably cannot assist. >> reporter: at 6 feet 10 inches tall, former nba and reality star lemar odom was
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too tall a a court go to authorities to be air lifted from a nevada a brothel this week where he was found unconscious. >> we generally fly with a three person crew and pilot, rn, and paramedics. >> reporter: given all that is needed on board an air medical unit, it is weight rather than height becoming more of an issue for passengers and crew. >> hell cooperate their would have transported lemar odom would be much smaller then most used in our area as a hot matter of fact this one probably could handle someone 9 feet tall, the only issue would be if the person could fit side to side on to the stretcher. >> the larger the person is the more restraint the crew might be because they take up too much room. >> reporter: doctor swab says there is no golden height the or weight limit, but dispatchers will let crews know of both before they arrive. so that they can gauge if air is still the most safe route to care. alexandria hof if f for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a 560-pound man is riding his bike across america so he can take control of his health
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health and win back his estrange height. >> eric ro de through fairmount park. self proclaimed fat guy began in massachusetts and heading to the west coast. his plan to win back his wife has taken the internet by storm. >> we have separated for numerous reasons, associated with me being lazy, getting fat, i need to take my leave back. i was at rock bottom and i needed to to something and she kind of thought i was nuts and never thought i would do it. >> so far eric has lost 70-pound and raised more than $12,000 on line, for the trip. we will continue to follow him. good luck. lauren joins us now, a nice dry day for him to bike through the the a area. >> yes, great biking, jogging, walking weather. that trend will continue thomas very seasonal temperatures and a lot of sunshine in store. we have a try weekend in store but it will be chillier breaking out layers and we will talk about that coming up
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in your seven day forecast. we have quiet conditions in the evening hours. the getting a live look at boardwalk plaza and rehoboth beach. 64 degrees right now. still low cumulus clouds in place but a as we head in the next couple of hours those trends will dissipate. wind speed at 5 miles an hour, so just a nice light breeze on the boardwalk and looking ahead into tomorrow mostly sunny conditions, high pressure in control, dry air in stories feeling nice fall-like and crisp. high temperatures will be very seasonable in the middle 60's but we will drop temperatures down in the upcoming weekend, probably breaking out that winter coat but for right now storm scan three is very quiet. a few showers up wind. we will stay dry in the evening hours. we will note that is cloud deck thinning out and dissipating over last couple hours particularly in the delaware valley and down the shore as well. high pressure, kind of sinks back in and takes over control for tomorrow for that sinking air.
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the mostly sunny conditions. temperatures in the 60's. right where we should be as far as averages are concerned. on friday we will start to see a cold front dropping in from the north so high temperatures ahead of that boundary still up in the 60's. we will see cloud increases specially in the morning hours, and that is moisture associated with this system. so we could see a few sprinkles friday morning but otherwise dry conditions and dry in the upcoming weekend as well. but that frontal boundary will open up the door to cold canadian air, breezy conditions in the back side of the system as well as high temperature only in the 50's on saturday and then down in the low 50's on sunday. we will be breezy for both of those days so 52 degrees for your high temperature on sunday, is normal for mid-november and then we will have breeze on top of. that those wind chills will be down in the 40's, all throughout your sunday so i think that is definitely willing to go require some layers and winter coat but overnight tonight our low is dropping down in the upper 40's. decreasing cloud. chilly but not all too bad.
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highs in the middle 60's. mostly sunny. dew points in the 30's which means it will be nice, dry, crisp. wind speeds only around five to 10 miles an hour so not too much of a breeze. that will be the trend, all through the the day today n your hour by hour forecast for our thursday very consistent conditions. very pleasant as well. the mostly sunny. 59 degrees by 10:00 o'clock hour. up to 64 by 1:00. we are at 65, close to our high temperature tomorrow in the afternoon hours and then scaling back into the 50's as we head into tomorrow evening. is there your best chance for precipitation over next several days, just a sprinkle friday morning. then becoming partly cloudy for friday afternoon, high temperatures in the 60's and then there is your big cool down as we head in the upcoming weekend particularly sunday morning dropping down into the 30's, a lot of sunshine in store for sunday but it will be a chilly one, as we head into next week we will keep around the sunshine and the dry conditions, but temperatures, do start to make
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a rebound as we head into tuesday, into the middle 60's and then it looks like as we head in the second half of next week temperatures could climb above average for us near 70 degrees by next wednesday. >> all right, i'm particularly watching that monday, monday, where eagles play monday night. oh, might to have get warm stuff out. >> yes. >> scarves, jacket, yes, everything indeed good thanks, lauren. >> speak of jackets and coats, very happy, warm campers today. >> thousands of philadelphia students received brand new, winter coats. "eyewitness news" at convention center as an automatic owe dealers caring for kid foundation gave out 7,000 coats, kids got the to pick out, and try out, as many coats as they wanted in different colors just in time for that chilly weekend. 42,000 kits will be given out through november. >> look at smiles, hand raised. >> i love the smiles. >> and still pink still a popular color. >> no doubt bit. >> that is great.
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>> good time had by all. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a a look ahead at that. >> hi ukee and jessica great to be with you in philadelphia death has opened doors of the secretive church. parishioners are charge in the savage beating of two teenagers who forced them to confess their sins. and why are products promoted as health supplements sending tens of thousands to the emergency room. we will have those stories and rest of the world news ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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bird will be in the national spotlight, again. >> i know it. >> that is right. >> for three straight games in the national spotlight. >> how about that. >> lotse talk bit. you cannot spelle light
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without eli. that is the giants fans saying. manning is not tom brady or aaron rodgers but he is a a two time super bowl champ and his first place giants are coming to town. g men and eagles on monday night football from the link. birds are preparing for quarterback who complete aid franchise record 41 passes sunday against 49ers, manning also tossed for 441 yards and three touchdowns. defensive coordinator billy davis on eli. >> only thing he does in the nfl is getting the ball out of his hand. it is a high efficiency, quick, ball of the of quarterback hands offense and they have only had what four sacks, two interceptions. >> basically they are good right now. talk about an embarrassment of richest, chicago black hawks have three stanley cup championshipness six years. the flyers have two since 1967. they will hook up tonight in south philadelphia. this morning the orange and black preparing for their match ups, against the the
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champions. michael no variety will be in the line up with facing the hawks that will not be easy. >> let's be honest, they are the best team in the nhl. we usually get up for those games and we play those teams well. >> very talented team, and, you know, they tend to capitalize off your mistakes. we have to keep the game simple. and we have to come off the positives off last win. >> highlights at 11:00. phillies made andy macphail as club president. he join the team as a specialist assistant to pat gill lick but has been acting as the president for last few weeks. his next order of business toys hire a general manager. check this out i hope you have cash in your pocket. national league championship series cubs will play either dodgers or mets. average ticket cost is $1,325, and that is the highest of all time, the last time will they won the world series was 1908.
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it is the longest drought in sports. 1,325.93 cents. if you take your bedding and chill to the game. >> that will run you. >> that is like, honey, if you love me you will take me to the nlcs. >> how about on the the coach with your baby on tv. >> it would be cheaper that way. >> yes, order whatever you want. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> we will be rig just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at tit's amazing.. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty.
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well, halloween is just, around the corner and it will be here before we know it. is there a new list of the best places to go trick or treating this year. >> zillow writes philadelphia has the the 13th best city to pick up candy on halloween. they looked at where children can get most candy and most quick and safe is area. san francisco is number one. they plans to release best neighborhood for trick or treaters in philadelphia later this week. it is where i went, what time, as long as i got kit cat bars. >> good candy. >> kit cat bars. >> that is the good stuff. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on cw philly a and back here at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". tonight democrats duked it out at their first debate how they did and what it means for campaign 2016. >> and shooting of two cops what the verdict means in the debate over gun safety. from new york here now is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: death opens the doors of a secretive church. parishioners are charged in the savage beating of two teenagers to force them to confess their sins. also tonight, clinton, sanders and the first democratic debate. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mail. >> thank you. >> pelley: products promoted as health supplements are sending tens of thousands to the emergency room. and they're just delivering the paper, so why are 15,000 people following them? >> this i captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight with death in the word of life church. police in upstate new york say two teenagers were brutally beaten, one fatally, by members


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