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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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just go to sleep one night and wake up and it is not there and there is no answers. >> the the grandfather of three-year old brendan creato speaks exclusively to "eyewitness news" but how that little boy died remains a mystery this morning. we are live with the latest on the investigation and 911 call from that boy's fat ther. dozens of bullet markers. we will have more on the gun what the will leaving one man dead. olde city overpass is shut down, why penndot is ordering an inspection and the traffic detour for you. it is thursday, october 15th i'm's erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. we will get started with weather and traffic and vittoria is in the house.
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>> welcome back. >> great to be back. the it will be fun this morning. >> oh, yeah. >> um-hmm. >> justin. >> i'm out. it is chilly outside. you are surrounded by women. >> i'm out numbered by the the ladies, we have to bring some dudes in here. we are talking about lower 40's in some spots. the jacket it wet they are morning. really good looking afternoon. sunshine out. temperatures where they should be for middle of act. fifty-six in philadelphia. forty-six in allentown. forty-three mount pocono. millville coming in the 40's. check out doylestown, these guys are at 43 degrees. we will drop a few more degrees before sunrise which is after 7:00. here are the the wind less than 10 miles an hour. if you are out early for that morning jog, beek ride it will be good. you don't to have battle the win. storm scan 3a couple of passing clouds. we will go mostly sunny which is dominated by high pressure. if you get a chance to be outside i would say go for it
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a lot of sunshine. the seasonal conditions. over ale a nice fall day. we have sun shine at lunch hour. afternoon highs make it up to the mid 60's around philadelphia and shore and sunshine upper 50's in the poconos and we're still on track for a chilly weekend head. we will get to the details in a few more minutes. good morning. good morning everyone. so far so good at 5:00 a.m. usually at the this time there is not too much going on. we have construction projects that we will talk about like travel on the vine street expressway. traveling on trying to travel in either direction both east and westbound on the vine between schuylkill and broad street you will notice it is closed. we have construction ongoing until 5:00 a.m. sometimes they open it up earlier but right now as we look here no one is moving. you will need to do maneuvering around that area if you choose to do vine or try to. traveling on route one heading in and around 43 out of the bucks county you will notice traveling in either direction is not awful out there but on
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the southbound side we do have left lane being compromise as a result of construction but since there is barely anyone out there there are still not any problems just yet. ninety-five looking g i-95 southbound around 43 we also have some construction. be mine full of that. no major delays for mass transit. now let's head back to the desk. death of the camden county toddler remains a mystery. >> we are hearing father's 911 call ape victim's grandfather is speaking to "eyewitness news". our justin finch is live outside camden county prosecutor's office with more details, justin. >> reporter: you will a's hear from that grandfather and 911 dull in just a bit from camden officials we know brendan's autopsy results were inconclusive so that grandfather says he is left with more questions and more grief, questions such as how did three-year old brendan creato leave his dad's home in the first place and how did he end up dead in the wood in the haddon township area park.
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questions now consume brendan's family friend and investigators this morning. yesterday the camden county prosecutor's office revealed brennan's autopsy results were unable to decisively uncover a cause offer manner of death. tuesday morning a police k-9 unit found brendan's body in the wood off south park drive near cooper river park hours after he was reported in missing. the the end of the multi agency effort, mounted soon after brendan's dad called police about his missing son and this morning we have a portion of that phone call and also exclusive reaction about brendan's serious death from his grandfather. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year oldies missing. >> had you seen anything or seen anything nothing like that. >> no, i just woke up and he wasn't in my house. the i don't know if he wandered out or what happened. the door is lock. the he unlock it and left. >> to go to sleep and wake up and he is not there and there is no answers, i mean what
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happened? >> reporter: and brendan was his grandfather's only grandchild, he told us just yesterday and this morning the investigation is set to resume. we do know that both of the brendan's parents have been questions but at this time officials say there have been no arrests made, and also no charges. erika and a nicole, back over to you. >> thank you for that update. shooting in south philadelphia a leaves one man dead and two injured, around 9:30 last night police responded to a call of gunfire in the the 500 block of ritner street. police say a a 19 year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. he was still holding a gun in his right-hand when police found him and investigators mark off 46 shell casings. police are trying to determine if the shooting is connect to another shooting about a block away on tuesday night. the chestnut street overpass above i-95 is shut down this morning. large crack was discovered in the support pier. this is near the parking area at penns landing. penndot will be out assessing the damage and repairs could start today. the right now traffic is being
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detoured north and south on front street. testimony continues today in the trial of the griffin cam will bell, the contractor charge in the deadly market street collapse. campbell took the stand in his own defense wednesday, and he is charged with third degree murder, six counts of involuntary manslaughter and related crimes for demolition that his company performed at 22nd and market in june of 2013. the the building collapsed on to the salvation army thrift store killing six people inside. campbell could face life in prison without parole. well, police have a suspect in custody in the death of the the new castle county woman. a daughter found body of her five five-year old mother at victim's home on witters way in hockessin. the victim reportedly was a psychiatrist, and she was found dead early wednesday morning, now as police were gathering evidence a at that scene they said a manmade a phone call to 911 claiming responsibility. >> i went on the scene and secured the scene and we received another 911 call from an male individual, that was
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providing details that were significant to that scene and claiming responsibility for that incident. we responded to his location and took him in custody without any incident. >> reporter: police have not the released the victim's name or how she died. a 91 year-old woman was hit the by a septa bus while she was crossing the street with her 68 year-old nephew. police say 29 were in the crosswalk on fifth street as that bus was making a turn off godfrey avenue wednesday afternoon. the bus crush the woman's lower torso and both legs. her nephew suffered a few bumps and bruises. >> after striking this female the bus driver did the right thing, immediately, came to a stop identified himself to police. we know that the septa bus was almost completely full, there were 42 passengers. >> elderly woman was taken to einstein hospital where she was in extreme critical condition. police say they are checking the bus's dash campaign
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surveillance cameras from nearby businesses. u.s. costumes computers are back on line following a glitch yesterday that led to some major airport delays. officials say it all happened when the system that checks passengers against terrorism watch lists experienced a disruption. the authorities don't believe the incident was malicious in nature. former president bill clinton will be in philadelphia to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign. we are told fundraiser is private. the fourth second president's last visit to philadelphia was in july when he was a speaker a at the the naacp national convention. the democratic national convention committee launches its operations in philadelphia today. mayor michael nutter is planning to welcome the team this afternoon. the the committee says it will unveil plans on how local business can get involve in the convention which will be at the wells fargo center next july. i remember when we were saying about that pope's visit.
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>> that is right. former nba star lemar odom was on life support this morning. coming up next we will have details on his night at that nevada brothel and newly released 911 call. end have of the era, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey announces his retirement. we will hear from the community he served and about his
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>> after close to eight years in philadelphia's top cop, police commissioner charles ramsey announced his retirement. ramsey's last day will be jab seventh. during a news conference at city hall mayor michael nutter praised ramsey says he changed the culture of the police department for the the betterment the the six five-year old said he has had a blessed career and talks about how he hoped to be remember. >> certainly, the the drop in crime. i'm not satisfied with it. but it has been better then it was. you have to keep pushing forward and try to make it better and better and better. i don't know fit is practical to think you will ever get
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down to zero but the closer we push toward that goal, the better off we are as a city. >> thank you for coming to philadelphia. thank you for making my city, a safer city. >> we asked philadelphians what they thought about ramsey's tenure and it was mixed reaction, lets take a listen. >> he had a point where he was going to put a stop to stuff. he will retire. that will never take place. >> they ain't doing nothing about the murders. all they worried about who is is out on the corner. >> i have been here 12 or 13 years and compared to when i moved in philadelphia, it has been a huge improvement. >> reporter: commissioner charles ramsey is that thely recognized in law enforcement. in fact earlier this year president obama appointed him on the co chair on the task force in 21st century policing. he said from quote chicago, d.c. to philadelphia, commissioner ramsey has always supported our women and men in uniform and community they protect each and every day. i'm extraordinary grateful for
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chuck's service and wish him a enjoyable and restful retirement. we all echo those sentiments. >> forty-six years in law enforcement. >> job well done, sir, absolutely. just another beautiful fall day. >> it is setting up for sunshine, cooler morning but setting a stage for what is a ahead this weekend with the drop in temperatures. >> we have some 30's. >> yes. >> some people are ready for that. >> i can understand. that. >> ohio, 50's. >> fifty's, 60's. >> but then this morning i have the jacket on. we will take it off this afternoon as we get back in the mid 60's which is right on target this time of the year. we are quiet in center city. live look from roof camera mainly clear skies. we may get a passing cloud but overall sunny conditions throughout the day-to-day. the here's the setup. another seasonal will day across the delaware valley. tomorrow we will change it up, cold front moves in, a a few
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cloud, maybe a couple sprinkles, a passing shower in the morning hours. and that sets up eye cold air mass in the weekend as we talk about temperatures more typical of middle of november. we are waking up in south new jersey and delaware. we are milder. rehoboth beach and wildwood at 57. then closer to philadelphia inland 49 in mullica. chalfont, 47 degrees a at the this hour. the mount holly at the 53. then we will go north and west where we find coldest spots, typical, 43. quakertown, doylestown, 47 in pottstown and redding this morning. not much happening on storm scan three. high pressure right now. that keeps us mainly clear today. every now and then you might get passing fair weather included in the afternoon. there is that high in come nation today. supposed to move off shore tomorrow allowing this next cold front. not a a lot of moisture. with it. passing shower on friday this brings in colder, dryer air for upcoming weekend. that is cold canadian air temperatures in the 50's both saturday and sunday. rain chances zero today.
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throw in the 30 percent chance for the sprinkle on friday and looking better for weekend. timing it the out sunshine today, tomorrow, notice some clouds, passing shower, not picking up much on this model. the saturday looks good with sun and cloud. forecast high, close to average of 66 degrees. tonight another chilly night 50's for city, 40's for suburbs. extended forecast, the the weekend high, 57 saturday. fifty-two on sunday. erika, back to you. former nba star lemar odom is on life support in a nevada a hospital. odom was found unconscious at a brothel outside of las vegas. officials a say person who called 911 told the dispatcher that odom had blood coming from his nose and mouth and he had been doing cocaine and had taken sexual performance enhancers. >> during that call the the reported parties returned the sheriff's office dispatch the male had been using cocaine. they confirmed his usage on saturday but was unsure if that had continued through the
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weekend. >> odom is still married to reality star chloe kardashian, they are divorce that is not yet final. we are told she is by his side and making decisions, about his care along with odom's family. in sports, the flyers have off until tuesday night and now that they are back to the 500 mark. flyers paid tribute to long time fan favorite kimmo timonen before last night's game against stanley cup champion black hawks. flyers played more like champions. they beat black hawks three to nothing. it was michael neuvirth's second straight shut out. >> go flyers. >> eagles played giants in prime time machine night the with an award winner on the defensive side of the ball. bird defensive end fletcher cox was named nfc defensive player of the week after his dominating game with the saints. cox had three sacks, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery. it was the best game of his pro career and he thank his teammates. >> it is a big deal for me but earlier, without those guys, on the back end, and real good
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teammates, none of have that would happen. it is a really good thing for him. >> because of his intelligence and how dedicated he is to learn the scheme, we have moved fletcher around a lot. you cannot say there he is, here's how we will double team him. >> there is an nfl a action tonight, undefeated falcons and saint match up in thursday night football right here on cb. 36789 coverage kicks off at 7:30. we will take a short break and we will be right back.
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welcome back, time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange and a down day on wall street and this had has to do with wal-mart i believe, what can you tell us. >> that is right, the the thing with wal-mart it is such a big stock it dragged down the entire market.
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the the wal-mart shares plunged by 10 percent, that is a who of $20 billion in market value. the the issue is wal-mart has been a paying workers more money. that is good news at workers with you eating at the wal-mart's bottom line and taking a hit from on line retailers from amazon. erika and nicole. >> a big change for a popular restaurant chain. we are told they are getting rid of tipping. how does that work. >> reporter: that is right danny myers restaurant group is getting rid of tipping at 13 new york the city restaurants but before we get too excited, instead they are raising menu prices by 20 to 35 percent and using that money to boost base pay for restaurant staff, from the chef to the dishwashers. the menus will explain the prices include tipping. erika and nicoley hope it works out better for workers because sometimes you get shorted on the tip. >> sometimes it takes away incentive. >> that is true.
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>> some waiters and waitresses they work hard for those tips. >> we will find out together, jill. >> thanks, jill. coming up, we will get a check of weather and traffic. >> the old way was to make sure someone was simply watching the kids. this is the united way. united way is changing the way, from quick fixes to real lasting change. that's what matters. that's united way. to find out how you can help, visit...
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we have latest on the roads with vittoria. good morning everyone. erika had mentioned earl willer in the broadcast about a construction project that is ongoing right now. i will step out of the way. we have some video. this is right around penns landing area chestnut street overpass right above i-95. you can see markings in that video there. there is a crack in the pier. penndot will be out a assessing this all morning long, so as a result of that we are dealing with the closure of chestnut street at front. so all traffic divert todd front street, this morning, as
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they continue to work on this that. market street or walnut is probably a good alternate at this time. do you want to make sure you plan accordingly this morning to move around. that moving over to the vine street expressway we had closure of the vine between schuylkill and broad street. the it has been reopened. that construction has cleared and they are right on time. i said earlier usually they wrap up earlier so 4:54 we have wrapped up instead of five. so we are good to go. ben franklin bridge good to go, rest of the majors still quiet, very sleepy and in delays for mass transits. the it seems like there will be a crisp in the wear to wake us up, am i right about that. >> once you step outside, that is good to get your blood flowing, there. throw the jacket the on. that is all we have going. the nice and quiet. the great news. shouldn't impact traffic too much. maybe a battle with sun glare later this morning. fifty-six in philadelphia 45 in allentown. lower 40's in mount pocono. is there storm scan three, we're quiet and that is the trend today.
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mostly sunny conditions, setting up for nice afternoon. let's talk about the weekend, it does cool down saturday, sun and cloud, 57 degrees. we're talking about mid-november like conditions, sunday, breezy 52 and low sunday morning moving down in the 30's, it looks like widespread frost both sunday and monday morning. today mostly sunny. 66 degrees for the high temperature. cool night tonight, 50 for city, 40's for suburbs and that extended forecast, chilly weekend with highs in the 50's. we will go right back to the upper 60's by next week. nicole, back over to you. lets check the the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. clock is ticking toward a strike deadline that could impact tenants of a 170 office buildings in philadelphia. also philadelphia school chief says his patients is weighing thin with the under performing company hired to fill substitute teachers jobs. new coalition has been formed to fight expansion of the philadelphia fossil fuel industry and push for
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sustainable economy that protects the health of philadelphians and the the city itself. check in two, three, four times a day at the kyw the news radio 1060 on your am dial. speaking of kyw news radio, nicole, they are celebrating a big anniversary. fifty years ago kyw news radio 1060 bee gap its all news format. we have been listening ever since. the last night the anniversary was recognized in lights right there on top of the peco building. congratulations to kyw news radio 106o so happy for them. the great accomplishment. a lot of local icons. >> that is a tradition here in philadelphia, kyw, news radio, 1060. >> it is part of my childhood. >> it is part of everyone's childhood. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the unanswered questions after a young boy is found dead. donald trump known for fiery rallies but he didn't expect this, see what spark a fight in the crowd. a pizza delivery driver is brought to tears, we are
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it the is just devastating to have him pulled away from frustrates. >> a a family is searching for answers after a three-year old boy is found dead near his father a's home. now his grandfather is talking exclusively with "eyewitness news" as we hear first calls for help. also a bridge over i-95, is shut down this morning, potentially dangerous difficulties conferry that forced crew toss close that road and when they hope to fix it. and a possible sign of trouble for new jersey governor chris christie's presidential hopes, a brand new poll just released a surprising lack of support in his own home state. good morning, it is thursday, october 15th, i'm erika von tiehl.
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i'm's nicole brewer. the justin and vittoria keeping an eye on things. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> right now road are quiet. we have construction but hopefully the the the weather will play favor, to the construction guys, and girls, out there, justin. >> vittoria, it looks liken if you are driving this morning only thing just grab the sunglasses later this morning as we are battling sun glare. that is it. in threat of rain today. little bit chilly compared to yesterday and this morning. we are running two to even 9 degrees colder then yesterday at this time. so just get ready for that fall chill that will we will feel for upcoming weekend. temperature change compared to 24 hours ago. the right now numbers mid 50's in the airport philadelphia. fifty-one in wilmington. a lot of 40's in the surrounding suburbs and some lower 40's, up to the north. look at quakertown, 41 degrees, mid 40's pottstown and doylestown. i wouldn't be surprised if some of those cold spots drop in the 30's as we still have a couple hours ago, until sunrise. storm scan three is q a


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