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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 15, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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erika von tiehl. i'm's nicole brewer. the justin and vittoria keeping an eye on things. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> right now road are quiet. we have construction but hopefully the the the weather will play favor, to the construction guys, and girls, out there, justin. >> vittoria, it looks liken if you are driving this morning only thing just grab the sunglasses later this morning as we are battling sun glare. that is it. in threat of rain today. little bit chilly compared to yesterday and this morning. we are running two to even 9 degrees colder then yesterday at this time. so just get ready for that fall chill that will we will feel for upcoming weekend. temperature change compared to 24 hours ago. the right now numbers mid 50's in the airport philadelphia. fifty-one in wilmington. a lot of 40's in the surrounding suburbs and some lower 40's, up to the north. look at quakertown, 41 degrees, mid 40's pottstown and doylestown. i wouldn't be surprised if some of those cold spots drop in the 30's as we still have a couple hours ago, until sunrise. storm scan three is quiet, a
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few passing cloud down in south jersey right now no rainfall expected. breaking down your day, 8:00 o'clock temperatures in the lower 50's. by one we are in the lower 60's in the sunshine and we will finish off late afternoon and evening with temperatures again mid 60's for the afternoon high. sixty-six for philadelphia the close to average this time of the year. nice day at the shore, sub shine, 65 degrees. cool in the poconos, high temperatures in the upper 50's. we will be seeing widespread 50's for the up copping weekend. we will get to those details in a few minutes. erika, back over to you. >> thank you. in important news, heading to pens land to go day, chestnut street overpass above i-95 is closed right now after crews found a crack in the support pier. the we are waiting for workers to show up to start fixing that crack. at this point penndot is not sure just how long this repair process will take. the chestnut street traffic is being detoured on to front street, i want to check with vittoria in for meisha and i know you have rest of the road but good detours around this,
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what do you think, good morning. >> good morning,er contact good morning everyone. we have a few detours traveling in and around that area, market and walnut are two great streets you can jump on. traffic is diverted on front street chestnut closed at front and just as erika said just to reiterate they are not sure how long it will be closed. so plan accordingly for today and i would even say if you do have have plans tomorrow, it is better to be safe than story. as we jump over new to the 42 freeway, 42 freeway is again, very calm, and serene. no delays in either direction going to and from the area of the walt whitman bridge or heading in to south jersey, possibly. vine street expressway looking great. we have earlier construction between the schuylkill, and, broad street, it has been cleared for quite sometime for at least 20 to 25 minutes. you are free to travel on vine street expressway. the as far as speed sensors, it is great outside, 55 is your average not only on 76. blue route, pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, 95, still moving well out of the north east down to the vine.
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we are not seeing bubbling of the rush hour just yet. however for mass transit, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. lansdale doylestown line will be shuttle busing between doylestown and colmar, ongoing through december. so another note, for you you there. nicole. >> vittoria, thank you. investigators are awaiting tests before they know how a camden county toddler died. police have released father's 911 call. we are hearing exclusively from the boy's grandfather. the justin finch is live at camden county prosecutor's office to bring us up to dayton this investigation, justin? >> reporter: good morning. medical testing could shed more light on how brendan creato died, and yesterday his family and even community were hoping for more answer about his mysterious death, on tuesday, instead his grandfather said they are left to wait and grief. >> he was pulled from frustra. he was given to us, as a surprise and he was taken away with a surprise. >> reporter: david creato, grandfather of three-year old
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brendan creato recalls his grandson's birth coming and now he wants to know how he lost his only grandfather. >> with all of the pictures, i cannot even look at his picture right new because i just start crying. >> reporter: trail runs cold just before creato's son dj, mailed a called to 911 about 6:00a in m tuesday after being unable to find brendan in his cooper street apartment in haddon township where brendan spent the night. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year oldies missing. >> you didn't hear anything or see anything or nothing like that. >> no. i just woke up, and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know whether he wandered out or what happened. the door was lock. i guess he unlocked it and left. >> reporter: hours later police k-9 unit found brendan's lifeless body in woods off cooper river park less than a half mile where he was reported missing in his red pajamas. >> word cannot describe how i'm feeling right now. this is devastating. >> reporter: results of the brendan's autopsy were inconclusive, no hard leads to
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answer how the toddler died, leaving more haunting questions. >> just go to sleep right now and to go to sleep and he is not there and there is no answers. what happened? >> reporter: and brendan's mother and father have been questioned but officials stress they have no arrest or charges to make at this time. and also, go fund me page in brendan's name has raised almost $12,000 for a funeral but no word on a day. we are live outside the camden county prosecutor's office i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> erika. >> justin, thank you. a shooting in south philadelphia leaves one man dead and two injured, around 9:30 last night police responded to a call of gunfire on the 500 block of ritner street. police say a a 19 year-old man was pronounced dead at that scene. our jan carabao will have more coming up in a half an hour. new castle county police have a man in custody in connection with the death of a woman in hockessin.
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yesterday morning, the the five five-year old woman believed to be a psychiatrist, was found dead inside of her home on winters way and she was found by her daughter. investigators were at that scene they got a 911 call from a man claimed responsibility for her death. >> a male individual that was providing details, that were specific to that incident and claiming responsibility for that incident. >> police are not releasing the victim's name or how she died. a 91 year-old woman is in critical condition after she and her 68 year-old nephew were hit by a septa bus. the the accident happened wednesday around 5:30 at fifth and godfrey as the the two were in a crosswalk. police say the the bus crush the woman's torso and both of her lower legs. the nephew suffered a few bumps and bruises. the elderly woman was taken to einstein hospital. and happening today, trial continues for the the contractor in the deadly market street building collapse. yesterday, griffin campbell, took the stand in his own
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defense. he is charged with third degree murder, six counts of involuntary manslaughter and related crimes for demolition, his company performed, at 22nd and market in june 2013. the building collapsed on to the salvation army thrift store next door killing six people inside. former president bill clinton is making a stop here in philadelphia to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign. >> we're told fundraiser is private and at least $500 a play. the forty-third president, was here in philadelphia in july. he was a speaker at the naacp national convention. >> as you know, democrats will pick their nominee in philadelphia next july. >> the the party is already making plans for the convention. this afternoon the the committee launches its operation center right here in center city with mayor michael nutter welcoming the staff to town. it will announce plans on how local businesses can get involve in the convention which will be the at the wells fargo center. >> now on the republican side a poll just released overnight does not paint a pretty picture for new jersey governor chris christie. he has fallen to fifth place a
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among republicans in his own home state. donald trump lead with 32 percent, more than twice the support for the next two candidates. ben carson and marco rubio. ted cruz is fourth with 6 percent. christie's tied with carli fiorina with just 5 percent. it is 5:08. chaos erupt at a donald trump campaign rail. see what sparked the fight in the middle of the crowd. lemar owed air is fighting for his life this morning. we will learn more about what he was doing before he passed out at a brothel. safer shopping, big changes coming to a target to protect your personal information. you cannot complain about the weather today but justin say, oh, there is a big chill on the way, oh, you need to crank up that heat and dig out
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your winter jacket from last year. he has details when we come right back, good morning.
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blow marrowed om remains in critical condition and on life support in a, las vegas
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hospital. he was found, unconscious at a brothel on tuesday. reporter tom weight from kcbs has very latest. >> lemar odom is at sunrise medical center fighting for his life. it was 3:15 when first frantic 911 call came from the brothel where odom was staying. staff was worried he was not going to make it. >> please hurry. please hurry. >> bloodies coming out of his nose and mouth and i cannot get him to wake up. he's like almost not breathing. >> okay. is he conscious. >> excuse me. >> is he conscious. >> no. >> he had has blood coming out of his mouth and nose. >> former lakers star was found in this room at the love ranch, 88 miles from the the las vegas strip. e news reported odom was in a crack cocaine bender. staffers told staffers odom was doing multiple doses of sexual enhancement tablets and
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was doing cocaine. >> someone said he had some cocaine on him. he did this on saturday. >> he has been asking a couple of questions. since that happened on saturday he has been awake, a alert, conscious. >> yes. >> dennis hof owns the brothel and says there were in signs of drugs. >> the police looked through his things and they didn't tell us they found anything. the girls that were hanging out with him didn't see any use of of illegal drugs at all. >> reporter: county sheriff was able to secure a search warrant in order to get blood tests done to find out what, if any drugs he was on. in las vegas, tom wait, cbs news. police say a teenager is dead and brother is in hot hospital after family members and parishioners attack them inside the church. bruce leonard and his wife deborah beat the their son lucas to death and attacked his 17 year-old brother christopher all of this inside of the word of life christian church sanctuary after sunday
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evening services. up investigators say that church members described it as a a quote, spiritual counseling obsession. >> both brothers were continuing to be subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours and hopes that they would confess prior sins and ask for forgiveness. >> the the boy's sister and three others ara accused of assaulting christopher. he is in serious condition. police say they don't know what the teens perceived sins were that prompted that attack. well, a actor randy quade is due in a vermont court to face fugitive charges. quade doesn't look like he did during his acting days. the he a and his wife were arrested last week while trying to enter the united states from canada they were wanted in california for a vandalism case from five years ago. they left the country shortly after the the country was filed to avoid prosecution. take a look at damage left behind this subway restaurant in alaska. it looks like a natural disaster took place, right? but instead police say a name
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woman on a rampage caused all that destruction. she flipped over tables, chairs, ripped down signs, destroyed the the fridge. police say would the man was high on synthetic marijuana a. 5:15 right now. >> let's go on a more delightful thought. >> make sure you cover up this morning. >> wow. >> all right, all right. temperatures in the 40's in some spots. maybe even in the the 30's, as we head toward sunrise, in a couple hours this morning. a a nice day shaping up. we will see sunshine. temperatures back into the mid 60's which is close to average. so fall chillies ahead. check it out. yesterday we had a high of 68 degrees. average of just 67 today. close to that. a couple degrees cooler. same deal on friday. we have really dropped the temperatures for saturday and sunday. i know you are looking for that fall chill. we will get it. and temperatures in the 30's, on sunday morning. maybe with a lit built of frost. here are the numbers right now south jersey and delaware we are milder. looking at lower 50's. good morning in the capitol city of delaware 567892 degrees. forty-eight in volume here's.
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mullica. and then, a chill, really settling in quakertown at this hour at 41. mount pocono also in the the lower 40's. doylestown at 44 degrees. storm scan three, high pressure over us, not much happening. a few passing cloud. a cold front autopsy cross the great lakes. that is our weather maker tomorrow. just bring some more cloud. spotty showers. but again with the cool mornings, warm afternoons, good conditions for that fall foliage change, we are seeing high color now in the poconos, moderate color, across the lehigh valley, not much change yet here around philadelphia, still on the low side but couple more weeks until we hit the peak of the the season there up in the poconos, maybe you will take the the trip up to see that color change, have the heavier coast. forty-six on saturday. forty-three sunday. in the morning sunday waking up with temperatures in the 20's, below freezing the in the mountains. here's the the setup, jet stream on the move. core of the coldest air moves southward starting tomorrow, and then it the settles in for saturday and sunday. if you don't like cold wait a few more days next week.
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jet starts to move back north and get another push, making another run at 70 degrees. today 66 for the high. lots of sunshine tonight. cool, clear, 50 percent for center city. forty's in the suburbs. here's that extended forecast. pretty good friday, clouds, passing clouds in the morning. fifty's for weekend. middle of next week we are backup to 67 on wednesday. how sit looking out there. >> we're looking good out here i would say we have some construction in a few places. we will talk about that in a second. well, like right now, if you are traveling at trooper at audubon we have construction affecting both sides here right around 422. as you will notice folks are getting by without a problem but this will definitely become a bigger problem as we get closer to rush hour. be careful of. that ben franklin bridge is absolutely gorgeous. there are no delays in either direction, heading to and from new jersey or philadelphia and it is the same thing for area bridges. overall it is pretty great the for our majors and bridges, with the exception of the again another construction project. so, the support pier, has a crack in it, right at chestnut
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and front. that is right by i-95. they are closing chestnut street. penndot will be assessing the damage all morning long and traffic will be diverted on to front. so your best alternates would be to take market or walnut. this could be ongoing for a little will bit now. make sure even tomorrow, plan ahead for that. as we move over to the pennsylvania turnpike we have construction affecting the center and right lanes, valley forge to fort washington, and so again, another something to plan accordingly for. no major delays for mass transit and things at the airport are just fine. erika. >> torey, thank you. u.s. customs computers are backup and running in airports across the the country this morning after a glitch led to long lines at the security last night. passengers tweeted these pictures of the lines after the the computers went down for about 90 minutes. look at . that the the computers checked airline passengers against the the department of home land security's terrorism watch list. the the outage is being blamed on a router problem and in the any foul play. filters are now deployed across jerusalem to encounter
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a wave of violence that is has people on edge all across the country. eight israelis have been killed, 41 palestinians, four identified as attackers. jonathan vigliotti has the latest. >> reporter: heavily armed israeli soldiers check vehicles entering occupying east jerusalem jer this morning. the effort one of the many measures officials are taking to stop a wave of violence in the region including several random stabbings. on wednesday israeli authorities shot and killed a palestinian who allegedly tried to stab jerusalem olde city security forces. another palestinian who stabbed this 70 year-old israeli woman at a crowded bus station in the holy city was also killed. as it is ways intensifies the israeli government has eased gun laws here to allow citizens to defend themselves. so far officials claim several of our citizens have prevent add tax. the white house is urging both side to take steps to
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deescalate tensions. >> ending the conflict will require both side to make difficult decisions. >> reporter: despite calls for calm, prime minister, benjamin netanyahu accused the pal continuance of sabotaging the peace process. while mahmoud abbass blamed the violence on israel who attempted to block palestinian access to jerusalem's reveered mosque. secretary of state john kerry will travel to the region soon to meet with leaders from both sides. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". your time right now 5:20. still ahead this morning, it is being called the worst aunt in the world. we talked about this woman yesterday the one that sued that own nephew for a hug. >> hear why she says it is just misunderstood. it is one of the hottest phones on the market. now iphone users are complaining their phones are too hot to handle. how you can keep your own phone from overheating.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween.
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welcome back. target is adding an extra layer of security to the credit and debit card. retailer is converting all of its card to a chip system, a chip and pin system this means that you have to enter a pin in addition to signing for every transaction. target is the the first major company to make this change. you probably will remember target suffered a massive data breach two years ago exposing personal information of up to 70 million customers. if you have a target card you get this new one by next spring. >> sound like a good solution to me, you have to type in that pin a couple times. this is one of the hottest cell phones out there but some i phone owners say their phones are too hot to handle. growing number of people are saying that their phones are overheating. >> julie watts talk about one owner whose phone went up in smoke. >> smoke was coming through middle. >> reporter: it is one of the hottest phones on the market just ask kevin.
5:25 am
>> i heard a little pop noise. >> reporter: the college student says he was sitting in his car last week when he hit the home button on his iphone six plus and the device went up in smoke. >> it started smoking. it was really hot. i dropped it here. >> reporter: where he points out it left a market. apple refused to comment on the situation but it did agree to replace kevin's phone. this is a new one. yahoo editor and chief dan says he is not the only one complaining that their iphone six got too hot to handle. >> there is chatter on hand about people not being able to touch their phones. the the processor is just so powerful that the phone cannot handle the the heat. >> reporter: the recommendation to keep your phone from overheating, turn off unnecessary apps when they are not in use and disable your automatic updates. you should lower your phone's brightness level so it doesn't to have work so hard. interest phone users say more need to be done. one post i smell a firm wear update coming. julie watts for cbs news, san
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francisco. there are reports that the home button is overheating on those new iphone models but apple has not responded just yet. but i'm sure they will. >> yes. >> one thing you do not want is your phone to over heat. >> can you imagine. >> no. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news", replacing ramsey. >> is what next now that philadelphia's police commissioner announced he is retiring, jan? >> reporter: as one man is dead, two others are injured in a south philadelphia shooting last night, and police say this happened in the same area where nearly 50 spent shell casings were found earlier this week, i'm jan carabao reporting live. an update on both of those investigations straight ahead. also a pizza delivery driver brought the to tears by an extremely generous tip and this could not have come at a better time for her. great story. justin. if you liked weather yesterday, you will love today, we will talk about that and a big chill in the seven day forecast with these details coming up. vittoria is in the house. she's keeping an eye on the
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road. she will have the latest on the backup and detours including that bridge that closed over i-95. she will
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killed in gunfire dozens of bullets riddled a neighborhood after a wild gun battle kills one man and hurts two others. also several cars were hit by stray bullets.
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we are live as police search for the the clues in that deadly shooting. also before you head out the door you may want to grab a light jacket the right now 53 degrees in center city with a chill in the air. but it will be a lovely fall day, and we have that to look forward to and we have fun enjoying vittoria in for meisha. you are saying meisha left you a lovely little note. >> she left me a cute note. she said vittoria have have a awesome thursday and friday with the crew. enjoy your couple days off, i'm enjoying a little throw back thursday here. >> yes. >> thank you. >> happy to be here. the justin, there is a little bit of... >> i didn't know what to say there. >> you know, i never use the the word crisp in the forecast. i don't know why. i think of honey crisp apple. out numbered again by the the ladies. we have to talk about some man stuff. what about that baseball game last night. you guys see that play when the catcher made an


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