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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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for the the clues in that deadly shooting. also before you head out the door you may want to grab a light jacket the right now 53 degrees in center city with a chill in the air. but it will be a lovely fall day, and we have that to look forward to and we have fun enjoying vittoria in for meisha. you are saying meisha left you a lovely little note. >> she left me a cute note. she said vittoria have have a awesome thursday and friday with the crew. enjoy your couple days off, i'm enjoying a little throw back thursday here. >> yes. >> thank you. >> happy to be here. the justin, there is a little bit of... >> i didn't know what to say there. >> you know, i never use the the word crisp in the forecast. i don't know why. i think of honey crisp apple. out numbered again by the the ladies. we have to talk about some man stuff. what about that baseball game last night. you guys see that play when the catcher made an awesome at
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bat. >> cool stuff. >> there you you go. >> let's get to weather. it is chilly out there, clear skies out there, temperatures in the 40's in some spots, maybe even 30's in the coldest suburbs. we are looking over river here in center city from the palmyra cove nature park. we have clear skies. that is the trend. back to sunshine. is there the temperature change. anywhere from two to 9 degrees colder. there you go. fifty-five at the airport. not bad right around philadelphia but surrounding suburbs. forty-seven in reading. forty-five in allentown. forty-one quakertown. that is cold spot on the map this morning. there is storm scan three, maybe a few passing cloud, in south jersey in the producing any rain, mostly sunny conditions, if you liked yesterday, another great day to day and sunshine, temperatures right where they should be. i'm throwing out a's today. a minus. little chill think morning. fifty-three at 8:00 at the bus stop coming home from school. sixty-four, lots of sunshine around. afternoon highs 66 for
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philadelphia at the shore. mid 60's. upper 50's in the poconos. the lets talk about the weekend. never too early for. that gets cold though. saturday 57 degrees. lower 50's sunday with temperatures in the 30's sunday morning. that is the latest, in forecast is what latest on the road. >> we have a construction project that could set you back this morning and potentially even tomorrow morning. the as we look at video i will step out of the way so you can get a bet lear here. the chestnut street at front. we are looking at markings right there we have a crack in the support pier right above 95. traveling if and around this area will be very difficult because you cannot travel in this area. penndot will be assessing the situation, on going, especially this morning. so traffic, all traffic diverted on to front street. best alternate are to take either market or walnut. we don't necessity how long it will be out there so plan accordingly. ninety-five is one thing for sure that we do know is we are seeing a few more vehicles from the southbound side out of the northeast down through the the vine street
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expressway. we are not seeing a full blown rush. just a few more vehicles. i can sense that it is not that farrah away. this is only going to start the pick up. the a as we continue, we will take you to the schuylkill expressway right around montgomery drive. no problems in either direction just yet. we're still looking good out there. no delays for mass transit. erika. >> vittoria, thank you. for second night in the row south philadelphia is scene of the wild shoot-out and this time a teenager is kill. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with more on that investigation, january, good morning. >> reporter: nicole and erika good morning. the as you mentioned this is second night that police have found dozens of spent shell casing is in a specific area have of south philadelphia, this time though, one man is killed and two people are injured. lets take a look at the video, last night's shooting left more than 40 spent shell casings in the street and four cars riddled with bullet holes. shooting happened around 9:30 on the 600 block of ritner street. police found one man a 19
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year-old shot dead and laying there with a gun still in his hand. as homicide detectives and crime scene unit started the investigation, two other men showed up at different hospitals with gunshot wound. a 36 year-old man turned up at jefferson shot in the leg and a 25 year-old man arrived at methodist hospital shot in the arm. police have determined that they were injured during this same shooting. now this is the second night as you mentioned of gunfire for this south philadelphia neighborhood. the night before, police say they have found close to 50 spent shell casings. the at a park on corner of sixth and ritner a half block away from this shooting. police are working to find out if the two shootings are related. >> the homicide detectives are on location, processing the scene, looking for any surveillance cameras, in the neighborhood, that may have recorded something, that could help with this triple shooting, homicide investigation. so again one man dead, two others injured in the shooting that happened last night. during tuesday night's shooting, there were no
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injuries, again, police are working to see if both of these are connect. they have not spoken about a motive yet or any possible suspects. again this is an investigation ongoing. we will keep you up to date. reporting live from philadelphia, outside round house jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lots of talks about who will replace philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey, he is retiring january s on the job. during a news conference at city hall mayor michael nutter praised ramsey saying he changed the culture of the police department for the better. the commissioner said he had a blessed career and talked about how wow like to be remembered. >> certainly, the the drop in crime. i'm not satisfied with it, but it is better then it is. and we have to keep pushing forward to try to make it better and better and better. i don't know fit is practical to think you will ever get down to zero but closer we push toward that goal, the better off we are as a city. >> thank you for coming to philadelphia a thank you for making my city a safer city.
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>> "eyewitness news" at philadelphians asked what they thought about ramsey's tenure and there was mixed reaction. lets take a listen. >> he got to the point where he was going to put a a stop to stuff. that will never take place. >> they ain't doing nothing about murders. all he worried about is who is out here on the corner. >> i have been here for 12 or 13 years now. compared to when i first moved to philadelphia, there has been a huge improvement. >> ramsey is nationally recognized in law enforcement. earlier this year president obama appointed him as co chair of the task force on 21st century policing. in a statement, the president said quote, from chicago to d.c. to philadelphia, commissioner ramsey has always supported our women and men in uniform and the communities that they greatly serve and protect each and every day. i'm extraordinarily grateful for chuck's service and wish him an enjoyable, and restful retirement. several people are arrested after a fight breaks out at a donald trump rally in virginia let's show you the scene yesterday in richmond.
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according to a reporter who witnessed the confrontation two college students attempted to hold up a banner and shouting black power inside that rally. the students refused to leave. within of the trump's supporters reportedly shoved one of those protesters. police showed up and arrests were made. 5:37. in business news this morning, where the teenagers like to hang out where kid are hanging out. no longer at the the mall. >> also the the miracle of modern automotive checknology. let's check with jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. >> kid these days. >> i know what they are up to. >> good morning, nicole ander contact new auto pilot system from tezsla looks like a game changer or lane changers. the cars will be able to change lanes by themselves. using cameras and sensors. analyst say this is an industry first. drivers will need to keep their hand on the steering wheel. wal-mart's earnings report was a really big miss. retailer unexpectly predict sales will fall next year,
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taking a hit from on line retailers like amazon. other issue wal-mart will be paying workers more money that is eating at the its bottom line. wal-mart stock plunged 10 percent. the to you jones fell 157 points which means it closed below 17,000, the nasdaq dropped 13, starting this saturday, u.s. airways will stop to exist. american airlines is moving u.s. airways in the reservation system. travelers won't really to have do anything differently but might be good idea to check in and get to the airport early. that last u.s. airways flight is a red eye from san francisco to philly. when it comes to fast food it looks like teens have similar tastes to their parents. according to a new survey mess popular spot for teens is star bucks. food sales are exploding, filled by chipotle, chick-fil-a and mcdonald's. like you guys were saying whatever happened to the mall that is where i used to hang out. >> and food court. >> get an orange julius and
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your days were had made. >> those free samples. >> i know. >> especially when you could not afford to pay anything because you are a teenager. yes. thanks very much. extra samples that is a good thing, extra in jennies a good thing. give you an extra ticket to the event. >> little extra time on your hand. >> yes. >> always nice. >> what if a contractor offers you a discounted rate because they have extra materials. well, this weeks angie's list report jim donovan explains why you should say in thanks to that. >> reporter: maryann phillips was working outside her home when an asphalt company pulled up and offered to seal her driveway with extra material from a job down the street. >> i thought, you know, we need it done and they seemed like they would be okay so i took a chance for once and, of course, it bit me in the behind. >> reporter: because job was sloppy, the company even
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sprayed sealant on perfect home and car causing more than $1,200 in damage. >> i get calls all the time. i had this guy over here, there is sealer all over the the house. i have to tell people there is in way to get it off. you have to start replacing things. >> reporter: report maryann tried to stop payment on the check but it was too late. >> in a world where you cannot trust a lot of people. >> it says there are unscrupulous contractors out there, so you the the consumer, need to be wear and be cautious of anyone coming tour home to try to take you to take a deal on the spot. a deal today should be a tiehl tomorrow. >> reporter: experts say a good contractor plans their jobs carefully and isn't likely to purchase more supplies then you need. when you hear extra be weary. for more advice on how to avoid being scammed, visit cbs's list. >> that is good advice. >> i look a tiehl. >> but who doesn't. >> fit includes extra material be weary. 5:40. not quite babe ruth calling his home run.
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>> see at adorable moment when a young fan tells us whether his favorite team will win. and tom brady is taking on a new opponent but why the star quarterback is challenging cocaine frosted flakes. >> yes. >> also, being called the worst aunt in the world you heard about this, the woman who sued her own nephew, she's now setting the record straight. hear why she's saying she's
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flyers are back at 500 mark after defeating the starrily cup champs in front of the home crowd. they paid tribute to kimmo timonen before last night's game at the well. once game started it was all flyers. they beat black hawks three to nothing. it was second shut out in a row for goalie michael neuvirth, the the flyers host the stars tuesday night. american league championship series starts tomorrow night in kansas city. blue jays are in thanks to jose baptist to seventh inning rocket out of there. toronto a's center was rocking. do you want to do sports. >> wait a second. >> don't even go there. >> careful. >> don't go there. >> cole hamels gets the loss even though he pitched well but he a says that is what led to the home run is attracting a attention this morning. blue jays beat the rangers six-three. simmer down over there simmer down. one young man, particularly likes his heroics, he got the swing down but he also has the beard and
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eye black. look at him. that is great. young fan predict not only the big home run but also his double earlier in the game. pretty big shot there. he is so excited. maybe he will, rock it for halloween. >> i love that the family went all out with the beard. >> how about justin's reaction in sports. >> but he is a fan. >> yes. >> that was awesome. >> well, had hey patriots quarterback tom brady is in hot water over soda and cereals. he calls coca a cola poison for kid while doing an interview during a radio and wondered whether frosted flakes were food. cocaine kelloggs are not happy. coke insist soda can be part of the balanced diet and kelloggs released data linking cereals with good health. it is thursday that means thursday night foot the ball here on, cb. three, tonight exton native math the math ryan and atlanta falcons take on the the new orleans saint who were blown out by eagles last sunday. coverage starts at 7:30 right
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here on cbs-3. lets check with justin. i know you are pumped about all that baseball talk. >> thanks for that man segment. i love that, i think that may be a big report. get a forecast right. we will talk about our weather watch tours see what is happening. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. we will start off in new jersey where we have a temperature of 52 in cherry hill. we're at lynn a's house. she send in a message here. another cool, crisp morning, skies full of stars, crisp. i just mentioned i don't use that word too much. there is one. north and west up to allentown where i grew up, julia deal, she has 44 degrees and clear skies. also sending a message, a crisp and cool start. i'm out number. i have to start using the the word crisp, every time i think about that i think of the honey crisp apples which i love. here's a set up what is happening over the next few taste. last sunshine, friday, maybe a
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morning sprinkle, not a big deal, very isolated and then we can end is the the story we will talk about those temperatures dropping down in 30's. right now nothing happening on storm scan three. we have high pressure over us. that will block any storms from developing. a few cloud around this afternoon. that is trend for next 24 hours. there are temperatures throughout the day. we will be in the 60's. cooler then yesterday. mid 60's at best for warm spot. tonight another cool night 40's to around 50 degrees for low temperatures. heading into tomorrow the same deal, mid maybe upper 60's. here's a big change, strong cold front allowed that cold canadian air to spill southward. we will talk about the first true shot of the cold air of the fall season. the temperatures are looking for frost, sunday, machine morning, we will get clear skies but wind go calm enough, we will see temperatures drop in the 30's and then we will get the grass, cars that goes below freezing. that is how you get frost quickly even though temperatures will be above freezing. the mostly sunny nice today.
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66 degrees. tonight another cool night with the clear skies dropping in the 40's in the suburbs to 50 percent for center city. the here's that extended forecast. sixty-seven with some cloud, early shower friday. low 50's sunday. sunday morning we will be in the 30's and miler by middle of next week. the is what the the latest on that traffic. >> for me i'm glad you are opened to using the word crisp now. so justin to think bit. >> i am, no problem it is a fan favorite. good morning. the right now we have a live picture of chestnut street because here's what is happening, chestnut and front around penns landing a above 95 we are dealing with the road closure as a result of the crack in the pier. so if you are trying to maneuver this morning as you noticed the road is closed and will be closed for we really don't necessity how long because penndot has to assess it this morning. so, plan accordingly for this not only for today but even for tomorrow to all traffic being diverted on to front street and your best alternate would be market or walnut street. so plan accordingly for. that as we look at i-95, 95 at
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cottman avenue still light around cottman but as you pressed down toward girard you will notice volume there. moving our way to the 476, and right around the area of route one, north and southbound commuting, moving well. the it is not even 6:00 o'clock. rush hour not in full swing but we are waiting on it n delays for mass transit. here's today's headlines on cbs-3. investigators say tests are inconclusive in the death of the three-year old brendan creato, they are awaiting toxicology result. his body was found tuesday in the wooded a area near his home in haddon township. police are investigating a fatal shooting in south philadelphia. a 19 year-old man was shot to death in the 500 block of ritner street last night. and two others, were wounded. and former president bill clinton is coming to philadelphia today to raise monday for his wife's presidential campaign. we are told it is a private fundraiser, at least $500 a plate. do you remember this connecticut woman who sued her 12 year-old nephew. the she's saying she's not a
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mean aunt but just misunderstood. jennifer connell filed a $127,000 lawsuit after suffering injuries at that boy's birthday part hi years ago. the lawsuit claimed that the boy jumped in to her arms, causing her to fall. her lawyers say that it was the only way get the her nephew's family's insurance company to pay for her medical treatment. a court found that the boy was not liable. >> interesting. >> well, talk about within big random act of kindness. >> this is great. >> a pizza delivery driver gets a tip of the lifetime from a church congregation. >> from our three services combined we have collect this much money, 1,000. >> so, a 1,000 you dollars tip, look at her reaction there. the pastor and congregation at a church in ohio randomly ordered a pizza during services. as you can see they gave sunday collections to the delivery person who showed up what they didn't know was that the deliver would i man natasha boy her who lives in an apartment with her two-year old son had missed several
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days of work due to illness. the as a result she was short of money to pay for october rent. boyar says the timing of the gift was nothing short of a miracle. >> the day that you guys actually had given me this gift i got an eviction notice on my door. >> wow. >> it is good to know that it blessed you and helped somebody and you a had a true need. that means so much for us. we're just so thankful that happened to you. >> the video has new caught fire and becoming a viral hit. it just shows how an act of kindness can be so appreciated but you never know who is in need and how beautiful that it can happen. >> it can have a great impact. you saw that little boy. thank goodness it went to help him. >> she's just delivering pizza to the church. >> yes. >> not bad. >> right now, 5:51. low carbs, in carbs, find out which diet really works best. >> also... >> i was at that point rock bottom and i needed to do
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something. >> he knew it was time for a change and now that mission is taking him across the country on two wheels. major goal he hopes to accomplish on his epic ride. i love
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on your healthwatch this morning, it appears there is a a new low down on low carbs diet. >> more and more doctors nowadays say that you don't
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have to cut out all of the breads, pasta to lose weight. doctors now trending toward a balanced diet as a best way to drop pounds. recent studies shows fun lose more weight on low fat diets compared to low carbs diets. and here's another reason why high level of stress may be harmful tour health. chinese researchers say having a high stress job may be linked to a higher risk of stroke. high stress jobs were defined as having high demands with little control over the work, such as waitressing and nursing aids. those with high stress jobs had a 22 percent higher risk of stroke compared to those with low stress jobs. >> nicole. 560-pound man is riding his bike across america to take control of his health and win back his estranged wife. eric hite went through fairmount park. he calls himself fat guy. he began his journey in massachusetts and heading to the west coast. his radical plan has taken the internet by storm.
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>> we separated for numerous reasons, associated with me being lazy, and getting fat, need to go take my life back. i was at that point, rock button and i needed to do something. she kind of thought i was nuts and never thought would i do it. >> good for him. >> so far he has lost 70-pound. he had has raised more than $2,000 on line for that trip. >> good for him, to take back his own life. >> i hope he gets his life back. gets a little initiative and gets healthy. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we have more on our exclusive interview with the grandfather of brendan creato, and plus 911 recordings just released. new video police hopes leads to the the suspect who stabbed spencer stone, the american who foiled a train terror plot. and companies using free lunch as an incentive, for employees. >> good for us. >> yes, full stomach happy employees but irs see it differently. we will explain coming up next.
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tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. go to sleep one night and you wake up and he is not there and there is no answers. >> searching for those answers, grandfather speaks only to "eyewitness news",
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this is as investigators try to figure out how that little boy died. plus, bullets the fly in a south philadelphia street, and we are live with the latest on that deadly gun battle. olde city bridge is hut down this morning, what you need to know before you head outside the door. >> it is thursday, october 15th, good morning, glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. >> let's check on your day with vittoria in for meisha. good morning. >> i would say traffic wise one word to use to describe it is light, but justin, the word that you could possibly use to describe the weather would probably be, crisp. >> oh, fine, it is feeling crisp out here. >> yes, it is. >> but it is, cool outside right now that is a trend, cooler then yesterday. maybe some 30's before we get to sunrise just after 7:00 this morning. there is a cool spo


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