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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this is as investigators try to figure out how that little boy died. plus, bullets the fly in a south philadelphia street, and we are live with the latest on that deadly gun battle. olde city bridge is hut down this morning, what you need to know before you head outside the door. >> it is thursday, october 15th, good morning, glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. >> let's check on your day with vittoria in for meisha. good morning. >> i would say traffic wise one word to use to describe it is light, but justin, the word that you could possibly use to describe the weather would probably be, crisp. >> oh, fine, it is feeling crisp out here. >> yes, it is. >> but it is, cool outside right now that is a trend, cooler then yesterday. maybe some 30's before we get to sunrise just after 7:00 this morning. there is a cool spot.
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allentown coming in colder than mount pocono. up in the valley we have cold air settling in. around philadelphia 55 at the airport. the surrounding suburbs in the mid 40's in doylestown. forty-one in quakertown. mount holly, new jersey at 47 degrees. wind are light right now, 10 miles an hour. if you are out for that morning bike ride or jog, it is not that bad, you don't to have battle wind this morning. quiet on storm scan three as we have high pressure and that means more sunshine around today. these will be temperatures where they should be in the mid 60's a. we are looking at 60 degrees. nice please apartment lunch hour in the sunshine. mid 60's at the shore. fifty's in the poconos. thone we will talk about that big change in the weekend with temperatures feeling more like november. lets go back inside to vittoria for a check on that ride. >> thanks very much. nice word usage out there. good morning, right now if you are trying to use chestnut
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at front street you cannot. this is a live look at closure point that we have here, we were talking about this earlier, that olde city bridge what they have found was a crack in the pier. penndot will be out this morning assessing the situation, what you can do is while we have two alternates for you but right now closure point is chestnut at front street. a lot of traffic, welshing all traffic diverted on to front street. market or walnut are two good alternates and we are not sure how long this will take. you do want to keep in mind you will need to plan accordingly for tomorrow as well. moving to route one southbound, right around 413 we have construction out there and it is definitely slowing things down as it usually would during a rush hour commute or on top of the rush hour commute. that is one point to watch out for. ben franklin bridge, we have a few more vehicles in toward philadelphia. we're on the brink of the rush hour. ninety-five southbound we are seeing slow go as you make your way around girard avenue as we usually do with rush hour approaching. than mindful of construction
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on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, center a and right lane block between valley forge and fort washington. still no word this morning on what caused the death of the toddler from camden county. we are hearing a father's 911 call and also see exclusively to "eyewitness news" justin finch is live outside camden county prosecutor's office with more, justin. >> reporter: that 911 call you will hear brendan creato's dad telling police he woke up tuesday morning and he woke to find his sonnies not there. his grandfather echoed what his mother's said yesterday that brendan's loss leaves a hole that will never be filled. >> he was plucked from frustrat. he was given to us, as a surprise and he was taken away with a surprise. >> reporter: david creato, grandfather of the three-year old brendan creato recalls his grandson's birth coming as he lost his own father. now he wants to know how he lost his only grandchild. >> with all of the pictures, i cannot even look at his picture right now, because i burst out and cry.
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>> reporter: trail runs cold before creato's on dj made a call to 911 about 6:00 a.m. tuesday after being unable to find brendan in his trooper street apartment in haddon township where brendan spent the night. >> 911 where is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year oldies missing. >> did you hear anything, see anything, nothing like that. >> no, i just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know whether he wandered out of the house or not. the the door is lock. i guess he unlock it and left. >> reporter: hours later the the police k-9 unit found his body in woods off cooper river park, less than a half mile from where he was reported missing in his red pajamas. >> word cannot describe how i'm feeling right now. this is devastating. >> reporter: results of the autopsy were inconclusive, in hard way to answer how the toddler died leaving more haunting questions. >> just to go to sleep and wake up and he is not there and there is no answers. what happened.
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>> reporter: soon medical test results could answer what the the autopsy could not. on line fundraiser in brendan's a name has raised almost $12,000 for a funeral but in word on a date and officials stress they have not made any arrests or charges at this time. we are live outside the camden county prosecutor's office i'm he justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". erika and nicole. >> justin, thank you. a shooting in south philadelphia leaves one man dead and two people injured. >> that neighborhood is just on edge right now, around 9:30 last night police responded to a call of gunfire on the 500 block of ritner street. police say a 19 year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. this is the the second shooting in that area on consecutive nights. our jan carabao will have more coming up in a live report. police have a suspect in custody in the death of the new castle county woman. a daughter, found body of her five five-year old mother a at victim a's home on winters wednesday in hockessin. the victim reportly was a psychiatrist. she was found dead early
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wednesday morning. as police were gathering evidence at that scene they say a manmade a even if call to 911 claiming responsibility. >> i went on the scene, to receive another 911 call from individual, a male individual, that was providing details that were specific to this injury and claiming responsibility for that incident. they responded to his location and took him in custody. >> police have in the the released the victim's name or how she died. a 91 year-old woman is in critical condition after she and her 68 year-old nephew were hit by a septa bus. that accident happened wednesday around 5:30 at fifth and godfrey as the two were in the crosswalk. police say the bus crushed had woman's lower torso and the nephew suffered bumps ape bruises. elderly with man was taken to einstein hospital. still ahead the latest on former nba star lemar odom on life support. >> we are learning about what he was doing prior to passing out inside a las vegas
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brothel, plus this. >> people united will never be defeated. >> protesters remain in baltimore city hall unhappy with the results of the council vote. we will have the details. new surveillance video emerged from an altercation that left an american hero suffering from a stab wound. we will hear from authorities coming up. no reason to shed tears here, smokey robinson one of several artists to perform at the the white house last night, we will have that just ahead as we look inside our cbs-3 control room. say hello to joe, deb, vince, lisa, they are gang behind the scenes, big shout out, we will be right back.
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so now i'm not being perky,
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telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. is there office's rested protesters downtown after demonstrators refuse todd leave city hall. they followed a city council committee vote to make kevin davis the the permanent police commissioner. protest comes six months after the death of freddie gray that sparked protests around the city. former nba star lemar odom is on life support. odom was found outside a brot until las vegas. officials say the person who called 191 said odom had blood from his nose and mouth and he had had been doing cocaine and taking sexual performance enhanceers.
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the the owner of the brot will he will, also speaking out, he says that police have told him there was no evidence of any drug use in odom's room. >> the police looked through his things and they didn't tell us they found anything. the girls, that were hanging out with him, didn't see any use of any illegal drugs at all. >> the county sheriff has secured a search warrant to take blood samples from odom in the hospital to see if there were any drugs in his system. 6:11 right now. of course, we're talking about the fall temperatures heading in the weekend. >> i necessity, with a fall chill in the air. it may be sticking around. >> it gets colder heading to saturday and sunday. >> okay. >> but, we're not stuck in that stretch where it stays cold. we will have temperatures all over the the place through the end of the movement here's the setup, another seasonal day to
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day, tomorrow maybe a few morning sprinkles and this is not a big deal but that front does bring in the colder air for weekend. it is our first shot of true cold air of the fall season. get ready for it. average high 68 degrees which is nice when we have sunshine out. we will be near that today. a couple degrees shy of that. friday the same deal and bottom just drops out saturday and particularly sunday with highs only in the mid 50's. next week we will warm it up. fifty-one in the capitol silly delaware. newark you guys are at 50. forty-five in millville. so a cool start across the region around philadelphia, outside, the city where we're in the mid 40's, mullica, voorhees. forty-seven in trenton. chalfont coming in at 46 degrees. further north and west cold, spots town 45. chad forward 45. and 40 in allentown. so, yes, it is dipping down to some 30's before sunrise. storm scan three clear right now, a few passing fair weather cloud, high pressure in control. nothing happening on our
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future weather models. great day to be outside. tonight same deal, clear skies, tomorrow, notice some clouds start to stream in. this is a cold front that moves through. not a lot of moisture witt. it could be a a stray shower in spots during the morning hours. and here's the setup for the weekend. jet stream starting to dive, southward, so all that cold air, starts to spill further south. the core of the coldest a air moves in for the weekend. you can see a deep trough over the the northeast. we are talking about highs ten to 15 degrees below average. wait until monday, tuesday, wednesday, we will bring that jet stream back to the north, milder temperatures will return. we he could make another run at 70 degrees next week. mostly sunny, 66 degrees for the afternoon high. tonight, clear cool, 50 for center city. forty's in the suburbs. that extended forecast, overall in the bad, today, tomorrow mid to upper 60's. the just a few more cloud around for friday. chilly day, saturday, breezy at 57 degrees. waking up sunday morning we will be in the 30's, with some
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frost, and the high of only 52, and then next week staying dry, each day warms up back in the upper 60's by wednesday. >> it is perfect time of the year to pull out your nice wooly socks and especially today because, we're celebrating the philadelphia ronald mcdonald's house charities, forty-first birthday. >> yes. >> we have sock puppet. >> yes. >> socky selfies. so we're having some fun. >> yes, we are. >> i'm going to try to do the entire next traffic, i didn't clear this with the control room but i'm going to try and do this. >> yes. >> with the sock puppet. >> yes, i don't know if it will work with the remote. >> outside of the box thinking, i like it. >> so, to celebrate rush hour, and trying to bring good news to it we will try to celebrate ronald mcdonald anniversary with this as well. rush hour is now upon us. if you are traveling in i-95 in the the southbound direction notice taillights there. yes, it has begun. the as we approach area of
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girard all the way down through the vine street expressway you will notice that you will find delays a lot of the volleys even starting to peel on back, toward allegheny and cottman. primarily through construction zones. but if you are traveling i-95, you know something that you can expect every sing is will day. traveling on the 42 freeway, we are definite the liz seeing delays as you make your way toward 29 five if you are traveling in the northbound direction, again, it is what we're using to seed during rush hour. so usual spots are starting to sort of perk up. same thing goes if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, this is 76, as you head east toward center sit a approaching the vine street expressway. another delay point. westbound on the the schuylkill we're also starting to see that usual pocket form around city avenue. it is actually working. isn't that cool. dianne is our stage manager here. anyway, 49, is your average right now on the the schuylkill expressway. the it is not awful but it is starting to peel down. our average is usually 55. we are getting slow there. twenty-three is your average on i-95 out of the north east.
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fifty-five on 476, pennsylvania turnpike moving well and remember, to keep this in mind chestnut street is closed at front due to construction. the is there a crack there. so front street is where traffic is being diverted, market walnut your best alternate, nicole and erika. >> 6:16. one of the bill cosby's alleged victim faces a deposition, with the latest on her case just ahead, plus this. thinks incredibly exciting >> a rare egg goes on the auction block look at that beauty. we will tell you how much this will go for when we come right back. >> very pretty.
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the trial continues for the contractor, in the deadly market street building collapse. >> yesterday, griffin campbell took the stand in his own defense. he is charged with third degree murder and six count of involuntary manslaughter for demolition that his company performed at 22nd and market in june 2013. the building collapsed on to the salvation army thrift store next door, killing six people inside. cosby accuser judy huth is set to be deposed later today. huth claims that she was drugged and sexually assaulted by cosby. hut h says the incident happened at the playboy mansion when she was 15. cosby was deposed, already last week, in boston at an
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undisclosed location. huth is one of dozens of woman accusing cosby of sexual misconduct. the the democratic national convention committee launches its operations in philadelphia today. mayor michael nutter is planning to welcome the team this afternoon. that committee says it will unveil on how local businesses can get involved in the convention which will be at the wells fargo center next july. former president bill clinton will be in philadelphia today to raise money for his wife's campaign. we are told the fundraiser is private. forty-second president's last visit to philadelphia a was in july when he was the speaker at the naacp national convention. 6:20. home delivery services are more and more popular. >> oh, yeah. >> we are learning it is not just google and amazon getting in the mix, how uber plans to join the market and why they are serving a different type of business. see more on that coming up, justin. we are tracking some colder air on the way, checking out our forecast models, potential for some frost this weekend, we will break down those details in
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the eyewitness weather
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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easton township is expanding its campaign to curb drunk driving. >> officials are holding a news conference to announce partnership with the marlton business association, uber and an organization that offers rides to designated drivers.
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pilot program, evesham saving lives is starting in december. it allowed people in bars and restaurants to find a safe way home if they choose to drink. >> great. battle over delivering anything tour door is heating up. >> it looks like is there a new option. one that is different, okay. uber is latest player to enter the home delivery wars, joining big names like amazon and google. uber russia allows business toss request a delivery a and track driver just like riders to with the app. >> it opens up the platform not only to driver partners but also to a new set of delivery partners. >> uber says average fee for delivery ranges between six and nine will dollars. the the launch of the rush is limited to a few major cities and it does not include philadelphia we will to have wait to experience uber rush. >> i will make it through. >> i like the idea of tracking things when you know when they will arrive on your doorstep. >> it is more expensive but it is a is in luxury. coming up next on "eyewitness news" tom brady is
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facing new challenges and they are not all on the football field. we will tell you why coca cola and kelloggs are both upset with him, jan. it is second tight in the row police found dozens of spent shell casing is in one south philadelphia a neighborhood, last night's shooting left one man dead and two injured. full update straight ahead. and a computer glitch causes major delays at nation's airport, we will tell what you happened, when we come back but first, vittoria. right new rush hour is moving in, you can see behind me 95 a approaching vine street expressway and it will only get heavier, stay with us, good morning everyone, we will be right back.
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that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. all right. beautiful morning, justin. i have to say, a little cool
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feeling like fall i'm not complaining. >> it is october. you know it will get coal eventually. >> it is really this weekend, our first true shot of cold air. >> that is too cold for me. >> weekend, 30's. >> october and a lot of people not ready just yet. >> i'll keep it the in the 50's and 60's. >> i'll hook you guys up. here's is what happening across the the river. we will see sky line there, a few cloud around we are seeing closer to sunrise just after 7:00 o'clock this morning. skies starting to brighten up but this is where we will get coldest temperatures in the morning. compared to 24 hours ago we're about three to 10 degrees colder. it depend where you are. we have allentown coming in at 40. fifty-four at the the a airport in philadelphia upper 40's for trenton. wilmington delaware. we have quakertown hitting 39 degrees at this hour, 43 in doylestown. but yes, that is chilly. grab a jacket, probably shed it in the afternoon. the it will feel good with the the clear skies.
6:30 am
the here's set up another seasonal day with mostly sunny skies, temperatures right where they should be with highs in the mid 60's. all right. throwing out a's today. the here's that school day forecast giving it an a minus. little chill think morning. we will see a temperature of 53 degrees. coming home from school mid 60's, nice and comfortable. the here's your forecast high of 66 degrees in philadelphia mid 60's at the shore. the 50's in the poconos and of course that is a look ahead to the weekend and that is a story with the colder air, 57 in breezy on saturday and then unday morning we're waking up to some 30's making it up to 52 for high temperature. sunday morning there will be widespread frost outside the city and these temperatures are more typical for middle of have november. so get ready for it, fall is settling in. lets head over to, vittoria for a check of the morning ride. >> good morning everyone. typical right now is rush hour, if you are traveling on i-95 we are in a full blown
6:31 am
rush. i-95 southbound down through vine street expressway is what you are looking at behind me. let me just explain it. taillights are southbound direction, again, volume starts approaching cottman. it is primarily again around construction zone that sets you back every morning and it is as you continue down in the city. traveling on the northbound side it is not awful. northbound is moving well around center city and even throughout delaware county as well maybe heading to and from delaware looking good around that stretch at 452 i would say. a as we look at the roosevelt boulevard, schuylkill starting to fill up. it starts westbound approaching city avenue. because it is filling up, it is backing up southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard. something awful toward kelly drive. and, just be mindful of that, and volume continuing to build. 422, we are seeing eastbound delays, making your way around 29. and you will want to give yourself more time this morning. and, 31 is your average on the
6:32 am
schuylkill. fifteen on i9 56789 traveling ben franklin bridge making your way from new jersey down toward eighth and vine. that will be a slow commute. 476 is still holding on strong really the length from the pennsylvania turnpike down to i-95. would i anticipate a change not too far down the road. would i say in the next 30 minutes or so that northbound volume starting to pick upright around route one. keep in mind this could set you back today, tomorrow. we are not the sure how long because it just happened but there is some pier damage, crack in the pier at that olde city bridge. chestnut closed at front. penndot will be a assessing the situation. market or walnut two good alternates because that traffic is diverted on front street. the death of the camden county toddler remains a mystery. >> autopsy results of three-year old brendan creato's body is inconclusive. we are hearing 911 called brandon's father made tuesday morning after his son vanished.
6:33 am
hours later a police dog found brand an's body in the woods of the local park a half mile from his father's home in haddon township. brandon's grandfather spoke exclusively with "eyewitness news". >> he was at the door, he would be around. his character was so funny. he would make you laugh. just lift your spirits. >> for now authorities cannot rule on how brendan died. investigators are awaiting a toxicology report. philadelphia police meanwhile are investigating a a deadly shooting that left a 19 year-old man dead and two others injured. >> yeah, this is second straight night of violence in that south philadelphia neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at police headquarters with more on that investigation, jan.
6:34 am
>> reporter: nicole and erika philadelphia police are now trying to figure out if last nights shooting is related to a shooting that happened earlier this week, in both cases, police found dozens of spent shell casings in the middle of the south philadelphia neighborhood. take a look, at the video. this most recent shooting left one man dead and two others injured. meantime more than 40 spent shell casings were left at the scene and four cars were riddled with bullets. this shooting happened around 9:30 on the 600 block of ritner street. police found one man a 19 year-old hot dead lying there with the gun still in his hand. two other men also showed up at different hospitals with gunshot wounds. a 36 year-old man turned up at jefferson shot in the leg and a 25 year-old man arrived at methodist hospital shot in the arm. police have determined that both of these people were injured, during that very same shooting, and now as you mentioned this is second night in the row that gunfire erupted in this south philadelphia neighborhood. on tuesday night police said they found close to 50 spent
6:35 am
shell casings at sixth and ritner about a half block away. no one was injured then but police are looking to find out if the two shootings are related. >> due to the fact that this shooting was just a half block away, just one day later, and once again, many, many shots were fired there is a good possibility that these two incidents are related. so homicide detectives abe south detectives are aware of the incidents, they are communicating with one another and we are trying to come up with a motive and find out who is responsible. >> reporter: police have have not yet identified the man who was killed. they have not yet described any suspects, however, witnesses tell police that a man was seen leaving the scene on the bicycle. police are still investigating and they will return here to look for surveillance video. we will keep you up to date. we are live in philadelphia outside the round house for jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lots of kudos for philadelphia a police
6:36 am
commissioner charles ramsey after he announced his plan to retire. he plans to step down january 7th. during a news conference at city hall mayor michael nutter praised ramsey saying he changed the culture of the police department for the the better. ramsey, hoist 65, said he had a blessed career. president obama also praised ramsey his choice to co chair a task of 21st century policing. the president said from chicago, to d.c. to philadelphia, commissioner ramsey has always supported our women and men in uniform and the communities they bravely serve and protect each and every day. i'm extraordinarily grateful for chuck's service and wish him an enjoyable and restful retirement. erika. we have an update on a story we first told you about last month. vaned list on. cars owned by members of the villanova football team and staff. the the police released surveillance video of the suspect using a credit card stolen from one of those cars. luk oil station is not far from villanova's campus. the vandals struck while wildcats were out of town for their season opener.
6:37 am
radnor police say the suspect broke in a dozen cars overnight between september 2nd and 3rd. police say a teen is dead and brother in the hospital after family members and parishioners attacked them inside their church. >> horrible. the bruce leonard and his wife deborah beat their 19 year-old son duke as to death, and then attacked his 17 year-old brother christopher in the word of life christian church sanctuary after unday evening services. investigators say church members described it as a quote spiritual counseling session. >> both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours and hopes that each would confess their prior sins and can for forgiveness. >> boy's sister and three others are accused of assaulting christopher. he is in serious condition. police say they don't know if the teen's perceived sin where is that prompt that had attack. police in sacramento, calorie leased new surveillance image of hopes of
6:38 am
catching suspects in the stabbing of hometown hero spencer stone. >> these images show getaway car and violence as well. stonies one of three americans who tackled a gunman in the french train in august. he was stabbed last week outside of a sacramento bar but some far no arrests have been made. >> it is not as easy as it may appear and certainly not as easy to put the pieces together if this was an event that took place, someplace where alcohol was not involved. >> police do not believe the attack was random. stonies expect to fully recover. u.s. customs computers are back on line this morning but glitch meant long lines last night, hate to see. that there were lines here at international terminals in new york, boston and other airports. there was also outrage on social media. u.s. customs officials say there is no indication that service was interrupted or due to a result of hacking instead of terrorism. >> good to know.
6:39 am
6:38. new poll shows how republican voters in new jersey feel about the presidential race. what it says about governor chris christie's chances. and then some tech companies are using appeal of free lunches to lure employees, but assaying goes there may not be such a thing as a free lunch after all. why the the irs is also getting involved. a rare eggs goes on auction block, we will tell you how much it is expect to sell for when we come back. >> gorgeous. >> beautiful.
6:40 am
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6:42 am
in campaign 2016 this morning a new poll is not good news for presidential hopeful and current new jersey governor chris christie. he has fall tone fifth place among republicans in his home state. donald trump lead that pack with 32 percent, more than twice support for the next two
6:43 am
candidates, ben car or and marco rubio. ted cruz is fourth. the christie is tied with carli fiorina with 5 percent. 6:43. let's check with justin on the forecast. it is chillier, um. >> some spots in the 30's, so certainly jacket weather but a lot of sunshine this this afternoon. that sun still feels strong outside n hatfield jeff, checks in at 42. colder spots. pete inner lawrenceville, 46. we are looking at 43 at kyle's house in hatboro, pennsylvania. and jamison, david 44. another cold spot nottingham fran has 43. mid 40's at dawn's house in downingtown. and 43 down south in newark, delaware delores lee, again, chilly spot over most of the surrounding suburbs outside of philadelphia. that will be the trend over next few taste as we will see core moving in the for upcoming weekend. we are right where we should be. average high 67 degrees, we are close to that yesterday. same deal today and tomorrow.
6:44 am
then we will drop temperatures down for saturday and sunday. highs in the lower 50's, sunday, and we will be waking up with temperatures in the 30's sunday morning. the not much happening on storm scan three, nice area of high pressure across mid-atlantic. quiet day to be outside. there is cold front to the north and west over great lakes moving through our region tomorrow. bringing a few more cloud and a stray shower. here's set up, enjoy your thursday, pleasant day, sunshine, temperatures mid to upper 60's. more cloud, passing showers in the morning tomorrow. still in the up are 60's. the once that front clears that will open up the door to the colder dryer canadian air and upper 50's with wind on sat the day, sunday, even with sunshine and we will struggle to get in the lower 50's. so that is typical numbers for middle of november. so again it is a heart of the cold air bottled up over canada and moves southward. that is why first true shot the of the coldest air of the season for the the fall ahead. here is your forecast high on
6:45 am
sunday. 52 degrees after waking up with temperatures in the 30's and even 20's in the mountains. and, widespread cold. we have ingredient. clear skies, that will be there. wind on the light side. temperatures mid to upper 30's. you can get frost above freezing. and it goes below freezing, and, 66 degrees in the sunshine today. cool night tonight. partly cloudy skies. extended forecast, it is weekend. we will cool down to the 50's. next week we will be back to the 60's pushing seven by next week. the all right vittoria, what is latest. >> latest still we are experiencing closure of chestnut and front street in the olde city pier. we will step out of the way. this is a live look here. we do have detour that is we will talk b there we go. septa bus rolling by. but again, if you are traveling chestnut street or front, you cannot all traffic diverted on to front street. best alternate market or
6:46 am
walnut. penndot crews will be assess ago this situation all morning long this could affect your commute not only today and even tomorrow and will affect rush hour i would imagine. make sure you stay with us here and following me on twitter for more updates throughout the day. anyhow, watch out for that but watch out for rush hour. ninety-five is filling up north bound around 452. this is one of my favorite shots, birds eye view of the area in delaware county. be mindful of the delay on northbound side. heavier then southbound side. southbound i-95 is still very much so delayed out of the north east down through the the vine as it is every single day. here's schuylkill westbound at city avenue. major delays here. all this volume impacting southbound on the roosevelt boulevard trying to get to the schuylkill. it is usual stuff out there. no major delays for mass transit. nicole. >> well, we have heard about companies offering unlimited vacation time or sick days but what about the ones that offer free lunch. >> thinks pretty typical at tech companies but as julie
6:47 am
watts report it the may end up costing workers who use it. >> how many days a week do you eat at the office. >> every day, it is delicious. >> reporter: what would you think if the irs started taxing you on this food. >> it would be a bad thing, very, very bad thing. >> reporter: it may some day be a a real thing for hundreds of thousands of tech workers like damon who have have become accustomed to their free lunch. >> it is truly something to remain to offer tour employees to remain competitive. >> reporter: steve starter of if, we they cater in more ways than one to compete with the tech giants who offer everything from gourmet restaurants to dry cleaning and haircuts, if, we boosts a nap room and biweekly pennsylvania massages but food irs wants a bite of. while the agency won't officially comment regulations regarding employer provided meals is listed as a priority for the next year. tax code exempt free lunch only if it is offered for convenient even yens of the employer, in the employee.
6:48 am
if it benefits employee it is considered income. while free meals are meant to keep employees at their desk, google alone serves 30,000 meals per day at 20 to 30 bucks a pop, irs has a lot to gain by taking a cut. >> if these people were compensated say hundred thousand dollars a year, thinks an extra six or seven percent of their income and that is substantial enough to tax it. >> reporter: thinks far from a done deal, even if the irs revisees guidance it will face legal challenges that need to be hammered out in the courts. julie watts for cbs the news, san francisco. >> wow. >> no one wants extra taxes but if you are getting free lunch every day. >> perks are fantastic, massages, the lunch, the nap room. lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora owe done will he will joins us live from new york with the preview. good morning, nora. >> good morning to you. margaret brennan is at the the white house where president obama will announce new plans for afghanistan. why he now wants to keep more
6:49 am
u.s. troops there then original willly plan. republican strategy frank, on donald trump's new campaign strategy. the first, this morning restauranter danny myers on yes is eliminating tipping at his restaurant. steven speilberg shows gayle shows how to direct tom hanks and talks back neighbors before the too even worked together. the news is back in the morning. see new ten minutes. >> yes, interesting. >> thanks, nora. >> sure is. >> two big companies are not feeling very patriotic you might say this morning. >> coca cola and kelloggs both upset with patriots quarterback tom brady. brady calls coke poison for kid the other day on a boston radio show. he wasn't sure if frost federal flakes were real food. coke responded by claiming soda can be part of the balanced diet and kelloggs say studies linked cereals with good health. so far no rebuttal from brady. speaking of brady and football thursday means prime time football on cbs 36789 tonight it is matt ryan and
6:50 am
his undefeated atlanta falcons taking on the new orleans saints. saints lost big to the eagles sunday, short week for saints, coverage kicks off at 7:30 tonight right here on cbs-3. well, first family host a celebration of creativity. >> imagine being guest is a at this. >> how bit. >> all part of the pbs series in performance at the white house. >> ♪ >> can you imagine having smokey robinson live, one of the many act perform. it was hosted by carol burn it and features queen latifah, james taylor, usher and much more. president obama spoke about another performers buddy guy. >> listening to the lyrics, guy once said we're singing about every day life. rich people trying to keep money, poor people trying to get it, and everyone having trouble with their husband or
6:51 am
wife, except me. >> smart man. >> the concert plow most 50th anniversary of the, nation's national foundation on the art and humanities event. it aired in january. >> very cool. one of the most reveered names in jewelry is back. >> fabber age has rare exclusive egg up for sale in boston. spring egg is one of four new eggs called the the four seasons. now get this it is made out of 130 carrots of emeralds, 5,000 white diamond all set in a row and it is worth $740,000. >> it is i'll say it again, it is a beautiful piece but it is an egg. what do you do with it. >> what a place in life when you have so many diamond and emeralds, i cannot wear them anymore we will put them on the egg. >> $740,000. >> yes. >> goodness gracious. >> beautiful. >> all right. we will be right back.
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investigation continues in the death of the toddler from haddon township. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at camden county prosecutor's office, justin. >> reporter: good morning this morning brendan creato's have loved ones continue grieving and now awaiting results on his medical testing after his autopsy results were inconclusive. brendan's grandfather tells us he has many questions about his only grandchild's disappearance and death.
6:56 am
the yesterday brendan's dad 911 call reported missing was released. he woke up early tuesday morning to find his son missing from his home. brendan was found dead in woods less than 1 mile away, at this time, there are no charges or arrests, yet made, and on line fundraiser is underway to raise $15,000 for his funeral and in date has yet been set. erika and nicole. >> all right, justin finch for us, thanks justin. thousands have of bullet markers cover a south philadelphia street after a violent night. police are investigating a shooting near sixth and ritner that left a 19 year-old man dead and two others injury. police say more than 40 spent shell casings littered the street. chestnut street overpass above i-95 is shut down after a large crack is discover in the support pier, penndot will assess damage later this morning and repairs could start today, right now traffic is being detoured north and south on front street. we are celebrating several milestones in our cbs philly family. >> first up our sister station
6:57 am
kyw news radio 1060 is celebrating 50 years of all news all the time. the lights atop peco building every congratulating them. >> thinks a live look at kyw team broadcasting live from their studios that we share here in the spring garden section of the city. there you go. the little pan there. and ed abrams is in the broadcast boot so a big congratulations to our friend and co-workers at kyw news radio. i love sharing the news room with them. good to have them in the building. other milestone is pat ciarrocchi's final broadcast at "eyewitness news". pat's had a long career here, most recently pat was instrumental in our coverage of the pope's visit to philadelphia. after more than three decade a at cbs-3 she's saying farewell. we invite to you tune into see it today on "eyewitness news" at noon. >> wasn't that special to see her do the pope coverage, the hallmark of her career. that meant so much to her personally and professionally
6:58 am
and neat to watch someone in their element. beautiful full day. >> it is a consistent forecast, sunshine, temperatures where they should be in the 60's, enjoy it the if you can. same deal tomorrow. a few clouds, could be a passing shower early friday morning and that sets up for a colder weekend we have been talking about all week still on track, coolest day of the season. first true shot of some fall air, coming in from canada 57 for the high with a breeze on saturday, sunday only five two. we will wake up in the 30's, it looks like widespread frost outside city both sunday morning and monday morning, and then by middle of the next week we will warm temperatures backup close to 70's. so that is typical. we will go a all over the place but true fall weather coming our way for the weekend. >> frost. >> yes. >> frost. >> remember frost. >> yes. >> it is back. >> exactly. >> bring in the house plants. >> make sure you check fluids in your car by the way, just throwing that out there for that frost, egh, anyhow, also,
6:59 am
the 42 freeway traveling on the 42 that is north bound side as you make your way a a approaching 295, heading through walt whitman bridge you are stacked in rush hour traffic. same thing goes for traveling on 95 in the usual spots, schuylkill usual spots and again chestnut at front street is still closed because of the crack in the pier. if you are planning to travel, at least now and i would say even tomorrow because penndot will be investigating that definitely take an alternate walnut front street good alternate. >> good thing they spotted this. >> yes. >> it is inconvenient but my gosh. >> better safe than sorry. >> next up on cbs this morning more on the escalating violence in the middle east and is donald trump softening his message. >> join us bright and early each weekday morning on cbs-3 to get you started at 4:30. thanks for being with us. >> forty-first anniversary of the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house, we are rock something striped socks on social media in honor of that. >> happy birthday.
7:00 am
>> have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, october 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." frustration and chaos at airports across the country. the terror watch list computer system shut down. what caused the glitch. president obama changes course in afghanistan. the new plan will delay the homecoming of thousands of troops. and steven spielberg shows us how to direct tom hanks. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a nationwide computer glitch. >> they should have had a backup


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