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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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picking kid up after school were turned to learn of his arrest. they are concerned about what kind of interaction kube had with school children, frustrating because i have three little kid that go to that school and it is upsetting knowing he is that close to our little kid. >> reporter: neighbor who lived next door to kube said she didn't believe the charges. the camden county prosecutor's office says a search warrant was executed early thursday morning at kube's home and detectives found hard drives containing numerous images of child pornography. police say kube was a crossing guard at intersection of white horse pike and evesham road. >> i'm definitely scared by it. it is absurd that someone at that age would have those kind of things on their mind. >> reporter: well, school district here had no comment. kube's bail has been set at $100,000 cash. the reporting live from mag knoll, yeah todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, todd. suspect has been charged in the sexual assault of the
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temple university student. twenty-three year-old shekorean bennet of harlem street are facing several charges tonight including rape. he is the man seen in surveillance video september 28th and moments earlier police say he rob, and sexually assaulted a temple student on north carlisle street. police are investigating two robberies near temple, both of them involving temple students. a robbery took place around midnight on the 1800 block of north 15th street, and it is not clear what was taken and robbery victim was not injured. a carjacking that happened near tenth and susquehanna around 2:00 this morning. police say robberies were not related and there have been no arrests. two bucks county men charged in the beating of the gay couple in center city last september pleaded guilty to day as apart of the plea deal, philip williams and kevin hair again will not serve scale time but they must stay out of center city while on probation for three to five years. they must serve 200 hours of community service and lgbt related organizations.
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the now the third suspect katherine knott rejected a plea deal and will go to trial. one of the beating victims was left with a a broken jaw that had to be wired shut while it heel. two police officers in dover delaware are hurt after a man drags them in his kara tempt to go getaway. police say officer anthony, and patrol men willie johnson were responding to a complaint, about a man, early this morning at ham let shopping center. when they tried to remove the man from his car he dragged them across the parking lot and then fled before being caught. twenty-eight year-old christopher brewer was arrested for assault and related charges. black lives matter supporters a and other groups are protesting suspension of the professor from the community college of philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at 15th and spring garden this afternoon, that group is protesting the suspension of the the adjunct professor, nair. he was suspended without pay after speaking at a student led protest about the rise of police recruitment on campus. there is more than 1,000
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supporters on, to reinstate nair. and penndot says that the chestnut street overpass over i-95 will be closed until at least, the weekend for emergency repair work. chopper three over closure on front street near penns landing where crews are repairing a crack in the support pier and they say they net is that had problem, yesterday. traffic in the area is now being detoured on to front street. a 32 million-dollar project to protect part of the atlantic city friday storms has begun. new sea wall along absecon inlet will will replace part of the boardwalk that was damage touring super storm sandy. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in atlantic city which more details, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, whenever is there a nor'easter the the north end takes a battering from the storm. three years, almost three years, since super storm sanded highlighted how vulnerable this area is. these bulldozers next to me is a sign that washington is willing to help.
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the gentle lapping of waves may give a peaceful impression of absecon inlet the but don't be fooled, just two weeks ago a nor'easter-like storm pounded the shore here which has had almost no protection, until right now. construction is underway on the 32.5 million-dollar sea wall which is almost all federally funded. >> we have filled up trucks with gas these taste so it is grateful to have everybody else on board. >> reporter: almost three years ago super storm sand i had destroyed what was left of the crumbling boardwalk a along the inlet. sandy may have done more good than harm here because it secured funding foresee see wall which officials say has been in discussion for more than 30 years. >> there is a lesson here not to give up. there is a lesson that if you keep working at it that we can get to it. >> reporter: more than three million-dollar in federal money will build a new boardwalk which goes from near revel casino to the atlantic city aquarium and gardener's basin. the city official says that and several other green space and drainage improvement
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project should attract new homes and businesses in the the cities largely vacant north end. >> by summer of 2017 this will be oceanfront or inlet front waterway properties, it the one very exciting. >> reporter: north end resident florence beyond sonnies optimistic. >> i'm glad they have started, it is jobs for atlantic city and we love the the the inlet boardwalk. >> reporter: ukee, new jersey's commissioner for department of the environmental protection was, very excited about this project but he had more criticism for two towns south of here in margate where so many people have have not sign easements and they will go to court over imminent domain so dunes can be built there reporting live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning to weather now. get ready for temperatures to drop in the next few days it could feel like november. meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate bilo and she's live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look the at forecast, hi lauren. >> boot the full again today, seasonal temperatures.
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a lot of sunshine. changes are coming. checking out storm scan three showing us some showers, exiting the great lakes region showing us position of the cold front that will be dropping in, as we head into the the day tomorrow but for right now, dry conditions, and abundant sunshine across delaware valley. temperatures feeling good. 65 degrees in philadelphia a64 in ac. calling in at 62 degrees in allentown. in your first forecast looking very good as we head into the evening hours, mostly clear sky conditions, we will start to see cloud deck increase as we past midnight overnight tonight the but very comfortable evening. temperatures falling from the 60's down in the 50's but we will not talk about 50's for lows as we head in the weekend we will talk about them for highs. coldest air of the season will arrive and let you know when to expect that and overnight lows in the 30's for first time coming up in just a couple minutes. >> lauren, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" lemar odom fighting for his life after
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his three day binge inside a nevada brothel. who is at the his side making decisions. entertainment tonight has new developments from the hospital plus we will hear from a man called 911. i phones too hot to handle one says his went up in smoke. why some devices are overheating and what you can do about it. this is a giant breast, biggest i have ever seen. i'm health reporter stephanie stahl. coming up what it is doing in the south philadelphia parking lot.
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former nba and reality tv star lemar odom remains hospitalized after being found unconscious earl will they are week just outside las vegas. kardashians are taking to social media to ask for prayers and support, this as his wife chloe fights with the owner of the brothel where he was found. entertainment tonight's sketch frazier is outside the hospital in las vegas with the exclusive details. >> reporter: there were signs of encourage. yesterday but still lemar odom is inside sunrise hospital fighting for his life. his children a arrived this morning to be at their father's bedside, meaning while, hollywood and sports world are sending out prayers for the the fallen star. >> i was surprised to hear all of this, you know, it is
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devastating when you have somebody on drugs in your family there is almost nothing you can do until they decide. >> you think about guys who you really be drawn to that you really cheer for, lemar odom is at the top of the list. >> reporter: there were signs yesterday that the friend and family hoped lemar squeezed someone's hand and fluttered his eyes but those could be involuntary actions. one the of the real concerns for doctors are lemar's kidneys. he was given dialysis in hopes that they could stop organs from failing. we're learning more about the chaos after lemar's collapse. there are new details about the dramatic 911 calls. the first from a woman name misty. >> he has got blood coming out of his nose and we cannot get him to wake up. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> reporter: next call was from this men richard hunter, a spokesmen for the love ranch >> he is breathing with his mouth opened a little bit.
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>> i was trying to shake him awake. keep him on his side until medics get there. they got here a couple minutes later. >> reporter: many of lemar's friend and family gathered in the emergency room at sunrise hospital but they were told by security, moving forward, that they would be contacted if they would be allowed to see their friend, but from now on, no one will be allowed in the hospital. we will have much more on his children's emotional visit and lemar's condition on entertainment tonight. all right, kevin, thanks very much for the update. catch entertainment tonight, tonight and every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. we are getting a look at new surveillance video from sacramento that shows the the attack on hometown hero, spencer stone. the images show getaway car and attack on stone last week. he was stabbed outside a bar. stone was one of the three americans who tackled a gunman in august. police say there have been no arrests in the case. >> it is not as easy as it may appear and certainly not as
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easy to put pieces together if this was an event that took place, someplace where alcohol is in the involved. >> police do not believe the attack was random, stonies expect to make a full recovery. caught on camera in monday tan a bear in a school. look at this video, bear got in through an opened garage school near the schools football field and they decided to take a run down the hall. students were told to stay in their classroom and police eventually ushered that bear outside where bear ran back toward woods. bear is ready to get out, this he were ready to have them all out. bears are just unrulely. >> bear in the mall. >> that is right. >> in schools good they are every where right now. >> i know, right good we are watching these temperatures coming in and some may think they are unbearable as they get down to the 30's. >> yes.e unbearable as they >> all right. >> some of the coolest air is on tap as we head in the upcoming weekend. we haven't had 30's yet so far this season.
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but we will feel some as we head into saturday. the saturday night, early sunday morning and likely starting things off on monday morning. temperatures are seasonal, as we check in atlantic city. 64 degrees right now. sixty-four cherry hill. moving across the area we have consistency in our current temperatures right now. 65 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-three in mount holly. moving northward still in the 60's. sixty-one quakertown. cooler a as is the case at mount pocono at 55. getting a a live look at margate, a hh, that looks nice and relaxing. clear sky conditions. not much wind to be had so the the waves are little there. we are going to see, clear skies stick around over next couple hours but changes are on the way. storm scan three is showing us showers up toward great lakes region. there is that cold front. secondary cold front will move in behind it. we will see first front as we head into the first part of the day tomorrow. cold front dropping in. we will see cloud a ahead of the boundary maybe an isolated
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sprinkle late tonight, early tomorrow morning, not anything you will need umbrella for. temperatures still seasonal ahead of the boundary so we will top in the mid to upper 60's tomorrow afternoon but then that cold canadian air comes in behind those two cold front into saturday. high temperatures take a big dive in the 50's. we will have that breeze kicking as well out of the northwest and then on sunday that will be the chilliest day, breeze still elevated, high temperatures only in the lower 50's and likely those wind chills as we head throughout the weekend, they will be on the more unbearable side. future wind gusts, models shows us projections, a after that front comes through. the wind starting to elevate tomorrow evening, after the boundary clears, throughout the the day on saturday, we will see wind gusts of 20, 25, 30 miles an hour points north and west of the city, into saturday evening, still breezy conditions and likely bundling up. check out these temperatures, as we head into sunday morning
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up in the poconos, possibly down into the 20's, as we look toward lap caster, reading and allentown. temperatures likely around freezing mark so we will bring those plant that you have outdoors, inn doors, and then as we look toward philadelphia and parts of the southern new jersey we could be down in the middle will 30's to near 40 degrees and we will have slightly breezy conditions, so our wind chills, sunday morning are going to be on the bitter side. overnight tonight still right around average around 50 degrees. mostly clear and cloudy. we could see chance of the isolated spring will late tonight. very early tomorrow morning. clouds hanging around. we will see increasing sunshine. high temperatures right around average. 67 degrees. the first part of the the day will feature more cloud cover and then more sunshine especially after we have have after the lunch hour. temperatures still in the upper 60's but we will be cooling quickly as we move into the evening hours on the back side of that cold front. breeze starts to pick up. already start to notice that change in the wind as we head
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into friday evening. then saturday we will notice that. waking up to middle 40's. the breezy high temperatures in the upper 50's. mix of sun and cloud on both saturday and sunday. low cloud with the mix of sunshine and blue skies. very dry air in place, feeling nice and crisp but chilly to start things off on sunday. 37 degrees. high temperatures only in the lower 50's. bear in mind our average high temperature for around this time of the year what happens i is in the mid up toker 60's. that sound like a good amount of weather for us. >> i like how you said chilly. >> thanks, lauren. still ahead, imagine sitting down to dinner and your fish starts moving. that is exactly what happened here. >> wait until you see what happens here. coming up next. >> that is terrible. it has been a long time since the eagles have won two in a row. what will it take? we will hear from one of sam bradford's targets coming up
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the barnes foundation is celebrating a major milestone to day officials welcomed 100 visitor to their new home on the parkway. >> reporter justin of our sister station kyw news radio was there when the guest of honor got his big surprise in 2012 barnes foundation which showcases art from all over the world opened its philadelphia campus. earlier doctor oliver brooks, who was from philadelphia but lives in california, became 1 million visitor when he strolled through the front door. being that 1 million visitor he won a year long family
5:22 pm
membership to the barnes and presents from the door. >> i had to see the the barnes because it is one of the greatest museums in the world. i feel lucky. i feel good that they have had a million plus visitors now. i feel like my timing was right. i know that i'm going to have a great experience here. i'm just thrilled to be here. it is just heightened all of the experiences. >> reporter: officials at barnes foundtation say since they have been in their new location they have added different programs aimed at reaching a diverse group of people and they believe that reached them the 1 million visitor mark so quickly. >> our peco free sundays which we have on the first sunday of every month has been incredibly popular with locals and our community partners. we have put on all sorts of public programs where we're welcoming patricia brown dance company this weekend to do a special performance in our court and musical performances, lectures, talks and our daily variety of collection tours. >> reporter: barnes found days, also has a campus in merion, montgomery county.
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justin ut o for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philly guy. >> yes, what, what that. >> eagles getting ready for one of the biggest match ups of the year. >> sports director don bellies here with more on that eagles/giants, it is always a big deal when they hook up. bird are night owls they are hooking up at giants at the lincoln monday night football. that starts a three game stretch of prime time games. eagles haven't won consecutive ballgames since last thanksgiving. it will take teamwork to make the dream work. >> every single person in the lock are room was saying execute, execute. but what does that really means. it means all 11 guys being on the same page. you have ten guys on the same page, one guy screws up, it blows up the whole play. that is what we were doing at first. then we got in the roll in the second half. but it was too late. but we came out, firing from
5:24 pm
the first play. >> that is riley cooper talking about what is going on with the eagles right the now. it is important to mention chip kelly, three wins out of four tries against giants. he is three-one against them. he has done well in his time here. you always want to beat the guys up the turnpike. >> hopefully the trend continues. >> thanks, buddy. appreciate you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" he was just trying to help, local man giving money to a man on the street is attacked and it is captured on camera. it is one of the hottest phones on the market but more and more i thephone users are saying their device is too hot to handle. why a new version might be a risk for overheating. a great shot why this photo of the shark, by a south jersey teacher ended up in the guinness book of world record,
5:25 pm
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i'm jessica dean with the top stories, prosecutors have charged christopher frick with the murder of the hockessin delaware doctor investigators say the 21 year-old confessed to killing caroline kong inside her home yesterday morning. south jersey crossing guard is facing child porn charges tonight. police arrested 80 year-old rodolph kube a crossing guard from magnolia middle school. he is behind bars on $100,000 bail. construction is underway on a 32 million-dollar project that will protect part of the atlantic city friday storms. new sea wall will be along absecon inlet. lauren? we have had a nice week and a half at or above average temperatures and we have one more day of seasonal weather before a cold front comes rolling through and gets us the coolest air of the sees or by far for the upcoming weekend. we will have a breeze to booth as well, so breezy, cooler for saturday, possible frost and freeze, as we head into sunday morning and machine morning,
5:29 pm
and we will talk about where those temperatures will settle in coming up in a couple minutes. lauren, thank you. more u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan for an extended period of time. president obama announced change of plans from the white house today and then there it is necessary to prevent future attacks. cbs reporter craig boswell is at the the white house with the details on the new plan and reactions. >> reporter: president obama says that the security situation in afghanistan is fragile and more u.s. forces need to remain in the country. >> a afghan forces are still not as strong as they need to be. >> reporter: there are about 10,000 american troops there. the president initially planned to leave about a thousand. the the revised plan will drop the troop level down to 5500 by december of next year and they will stay at least through start of the 2017. >> my approach is to assess the situation on the ground, figure out what is working, figure out what is not working, make adjustments where necessary. >> reporter: report that will leave it up to the next president to reassess the situation. president obama says mission
5:30 pm
is still counter terrorism and training of afghan forces n a written statement senator john mccain says he welcomes the the change but 5,500 troops will only be adequate to conduct either the counter terrorist many or train an advise mission but not both. bill rouse is with the iraq and veterans of america. >> multiple deployments have real impact on mental health, strains on families and individual but our men and women are resilient, tough, and brave and they will get the jobs don't. >> reporter: they say they will be stationed a at key bases at a cost that is about $15 billion. 5 billion more than previously estimated. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". afghanistan's president issued a statement welcoming president obama's decision to keep more u.s. forces on the ground through 2016. back home, search is on for suspect who robbed a man on the center sit the eye street. look at the surveillance video from the 1300 block of locust. the suspect asked the 69 year-old victim for money, and
5:31 pm
then pushes him to the ground and steals his will wallet. the it happened tuesday night around 10:45. if you recognize this man please call the police. now to campaign 2016, it appears new jersey voters are not supporting governor chris christie's presidential bid. in the latest rutgers/eagleton poll donald trump lead a among registered republican voters, 19 points better than ben carson and senator marco rubio tied for second in the garden state. just 5 percent there back christie. the that is down from 12 percent in august. former president bill clinton arrived in philadelphia today to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign. the private fundraiser was held at college of physicians, price of admission began at $500 per person. the forty-second president's last visit to philadelphia was back in july when he was speaker at naacp national convention. thousands of security forces are on guard across israel following a wave of palestinian knife attacks. new checkpoints are in place between pennsylvania palestinian and jewish
5:32 pm
neighborhood. there have been more than a dozen stabbing attacks targeting israelis. police shot and killed a palestinian after's ledgely tried to knife and israeli security guard. violence has created a certain sense of panic. >> somebody take a knife and do what he is supposed to do. what are you supposed to do in. >> reporter: jerusalem's marries urging israeli citizens with gun permits to carry their weapons. it is still unclear what caused a glitch in the computer system that checks airport passenger names against the terror watch list. the the home land security computer system went down for about an hour and a half last night and caused backups at new york's jfk and other international the airports. the costumes and border protection agencies say there is no indication that it was terrorism or hacking. we are celebrating several milestones in the the cbs philly family today. >> first up our sister station kyw news radio 1060. >> yeah, celebrating 50 years of all news, all the time, lights atop peco building are
5:33 pm
even congratulating everyone. we share a news room with the news radio in the spring garden section of the philadelphia they are wonderful collogues and great friend. congratulations to everyone at kyw news radio. >> great follow accounts there. we also had a celebration here at cbs-3. >> it has been quite an emotional day. after 33 and a half years our great friend and collogue, pat ciarrocchi, anchored her last show at noon. the here's a look behind the scenes. pat took the anchor chair as her mom mary and husband david watched from inside the studio. i had to sneak on, sneak on the the set to surprise my long time co anchor sitting next to her one last time. co-workers from the news room and entire building came in the studio to applaud pat. she decided after the pope was wheels up from philadelphia that it was time to go wheels up herself and on to her next destination. the path path, we love you, we miss you, we cannot wait to see what your next adventure holds. an amazing afternoon for an a nation collogue and friend, no doubt bit.
5:34 pm
>> you sat right next to her for so many years. >> for 17 years, 17 years i told her on the set today she raised me. from a sports guy to a news man she is just so talented, so friendly, friend of the community as well. we love her dearly. indeed. >> all right. >> still to come why millions of americans won't be seeing any increase in their social security checks. >> you look at this like why are there boots in the parking lot, are they going to be closed. >> it is a exhibit that is getting a lot of attention and raise ago wearness about breast cancer. health reporter stephanie stahl takes us on a tour. and scream and shock when their dinner jumps off the the plate. don't miss this. lauren. >> i had to follow that. our cool low temperature in philadelphia so far 47 degrees this season. we will beat that by a bit as we go in the weekend and i'll have details coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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more than 07 million social security recipients will not receive a benefit increase in 2016. this is third time this has happened since 2010. annual cost of living adjustment the is based on inflation levels and government says inflation is being pulled down by lower gas prices. the the typical retiree's benefit is about $1,300 a month. time to get your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has more. >> in the u.s., women now own 30 percent have of all businesses, and that number is growing, fast. minority women in particular are starting companies at an impressive rate. the number of companies owned by black women grew by 322 percent between 1997 in 2015. latino owned companies grew by 224 percent while businesses owned by asian american women grew by 195 percent. during the same 18 year period companies owned by white woman
5:40 pm
grew by 40 percent. why are women turning to business ownership in such large numbers? the national women's business council suggests low interest rates, combined with a record number of women earning college degrees and looks of jobs during the financial crisis, all paved the way for this growth. the most popular industries for women owned businesses include health care and social assistance, educational services and administrative support and waste management services. i'm jill schlesinger for
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch a special event in honor of breast cancer awareness month and it was a women's wellness day in south philadelphia with an eye catching feature. >> as health reporter stephanie stahl, as you can
5:44 pm
tell, is here with more. >> eye catching indeed. >> we have covered all kind of breast cancer events. this one was certainly unique. you can even say, bigger than life. breasts like you have never seen before camped out at snyder plaza in south philadelphia. grabbing lots of attention. >> people say why are there boobs in the parking lot the. >> reporter: up close look sponsored by goldenberg group. >> they are a educational component. if you walk through the inside you can see anatomy of the breast themselves and how they work. >> reporter: inside 3-foot high, 20-foot long inflated exhibit people can see blood vessels, milk ducts, limb have node and anatomy of the breast. >> i have never gone inside of a breast before. i love the anatomy. i think it is very educational. >> reporter: megan, wants women to know about the importance of early detection. she ended up with a double mastectomy after being diagnosed, late. >> i like the giant breast i think it is beautiful,
5:45 pm
informative and educational. >> message is to be pro active about their own health. >> reporter: and, i was there spreading word about free mammograms for uninsured women that will be offered at methodist hospital. we will have information on that, cbs, click on health. doctors say because of the federal awareness of regular mammograms a growing number of women are surviving breast cancer. also, screenings and treatments are better we should say but how about that exhibit today. >> talking about a awareness, education. >> you will stop and go what is that. >> yes, exactly. >> thanks, stephanie. well, for the next story, you can say the fish, the fish wasn't fresh. >> it wasn't just fresh but might have been too fresh. >> a family ordered a fish and noticed the fish began shaking on the plate. they had already eaten a little bit of it so they whether shocked when it shook and then ultimately jumped off the plate. yes. this happened in japan.
5:46 pm
what you cannot see but hear other diners jumping back in shock and this video has now gone viral. >> my first thought would be somebody getting punked but that was, but no. >> no. >> but yeah, wow. >> tell me about it. >> i would be like check please. >> we're done. >> yes, a little chicken fingers, nice and fried, just to make sure it is done all the way through. >> yes. >> lauren is joining us now. it is getting cooler as days goes by. >> it has been really well above average temperatures but all that will go in reverse as we head in the upcoming weekend. but for right now weather watchers are reporting nice conditions and we are seeing nice conditions as we take a live look an hour sky cam three, at center sit friday our cbs-3 studios. just one lonely cloud in the sea, otherwise, clear sky conditions, still away from sunset occurring at 6:22 this
5:47 pm
evening and it will be a really nice evening and as i mentioned our weather watchers are reporting nice temperatures, generally consistently in the 60's, low to mid 60's right now. we will check in at 64 degrees from our eyewitness weather watchers ken fret willingboro, new jersey. he is reporting sunshine there. that temperature of 64 degrees. we will head closer, move down the shore and see what is going on. we will get down there. 66 degrees right there from our eyewitness weather watcher james and he is reporting sunshine in ocean it the i. 66 degrees. a breeze at the 14 miles an hour. he does note that in his commentary there. a beautiful day but breezy down the shore but still nice to be down at the shore when you have sunshine. as he did in his photo he captured here bright blue skies and then transfer one lonely little cloud there but we will check in on our other photos and weather watchers are capturing a lot in the way of fall foliage which is starting to break out across
5:48 pm
the area check out this picture from our eyewitness weather watchers and just sent tonight ten minutes ago. nice blue skies. leaves starting to change, nice red, orange, yellow and it will be a nice weekend forgetting out and about and checking out fall colors but we will need to bring that coat with you as we are going to have chilly temperatures ahead. overnight low in particular are going to be on the chilly side but storm scan three quiet conditions in the delaware valley and up and down i-95 corridor but we have see showers up win moving through great lakes region. big area of low pressure. we will see two cold front one early tomorrow we will notice that on future weather. not a lot of moisture in association with this boundary that will move in so it could generate a passing sprinkle late tonight, early tomorrow morning but otherwise dry conditions and then we will see that secondary front dropping in as we head tomorrow night and early saturday and that will reenforce that cold air. it will be dry frontal
5:49 pm
passage, we are not seeing any showers from the second front but we will feel colder air ushered in behind it. we are in store for a cold blast. we did have 30's but that is way back in april and spring. april 25th, 2015 is last time in philadelphia. we had a low dropping down in the 30's but we will be in the 30's. future temperatures telling thaws heading in the next several days. weak up to 40 sat take morning. thirty's in the poconos. fifty's down the shore. as we head in the afternoon temperatures only in the 50's and with that breeze kicking out of the northwest those wind chills could be on the 40's, side so it will be a chilly take even in the afternoon hours on the saturday and certainly on sunday. we have some concern for possibility of some frost forming and clear skies in the overnight period for the weekend. we will have have temperatures down in that range mid to upper 30's. surfaces below freezing north and west of the city but what we won't have is light wind. we will maintain breeze during
5:50 pm
overnight period. we could see spotty frost but at this point not concerned about widespread frost because of elevated wind speed throughout the weekend. that is good news but it is a double edged sword because we will have wind chills to deal w beautiful conditions here from our photo from our viewers, in mount pocono. this is yesterday's sunset. beautiful conditions. twilight. seeing had fall foliage that is breaking out across the the area. this updated map, low foliage turn over in the delaware valley but heading up toward poconos and into new york and upstate insuring in the adirondacks you will check out beautiful conditions. with dry weather in store for the upcoming weekend, it will be a nice one to check out those leaves. overnight tonight, cloud, moving in late, chance of the isolated sprinkle, overnight lows right around average for tonight and right around average in the high temperature department as we head into tomorrow afternoon. 67 degrees. morning cloud and then more sunshine as that cold front moves through. we will notice breeze picking
5:51 pm
up once that frontal boundary moves through as we head in the a afternoon hours. as i mentioned we will be dealing with that northwesterly wind down the shore and in the philadelphia area and in the poconos, as well. watch out for that especially waking up sunday morning. 29 degrees, that wind chillies going to be better. we have a cool weekend head. coolest day on sunday, 52 the high temperature. looking nice though for eagles game. that is nice football weather. high temperature of 55 degrees, starting off in the 30's. as we head into tuesday high temperatures will rebound nicely backup in the middle 60's by tuesday. >> all right, lauren, thank you. it ways one of the hottest cell phones out the there but some i phone owners say their phones are getting too hot? growing number of people are complaining that their phones are overheating and julie watts talk to one owner who said his phone went up in smoke. >> and the smoke was just coming in through the middle. >> reporter: it is one of the hottest phones on the market
5:52 pm
just ask kevin. >> and i heard a little pop noise. >> reporter: the college student says he was sitting in his car last week when he hit home button on his i phone six plus and the device literally went up in smoke. >> it was smoking. the it was really hot. i threw through it here. >> reporter: where he points out it left a mark. apple refused to comment on the situation but he did agree to replace sketch's phone. this is a a new one. yahoo editor and chief dan says kevin is in the the only one complaining that their iphone six got too hot to handle. >> is there chatter on line about people not being able to touch their fence because they are so hot. processor has gotten so powerful that the phone cannot handle the heat. >> reporter: recommendation to keep your fun from overheating, turn off unnecessary apps when they are not in use and disable your automatic updates. you should also lower your phone's brightness level so it does not to have work so hard but i thephone users say more need to be done. one post says i smell a firm wear update coming.
5:53 pm
julie watts for cbs news, san francisco. something to think about. >> no one wants a burning phone in their hand. battle over delivering anything you want right tour doorstep is heating up. >> it looks like there is a a new option, but there is a big different, uber is latest player to enter home delivery wars joining amazon and google. uber rush requires business toss request delivery and track driver, much like uber riders do the with the app. >> what about the platform in the only to driver partners but also to a new set of bike delivery partners. >> uber says average fee for delivery ranges between six and $9. the launch of the rush is limit tied few major cities, not including philadelphia right now. >> it is more and more how quickly can you get to it me. >> yes. >> for rides, i have never had anything delivered. >> yeah. >> we will see. >> that can be it. >> will be. >> we will be right back.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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robbers drilled their way in the store and getaway with a safe full of jewelry. >> lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco live in center city with the developing story, diana. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, this has everyone talking tonight like something out of the movie, maybe in the the italian job but some very close. sometime overnight thieves broke into this abandon storefront, and they accessed the wall and break in the jewelry store next door and they cut a hole through bathroom wall, drilled in the other side and there was the avenue in the jewelry store on the other side of the cleaners. we were able to get a look inside the cleaners. here's what they came into find this morning just before 10:00 o'clock. there was a huge hole in their
5:58 pm
bathroom wall and saw sawdust all over the floor. they noticed that their electric system and computers had been messed with as someone tried to steel the cash drawer. it was then that the police came in and let them know that the jewelry store had been robbed overnight, someone entered the safe and cleaned it out. police have have not yesterday said just how much was taken but it certainly has stunned a lot of people, including these store owners. here's what the dry cleaner had to say. >> i didn't real ice... unaudible. something from the ceiling but a lot of things from the bottom. >> reporter: the name is gold and time, they have been closed all day to day. we did see the owner walking around looking quite upset. he did lose quite a bit of
5:59 pm
money from this robbery. police are still investigating but from the looks of this many think it was an inside job. live from center city tonight, diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a delaware doctor murdered and police say her killer had been planning it for years. latest on the investigation. it was center sit a tack on the gay couple that made national headlines and tonight an update on the case, lauren. big cool down is in store, talking about lows in the the 30's, when to expect to break out that winter coat into your forecast. a great photo taken in south africa and there is a local connection to this shark's tail. how this picture in the guinness book of world record is connected to our area.
6:00 pm
a doctor, murdered, and police say man who did it is behind bars, after a, chilling confession. tonight, we're learning that her alleged killer may have been planning the murder for years. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with more on this, greg. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. that murder happened behind me a at the doctor's home in hockessin delaware. police say the murderer is 21 year-old christopher frick, who they say has been planning this for the past three years. and early yesterday morning, he carried out that gruesome plan. five five-year old psychiatrist caroline ekong dead. >> family member called 911 reported that he discovered her mother deceased. >> reporter: police say her killer is 21 year-old christopher frick who had been stalking ekong and planning her death the for three years there were numerous documents recovered, from both residents that made that very clear. >> reporter: investigators say e


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