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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we begin at 4:30 with breaking news, a wal-mart employee stabbed during a robbery overnight. police just updated us at the scene, and they gave us this great surround vale end photo that should help track down the suspect. also, a brazen jewelry store highs in rittenhouse, police say thieves drilled their way in to clean out a space. we'll hear from the store owner just ahead. >> now departing final us airways flight takes off from philadelphia a little later this morning, we'll tell you about the significance of today's flight number. >> today is friday, october 16th, good morning to you, glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. erika is off today. i'm joined by two lovely ladies. we have vittoria and kyla in the house, good morning. >> good morning. yes, meisha also has the day off. well deserved yesterday and
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today. so i'm filling in. i would say traffic wise we're looking pretty good. kai last how are we looking weather agree. >> today is the next day in the next few where we feel okay about these temperatures, they are an about to cool down an awful lot. today not bad. we start off little cloudy, and you can see, temperatures right now, chill any some spots, 52 in drexel hill, millville about 58. but look at lumper ton, 50 degrees, wow pottstown just 45 degreesment although you can see the wind not bad there, very mild. 56 degrees currently in center city. wind out of the southwest about 7 miles per hour, and we do have little business off to the west right now. now the good news is this will fall apart essentially before it gets to us. it will bring us clouds throughout the day today. i think the roads should stay dry for the rush hour, good news for those of you for the traffic department. 67 degrees the high today, not bad at all, start to get some sun in in the afternoon, down the shore about 67 degrees, as well. little cooler in the poconos, could you get few sprinkles in the poconos before it falls apart and makes its way to us.
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bigger story, cold air coming this weekend. boy o boy will it be a rude awakening saturday morning. coldest air of the season expected so prepare yourselves. we will talk about. >> this we could even see temperatures in the 30's, saturday night and sunday night, so i've got a lot to get everybody ready for, deep breath, ahh. vittoria, how are those roads looking? >> i would say right now things are pretty quiet. we won't need to brace ourselves for anything major just yet. we have couple of construction project. all-in-all it is moving real well. vine st. expressway construction project just cleared on the vine between the schuylkill and broad. both sides have been reopened. westbound will be your tail light here. eastbound being your headlight. it is smooth sailing between the schuylkill and 95 and the vine and cutting you there center city so you look great. little different story bucks count, southbound route 13, neshaminy, southbound side right here. two lanes being block, as a result of construction, this would be ongoing for some time this morning, we will continue
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to keep you updated on, that again, usually they start to wrap things up before the rush hour, then it would be real hectic. but as of right now, it is closed, again, we will let you know it does open. also, we were experiencing this yesterday. the support spear peer -- pier, right at chestnut and front, closed there because there are some pier damage. as they continue to assess the situation, traffic is being diverted to front street. your best alternate market or walnut. they are not sure how long this will take effect. so even as we move now into the weekends, you will need to prepare, and i know old city get bumming on a weekends, so, make sure that you brace yourself for that. also, we have construction in the northeast, roosevelt boulevard, the inner drive being being closed. this is between rhawn and woodward, ongoing, again, until 5:00 a.m. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport look just fine, nicole? >> vittoria, thank you. more now on breaking news, philadelphia police are searching for the suspect who stabbed a northeast philadelphia wal-mart employee during a robbery there.
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this is new video from the scene, it happened at philadelphia mills, just after 1:30. now, police say the suspect had several items including 42-inch tv in his cart when he tried to leave the store. thirty-five year old employee stopped him, asked for a receipt, and struggle ensued. >> the perpetrator said leave go or ill kill you. perpetrator then pulled a knife from his pocket, folding knife, he unfolded it, and then lunged toward the cashier, and attempted to stab him in his chest, that's when the cashier blocked the stabbing with his right forearm, and ended up being stabbed in his right forearm. >> this was surveillance picture by the way of the suspect who took off if gray or light colored hatchback vehicle. he left behind several items that police are now fingerprinting. the victim suffered some minor injuries, he was treated at the scene. well, more breaking news right now in north philadelphia. this is a live picture, from mobile three, where a car just crashed no a wall in the 2100
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block of north college avenue. this is right behind girard college, the college, some chase, and again still developing, working on get the detail. here's what we can confirm. police do tell "eyewitness news" there was a reported abduction, in that area, and shots were fired at this point we know at least one woman somehow injured this this incident, and police do have one person in custody, and our justin finch on the scene talking with police, and we will have a live report coming up in our next half hour. >> right now, though, someone has pulled off a heist at a jewelry store in the middle of the night. now philadelphia police are looking for who did it. this happened early thursday morning, at the time and gold store at south 19th street near rittenhouse square. investigators say, the thieves broke no a former storefront, drilled through the dry cleaners next-door and into the jewelers. robbers emptied the safe. >> i can't believe it. it is a good thing it is my store all messed up, but the
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compared to their store, tiff to be -- >> you're okay. >> yes. >> no word on the price tag of the stolen items or the damage to the stores. >> well, police charge a suspect in the death after delaware doctor, after a chilling confession. delaware authorities say 21 year old christopher prick murdered doctor caroline econg. on wednesday, did the was discovered by family member. worked as a psychiatrist, investigators stay was not a romantic obsession but one that start wad professional encounter about three years ago. >> there was very little interaction between the two of them over those three years, yes, had been planning this event for approximately three years. >> frick charged with murder, home invasion, and burglary. he's being hell on $143,000 cash bail. this morning, still no answers to what caused cause the death of three year old brendan createo. the camden county prosecutor office says an autopsy
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completed on wednesday failed to shed light on the little boy's death. his body was found early tuesday in a wooded area of cooper river park, that's in haddon township becomes half mile from his father's home. in one who may have information on how brandon died is urged to contact the camden county prosecutor's office. >> us airways will make it final flight, will take off from philadelphia later this morning, make stops in charlotte, phoenix, and san francisco. flight 1939 returns to philly tomorrow morning, it will be under american airlines following the completion of the merger of course. us airways started out in 1939 in pittsburgh, as all american aviation flying single engine planes flying air mail. 1950's called allegheny, then us air until 1997. >> also, today, is israeli forces deploying more forces to its border gas, a this a mid palestinian calls for mass protest, also bang young muslim men from entering
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revered mossing in jerusalem at the center of the increased violence, the last two weeks, dozens of palestinians, several israelis have died. >> we are getting better idea of the injuries sustained basilica of saints peter and paul us airman, spencer stone, when he was stabbed outside a sacramento bar last week. stone was released from the hospital yesterday. this is a photo of him with his doctors and his nurses. stone also posted selfie showing his injuries, stiffs from his stomach to his chills. his brother says stone was stabbed in the heart, the left lung, the liver and the back. he essentially had open heart surgery. his attacker remains at large. stone was also stabbed back in august, if you recall, when he thwarted a terror attack on a french train. >> former canadian ambassador to iran, ken taylor, passed @ way after brief battle with colon cancer, ben known for hiding americans inside his tehran home during the 1979, part of the 2012 film argue
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owe, and our man in tehran, ken taylor was 81 years old. >> it is 4:39 right now. whether you are a football fan or not, you have got to see what may be the craziest catch of all time. we'll show you coming up next in sports. >> also ahead, flooding rains in southern california cause massive mud slide. why the worse may be yet to come. we'll have more news when we come back. you're watching "eyewitness news" this morning. thanks for waking up with us. here is a look inside our studio.
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>> top 2gop candidate, donald trump, ben carson, threatening to boycott the next debate. sent letter demands to cnbc. at issue the lent of the debate. trump and carson say they'll not participate if it is longer than two hours. last month cnn decision
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extended their debate to three hours, leaving the candidates looking visibly tired. in a statement, cnbc says in part we will certainly take the candidate views on the format into consideration, as we finalize the debate structure. >> vice president biden decision on presidential bid will come soon. that's the work from one every his top political advisors, former delaware senator ted kauffman, said if beaten runs, it will be because of his quote burning conviction that the us must funds mentally change the balance in the economy. more storms are expect in the hard hit part of southern california today where flooding rains triggered mudslides yesterday. hundreds of vehicles became stuck in the mud along la's i5. there are no report of injuries. officials say conditions are ripe for such extreme weather, thanks to california's historic drought and wild fires. but back here at home, we are also in for some drastic changes. little autumn chill this weekend. we're hearing the temperatures will be pretty cold, kyla,
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what's going on here? thirty's maybe? >> i know, i was like oh, i don't want to hear it either. talking saturday night, sunday night corks see the incredible cold coming our way. right now catching little break here. as you can see, we've got some rain making it way through mount poconoment it is really falling apart as it tracks in. so i don't think we will get much of anything here, if anything, maybe sprinkle or two. but as you can see on future weather, it tracks out, skoots not north, and then sunshine in throughout the day today. in fact, afternoon should be pretty nice today. temperatures not bad at all. we will see highs in the mid to upper 60s, seasonable temperatures this time of year. clouds will give way to sunshine this afternoon, high of about 67 today. so not bad at all. winds out of the south this morning, for most of us, you can see it is relatively calm, little wind mount pocono, 10 miles an hour in dover, 10 miles per hour, temperatures right now, 56 in philadelphia, 43, though, in allentown, waking up chilly there. chilly in lancaster at 43, about 54 and 56 down in atlantic city and wildwood. if we zoom in here at
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quakertown, feeling it this morning, 39 degrees mt. holly. little warm their at 50 this morning. so, we've had these 60s, as we've gone throughout our week, head toward the weekends, big difference temperatures coming up saturday, sunday, talking highs just in the 50's. it is a cold blast coming behind the cold front, will open the door, bring us some of the coldest air of the season, ready or not, here it comes, everybody, so talking highs on saturday, sunday, in the 50's, that's where we should be by mid november highs. it is a little early. the other concern is that we have saturday night, sunday night, very cold temperatures, doesn't look like we'll get below freezing, but could see some 30's, that of course is something to be concerned about, too. but we're not there yet. today high of 67 degrees. few morning clouds, some afternoon sun working our way throughout the day. tonight low of 45. start to feel that chill in the air. but boy it really kicks in as we get into the weekends, breezy as well saturday. so that will make it feel even colderment look that the 52.
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we don't rebounds until we get into tuesday. that's when we head back to the 60s. i have to tell you, i like the look of the sunshine, the 70s of next thursday, nick snow. >> you are not alone, kyla, looks pretty good, thank you n sports now, the eagles host the giants in prime time monday. but chip kelly's responding to some internet rumors he wants to go back to coaching college. kelly was of course two-time "coach of the year", among many other accolade,usc just fired it coach actually so the rumor is that chip is their first choice. but the eagles coach is not only denying those rumors, he is taking it a step further. take a listen. >> press conference will be over quicker. what do you want to talk about? you got ten minute. let's talk about texas, i know you have obligation, i understanded, we are not successful, i'll go back it college. i hope some day it will be
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like coach cough lan where the speculation end. >> to thursday night football on cbs-3, some guys dressed lie saint defensive coordinator rob ryan, celebrating halloween little early in new orleans, also celebrating the saint handing the falcons their very first lost of the season. that of course is former penn state linebacker michael, scoring after blocked punt, saints beat the falcons 31 to 21. and check out the razzle dazzle reverse play, but this play comes with a spectacular one after kind catch in the end zones. sanford wide receiver francis makes the catch by pinned the ball against the defenders back. hard to believe number 15 stanford beat number 18ucla56 to 35. >> well the american league championship series starts tonight in kansas sit hosting the blue jays. last night the mets punched their ticket for the national league championship series, daniel murphy long ball broke a two-two tie, and the mets out lasted the dodgers in last
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night's decided game. now face the cubs in the nlcs game, one tomorrow night. >> well just ahead, live check on the market from wall street. and this reminder to tune into cbs-3 tonight at 8:00. we've got the amazing race where contestant soar high above victoria falls, then at 9:00 hawaii five-zero, healthy recluse found dead in a field with money all around him. at 10:00 blue blood, leaves witness protection to help his old moss. then "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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>> breaking news tops this morning's headlines. philadelphia police looking for a suspect after a robbery at a wal-mart in northeast philadelphia. it ends with a stabbing of an employee there. it happened at the philadelphia mills store on byberry road. that worker suffered a minor injuries.
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>> philadelphia police also looking for the thieves who broke into a jewelry store, by way of a dry cleaners, and an empty fast-food restaurant, investigators say the robbers drilled into the time and gold store on 19th street and emptied the safe. >> and it is a final flight for us airways, it takes off this morning from philadelphia, it will stop in charlotte and phoenix before landing in san francisco. the airbus a321 will leave philadelphia tomorrow under the banner of american airlines, they are completing their merger which was announced two years ago. >> it is 4:50, right now, time for check on business news, and money watch's jill wagner joins us this morning from the new york stock exchanges, jill, good morning to you, hearing about reality check of sort for some fantasy sports sites. what's this all about? >> reporter: well, that's right, in nevada the state gaming commission has ordered draft kings and fan dual to seize operations because neither company holds a gambling license. the site, they maintain those games are not gambling, they say they are games of skill,
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therefore, aren't subject to regulation, of course, they've been under real increase the scrutiny after employees were found to be using inside information to make entries on other site. so we'll see how this one plays out. certainly this is big setback for both of those companies. nicole until. >> sure, any time someone wins $350,000, eyebrows get raised, right? we're also -- >> exactly. >> also talking about a breakfast item, favorite cereal that apparently is getting even better. what's this one about? >> i mean, a box of marshmallow lucky charles has kind of been the uni corn. serial yard, faint cited but about never seen until now. so general mills will be making all marshmallow boxes, only making ten of them, so here's how you can win, you have to end area sweepstakes by posting photo of yourself holding a imaginary box of lucky charles, so you can post it to facebook, twitter, instagram, using the hashtag lucky ten sweepstakes.
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for some reason, singer biz marquis is involved, he reworks the leer ice to his hit just a friends, to the sweepstakes, getting a loft publicity, nicole. >> this story gets more and more weird, or just dig out the marshmellows for your own personal little, you know, lucky charm box. >> i mayor may in the have done that in my day. >> exactly, we all did at some point as kids, right? >> my teeth hurt just thinking about it, jill, thanks. >> a lot of sugar. >> certainly is. 4:52 right now. we are going to take a short break, as we go to break, here is a live look at the cbs-3 control room. good morning, guys, look alive in there. we'll be right back.
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4:54, let's check in with tori. good morning. >> good morning, nicole, good morning, everyone, still a lot of are you sleeping. that's why there are barely any cars out there. but, if you are traveling out and about, you will be happy to know that the roads are nice and clear. we do, however, have construction on route one, southbound right at 213, neshaminy, where we do have few lanes block here. be mindful of. that will still, folks are moving along without a hitch. earlier construction on the vine street expressway has cleared, between the schuylkill and broad street, things are wide open for you between 76 and 95, unfortunately, however, on the pa turnpike westbound, near valley forge, the right lane is blocked, due to vehicle fire, so be very careful here. and because of the cold, that's coming, it is a good idea to check the vehicle fluids, right, kyla? >> good idea. i need to do that myself, good reminder everybody. dealing with chilly temperatures coming up this weekends. not bad today, though, let's look at the current temperatures, 56 in philadelphia, but there is some chill in the air in allentown, at 43, 59 in wildwood. hey, kind of warm down there. storm scan3, shows that there is a little rain off to the
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west, good good news it will fall apart before it get here everybody. string he will or two, that's about all you'll see out of that. sixty-seven for high. looking good temperature wise, today get to the sunshine this afternoon. look what happens saturday, and sunday, we are in the 50's for highs, and do you notice the overnight lows, as we get into saturday, sunday? talking 40's, then 30's, so, a big difference in temperatures coming. i'll detail that for you coming up in just a bit. for now we head back to nicole. >> i don't think i'm ready for 30's, kyla. >> me neither. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we will have the latest on the search for the rob here stabbed wal-mart worker overnight. plus, putting out the call for help. the firefighter shortage that's lead to go safety concerns, in some local neighborhoods. >> and, etched in history. see the unique way one fan will always remember this epic homerun celebration. we're back at the top of the hour.
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breaking right now. two cars all smashed up after a police chase in north philadelphia. we're live on the scene, where officers are still sorting out the details. >> also, new this morning, attack on the job. wal-mart worker is stabbed during a overnight robbery. and now we're getting a clear look at the suspect. >> and, flying into the sunset. the final us airways flight leaves philadelphia in just a few hours, but you'll still see signs of the vanishing airline. >> today is friday, october 16th, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. erika has the day off. but kyla, vittoria, are here, keeping an eye out this morning. hey, ladies. >> good morning, feeling chilly out here. >> hey, you know what?
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go, kyla, go. you know, nicole said take the jacket. she told me to take the jacket. but i had to be brave and come out here without it. all right, let's talk what's happening today. it is not bad today. we will see high of 67 degrees, but really going see a chill as we head toward the weekend, big difference in temperatures, everybody. but, let's talk about where we are this morning. and that is that we've got one more seasonable day, it will be breezy, cooler saturday, and yes, even talking frost, freeze, possible this weekend. possible for us, i don't think so, but probably up in the poconos definitely dealing with that. 54 degrees currently in center city. 6-mile per hour wind. i got to tell you, it is feeling little more breezy he here on the skydeck. we do have zombies off to the west. you can see some showers. the good news is they are falling apart. i think at best we could see sprinkle or two, those of you west of the city more likely to see something from this. but for the rest of us, really, just going to be cloudy skies, and we will get sunshine in working our way up to the 67 degrees high this afternoon, also down the shore, same story, some cloud


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