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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 16, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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you know, nicole said take the jacket. she told me to take the jacket. but i had to be brave and come out here without it. all right, let's talk what's happening today. it is not bad today. we will see high of 67 degrees, but really going see a chill as we head toward the weekend, big difference in temperatures, everybody. but, let's talk about where we are this morning. and that is that we've got one more seasonable day, it will be breezy, cooler saturday, and yes, even talking frost, freeze, possible this weekend. possible for us, i don't think so, but probably up in the poconos definitely dealing with that. 54 degrees currently in center city. 6-mile per hour wind. i got to tell you, it is feeling little more breezy he here on the skydeck. we do have zombies off to the west. you can see some showers. the good news is they are falling apart. i think at best we could see sprinkle or two, those of you west of the city more likely to see something from this. but for the rest of us, really, just going to be cloudy skies, and we will get sunshine in working our way up to the 67 degrees high this afternoon, also down the shore, same story, some clouds to start off with, high of 67.
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few showers in the poconos, and you're certainly going to be bit cooler with the high of about 56 degrees. but we are about to see big temperature drop. that's because after cold front tracking through, unseasonably cool temperatures, talking highs in the 50's, and lowe's in the 30's. so, we will talk about that when i come back in just a few moments. but for now, let's head over to vet tore y she is keeping an eye on the roads, hammy friday, vittoria. >> happy friday, kai l now get inside, common! right now, out and about, if you are traveling on the roads, still very quiet out there. there is only few vehicles, sprinkle here, as we take a look at the 42 freeway, notice traveling in either directions it is pretty nice outside, as you will notice by the headlight here on the northbound side of the 42, again, moving exceptionally well. as it is this early at 50:00; usually don't see rush hour start to form until at least around 6:00. so, we've got little bit of time. we will see if today's a different story as it is a friday, but ben franklin bridge, in all of the area bridges, are also moving great. however, on the westbound side of the pa turnpike, right
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around valley forge, we do have a vehicle fire, that's blocking the right lane. so, if you plan to travel by this incident scene, be careful. than is a good slide to note that because of the change in seasons that we will be experiencing over this weekend, you will want to keep in mind it is important to check those fluids, even windshield wiper fluids as we have some of the frost, that kyla was talking about, possibly. also, roosevelt boulevard inner drive reopened between rhawn and woodward. no delays for mass transit. nick snow. >> all right, vittoria, thank you. more on breaking news out of north philadelphia this morning, where police are investigating a reported abduction. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live here at the scene with the details, justin, good morning. >> reporter: nicole, good morning. this began as report of possible abduction involving a woman, a man is the suspect here, it became a police chase, but rather a pursuit, involving a vehicle. it came to an end right behind this here honda suv is the vehicle that was pursued, we are told, and underneath that is a mercedes benz, just park
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here on west girard -- well college avenue near west girard here. that's where the scene came to an end. inside we're told possibly there was injured passenger, from there, the driver we are told, a male, ran on foot. that's when this became a foot pursuit. and that ended in the area of 26th and girard. that is where the male suspect here was found hiding under a truck, we are told, he's now in custody, this scene here is now being held for investigation. also, possibly, tow that car that was involved in the case for further investigation, again, we are hearing this began as reports of an abduction involving a female, we hear she is injured. the extent of her injuries, not known at this time. we will be here, throughout the morning, to bring you updates, nicole, live in north philadelphia, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". justin, thanks for that update. we appreciate it. >> meanwhile, philadelphia police believe this is the man who stabbed a wal-mart worker early this morning. investigators say that man walked into the super center
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at philadelphia mills just after 1:30, then tried to walk out with a big screen tv and few other items. well, a wal-mart worker stopped him, asked for receipt, and that's when police say the suspect stabbed him. the employee was treated at the scene for minor injuries. >> philadelphia police are trying to solve an unusual break-in at a center city jewelry store. this happened at the time and gold store on south 19th street near rittenhouse square. now, that robbery happened early thursday morning. investigators say, the robbers broke into the store by breaking into a former storefront, to get into a dry cleaners. police say the thieves then drilled into the jewelry store next-door, and emptied the safe. >> oh, my god. i just -- oh, my god. and first time i didn't realize they wanted -- >> the jewelry? >> uh-huh. but they tried to steel something, but they couldn't do that. i thought so. >> there is no word on how much the thieves stole from the jewelry store, or just how much damage they did to that dry cleaners. >> well, police charge a
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suspect in the death of a delaware doctor, after a chilling confession, delaware authorities say 21 year old christopher frick murdered doctor caroline econg on wednesday the 55 year old doctor's body discovered by a family member. she worked as a psychiatrist. authorities say this is not some kind of romantic obsession, but one that start wad professional encounter three years ago. >> frick entered the residence, confronted the victim, physical altercation occurred, when frick stabbed the victim numerous times where she succombed to her injuries. >> frick frick is charged with murder, home invasion and burglary, being held on $143,000 cash bail. >> a shooting in west oaklane leaves a woman in serious condition this morning. philadelphia police say the incident happened shortly before 9:00 last night near the intersection of north 20th and renova street. police say a 22 year old woman shot once in the back of the neck. she was taken to einstein hospital. no suspect or a motive at this time.
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well, today us airways makes its final flight. it will take off this morning from philadelphia and make stops in charlotte, phoenix, and san francisco. then, when flight 1939 returns to philly tomorrow morning, it will be under the american airlines banner following the completion of that merger. now, you will still see us airways logos on some of the planes, until american repaint them, which we're told will happen sometime next year. all right, developing right now, flashflooding triggers mudslides in southern california. as terry okita report, river of mud poured down streets submerging cars. take a look. >> canyon creek. >> helicopter captured river of mud as it flowed down a hillside about 60 miles north of downtown los angeles. >> that car completely covered. >> the mud poured through local roads, shutting down street, and burying cars, including these two vehicles that were almost submerged. >> even a section of the busy interstate five was shut down, causing massive backups.
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>> a powerful storm brought hail, heavy rain, sparking flashfloods throughout the area. the ground, severely dry from drought, and wild fires, in recent years, quickly produced huge mudslides. >> we got reports of flashfloods, and with resident that were trapped in their vehicles, and so our los angeles fire department and sheriff's department were working on trying to help those people to try to get them out of the mud and out of harms way. >> some homes were also hit. >> we see that trailer, laying on it side out here, in the area where the mud flow was. >> when the storm passed, bulldozers moved in, to try and clear streets. terry okita, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, it is 5:07 right now. more trouble this morning, for bill cosby, the philadelphia comedian, facing another lawsuit, and he's not the only one being called out. plus this: >> if we lose this system, then it will cost the people who live here. >> a local fire department putting out the call for help.
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the critical shortage that could lead to some safety concerns. >> plus, cashing in on candy, the four best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating right here in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, ya, kyla talking about temperatures in the 30's, makes you think of sweater weather, right? getting all coat think weekends, you'll have to, because it will be cold. she'll have the latest on the weekends chill coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> body of three year old brendan was discovered tuesday in a wooded area of cooper river park about a half mile from his father's home where he was staying at the time. that autopsy was inconclusive, neighbors say they're nervous. >> people are upset. it is a sleepy little town. and it is very family-oriented. the father lives there. the mother lived around the corner. the grandmother dropped him off. >> i just can't even imagine. because he is so little, so frail, i mean, as far as children being so frail, and the fact that they don't know what happened to him? >> if you have any information on how brendan died, you're asked to call the camden county prosecutor's office. >> well, former nba star lamar
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odom remains in the hospital this morning, no official words on his condition, but the reverend jesse jackson who advice the him in the hospital says he's on life support. meanwhile his estranged wife khloe kardashian has ordered the owner of the ranch to stop doing interviews. >> well, bill cosby is facing another lawsuit, this one from a pit burying area woman. hill claims cosby sexually abused her in the 1980s. after hill made the accusation in a tv interview, she says the philadelphia born comedian defamed her when he questioned the honesty of his various accusers. hill also claiming emotional distress. >> is one more step toward seeking justice for what happened to me and in holding bill cosby accountable for the false allegations that he's made against me. i am hopeful with the help of my legal team justice will be
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served. >> cosby's wife camille is also named in the lawsuit. so far no comment from cosby's lawyers. cosby has not been charged with any crimes. >> all right, 5:13 right now, and i heard something about temperatures in the three's, kyla? >> yes, we are talking later this weekend becomes to see big difference in temperatures, but listen, take a deep breath. not today, not yet. so today laking -- looking just fine. morning clouds, sprinkle or two possible, but afternoon sun coming our way. this will be our last seasonable day in the next few, though, we will get to in a in just a moment. current look storm scan3 little rain off to the west, that's giving the poconos few showers, i think at best, few sprinkles for us, then it is out of here. take a look at future weather, boom, out of here, here comes the sunshine setting us up for pretty good looking friday. not bad at all. we will deal with that business, then talking temperatures. current temperature 54 in philadelphia, 59 atlantic city so waist going to happen is our 60s will get bumped out of the way, by these two
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successive cold front, breezy, cooler saturday, highs in the 50's, that sticks us sunday, autumn chill through monday. we won't recover from this until tuesday. talking highs in weekends, 57 on saturday, 52 sunday, that's where we should be mid november folks. if that's not kind of truck enough, look at this, overnight lows saturday into sunday 37, sunday in monday, 35, chilly, chilly, chilly. soap, the concern here is that we could see some of these temperatures that could bring little freeze or frost, i think mount pocono more after concern obviously than philadelphia, but frost is certainly something we will be looking out for. so, today, we're not there yet. 67 degrees, few clouds, we get to the afternoon getting some sunshine, tonight over night low, will be chilly, clear. 45 degrees, and take a look at your seven day forecast, you can see those 50's right through the weekends, breezy saturday, too, by the way. then we start to warm up, again, next tuesday. calling weather producer jeff up here if we can. quickly here we go. jeff does not have a
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microphone on, what has on is rad i can justly t-shirt, he comes in with these weather shirt. this is cat commanding the lightning, i don't know if you can see that guys. >> we can see it. >> there you go. i mean, what is this? what is this? >> that's jeff. >> that's jeff. he looks a little like pus n boots. >> only with lightning, with lightning. thank you, jeff, fantastic. jeff fixes all of the graphics for us every morning and does forecasting, too, there you have it, ladies, lightning catch to start off your morning. >> glad you're not starting off with lightning. >> but does it get any better than lightning cat t-shirt? i don't think so. good morning, everyone, traveling out and about right now, unfortunately, on the pa turnpike, they are now in the midst after clean up on the westbound side around valley forge. as a result of an earlier vehicle fire, but they have things under control as of right now a lot of the emergency team have left, were right around this area, but seems they've been cleared out of the way. if you are traveling on the pa turnpike not dealing with too
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many delays at all so you're good to go. no the seeing rush hour right yet, 5:15, very early for a rush hour to start to form, that's why you look this clear around cottman avenue really everywhere. ninety-five, in and out of bucks county, maneuvering throughout the center city area, then even into delaware county even delaware 95 is looking great. also looking great would be the schuylkill expressway. no delays in either direction. but, if you are traveling in new jersey, 76 eastbound, before route 130, it is right around where things turn into the 42 freeway two, right lanes are being blocked as a result of construction. so traveling here, just be mindful of the guys and gals in the hard hats, no delays for mass transit. nicole? >> vittoria, thank you. nevada shutting -- shutting down fantasy sport website. draft kings, fan dual, the most common. officials say daily fantasy sports meet the definition of gaming or gambling. daily fantasy leagues have come under fire after allegations surfaced about
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insider trading involving league workers. >> 5:16 right now. time to check your philadelphia job market report. business analyst jill schlessinger has some advice for women who want to become business owners. >> in the u.s., women now own 30% of all businesses. and that number is growing fast. minority women in particular are starting companies at an impressive rate. the number of companies owned by black women, grew by 322% between 1997 and 2015. latina owned companies grew by 224%. while businesses owned by asian american women grew by 195%. during the same 18-year period, companies owned by white women grew by 40%. why are women turning to business ownership in such large numbers? the national women's business counsel is suggesting low interest rates, combined with a record number of women earning college degrees, and the the loss of jobs during the financial crisis, all paved the way for this road. the most popular industries
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for women-owned businesses include healthcare and social assistance, educational services, and administrative support and waste management services. i'm jill schlessinger, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, it is 5:18 right now. and the jersey shore's most famous shark is back, where the great white was just spotted. also different way to melt away the pound. the newly approved procedure that lets you zap away the unwanted belly fat. we'll be right back.
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>> jacky is trying out the latest device to get rid of fat around the bell. >> i it is called sculpture. recently fda approved. in addition to all of the tubes, and wires, it use as special applicant or, that zaps the fat without burning the skin. >> this is an area where we have a cold plate. it allows the lazer energy to come right through here, shoot-out, go into the fatty layer, without damaging the skin. >> those applicant ores are snapped into place. stud advice shown a single treatment can remove up to 30% of the fat in the treated area. >> we need no anesthesia for the treatment. there is no down time. people go right back to work after the session. we feel little tender for a week or so. it is like having a big work out. >> before and after photos from the clinical trial show the device can treat almost any area where there is a fat pocket painlessly. >> the heat just a tad. but the cooling that comes after, feels pretty good.
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>> and the whole process takes just 25 minute. doctor max gomez, for cbs news, new york. >> now, doctor katz says the treatment actually tightens the skin, after the fats removed, but the fat zapping project doesn't come cheat, it costs 12 to $1,500 to treat every area. >> all right, well, we haven't seen or heard much about her since mid summer but it seems mary lee the shark is back again off the jersey coast. actually pink dollars off of ocean city yesterday. she has been pretty busy. according to the shark tracker osearch, mary lee traveled more than 140 miles in just more than a day. mary lee spent the latter half of the sumner florida, and off the carolina's. >> all right, well, onto another creature you probably don't want to mess this, this is caterpillar, may look harmless enough, but this thing actually contains venum, showing up in parts of central pennsylvania called the white hickory tusk caterpillar. if you see it, believe me,
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don't touch it. it has hairs with barb that contain preditor to fend off the preditors, but it can also penetrate the human skin. >> hairs embed into the skin, then they pull away from the caterpillar. so they're left behind. they cause a determinal reaction. >> now, do you come into contact and end up with a rash, you can treat it with a convention alan tie rash medication. good news pretty soon it will be too cold for these caterpillars and will go away until next spring. >> i don't know how much good news that is for some of us who don't like the cold weather but moving right along. dancing may seem like harmless activity, but for one man, dancing landed him in court. sixty-eight year old steve unger decided to do a dance on the sidewalk white waiting for his car. dancing is his passion. well, passing drivers, they complained, and the police showed up. can you believe this? those people, debbie downers. they cited inning r for being
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uncooperative. the retired anesthesiologist is now fighting it in court. >> what you're doing is wrong, obviously, the majority of my peers does not feel that way. >> out support of support for unger, several people actually showed up at the hearing to show him some support. a facebook page was also created to let him know that people are standing with him. and want to see him keep dancing. wow being look at him go. i don't know how that's truck anyone else, but to each his own, i guess. 5:25, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", it is coming down to decision time for joe biden, hear what one of the vice president's top advisors says about a possible run for the white house. plus, from front and center to sitting it out. why ben carson and donald trump are threatening to boycott the next debatement putting out the call for help. firefighter shortage lead to go safety concerns in women of the local neighborhoods. kyla? >> we have few sprinkles
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headed our way, more importantly, some incredibly chilly air coming in for the weekend. lows in the 30's, i'll have those details, when we come back. brr. >> and vittoria has her eye on the roads as you get ready to head out this morning, it is friday, tgif, we'll be right back. why let someone else have all the fun?
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the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>> will he run or won't he? time is running out for vice
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president biden make a decision about his political future. and now there are some signs that a decision is imminent. hear what one every his top advisors says about a possible run for the white house, but first, we're talking about temperatures in the 30's, a weekend chill, upon us, i don't like the sound of this at all, but i guess? >> that's the way they entered the show. >> i'm kind of into it. >> really? >> i bought a new coat. new little hat for 5.99, i mean, i'm casino of into it. >> and sweater weather, you know. >> layering, as many cat t-shirts on one another as you can. >> with lightning. >> with lightning, yes. >> where did he get that shirt? >> we have to show it again at some point. >> we do. >> weather producer jeff with the crazy cat shirt. >> so here is the good news, today not going to be crazy, right? talking as we get into the weekends. soap, we have a moment to prepare for this, everybody. so yes, if you have to buy a new coat, time to take the tags off sunday. today not bad.
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one day more of the seasonable temperatures it, will get breezy, cooler, though, saturday, with highs in the 50's, and yes, frost, freeze, we've got to look out for that when talking about temperatures that could be in the 30's, especially sunday night. so, current lip, not there yet. looking good. 54 degrees in center city, wind out of the southwest at about 6 miles per hour, in fact, take a look at the winds everywhere. i just want to point out wildwood starting to get a breeze at 14 miles per hour, knowledge pocono getting more of northerly flow there at about 12 miles per hour, so some spots breezy. we do have front tracking through, few showers ahead of it. see just few sprinkles trying to make their way toward us, i think at best it will be a little shower, it will be quick, it will be out of here. but we work our way up to high of 67 degrees, even get some sunshine in this afternoon, which will be nice, but here's the difference, the successive colds fronts coming through knock the temperatures down, into the 50's, saturday and sunday, so breezy, cool saturday, with a high of 57. and in the, 52 sunday, but look at the overnight low. sunday, into monday, 37 degrees


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