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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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it is crisp, it is cool today even with the sunshine, but you may want to start looking for that cold weather gear. a blast of november-like temperatures, certainly on its way, good afternoon thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. erika is off today. we're he talking temperatures that could tip in the 30's, down ride cold. not the too cold yes. it is gorgeous out here. we have a little breezing but you can feel warmth of the sun, there is plenty of sunshine to go around a few cloud in the sky but we do have a blast of cold air, come
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your way. i will help you get prepared for that. let's talk about our headlines today. we are looking for that crisp fall-like feeling very sunny, seasonal with you cold blast is coming this weekend and big store which that is sunday into monday we could see lows in the the 30's. so of course makes you think of the fun things like frost, freeze and all of that. we are definitely, not there just yet. we have 62 degrees. beautiful day. wind west at 9 miles an hour. wind will be one of the things we will see ramp up in the weekend as well. live look at storm can three shows our skies are beautiful right now. we have had a cloudy, springily weather to start off this morning but that moved out and now we are left with just gorgeous skies. looking at a high of 67 today in philadelphia down the shore 67 as well. cooler in mount pocono. we will see 56 degrees. a a few more cloud for you. this is what is happening. we have two excessive cold front and they are opening door to incredibly chilly air. we could see coldest air of the season coming as we get
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into our weekend and it extend into monday as well. i will time that out so you can make your plans this weekend and make sure that you have the right coat, ready, nicole because that is what it is all about putting clothes on to stay nice and warm. >> dig it out of the closet. kyla, thank you. developing right now, bristol will high school closed early today due to a threatening note. chopper three over the school there on wilson avenue in bristol, bucks county. classes were dismissed at 9:30 as a precaution. domestic dispute in west philadelphia, turned into a police pursuit earlier this morning. authorities say it started when a man abduct two people, freed them and forced his ex-girlfriend into his suv. police persued him in north philadelphia where "eyewitness news" reporter just continue finch picks up the story. >> reporter: just after sunrise on friday detectives collect clues and took photos of the two car crash off west girard and west college avenues. clues, including a cell phone.
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at 3:30 a.m. police say that honda pilot suv came and crashed and clipping this mercedes sedan blank to go michael o'connell. >> i got caution and now look. >> reporter: he had no idea his park car was hit until he helpedded out to work. >> apparently someone, what's spraying police and somehow impacted, and ran over my car, somehow and then police caught him, caught up with him. >> reporter: inside the suv police say the 44 year-old man who took his ex-girlfriend against her will. the sources say woman tried to stop the abduction even firing a gun but he got away, speed ago long north college avenue and later crashing on west college with police pursuing him all the way. he then fled on foot, and hid underneath this truck near 26th and girard where police found him and took him into custody. police tell us that woman was taken to hahnemann hospital for treatment, after what is being called a assault
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injuries. in north philadelphia, i'm just continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile police are searching for this suspect after he a allegedly stabbed a worker during a robbery at a wal-mart. former franklin mills mall in northeast philadelphia it is called philadelphia mills. investigators say the suspect tried to get away with stolen boots and big screen tr but scuffled with an employee at the door. the the employee suffered a minor stab wound and the the suspects got away with the television. police hope you can help identify two men caught on surveillance cameras in connection with the the carjacking near temple university just after midnight on yesterday. investigators say the armed men took a man's keys and phone near tenth and susquehanna, jumped in to his 2005 cadillac and took off west on susquehanna a it was one of two robberies targeting temple opportunities that night but police say the two are not related. two people are dead after reek also collide and rolled over in gloucester township. chopper three over college drive where crews were on the scene this morning. police say the driver of the
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second vehicle is in critical condition. the the names of the two victims are being withheld until families are notified. the crash is under investigation. well, more violence and unrest in israel as hamas militant group called today a day of rage. israeli troops say palestinian, news cameraman, stabbed a solder this morning. hours earlier palestinian threw firebombs at the a sacred jewish site. israeli guard are on high alert worried more protests could turn violent. in the last two weeks dozens of palestinians and several israelis have died. it is a holding pattern for campaign 2016, the republican front runners are throwing their weight around pushing for changes to the next g.o.p. presidential debate. correspondent weijia chan shows us democrats are awaiting a a decision from judgment joe biden on a possible run for the white house. >> reporter: top two presidential candidates in the g.o.p. race are threatening to
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boycott the next debate if they do not get their way. donald trump and ben carson sent a letter to cnbc saying neither mr. trump or doctor carson will participate in your debate if it is longer than 120 minutes, including commercials, and does not include opening and closing statements. but not everyone, a agrees. >> i am all for three hours. they apparently don't have endurance to go the distance. >> reporter: other candidates may need extra time because trump and carson more than doubled their numbers in the latest poll. carson has raised the most money of any g.o.p. candidate, even donald trump who is now accepting pledges despite his vow to fund his campaign him early is. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both raised more money then carson but vice-president joe biden may be ready to challenge them. >> have you made your decision just yet? >> reporter: the vice-president, has reportedly been consulting with old advisors and friend and early voting states who have worked
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for him during past campaigns and his former chief of staff former senator ted kaufman said let's stay in touch, if he decides to run, we will need each and everyone of you yesterday. weijia chang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, it is end of an era for u.s. airways as company takes its final flight from philadelphia, before merging with american airlines. first leg of u.s. leg 1939 took off right here from philadelphia this morning and will land in charlotte. we spoke to one, 13 year-old who calls himself a plane enthusiast and flew here just to be on the flight. >> in the past few years there has been many mergers with like dealt, north west, united didn't mental. i wanted to be part of aviation history. because of those mergers i thought there wouldn't be anything like this anytime an. >> how about that? so great. so some other travelers fear there could be a bumpy ride ahead though. correspondent chris van cleve
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explained from reagan national airport. >> one last hurt will remains before u.s. airways and american become one airline. merging, their rest racial systems. it is like doing a simultaneous heart and brain transplant. >> reporter: reservation systems, stores vital information including flight schedules, pricing, number of available seats and baggage tracing date a challenge with combining them is all existing u.s. airways reservations have to become american reservation as cross two different systems. so, henry who has work on several airline mergers. >> if it goes wrong, passengers are going to be angry. american airlines does not want to have any a angry passengers. >> reporter: which is why, american began planning months ago first merging frequent flier programs. airline will have extra staff working saturday for the the main event. cbs news travel editor peter greenburg. >> that is hope that they will do this weekend so they will catch whatever glitches they have so by the time real hit comes on monday, they will be ready. >> american airlines will have a common sent their will be
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running for next few weeks to deal with any problems, but still if you are flying this weekend, plan ahead. get to the airport, printout your entire reservation and bring it with you. also, check in before you get the to the airport, either print your boarding pass or use the mobile app. chris van cleve, cbs news, reagan national airport, in virginia. it is 12:09 right now. prince william gives an emotional speech as he remembers his mother, that is coming up on "eyewitness news". plus actor john stamos could end up behind bars as he is arraigned on dui charges. stuck in the mud, highways are shut down in southern california have after dangerous flash floods and mud slides. you're watching "eyewitness news" at noon. we will be right back. stamos.
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well, some of the busiest highways in southern california, are closed after a powerful storm, triggered dangerous flash flooding. fast moving mud slides covered part of the interstate stranding hundreds of cars and trapping some drivers. correspondent carter evans has more from le beck, just northwest of los angeles. >> i cannot get out, help. >> reporter: violent thunderstorm smashed southern california yesterday, torrential rains fell four to 6 inches per hour, flooding streets and triggering powerful mud slide, leaving drivers helpless. >> are we stuck. >> yeah, we're stuck. >> this area is devastated right now. >> reporter: california's busy
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interstate five became a river of mud, burying cars and leaving hundreds of drivers stranded. fire fighters rescued people trapped in their vehicles and in homes, swallowed up by the mud. >> traffic came to a complete stop, mid just started pouring down the the mountain and road and just kind have oven gulfed everything. >> oh, my god. run for your lives. >> reporter: thousands of cars and trucks were backed up for miles. >> i have been out here for 24 years now and i have never seen this much water in 24 years. i really cannot tell how fast or how safe it is. >> reporter: workers tell me there were about a hundred cars buried right along interstate five here. they had had to be dug out and towed away and now the clean up is underway. carter evans, cbs news, le beck, california. well, former full house and general hospital star john stamos is facing possible jail time. stamos will be arraigned on dui charges stemming from an arrest in june in beverly hills. he check in the rehab for 30
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days back in july. the the charges is a misdemeanor so stamos attorney can stand in for him today at the rain. if convicted, stamos faces six months in yale. former nba and reality tv star lemar odom remains in the nevada hospital as investigators try to figure out what happened to him. odom and chloe kardashian divorced back in july. he was found unconscious at a brothel on tuesday. odom used cocaine and took herbal supplements and spent $75,000 in three days. there the is no word on his condition but reverend jesse jackson said this week that odom was on life support. an emotional prince william speaking about his late mother princess diana the the duke of cambridge spoke yesterday at the child bereavement uk dinner in london and in that speech at the dinner which celebrated charity's 21st anniversary he had shared a touching tribute to his mother who helped launched that charity. >> what my mother recognized back then, and which i
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understand right now, is that grief is the most painful experience that any child or parent can endure. >> prince williams also said that his mom was determined to help those in need, and she would have been proud of the charity's success and of him i'm sure. 12:15. next round of baseball will playoffs begin tonight in kansas city. defending american league champion royals host the toronto blue jays. mets are the last team to make it to the next round, daniel murphy's sixth inning home run puts the mets ahead to stay. they beat los angeles dodgers three-two to move on to the national league championship series against the chicago cubs. game one of the nlcs is tomorrow night in new york. all right. 12:15 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news" lucky charms goes all marshmallow, the best part, right? it is all part of the contest. find out how you can win a special box, kyla. >> yum, yum. i'm talking weather. it is a big chill heading our way. i will tell you how long these cold temperatures will last
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and how low we will go, stay with us, "eyewitness news" is coming r
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well, philadelphia fire department is helping the insurance society of philadelphia a make a big investment in saving lives. they are installing free smoke alarms in more than 200 homes in the strawberry mansion section of the city. now, 2012 the insurance society has raised more than $150,000, to fund fire prevention efforts in the city. i know as we get closer to winter it becomes even more important. >> absolutely. >> so many fires, yes. >> he taught us right. >> all of the heat being turned on to make sure you are safe. >> i don't even want to talk about having to use a space heater or turning on the heat. >> you will need too. >> i turned mine on for a second to see if it was working, just to make sure. >> i hear you. >> we will see whacky wet they are weekend. the it is not entirely normal.
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these are more like mid-november temperatures and they are not going to last but they will last through the weekend and monday and it won't be until tuesday that we say good bye. let's say hello to gorgeous weather today. a live look, look at this, ocean city, somebody out there taking a walk. beautiful out there today. breezy but sunshine is just gorgeous. we also want to take another look at our center city camera. blue skies, beautiful out there. just beautiful. it is great day to get outside, very seasonal temperatures. looking at where we are right now 62 in philadelphia. sixty-two mount pocono. we have warmed up there. sixty-five down in atlantic city. cool in allentown at 58 degrees right now. as we zoom in 66 degrees in cape may and 61 stone harbor. so we're pretty nice. notice with the wind shifted, it is more southerly flow and now northwesterly flow and pick up a bit as well. you can see atlantic city, wilmington up to 15 miles an
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hour. that will be characteristics of the storm as we go through next 24 to 48 hours. you will see that wind pick up. we are relatively clear here but notice that there is action to the south. there is action to our north. we have got two excessive cold front that will be about to clear our path. what that does is it opens the door to let very cold air in. let's see how cold it? is let me show you. you see whites, purples, pinks, that my friend is snow flake action in western pennsylvania. that is saturday at 9:00 a.m. i don't think it is much of anything but to show you how cold air is. we can see on sunday a few sprinkles out of this but i don't think much will make it towards us. good news is high pressure will move in and we will get sunshine this weekend but we will see these 60's go bye-bye for a few days and saturday and sunday we will see our highs in the 50's when average high is 67 degrees. so that means we're talking about a high of 57 on saturday. high of 52 on sunday. mid-november is when we see
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those kind of of temperatures. if that doesn't get your tension i'm sure this well. overnight lows saturday and sunday in the 30's. you see numbers like this you start thinking about frost and freeze and we got to keep an eye out for that. we do not have a watch out for frost or freeze watch but that could becoming as we head toward weekend and then sunday morning look at this mount pocono likely to be in the 25 to 30-degree range. allentown, reading, lancaster down to 30 to 35 tea glee range. here in philadelphia 35 to 40 degrees. certainly frost is possible for us here in philadelphia a. we will keep an eye on. that monday night football will be chilly out there, it is an 8:30 game as the eagles are taking on the giant. we will have relatively clear skies but 44 degrees. very difference experience then we have been having. sixty-seven today though. gorgeous. get out there and enjoy it. really nice day and clear night tonight as we get down to a low of 45 degrees. seven day forecast is a roller coaster ride. we are heading down the hill
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into saturday and sunday with those 50's, monday, a chilly day, and 55 degrees and a lot of sunshine out there which is nice and we will warm up and get into tuesday, and we are shooting a above average as we go into wednesday and thursday, look at that 72 degrees. >> sunshine. >> i honed right in. take your eyes from the 30's and go straight to the 07's. focus on, and absolutely, and never thought about that. yes, accent rate the positive. >> whatever it takes to get you singing. >> my goodness. >> let's move on here at 12:22 and lucky charms going all marshmallows but you have to win a contest to get your hand oint. general mills will produce just ten boxes of the all marshmallow lucky charms and those interested in a box they have to post a photo of themselves to facebook, twit error instagram. imagery box of lucky charms. i don't know what that is but just pretend.
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use the hashtag lucky sweepstakes, the contest runs until sunday. >> oh, my. >> there you are with your invisible box of lucky charms, do your best, maybe you'll get it. >> time to check your philadelphia a jobs market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has advice for woman who want to become business owners. >> in the u.s. women now own 30 percent of all businesses and that number is growing fast. minority women in particular are starting companies at an impressive rate, and the number of companies owned by black women grew by 322 percent between 1997 and 2015. latino owned company grew by 224 percent. businesses owned by asian american women grew by 195 percent. during this same 18 year period companies owned by white woman grew by 40 percent. why are women turning to business ownership in such large numbers? the national women's business council suggests low interest rates combined with the record number of women earning
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college degrees and loss of jobs during the financial crisis all paved the way for this growth. the most popular industries for women owned businesses include health care, social assistance, educational services and administrative support and waste management services. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3
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>> dr. neville: i have zero tolerance for untrained family members second-guessing me or slamming on the brakes in the middle of treatment. so, if you don't sincerely trust that i know what i'm doing, please say so, that way no one's time is wasted. >> neil: so, once we put hilary's life in your hands, are you telling us that we have no say? >> dr. neville: you trust me or you don't. it's that simple. >> gwen: we trust you. we do. it's just -- >> neil: it sounds like the treatment you're prescribing is a little too risky. >> dr. neville: sir, no one here is a fool. you knew when you asked me to come here that you would be putting hilary's life in my hands. if you can't accept the terms i've laid out -- >> gwen: we can. >> neil: just don't let hilary die.


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