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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the glenside shooting is taken into custody. >> details are sketchy but apparently there was a dispute over money that was owed and the victim is the owner of the the business. the suspect is a employee. >> reporter: that happened shortly before 2:00 abington police rushed to this taxi company, the owner, injured inside and a suspect is gone. >> this is, you know, obviously a nice community. it is a very safe one. this is very unusual situation for us to have here. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect sped toward southwest philadelphia. cops got a tip he may head towards the themont story school in island avenue. they surrounded it and arrested him a few blocks away. >> he was taken in custody apparently without incident. we're in the process now of getting abington detectives down there, to deal with that situation. >> reporter: meanwhile the victim and owner of this taxi company should recover. >> he has been stabilized as far as i know. and those that necessity him
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say they could not ask for anything else. >> he is a very nice guy. we have been here nine years. we never had in problem. very nice. gentle. i am hopeful he will be okay. >> reporter: once again you heard victim owner on have that company in stable condition, he is expected to survive, as for his name and the name of the suspects, police have not yet released them. we are live from glenside i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. in weather there is a a chill in the air and it will get colder. "eyewitness news" on spring garden street where sweaters and fleece were put in action big time. freeze watch is already issued for parts of our area this weekend. meteorologist lauren casey is outside on the sky deck with more on what you can expect, lauren. >> reporter: right now we are dealing with sunshine, cloud mixed in but storm scan three trying to see showers sneaking in the lehigh valley but they are having a unsuccessful time doing so with this dryer air now in place. a as we head in the upcoming weekend it will be a mainly dry weekend but we are going
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to see much chillier temperatures especially as we head to tomorrow night the in to early sunday morning but storm scan three is showing us try conditions for now, but main talker is the freeze watch in effect for parts of the lehigh valley, poconos and interior parts of the new jersey with temperatures possible near 32 degrees. freeze watch in effect for both tomorrow night and sunday night, as well. so what does a freeze watch mean? it means we could have temperatures right around freezing mark which means that you need to protect those plants, if you have flowers, planters outside, bring those in. bring fido and his friend in as well as it will get down right chilly. we're feeling good. temperatures in the 60's. 63 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-four in ac, and 62 in wildwood. your first forecast a pleasant opening albeit a cool one temperatures in the 50's with a few passing clouds and we will talk about that, 30-degree drop down as we head in the weekend coming up in just a couple minutes. >> lauren, we will see new a
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bit. worried about what the cold blast will do to your plants. coming up at 5:45 lauren will tell you about the most hearty flowers for the cold weather. new at 5:00 a hazing ritual stopped in its tracks a new jersey college suspends its entire mens cross country team following an investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at rider university in mercer county with the details, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, the the mens cross country team was temporarily suspended. they had to take a week off of practice and miss a meet because some of them tried to run around the track here naked. the university says that nobody was forced to participate in this but as one former student tells me even though it is a little bit funny but she find it completely inappropriate. campus intended for scholarship and sport man ship, not naked games, that was lesson from rider university's mens cross country team. >> this school provided "eyewitness news" with details about a incident on
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september 5th when campus security caught members of the team just before stripping down for a few naked laps around the race track. >> suspected -- suspended practice for a week while rider inn rest gated all 28 members. the alcohol involved but school didn't contact local police, in the end, they suspended the whole team for a home meat september 19th because no ill intent or coercion was involved, the the behavior was unacceptable, and is indeed, considered hazing. >> this is how it is right nowadays. >> reporter: around campus there were different opinions about the act and punishment. >> it might have been a little bit too harsh. a lot of it the is they're kid. >> i think they should have been more mature and not have done that, and if if they were to do that do that in private, not in public but on campus. >> reporter: melissa says being an athlete is a privilege and team needs to remember they represent the university. >> it is just professionalism and you have to up hold that. that is part of the game. >> reporter: while times have changed, she remembers decade ago when streaking was a
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popular pastime but he won't admit doing it. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: never too late to try. >> i could not tell the truth right now my wife is right next to me. >> reporter: the senior members of the team to find out what were they thinking, what were their intentions but nobody replied, all of them now, loud to participate. report living a at rider university, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, u.s. airways is about to go into aviation history in philadelphia. the huge part of it, airline's final flight took off right here in philadelphia this morning and will make several stops before returning here tomorrow. one u.s. airways flight 1939 completed its journey, the the airline will merge with american airlines. we spoke to 113 year-old who calls himself a plane enthusiast and flew to philadelphia just to be on the flight. >> in the past few years there have been many mergers with like, delta and northwest,
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united and continental so i really wanted to be part of the aviation history and because of those mergers i thought there would be be anything like this anytime soon. >> good for you young man. other travelers fear there could be a bumpy ride ahead before the airlines merged, the reservation systems including flight schedules, pricing and number of seats have to be combined as well. the this is something officials say is a big challenge. >> it is like doing a simultaneous heart and brain transplant. fittings wrong, passengers are going to be anding gray and american airlines does not want to have angry passengers. >> american will have a command center running for the next few weeks to deal with any problems. if you are flying this weekend it is recommended thaw get the to the airport early, print out your entire rest racial and bring it with you, and check in before you get to the airport. police hope you can help them identify two men caught on surveillance video in connection with the carjacking near temple university. to this happened just after midnight yesterday, and
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investigators say armed men took a man's keys and phone near tenth and susquehanna and jumped in the 2005 contacted lick and took off west on sus question hand a it was one of two robberies targeting temple students that night. police say the two are not related. that other incident happened in the 1800 block of north 15th street a male temple student was walking around the the street at 3:00 a.m. when held up by two suspects. one had a gun, they took the victims cell phone, keys, and wallet, in one was injured. two people are killed after their vehicle crashes into another car and flips over in gloucester township. chopper three over college drive this morning where we're told that the two victims were both adult males but their names are withheld until family members are notified. police say driver of the second vehicle is in critical condition and the crash is under investigation. now to a developing story, a scaffolding collapse sends emergency crews scrambling to rescue people trapped in the
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debris. accident happened at site of the apartment complex under construction, in houston. fire fighters have pulled at least six construction workers, from the debris. authorities suspect others may still be trapped. >> we're also concerned that perhaps pedestrians might have been walking by could have been involved, that is something very difficult because in one would account for them, whether they collapsed and lead to secondary collapse so if we are putting ourselves in harms way to ensure we have gotten everybody out. >> eyewitnesses tell the the cbs station in houston i black vehicle appeared to hit scaffolding knocking it to the ground but that has not yet been confirmed by police. the the center city building collapse murder case is in the hand of the jury, following closing arguments today. contractor griffin campbell took the the stand in his own defense thursday and charged with third degree murder and six counts of involuntary manslaughter for the demolition his company performed at 22nd and market in june 2013. the building collapsed on the salvation army thrift store next door killing six people
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inside. local fire company is sounding the alarm for volunteers to join its ranks. the company is using social media to try and attract perspective fire fighters. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has more from lower merion. >> reporter: for now relative calm at merion fire company of ardmore, just drop an equipment check but when horn sound these are the people who, no matter what answer the call. >> when our pagers are activated we drop what we're doing, get in the car, go to the firehouse grab our gear and go to the scene. >> it takes a special person to be able to juggle everything that they have to do in their personal life in the fire house. >> reporter: over the last 25 years the number of emergency calls has double for lower merion fire department, volunteers, and, peak dropped. >> volunteer fire services are in a christ toys day. the companies are down a at least one-third to half of where they were from when i started. >> it is tough, i mean peoples
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family dynamic and work structures have change in the last 30 years. >> reporter: there are seven independent companies within the lower merion fire department, members respond to emergencies just like this one, the great majority of these fire fighters are volunteers. >> might not even be a aware that their local company is partially mostly or 100 percent volunteer. >> reporter: so lmfd is change ago this perception, banners and signs are all over the township urging people to answer a the the call and become a volunteer. over at the the gladwynn fire company there is a a cadet program for 14 years old. >> and what makes these fire companies so amazing is you can walk in the fire company and see a four year-old who is just as interested as the eight year-old who retired 25 years ago. >> it starts, no experience is necessary, volunteers are fully and highly trained. you could find yourself at a scene like this, merion fire company volunteers saving this man's life, a driver who had been trapped in his car for nearly ten hours. >> when we make a rescue, when
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we come to a fire, or somebody's house that is what it is all about. >> reporter: if this interests you just log on to join lm for more information. we have that lincoln our web site at cbs n lower merion township jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". first documented case of flu this season is in the books in delaware. case involves a 26 year-old new castle will county man who visited an emergency room. man is recovering at home. delaware division of public health says all delaware resident six months of age or older should get a flu shot. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 drivers trapped, hundreds of cars and trucks are still stuck in the mud after heavy rain triggers mud slides in california. lemar odom is reportedly showing small signs of improvement and his estrange wife chloe kardashian keeps a bedside vigil. kardashian family issued a statement. work outs are popular even some of your favorite eagles players are doing it,
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vittoria. we are live in chestnut hill, celebrating all things, magic and hog warts, everything. >> harry. >> now what am i supposed to do for the next hit. >> i'm sorry. you have a hog warts half time get over there in time out. coming up there is lots more magic, i don't know what i will do but stay tuned.
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former nba and reality tv star lemar odom remains in the nevada hospital tonight but he has reportedly opened his eyes and may have spoken a word. odom was found unconscious in the brothel near las vegas tuesday. police say he used cocaine and took herbal supplement and spent $75,000 at the brothel, for three days. odom is report thely on life support, his estrange wife chloe kardashian and his family are by his side. the kardashian family issued a statement as a family we have decided to hold off on publishing content across our apps as we continue and pray for lemar. thank you for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time. during this time, later at
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5:00 chloe's new reality lemar's estrange wife may be soon forced to make a very difficult decision and the insider will have that part of the story coming up. back home now, wizardry and wonderry in the hill as chestnut hill is transform in the world of harry potter. >> so dust off those wands, we will go to vittoria woodill who joins us live where all of the magic is happening, vittoria. >> you know, i was afraid, for my family because i'm like i love harry the potter so much, i don't know what will come out of my mouth today but i will tell you one thing it is fifth annual harry potter festival. we're live in chestnut hill and there is so much to enjoy. check this out, this is what chestnut hill will look like this weekend. the hog warts train will pull into the septa's chestnut hill west station full of characters like harry potter, and there will be a sorting hat demonstration, of course, magical spells, a quitich game, made by the famous series, all in celebration of
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harry potter by jk row lines. we are joined by harry. we are joined by doubledoor and james, james, we will do the the hat ceremony, is there a specific hat that you with like to be in. >> griffindoor. >> james is the name of harry's dad so james potter and i will be sorted in the house. so, are you ready. >> i am ready, yes. >> let's get it going. >> let'se what the hat says. >> are you nervous, james. >> no. >> griffindoor. >> nice, high five. high five, james, what about me, you guys, what about me. >> let's see. >> oh, boy, i'm nervous. >> griffindoor. >> me and you, james, i thought he said something else and i got nervous. mart, i will bring you over here. this is martha sharky, executive direct other of the chestnut hill business district. we have so many fun things planned this weekend. can you tell us about the costume contest and pub crawl
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that happens tonight. >> reporter: activities kick off with the harry potter pub crawl. tickets sold out in 18 minutes. even though pub crawl is sold out we welcome everyone to enjoy customs, our restaurants are opened, costume contests we are sure to see a little bit of everyone. we have lots of characters from harry potter. >> wonderful, thanks very much. i'm looking around to see a bunch of little characters as well but for more information you want to double-check cbs and find everything that you need on our web site. in the meantime i'm going to try and find some tasty treats, to talk about next time. so harry, can you give us an spell to send back. >> knocks. >> that is all you got, harry. >> sound serious. >> i could do more dangerous one. >> no more dangerous. >> he looks like daniel radcliff or what. >> he looks just like him. >> he does.
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>> i am harry. >> oh, my man. >> what do you mean. >> i'm sorry. >> you are a toad now. >> ribit, ribit. >> lauren has come from the sky deck. >> it is cool but a real pleasant evening. a nice fall evening. chill in the air but nice, dry conditions for everyone hanging out at harry potter fest. we will chill things down as we head in the upcoming weekend but checking in on your neighborhood network live camera looking at margate and a few cloud, blue skies, really nice looking beach evening. it will be quiet, storm scan three showing us very spotty showers as we look up wind with the air in place, very dry right now because they are trying to move eastbound and dissolves before they hit delaware valley a and that will held true in the next couple hours and in the overnight period as well. temperatures 63 degrees in philadelphia. six in allentown. sixty-four in millville. still feeling mild but chillier air to our north and
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west. 48 degrees right now in state college and sitting at 50 degrees in pittsburgh. we had cold front number one coming through today and we will feel effect is a as we head into the day tomorrow. secondary cold front will move, reenforce this cooler air so breezy tomorrow, partly sunny conditions, high temperature only in the 50's. we should be in the mid to upper 60's as far as averages are concerned n to sunday we are seeing that air even cooler, possibility of stray sprinkle, still breezy, chilly, temperatures will struggle even to make it up into the 50's. we will bring back bright sunshine on monday with high pressure right overhead for that sinking very stable air. temperatures still much cooler then average in the middle 50's but we will start to be on the rebound as we head into monday and next week but before this weekend breaking out winter coats, average high temperatures more typical for mid-november then mid-october. 57 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-two on sunday, and then overnight periods are going to be down right cold waking up
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to 37 degrees, sunday morning, monday morning, even chillier waking up to 35 degrees, we will have more of a breeze as we wake up on sunday morning, less though on monday morning, so kind of each one posing a risk there. freezing temperatures project on the model imagery at or below freezing temperatures where you see blue moving in. this is specifically sunday morning. we will have that freeze watch in place parts of the lehigh valley up north and west of philadelphia, certainly in the poconos and interior portions of southern new jersey as well. we could wake up to that freezing mark or possibly even chillier second day of the weekend but overnight tonight, temperatures right around average, still chilly, 45 degrees in the day tomorrow, highs running about 10 degrees below average. fifty-seven, little breezy with the northwesterly wind at ten to 5 miles an hour with higher gusts. mix of sun and cloud. we will start off sunny and we will see low cloud forming as we move in the second half of the day but check out
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temperature difference not making it up to the 60's. 56 degrees, one of the warmest temperatures in the 1:00 o'clock hour tomorrow. there we have it waking up to 37 degrees. a high of only 52. the chance of the stray sprinkle, nice and sunny on monday, high temperatures in the middle will 50's. we will start off in the middle 30's and then we are going to improve things as we head into next week. so the good news is this is the coldest we will get at least for the next self days. >> ease into it. >> good head up. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" lots of dogs can do cool tricks but one woman says her four legged friend did something that saved her life. he detect cancer. health reporter stephanie stahl has incredible story when we come back. eagles have to try to stop one of the best quarterbacks in the league monday night's lie manning, a preview of all that in spo i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore.
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trouble with breathing, serious allergic reactions like swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, sweating, extreme drowsiness, dizziness, or confusion. now i know about novolog®. taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need.
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love it when bird are playing in the national spotlight. >> i know, i feel like this is another one of those even
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though it is pretty early must win game. eagles down at the novacare complex putting final touches on the game plan for monday night's game with the giants. nelson agholor, michael kendricks, creek owe a alonzo and brandon bear did not practice today and unlikely to play on monday. this is a tough test forbidder defense trying to stop the giants offence and quarterback eli manning. he is nfc offensive player of the week after throwing for 441 yards and three touchdowns against the 49ers last sunday. the two time super bowl mvp has thrown ten touchdowns, and has completed over 66 percent of his passes so far this season. >> you can see there is a comfort level in eli in the whole system. the not only has he only thrown two interceptions but he has only been sack two times. he is getting the the ball out. he can recognize how teams are defending the team. if coverage rolls one way he is going the other way. >> the phillies held their ball girl tryouts. applicant were tested on and off the feel, eight and ten
5:27 pm
spots on next years team. ball girls are ambassadors making over 150 off the field appearances, along with their game day duties. the winners will be announced in january. these girls work. >> they do. sure they do. good luck to them. >> thanks very much. coming up next, stuck in the mud, highways shut down in southern california, after dangerous flash floods and mud slide. hundreds of drivers are stranded and some of them are trapped. a and, this dog deserves a belly rub after what she just did find out how she just saved her owner's life, health reporter stephanie stahl has that story when we come right
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i'm ukee washington. here's is what happening. worker opened fire in glenside shooting his boss at a taxi company. the boss is hospitalized in stable condition. the worker was taken in custody at seventh second and wood land in southwest philadelphia.
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rider university suspend the the cross country team from a meet last month following a hazing investigation. officials say campus security caught team members preparing to run name around the school's track. it is the end of an era for u.s. airways as it gets ready to merge with american airlines, the the company's last flight took off in philadelphia today. flight 1939 returns to philly international tomorrow. lauren. well, we have been talking bit over last several days that big cold blast arrives this weekend with temperatures taking a big tumble, and, three watch necessary effect for parts of the area both tomorrow night and sunday night as well as waking up to temperatures at or even below freezing in some areas. we have a nice rebound as we head into next week. we will talk about when those temperatures will pop up near 70 degrees in your full forecast in a few minutes, jessica. >> mud slides in southern california stranded hundreds of cars and trapped some drivers on the major highway and now a massive clean up efforts is underway.
5:32 pm
a storm on thursday triggered flash flood throughout at area. 57 miles north of downtown los angeles. correspondent chris martinez has the latest. >> reporter: crews are scrambling to clear mud from interstate five north of los angeles, a portion of the highway typically congested with traffic is nearly empty, geologist and other experts are inspecting road and nearby hill side to ensure the interstate is safe. >> i cannot go, help. >> reporter: violent storm triggered flash flood on thursday that transformed busy streets, into a river of mud. >> we stuck. >> yeah we're stuck. >> reporter: fire fighters rescued dozens of people trapped and their cars and homes. >> i have been out here for 24 years now and i have never seen this much water in 24 years. >> you really can't tell how fast it is moving and how safe it is. >> reporter: hundreds of vehicles litter several highways in southern california that includes here on state road 58 where crews using bulldozers and other
5:33 pm
equipment to pull cars and trucks out of the mud. flooding backup traffic for miles, trayvon fair was forced to sleep in his car. >> i was using my gps and thought i would be able to get through and i'm stuck again. >> reporter: while interstate five and other highways are expect to reopen today, the the area is bracing for another flash flood watch. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a new wave of violence as tensions flare, again between israelis and palestinian. the israeli soldiers fired tear gas to push back palestinian protesters in bethlehem. israeli military says palestinians posing as a news cameraman stabbed a solder in the west bank this morning. hours earlier palestinian threw firebombs at the site that some believe is the sacred tomb of joseph. sad story from atlantic city, a woman walking with her service dog was hit by her truck and her four legged companion was kill. now she's mourning her loss and trying to raise money for the new service dog. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:34 pm
alexandria hoff has would the man's story. >> she didn't take up a lot of space but at 5-pound a little dog name willhima left a vacant space. holy has epilepsy and gets violent seizures twice a week. >> we had one today. >> yes. >> reporter: but for six years holy's miniature chihuahua had been there to give her a warning. the as a service dog it is what she was train to do. >> get away from the top of the stairs, swallow food, in the mid of the street. >> reporter: for a past month holy has been loan too scared to leave her home and eat solid food. >> one month ago when holy and the dog were crossing at the intersection of kentucky and atlantic avenue when atlantic city police said a large pickup truck passed through as well. >> it hit me, spun me around and then i kind of got sucked under the the vehicle rain it ran over my leg and my foot. >> reporter: witnesses told holy that the truck first cleared the dog but when she turned to go help holy she was
5:35 pm
hit by the back tire. >> as soon as she saw me she just relaxed and died. >> reporter: holy's leg and heart were broken that day but other lasting issue is that in new jersey auto insurance will only cover loss of an alan mal up to $507. holy says a trained dog like will mean accost upward of 25,000, for that she start aid go fund me page. >> i promised would i try to have love it just as much as much a as i love willa a. >> reporter: another dog won't bring willa back but could give holy her life back. >> she loved me. i hope she knows i loved her. >> reporter: in atlantic city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in campaign 2016, the republican presidential front runners succeed in getting the rules change for the next don't. donald trump and been been carson sent a letter threatening to boycott october n boulder, colorado if it was not shortened to two hours and did not the include candidate
5:36 pm
statements. today organizers gave into their demand. the debate will be only two hours and will include 302nd opening and closing statements. on the democratic side, sources tell cbs news that vice-president joe biden could announce his decision on whether to run any day now. biden has reportedly been consulting with old advisors and friend in early voting states who have worked for him touring past campaigns. his former chief of staff senator ted kaufman sent a letter says let's stay in touch if he decides to run, we will need each and everyone of you, yesterday. on the cbs-3 healthwatch dogs detecting cancer, research on that is still underway in philadelphia tonight the story of a breast cancer survivor who credits her life to her dog. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us more about this relationship. >> reporter: very special one, that is for sure. this is breast cancer awareness months. the doctors say mammograms are currently best way to find breast cancer but we know that there are many early stage small cancers that can be
5:37 pm
missed. researchers think dogs could eventually help with that. tara leonard says she's already convinced. tara leonard a vet tech, knew something was wrong when her usually well behaved dog started sneezing and acting strange. >> tough to find my bed, left side. >> reporter: that is when tara felt the lump, at age 40 she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. >> doctors say that we caught up in time i had no node involvement but it would have only been a matter of time before it spread. >> reporter: maybe a coincidence but tara thinks willow, saved her life. >> good job. >> reporter: penn vet working dog center in philadelphia is training dogs, for tissue samples and ovarian cancer. >> i know our dogs are life savers. >> reporter: previous studies show dogs can detect medical conditions like a seizure before it happens. preliminary research at penn vet shows the dogs are able to find ovarian cancer through their advanced sense of smell. >> they have a big olefactory
5:38 pm
center and part of the brain that processes it is much larger then humans. >> reporter: researchers say it appears dogs can smell a odor created by cell changes related by cancer. tara will be forever grateful. >> you have to give it that extra hug, that extra kiss, you know, realize that she's there for a reason. >> reporter: special relationship, right. cancer cells that dogs are able to smell are also found in saliva and blood, so eventually researchers think that the dogs will be able to detect cancer with just a sample of something like blood. they don't envision the dogs going up to patients and smelling around. >> yes. >> human's best friend. >> that is wonderful. >> great story, thanks. still to come tonight a consume are warning hundreds of thousands of suv's are recalled. and then this. >> reporter: with the 300-pound man doing working out on something like this? it looks like a torture device. watch how philadelphia eagles
5:39 pm
are landing in pillates. >> they are said to be magically delicious but lucky charms cereals may be more magical for a select few, we will tell but the marshmallow only boxes, lauren? we have a freeze watch in effect for parts of the area for the upcoming weekend and we will talk about what plans fall flowers could survive this freeze and which will take extra caution to protect, all that coming up next on the cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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a big recall announce today for kia cover event owe's, hundreds of thousands, made between 2011 and 2013 have been recalled, because of a brake shift interlock mechanism and the car could shift or crack. kia will replace the tea
5:43 pm
affect for free. company recommend drivers use the the car's parking brake and to always make sure the the gear shift is securely in park. mcdonald's now serves breakfast all day long but it turns out some franchise owners are not loving it. according to a new survey owners claimed added items are slowing workers down in the kitchen and that is having a negative impact on customer service. some franchisees also say all day breakfast is expensive and difficult to execute. mcdonald's corporation though is defending the decision saying all day breakfast is a hit with majority of the franchisees and customers. lucky charms is going all marshmallow but you've got to win a contest to get your hand on that specific box. general mills says it will only produce ten boxes of the all marshmallow lucky charms and those interested in the box, must post a photo have of themselves to facebook, twitter, instagram with an imagery box of lucky charms and use hashtag lucky ten weep steaks. did you get all that.
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>> yes. >> contest runs through sunday. you have to work for it the a little bit. >> lucky charms they are magically delicious. >> and you can on a sugar high. >> all about the raisin brand, you know what i'm saying. >> yes. >> it is an age thing it happens. >> we will be right back. i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating.
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i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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i was walking through center city this morning, running errand and could feel the chill in the air, no doubt bit on. yah. especially cold front coming through this morning. so breeze pick up on the back side and now all that cooler air will be spilling in, slowly but you will feel it heading in the day tomorrow but getting a live look right now at ocean city on our skies cam three, pretty quiet conditions but looks pretty nice and sunshine in the scene. pretty quiet. empty beach. there is one person walk ago long there but we have very nice conditions, dry conditions, as we head to the the upcoming weekend but much chillier. for now we will check with our
5:48 pm
eyewitness weather watchers and our temperatures are consistent and on the cool side. even some 50 a's right the now. 59 degrees heading in to new jersey at margot's house buena vista township reporting bright sunshine right now. relatively light wind at 4 miles an hour and margot says temperature is dropping for a cold night ahead, yeah, cold, she's not a big fan of the colder temperatures. we will feel that chill down starting tonight. temperatures dropping down in the middle 40's in the delaware will valley. sixty heading north and west of the city at barbara's house reporting partly sunny conditions in willow grove. we will head back down to pretty good pictures of fall foliage from our eyewitness weather watchers and leaves starting to turn over especially north and west of philadelphia and heading up in the poconos but bill is send nothing these pictures. check out those beautiful colors with that bright blue skies in the background there. really nice conditions. it will be great weather for checking out those leaves as
5:49 pm
we head in the upcoming weekend but you will need to bundle up. you need to bundle up your plants outside. we have beautiful fall flowers, planters outside but you'll have to cover some of those up. pansies they can survive 27 to 32 degrees, so did christ san mum, you can leave them hanging out, snap dragons are okay some plant that won't survive this freeze as we head in the next couple days will be tulips and a azaleas, cover those up or, bring those indoors. pick them up and, bring them inside. we have a fries watch for upcoming weekend for both tomorrow night and sunday night as well with temperatures down near 32 degrees. of course, poconos can be down in the 20's. so that freeze watch in east affect for the poconos, where overnight lows, again, this is waking up sunday morning, we could see them down in the 20's to near 30 degrees. allentown, reading, lancaster could see temperatures, sub freezing closer to philadelphia, we will be likely down to mid to upper
5:50 pm
30's. as we head down the shore temperatures down in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees but not so much of the concern along the immediate coastline for those freezing temperatures, both as we wake up sunday and monday morning. temperatures right now we made it up to 66 degrees. right around average for philadelphia 63 right now. sixty in allentown. 61 degrees in wildwood. storm scan three showing us a big area of low pressure spinning to the north and west and that is, some snow, but it is well up in canada a few showers working in across parts of the central pennsylvania with the air just continuing to dry out, really not supporting that shower activity. we will stay dry as we head into tonight. current wind speeds, wind direction more so is starting to shift, a little bit out of the northwest and it will continue to usual inner that cooler air. bit of the breeze wind speed ten to 15 miles an hour and our reporting sites. over the next two days we will have elevated wind speeds, breezy conditions tomorrow, high temperatures only in the 50's and as we head into
5:51 pm
sunday we could see a stray sprinkle, temperatures cooler down in the lower 50's but that will be the coolest of the next several days as we head into monday, high pressure moves in overhead, brings back bright sunshine and temperatures rebound in the middle 50's. still cool but overnight tonight we will feel that chill 45 degrees, high temperatures tomorrow running well below average. fifty-seven, breezy and cooler under a mix of sun and cloud. dry, stray sprinkle on sunday looking good, clear skies conditions on monday but chilly waking up to 35 degrees, ukee and jessica. >> chilly, thanks very much. it is football finish that is taking your favorite eagles players off the field and in an unexpect environment. >> they are bending, stretching, strengthening in the pillates studio. sports director don bell talked to players who are doing it and don even tried it himself. >> i have heard it the through grapevine it was good for core back so i decided to do it on my own. >> reporter: eagles center jason kelce is a shade under
5:52 pm
300-pound but the big man knows how to keep it tight. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: professional athletes like kelce and ryan howard of the phillies are making their way to pillates studios, talk of the rbi, first down and touchdowns gives way to new terminology. the cristina, owner of the plume in northern liberties, puts the big fellows to the test. >> they are really surprised by how much such little movement can tear their world up and rightfully so. you have these really skilled and trained competitors who are working major muscle groups all the time and now they are asked to engage micro muscles they have in the been used in those ways. >> reporter: working on those micro muscles is why players come here. kelce suffered a sports hernia injury in 2014, coming here was part of his recovery. >> i wanted to restrengthen those muscles to make sure i was ready. >> doing it i felt really good and i know brent celek he has had the same jury had and he
5:53 pm
had a hip thing, as well, so he started to do it. >> reporter: doing it it is. celek is one of the most durable players in eagles history, eighth on the teams all time receptions list and he said pill ates helped him dodge the injury bug. >> it helps preventing them. your core, you try to block somebody your core is involved in that. you go to run your core is involved in that. >> keep those legs out there. >> come on. >> i found out firsthand exactly how challenging these classes are, resist tense, repetitious, emphasis on the belly, back and butt. i jumped in and like many others i learn the hard way. >> believe it or not i think there are more guys starting to do pillates, yoga traditional things that guys didn't do and it makes more and more people are finding out it is not as easy a as it looks. >> you have to reach deep within to figure out am i staying or am i going to run out of here.
5:54 pm
>> don bell was wining a lit built. >> he said it hurt. >> he was feeling it. >> i give him props to try. >> ben gay on those bad boys and get back to it. >> we will be right back.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
lemar odom's condition is showing small signs of improvement since he was unconscious in a nevada brothel on tuesday. >> louie now joins us from the insider with the very latest. >> now it is chloe who find herself in charge of the lemar's fate. tonight we will go inside of her new reality. >> my marriage to lemar was, i loved it, even they there was, loath and whatever but my high was incredible and i wouldn't change that for everything. >> reporter: despite ending their marriage in 2013, chloe was holding true to this promise.
5:58 pm
>> i will be faithful to you. >> chloe has been been there since tuesday afternoon, soon after lemar was taken to the emergency room. she has not left lemar's side. >> reporter: while condition of lemar remains serious our insider daily mail to the come says chloe has been his roark. >> chloe is still lahmar's wife although they both signed divorce papers they were never signed by the judge. chloe really is hoping for the best, but being prepared for the the worst. she is the one who will be responsible for making the very tough decisions regarding his medical care. >> i lost my father and i wished are single day i wish i could spend one last day for him. >> reporter: doctor judy rosenberg speculates after losing her own fat inner a manner beyond her control for chloe to be put in the condition with power to make a life and death condition would be incredibly complex emotionally. >> i can only imagine that she begun the grief process, which
5:59 pm
is, in and of itself a very rocky process. >> reporter: of course, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with lemar and family and friend, ukee and jessica back to you. continuing updates at cbs >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. a employee arrested after allegedly shooting his boss today at work. why this shooting led to a lock down at a school miles away, lauren. a freeze watch is in effect for parts of the area when to expect to wake up to temperatures in the 30's, coming up. a hazing investigation in the local college after a reported plan to have members of the sport team run naked. vittoria. we have a lot of magic happening, london, have you ever read tea leaves. >> no. >> well, good thing we have professor chillani what do you see in the future. >> wow, i see, um, i do, i see a lot of delicious treats, and in store for you tonight. >> you know what elsie see? "eyewitness news" at
6:00 pm
6:00 starts right now. ahh, cool today, colder tomorrow, get ready for a blast of coldest air this season. temperatures could, could run into the 30's. freeze watch has been issued for parts of the area good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. this blast of cold air is coming in time for the weekend so make sure you have that jacket ready. meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate bilo and she's live on the sky deck to tell us when colder air will arrive, lauren hey jessica yeah, feeling cooler but temperatures still right around average. we are in mid-october. storm scan three showing us clear sky conditions, some showers trying to work up wind north and west of the city but with this dryer and cooler air continuing to spill in they are not having a great job doing so. we will keep things mostly clear and dry as weea


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