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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. ahh, cool today, colder tomorrow, get ready for a blast of coldest air this season. temperatures could, could run into the 30's. freeze watch has been issued for parts of the area good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. this blast of cold air is coming in time for the weekend so make sure you have that jacket ready. meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate bilo and she's live on the sky deck to tell us when colder air will arrive, lauren hey jessica yeah, feeling cooler but temperatures still right around average. we are in mid-october. storm scan three showing us clear sky conditions, some showers trying to work up wind north and west of the city but with this dryer and cooler air continuing to spill in they are not having a great job doing so. we will keep things mostly clear and dry as we head in
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the evening hours but we have a freeze watch for parts of the area. up toward lehigh valley, poconos and interior part of the southern new jersey. this is both for tomorrow night and sunday night as well as temperatures could be at or below freezing. what that means is you need to protect the plants and bring pets indoors. we will talk about that freeze watch in just a couple minutes but your first forecast a pleasant fall edge albeit cool. temperatures in the 50's but just a few passing cloud, guys? >> all right, lauren, thanks very much. gunfire erupts at a taxi cab company in montgomery county. police say a worker opened fire shooting his boss. that worker was taken into custody at seventh second and wood land in southwest philadelphia. the shooting happened on mount carmel avenue in glenside. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is there with more, greg. >> reporter: even though this happened at 2:00 this afternoon still a very active scene here of the taxi cab
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company in workers, drivers, others are saying they are glad that their boss is still alive. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" chopper overhead as suspect in the glenside shooting is taken into custody. >> details are sketchy but apparently there was a dispute other money that was owed and victim is owner of the business. the suspect is a employee. >> reporter: that happened shortly before 2:00 abington police rushed to this taxi company the owner injured inside and a suspect gone. investigators say suspects sped toward southwest philadelphia cops got a tip he may be headed to themontsorei school, they surrounded it and arrested him a few blocks away. >> he was taken in custody apparently without incident. so we are in the process of getting abington detectives down there to deal with that situation. >> reporter: meanwhile the victim and owner of this taxi company should recover. >> he has been stabilized as far as i know. >> reporter: drivers are upset that something like this happened to their boss.
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>> i think it is crazy, like i mean to me, if it is the the owner that i know he is a nice guy. >> reporter: once again good news in all this the the owner, victim in this case expect to be okay. you heard he is in stable condition. the as for his name, name of the suspect police in the yet releasing. that we are live, from glenside i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new at 6:00 police make an arrest in the shooting death of the 14 year-old boy in north philadelphia. investigators say nine year-old dimitri brown shot and killed deall very deshields during an argument on the 1200 block of north tenth street monday night. no word yet on what sparked that argument. a name running plan stopped in the tracks. rider university suspended its mens cross country team following an hazing investigation. new jersey reporter cleve bryan has details from mercer county. >> funny as i think it is, you know, it is really not
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appropriate. >> reporter: no streaking through quad or anywhere else at ride are university or face the consequences of the mens cross country team found out. provided "eyewitness news" with details about an incident on september 5th when campus security caught members of the team just before stripping down for a few name laps around the race track. the suspended practice for a week while rider investigated all 28 members of the mens team, is there alcohol involved but the school didn't contact local police. the in the end they suspend the whole team for a home meet because no ill intent or coercion were involved the team's behavior was unacceptable and indeed considered hazing. >> i think they should have been more mature and not done that. >> reporter: is there debate in suspending the team was a right punishment. >> i think a week was a reasonable thing to do as a warning. >> it is an honor and professionalism. you have to up hold that. >> it is kind of harsh. in today's society, everybody is looking to create huge or
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monumental problems. >> reporter: some say a little streaking of college is not a big deal. ever been streaking? >> no. >> no, never done that. i would love to try it but no, i don't have any courage to do that. >> reporter: suspension is over, we have reached out to the senior members of the team but none of them wanted to comment. the at rider university, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police want the public's help to identify two men caught on surveillance video in connection with the carjacker near temple university. interest happened just after midnight yesterday. investigators say armed men took the mens keys and phone near tenth and susquehanna and jumped in his 205 cadillac and took off west on sus question hand a it was one of two targeting temple students that night. police say two are not related. the other incident happened in the 1800 block of north 15th street, a male temple student was walking on street around 3:00 a.m. when he was held up by two suspects. one had a gun. they took victim's cell phone
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keys and wallet. no one was injury. we now know two people kill in the crash in gloucester township this morning were a father and son from that area police say 22-year old randall fagot went driving with his father curt when he crash in another car and flipped over on college drive. the driver of the second vehicle is in critical condition and the crash is under investigation. just a sad story out of atlantic city month. man walking with her service doggies hit by her truck and four leg companion is kill. police say last in holy francisco was walking at kentucky, and atlantic avenue when she and her cute were struck. holy has epilepsy and said her small dog was trained to help detect her seizures. now, she says she's at a loss without her dog. >> it hit me, spun me around, and then i kind of got sucked under the vehicle and it ran over my leg and my foot. >> holy's leg was crush in the
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accident, and insurance, only was $750. holy says a trained dog cost about five you this dollars so she has set up a go fund me page to raise money. well, state of the delaware is reporting its first official case of flu this season. a 26 user old new castle man went to the emergency room is and is now recovering at home. delaware division of public health say all delaware resident six month and older shut get a flu shot. plane full of passengers makes history today in philadelphia. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 it is end of an another a we were at philadelphia international airport as final u.s. airways flight took off, vittoria. we are celebrating all things harry potter, including quitich, cristina is a former captain at chestnut hill college what is that. >> it is a mixture won rugby football and soccer and right from the harry potter series. >> it is at chestnut hill
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college tomorrow. more harry potter fun stuff tomorrow, coming up. lauren? we have a freeze watch in effect for the area for upcoming weekend, we could be waking up to temperatures in the the 20's, i'll have details in you're witness weather in a couple minutes, pat. hey lauren, big game on sunday night with the eagles and giants but bigger game here in chester county. it is downingtown east, defeated going up begins coatsville, we will have more in sports.
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walk ago loan on a desserted street late at night is scary and tonight the app that allows family and friend to track your progress to get you help quickly if you need it tonight at 11:00. u.s. airways, born in 1939, is flying into the sunset. >> its final flight took off from philadelphia international airport and it is taking a trip across the country, and returning under a new name. >> thank you all for coming. >> reporter: the last u.s. airways flight fittingly named flight 1939, leaving
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philadelphia, heading to charlotte, north carolina it will go to phoenix, san francisco and circle back to philadelphia tomorrow morning before it is rebranded american airlines. aviation enthusiast came to just be on that final flight like 13 year-old aspiring pilot ethan kill logs of north carolina he even wore a homemade u.s. airways shirt. >> he basically told us u.s. is an educational opportunity to be part of history. >> in the past few years there have been many mergers with like delta and northwest, united, continental so i wanted to be part of the aviation history. because of those mergers i thought there wouldn't be anything like this anytime soon. >> reporter: he is right, media packed, before they boarded and even some employees were along for the ride. >> i flew all the way here, i flew this aircraft in, and go back to charlotte. >> reporter: it will take more than a new coat of paint to change u.s. airways over to american. the biggest challenge is combining reservation system
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says one merger expert. >> fittings wrong, passengers will be angry and american airlines does not want to have angry passengers. >> reporter: for now these flyers are happy, and ready, for final boarding. you will still see u.s. airways logo on many american plains until the repainting is complete but u.s. airways names and logo will disappear, this weekend. >> 1939, how about that. >> isn't that something. >> there will be lots of wizardry in the air this weekend in chestnut hill. >> our vittoria woodill is at chestnut hill college where top ten harry potter festival kicks off today, vittoria. >> you know, you can tell why, this festival is one of the top zero because it is fabulous and how gorgeous is this outside area in chestnut hill. we have been celebrating so much magic and fun, we have brought along harry, we have brought along oh, man professor chillani. >> i can be just as forgetful
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as you can. >> we brought along martha the executive director for chestnut hill business district. i want to invite you all up because martha, you have some treats here thaw will explain that will be available to guests coming here tomorrow. >> yes, a lot of our restaurants have a all done specials, menu items, and drinks for this weekend. we have a few here for you to try. >> harry, now, now. >> you have to wait, harry. >> no caffeine spills on the tree. >> true. >> so we have a martini from the chestnut grill which is here located at market at the far way. in this is all kind of magical goodness from the wonderful world of harry potter. >> i think i might have to take a sip but you can keep going. maybe we should have have cheers to it. no magical spell needed there. >> very good. >> wow. >> okay. >> that is a fun time this weekend, you guys. >> yes. >> and then later tonight at pub crawl. >> at the market at the fair
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way we have cup cakes, book shop bakery, exploding cup cakes. >> harry, you can have one of those. >> yes. >> professor, wow, wow. >> and, they are exploding cup cakes, what is in that? >> well, it looks like a bunch of goodness. we have fun things this weekend. and i can tell from you experience it will be a fabulous weekend for more information, you want to go to cbs in the meantime i will join my friend from harry potter and we will enjoy magic of this deliciousness right now. you guys, back in the studio, expect fun. >> yeah, thank you. you tell harry, he is a man have heart the way he went this to that cup cake. >> that cup cake was gone. >> way to go, harry. >> ill a's tell what you, all that fire out there, they may need that. >> nice, cozy weekend fire
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appropriate, weekend, chilling up, some of the coldest air of the season arriving as we head in the weekend and feeling 30's in philadelphia for the first time this season. we have freeze watches and warnings in effect as we look up win as well with the colder air mass in mace. but right the new giving a live look at sky cam three in ocean city, a nice scene there sun coming to set, a little will bit of the renaissance in the sky there mostly clear conditions. main talker in the forecast is this big showdown and we can span out ande frost advisories, freeze warnings and watches in effect for parts of the mid-atlantic and in the midwest as well, and that is both will extend through weekend as canadian high pressure build in. air mass originating from canada so it will be chillier. sixty-three in philadelphia. it won't be feeling 60's at all as we head in the day tomorrow. fifty-seven in allentown. sixty-one right now in millville. storm scan three showing us some showers and they are trying to make it in the region but they are not going
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to be able to do so because of the dryer air in place. looking up in canada we do notice snow showers coming down and future weather, snow showers, they did stay up in canada a few flakes in upstate new york. secondary cold front will come through dry as we head into the day tomorrow but will reenforce that chillier eras we head into sunday. high pressure sneaks in further, and it will be overhead as we head into the day on monday and that will bring back full sunshine for us but dry weekend, we will see cloud around but nice conditions. so check out that fall foliage this just update today. leaves really changing over right now, at or near peak in many locations especially if you are heading up in the poconos you will get quite a site for upcoming weekend and now in the delaware valley our leaf change over moderate. starting to see those reds, yellows breaking out. beautiful scene. overnight tonight temperatures dropping down in the middle 40's. the little chillier. a few passing cloud in the day tomorrow. we will only climb in the
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upper 50's. little bit breezy as well. northwest win at ten to 15 with higher gusts up around 20. 25 miles per hour a mix of sun and clouds. as we look ahead toward eagles game really nice football weather. eagles taking on the giant. big rivalry there. 44 degrees for start of the game time at 8:30. southeasterly wind at five to zero. nice clear skies. it will be still cool as we head in the day monday. we will start off in the middle 30's. so that will be our chilliest morning monday morning, high temperatures in the middle 50's, bright sunshine and backup in the mid 60's, a big turnaround into tuesday and up to near 70 degrees, by wednesday and then check that out we're cruising a above average possibly as we head into the second half of the next week with low 70's on thursday. >> lower 70's. >> interesting. >> really good. >> up down all the way around, a season of transition it is here we go trying to get to fall and then winter. >> appreciate it. >> "cbs evening news" is just
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a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead. >> hi ukee and guess contact great to be with you here in philadelphia a here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. we have dramatic images of the west coast after a mud slide trapped hundreds of drivers along a california highway. plus will he or won't he? does what we heard today mean that joe biden is closer to a decision about entering the presidential race? and, steve hartman on the road, with a man who might have found the fountain of youth on ice. those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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coach's always say it is a one game season, big game coming up. >> this is a biggie, a battle for first place machine night when eagles host giants at the link, the birds hope offensive line will open up holes for
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demarco mur hoy had his best performance on sunday with the saints running for 38-yard and a touchdown but he will have a tough task against the giants who have allowed just 80-yard a game, second best in the the league. >> obviously they are one of the top defenses against the run in the league, and, you know, i have been able to play against those guys the last four years. it has always been a challenge. and they are always playing pretty well and they are playing at a high level this year. i think we have to be on our edge to face off against these guys. >> well, friday night, you know what that means? the friday football frenzy. pat gallon joins us live from coatsville high school with a preview of tonight's game of the week, hi pat. >> hi leslie yeah you were just talking about that big rivalry between philadelphia eagles and new york giants. don't we all love rival wrist. cbs-3 friday football frenzy we have a great rivalry in chester county downingtown east, undefeated at six-zero,
6:24 pm
taking on four-two coatsville. huge crowd, and, i have to catch up with matt ortega, and he expects fire works as well. >> and runaway, a against downingtown and won't be here long. again, it is getting the best out of the both staff, and, all of the deal tonight, and so excited about the opportunity. >> how are you feeling burr kid coming off a couple of tough losses, but you you guys put up points this year too. >> it is just coming in the season we feel like we have in the played our best football yet so we will play our best game hopefully tonight. >> i mentioned all of the point being put up by both of these teams downingtown east six-zero. they are out scoring 229-71. coatsville they can put up point as well, they have scored 40 or more points three different times this year. so, they put up 50 tonight. should be a good game, downingtown east against
6:25 pm
coatsville. live from coatsville pat gallon "eyewitness sports", leslie. sixers hosting washington tonight at center in preseason action. nerlens noel is expect to be back after missing last two games with knee and back issues. jahlil okafor is out with knee soreness. flyers captain claude giroux, michael rafl and pierre, coming out to visit children's hospital taking pictures and signing autographs for their youngest fans, putting smiles on their faces, we will be right back. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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well, in south philadelphia at citizens bank park phillies held their ball girl tryouts, applicant were tested on and off the field, for 20810 spots for next years teams. they are am was doors for fill will fills making 150 off the field appearances with their game day duties and winners will announced in january. you have some skills. >> really. >> thank you, ukee. >> thank you. >> you have have some game skills. >> third base line. >> yeah. >> grounder. >> amazing. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at the 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". will he or won't he? time is running out for joe by tone enter the presidential race? a mud slide traps hundreds of drivers in southern california. we will leave you now with the scene from chopper three over philadelphia just a short time ago, another week has come to an end. take care of you and yours family we will see you tonight. here now is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: earth on the move. >> run for yr life! >> pelley: california mudslides swallow up everything in their path. also tonight, the biden camp tells supporters, "be prepared." a brave young pioneer in the battle against a cruel disease. >> she understood it might make her worse, but she also understood it was a chance to walk again. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a miracle on ice. >> reporter: you ever heard of shuffle board? >> i've heard of it, but i never played it, yeah. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: in southern california, heavy rain unleashed floods that triggered massive mudslides. this was the result. cars and trucks, hundreds of them, were stuck deep in the


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