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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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u.s. airways is making aviation history this morning and we are live at philadelphia plays a big role in the final flight. also, in or out, joe biden is running out of time to deciding whether or not to enter the presidential race and now the president is weighing in. and dust off your winter jackets we are in store for a cold blast this weekend. today is saturday october 17th, good morning, so glad you are with us i'm nicole brewer. ites 25c o'clock. definitely a chill in the the air. the let's send it over to kyla. >> i reached for bigger jacket this morning and this is just the beginning, nicole. unfortunately we are under a freeze warning for many parts of our area tonight starting at midnight.
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it will get chilly. it will be through about tuesday, we can expect to see a warm up happening but i don't think word warm is on anybody's mine. lets look at our neighborhood network. some temperatures are chilly. four in drexel will hill. millville 38 degrees. four in lumberton and pottstown at 42 degrees. wind is relatively calm but that is one of the things we will see change throughout the day-to-day. the it will be very breezy, and makes it feel cooler. 47 degrees as we look live at center city you can see win northwest at 5 miles an hour. that is what the the wind looks like a across the region. between five to 8 miles an hour but that is going to pick up and we will feel it into our afternoon today. live look at storm scan three shows you that we are staying dry but look to the north and west and you can see looking west and north of the albany the white on the map that is snow, folks. it is not coming our way but an indication of how cold the air isment high today of
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57 degrees in philadelphia a at the shore. about 58. and 47 in the poconos. it will be very cool, cloudy there today. we are under a freeze warning, not in philadelphia but for surrounding areas. we will talk about that when i come back in a few moments. we will will look at that seven day forecast because we have lovely warm numbers, nicole. >> happy to hear that, thanks. new this morning two people are killed in a fast moving fire in pleasantville, new jersey. that fire broke out in the row home in the 600 block of wright street shortly after 11:00. investigators tell us one victim fell will in the second floor, other made it out of the home and died at the scene. the cause of the fire is being investigated. happening right now, the the final u.s. airways flight is heading from san francisco to philadelphia a, making the the the the last leg of the round trip journey. after today all future flights will fly under the the american airlines banner. "eyewitness news" reporterral sand that hoff is live at philadelphia international airport with the details, alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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nicole. looking above me the the signage has changed to american but this is where u.s. airways flight 1939 will be arriving shortly before 6:00 this morning. this flight departed from philadelphia, yesterday around 10:00 and made its way to charlotte to phoenix and san francisco. the passengers on board this historic flight will have taken the red eye from san francisco. the flight 1939 is very well named because that was the name of the airline's birth. many of those aboard this flight and flight yesterday got on board simply to be part of his try. >> in the past few years there have been many mergers with like delta and northwest, united and continental so i wanted to be part of the aviation history. because of those mergers i thought there probably wouldn't be anything like this in the future. >> reporter: u.s. airways merger with american airlines was announced in 2013, all
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departing flights, after 2:00 p.m. will go out with american's name. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile a franklin township police officer cruiser and suv collided in gloucester county. the accident happened around 8:30 on route 40 and tuckahoe road in franklin township. officer's police car ended up off the road. authorities say one person was injured and flown to cooper university hospital. there is no word if the injured person, is in fact, that officer. in campaign 2016, is he in or is he out? a decision is imminent on whether vice-president joe biden will jump into the the race for president. and now president obama is weighing in. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the very latest. >> reporter: as click tics, vice-president joe biden's boss became latest to talk publicly about the possibility of the biden white house. >> i will not comment on what
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joe's doing or not doing, i think you can direct those questions to my very able vice-president. >> reporter: many thought biden might have jumped in before this week's debate in las vegas a podium awaited him just in case he made an 11th hour decision. >> i think he would be the the best democrat running to be honest with you but i don't think he is going to. >> reporter: folks who live near biden in wilmington seem united in their opinion. >> well, i have been wondering. i tend to not think so. >> reporter: in an a e-mail to supporters obtained by cbs news, biden and advisor, ted kaufman called a possible campaign a optimistic campaign a campaign from the heart, a campaign consistent with his values, our values and values of the american people. i think it is fair to say, knowing him as we all do, that it won't be a script add fair. after all, it's joe. so what does the vice-president have have to say about it? he was asked on thursday, before a meeting with the
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president of south korea. >> are you running for president? is there still an opening for you in the race, sir >> many say later is now with the first democratic debate in the books and candidates like hillary clinton polling higher then any other democratic candidate. >> there does come a point where a decision has to be made but certainly i'm not in anyway suggesting or recommending that the vice-president accept anytime table other than the one that is clicking inside of him. >> reporter: this is the vice-president's weekend schedule put out by the the white house last night. today he will spend part of the day in wilmington, tomorrow he will spend the entire day at home in wilmington with no public event. we will see a keep you posted. reporting from the sat center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" every step of the way.
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we will bring you continuing coverage of campaign 2016 on tv and on line on cbs philly dot the come. philadelphia police are working to identify a body pulled from the delaware river. woman's body was discovered around 7:00 on the columbus boulevard near market street ramp. police say would the man is black but they are not sure of her age. it is in the clear how she ended up in the water. anyone with any information should call police. philadelphia police are looking for four men in the violent home invasion near temple university. there was a robbery and carjacking in that same area on thursday. the home invasion happened in the 1900 block of diamond street in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has the very latest. >> reporter: home invasion robbery just off of temple university campus has police looking for four men. >> they rob the rick tim of his will wallet, his watch, jewelry, and cell phone. during the robbery, for some reason, one of the perpetrators struck the victim, in his forehead with a gun.
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>> reporter: just before 7:00 friday night police say the the the suspect entered the apartment building in the 1900 block of west die machine street through an opened front door going to the second floor apartment. where a 26 year-old man answered the door and was confronted by the men. two carrying guns. that is when police say they robbed, pistol whipped the victim. >> of the four, the victim says, that he recognized, and knows two of them. >> reporter: police sources tell "eyewitness news" that the victim has identified one of the suspects as a temple university football player. police are now reviewing surveillance cameras inside and outside the apartment, hoping, that they can catch the the men entering and leaving. >> due to the the fact that our victim claims that he recognized, two of the four, would lead me to believe they were targeted for some reason. >> reporter: victim's roommate was also home at the time taking a shower and claims he didn't hear anything. he was not injured. police are still not sure why these men may have been targeted, they are now searching for the the four suspects. the outside central
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detectives, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a suspect is in custody after opening fire and shooting his boss at the a cab company in montgomery county. this is the the suspect, three three-year old ozzie clark, junior. the around 1:30 police say clark shot his boss at montco taxi a at mount carmel avenue in glenside. clark then allegedly fled to a school on island avenue. he was arrested at seventh second and wood land. >> details are sketchy but a apparently there was a dispute over money that was owed. the victim is the owner of the business. the suspect is a employee. >> the man shot was taken to abington memorial hospital and is in stable condition. police make an arrest in the shooting death of the 14 year-old boy in north philadelphia. investigators say 19 year-old dimitri brown shot and killed, deshield during an argument on north tenth street monday night. there is in word on how that argument started.
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spokesperson for lemar odom's aunt said the former nba star gave a thumbs up and spoke. odom has been hospitalized for three days after being found unconscious in the brothel near las vegas. he had had reportedly been abusing cocaine and sexual performance enhancers. the his estranged wife, close he kardashian has been seen by his side and other members of his family. meteorologist kyla grogan is back with what you can expect and plus temperatures in the 30's a, plus this. clean up in southern california continues after mud slides trap hundreds of cars. i'm chris martinez in mohave, california, with that story coming up. and offering free brain screenings on the go, why this mobile mri unit is in philadelphia on a week long
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back now with video of a huge scaffolding collapse at a construction site in houston. a tourist was shooting cell phone video of the minute made park when that structure came down. fire fighters pulled six construction workers from the wreckage with serious injuries. they were working on a apartment complex at the time. osha is investigating the cause of the collapse. well, massive clean up efforts is underway on several major highways in southern california avenue mud slide stranded hundreds of cars and
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entrapped some drivers. now we're getting a a look the the at the dramatic rescues captured on camera. >> on. h, my god. >> on thursday the torrential rain triggered powerful mud slide that trapped drivers in less than 15 minutes. cbs news correspondent chris martinez has the very latest. >> reporter: state route 58 near mohave desert is leathered with 200 trucks and cars, torrential rain triggered powerful mud slides and trapped drivers in less than 15 minutes. trucker will knee son recorded this video on his cell phone. >> we got stopped, on the pavement and cars were going past me like crazy. >> reporter: melissa a and her family were driving home. they a say they barely escape. >> it was terrifying, when the road just gave out. >> we thought we would get buried alive in the mud. we just thought, the mud was coming down so fast and the
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car filled up so fast. >> reporter: crews are using bulldozers and other equipment to dig out and pull out cars but the clean up here could take days. search and rescue teams are scouring the area for vehicles that may have been swallowed completely, by mud. the. >> the the mud came so fast like quick sand. >> reporter: farther west geologist inspect interstate five and other hill side. officials say the storm left behind more than 16 million gallons of mud and debris to clean up, and in this county a alone. the chris martinez, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> bad situation there. but a at home just chill. >> cold temperatures. >> yes, we do not to have deal with rain, mud and all that. >> no, no. >> it is not to say you will not go what, when you walk out the door. it will be breeze tie. >> that makes it feel colder. >> yes, wind chill. >> fall-like feeling. let's take a look at what you can expect today, much cooler
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and breezy but sunday and monies when we're going to have one of those what is going on moments when you wake up to the 30's, but by mid week we're looking at temperatures climbing up to a 70-degree mark again. that is kind of strange thing about this forecast is we have a big blast of cool air and then we will change. we have a freeze warning for areas in purple. you can see surrounding areas, mount pocono from midnight tonight until 9:00 a.m. on unday and then sun take night we are under a freeze watch for the same areas. temperatures today are chilly but we will be cooler tomorrow. the right now philadelphia 47 degrees. check out mount pocono at 39 degrees. lancaster at 40. thirty-nine in millville this morning. you are starting off chilly. a as we say good morning in places like willow grove, 42 for you. forty-three for mount holly where national weather service office is and they are working very hard this morning nailing down this forecast. the wind is not bad between five and 8 miles a an hour. we will have a northwesterly flow today and that will kick
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up. a breeze will be happening throughout the day-to-day too. i think that makes it worse when it is chilly. we will get air smacking you in the face. taking a look at storm scan three we have one thing it is clear skies and you can see them here as we smooth them out you can see there is moisture trying to make its way and falling apart before it makes it to us. look to the north and notice that cold air there, it is bringing, some snow, and, a few sprinkles there up to our neighbors in the north in upstate new york. we will go through future weather and show you cold air funneling in. good news is we will not see snow but if you are in the western reaches of pennsylvania, you could see a few flurries out there because that is how cold it is. we will go to the overnight hours and see that in western pennsylvania. we are seeing dry, chilly here sunday morning. that is at sunday at 9:00 a.m. you will start to see high pressure moving in and sunshine as well. if there is an upside we will have sunny skies. today a high of 57 degrees. sunday a high of 52.
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those temperatures are really more a appropriate for mid-november, here are the lows we're talking about as we get in the evening tonight and tomorrow, we're talking 30's, everybody. certainly, the pests inside, i'm sure you've got plant inside as well but be mindful of this because these temperatures are waking up sunday morning. in mount pocono 25 to 30-degree range. the it gets warmer, between 35 and 40-degree range but it will be chilly by any measure no doubt bit. i want to mention, the the cold sticks with us on monday, heading to the eagles game, 8:30 p.m., talking about 44 degrees, clear skies and it will be chilly taking on giants. the just prepare yourself. today we are looking at a high of 57, cool, breezy, wind out of the northwest tonight. we will see a few cloud with a low of 38 degrees. oh, boy. taking a look at your seven day forecast this is where i give you good news. we have lots of sunshine, we will start to warm up on tuesday and check it out on wednesday, look at that
5:19 am
70 degrees and sunshine. thursday low 70's as well. you know this is why i say take a a deep breath. we're not where we should be in the 30's for lows and 50's for our high. >> it will turnaround. >> kyla thank you. a new mission to find undetect brain tumors was launched in philadelphia health reporter stephanie stahl shows us why it could be a real life safer. >> it is hard to miss a 07-foot long van park in center city. it belonged to the brain tumor foundation on a week long visit in philadelphia. >> the mobile mri unit is designed to offer people the the opportunity to find brain tumors early. >> reporter: debbie and john hurt will are sponsoring the the free mri service in fill amount for them, it is personal after a family member was diagnosed with the brain tumor. >> most people develop symptoms and at that point the the brain tumor is often more advanced and the treatment options are more limited.
5:20 am
>> earlier you can find it out, the better your options are and better quality of life you are likely to have. >> reporter: mobile mri magnetic rest answer image going scanner can find tumors without exposing patients to radiation like with traditional craze. it is estimated a million people are living with brain tumors that have in the been detect. that is what this mobile mri unit aims to uncover. brain scans will be analyzed by experts like neurosurgeon ana sonebam. >> is there in the much known what happens with patients before they develop any symptoms. >> reporter: in addition to finding undetect problems, the scans will be used for researcher to better understand brain diseases. >> it is possible that might lead to help. >> reporter: if any abnormal results are detect they are sent directly to the person's doctors. the scans are available by appointment only. we will have that information on cbs, click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". it is 5:20. still ahead hitting theaters tom hanks in a new movie, lets take a look. >> i'm kevin frazier. tom hanks reunites with steven speilberg for a real life story about a american lawyer
5:22 am
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if you are heading to the movies this weekend you might
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want to check out bridge of spies. tom hanks star as an american lawyer recruited by the cia for a dangerous mission. kevin frasier from entertainment tonight gives us a sneak peak of the cold war thriller. >> we are engaged in a war with the soviet union. >> reporter: james donovan played by tom hanks is recruit todd negotiate a prisoner exchange for a russian spy for an american pilot. based on real life events in the the height of the soviet tension, it is a story that has history buff tom hanks in the books. >> russians want their man
5:25 am
back. we want to you negotiate the swap. >> i am an insurance lawyer. >> i did not realize that it comes down to the negotiations of behind the scenes, as much as it did. >> ripped right out of the history books and unknown to me and i consider myself a fan of such things. >> this will be careful. >> reporter: in his research he found a dedicated man working hard to do what is right. >> i read everything that he said himself, about these moments, and when he said yes, to taking on the case, he threw himself into a degree of work that was non-stop for weeks and weeks and weeks and that is up late night, pots of coffee, hard grunt work that overtime said only someone really good at his job can know that he has to do in order to see it the through to any sort of successful conclusion. >> we didn't end the the conversation, our government can't. next mistake our countries make could be the last one. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, new back to you in the studio. for latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news", here comes the chill. temperatures on the way down this weekend and kyla grogan is here to tell us what to expect this weekend. a body shaping ritual stopped, we will tell you about the the hazing plan foiled leaving a university sports team suspended. and go inside one of the
5:26 am
philadelphia's most fashionable interesting home addresses, how you can be part of the very unique tour. we will b
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good morning, i'm so glad you are with us i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:30.
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i noticed you have your big coat out so it is serious. >> i know it is probably more serious tomorrow but i am prepared. i did bring out my big coat. we have temperatures in the 40's and a little bit of the breezing on. that breeze will pick up later today. the lets look at our current temperatures and you can see it is all blue, everyone. forty-seven in philadelphia let's check out mount pocono, 48 in in millville. lancaster in the 40-degree mark. we have cold air rushing in. unless you think it is not cold lets look to the north and notice snow flakes in parts of the upstate new york. yeah, they do get that lake effect but it is cold era cross the the the lake that helps to keep that up. good news is we're in the looking out for snow flakes today but cold air is part of the story and it is not just today but a three day run. our high 57 degrees, but 62 into our sunday and monday. fifty-three. don't forget those 30's overnight saturday night into sunday into monday. the those are prompt something
5:30 am
freeze watches and warnings from our area as well. we're seeing coldest air of the season so far cold air that rush in a front and it will stick with us for a few days, but, but we do have better news coming up in your seven day forecast. i have a couple 70's in there. take heart. we have a coal couple days. end of the day won't be too bad. nicole we will get into that in a few moments. >> kyla, appreciate it. happening right now, u.s. airways is making its final flight before officially merging with american airlines. the it is set to land right here in philadelphia within the hour. the first leg of the airline's last journey began in philadelphia friday morning. the flight the 1939 traveled to charlotte, phoenix and san francisco. it will return to philadelphia as american. well, before the airlines merged, the the reservation system including flight schedules, pricing and number of seats have to be combined. the big challenge may take sometime. american airlines will have a common center running next few weeks to deal with any problems. flying this weekend it is recommended thaw get to the
5:31 am
airport early. well, search is on for suspect who slashed a wal-mart employee while stealing. lets look at surveillance photos from wal-mart on byberry road in the northeast. early friday morning that suspect grabbed a 48-inch flat screen tv and two pairs of boots and then showed an old receipt trying to leave the the store. police say the suspect then pulled a knife and slashed a store employee before getting a way. then another person was there in a silver car. well, center city building collapse murder case is in the hand of the jury. contractor griffin campbell took the stand in his own defense on thursday. he is charged with third degree murder and six counts of involuntary manslaughter for demolition of a that his company performed at between the second and market in june 2013. building collapsed on the salvation army thrift store next door killing six people inside. naked running plan stopped in the tracks. rider university suspended mens cross country team following a hazing
5:32 am
investigation. new jersey reporter cleve bryan has the details from mercer county. >> as funny as i think it is, you know, it is not appropriate. >> reporter: no streaking through quad or anywhere else at rider university or face consequences as mens cross country team found out. provide eyewitness news about details about an incident september 5th when campus security caught members of the team just before stripping down for a few name laps around the the race track. >> suspended practice for a week while rider investigated all 28 members of the mens team, and there was alcohol involved but the school didn't contact local police. the in the end they suspended the home team for a home meet september 19th because although no ill intent or coercion was involved the teen's behavior was unacceptable and indeed considered hazing. >> i think they should have been more mature and not have done that. >> reporter: is there plenty of debate whether suspending the team was a right punishment. >> for a week i think is a reasonable thing to do. it is a warning. >> it is professionalism.
5:33 am
you have to up hold thatment that is part of the game. >> it is kind of harsh. i think in today's society, everybody is looking to create huge or monumental problems. >> reporter: some say a little streaking at college isn't that big of a deal. ever been streaking. >> no, no. >> i have never done that. i would love to try it but no, i don't have any courage to do that. >> reporter: the the suspension is over, we have reached out to some of the senior members of the team but none of them wanted to comment. at rider university, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". speaking of nudity next addition of playboy will continue to publish fully nude photos of women despite the announcement that the u.s. addition is banning news from the issues. playboy and editor in chief, artoro flores said they have gave them the the choose. the nudity vice important in mexican market. also, a big hit the in mexico halloween masks of the country's wanted drug lord el
5:34 am
chapo and republican presidential candidate donald trump. the the company is cashing in on the infamous duo el chapo and trump mask sell for 30 to $40 and so far they have sold 2,000 he will chop owe masks and they are making another 1700. company officials say trump masks are selling well in the u.s. new to campaign 2016, the the republican front runners are throwing their weight around pushing for a change to the next g.o.p. presidential debate. meanwhile, democrats are going to await the decision from vice-president joe biden. sources tell cbs the news that the vice-president could announce a decision any day now. weijia chang has the the details. >> reporter: top two presidential candidates in the g.o.p. race has won a victory over cnbc. network changed its debate rules after donald trump and ben carson sent a letter saying neither mr. trump or doctor carson will participate in your debate if it is longer
5:35 am
than 120 minutes, including commercials, and does not include opening and closing statements. but not everyone agrees. >> i am all for two hours. a apparently they do not have the endurance to go the the distance. >> reporter: the other candidates may need extra time because trump and carson more than doubled their numbers in the latest poll. carson has raised the most money of any g.o.p. candidate, even donald trump who is now accepting pledges despite his vow to fun his campaign himself. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both raised more money then carson but vice-president joe biden may be ready to challenge them. >> have you made your decision just yet. >> i can't hear you. >> reporter: the the vice-president has reportedly been consulting with old advisors and friend in early voting states who have work for him during past campaigns. >> i'm big on debates. >> reporter: in new hampshire friday clinton was all smiles after this weeks debate performance, a new poll of the granite state shows her lead nothing new hampshire for the
5:36 am
first time since july. weijia chang for cbs news, the white house. 5:36. you can take a walk through history this weekend, center city residents association fall house tourist tomorrow. ten homes will be featured. there are traditional brown stones and more modern high rise properties that will be opened for people to walk through. organizers of the tour say it is a great the way to showcase diverse options urban living offers. >> it is just a great the way for people to come into the the city and see how we folks who live downtown, live, and spend our time and enjoy this wonderful city of hours. >> there are still tickets available for the house tour which is now in the 57th year. well, extra can be a a good thing. someone offers you extra tickets to an event or maybe have extra time on your hand to finish a project but what if a contractor offers you a discounted rate because they have extra material? in this weeks angie's list
5:37 am
report jim donovan explains why you should say in thanks traffics quick. >> reporter: maryann phillips was working outside of her home when an asphalt company pulled up and offered to seal her driveway with extra material from a job down the street. >> i thought, you know, we need it done, and they seemed like they would be okay, and so i just took a camp for once and it bit me in the behind. >> reporter: that is because the job was sloppy. the company sprayed sealant on her home and car causing 12 hundred dollars in damage. >> i get the calls all the time. i have this guy over here and there is sealer all over the house and i have to tell people there is in way to get it off. you have to start replacing things. >> reporter: maryann tried to stop payment on her check but it was too late. >> unfortunately we live in the world where you cannot trust a lot of people. >> it is said that there are unscrupulous contractors out there. so you as a consumer need to be awarement be cautious of anyone who comes to your home and tries to encourage to you take a deal on the spot. a deal today should be a deal
5:38 am
tomorrow. >> reporter: experts say a good contractor plans their jobs carefully and isn't likely to purchase more supplies then they needment minute you hear extra be weary. for more advice on how to avoid being scammed, visit cbs's list. aim's jim donovan. 5:38. coming up next it is first in more than 50 years, cuban music buzz go through the the the white house. coming up next musical act, that played in the white house in more than a half century. and lots of dogs, looking for cool tricks but one woman said her four legged friend did something that saved her life. he detect cancer. health reporter stephanie stahl has the incredible story coming up. also ahead a freeze watch has been issued this weekend for some areas, here in the delaware valley, kyla will have the latest on the
5:39 am
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i say "don't eat me now." well, big band sound of the social a a club bused through the white house marking first time kook cuban musical act performed there in half a century. weijia chang has that story. >> buena vista social club is considered a musical phenomenon. >> ♪ >> reporter: that brought together many of the great names of the golden age of cuban music in the 1950's, the group has toured the world for nearly two decades. on thursday, the the group performed the day they never thought possible. >> give it up for buena vista
5:42 am
social club. >> reporter: the band became first cuban musical act to play at the white house in more than five decade. >> can you you describe the moment that you heard president obama invited you to perform at the the white house. >> it really made me happy that i was going to play in such a place that has such influence. >> reporter: over the summer the u.s. and cuba a restored diplomatic ties. many view this historic performance as a further sign of that you go relations between the two former cold war enemies. american university professor ana sarah. >> it is cautious, it is symbolic, it is a international collaboration. >> ♪ >> reporter: the band's leading lady, 84 year-old, is hopeful. >> for cubans and we want to continue with our culture, our friendship, our relationship. >> reporter: so does president obama. >> for nearly two decade this
5:43 am
group has been a symbol of the strong bond between the american/cuban people. >> reporter: in fact, band broke through cuban embargo when introducing their americans 20 years ago. >> i do believe that music unifies countries. >> reporter: and now you they are on a farewell tour in the u.s. titled adio thes a poetic good bye with a new beginning. weijia chang, cbs news, the the white house. that is pretty cool stuff. i can't believe that woman is 84 years old, kyla, can you. >> i think we need her skin secrets. >> what moisturizer is she using. >> and still singing. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> today we're not feeling like our skinnies in the caribbean sun, that is for sure. it will be chilly and breezy today. temperatures well below average, and some 30's, overnight, are you ready for that? okay. we will get there in a moment.
5:44 am
the currently 47 degrees in philadelphia 39 in mount pocono. thirty-nine in millville. we just seen some of them not in the 40's yet this morning. forty-five in atlantic city. the as we zoom in down the shore we will see warmth there. 55 degrees. cape may, always wants to be lower then it the should be. it mob be hid men a spot where they are cooler but they are feeling chilly this morning every where. this is whether we will see picking up to day. we are seeing 9 miles an hour in wildwood. breezy will be part of the structure for today. what we will see with these will cool temperatures as this breeze rushes n taking a live look at storm scan three you can see skies are clear, as we zoom out here, you can see the direction that all that cool air is coming from the north and the west and if you look to upstate new york we're seeing snow flurries this morning. thankfully we are not dealing with that. however, we will be dealing with the cold air. tracking this for you, you can see two excessive cold front that will open the door to let this cool air come in. tonight we could see sprinkles in western pennsylvania, and if you are looking up, for a few snow flurries in the
5:45 am
overnight hours tonight into tomorrow, and then you can see high pressure moves in and we will get lots of sunshine as we get into sunday and monday. today temperatures staying chilly, we will not get out of the 50's. we will have lots of sunshine with us but watch out for breezy conditions. it is not just today, tonight, and tomorrow night, this cold blast continues, we will talking about low in the 30's here. 38 degrees tonight. thirty-six sunday into monday. of course that prompted some freeze warnings for this evening starting at midnight until 9:00 a.m. and all areas in purple. then we have a freeze watch for the same spots as we get through our sunday evening. now, i do have have a little bit of good news to tell but. that is while we will deal with these below average temperatures we will be at 66 degrees this time of the year, saturday, sunday, monday, very cool. by tuesday we will warm up and then by wednesday we will be at 70 degrees. that seems odd after we deal with lows in the 30's. so today, cool and breezy, a high of 57 degrees.
5:46 am
we will see a few cloud work their way in the forecast, chill which a low of 38. pets inside, protecting any plants you may still have outside. i don't think any of pets inside. we have sunshine with us as we go through monday. we will start warming up on tuesday, by wednesday, hello 70 degrees. i like that, thursday as well. the just three days of chill, nicole. >> followed by three days of sunshine. >> how about that. >> kyla, thank you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch dogs detecting cancer. research is still underway in philadelphia but story of the breast cancer survivor who credits her life to her beloved doggies also happening. health reporter stephanie instrumental has that story. >> reporter: carol len aard a vet tech knew something was wrong when her well behaved dog started sneezing, acting strange. >> jumped up on the bed, and to my left side. >> reporter: that is when tara felt the lump. at age 40 she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. >> doctors said that we caught it in time. i had no node involvement but
5:47 am
it would have been just a matter of time before it spread to the nodes. >> reporter: maybe a coincidence but kara thinks willow saved her life. >> good job: >> reporter: penn vet working dog center in philadelphia is training dogs to detect tissue samples of ovarian cancer. >> i know our dogs are life savers. >> reporter: previous studies have shown dogs can detect medical conditions like a seizure before it happens. preliminary research at penn vet shows the the the dogs are able to find ovarian cancer through their advanced sense of smell. >> they have a big olefactory center and part of the brain that processes it is much larger than in humans. >> reporter: it a appears that dogs can smell a odor created by cell changes related to cancer. tara will be forever grateful. >> you just have to give her that extra hug, that extra kiss and, you know, realize that she's there for a reason. >> reporter: cancer cells that dogs are able to smell are also found in saliva and blood. so eventually researchers think the the dogs will be
5:48 am
able to detect cancer with just a sample of blood. they don't envision the dogs coming into contact with potential patients. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". really amazing. 5:48. when we come back a recap of the friday football frenzy. cbs-3 photographers all over the region listen to the best highlights. leslie van arsdal and pat gallon recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals.
5:49 am
fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. same eyes. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease, i've discovered we have the same fighting spirit, too. that's why i asked her doctor about new once-a-day namzaric™. vo: new namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are currently taking, and can continue to take certain doses of both namenda and donepezil. new namzaric is the first and only treatment to combine 2 proven alzheimer's medicines into a single once-a-day capsule that works 2 ways to fight the symptoms of moderate to severe alzheimer's disease. once-a-day namzaric may improve cognition and overall function and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine or any of the ingredients in namzaric. before starting treatment,
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5:51 am
the sunday with the saints. running for 38 yards and a touchdown. he will have a tough task with the giants who allowed 80-yard a game, the second best in the league. >> obviously they are one of the top defense is a begins the the run in the league and i have been able to play against those guys the last four years. it has always been a challenge. and those guys are always playing pretty well. they are playing at a high level this year. i think we have to be on our edge to face off against these guys. >> the the sixers back the at the center taking on washington. the nerlens noel scores on the dunk from robert covington. nerlens with 15 points. the wizard shredded sixers defense, guard john wall scoring six-point but handing out 14 assistness 21 minutes of work. washington beat sixers 127- 127-118. friday football frenzy. hi, leslie. >> well, thank you, ladies.
5:52 am
weekend is here. that means it is time for friday football frenzy. the first friday in three weeks there wasn't any rain so clear skies and dry fields for the frenzy. dobbins, and this is a touchdown. they win 56-eight. we get out to the main line, penn charter, haverford school, chris tucker. he runs tonight for the score. haverford wins this 141-40 in triple overtime. academy of the new church verse perkiomen. if you are looking for steve, steve rati thegan has plenty to go on the kick off. perkiomen wins 20-14. >> we will head over to florida, florence and pitman. mcneil capping off a 97-yard drive with this touchdown run. florence wins 35 to nothing. eastern at delsea, rashad williams number one in your program, gets in for the touchdown. chris sanders win this one, 55-six. back over the bridge for
5:53 am
polumbo at prep charter, they get in the second level. cannot be stopped. that is a touchdown. prep charter wins 46-eight. mcdevitt and west catholic, mcdevitt swarming on defense. he gets the strip. fumbles. and, vince deleo picks it up. he takes it the other way for the score. west catholic wins 48-13. >> finally strat haven facing ridley, ridley cheerleaders with the pompons for breast cancer awareness. stratton looking, where is he, find him. he gets in for the score, ridley winner 41-20. time for our game of the week this week a huge rivalry downingtown east, in coatsville. the path path gallon has that part of the story. >> it is our cbs-3 friday football frenzy game of the week. big rivalry in chester county. six-seer he downingtown east were four and two coatsville. and everyone jacked up for this one a huge crowd on hand, both teams averaging 40 points
5:54 am
per game but it began as a defensive struggle. this is first pick, jordan young from coatsville taking it. later on in the first quarter it is jordan young again, the kid can do it all. he hits it to himself and interest accepts him once again. here is the safety this puts coastville up five to nothing. it is samson with the stick in the end zone. later, put your hand together for two points. >> later in the second the the defense of coatsville, doing big things, and, with the pick six. and it would make it 12-seven coatsville will keep that lead at the half but all downingtown east in the second half as coatsville lost their quarterback to an injury, it is 10-yard touchdown run by iiveto and two more with this catch but a 6-foot seven tightened carry and lean. he cannot be stopped. there is a reason he committed to u.s.c. he is a freight train. downingtown east is a winner overcoatville 22-12. here's downingtown east head
5:55 am
coach, following the win. >> we were able to come out of our shell and part of it is number three went down. number three is a heck of a football player. it would be tighter if number three was in this. >> from our game of the week i'm path the path gallon for "eyewitness sports". all right. well, web site kick starter can be a good place to find creative projects and interesting new gadgets. if you find one you like you can get first at a discount n this tech minute c sharon profist found three gadgets on kick starter that are a new take on old technology. headphones that we always wanted. they are small, wireless, and even water resistant. there is also a built in microphone and a watery that last four and a half hours. these are not spectacular. real draw is that the headphones can be charged using your phone. tech is now making its way in to your shower. nevia has a shower head that works by turning water in to millions of small droplets a
5:56 am
technology that can cut water usage by 17 percent. the result of the shower that is softer and lighter then what we're currently used to. when security camera need a virtual assistant you get angie, state home security camera uses facial recognition and voice recognition to learn who is who in your family and who is an intruder f that sound creepy, you can set angie to turnaround and face the wall when it sees you have arrived home n san francisco, i'm sharon prof theis for for cbs news. we will take a short break and we are up against some chilly temperatures this weekend. temperatures have been down in the the 30's. kyla will have your full forecast and also some good news on the event there. we will be right back.
5:57 am
one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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yothat's lactaid®.k! right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. today is saturday, october o glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. let's send it over to kyla. it is a little chilly, a lot chilly, actually. >> it is unseasonably cold. if you think give me a break
6:00 am
we will see lows in the 30's. you you are right. we are not supposed to have those yet. it is a november thing. will we will get through this. in a couple days it will in the last forever and that is probably good news, right. we will get cold blast for the weekend, we have a freeze warning for parts of the viewing area, for tonight, but, by tuesday, we're looking at a different scenario. live look shows you the chill in the air in camden. 47 degrees. norristown 42. check out blue bell, 36, and media, 39 degrees, wow. okay. center city we are doing better than that. 50 degrees currently. that wind out of the west at 10 miles an hour. we will will see that wind get nasty today. breezy conditions will make it feel cooler and speaking of cool, take a look at the the the north as we look live at storm scan three we are doing fine but check it out, upstate new york seeing snow flurries at this hour because that is how cold the air is. so today we're talking about a high of 57 degrees. down the shore 58. breezy conditions, how about


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