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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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you you are right. we are not supposed to have those yet. it is a november thing. will we will get through this. in a couple days it will in the last forever and that is probably good news, right. we will get cold blast for the weekend, we have a freeze warning for parts of the viewing area, for tonight, but, by tuesday, we're looking at a different scenario. live look shows you the chill in the air in camden. 47 degrees. norristown 42. check out blue bell, 36, and media, 39 degrees, wow. okay. center city we are doing better than that. 50 degrees currently. that wind out of the west at 10 miles an hour. we will will see that wind get nasty today. breezy conditions will make it feel cooler and speaking of cool, take a look at the the the north as we look live at storm scan three we are doing fine but check it out, upstate new york seeing snow flurries at this hour because that is how cold the air is. so today we're talking about a high of 57 degrees. down the shore 58. breezy conditions, how about the poconos just 47 degrees
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and some clouds keep a lid on your temperatures. we're all going to see the chill very soon, foulke, highs this weekend in the 50's and lows in the the 30's. i will be back in a few moments with your seven day forecast and we will talk about something a little will more fun, how about the 70's in the forecast, nicole. >> let's focus on the seven's, kyla, thank you. new this morning two people are killed in a fast moving fire, in pleasantville, new jersey. that fire broke out in the row home in the 600 block of rice street shortly after 11:00. investigators tell us one victim was found on the second floor the the other made it out of the home and died at the scene. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a franklin township police officer's cruiser and suv collide in gloucester county. accident happened around 8:30 on route 40 and tuckahoe road in franklin township. officer's police car ended up off the road. authorities say one person was injured and flown to cooper university hospital. there is no word if the injured person is the officer.
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in campaign 2016, is he in or is he out? decision is imminent on whether vice-president joe biden will jump in the race for president. now president obama is weighing inment "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the the latest. >> reporter: as click tics, vice-president joe biden's boss became latest to talk publicly about the possibility of a biden white house. >> i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing, i think you can direct those questions to my very abled vice-president. >> reporter: many thought biden might have jumped in before this weeks debate in las vegas. a podium even awaited him just in case he made an 11th hour decision. >> i think he would be the best democrat running to be be honest with you but i don't think he is going to. >> reporter: the folks who live near by men wilmington seem united in their opinion. >> well, i have been wondering. i tend to not think though.
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>> reporter: in an e-mail to supporters obtained by cbs news, biden advisor and former senator ted kaufman called a possible campaign a optimistic campaign, a campaign from the heart. a campaign consistent with his values, our values and the values of the american people. i think it is fair to say neglect him as we all do that it won't be a scripted affair. after all, it's joe. so what does the vice-president to have say about it. he was asked on thursday, before a meeting with the president of south korea. >> are you running for president? >> unaudible. >> is there still an opening for you in the race, sir. >> unaudible. >> reporter: but many think, later is now, with the first democratic debate in the books and candidates hike hillary clinton polling higher then any other democratic candidate. >> there does come a point where a decision has to be made but certainly i'm not in anyway suggesting, or
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recommending that the vice-president accept anytime table other then the the one that is clicking inside of him. >> reporter: this is the vice-president's weekend schedule put out by the the white house last night. today he will spend part of the day in wilmington. tomorrow he will spend the entire day at home in wilmington with in public events. we will see ape keep you posted. reporting from the sat center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" every step of the way. we will bring you coverage on line and on television at cbs well, philadelphia police are working to identify a body that was pull from the delaware river. would the man's body was discovered around 7:00 o'clock last night at columbus boulevard near market street ramp. police say would the man is black but they are not sure of her age. it is in the clear how she ended up in the water but anyone with any information should call the the police. philadelphia police are looking for four men in the the violent home invasion near temple university. there was a robbery and a carjacking in the same area, on thursday, and now that home
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invasion happened in the 1900 block of diamond street in north philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has the the very latest. >> reporter: home invasion robbery just off of temple university's campus has police looking for four men. >> they robbed, the victim of his wallet, his watch, and jewelry, and cell phone, during the robbery for some reason, one of the perpetrators struck the victim with the gun in the fur head. >> reporter: police say suspects entered the apartment building on the 1900 block of west diamond street through an opened front door going to the second floor apartment where a 26 year-old man answered the door and was confronted by the the men. two carrying guns. that is when they robbed and pistol whipped the victim. >> of the four, the victim says that he recognized, and knows two of them. >> reporter: police sources tell "eyewitness news" that the victim has identified one of the suspects as a temple university football player. police are now reviewing surveillance cameras inside
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and outside the apartment, hoping, that they can catch the men entering, and leaving. >> due to the fact that our victim claims that he recognized, two of the four, it would lead me to believe that they were targeted for some reason. >> reporter: victim's roommate was home at the time taking a shower and claims he didn't hear anything, he was not injuries. police are not sure why these men may have been targeted, they are now searching for four suspects. outside central detectives i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a suspect is in custody after opening fire and shooting his boss at a cab company in montgomery county. this is suspect three three-year old ozzie clark, senior. around 1:30 friday afternoon police say clark shot his boss at the a montco tax any mount carmel avenue in glenside. after the shooting clark then allegedly fled to the school on island avenue. he was arrested a few blocks away at seventh second and wood land. >> details are sketchy but apparently there was a dispute over money that was owed and the victim is the owner of the
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the business, and the suspect is a employee. >> man who was shot was taken to abington memorial hospital and is in stable condition. well, police make an arrest in the shooting death of the 14 year-old boy in north philadelphia investigators say 19 year-old dimitri brown shot and killed duvall deshield touring an argument on the 12 turn block of north tenth street on machine night. there the is no word on how that argument started. it is 6:07. coming up aviation history is underway in philadelphia we will have a live report on the final flight of u.s. airways, plus this. all day breakfast at mcdonald's appears to be a hit with customers, but some of the people who run these restaurants are not loving it. i'm henna daniel in new york with that story. smart phones can do a lot and now they can also make sure you get home safely. the app that offers you protection when you have in choice but to walk a alone. we will show you how it works coming up.
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mcdonald's serves breakfast all take long and many customers are excited about having egg mchutchs and hash browns all the time but it turns out franchise owners are in the loving it. henna daniels explains why. >> reporter: from egg mcmuffins to pancakes breakfast items are in longer just for breakfast. >> you floor to start enjoying
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breakfast you love anytime you wish. >> no way. >> yes way. >> reporter: fast food giant introduced all day breakfast. laurie is a fan. she was able to get hash browns and yogurt at 6:00 p.m. >> that is my favorite part of the menu so i'm very happy. >> reporter: customers may be enjoying all will day breakfast but it seems all the people that work inside are loving it. finance company nomorea surveyed 29 franchisees who runs more than 200 mcdonald's locations. some think it is working but many complain added items are slowing them down. eradic, distorted, disorganized direction from mcdonald's, one franchisee wrote having an negative i am pack on service another said. all day breakfast is expensive and difficult to execute. the mcdonald's corporation is defending its decision n a statement the company tells cbs news that we're hearing from customers and overwhelming majority of our 3100 franchisees that all day breakfast is a hit. she agrees.
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>> it is great. >> reporter: in the survey even frustrated franchisees admitted customers want it which means all day breakfast is likely here to stay. henna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". massive clean up effort is underway on several major highways in southern california avenue mud slides stranded hundreds of cars, and entrapped some drivers. torrential rain triggered powerful mud slides that trapped drivers in less than 15 minutes. some recorded terrifying moments on their cell phones. crews are using bulldozers and other equipment to dig up vehicles. they are making sure in one was buried alive in that mud and so far there are no reports of any injuries. kyla. power of mother nature overwhelming. i'm happy to say we don't have anything like that to deal with as we deal with our eyewitness weather watchers. our problems are the chill in the air. that is what we have to deal w a went a ahead further north and looking at an observation here 42 degrees where charles is, and, he has some cloudy skies, there, and i also just
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got this one in 43 degrees, this is julia, in allentown. notice that she's got aloud of clouding on there and it is chilly, she says, it is a good morning. so good morning to everybody getting ready for the temperature highs coming up. i know you have to get ready for it. the ready or not here it comes. lets look at this one. 43 degrees to dave mid clementon this morning and he is still seeing these clear skies, that will just taken nine minutes ago. so not the bad. we will see those cloud continue to roll in later in the day but we will have some sunshine today. the lets take a live look if we can outside at our center city cameras looking clear today but certainly chilly, as we head outside the door. so i encourage to you take your jacket today, as you head out the door. i know i d i got big are coat out. time for big guns. now i got to tell you tomorrow this time of the take we will feel even cooler as we get into our day. today much cooler and breezy. sunday and machine we will wake up to 30's but by mid week, temperatures are climbing up again. we even have a 07-degree mark
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in our seven day forecast. two of them. just a look ahead. we have 50 in philadelphia 38 in mount pocono. good morning, to my friend in lancaster. we are sitting at 40 degreesment millville, my goodness just 39 for you. as we zoom out and you look at the region thinks where all of that cold air is coming from, and you can see those 30's. that is funneling toward us, so that is why we will not get out of the 50's today. the wind will also be a part of this you can see we have kick up to 10 miles an hour in philadelphia, that breeze will getting throughout the afternoon today. live look at storm scan three shows we have clear skies, sunshine will be with us throughout our day to day. we will see moisture trying to make its way in. it is not successful but boy i have to tell you, that it is kind of interesting when you come in the morning and look and start to see snow flurries, in upstate, new york and season, and and weather upon us. but you today 50's mostly sunny skies, breezy and chilly a as we go throughout our saturday. we will work our way through sunday, a stray sprinkle is
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possible as that moisture starts to make its way towards us. one or two of you may see a sprinkle out there we will stay in the the 50's. high pressure moves. in. monday still cool. the break is not quite coming until we get through monday. so today, a high of 57. tomorrow, a a high of 52. by the way, those are about where we should be for mid-november temperatures, as we get in the overnight the lows tonight and tomorrow, my goodness, 38 degrees for philadelphia, overnight tonight. thirty-six tomorrow. that is why we have got a freeze warning that is up, not just for philadelphia but you can see for many surrounding areas all areas of purple from midnight until 9:00 a.m. on sunday a freeze watch is in place for sunday night into monday because that cold will continue. this is why. morning lows on sunday, if you are up in the poconos we are expecting between 25 and 30 degrees. it is slicely warmer here but 30 to 35 for lancaster reading, allentown and philadelphia about 35 to 40 for the overnight lows. the it is a night when you have to be mindful of keeping pets indoors and just making
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sure you are getting ready for this cold blast. now here's some good news. you either had to be someone in there. our average 66 today. there will be 50's for next few days. we will get back to the 60's on tuesday. by wednesday, 70 degrees. how do you go from 52 in 07 in 48 hours. that is what we will see. today a high of 57. watch out for that breezy wind out of the northwest, tonight we will see a few cloud moving in and a low of 38, chilly degreesment but your seven day forecast shows you it is just a little cold pop. we have three days of it and then back to the 60's on tuesday. zero seven's for wednesday. you have to say that there is a lot of sunshine in this forecast and that is helpful, nicole. >> yes, it is. >> because even if those temperatures are low and sunshine is here, it is okay. when you see 70's looming it is better. >> kyla, thanks. many of us have had that moment of panic walk ago loan and then suddenly feel unsafe. new there is an app designed to make sure someone you know is following their every move, even though you cannot be right by their side. our jessica dean has details.
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>> reporter: a desserted street. >> sometimes i carry my keys in between my knuckles just in case. >> reporter: sometimes you have no choice but to walk alone. now a free app offers some protection by yourself. this is the companion app, enter your destination and select friend or family to walk with you virtually. >> it is then they are able to add contact from our contact books. both cast that they have select are able to see that person's progress as they make it to the destination whether they have the app or not. >> reporter: that companion catch watch as that person's gps position starts on screen. >> they can walk a route, and if they're mergecy contact are not filed. >> reporter: is there annie feel nervous button to texture emergency contact, or a link to call police directly. it takes you long to get home, this alarm will sound and ask if you are okay. >> it is a good idea that people necessity where you are, certainly.
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>> reporter: anthony murphy is executive director of the philadelphia town watch group. >> it is a good app but i don't think it is end all, be all when it comes to safety on the street in any city. >> reporter: he says not becoming a victim depend on you. >> the way to prevent it mostly is you paying attention to what is going on around you. knowing your neighborhood. knowing where businesses are opened. knowing where you can go. >> reporter: they would rather stay together at night but the app is better than going in alone. >> it is a sense of security. >> reporter: jessica dean, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nerve i says to plan your route to include a well lit area and be aware of your surroundings which means heads up. you can find out more at cbs we will take a short break. we will be right back.
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eleven years ago a cbs news report questioned whether then president george w. bush received preferential treatment in the air national guard in the early 1970's. the controversy over that story cost dan rather the anchor chair and several other people their jobs. now the the produce inner that segment is getting her say in the new movie. jamie ukiss has the the look at the truth. >> we have more information on the president's military service. >> reporter: robert redford plays dan rather in a big screen telling of the real life small screen drama discredited 60 minutes two report on president george w. bush's military service. >> big boss is saying that it
6:22 am
was created report report movie is based on mary mesa's book. kate blanchett plays her. >> it is not dan, mary and this particular incident at cbs and 60 minutes but more broadly about the intersection of politics, and corporate america and the media. >> i will in the a will guys for the story. >> reporter: controversy led to the end of the rather's career at cbs news. rather says playing a public figure is not easy. >> you want to get the the essence of somebody so that would be recognizable but you don't wanting to too much further otherwise the character jumps out of the story. >> reporter: redford says truth remind him of his earlier role as a report inner all of the presidents men. >> they are both about hard workers and one characters trying to if the a store a begins the odds of the powers, that be that are in place, that were not want the story out. so i think there is a a lot of similarities. >> reporter: this time it is red ford's character gets
6:23 am
ousted, jamie ukiss for cbs news, new york. pretty interesting there. another movie new in theaters is bridge of spies, tom hanks stars as an american lawyer recruited by cia for a dangerous mission. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has a sneak peak. >> we are engage in a war, with the soviet union. >> reporter: james donovan played by tom hanks is recruit todd negotiate a prisoner exchange of the russian spy for an american pilot. based on real life events at the height of the u.s./soviet tensions it is a story that had history buff, tom hanks, hitting the books. >> russia wants their man back. they want to you negotiate the swap. >> i'm an insurance lawyer. >> difficult in the realize that it comes down to the per snickty negotiations of behind the scenes, as much as it did. >> ripped out of the history books and unknown to me, and i consider myself a fan of such things. >> this will be a first for all of us. >> you should be careful.
6:24 am
>> reporter: in his research he found a dedicated man working hard to to what is right. >> i read everything that he said himself about these moments and when he said yes, to taking on the case he threw himself into a degree of work, that was non-stop for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and that is up late nights, pots of coffee, it was hard, hard, grunt work that overtime said only someone who is really good at his job can know that he has to to do in order to see it the through to any sort of successful conclusion. >> we need to have the conversation, that our governments can't and the next step our country's make, could be the last one. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier new back to you in the studio. >> for latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. santa claus has a new job, politician, he is won elections, to one of two seats up for grabs on the north pole city council in alaska. yeah, santa a clause.
6:25 am
he legally changed his name, led all write in candidates in the recent election. santa claus has work as a park ranger and former administrator. he is advocated, passage of the law requiring public schools to put in place prevention based sexual abuse programs. new santa claus says he is ready for this new job. >> there is a great opportunity for me. i think it will benefit the the community and especially the children live here. it is their future that we're talking about. >> santa claus, and fellow council woman's electric who will be sworn in on monday. very interesting, can't make this stuff up. 6:25. we will take a short
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u.s. airways is making aviation history this morning. we're live as philadelphia a plays a big role in the final flight. and also this morning, update on former nba star lemar odom he has regained consciousness in the las vegas hospital. coming up his first word to chloe kardashian. and get ready for some of the coldest air we have seen in quite a while, temperatures in the 30's headed our way, this weekend. and good morning to you i'm glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. kyla is outside on the sky
6:29 am
deck. i'm bringing the the the forecast this morning. lets take a look at the current temperatures, where we are at 50 degrees in philadelphia but boy, go to mount pocono and it is just 37. thirty-nine in millville. the atlantic city bye 43 degrees this morning. so, temperatures are looking pretty good. for today, buzz notice cold air to the north, looking at upstate new york, take a live look at storm scan three you can see a few snow flakes. that gives you an indication of how cold i'm talking b skies for us, looking very nice. so our story will be chilly temperatures, some wind, a high of 57 degrees for us today. a high of just 52 tomorrow and you can see the chill lasts right through monday. i want to draw your eyes to the overnight lows they are in the 30's both tonight and into our monday. so, that is why we are looking out for a freeze warning tonight as wellment so, it is going to be a chilly run and reason is because you we have
6:30 am
got this cold front that is ushering in the the coldest air of the season. so, better news it is not going to last past monday. we will warm upstarting on tuesday. in your seven day forecast, guess what i have. i have 70's, everybody. when i come back in just a few moments we will talk about that. we will get you through this cold weekend and we will talk about the the sunny warmer times ahead, nicole. >> i'm glad there is good news in there. right now search is on for suspect whom police say slashed a wal-mart employee while stealingment take a look at these photos from the wal-mart on byberry road in the northeast. early friday morning police say suspect grabbed a 48-inch flat screen tv and two a pairs of boots and then showed up with an older seat trying to leave that store. the suspect then pulled a knife and slashed a store employee before getting a way with the tv and another person in a separate car. center city building collapse murder case is in the hand of the jury. contractor griffin campbell took the stand in his own defense on thursday. he is charged with third
6:31 am
degree murder and six count of involuntary manslaughter for demolition that his company performed at 22nd and market in june of 2013. the building collapsed on the salvation army thrift store next door killing six people inside. rider university suspend its entire mens cross country team after a hazing ritual is stopped in its tracks. school officials say on september 5th campus security caught members of the team with alcohol preparing to strip down and run name around the race track. rider suspended the team for a meet on september 19th after officials concluded that the incident was hazing. many are debating whether that was the right punishment. >> i think it is reasonable thing to do, you know, as a warning. >> it is a show of professionalism and you have to up hold that that is part of the game. >> i think that is harsh. i think in today's society everybody is looking to create huge or monumental problems. >> reporter: in a statement rider says although no ill intent or coercion was
6:32 am
involved the teen's behavior was unacceptable and is indeed considered hazing. lemar odom is reportedly awake and speak nothing his las vegas hospital room but his condition remains guarded after being found unresponsive inside a brothel. reporter tom wait had has a update. >> reporter: kris jenner posted this on instagram therefore i say to you whatever things you ask, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you will have them. post comes as good news emerges from odom's hospital bedside, daniel artest, brother of the meadow world peace has been at the hospital and posted this update. yes, lo is alert, stable, did a little talking, breathing on his own. today is a a great day. prayer works. amen. >> he is in the out of the woods but he is no longer in a coma a which is good news. he gained consciousness. he spoke briefly to crowley. he said morning, hi baby. >> reporter: entertainment tonight obtain this security video from the love ranch brothel which shows odom
6:33 am
walking with several women to a table. the odom a appears to stand up and kiss a with man. you can see when paramedics a arrived to bring him a away, if the former lakers star cannot pull through this his college basketball coach says he will have a huge support system. >> i know chloe will help him, i'll help him, we have a lot of friend, family and everybody that just love the guy and would do anything. he could live with me if he wants to. however, he must want to help himself. i have always said if it is to be it the is up to me and it is up to lemar. if he wants to be helped. if he wants to take the right path then he will have all of the support in the world. >> that was tom wait reporting. all right. 6:33. happening today, cbs late show band leader john baptis te is in town. the the singer and pea an he player was born in new orleans and trained at juliard. he will be at the curtis institute of music. then he will hit the stage
6:34 am
with his band stay human in the annenberg center. later the band will be at city's tap house in west philadelphia as part of the late night dance obsession. you can take a walk through history this weekend. center city residents association fall house tourist tomorrow 106789 homes will be featured from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. there are traditional brown stones and modern high rise properties that will be opened for people to walk through. organizers of the tour say it is a great way to showcase diverse options here in the city. >> it is just a great way for people to come in the city and see how we folks live downtown live, and spend our time, and enjoy this wonderful city of hours. >> there are still some tickets available for house tour which is now in the 57th year. all right. it is 6:34. there is much more still ahead on "eyewitness news" including a live report from philadelphia international where aviation history was made this morning. the plus this. this is a giant, thread
6:35 am
the biggest i have ever seen. i'm health reporter stephanie stahl, coming up what it is doing in the the south philadelphia parking lot. and a cold blast is heading our way this weekend, kyla is back with the forecast coming up. ♪ the keurig k200® series brewer. one touch, and unlike life, no mess. your favorites. your way. keurig hot.
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u.s. airways final flight has landed in philadelphia international. after now it changes to american airlines.
6:38 am
alexandria hoff is live at philadelphia a international airport with the details, alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. it is a party here at gate 12, probably like one you have never seen before inside an airport terminal but a half an hour ago final u.s. airways flight 1939, touched down here in philadelphia and it has been celebrate sense. the title ace pope eighthly named because 1939 was the year u.s. airways, was, founded. now the the flight took off yesterday from philadelphia a, it made its way from charlotte, then to phoenix, and then to san francisco. the san francisco is where all of the people we saw from that plane, that is where they got on. they took a red eye to philadelphia we saw many passengers who needed to travel but many who were enthusiast, wanting to be part of the aviation history. there is a young boy who has been on this flight since yesterday, he is off to get some sleep right now but we have met ed, one of the
6:39 am
original, original ceo's of u.s. airways and he was on this flight. he was presented with roses. really, really sweet moment. i'm's not sure if you can see this they were given treats, commemorative items because this is truly aviation history. we will give you a quick, a quick piece of information to kind of put this in perspective. the same year that this airline was founded was same year that the wizard of oz was released. so think about all of the changes that have happened since then and all of the changes in aviation, that gentlemen, ed, one of the original ceo's. he told me it doesn't feel like the romance of flying has been lost at all. he should know he flies for fun all of the time. take a look around here at noon time today u.s. airways will be part of the american airlines. so you will in the see that name anymore. they have already changed names outside when you drive up toward the arrival and departures. now back to you, nicole. >> good stuff, alex, thank you. on this morning's
6:40 am
healthwatch a special event honoring breast cancer awareness month. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us eye catching feature at women's wellness day in south philadelphia. >> reporter: breasts like you have never seen them before camped out at snyder plaza in south philadelphia. grabbing lots of attention. >> people kept saying why are there boobs in the parking lot. >> reporter: it is an unclose inside view sponsored by goldenberg group. >> they are an educational component. if you walk through the inside of the exhibit you can see anatomy and physiology of the breast and how they work. >> reporter: inside 13-foot high 20-foot lock inflated exhibit people can see blood vessels, milk ducts, limb have node and other parts of the breast. >> i have never gone inside of a breast before, and i love the anatomy. i think it is very educational. >> reporter: megan wants women to know about the importance of, early detection, she ended up with a double mastectomy after being diagnosed very late. >> i like the giant breast. i think it is beautiful,
6:41 am
informative and educational. >> message you want to give women is to be pro active about their own health. >> reporter: doctors say because of bet's awareness and regular mammograms a growing number of women are new surviving breast cancer plus screenings and treatments are better all the time. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and landmarks all across our region are looking great and in the light among them lit brothers building on market street. the it is taking part in the lights for the cure campaign a joint effort by cw philly, cbs-3 and susan g komen philadelphia a pink light on the building and many or buildings in our area is a reminder to schedule that mammogram, of course, october is breast cancer awareness month, kyla. seeing all that pink really cool. we're looking at blue right now a as we look at our eyewitness weather watchers observations this morning the the getting interesting ones. everybody is waking up chill think morning. the ed connor, 39 degrees in chesterfield, new jersey. i have to show you he sent me the the cutest picture and he
6:42 am
said, his dog need a hat this morning. and he has a cbs-3 hat. we love it. that is awesome. i think tomorrow morning as well, ed you will need that cap for you and maybe also the dog. it will be absolutely chilly out there lets look at another observation here. 42 degrees, this one is coming from jerry, in blue bell, pennsylvania where he has relatively clear skies and he says no jack frost yet, but a chilly start. we are getting close. lets look at one more, ahead further south 36 degrees where delores is in newark and she says it is a cold, brilliant sky, the big dipper is standing on its handle and venous and mars, jupiter to the east. turf check that out. the lets take a look at at the sunrise because we are starting to see a beautiful sunrise if we have it, if we can take a look at our shore camera. do we have that guys? it was so pretty this morning. and, going once, twice, three times, it does not look like we have it. but today we will have chilly temperatures and breezy
6:43 am
conditions, temperatures well below average at 30's in the overnight hours tonight, and tomorrow night. oh, boy. 50 degrees in philadelphia 38 in mount pocono. forty-six in allentown. trenton 44 degrees for you. forty-one in wilmington. we have plenty of chilly air out there 41 in willow grove. quakertown warmer. palmyra this this morning good morning to you sitting at 46 degrees. the current wind, we have 10 miles an hour here in philadelphia i point this out because this will increase throughout the the day that breezy conditions will be with us, it is a west north westerly flow, making it feel cooler walking out the door but skies are looking nice here, you can see looking at storm scan three moisture trying to make its way toward us, but not very successful and that is a good thing because moisture that is successful this morning, producing some snow, flurries, up in upstate new york, we don't have that to worry but in western pennsylvania you could see a few snow flakes over the next 24 to 48 hours. look at our future weather here. thinks 9:00 p.m. tonight that western corn are of pennsylvania, could see a few
6:44 am
snow flakes as we get in the overnight the hours and into tomorrow. 9:00a m. we should stay nice and clear here. for us our only chance would be a few sprinkles on sunday evening. you can see them make their way in there at sunday 59c p.m. high pressure moves in. we will get sunshine for monday but we will keep cool temperatures. so today high of 57. today high of 52. that is about ten to 14 degrees below average. we should be with those temperatures in mid-november. offer night the lows tonight 38. i'm cold just thinking bit. sunday into monday 36 degrees and that has prompted some freeze warnings around our area now philadelphia proper not in that freeze warning but certainly mount pocono down to lancaster and over in atlantic city as well, areas in purple. heads up tonight to just be cautious, bring your pets inside for sure and bring and take care of the house, right. we will get down to the the 30's, that can get dangerous. here's the got news. we should be at 66 degrees. we will not make it, saturday, sunday or monday. we will go back in the 60's on
6:45 am
tuesday. and then by wednesday, 70 degrees. a hh, isn't that nice. today 57, cool, breezy, below average temperatures tonight. your overnight low 38. i cannot sugar coat that for you. a few cloud working their way in there. look at the the seven day forecast. lots of sunshine working our way into monday, 50's. tuesday 60's. and wednesday, 70's. do you love watching weather? well, you can be featured by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. we love it when do you this sign up at cbs, nicole. >> kyla, thank you. normally when passengers on a commercial jet applaud it is because pilots pulled off a tricky landing but what landed on a flight the other day but a new born baby. passengers recorded the birth. jeanie moos. >> reporter: report this china airlines flight arrived with an extra passenger on board, place of birth, row 49 give the new born baby girl a hand.
6:46 am
>> i just thought it was an amazing experience. someone giving birth right in front of me. >> reporter: edmond chin, just didn't see it but he shot it. china airlines flight took off from taiwan headed for los angeles. six hours in the the flight over the middle of the pacific ocean the woman informed the crew that her water had broken. the the pilot diverted to anchorage a alaska and moved the mother in labor two months early to her own row in front of edmond. >> there was a lot of screaming, the the poor mother. >> reporter: is there a doctor on the plane? there was. the the ucla internis t never before delivered a baby by herself. doctor z en was on her way home from her honeymoon. she spoke mandarin, and told abc. >> very difficult that we had to work under very could be strained circumstances. >> you try to cover up the whole row with blanket.
6:47 am
>> reporter: 330th minutes out of anchorage the babe a arrived before the plane did. the doctor says the flight attendants acted as stand in nurses and one holding the baby, cried. the plane landed, mom and babe write taken to the hospital in good shape. the flight continued to los angeles where edmond's dad had been waiting for four or five hours. >> i was like, someone gave birth on the plane. >> reporter: talk about being air born, jeanie moos, new york. >> look at everybody stepping up and helping to deliver that babe, that is great stuff. we will take a short break. we will have recap of the friday football
6:48 am
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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hard to believe but after the bird one a and three start they could be tied for first place in the division if they beat the giant, on monday night. the bird hope that the offensive line will once again open up holes for demarco murray who had his best performance of the season sunday with the saints running for 83-yard and a touchdown. he will have a tough task with the giants who have allowed 80-t in the league. >> obviously they are one of the top defense is a begins the run in the league, and, you know, i have been able to play against those guys last four years so it has always been a challenge, and ayers and beach are always playing pretty well and they are playing at a high level this year. we definitely have have to be on our edge to finish up best with these guys. >> sixers back at the center taking on washington. nerlens noel scores on the dunk from robert covington. the nerlens with 15 points. the wizard shredded sixers defense, gored january wall scoring six points and handing
6:51 am
out 14 assistness 21 minutes of work. washington wins 127-118. welcome to the friday football frenzy. hi, leslie. thank you, ladies, weekend is here. that means it the is time for friday football frenzy, first friday in three weeks there was in rain so clear skies and dry fields for the frenzy. philadelphia public league, imo thetip and dobbins. he has the touchdown. they win 56-eight. we will get out to the main line penn charter to haverford school chris tucker, brings tonight, runs tonight for the the score. haverford wins this 141-40 in triple over tight. academy of the new church verse perkiomen if you are looking for speed, steve ratigan has plenty to burn on the kick off. turns and gone. perkiomen wins 20-14. we will head over to new
6:52 am
jersey, florence to pitman. mcneil capping off a 97-yard drive with this touchdown run, florence wins 35 to nothing. eastern at delsea, rashad williams, number one in your program, and, he gets in for the the the touchdown. crusaders win big time 55-six. back over the bridge for polumbo at prep charter, prep charter's edward sade getting in the second level. can't be stopped. that is a touchdown. prep chart are wins 46-eight. mcdevitt and west catholic. mcdevitt swarming on defense. the looks like he gets the strip, fumbles, vince deleo picking it up, he takes it the other way for the the the score. west catholic wins 48-13. finally strat haven facing ridley, ridley cheerleaders with the pink pompons for breast cancer awareness. stratton looking for borny, there he is, find him. ridley the winner 41-20. time for our game of the week, this week a huge rivalry downingtown east, visiting
6:53 am
coatville, pat gallon has that story. it is our game of the week. big rivalry in chester county. downingtown east against four-two coatsville. everyone jacked up for this one, a huge crowd, on hand, both teams averaging around 40-point per game but it began as a defensive struggle. this is the the first pick, jordan young from coatsville taking it, and later on in the first quarter it is jordan young again, the kid can do it all, he tips it to himself and intercept saunders heely again. this is the safety this puts them up five to nothing. it is jevon samson with the stick in the end zone and put your hand together for two points. later in the second, kevin curtis with the pick six. he would make it 12-seven, coatsville will keep that lead the half. it was all downingtown east in the second half as coatsville lost jordan a young to the injury.
6:54 am
10-yard touchdown run by nick, and two more with this catch by 6-foot seven tight, end carry angelina. then it is him again, he cannot be stopped. there is a reason he is committed to u.s.c. he is a freight train. downing ease east is a winner overcoatsville. here's michael motto following the win. >> we were able to come out, and show it, and part of it is number three went down. number three is a heck of a football player. it would be tight fur number three was in there. >> from our game of the week i'm pat gallon for "eyewitness sports". >> that is sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great the day. all right, before we go we want one last check of the storm we have been following for you all morning long, u.s. airways final flight has land todd a host of fanfare at philadelphia interest the national. "eyewitness news" reporter alex hoff is live at the gate where passengers are reeling from that historic flight. really exciting for people, alex, good morning..
6:55 am
>> we are wrapping up a a big celebration here and gate 12, and a party i have never been to. lou behind me, it is a beautiful sunrise. i don't know if you can see bit this plane just came in maybe around 6:00 o'clock. that was flight 1939, named after u.s. airways founding here. this is the a final flight for u.s. airways and passengers, many of them telling me, they took this flight from san francisco a red eye mind you, to take part of aviation history, to be part of history. also on that flight ed, who was one of the original ceo a's of u.s. airways. he still flies for fun. he thinks roman is not over when it comes to airlines. of course, u.s. airways is merging to be part of the american airlines so there will be no ending. all employees will just shift focus, and look closely as you can, it is all wind down as business continues on here at
6:56 am
philadelphia international airport. nicole, now back to you. >> aviation history. that is cool. >> it is cool. a little party at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. >> other than the the one we're having, kyla, every weekend. >> it is crazy. >> it is a chilly party. >> today we are only going to see temperatures in the 50's and a little ways out there. so just be prepared, breezy conditions, tonight though this is where the real cold kicks in. a low of 38 degrees. so, not in philly proper but around us we have freeze warnings in the poconos and down the shore as well. note that is cool air sticks with us on sunday and a very cold night sunday into monday. we will start to warm up on tuesday and hello, 70's on wednesday, by the the time we will get there say hi, 70's. >> hello gorgeous. we will take 70es a. >> oh, yeah. >> die larks thank you. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" we are signing off on television but we're always on line at cbs cbs this morning saturday is next. make it a great weekend. bundle up. get those coats out. we will see you tomorrow.
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good morning. it is october 17th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." heart stopping rescues and now unbelievable clean up. we'll take you inside the recovery from those massive california mud slides. and tracking potential trouble. the government's plan to register every drone in the united states. >> she's done something only two have ever done before. one woman's amazing military accomplishment it was one of the greatest rescues in coast guard


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