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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 18, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> right now blast of cold hits our area as the first frost of
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the year settled in and tonight freeze warnings have already been issued for parts of the region. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown we are bracing for our first freeze of the season believe it or not. let's get over to la renne case she has lauren casey. cold air blasting in two cold front. delaware valley sprinkle trying to work into lancaster. work out in, pine barrens, we have had frost out toward state college. some of the white returns as a few flakes mixing in with rain. much of the delaware valley system and parts of the jersey shore. so that sensitive vegetation if you have plants out, herbs, bring those indoors or cover them up to protect them from these cold temperatures they
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could be damaged or killed. freeze warning in everybody for majority of the area tonight. only exception philadelphia and delaware counts and immediate new jersey coast line. but temperatures are going to be chilly aularian. 48 degrees rights right now in philadelphia. we are already in the 20 in mt. pocono. 40 right now in allentown. chilly in atlantic city. for first time in about 6 months time, philadelphia suffers into 9 clock out mostly sunny. increase once again as we push towards midday temperatures only in the middle 40 as we approach towards 11 clock out even cooler tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk about that plus the coldest morning not tomorrow morning i'll have the details coming up. >> all right. thank you very much. now the very latest on a heartbreaking story at love park. police question the parents of a two year old little boy found wondering alone around philadelphia landmark.
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eyewitness news reporter greg area goes also spoke to the boy's parents. >> reporter: a picture making headlines across the city. this two year old toddler i clinic to go philadelphia police offer. after they found him wondering around love park. >> my daughter was sleeping here my son here my wife here and i sleep here. >> reporter: michael jones is that young boy's father. >> we and don't have the money to pay rent. >> reporter: he and his family are homeless while they were sleeping in this makeshift shelter. >> last night that was the best under there where the wind wasn't blowing we blocked it up u ism michael and his wife say his son heard noise near by. >> he heard the skates. >> reporter: somehow slipped out to he can which out the noise. >> sny push the box open. and walked on these rocks went
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all the way around. >> reporter: michael woke up and noticed his two year old gone. >> we woke up yelling dhs said they didn't know anything we called the cops. >> reporter: this cop safely had michael's son. mike sell said he's nothing but grateful. >> i don't care if dhs take the kid or not as long as my kid is a life. god works in miss serious ways maybe this will benefit us in the long run. >> reporter: them won't have to stay here at love park tonight they have a friend house they'll be spending the night with. as for court hearing for their children that is set sunday. here at love park greg argos cbs eyewitness news. >> deck rating their homes in memory of 3 year-old men don cree toe creato hat ton field flor row is making royal blew and black ribbons 10 dollars two
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dollars from each sale will go to to the familiar for funeral expenses. surrounding his death so far no charges have been filed. authorities in gloucester county now say a drunk driver seriously injured a franklin township police officer in a crash. happened on route 40 last night. she was driving drunk with 3 children in the vehicle when she ran a stop sign and struck officer's crew sir s he suffered two broken ribs an broken ankle. also suffered a broken ankle and one of the kids was injured as well. she is charged with assault by auto dui and child endangerment. eyewitness 10 shows flame firefighters battled apartment fire in pine hill camden county day. it started at mansions apartment west branch avenue just before 5:00. authorities say the fire drew grew to 3 alarms before brought
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under control. 3 units damaged by the flames. no injuries of the the cause is under investigation. of firms are helping 3 families that were displaced. more blood she had in middle east i say rail lease, at least 4 palestinian's killed after a tack according to i say rail l military. corresponding jonathon has the latest on the violence. >> reporter: i say rail l troops stepped up patrol saturday after new wave of violent attacks in west bank. knife a tack on civilians and police. latest point of ahead rete is city of, close proximity to tense and thousands of palestinian. >> have flared up in recent weeks we've seen a lot of palestinian's throwing stones. they are little match for i say
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rail l army. >> reporter: vie lance began more than a month ago and has been fueled by rumors that israel is planning to restrict palestinian access, i say rail denied allegation. meanwhile pro palestinian reporter protest ted outside he is are israel l in london. >> reporter: as assign of unity juice and a rabbits, end to the blood she had. funerals for attackers have further insight ted the violence as i say rail l troops struggle to stop attacks without and site ting more anger jonathon for eyewitness news. >> mexican authorities nearly recapture escaped drug king pan better known as he would chappo, they say he barely got a way injuring leg and face in process s he broke out of prison in july
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has been seen on the run every sense. us offering award of 5 million dollars leading to his arrest. mexico is offering nearly 4 million. us airways is officially no more. they finalized merger with american eye lines. final flight depart ted from philadelphia international yesterday charlotte, phoenix finally san francisco before circling back around to philadelphia this morning p eyewitness news report alexandria huh has the story from terminal a. >> reporter: it's a new dawn for ua airways. >> there we go guys. >> reporter: what away to wake up the passengers a board this grand finale flight. applause. >> reporter: most had no business here in philadelphia. but booked a red eye out of san
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francisco nonetheless. >> i've been a long time customer. the airline has been good to me p i just wanted to be part of it. flight 1939 is the year in which the airline was founded. originally as allegheny airline. >> when i stirs started flying we were flying to elmy are new york. >> reporter: skies became the limit for u u.s. airways thanks to in part to, also happens to be the airlines former ceo. >> great industry i am privileged to be a part of it for a good many years. >> reporter: also well can you tell coupled was the next generation of flights. ethan boarded the plain and philadelphia more than 24 hours ago and road it round trip all the way back. >> i really wanted to be a part of aviation history. >> reporter: as the fleet goes up to be row brand add morning that proofs romance of aviation is still there.
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>> smythe some of the original spirit of flying is still a life. >> i came across the united states in 4 hours and 20 minutes overnight. that's fantastic. >> reporter: think of it this way u.s. airways founded 12 years after took historic flight across atlantic look however we came on. u.s. airways will continue on as american airlines. reporting i'm alexandria huh cbs3 eyewitness news. >> volunteers are giving south philadelphia school make over this weekend. painting inside and outside. the organization here in philadelphia partnered with school on this project volunteers also surprised up the playground. principal says the goal is make students feel this is their house the home away from home. residence and communities march today call for end to gun violence.
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hands across philadelphia event was held in west philly. dozens marched 3 miles along 50 second street from wood land to parkside avenue organizers say it ses important to teach young people to stop the violence before it stars. philadelphia association of black journalists celebration some of the best in our industry. held award ceremony on independence mall i was there with several members of the cbs family honor journalists and community leader for out standing contributions to the region. most of the proceeds from the event fund college scholarships. stay with us still ahead crew sirs trying to dig out so dense and dozens of vehicle in calf that had confidential caught in devastating mud slides. we are going to show you video from inside a car as it was being swept ahead. joe biden running out of
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time to join the race for the white house. he reached out about his possible presidential campaign and where he was toe night lauren. the cold commenced we are going to warm things up when temperatures return to above average. eyewitness for weather forecast coming up. >> temple looks to go 6 and 0 for the first time in 40 long years. leslie van arsdale has that store and -- that story and more. stay with
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test test test testiest test
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tester tomorrow we do have a chance of isolated sprinkle otherwise high pressure start typing -- it's going to be a cold one 37 degrees with northwest 5 to 10 miles per hours bumps tomorrow afternoon blustery highs only an round 52
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degrees. clouds around could see a chance of isolated sprinkle. down the shore a little bit more in way of shun shine highs only in middle 50s and maybe can see a few flurries sneaking by in poconos temperatures only around 40 degrees. big time improvement monday 35 degrees but not as breezy. high temperatures in the mid 50s on monday. a lot of sunshine in store then we jump up into the middle 60 on tuesday. a lot of sunshine and a very dry looking extended forecast even better than that temperatures climbing up to near 70 degrees on wednesday up into the low '70s. by thursday so that is a big turn around. >> okay. that's slow progression there eventually we'll get there. i got my big coat. >> all right. coat for the eagles game monday night. its going to be nip pea. into 72 understand would d bird who will not be in line up in
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the show down against the giants. you won't believe between.
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>> temple is on a roll. they have been we want to keep that going and going and going. temple taking on central florida. the owls at the opening kickoff hand up to thomas who goes 12 yards for the score temple takes early lead. second quarter temple bj walker, he's able to find bryant for first touchdown 14 to 3 eighty-fourth quarter. temple down. thomas through, breaking a tackle going 22 yards touchdown. ran for a 19 the yards temple
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wins 30 to 16 and they remain unbeaten. penn state on the road facing ohio state. they have had a very hard time 4 and 11. penn state had an early third and nothing lead but defending champs woke up out scored the nittany lines 38 to second. they lead 38 to 10 late in the fourth. villanova via and albany, white goes up the middle gets a push from divisive line. make it 17 nagano via. later on in the quarter zach left, kevin for a 51 yard touchdown villanova via shut out albany 37 zip. michigan and michigan state, involve via rennes, punt jackson accident took place it up and runs 38 yards and score. the fans stunned. then during the celebration, jackson dislocates his hip.
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michigan state 27, eagles have final practice getting ready pour giants they will hold a walk through before monday night. michael kendricks and nelson ago lar will miss the games, ago lar out. last week against the saints 4 passes for 78 yards both career highs. first offensive touchdown in nfl he wants to do more. >> exciting to be more involved but i just got to continue to, would and continue to move forward element last week keep moving forward. >> giants has not practiced with sore hamstring listed questionable, vital piece of the giants offense. chip kell says he expects beck couple to play. >> you know, right afterward he,
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you know article like he ran like i don't know what he ran but he ran, he's going to play. injury he's going to come back in the game you know what i'm saying. he's going to play. game two american camp shun between blue jays and royals. 5 runs they rally to beat toronto 6 to 3 taking two games to nothing lead in that best f of 7 series. game one of the
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>> lights. >> welcome back it's not every day you spot a kangaroo in new york city. busted is on the move. he got loose from this owner and caught on surveillance video hopping around the parking lot at a new york repair shop. the owner was found retrieved the pet. they were visiting from up state new york where owning pet kangaroos is legal. who knew. busted didn't look like he was coming back on his own. [laughter].
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>> well that is eyewitness news tonight i'm


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