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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and, it is a cold, start to the the day, for walker and runners at the 29th annual aid walk in philadelphia. we're live with more on their in mission to raise cash, and reduce the stigma. good morning, everyone it is sunday october 18th i'm diana rocco in for nicole brewer. it is 6:00 o'clock here in center city and it is a cold one out. there meteorologist kyla grogan has the latest on that chilly sunday forecast need ago this jacket. >> it is more than the the jacket, this morning. i think it is the coat. >> and scarves, ear muffs. >> i wish i had gloves. the it ising to be chill toy day no doubt about it. the the good news is we will warm upstarting on tuesday, everybody but we have to get
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through next 48 hours first and boy, they will be a little rough in the cool department. let's take a look what to expect. cool with morning sun, we will get some cloud in and then even an isolated shower or two as we get the in the late afternoon. monday overnight low sunday into monies 33 degrees. afternoon high 53. just to show you we will not get rid of this right away. take a look at current temperature, drexel hill 36 degrees. the millville 32. lumberton 32. pottstown 36. we are in the the 30's, widespread across our area. notice that western pennsylvania, has some snow flurries coming down, you will see all that white on the map, that is new to us, we have not seen that in a while. we will see that yesterday. indication of the incredibly cold air off to the north and our west. today's high 52 degrees. we will have a breeze with us a as well, a few clouds working their way n53 down the shore for your high. poconos just 41 for you. diana, i will talk about watches and warnings we have in place for tonight as that
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cold continues. i will back in a few moments with that. >> thanks, kyla. happening today thousands are expect to gather at the the philadelphia art museum this morning. the 29th annual aid walk is set to kick off in more than an hour from now. cherri greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live this morning at the art museum. good morning, cherri. >> good morning. the let me tell you it is cold out here but i expect, folks will be warm, fuzzy because they will be out here for a reason. they will be gathering at 90 minutes for the aids walk/run and they will be raising money and awareness, and to pay for its services for aid, and hiv. take a look the at the video we have, as you can see in 90 minutes, 29th annual aid 5k run and walk. philly will begin. a at 9:00 a.m. the walk. 10,000 people are expect to participate, pab else from the aid memorial quilt will be here to pro a powerful vigil a
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and spark conversation about the the impact of hiv and aid. the not only by those infect by the the disease but also those, affect, each pan will he will representing a life lost, to the the epidemic. now, i'm back out here live, i'm here with rob ricker, the the executive director of the aid fund, the major organizer of this event. the rob that epidemic i just talk about it is not over, is it. >> it is not over. we don't get the a attention that we once did but we have 30,000 of our friend, family and neighboring lives in philadelphia with the hiv disease and one in four new hiv infections is among youth age 13 to 24. so we have a long way to go to end this epidemic. >> reporter: why has this disease which has been 30 years, the numbers has come down but it is continuing in the youth. what is the biggest challenge. >> well, we continue to fight stigma with this epidemic. stigma fools the epidemic. it keeps people from talking
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about hiv. it keeps people from getting tested. sometimes it even keeps people from getting into care if they have hiv. so we have to fight the the stigma. we have to continue to talk about the epidemic and we have make, tremendous stride but we are not over. >> reporter: one of the strides is this walk. tell me, who will be here, will benefit from the money raised. >> well, we expect to have 10,000 people out here today, one of the things that exciting me so much is we do get so many youth out, and with youth being so impact by the the epidemic it the is so great to see high schools, college students out here walking, raising fund for hiv and aids services here in the delaware valley. >> reporter: amazing. the eye will tell you they started this walk with 300 people, 29 years ago and today, 10,000 are expected, and it has raised $16 million over the course of the walk and today, hopefully, they will raise a lot more money. >> that is our goal. >> we need money for services here in our region.
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money raised here, stays here, in the delaware valley, to to publish awareness campaigns, prevention, education, counseling, testing and care services for the the most vulnerable living with hiv. >> wonderful. >> reporter: the run kicks off at 7:30 and walk starts at 9:00 a.m. as i mentioned it is cold but people will be warm, fuzzy as they raise money to help, end the spread of hiv and aids. live at the art museum, cherry greg, for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, cherri. dhs has custody of two year-old boy found wandering over philadelphia's love park over the weekend and his parents now have a a monday court appearance as a result. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more. >> reporter: it is a picture making headlines across the city this two-year old toddler, with the septa police officer after cop found him alone in the love park a few moments before midnight on
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friday. >> my daughter was sleeping here. the my son sleeps here. my wife sleeps here and i sleep here. >> reporter: michael jones is that young boy's father. >> we don't have money to pay rent. >> reporter: he and his family are homeless. while they were sleeping in the makeshift shelter a a cold night under some stairs at the park. >> that was the the best way we could do. the wind was in the blowing. the it block it off. >> reporter: michael and his wife angelic heard skateboarder nearby. >> woke up because he heard skateboarders. >> reporter: somehow slipped on the out to slip out the noise. >> he push the box open and barefoot, while while police were out, and he went all the way around. >> reporter: michael walk out noticed his two-year old gone. >> we walk all over yelling. i ran over to dhs. they don't know nothing. >> reporter: but by that time this cop safely had michael's son and michael says he is nothing but grateful. >> i don't care if dhs takes
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the kid or not. god works in mysterious ways. maybe this will benefit us in the long run. >> reporter: fortunately michael and angelic tell me they won't to have stay here at love park tonight they have a friend's house they will spend the night w the as for their court hearing for their children that is set for this monday. reporting here at love park i am will a's greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". time right now 6:07. residents in haddon township are decorating their homes with ribbons in memory of the three-year old brandon creato. the his body was found in the wooded area shortly after he disappeared from his father's home on tuesday. haddonfield floral is making the the royal blue and black ribbon. they sell for $10, $2 from each sale will go to the family, for help with funeral expenses. police are investigating the circumstances of brandon's death but so far, no charges have been filed. new this morning, fill will a police are
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investigating a a shooting in the cities fernrock section, police responded and 11:30 to reports of a person shot at the intersection of lindley and north camac street, a 30 year-old man was taken to einstein medical center where he was pronounced dead. there is no suspects in custody a at this time. frightening moments outside of a wal-mart in wilkes barre, when a man with a rifle started firing shots, saturday afternoon. philadelphia's state police say 31 year-old skat lee sergeant of the schenn dough a, opened fire, striking several cars. he also shot at police when they arrived but officers return fire and sergeant was struck. he is in the hospital now facing charges including attempted homicide, of a law enforcement the officer. police in florida are investigating a shooting, in a zombie convention, that killed one person and injured four others. shooting took place in fort myers at zombie con which stars more than 20,000 fans.
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the it happened late said day night. police do not yet know what spark that shooting. no suspect is in custody at this time. authorities, in gloucester county now say that a drunk driver seriously injured a franklin township police officer in a crash. it the happened on route 40, friday night, police say age ra feaster was driving drunk with her three children in the vehicle when she ran a stop sign on tuckahoe road and struck officer clifford trujilo's cruiser. he suffered two broken wrist and broken angle. feeser suffered a broken anger. feaster is charged with assault by auto, dui and child endangerment. eyewitness cam vid video foes fire fighters battling a apartment fire in pine hill camden county. fire started at mansions apartments on west branch avenue just before 5:00 o'clock saturday. authorities the say that it grew to three alarms before being brought under control. three units were damaged but there were no injuries.
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three families were displaced. well, still to come this sunday morning crews are trying to dig out dozens of vehicles in california, that were caught in devastating mud slides. straight ahead we will show you video taken from inside of a car, as it it was being swept away. and new hope for people who suffer from type two diabetes, what researchers are now saying about the benefits of the drinking wine. kyla. the the chillies on, everybody. we are in it with temperatures in the 30's, we have a frost advisory tonight, i'll get you through cold weather and we will talk about the warm upcoming next week, stay with
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parts of the calorie main on a flash flood watch, more rain is threatening the disaster area in the the county where a river of mud, buried hundreds of vehicles and damaged homes, earlier this week. carter evans had has more on those digging out. >> reporter: on a sunny california morning, work crews began long task of the freeing nearly 200 vehicles. they have been stuck here on highway 58, since torrential rains unleashed a wall of mud on unsuspecting drivers. new cell phone video shows just how dire, things became. ray eckland reported these
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images. >> oh, my god. >> i'm just starting to float, and banging in the cars. it was awful. >> reporter: bill was driving his 18 wheeler. >> all this stuff started pushing this truck in park with his foot on the brake without holding. >> reporter: parts of the highway could be closed for several days, that is how long it might take to remove a mile long stretch of cars and key brings, more than 3 inches of rain fell in this part of the l.a. county in just 30 minutes, the national weather service is calling it the a thousand year rain event. but it also warns heavy rains, and flood could be regular sights this winter with a strong el nino poised to hit california. meteorologists say heavy rain from el nino, usually don't occur until december or january. so after four years of drought, in california, the the weather may go from one extreme to the the the other. carter evans for cbs news, los angeles. that is absolutely amazing. >> 3 inches on have rain in 30
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minutes. think about that. problem is we need rain but it just causes disasters and it doesn't help because you just get run off. >> you don't feel that the on the east coast but we have our other challenges this morning. >> we have our own story, this morning and it is cold out there. it is chilly. lets look at what we can expect this week. today will cooler temperatures, that is an under statement, isn't it, afternoon sprinkle possible too. i will show thaw in just a moment. earl will i week warmth returns. by tuesday we're out of this, everybody. we will rebound to the 60's on tuesday and 70's on wednesday and thursday. now you can handle it, right? now it is okay. we are currently under a freeze warning. you can see air there in purple this morning and then again overnight tonight, watches in areas down in the the blue there where that other color means. we are also here in philadelphia, under a frost advisory from midnight to 9:00 . from trenton to cherry hill down to dover even parts to the shore will be dealing with a that too. current temperatures we will tell you why. we are in the the 30's. the just to give you a an idea
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when we generally see frost in philadelphia it is usually late october. so we are a little bit early for this. if we're seeing frost tonight, and still keep an eye on that. these temperatures wow look at mount pocono, 25 degrees, 34 in lancaster. forty-one in fill amount but you see plenty of 30's and we see that as we zoom in here just 30 in doylestown. thirty-one in mount holly. thirty-two willow grove. no matter how you slice it, it is cold. do i expect wind to ramp up this afternoon but we are all under that 10-mile an hour range right now. taking a live look at storm scan three. a couple things catch your eye, first one is this, it is snow, look at that in western pennsylvania. we have got a little bit of snow rolling along that lake effect machine. it will not make it toward us but it will bring us some clouds and we could see sprinkles later in our afternoon. future weather will show you we will start off with the sunshine this morning but 5:00 t that moisture to make its way in. i don't think everyone will
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see rain but a few sprinkles, it clears out and we will get sunshine in here for monday. even though we will be cold it will be beautiful and sunny. today we will start off with that sunshine. once that sun comes up we will get in the the 40's and work our way up to the lower 50's. cloud coming in the the afternoon but tonight is going to be a chilly one, no doubt bit. the good news is, that this doesn't last forever but sunday, monday will be chilly, will be below our average of 66 degrees. the tuesday we will shoot right to our average, by wednesday and thursday, it is some lovely 70's coming our way. so, deep breaths, everybody, today just a high of 52 degrees. we will get breezy conditions coming in, that wind ten to 15 e northwest. the as we get into tonight this is when you have to take the deep breath. 33 degrees for offer night the low. we are watching out for that late afternoon early afternoon sprinkle and then patchy frost as we get in the overnight hours tonight. but your seven day to forecast certainly shows relief in sight. by tuesday a few clouds, but a high of 66 degrees.
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wednesday into thursday we're in the 07's, well above average so that is a nice break, back to more seasonal temperatures heading toward next weekend and we have sunshine, diane a thone we we have to bundle up we have to get pets and plants inside we do have relief in sight. >> okay, well, that is quite the roller coaster, thank you. a big fundraiser for fight against breast cancer, hundreds of people gathered at the pink tie ball, this years organizers of the susan g komen philadelphia event picked an under the sea theme. pink tie ball has raised millions of dollars for breast cancer research and services in the philadelphia area, our kate bilo and stephanie stahl, the lovely ladies, were a among those who attended the fundraiser last night. boat house row is glowing pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. cbs-3 and cw philly has team up with komen philadelphia for our lights for the cure campaign. pink lights serves as a
6:19 am
reminder to schedule a mammogram. c ira center is also shaping bright pink, just one of the the local landmarks taking part in the lights for the the cure campaign. you can find more information on the lights for the cure campaign at cbs on the cbs-3 healthwatch this morning a new benefit linked to having a glass of wine or two every night for a large group of people with a common conditions. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the new study. >> hi there i'm all done. >> reporter: fifty-one user old garrett rubin has watch out for everything in his diet the since being diagnosed with type two diabetes. >> fats, salts, sugar. >> reporter: now a new large study published from the annals of internal medicine says a daily glass of wine may help people, with type two diabetes. >> one to two glasses of red wine, for men and up to one glass of red wine for women daily, at dinner, over a two year period, resulted in lower
6:20 am
blood sugars and a decrease development of heart disease. >> reporter: red wine modestly increased levels have of hdl and good cholesterol and lowered overall cholesterol. researchers have known for a while that maryland rate amounts of alcohol are fine for diabetics but drink was out on which kind has had the most benefit. >> it is phenols and it is tanons, you know, they all work together with the ethanol possibly to result in positive changes. >> reporter: rube ebb says his diet, exercise and medication are still his first line of defense. >> now, since i have no choice, i think red wine might be the thing. >> reporter: there was one more benefit linked to the research, moderate wine consumption significantly improved sleep quality for diabetics in the study which is unusual because alcohol usually interferes with sleep. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". astronaut scott kelly holds the record for spending
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more time in outer space then any other american. kelly has spent 383 days living in space. he a massed that over the the the course of four missions. kelly is more than halfway through a yearly year long mission aboard the international space station. he is scheduled to return to earth march 3rd of 2016. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", get loyalty reward in one store and then use them in another, three on your side jim donovan tells us about the card that lets you earn lots of points and lots of different places, we will be right back.
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the philadelphia association of black journalist is celebrating, some of the best, in our industry. the organization, held its annual award ceremony on independence mall last night, kyw the news radio reporter cherri greg was there with several other members of the cbs family. this event honors area journalist and community leaders for their outstanding contributions to the region. much of the proceeds, will go to the event funds to fund college scholarships. local music students are tuning up with the band leader of the late show with stephen colbert. >> ♪ >> and that, of course is john because tease, he collaborated with the curtis institute of music in center city. that is him in the white hat. this is play on philly master class series. they went on to perform at the
6:25 am
annenberg center for performing arts last night. you can catch john, steven every week night at 11:35 on cbs-3 right after after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. when it comes to shopping retailers try everything that they can to keep customers coming back and that includes offering loyalty programs, and, whether it is gas or food, and, and three on your side, jim donovan, takes a closer look at one program that is now taking a slightly different approach. >> reporter: it seems every time you turnaround there is a a new loyalty program being pitched to shoppers. one of the newest is called the plenty card, run by american express's loyalty program, it has nothing to do with their card, instead it allows to you spend and accumulate points at one place and cash in at another. >> i just heard thaw can get points with the purchase, that you make at macy's and redeem them at other vendors. >> looked in into it and
6:26 am
became rather surprised. >> reporter: consumer advocate edward dworkski says despite the fact thaw can earn points at retailers, right now you can only redeem them at a handful of places. this is the the the list. >> the the the truth tend to be in the fine print, the the headline, sometimes they play a little fast and loose witt. >> reporter: marketing professor george john says broadness makes it the stronger then most but as with any rewards program. >> people go and buy things that they shouldn't buy because there is a reward, they are sitting on the the cusp. gaining psychologically, yes. gaining financially, not really. >> reporter: plentyi card was lawn inched may and american express say they have 20 million users. they plan on adding more retailers where point can be redeemed in the future. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. coming up next on "eyewitness news", straight arm the the australian out
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back, something wild is spotted popping around staton island new york. forget the about displaying a bumper sticker what one super fan did to her hair to show her support for her family presidential candidate. it is a chilly one out there this sunday morning. meteorologist kyla grogan is back on more of this cold. we will be right back. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time.
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good morning it the is sunday october 18th i'm diana rocco and it is 6:30 and chilly morning here in center city philadelphia meteorologist kyla grogan is outside on the sky deck. i saw you putting on those layers and you need them. >> i got sweat pants on because i cannot the come out with bear legs. i have jacket the and coat on. it is cold, everybody. anybody who stepped outside the door can confirm that for you. we are having a pretty wild morning, this morning. the the good news here in philadelphia a, we have already hit that 40-degree mark. we are sitting at 41 degrees right now but if you are from mount pocono it is 25. a lot have of 30's. 41 degrees looking live at center city. wind not bad this morning giving us a break from the northwest at 6 miles an hour. i expect that to ramp up in the afternoon. it will be a chilly day, well below average, temperatures in
6:31 am
the the 50's. looking out for a late afternoon sprinkle or two and more 30's, tonight. so taking a live look at storm scan three the cold air is producing snow flurries in western pennsylvania and in upstate new york not expecting any on have that to make it toward us but we could see a few sprinkles later this afternoon. we are currently under a freeze warning that goes through 9:00 a.m. this morning and kicks in again at midnight tonight, for good reason we're going to see those 30's yet again. question becomes when will we warm up? i have answers, for you, it is not far away, i will have that in your full forecast when i come back in a few moments. for now let's head back to the warm studio and the lovely diana. >> it is always that first time around, this time of the the year where temperatures get cold that everyone is shock by them. >> that is right. >> we will look forward to hearing about the warm up, thanks, kyla. u.s. airways is officially no more this weekend the airline finalized its merger with american airlines, but
6:32 am
happening today thousands are expect to gather at the philadelphia a art museum. the 29th annual aid walk philly will kick off in about an hour from now. cherri greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live at the art museum this morning, hi, cher ri. >> good morning, diana. let me tell you it is cold out here but we have a great cause to keep us warm, inside. that is the the aid walk philadelphia. it the will happen, in less than an hour, and let me tell you, as you can see the the the the setup is already underway. folks are sort of putting the quilt together that will start the conversation about the impact of hiv and aid. aid walk began 29 years ago with 300 people and today, 10,000 are expected to participate and raise more than 16 million-dollar to benefit, 22 aids and hiv organizations, in the region and that money was raised, since its inception. one aspect includes the aids
6:33 am
memorial quilt which includes 44,000 panels, a couple dozen of those here today to demonstrate the number of lives lost to the epidemic and challenges that we still face today. now back out here live, i am here, with terry hawkins. the she works for the the aid fund. how are you doing. >> good morning. thank you. >> wonderful. >> reporter: thank you for being here. you work with the aid fund for 16 years and you have a very compelling story. tell me a little bit about it. >> well, when i first started, at aids i was doing data entry and then became outreach coordinator but before all that i found out my hiv status when i was in atlantic city. i didn't know anything about it. i didn't know what it was, and once i started understanding my status, i started wanting to get more information, so i was also pregnant so i found out my status, i was pregnant with my twins. when i started realizing i
6:34 am
need to get more services i came to philadelphia and that is when i started learning about what hiv is, how can, what are the things i can do to be safe, and take care of my children. >> reporter: your children are new freshman in college. >> yes. >> they were honored by aid fund for all of the work that they do. today is a personal day for you, specifically, this particular walk. >> yes, i lost my kevin, i lost my children's father, and this is really a personal and mentally draining walk for me right now. so, i'm just so glad that we're here, my children will be here later on and i'm just so glad that we're here and we're able to, you know, get through this. >> reporter: wonderful. so 10,000 people are expected to participate in today's aid walk, and the walk begins at the one part of the walk begins at 7:30 with a walk portion at the 9:00 a.m. as i mentioned thousands are expect to come here to raise
6:35 am
awareness to raise money to fight this epidemic of hiv and aids. live at the the the art museum, cherri greg for kyw news radio cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, cherri. u.s. airways is officially no more. the the airline finalized its merger with american airlines with the last leg of the round trip journey. the the final flight the from philadelphia, departed with stops in charlotte, phoenix, and finally san francisco before circling back here to philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff the has story from terminal a. >> it is a new dawn for u.s. airways. >> very good, guys. >> reporter: and what a way to wake up the passengers on board this grand finally flight. >> yeah. >> but they book a red eye out of san francisco for never the
6:36 am
the less. >> i have been a long time customer. i'm kind of a nostalgic person. >> reporter: flight 1939 is a year in which the airline was founded, originally as allegheny airline. >> when i first started flying we were going to new york. >> reporter: the skies soon became limit for u.s. airways thanks in part to flight 1939 passengers, ed, who happens to be the the the airline's former long time ceo. >> it is a great industry and i was privileged to be a part of it for a good many years. >> reporter: also welcomed was the next generation have of flights. ethan boarded the plane in philadelphia more than 24 hours ago and rode it the round trip all the way back. >> i wanted to be part of the aviation history. >> reporter: bone voyage it was that the fleet goes off to be rebranded. a morning that proves the romance of aviation is still there for those who have seen it. >> some of the original spirit of flying is still alive and a
6:37 am
lot of people that are up. >> i mean, i came across the the the united states, in four hours and 20 minutes, overnight. >> isn't that fantastic. >> reporter: think of it this way u.s. airways was founded just 12 years after charles lindberg took that historic flight over the the at the plant i can and look at how far we have come. u.s. airways will continue on as american airlines. the reporting from philadelphia international airport i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". time is running out, for vice-president joe biden, to jump in to the 2016 race for the the white house. the last night the the vice-president was in new york city where he delivered remarks at the a human rights event. this amid reports that biden had has reached out to the international association of fire fighters, to discuss a possible run. biden is reportedly planning to make a decision in the next few days. last night, he spoke for the
6:38 am
the need to protect religious freedom abroad. >> we have to remain vigilant here at home as well. fighting the insidious forces we still struggle against. we have to call out anti sematism and anti muslim rhetoric where ever we see it, when it seepness to our day to day discourse. >> reporter: fire fighters union has previously endorsed hillary clinton but head of the iaff suggested that if biden runs he will get union support. comments from donald trump have the candidates making headlines again this morning. in i tv interview friday trump partly laid blame for 9/11 terrorist attacks at the feet of the former president, george w. bush. jeremy rot reports on the reaction. >> when you talk about george w. bush and say what you want, the world trade center came time during his time. >> reporter: donald trump is under fire for suggesting former president george w.
6:39 am
bush is partly to blame. in friday's interview the republican presidential candidate seemed to apply bush shared responsibility for the acts of terrorist that many took down the the twin towers. >> he was president, okay. don't blame him or don't blame him but he was president. the world trade center came down during his reign. >> reporter: former president's brother and fellow g.o.p. candidate jeb bush responded via twitter. >> how pathetic for at real donald trum top criticize the president, we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. for his part the usually talkative trump has refused to answer questions on the subject. >> mr. trump, can you clarify do you think 9/11 was president bush's fault? >> do you have a comment on jeb bush. >> do you have a comment than jeb bush. >> reporter: the candidate has responded on social media engaging in a twitter war with his republican rival. no at jeb bush you're pathetic
6:40 am
for saying nothing happened during your brother's term when world trade center was attacked and came down. trump's candidates are spurring other candidates to weigh in, ben carson didn't hear the remarks but when asked when bush shared responsibility for the the attacks, i think he responded. >> i think it is ridiculous to suggest he was responsible. >> i'm jeremy rot, reporting. people support political candidates in many ways. bumper stickers and buttons is just a few of them but this woman in texas found a unique way to support democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. maria wanted to show her support for clinton during a rally last thursday, so this is what she t she shaved a picture of clinton, into her head. well, she figured that the air carving was the best way to show her support. one way to do it. we have new information on the deadly oregon community college shooting. coming up next on "eyewitness news" the chilling word from a
6:41 am
student, who faced off with the gunman, and survived. >> many ambulances as possible >> you know, it felt like a truck rammed me. a surfer attacked lives to tell his horrific tail, and some of the coldest temperatures this week we have seen in quite a while, meteorologist, kyla grogan is back to tell you about some warmer weather in the seven day forecast, good morning. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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plan your trip at there's something for everyone. new details in oregon this month in the attack that left nine people dead. chris mints is new you giving his first hand account of what happened that day. including the moments he came face-to-face with the gunman. nick valencia a has more on that story. >> the the the many ambulances as possible. we have upward of 20 victims. >> reporter: chilling new details in the the oregon community college massacre, from shooting survivor, chris mints. the the army veteran who has been called a hero for protects others. >> he had shots. he is in the classroom. >> reporter: in a facebook posting mints recalled the day that he says started out as normal will but quickly descended into chaos. he writes, there was a bunch of yelling and then there were gunshots going off that
6:45 am
sounded like fire contract thers. mints, who said he sat in the front of the class says everyone got up, and took off. >> i stopped, held the door opened and waited for everyone to leave safely, he writes. he then says he took direction from a counselor that kept screaming, someone needed to tell the people in the the library and i told her i would do it. >> somebody is out, the one of the doors, getting through the doors. >> reporter: mints writes he made his way back in the classroom area where he came face-to-face with the gunman. he leaned out, and started shooting as i turn toward him, i recalled, this is how he describe the the shooter, he was so non-chal ant like he was playing a video game and showed no emotion. mints said the shots knocked me to the ground and felt like the truck hit me. he was shot again while on the ground and gunman says that is what he gets for calling the cops. mints writes in the facebook post he told the gun man that he didn't call police and they were already on the way. he then yelled to the gun man,
6:46 am
it the is my kid birthday, man. mints said the shooter pointed the gun right at my face and then retreated, back into the classroom. >> hello, everyone, i'm doing well. >> a friend posted this video of mints in the hospital. he has been since released and has had this lingering question. i'm still confused at the why he didn't shoot me, again. >> that was nick valencia reporting. the mints says he is no hero but just a regular guy. well, a surfer is sharing his story this morning, have of being attacked by a shark. colin coast says he is lucky to be alive. he was surfing in ohio and awaiting for a a wave when he sent a 12-foot tiger shark bit his leg. >> out of no where, it felt like a truck, ran into me, and, took me a second to realize what ways going on and he dragged me under water. >> doctors had to amputate most of the cook's left leg after the attack.
6:47 am
the his hands were also injured when he punched the shark. cook credited his friend with saving his life and says he looks forward to getting back out into the the water. well, it is a chilly morning out there, and there is a lot of blue behind you. >> yes, there is, you noticed that. >> i wore blue today too so i'm in the theme of the cold. >> i'm's looking forward to warmer days. >> i like it. >> i like it. >> we will get there. we will get there. it is not far away, diane, good morning everyone. we are waking up very chilly. check out mount pocono 25 degrees. the lots of 30's out there. thirty-four in lancaster, 34 in allentown. we are at 41 in philadelphia a let's zoom out and take a look at the region. my goodness scranton just 29 degrees. we've got the 40's up and down that i-95 corridor. new york city not quite there yet sitting at 39 degrees this morning. a a freeze warning is in place right now and it goes until 9:00 a.m. and kicks in tonight in area in purple. that does include those in
6:48 am
philadelphia from mount pocono down to the the shore. today we will be chilly, breezy, yet again, temperatures well below average and reason we have that freeze warning for tonight is that we have 30's coming our way. we have a frost advisory in and around philadelphia, all of the areas in blue from trenton, down to dover and you can see down by the the shore there are spots there too. so we're looking out for frost tonight and we need ingredients which are clear skies, we should get them in the the overnight hours. the light wind. low to mid to upper 30's. we've got. that surfaces below freezing is touch stone for whether or not we will get the some frost in there but patchy frost is certainly possible tonight. storm scan three shows we have relatively clear skies right now, a few clouds on to our north and west and more than that if you go further west, we've got some snow, in western pennsylvania, and everybody. oh, boy, good morning. that should give you an indication of how cold the air is that is coming our way. showing you future weather, we're not going to see snow flakes in philadelphia a today but we could see a few sprinkles a as we work our way in the later afternoon hours.
6:49 am
after 5c p.m. you do see moisture making their way toward them. the it will not be terrifically successful but you could see sprinkles out there. sunshine is back in full force as high pressure swings in for our monday, we will continue the the chilly run on monday, though, not warming up, quite yet. if you are heading to that eagles game on monday, as they take on the giants, boy, it will be chilly out there. 44 degrees. we have clear skies at 8:30 p.m. wind not bad but you will want to bundle up. now comes the the good news. this is part diana has within waiting for. we've got 50's today, tomorrow. they are well below our average of 66 degrees. by tuesday we're spot on average there. and then hello, 70's, i like that on wednesday and thursday. we figured if we have to get this chilly we have to get a kick of warmth and that is what we will see. today cool, breezy, high of 52 . the clouds working their way in the afternoon, even a possible sprinkle or two, patchy frost in the overnight hours, wow, look the at that, 33 degrees for our overnight
6:50 am
low. look at your seven day forecast. we have relief coming on tuesday and calvary arrives on wednesday and thursday, we may get in the 70's, lots of sunshine too. diana. >> certainly something to look forward to, thank you. it is now 6:50. time to check the road. lets go to ann evans in the the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, ann. >> good morning, diane a roadways are in good shape this morning. this is schuylkill at vine street expressway. again, things are still pretty dark so these cars look like ants to you. traffic does look tiny. but we have a lot of volume increasing on these highways but everything is moving on the the schuylkill and vine expressway. and for the general neighborhood martin luther king drive shut down between ben franklin parkway and montgomery drive for recreational activities. the that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now diana, right back to you. thanks, ann. it is not every day you spot the a kangaroo in new york city or ever but, buster got loose from his owner and caught on surveillance video
6:51 am
hopping around this parking lot in staten island. buster's owner was found, and then he retrieved his pets. the it turns out buster and his owner were visiting from upstate new york, where a apparently owning a kangaroo is legal. how about that. we will be right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
owls are six and zero for first time in 41 years after beating central florida. owls marched down field and
6:54 am
hand off to thomas which goes 12-yard for the score. temple with the early lead. second quarter temple, walker drops back, and able to find bryant for his first career touchdown owls lead four-three. temple down, and, and. and, 19-yard, and temple won 30-16 and they are now bowl eligible. and pen state on the road, facing top rang ohio state, nittany lions went into a contest running a five game winning streak. second quarter penn state, field goal, national champs showing their true colors. jt barrett calling his own number. ohio state will take the lead with that. hand off to elliott, weaves his way to the nittany lions defense scores from 10-yard out aspen state's five game winning streak comes to an end, 38-ten the final. villanova, albany, cats up ten to nothing this is third. add to that jevon whitings up the middle and gets push from
6:55 am
the o line here and take 17 to nothing nova. later on in the quarter zach find a wide open kevin, and 50-. villanova shut out olney 37 to nothing. penn taking on columbia their new head coach al bagnol. how led quakers for 23 years. quakers showed no mercy. alex with the the pass to christian pierson who got a nice block and went 25 yards to the house. penn with a four-seven lead. later on bryant, goes up the middle for score. penn beats columbia 42-seven. what a finish between michigan/michigan state. michigan punting 102nd left, blake o'neill drops the snap. the spartans jackson scoops it up, runs 38-yard for game winning score, time expired. the fans stun. then during a celebration, watch jackson, dislocates his hip. michigan state with a 27-23 walk off victory. eagles will hold a walk
6:56 am
through today before tomorrow night's showdown with the giants. brandon bear, cookie owe a alonzo and michael kendricks and nelson agholor miss the game. with agholor out josh hoff will see more time. last week against the the the pass he caught four passes for 78 yards. he scored his first offensive touchdown and he wants to do more in the eagles offense. >> it is exciting to be more involved but i just got to continue to work and continue to move forward. build on what happened last weekend and keep moving forward. giants wide receiver o thedell beckham junior has in the practiced all week with the sore hamstring and listed as questionable. beckham is variety aal piece to the giants offense. he has 31 catches for 428 yards and three touchdowns this season. chip kelly says he expects beckham to play and so does cornerback, byron maxwell. >> i expect him in the game to be out there. he ran, i don't know what he ran but he ran at top speed.
6:57 am
>> you you don't come back in the the game, you know what i'm saying. he is going to play. >> game two of the american league championship between blue jays and royals kansas city trailing three to nothing the in the seventh and they scored five runs to rally past toronto six-three. and then take a two games to nothing lead in the best of seven series. the the mets beat cubs four-two in game one of the national league championship series. that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great the day. that is "eyewitness news" at 6:00, here's what we have coming up at 7:00. we are seeing first images of the typhoon that is slamming in the philippines this morning. and stores and restaurants are offering will selfies. three is on your side with how the craze can get you some discounts. plus would you like to sweat less while working out? health reporter stephanie stahl shows you the new treatments that can help. it is chilly outside this morning, meteorologist kyla grogan has a look at your weekday forecast. ♪
6:58 am
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a toddler is found wandering around love park, in the the middle of the night. the child's father, speaks to "eyewitness news". and, bundle up out there, it is cold, it is a cold unday morning, a across our region, we will let you


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