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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  October 18, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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a toddler is found wandering around love park, in the the middle of the night. the child's father, speaks to "eyewitness news". and, bundle up out there, it is cold, it is a cold unday morning, a across our region, we will let you know, when it
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will warm up again. good morning, everyone it is sunday october 18th i'm diana rocco. lets get the to meteorologist kyla grogan with this morning's forecast. i had had to wear a coat, ugg, gloves, we had to break out the winter parallel. >> think of the winter fashion you are getting to try out this weekend. you will not want to wear that wednesday and thursday next week because temperatures will be in the 70's. >> well, good that is something to look forward to. >> she's okay with that. i'm okay with that too. we are waking up chilly for mount pocono in the the 20's to many spots in the 30's and here in philadelphia we are in the lower 40's. the sunnies rising. that will help. taking a live look at kutztown in the neighborhood network beautiful sunrise but my goodness the the temperature, just 34 degrees. so, today is going to be a cool day, some morning sun, afternoon, we could have some clouds and a few sprinkles in there but overnight low sunday into monday, 33 degrees, afternoon high, is 53 degrees.
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it is going to be chilly. it is already chilly. mount pocono 5 degrees. thirty-nine in philadelphia we have ticked down a degree there we will be at the the 40-. thirty-two in a atlantic city. no matter how we slice it, we are all feeling a chill. we are under a frost advisory and for good reason as those temperatures are so low. take a look to the west, looking at the left side of the screen, we will see some snow falling, those are snow flurries in western pennsylvania. we are not expecting any of that to make it towards us but it will be cool, breezy and we could see sprinkles around five to 7:00 p.m. time frame. as we get the in to machine more lower 50's with sunshine but there is relief coming on tuesday, everybody when we will finally make it up to a 66-degree high. hang in there, we will talk more about the 70's coming up in the seven day forecast, diana. >> thank you. happening today thousands are expect to gather a at philadelphia art museum this morning, but the the the 29th annual aid walk philly is set to kick off there in a little will more than an hour.
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cherri greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live at the the art museum this morning with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane a yes, it the is cold out here but folks are keeping themselves warm by moving around. as you can see the the setup for the aids walk philly has already begun. folks are starting to show up, registration is going on and folks will gear up to begin the run portion at about 7:30. a major part of this effort includes exhibits and sort of the show the impact of the hiv and aid epidemic and one of those exhibits is 1981, until it is over, the time line of the aids epidemic, over the past 30 years. all of this is set up by aids fund the the major organizers of today's event. i will bring in ken burns -- kevin burns, how are you doing. >> i'm good thank you, how are you, good morning. >> i'm wound full. let's talk about this exhibit.
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there is a lot to discuss over the past 30 years of this epidemic. the let's talk about some major points and we will get out of the way so andy can sort of show this. >> sure. >> reporter: tell me major points. >> from the 1981, we didn't even have the the the name for a disease that was affecting gay men all across the country and major met the tro pol tan area. from there we went to 1982 where we had a name for the disease where we knew it was aids, and it was a term, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, sorry, it is early. then the next beg point was 1985 when rock hudson came out as having aids. we got a a lot of publicity around hiv and really raised a awareness for people in this country. >> yes. >> so this time line is incredible. it is a wonderful way to document the disease and the aids fund makes this exhibit available for community events, colleges and a traveling exhibit that really
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tries to raise awareness for people. one of the biggest struggles we have is people hiv positive and do not know their status because longer they wait to get in treatment more difficult it is. >> yes. >> reporter: yes. >> so that is one of the big struggles to day in the epidemic is people getting tested and to know their status and then to get into treatment. >> reporter: i know action aids is here. you guys have a big crowd, that will be here today with a 10,000 people that are expected to participate. tell me about how many people you have, and what you expect to do today. >> we have over a 120 people walking from action aids from our volunteer buddy program and our staff and our donors and we have raised over $20,000 just to support services at action aids. so we're very excited. beautiful day. it is chilly. we will get walking. we will wake up. it will be all good. >> reporter: while aid, hiv epidemic began in 1981, it continues today, 60 percent of the new cases of hiv and aids
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are among youth, and so part of today toys get out that a awareness, get people tested, all that will be going on here when the run portion of the aid walk philly kicks off at 7:30 this morning. live at the art museum, cherri greg for kyw news raid were for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a a lot of good information there and what a wonderful event. thanks, cheri. philadelphia police are investigating a reported sexual assault in the city's fox chase section. police responded to the 500 block of kendricks street just after 4:00 a.m. details are still few but we are told that the special victims unit is on the scene investigating. we're working on getting more information and we will bring it the to you when we get it. also new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the fernrock section of the city. police responded around 11:30 to reports of the the person fired at the the intersection of lindley and north camac streets. a 30 year-old man was taken to einstein medical center where he was pronounced dead. there is no suspect in custody
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at this time. dhs now has custody of the two-year old boy who was found wandering alone and barefoot around philadelphia's love park this weekend. the boy's homeless parents are now in some serious trouble. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more. >> reporter: it is a picture making headlines across the city, two-year old toddler clinging to the septa police officer after a cop found him in love park a few minutes before midnight on from it. >> my daughter was sleeping here. my son sleeps here. my wife sleeps here and i sleep here. >> reporter: michael jones is that young boy's father. >> we don't have money to pay rent. >> reporter: he and his family are home less and while they were sleeping in this makeshift shelter a cold night under some stairs at the park. >> that was the the best way we can, we had in wind blowing, blocked it off. >> reporter: michael and his wife angelic said her son heard skateboarders nearby. >> he is in love with
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skateboarding. >> reporter: somehow slipped out to check out the noise. >> he pushed the the box open, and barefoot walked through these roxanne went all the way around. >> reporter: michael woke up, noticed his two-year old gone. >> we walk over yelling and i ran over to dhs. they said they don't know nothing. we called the cops. >> reporter: by that time this cop safely had michael's son and michael says he is nothing but grateful. >> i don't care if dhs takes the kids or not but as long as my kid ace alive. god works in mysterious ways. maybe this will benefit us in the long way. >> reporter: fortunately, they tell me they won't to have stay here at love park tonight, they have a friend's house they are spending the night with. as for their court hearing for their children that is set for this monday. reporting here at love park i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". residents in haddon township are decorating their hems with ribbons in memory of three-year old brand an
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creato. his body was found in a wooded area shortly a after he disappeared from his father's home on tuesday. haddonfield floral is making royal blue and black ribbons they sell for $10, $2 from each sale will go to help the family, with funeral expenses. police are investigating the circumstances, of brendan's death so far, no charges, have been filed. frightening moments outside a wal-mart, when a man fired a rifle, sat the day afternoon, pennsylvania state police, say 31 year-old scott lee sergeant, shanon dough a striking opened fire at several cars. he shot the police when's arrived but officers returned fire and then he was then hit. he is new in the hospital and facing multiple charges, including a attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer. police in florida are investigating a shooting at the a some bye convention that
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killed one person air four others. the shooting took place in north former president fort myers at zombie con that draws 20,000 fans each year. police still do not the know what sparked the shooting but there is no suspect in custody at the this time. overseas more bloodshed in the middle east as palestinian and israeli forces clash in the streets. the at least four palestinians were killed questioned after attempted knife attacks on israelis, that is a according to the israeli military. cbs news, correspondent jonathan vigliotti has the very latest on the violence. >> israeli troops, stepped up patrols after a new wave of violent attacks in the west bank, an attempted knife attacks a on israeli civilians and police left several palestinians dead. the the the latest point of unrest is city of hebron where a few hundred jewish settlers live in close proximity to tens of thousands of palestinians. >> scenes like this playing out on the streets of hebron have november been uncommon. we have seen palestinian,
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throwing stones, but they are a little match for israeli army. >> unaudible. >> reporter: violence began more than a month ago and has been fueled by rumors that israel was planning to restrict palestinian access to the reveered mosque, israel denied allegations. hundreds of pro palestinian supporters protested outside israeli embassy in london: in a sign of unity jews and arabs march through streets of jerusalem calling for an end to the bloodshed. funeral for the the attackers have further insighted the violence and israeli troops, struggled to stop the attacks, without insighting more anger. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". mexican authorities nearly recapture escaped drug kingpin joaquin guzman better known as he will chop owe. officials say guzman barely
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got away, injuring his leg and face in the process. he broke out of prison in july a and has been on the run ever since, the the u.s. is offering a reward of up to five in million dollars for information leading to el chapo's arrest. mexico is offering, nearly 4 million. still to cop this morning, "eyewitness news", crews are trying to dig out, dozens of vehicles in california that were caught in devastating mud slide there, up next, see terrifying video shot, inside of a car. as it was being swept away. and if you are heading outside the door, jacket is necessary, today, it is cold outside this morning meteorologist kyla grogan let us know how long this cold snap will stick around.
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welcome back. we are seeing the first images of damage from the typhoon that slammed in the philippines this morning. typhoon kop p.o. blew assure with fierce wind in the northern philippines sunday. it toppled trees and knocked out power and communications. about 10,000 people have have been forced to evacuate. there were no immediate reports of the casualties there, many in small villages are under threat of floods orland slides as this storm, moves to the west. parts of the calorie main under a flash flood watch this morning and more rain is threatening disaster area of cure ran county. river of mud buried hundreds of vehicles and damage homes
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earlier this last week. one woman captured incredible video of her terrifying ordeal, the the moment that her car started floating, down the highway. >> reporter: ray eckland says she was on her way home from mohave, california when the the rain started pouring down. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: soon enough the car that she was a passenger in, went off the ground. >> oh, my god, it will hit us. oh, my god. >> we're floating. >> reporter: unsure of what would happen next, as cars turned into boats. >> oh, my god if we stay here we will never get out. >> we were inside the cars. i was not sure whether we were going to make it out of there. it looks like cars were going to float over the the wall, it was really horrifying. >> he is going to go over the the edge. >> reporter: once rain came to the stop, eckland and two with
7:17 am
men crawled through the windows. >> it was awful, walking out of there was really bad, because we were in mud up to our knees. >> reporter: they finally made it to safety, as for the car. >> we ended up on the back of the semi, the the car looks like it is ready to be had hauled away. there were hundreds of cars. the once we got through the the mud, and started to walk up the highway, once we got to high ground and out of the mud, you know, that is when we encounters all of the other cars just sitting there on the freeway. >> that was our natasha brown reporting. she said people were helping one eras they walk hours down the the highway offering each other blankets, clothing and shoes. we're in the dealing with mud slide but we have our own weather issues, here. >> yes, we do. >> it is all about the chill in the air this morning, diana but look at this. a gorgeous sunrise as we look live in our neighborhood
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network. this is in middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse but just 35 degrees as sun comes up. if there is any saving grace that wind is in the bad, northwest at 5 miles an hour but we here in philadelphia are under a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. this morning. areas of blue from trenton down to dover, even spots down the the shore, all dealing with those chilly temperatures. you might wonder is this early for this this? well, it is for philadelphia we will generally see our first frost late october. up in the the poconos they are ones that see it in early october. patchy frost certainly going to be out there as we sit at 39 degrees in philadelphia mount pocono just 26 degrees. all of the 30's on the map including millville coming in at 30 degrees. the as we zoom in down the shore you can see a few 40's. ocean city, barnegat light, ocean beach, you are topping out at 40. you are one of the lucky ones. it will be chilly, breezy, well below average and we will see 30's again overnight tonight. so that is something to look out for. live look at storm scan three shows us that we're nice and
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clear in the skies right now but we have cloud that are rolling in and check out the snow flurries that are happening in western pennsylvania pennsylvania. we don't have to worry about that but that moisture will try to make it toward us and give us a few sprinkles lakely in the afternoon. but sunshine as we start, work our way in the lower 50's. the those cloud rolling in this afternoon and it will be just a chilly one, everybody. future weather shows you that in moisture trying to make its way toward us but in the 5:00 o'clock hour a few of us will see models showing up near lancaster and west and south of philadelphia, maybe through wilmington a few sprinkles and then it is out of here. we will get clear skies in for monday and then we will try to warm it up as we get the to tuesday but overnight the tonight we will be under a freeze warning starting at midnight through 9:00 a.m. and all of the area in purple. every where from mount pocono, right on down to atlantic city, certainly including philadelphia, in that. now to the the poconos, they have been seeing chilly temperatures. i want to show them good news first. the that is your sunday is chilly, high of 41. your monday, some sunshine and
7:20 am
high of 46. there it is, warm up on tuesday, a high of 60 degrees. now most of us here in philadelphia, we're normally about 66 degrees this time of the year and well because low that today and tomorrow. we will hit it right on the nose but wednesday and thursday we're talking 70's everybody. we do hang in there for another 36, 48 hours and then we will be looking good. today a high of 52 looking out for cooler, breezy conditions, a as we get into tonight. that is when we will watch out under that freeze warning at a low of 33 expect. watch out for that patchy frost as well, afternoon sprinkle today is possible. warm up, on tuesday, here it comes, few clouds and then look at that, beautiful 73 and sunshine on wednesday, i like the look at that and wye hold those 70's for thursday as well, head in the weekend in the 60's. deep let we're hanging on, to tuesday will be here soon. >> after this chilly morning who doesn't like that, thank you. it is time to see how traffic is moving on the road. the here's ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center.
7:21 am
good morning, ann. >> we are looking at ben franklin parkway, set for the aid walk philly and preparations are underway for the aid walk philly. the the 5k run of the aid walk begins at around 7:30 this morning, walk begins, promptly at 9:00 a.m. but right the now preparations are underway and ben franklin parkway is shut down to the art museum circle and spring garden street along with martin luther king drive between ben franklin parkway and montgomery drive. we will move traffic cam from the ben franklin parkway to i-95. i-95 at girard moving along fine, volume building on i-95 through philadelphia and its suburbs but no access to tell you about. no construction. the most importantly no delays. moving the traffic cam one more time to the ben franklin bridge, ben franklin bridge is in good shape but eastbound into new jersey we have construction, the the entire length of the bridge right lane is closed, thinks a long term construction project into november. so far not causing any delay further up admiral wilson boulevard looks good, so does
7:22 am
676, 42 and 55 looking g since we're on the subject of the bridges, burlington bristol bridge is in the up position, and it is closed in both corrections, for a lift bridge opening. that is very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now diana, back to you. still a a head on "eyewitness news" strike a pose, more and more stores are offering, selfie stand, three on your side this morning with how the the craze, can get you discounts. we will be right back.
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retail stores and restaurant are using the selfie craze to promote their businesses. the companies are installing cameras allowing customers to snap, selfies and promote their products all at the same time. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan shows us how companies and customers are trying to capitalized on the selfie craze. >> reporter: like most millennials cristina takes plenty of selfies. >> this this is a funny way to communicate to friend quickly what is going on in my world. >> reporter: that is exactly the the trend businesses are banking on. >> people are obsessed with taking pictures of what they eat. >> reporter: why the the ceo of juice generation installed this selfie wall, customers can snap a pick and post it on social media. >> es specially today if you don't document it, it didn't happen. >> customers can promote their products. paint box nails they can get a pick of their manicured nails
7:26 am
giving paint box a perfect advertisement. >> we are living through greatest communication shift of our time. >> reporter: social media expert, gary says this selfie strategy is changing the way companies get the word out. >> it has changed everything because customers have louder voices and can reach many more people the way you market and have to get to people now happens in the social first environment. >> reporter: selfie snappers can benefit too, many stores reward them with discounts, free stuff. >> i think we live in a scenario where people want to share what they do for every move. >> reporter: businesses are giving them an easy way to do it. by the the way there are web sites where companies ask consumers to take selfies with products and if they lick them they pay for using the the the product. foap and scoop shop air monk those links. i'll post links on cbs and facebook and twitter. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. vice-president joe biden is running out of time to quinn the race on the white house. coming up who biden reportedly reached out to about his
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possible presidential campaign. and it the is feeling like fall or maybe even winter out there this morning, kyla will let you know when it will warm up, that is on the way this week. we will tell you much more about that, when we come right back. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives.
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good morning, today is sunday october 18th i'm diana rocco. the the time is 7:30. it is a chilly would be here in center city philadelphia lets get to meteorologist kyla grogan outside on the sky deck where it looks like you pulled out winter coat and accessories. >> yes, yes and yes, i've got it all from my fleece lined sweat pants to the coat, jack frost is nipping at our nose this morning, everybody. we are sitting in pretty chilly temperatures and that is prompting a frost advisory in place until 9:00 a.m. this morning. you can see spots in blue there in the frost advisory. unfortunate thely we don't kick this in one day. it will be tuesday before we warm up. chilly day below average temperatures today. afternoon sprinkle possible, but we are starting off with lots of sunshine today and more 30's tonight. for many of us, even in the 20's in the poconos.
7:31 am
it will be a chilly one. 39 degrees currently in center city. wind north at the 3 miles an hour. you can see beautiful blue skies, very nice, but take a look at storm scan three. while will we have blue skies now clouds rolling our way and yes, you to see some snow in western pennsylvania. so some snow flurries. we don't expect them to make it from frustrates but we coulde a sprinkle or one later this afternoon. the as we go through the the day, included increase and high of 52 degrees. average of 66 this time of the year. at the the shore high of 53. my goodness my friends in the poconos high of just 41 degrees for you as we get in the afternoon. tonight starting at midnight until 9:00 a.m. from the poconos right down to atlantic city we are under a freeze warning. so i will talk more about that and all of the chilly temperatures ahead, plus a warm up on the way that includes, diana, some 70's in our seven day forecast. >> i like the sound of that. that is good news. >> come back inside where it is warm. >> will do.
7:32 am
>> all right. >> happening today, chilly morning for a worthy cause, thousands are expect at philadelphia art museum this morning. so for the first leg of the 29th annual aids walk philly. that is where cheri greg is from our sister station kyw news radio 1060. she's live this morning where it has been a chilly morning for you, cheri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diana. yes, it has been chilly but our hearts are warm because we're out here for a wonderful cause, the the aid walk philly. the the first, leg of the race, or the run portion is about to get started as you can see folks are lined up, and the horn is about to sound, in just a moment, but a large part or a significant part of the aid walk philly here is the the aid memorial quilt. as you can see there are a couple dozen panels of the aid memorial quilt laid out here for you to see, memorializing some of the will folks who have lost their lives, to the
7:33 am
the epidemic. you can see one here in loving memory of dennis, john davis who died in 1998. i'm here now with pat le veil, how are you doing, pat. >> hi, how are you. >> hello. >> reporter: pat is key coordinator for aid memorial quilt. so tell me about this quilt, and andy show folks what is going on here. >> this quilt is made by people who are mourning the deaths of loved ones with aids. each one is designed by them, the the mourn are and created and submitted to the aids memorial, names project, memorial aid quilt. the quilt unfortunate thely is too big new to be displayed anywhere, so, panels are lent to organizations such as the the aids fund, so that they can be displayed in the community. >> because , 500,000 people have lost their lives to hiv and aids, in the united
7:34 am
states, since the epidemic began so there are 44,000 panels i understand. how big, this is one of the largest community projects. >> it is massive. it was last displayed in the mid 90's to in washington. the it filled at that time the entire mall and that is nearly 20 years ago. you can imagine how bigot is right now. >> wow. >> today, people have been talking bit. this epidemic is not over. people are still contracting hiv and aids, 60 percent of the new cases are among the the youth. so part of today is to get the awareness out to educate people about hiv and aid and to get tested and this is part of the demonstration. >> that is absolutely right. >> so 10,000 people are expect to be here, 9:00 a.m. when the walk portion begins, the the run, just got started, and so we will be here raise ago wearness about the epidemic and trying to stop the spread.
7:35 am
and can't for get that. live from the art museum, cheri greg for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> important stuff, thanks, cheri. u.s. airways final flight 1939 ended right where it began in philadelphia, final flight traveled to charlotte, phoenix and san francisco before touching down in philadelphia international the airport. the trip completing the last leg of its journey with american airlines. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has the the story from terminal a. >> have a good time. >> reporter: it is a new dawn for u.s. airways. >> there we go, guys. >> reporter: what a way to wake up passengers on board this grand finally flight. >> yeah, wow. >> wow. >> folks had in business here in philadelphia but booked a red eye out of san francisco in the less. >> i have been a long time customer, airline has been
7:36 am
good to me, i'm kind of a nostalgic person. i wanted to be part of it. >> reporter: flight 1939 is year in which the airline was founded originally as allegheny a airline. >> when i first started flying we were going to new york, and el mir a, new york. >> reporter: skies became the limit for u.s. airways thanks in part to flight 1939 passengers, ed, who happens to be the airline's former long time ceo. >> it is a great industry and i was privileged to be a part of it for a good many years. >> reporter: also welcome what is the next generation of flights. ethan kelloggs boarded the plane in philadelphia a american 24 hours ago and rode it run trip all the way back. >> i wanted to be part of aviation history. >> reporter: bon voyage it was as fleet goes off to be rebranded a morning that proves the romance of aviation is still there for those who take time to see it. >> original spirit of flying is still alive and a lot of people here experience that.
7:37 am
>> i came a across the the you had, for four hours and 20 minutes, overnight. the isn't that fantastic. >> reporter: think about it this way, u.s. airways was founded just 12 years after charles lindberg took that historic flight across the the atlantic and look the at how far we have come. u.s. airways will continue on as american airlines. the reporting from philadelphia international airport i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and now to campaign 2016, time is running out for vice-president joe biden, to jump in the race for the the white house. biden is reportedly planning to make a decision in a few days, reportedly he has reached out to the international association of fire fighters to discuss his possible run. while giving the keynote address at human rights campaign dinner in insuring many say he sounded like a candidate. spoke about the the needs to protect religious freedom abroad. >> we have to remain vigilant
7:38 am
here at home as well fighting the insidious forces that we still struggle against. we have to call out anti sematism and anti muslim rhetoric where ever we see it, when it seeps into our day to day discourse. >> reporter: fire fighters union has previously endorsed hillary clinton but head of the ia the ff has suggested that if biden runs he will get union support. comments from donald trump are once again making headlines, in a television interviewfully trump partly laid blame for 9/11 at the feet of the former president george w. bush. the the republican presidential candidate, seemed to imply bush shared responsibility for the terrorist attacks, that took place on the twin towers. >> you talk about george w. bush and say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. >> the former president's brother, and fellow g.o.p. candidate jeb bush responded via twitter saying how
7:39 am
pathetic for donald trum top criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. for his part usually talkative trump has so far refused to answer questions on the subject. stay with "eyewitness news" on continuing coverage, of campaign 2016, we will have have very latest on air and on our web site at the cbs local music, and two students are tuning up with the band leader on have the late night show with stephen colbert. >> ♪ >> that is john baptiste students collaborated with him at curtis instant tight of music in center city. he is wearing the white hat there this is play on philly master class series. he also performed at a annenberg center for performing arts. you can catch john, steven every week night on the the late show at 11:35, of course, right here after "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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the philadelphia association of black journalist is celebrating, some of the best in our industry. the the the organization held its annual award ceremony on independent mall, and several members of the cbs family were there as well for the the celebration. the event honors area journalist and community leaders for their outstanding contributions to the region, much of the proceed from the event fund college scholarships. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", the the new way to look fresh even when you work out. less sweating and no more melting make up, or limp hair. stephanie stahl, our health reporter, will show you new treatments. also it the is cool outside and breeze think morning but a warm up is on the way, meteorologist kyla grogan will have your weekday forecast after the the break.
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. big fundraiser for fight begins breast cancer. hundreds of people gathered in philadelphia for pink tie ball. this years organizers, with the komen philadelphia event, pick an under the sea theme. the the pink tie ball has raised millions have dollars for breast cancer research, and services, in the philadelphia area. and our kate bilo and stephanie stahl, were among those, attending the fundraiser. do you hate the way you look after after a work out? don't sweat it. on this cbs-3 healthwatch this morning there is a new way to look fresh when you are exercising and after.
7:44 am
less sweating, in more melting make up or limp hair. stephanie stahl has latest on the the new treatment. >> reporter: jeff doyle knows importance of working out. >> but this is just sweat balling your make up comes down. >> reporter: not any more now she does hair and make up before exercising and heads to work looking fresh. she credits regular botox injections. >> stop excessive sweating. >> reporter: botox, best men for tweeting wrinkles can stop sweating in a number of places, including the scalp. >> right here. >> my hair is dry, my headache up is on, and, it is, you have seen me before the treatment. i would love it. i looked like i came out of the shower. >> reporter: doctor guess he have avatar says he treats pennsylvania patient was a conditions with extensive sweating and in this case around the the hairline and around the head. >> these people are very handicapped by it. the these are people really have change their life around, this condition. >> reporter: it can take
7:45 am
hundreds of tiny injections of botox to the scalp to reduce or stop excessive sweating. it was worth it for joran stewart who was concern about her hair. >> i'm always needing to spend more money and more machine toy get blow out after blow out. >> reporter: she said her head sweat was leaving her with limp damp hair this was her first treatment. >> i heard about this. i thought it would be i great way to make high hair last longer. >> reporter: doctors say patients usually see results in some days. stewart a said it was worth it the for perfect. >> my scalp isn't sweating. my hair is in the getting as frizzy. it is great. >> reporter: results cannulas nine months but botox injections that cost between 12 to $1,500 per treatment don't work for everyone. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a major milestone for astronaut scott kelly. he has now spent more time in space then any other american. a according to nasa, friday was his, 300 and eighty-third day living in space, and that is a new record for cumulative
7:46 am
stay. kelly is now more than halfway through a nearly year long mission aboard the international space station. he is scheduled to return to earth on march 3rd of 2016. could you just in the watch that video all day long of them eating and doing anything in space. >> anti gravity. >> so will cool. best pictures. good morning my eyewitness weather watchers are out there and they are chilly this morning. we are getting very low observations. let's start with this within here, 29 degrees good morning, robin, in mount laurel. there is lost of sunshine. the nice and clear but she says hey, beautiful morning but it is too cold, too soon. you are correct. we are looking at mid-november temperatures right now. we should not be this cold right now. 28 degrees as we go further north, it is john, in perkasie, and he also has a sunshine there. he said finally broke down and turn the heat on. i get that, man, i would too. you've got the to this morning. let's do one more and go
7:47 am
further to the west there 34 degrees. good morning to you in nottingham. he has that sunshine out there he said frost on the windshield where is the the ice scraper, already, fran, already we need the ice scraper. hang in there, everybody. lets take a live look right new down the the shore, ocean city where i would venture to say no one will be wearing a bikini today, yeah, i don't think so. i don't think so. but we're looking good. we have got a few cloud out there you don't see many people walking on the boardwalk this morning. if you do take a walk, bundle up. right the now wind are calm but temperatures, 26 degrees in mount pocono right now. thirty-three in lancaster. the just 39 in philadelphia. look at my friend in millville there the at 30 degrees this morning. we will zoom in and you've got some company my friend in millville because doylestown, mount holly sitting at 30-degree mark. warmer in palmyra at 35 this morning. we are under a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. for areas in blue. from trenton down to dover, even some spots down the the
7:48 am
shore, and you might have yourself thinking, well, okay, what makes for frost. clear skies. light wind. we've got that right the now. lows in the mid to upper 30's. we have that which leaves with us surfaces below freezing. here's calm wind. shall is under 10 miles an hour. do i expect that to ramp up in the afternoon hours today. so it is going to be chilly out there. live look at storm scan three shows us blue skies right new but a as we zoom out we will see cloud rolling our way and some snow flakes in western pennsylvania. they are not coming. they are not invaded to the party but we could see a few sprinkles throughout our afternoon today. sunshine will turn to cloudy skies this afternoon. monday morning low the 33 degrees. the afternoon high 53. that is to say we are not warming up until tuesday. let's first lets track that moisture forward and show you as we get in the afternoon you do see it turns to sprinkle also and rain at 5:00 p.m. where we could see a few sprinkles. the it the clears out. the then we will get in the monday. we will get our sunshine back
7:49 am
but we will in the get temperatures back. freeze warning in place from midnight to 9:00 a a.m. from mount pocono right down to atlantic city. everybody, it will be a chilly one. sunday through monday night's eagles game. heading out the 44 degrees at the 8:30 at night as eagles take on the giant. it will be killed, yeah, bundle up. average high 66 degrees. you can see we will in the get there until tuesday. the wednesday, thursday they we've got 70's though. today a high of 52 degrees. cool, breezy. tonight we will get down to 33. watch out that freeze warning is in place but here's relief, seven day forecast shows tuesday 60es, wednesday and thursday 70's as we have collective sigh of relief. do you love weather? you can be featured a and become an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at cbs diane. thanks, kyla. 7:49. time to check the roadways. the lets get to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, ann.
7:50 am
>> good morning, diane a we have a serious fire in abington township, what you are seeing is smoke from that fire at the the lulu country club. limekiln pike is shut down between mount carmel avenue and jenkintown road. this is a serious fire at the the lulu country club, limekiln pike shut down between mount carmel avenue and jenkintown road in glenside, montgomery county. we will move the traffic cam from the scene and we will take you right here to the schuylkill at spring garden street. the schuylkill is in good shape this morning, and no delays or problems, however, since we're in the general vicinity we have to know that the ben franklin parkway that is shut down from the art museum circle and spring garden street for aid walk philly 5k going on. if you look to the right that is martin luther king drive shut down between parkway and montgomery drive for the walk as well. moving to traffic cam one more time to the mid county tolls, pennsylvania turnpike in delays or problems at the tolls. heading to the poconos today the the northeast extension and pa turnpike will look okay as well. that is latest from the cbs-3
7:51 am
traffic center, i'm ann evans, now diana, back to you. thanks, ann. still to come on "eyewitness news", the bird put final touches on the game plan to beat the giants. the plus, could temple continue their winning ways and finally beat central florida? sports is next, but first here's what is up next on cbs-3.
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temple football is on a roll, the owls are now six and zero for the first type in 41 years after beating central florida. owls took the opening kick off and marched down field hand off to jahad thomas who goes 12-yard for the score. temple with the early lead. second quarter temple, jaywalker, drops back, able to find vantell bryant for his first career touchdown. owls lead 14- 36789 the fourth quarter temple down 16-14jahad thomas comes through breaking a tackle going 2 yards for a touchdown. jahad ran for 199-yard as temple won 30-16 and thorough now bowl eligible. penn state on the road facing top rang ohio state, the nittany lions went into a contest riding a five game winning streak. second quarter penn state, field goal, national champs showing their true colors, jp barrett calling his own number. ohio state will take the the lead, later, hand off to elliott, weaves his way through the the the defense.
7:55 am
scores from 10-yard out aspen state's five game winning streak comes to than a end, 38-ten the final. villanova, albany, cats up ten to nothing in the third. add to that jevan whitings up middle and gets a push from the o line to make it 17 to nothing nova. later on, zach beenarchic find a wide over kevin gulast, villanova shut out albany 37-nothing. penn taking on columbia their new head coach, al bagn oli, quakers show no mercy. alex torqueson with the 25-yard to the house. penn with the 14-seven lead. later on brian, goes up the middle for score. penn beats columbia 42 -seven. what a finish twin michigan and michigan state. wolverines punting ten seconds left, blake o'neill drops a snap, tries to punt. spartans jailen jackson scoops
7:56 am
it up, scores 38-yard. and fans stun. then during the celebration, watch jackson dislocate his hip. michigan state with the 27-23 walk off victory. eagles will hold a walk through before tomorrow night's showdown with the giants. brandon bear, kiko alonzo michael kendrick and nelson ago hall or will miss the game w nelson out, huff will see more time. caught four passes for 78-yard. both career highs. he scored his fierce offensive touchdown in the nfl and wants to do more in the eagles offence. >> it is more exciting to be more involve. but i just got to continue to work and continue to move forward, and depending on what happened last weekend just moving forward. >> giants wide receiver odell beckham junior has not practiced with the sore hand string and listed as questionable. beckham is vital pete to the giants offense, 31 catches for 428-yard and three touchdowns this season. chip kelly says he expects
7:57 am
beckham to play and so does cornerback byron maxwell. >> beckham will be right out there. you know, they have that article like he ran, i don't know what he ran but he ran at top speed. but, he will play. every injury, you know, you don't come back in the game. so he will play. >> game to of the american league championship between blue jays and royals. kansas city trailing three to nothing in the seventh and then scored five runs, to will rally past toronto six-three. then they take a two games to nothing lead in the best of seven series. the mets beat cubs four-two in game one of of the national league championship series. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. much more to come this morning on "eyewitness news", stay with us, we will be
7:58 am
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how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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we will begin with breaking news this morning a huge fire burning right now, at the country club in montgomery county. here is what we necessity right now montgomery county dispatch tells "eyewitness news" that the call came in around 6:30 for a two alarm fire at the lulu country club on the 1600 block of limekiln pike in glenside. we are told fire started in the basement and it is not under control. you can see the the fire is burning there. that is a live look. fire dispatch says that there are in transport or injuries at this time but we are keeping a very close eye on this, and we will bring you any and all developments, as they come to our news room. good morning, everyone, today is sunday october 18th i'm diana rocco in for nicole brewer. it is a chilly start the two day here in center city. the lets get to meteorologist kyla grogan with what we can expect the rest of the day and


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