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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 18, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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marco. marco. marco. polo. man: clear! (krumitz whoops) this is definitely the right place. all clear! krumitz: robert gaines, professor of sociology. clear! where the hell are you, mr. gaines? dean, there's a guy here to see you. said he's got the information you wanted. says he's a friend. who is it? won't say. but he said that nicole sent him. (chuckles) yeah, send him in.
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well, that's interesting. what is? you see that-- usb drive sitting right there? i bet you cash money that's a kill drive, designed to wipe the entire hard drive if it's removed. so, what's the play? uh, don't remove it. just shut the whole system down. oh, damn it! what? what happened? it was set to wipe no matter what. we're losing everything. can you image it? i'll let you know in about ten seconds. what are you doing here, bobby? i wanted to see you. figured five years was long enough. you're a bad liar. i was hoping with all that's going on, you were ready to make amends. amends for what? doing what's right? you hurt me, dean. doesn't that mean anything to you? isn't that worth an apology? you're right. i'm sorry. i'm sorry you're a fool and she's a whore.
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why, you ungrateful bastard! get off me! (both grunting) get him off! get off! you're gonna pay for this, dean! i swear to god, you're gonna pay! man: stop it! russell: what's the verdict? um, didn't get much. you should have it on screen now. a few files, some photos, his doctoral thesis. the plot thickens. what? what is it? avery was right. this is personal. officer causley and robert gaines are brothers.
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(indistinct chatter) so, all of us blue-eyed kids were seated at the back of the class. we were denied privileges, told that we were stupid, treated like second-class citizens. and all the brown-eyed kids were treated like little geniuses, little gods. the next day the teacher reversed the roles, and we were sat up front. and we were given all the privileges. and the brown-eyed kids, they were treated like less than. and they were discriminated against by all of us. that's fascinating. it was called "the blue eyes, brown eyes" experiment. separating third graders by eye color
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to teach them the tenets of racism. i mean, that's brilliant. and extremely controversial. but it was powerful. it changed me. okay, so you're thinking that gaines is conducting a racially based social experiment. is that right? it's the only theory that makes sense. gaines won critical acclaim for a book he wrote-- from negro to black: the forced assimilation of the african american. so, it's unlikely that gaines is a racist. his arguments are well reasoned. he claims that knowing the signs of racial discord will help defeat it. here. in his thesis, gaines hypothesizes that: "any city with a black populace of 20% to 50% and an unemployment of 16% or higher is a racial tinderbox." well, ashdale's a perfect fit. just look around. clearly racism is still rearing its ugly head. but here's the weird thing-- i don't think this is about race. it's about him-- gaines. he's socially engineering racism to prove his doctoral thesis.
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okay, well, if that's true, then he's been planning this for a long time. he might even know something about derek noels that we don't. might've even he killed him. it's possible. gaines knows this city. and he knows the people of ashdale cannot take another hit. which means that's exactly what's gonna happen. okay, so what's he planning? i don't know what, but i know where. every news outlet in the country is gonna be at derek noels' vigil tonight. that's where he'll strike. so he's ours. we know who he is and where he'll be. all we need is enough eyes to find him. (crowd chanting) as emotions run high, people are now calling for an investigation into this incident. asking if the fbi went too far in striking a defenseless black protester. hey, avery thinks gaines is gonna be at the vigil. we're setting up surveillance to take him down. thanks. do we have a problem? nah. no problem.
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when two men have a problem, they talk about it. more often than not, that problem goes away. that would be a great approach if we had a problem. if this is about that takedown, it was a clean takedown. it had nothing to do with race. and there we go. every time someone says it's not about race, the one thing you can take to the bank is that it's definitely about race. well, not this time, nelson. come on, you were there. you saw it-- a guy came at my head with a baseball bat. it's not about that! look! e-mails i accessed while looking for the intrusion. you see? oh, there's more. this is my favorite one right here. those words didn't come from the racists out there. those are words from them! yeah, some of the very cops you cozied up to after your greatest hits performance.
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listen, you got to know i would never stand for this. i'm not like that. and most of them aren't, either. they're good people. it only takes a few. this doesn't happen overnight. robert gaines might have lit the match, but the gas was poured years ago. nelson... i'm sorry. i mean, you're right-- this is despicable. but you can't make me accountable for some bigoted cops that i don't even know. look me in my eye, bro, and tell me you never said it before. in anger, in jest, singing the words to your favorite song, laughing at an inappropriate joke, failing to correct a friend or a family member when they crossed the line. tell me you're the one.
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(water runs) (gasps) (chuckles) (laughs) you scared me. do you love me? forever. prove it. i thought i proved it when i married you, but...
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...i'll happily do it again. krumitz: all right, raven, ready when you are. ramirez: give me a sec. i'm linking to the security cam footage outside the ashdale police station. we'll be able to find gaines if he's there. all right, facial recognition is up and running. we're also searching the crowd for any signs of gaines. but these are live feeds, so there's a time delay. ryan: copy that. mundo: all right, you guys are our eyes. it's a mad house down here. (chanting): where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! okay, i think we've got something. elijah, 20 yards north, across the street. blue shirt, black hat. i got him. ...justice knows no death. where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? he made me. i lost him.
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ryan: krummy, talk to me. uh, okay, okay. okay, okay, um... there he is, there he is, to your left, avery. he's right beside you. ramirez: elijah, 3:00. ...justice knows no death. where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? ryan: hands up, hands up, don't move. fbi, hands behind your back now! give me your other hand! ryan: he wiped his phone. stand back! clear! ryan: he wiped his phone. only wendy's makes a deal, feel like a meal! introducing our new four for four! four bucks for a junior bacon cheeseburger, nuggets, fries and a drink. you're still sitting there? that's fresh, never frozen, beef, sizzling bacon and so much more. get four for four, now at wendy's. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of these feet...e pain, ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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(chanting): where is derek noels? justice knows no death! mr. gaines, i'm special agent avery ryan. i'm with the fbi. may i please have some water? i have a few questions. you answer them honestly, you'll not only get water, i'll let you speak to your wife, nicole. how does that sound? you're good. i mean, you set the parameters of what you want, use my wife as a lure to ensure cooperation, even drop her first name to put us on a personal level. it's impressive. thanks.
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i read your thesis. i know it's a sick experiment, some twisted social game you're playing, but why? this is no game, agent ryan. this is the evolution of social science. i was able to predict with absolute certainty the chain of events which led to-to this moment. mankind will benefit because of us. and who is "us"? derek and i. derek noels? he's a remarkable human being. nine months ago, i met derek on a bus bound for new york. he poured his heart out. he... he shared his pain. and he told me a story about how he was humiliated by a cop. beaten... but never arrested. derek was homeless and unable to find a job. he was so broken by the system that he just wanted to disappear. so that's what inspired you to find the video and post it online? that's not derek in that video. the irony is-- is my brother had
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several videos to choose from. destiny chose this one. so where's derek now? i don't know. then who's the man in that video? does it matter? they're all derek noels. you're not racist. you're a coward. this isn't about science. this is about vengeance, because you hate your brother. how do you think your wife, nicole, is gonna feel when she finds out her husband is responsible for all of this? enjoy reading your thesis in prison. only after bloodshed is there healing. 9/11, sandy hook, the charleston church shooting. it's the only way. ryan: something is not right. he's extremely calm, much too confident in the face of defeat. he's got another play. did you get anything off his phone? no, it was wiped clean. (indistinct chatter about phones)
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chief richards, what's going on? i'm on with causley. the safe house has been compromised. his gps coordinates are being sent to every phone in the city. his detail is headed back to the precinct. ryan: this is his play. this is gaines. he wanted to make sure that his brother was slaughtered tonight. how's he doing this, nelson? nelson: has to be an auto-dialer. question is-- how'd he tag him? it's the gps in the car, it's got to be. protocol is to sweep the car before it moves. and the gps is turned off... it's the phones, the phones. i need to talk to causley. ryan: officer causley, this is special agent ryan with the fbi. listen to me carefully, i need you and your detail to toss your phones now. you're being tracked. phones. it's done. nelson: didn't work. he's still tagged. the tracker has to be on him, hidden. you two, get a team, bring causley back. on it. ryan: officer causley, i believe your brother planted a tracker on you.
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it's small, it should be hidden on something he knows you would keep with you. causley: he hid the tracker in my badge? sneaky son of a... man: oh, my god! woman: what was that?! somebody call 911! hey, man. isn't that that cop? call an ambulance, i've got causley! nelson: hello? yo, listen, listen. we need an emt over at avenue 24 and d street. hurry up! come quick! come on! that's the cop that killed derek noels! get back now! come on! mundo: get him back to the precinct, go! stay back! stay back!
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hurry, hurry, the tracker. it's my badge, my badge. get in. (tires screeching) (chanting): where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? get him out of sight. are you two hurt? no. yeah, we're good. agent ryan, thank you. all of you. but i think it's best if you and your team go.
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we're not going anywhere until order is restored. richards: i appreciate the sentiment. we don't have enough men to hold city hall. and the national guard won't arrive until morning. where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? i'm derek noels.
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justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! where is derek noels? justice knows no death! i'm derek noels. where is derek noels? justice knows no death! i'm derek noels. i'm still alive. news anchor: this just in. our reporter in the field is letting us know that derek noels is alive and is at the protest. stop! captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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. from the cbs3 broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now on "eyewitness news", we're in for another cold blast tonight at philly air sticks around for the start of work week.
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good evening, i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us. freeze warnings will take effect in matter of minutes apparently. lauren casey is standing by with the latest for us, lauren? >> thanks, natasha, good news, bad news, the good news is it's a coldest of the cold that's also the bad news, the we still have to get through it overnight freeze warning in effect for the entire area including the city of philadelphia. temperatures will be plum meting. storm scan 3 quiet conditions after clouds and even reports of a few flakes in the lehigh valley and a couple of reports of snow pellets as well. little bit closer to the city, right now, quiet conditions, and temperatures that are dropping, getting look at our neighborhood network trying to hold on to 40s in cape may, 39 degrees in camden, philadelphia, we're at 40, already well down into the 20 in mount poconos, and nearing in freezing mark in allentown
12:00 am
and in your first forecast, we will be waking up to 34 degrees in philadelphia, that's just five degrees shy of our record low temperature setback in the 1970s. nice element, light wind be we don't deal too much with the windchill impact. clear sky conditions, nice and sunny into the lunch hour, temperatures struggling only in the low 40s, highs will still be cool tomorrow, we'll talk about that plus a nice big warmup in store coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. slithering scare meantime on septa, a snake let's on a bus causing quite a fuss also an evacuation. >> reporter: it was a har rowing or deal for passengers on route 52? she got under the seat in the bus. >> reporter: this two and a half foot boa constricter slithered away from owner karon riley. karon says she was supposed to
12:01 am
be tucked in his patockets whene realized he was loose. septa police caught the snake, it was in a compartment under a seat, overcome with relief at reds safe return, he immediately hugged the brave officers' and even our camera man, he tells us he bought reds food and on her way home, no big deal, the neighbors also didn't seem to mind'sly. >> you're supposed to have him in a cage. they give you a cage. >> it wasn't in a cage today; right? . >> no, attack it it wasn't. >> karon's young son apparently on the bus as well. >> he crawling around me and coming towards me. >> reporter: but septa apparently is not a huge fan of loose snakes. karon was thrown off the bus. ever the operate mist didn't seem worried.
12:02 am
he busses don't seem to be stopping, how are you going to get to where you're going? >> hitch hike. >> unclear how karon ultimately made it home and while they say you can't put a price tag on love. >> this is a $450 snake and i love her to death. >>. >> reporter: karon tells me he was not given a citation but septa police chief says the investigation is under way many factors will ultimately determine if, neck, charges will be filed, reporting at septa headquarters rahel solomon cbs3. >> a fire rips through a century old club house, cherri gregg shows us those who love lulu country club are hoping they can pick up the pieces. >> reporter: 100 year, lulu country club has been known for it is rolling hills, fast greens and friends. >> a lot of good commradere,
12:03 am
fun. >> reporter: sunday morning when employees arrived the quiet hills were end gulfed in smoke when the basement of the club house caught fire. >> when i arrived, it was pretty significant amount of fire showing from the front side of building. once we got around back, we had a better look and could see it already consumed the attic. >> reporter: century old timber caused the fire to spread quickly, forced to ring a second alarm. it took 100 firefighters nearly three hours to control the blaze. >> one of the biggest challenges was a remote location of the lulu golf course, firefighters had to employ hundreds of feet of hose to get the water to where it was needed most, what was left charred wood and ash. a devastating site for loyal lulu members. >> shocking heartbreaking terrible. >> i was completely shocked, surprised. my experience here has been nothing but spectacular.
12:04 am
>> trophies and photographs destroyed. >> we have a lot of good memories that relate to the club house and the club house is gone. >> reporter: members say the fire is a blow. their beloved club turned a corner after financial difficulty. but they have hope. >> we will rebuild, i'm sure of that. >> reporter: the rolling hills and fast greens on the golf course remains, evidence that the lulu club house could rise from the ashs once again. in glenside -- cherri gregg kyw news radio for cbs3 "eyewitness news". cbs3 was first on the scene as fire ripped through a row home on 2500 block of north mar sten street of strawberry mansion. you can see dozens of firefighters working to do you see the flames's one firefighter was taken to the hospital with a leg injury expected to be ok. no one else hurt. police say a man running across roosevelt boulevard was killed today when he was hit by a car. this happened at 2:15 this afternoon in the feltonville section of philadelphia.
12:05 am
investigators say 66-year-old man darted across the road and was hit by a car traveling southbound. he died at the hospital. the driver of the car did stop at the scene, no charges are expected. . philadelphia police meantime are investigating a deadly shooting. the victim is a teenager. the 19-year-old was found on the street at invited and locust in west philly with gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are still searching for the suspect and a weapon. gunman does remain on the loose after opening fire at the popular elbow con event in florida, one person killed, five others injured. wendy gilette is tracking the late of the in this elevation. >> reporter: hundreds dressed as zombies fled in real terror friday night. someone opened fire just


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