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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good among day morning to you, the question today where did fall go? waking to up temperatures near freezing today, more on your forecast, also whether we can expect any warmer wet they are later this week. >> also, police are investigating a overnight accident, in south philadelphia. that sent one person to the hospital. more on the accident involving a car and a tow truck and just over two weeks now from the mayoral election here in philadelphia. the can't dates are facing off once again doors trails on tonight's debate. >> good morning it is monday being october 19th, i'm erika von tiehl. checking on the cold weather and the roads checking in with meisha. >> i woke up for the first time this morning, wow, coy
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actually wear a winter jacket today. roads are looking good out there. but how is it feeling outside? >> it is cold. i think a lot of people will be doing scraping this morning if you left the car outside. some spots below freezing, not done just yet, usually coldest right before sunrise, that's not happening until after 7:00 a.m. freeze warning remains in effect until 9:00 throughout the ten tire delaware valley. even here in the city of philadelphia, could be dealing with freezing. thirty-six at the airport, 34 in wilmington, look at the suburbs, millville, 30 degrees, allentown, 27, it is freezing right now, in trenton, quakertown, 25 degrees, and that's the actual temperature, not the windchill. willowwillow grove at 29. thirty-six for philadelphia, it makes it the coldest temperatures since april 1st of this year. soap, again, first hint of the true cold season compared to yesterday, at this time, anywhere from about five to 10 degrees colder. so that's a trend today.
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chilly day. may have passing cloud, that's about it, a lot of sunshine, temperatures still on the chilly side through the morning, make it to the mid 40's by lunchtime, that's it, in the sunshine, afternoon highs, low to mid 50's, but don't worry looking for milder temperatures, we have that. in the seven day forecast, we will get to the details in a few minute. meisha, what's the latest on the road? >> good thing about the cold weather coming in construction start to disappear, that's how it is welcome break. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you, if you are just grabbing your cup of coffee with us, so happy your area here. first look outside. fifty-nine southbound at cottman, see it is looking really good. we do have travelers out there already just jumping on the roadways early 95 at cottman, one of the areas we keep our eye on in the morning look g pretty good right now. east at girard, looking good here as well. all of the roads kind of looking at for a monday, it will be busy, we do know. that will right now things holding steady and looking
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good. at the ben franklin bridge, looking like ghosttown, still very dark outside, still very chilly. a loft us not want to go pull the cover off. dow not blame you. it is cold. fifty-two on 95, you can see that, 51 on the schuylkill looking good, # five staying good on the blue route as well, then also we have been talking about this, as well, chestnut street bridge over 95 is closed between front and columbus about until further notice, damage to the support pier, traffic diverted to front street. youth alternate such as market. back to you. >> that early morning chill were you talking about, forcing a lot of people to move the timetable on digging out those sweater and winter coat. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at a wawa in pennsauken, a lot of folks stepping back for a nice cup of coffee. >> good morning, can cough app, tea tea, whatever is hot. before leaving for work or school this morning, you want to watch the forecast here. maybe grab a sweater coat or at least a hat before headed out this morning, now, here is some video proof. this is video sent to us in
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"eyewitness news", flakes falling in vineland, new jersey sunday, and watch that fine coating of snowflakes falling on that deck, not inches, at least not yet. and in wailing forward a viewing got their cell phone camera out, too, to catch the dust that fell in the front yard n philadelphia, not much in the way of flakes yet in old city, but those who were out felt that blast of cold. their coats were on, after our weekend of chilly temps. now, the fall numbers put us in mid 30's for the morning commute, so many folks might be colder hovering around freezing and lower, of course it will soon be colder, summer already warning get ready for winter. >> i love the winter, because it is like you bundle up in the blanket, and the heat, but the cold weather when it get cold, make sure you're home and you dress warm or whenever you are going out make sure you dress warm and be safe. >> and being safe is key for all of us with the weather being the way it is right now, it might be safe to bring in
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your pets and also your plants in case it gets a bit colder out. live in pennsauken, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> not ready for the 30's, justin, thank you. >> new this morning, a driver is seriously hurt after his vehicle rearended a tow truck in south philadelphia. dispatch says the accident happened around 2:00 this morning, near the intersection of penrose and paterson avenue. the injured man was taken to the hospital where unstable vital signs. police have not released his identity. happening tonight, two of the candidates for mayor of philadelphia face-off in another debate. democrat jim kenny and republican melissa murray bailly go head-to-head at the temple reporting art center. will focus on business and economic development. >> over night firefighters were still dealing with minor flare ups from that huge fire at the montgomery county country club. fire destroyed a nearly 100 year old clubhouse. this was the scene at glennside lulu country club
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yesterday morning. fire broke out in the basement and quickly spread throughout the entire building. members say this lost hits them hard. >> we've eaten dinner over here, attended parties, you know, my family swam at the pool down the street here, but yes, absolutely, it is to has been a spectacular building. it has a lot of memories. >> the investigation continues, as every right now the fire marshall says the fire did not appear to be intentionally set. cbs-3 was first on the scene as another fire ripped through row home on the 2500 block of north marston street in strawberry mansion. dozens of firefighters were on the scene yesterday afternoon fighting the flames. we're told one firefighter was taken to the hospital with leg injury. he's expected to be okay. no one else was hurt. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting and the victim is a teenager, the 19 year old found on the street yesterday afternoon, at 52nd and locust in west philadelphia with gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital
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where he died. his name has not been released. police say they're still searching for both suspect and the weapon. >> right now, it is 4:37. and slithering surprise when a snake forces evacuation of septa bus in west philadelphia. man boarded the route 52 bus with his two and a half foot long boa con victor yesterday afternoon t goss loose but short time later coiled under the seats and the driver was forced to alert of course septa police. that will bus was evaculated at 52nd and westminster, and septa police returned that snake to it owner. >> under the seat in the bush, he got stuck in there. and i finally got my baby back. this was a 450-dollar snake. and i love her it death. >> septa through him and the snake off the bus. septa police are investigating. passenger transferred to other buses. >> well, this morning, police are searching for the shooter who opened fire at zombie con in florida this past weekend.
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one person is dead and five others injured in the shooting at the zombie theme event. it happened just before midnight on saturday in fort myers. the victim who died was a 20 year old junior college football player. police are canvassing the area for witnesses who may have clues as to who is responsible. >> secretary of state, john kerry, is expected to meet with israeli and palestinian leaders in the next few days after rash of violence. yesterday, an attacker started shooting and stabbing people in a bus station killing one israeli soldier and wounding at least ten other. this is the latest in the month long wave of violence which has result in the increased security all around israel. >> the iran nuclear deal is officially in effect this morning. the deal formally went into place sunday, opening the way for iran to make major changes to underground nuclear facility. the us expects iran will take months to live up to its end of the bargain, that could eventually provide the country relief from international
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sanctions. iran's sanctions may not be lifted immediately. the country must further way in it nuclear program before any changes will happen. this hasn't happened in more than 35 years, temple's football team is in the top 25. the ranking were released yesterday and the owls we know number 22 in the nation. temple's now six and zero after beating central florida 38 to 16 on saturday. thomas ran for career high 199 yards, and three scores. if temple beats east carolina next week, they will be seven and zero for the first time it school history. they also host notre dame on halloween weekend. let's go temple. much more to cover here on "eyewitness news", crews are digging out cars after flashflooding causes mudslides. more on the search effort for people possibly trapped inside their vehicles there. and, oh, you are waking to up near freezing temperatures, bring your pets in if you haven't already. justin has more on whether fall is gone for good or if we see warmer temperatures this week.
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details on your forecast whether we come right b
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>> firefighters manage to contain 06% of central texas fire near austin, but conditions are making progress difficult. so far 50 homes have been destroyed and roughly 4600 acres now black ends as a result of this fire, it has been burning for nearly a week. officials are now bracing for an approaching front that will i can will lip boost winds and lower humidity. clean up crews have reopened some southern california roads that were burried by a mud slide triggered by flashflooding. at least 30 cars and trucks are stranded in the hardened mud north of los angeles after being swept off of highway 58 following heavy rain on thursday. there have no reports of any injuries. but officials are saying they're searching vehicles for anyone trapped inside. this process could take days. back here at home, though, my gosh, the freezing textures or near freezing we are talking about, cold weekend and cold start to your day.
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>> it will get bet they are week, so looking for milder temperatures, don't worry, fall will be sticking around. >> thank goodness, wondering where it went? straight to winter. >> you supply to do some scraping this morning, so maybe allow couple of extra minute, if you left your car outside. but clear skies, pretty calm, good thing, not dealing with any harsh winds, live look at center city right now, no threat of any precipitation today, just lots of sunshine, but again, overall today, temperatures still remain on the cool side. check it out. south jersey, delaware, you guys are cold. at 30 in pemberton at this hour into dover, delaware, 35 degrees. newark, 34, and rehoboth beach little milder, 45 degrees, current ocean temperature at 60, 30 in chilly hill. closer to the city, 36 degrees at the airport, 29, mullica hill, chalfont, check out some of these temperatures farther to the north quakertown cold spot at 25, 22 in mount pocono, this hour, 28 in pottstown. so, certainly break out the winter coats and the sweaters this morning. but we do have that mid-week rebound, average high of of
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six, still way below that today, tomorrow, right near average, then we surge above average for the middle of the week. looks like pushing mid 70s, and by next weekends we drop back to where we should be for this time of year. all right, winds calm to about three, 5 miles per hour, so that's good. no nasty windchills, storm scan3, nice and quiet, clear conditions, battling sun glare later this morning. so another cool day today. the core of the colds he is air still over us, but starting to exit. and you will feel that difference tomorrow morning. not quite as cold. we make it back to the mid 60s on tuesday, sunshine continues for wednesday, boosting us into the low and even mid 70s, through the day thursday. nothing happening today, lots of sunshine around, good night tonight, clear conditions for the game, but it will be cold, and then for tuesday maybe few afternoon clouds overall, mostly sunny skies. so forecast today, another cool day, 54 nor the afternoon high, winds pretty light out of the southwest five to ten, not quite as cool tonight, cool skies four is for the low temperature being check out the forecast tonight at the linc, and there you go, kick
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off 8:30, temperature of 44 degrees, dress warm, but at least the winds are light. here is the extended forecast, a lot of sun through the week, mid 70s wednesday and thursday. >> i wish they would get here sooner, thank up, justin. speaking of the eagle gang, eagles take on the giant prime time lincoln financial field. with the win fled would fly into tie for first place in the ffc east. joined haven't been very good as stopping the passing game. that's the worth in the league. the birds are hoping to build on sam bradford's best game as an eagle but sam says the giants are better than their numbers. >> those numbers might be a little skewed just for the fact that they have been so good, i think some of the passing yardage numbers get inflated because people have gone away from the run against them. you know, but obviously we will try to do what we do, we will try to stay bald. if it comes down to it we feel confident where our pass game is at.
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>> eagles divisional opponent washington took on the other new york team yesterday the jet. new york led by three at the half, then poured it on, ryan fitzpatrick through for two touchdowns, ran for another, and the jet beat washington 34-20. >> the american league championship series resumes tonight north of the border. the blue jays host the kansas city royals in game three, in toronto. royals won the first two games. over to the national league, the mets also hold a two game to none advantage. daniel murphy hit homerun in his fourth straight playoff game to power the mets over the cubs, four-one. game three tomorrow night at wrigley field. >> still a they had this morning on "eyewitness news", amazon cracking down on fake product reviews. what could happen if you post a review for an item you didn't actually purchase. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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here is one more look at your headlines this morning. police are investigating a overnight accident in south philly, that sent one man to the hospital. it happened overnight, at penn row, then paterson avenues. that accident involves a car and a co-truck. >> also, two of the candidates for mayor of philadelphia face-off in another debate tonight. democrat jim kenny and republican, melissa murray bailly go head-to-head at the temple performing art center starts at 7:30. and listen to this, a snake force as evacuation of a septa bus in west philadelphia. a man boarded a route 52 bus, with his two and a half foot long boa con victor yesterday afternoon t got loose short time later, crawled under the seat, driver alerted septa police. the bus was evacuated and septa police kicked the snake and its owner off the bus. the guy got his snake back. >> all right, right now, 4:49, time for check on your business news with money watch's hen a daniels up at
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the new york stock exchange, hen, a hearing apple is being forced to shell out millions of dollars. they lost this big patent lawsuit. what do you know about this? >> reporter: good morning, erika. federal jury on friday ordered apple to pay $234 million, to the university of wisconsin for illegally using the school's technology in processers that power some iphones and ipads. the jury ruled some recent apple devices infringe dollars on the university's 1998 patent on improving processor efficiency. apple says they plan to appeal. >> also hearing that fans and people who are going to the eagles-giant game, if they like star wars, are in for real treat watch can they expect? >> yes, the game is a exciting enough, the first full trailer for the force a weakened will be aired tonight during half time of monday night football. plus the movie post letters start showing up in theater lobbies, and after the trailer is shown, advanced tickets go on sale for episode seven, that opens on december 18th,
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and erika, you know a lot of people are excited about that. >> another reason to watch the game. thanks, hanna, see you later this morning. >> listen to there is amazon is going after people who reportedly sell fake reviews for products on it website. the company says more than a thousand people sold five star reviews through this website fiber. com. it is a website where odd jobs can be pick up for as little as $5. amazon's policy bans fake product reviews, so that company sued those people who made the fake reviews for breach of contract, and violating federal consumer laws on friday. fiber says sellers solicit fake reviews everywhere. >> coming up after the break, another check on this cold day ahead, also the roads.
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good morning, certainly cold outside. the good news is morning commute right now still dark out, still early, it is looking really good. no overnight construction project still lingering in your per i have val view. you can see the blue route, toll plaza, looking good. any cam ray look at this early morning is looking a lot lick. >> this for a monday morning i can tell this is great start. because as we push toward the 5:00 hour, specially on a monday and tuesday, that's whether we see things heat up. here is a look at the schuylkill headlight past 202 n in and around the king of prussia area. looking good here as well. again, no overnight construction, still lingering around, the vine street expressway both in the eastbound and westbound directions, looking good. although, we are seeing westbound levels just spill over on the vine. forty-two freeway, approaching 295, what you are looking at, everyone still traveling around in posted speeds looking good there, chestnut street bridge over 95 is
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closed between front and columbus, another update on that coming up in about ten minute, so justin, the roads are looking pretty good. no overnight construction project to talk about right now but it is chilly, really cold. >> yes, frost out there on the cars. you will be scraping this morning, even this afternoon, we will have a lot of sunshine, temperatures running below average for this time of year. check out the numbers right now, again, below freezing in many suburbs, 25 in allentown, 23 up in mount pocono, wilmington you guys just drop to 33, and sitting at freezing, in trenton, upper 20s in part of interior south jersey, storm scan3, tells the picture, clues skies, calm winds, coal air set unless at the surface, rebounds to up 54, still good 12 degrees below average for this time of year. tonight not quite as cold, another clear night, low of around 41 degrees, the extended forecast, normal conditions for tuesday, back up to 66 degrees in the sunshine, and low and mid 70s for the middle of the week on wednesday and thursday, nice
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dry stretch, weather throughout the entire week. we cool it back down to the low 60s friday and saturday, erika, back over to you. >> the arrival of the freezing temperatures in our receipt on, penndot preparing for when snow comes to the area. and, strong new warnings about consuming alcohol during pregnancy, a local university nursing school is helping the community stay healthy. check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour right here on "eyewitness news", live with commuters encountering some of the coldest weather of the season. also ahead, learning more about vice president joe biden's thought process regarding possible presidential run. the latest 2016 campaign information for you. >> astronaut scott kelly making history in space. the record he broke this weekend. we're back at th
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>> if you are just waking up oh, get ready to bundle up. temperatures putting the brr you might say in october. oh, warm up some time arrive sometime soon? we'll let you know. also, new this morning, man is critically injured in this crash in south philadelphia. we have the latest. >> and, snake on septa? hear from the owner of this bulletin caused scary moments for passenger, good morning, it is monday, october 19th. i'm erika von tiehl. oh, it is cold outside. good morning. >> yes, good morning, i know, when i hear justin say frost on the windshield, potentially? that is no good. right now morning commute
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looking good, over night construction project getting out every our way nice and early. so justin, i know the big news right now just hoe cold it is. thirty's, i mean, that's crazy. >> right. there are spots even in the mid 20's right now, but record low for philadelphia is 29 degrees. soap, not that cold. it could get a lot worse, if gig, but here we are outside now, skydeck again, winds pretty callment. freeze warning remains in effect. this goes until 9:00 this morning, current temperatures, 36 degrees, 25 in allentown, 28 millville. dover, delaware, you guys waking to up 34 degrees, and again those outer suburbs, that temperatures are really dropping mid and upper 20's, quakertown, pottstown, willow grove, doylestown and probably dropping another agree or two before sunrise. philadelphia so far this morning reach 36 degrees, makes it the coldest temperature since april 1st. today's high still remains below average, now, going to see lot of sunshine,


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