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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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looking good, over night construction project getting out every our way nice and early. so justin, i know the big news right now just hoe cold it is. thirty's, i mean, that's crazy. >> right. there are spots even in the mid 20's right now, but record low for philadelphia is 29 degrees. soap, not that cold. it could get a lot worse, if gig, but here we are outside now, skydeck again, winds pretty callment. freeze warning remains in effect. this goes until 9:00 this morning, current temperatures, 36 degrees, 25 in allentown, 28 millville. dover, delaware, you guys waking to up 34 degrees, and again those outer suburbs, that temperatures are really dropping mid and upper 20's, quakertown, pottstown, willow grove, doylestown and probably dropping another agree or two before sunrise. philadelphia so far this morning reach 36 degrees, makes it the coldest temperature since april 1st. today's high still remains below average, now, going to see lot of sunshine, storm scan3 nice and quiet, clear
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skies, over us, well, that will be the trend today. here is the school day forecast, again, cold morning at the bus stop, coming home at 3:00, 52 degrees. forecast hi, low 50's at the shore, mid four's that's it in the poconos, but we do have warm up in the seven day forecast, get to the details in a few minute. but hitting the roads with meisha, a good morning. >> you just had to put that little minus in there. couldn't leave it to the a an ah to put a minus. oh, good morning, everyone, hammy monday if you are just waking up with us, we're so glad you're here, hope you are a grabbing a cup of coffee, great to have one, it is chilly out there. fifty-nine southbound at girard looking pretty good. now we move into the 5:00 hour as anticipated you can see more and more headlights starting to reach the roadway, because monday tip he cannily are busy. here is another look, looking great here, 95, taillights moving in the northbound direction, now at the airport, an area where we typically don't see levels start to
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build until around the 6:00 hour, already starting to see some headlights and some tail light moving. the boulevard for those of you coming southbound trying to make your way into the schuylkill, moving in the southbound direction, looking slow and steady kind whatever we would and at this time path. chestnut street the bridge over 95 closed between front and columbus until further in the. damage to that support pier in effect. traffic is being diverted to front street. you might want to use alternate such as market, would probably be the best one right there and then also construction 95, north and southbound ramps at 202 and 202 south ramps to 95 north is closed until 5:00 a.m. thursday. >> temperatures close to freezing forcing commuters to warm up on their way to work. just fino continue finch joins us at a wawa in pennsauken, a lot of folks stopping in for a cup of coffee, cup of tea, something to keep warm. >> whatever they can get their hands onto stay warm. bite in the air for sure.
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one that many feel skipped right past fall, gone right into winter. that will means you may want to add layering or two like our friends this morning before heading out. we got a bit of a winter preview over the weekend. check out this viewer video of a vineland, new jersey, sunday, that's a drugs of snow, a light dusting on back den, and over in wallingford, cell phone camera was rolling on the light snow that fell in the front yard. now, this morning, we were flake-free in philadelphia, but old city did get hit with a blast of cold. we saw locals there bundled up after weekend of chilly temps. now fall numbers in the picture putting us in the mid 30's, this morning, some areas bit colder, we also found some enjoying this weather but at mid it does feel a bit early to be this cold. >> some are so much effort steam l -- some understatement the colds.
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do you still feel it is early? >> in october, yes, that's the only thing that surprises glee this feels more to you like what month? >> more like november. latter part of november. >> i can tell you there is two at wawa, been so chilly, such a surprise this morning, that many people just don't want to even talk about how cold it is, kind of hoping it just warms up, quicker, than later, also, too, at last check, there is a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m. monday, that is today. so bring your pets and plants inside in case just to keep them safe. justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i complete @ agree, just too soon, justin, thank up. new this morning, a driver is seriously hurt after his vehicle rearended a tow truck in south philadelphia. fire dispatch says the accident happened around 2:00 this morning near the intersection of penrose and paterson avenues. the injured man was taken to the hospital with unstable vital signs. police have not released his
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identity. also this morning, philadelphia police are asking for the public's help in locating a missing west philadelphia woman. forty-six year old tanya keno last seen one week ago at a family member's home on the 6,000 block of cedarhurst street. keno has mental capacity after young child, suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, also prone to epileptic seek zero seizures, last seen whale a tan dress and white adid as sneakers. >> happening today, business and economic development are the focus of the debate between too candidates for philadelphia mayor. democrat jim kenny and republican melissa murray bailey faced off at temple performing art center kicks off tonight at 7:30. this is the second to last debate before the november election. just two weeks to go. >> well, listen to there is snake gets loose on septa bus causing quite a scare among passengers and forces an evacuation. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon has the story now of how the creature got loose and the reunion with its
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owner. >> it was a harrowing ordeal, sunday afternoon on passengers on the route 52 bus. she got under the seat in the bus. she got stuck in there. >> somehow slithered away from own or koran really, said she was supposed to be tucked in his pocket when he realized she was loose. >> everybody freaked out. >> the bus was evacuated at 52nd and westminster while septa police caught the snake. it was in a compartment under a seat. >> they got it. >> overcome with relief at the safe return, koran immediately hugged the brave officers and even our cameraman. he tells us he just was on his way home when she escaped. he says, no big deal. she is gentle. some neighbors also didn't seem to mind. >> if you got it in a cage, like, you are supposed to have it in a cage from a pet store, they gave you a cage. >> but it wasn't in a cage today, right? >> no. i figure it wasn't.
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>> his young son was apparently on the bus as well. >> he always crawling around me, she is always coming toward me upstairs, and she like -- >> but septa apparently is not a huge fan of loose snakes. koran was thrown off the bus. ever the optimist, he didn't seem worried. he would just catch a later bus. >> how are you going to get to where you are going? >> sit tight. >> unclear how koran ultimately made it home, and while they say you can't put a price tag on love? >> this is a 450-dollar snake. and i love her to death. >> and koran tells me he was not given a citation, but septa's police chief says the investigation is underway, and many different factors will ultimately determine if in fact charges already filed. reporting at septa headquarters, rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". overnight, more flare ups at historic montgomery county country club after fire
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destroyed a large portion of the building sunday. fire ripped through the main clubhouse, at lulu country club around sunrise yesterday. the fire marshall says the fire started in the basement of the landmark building and quickly spread throughout the entire structure. while the building is a complete lost, members say the golf course was not affected by the fire. >> the golf course is fabulous, fortunately, that's not been damaged, but we have a lot of good memories that relate to the clubhouse, and the clubhouse is gone. >> the investigation continues, but the fire marshall says the fire did not appear to be intentionally set. >> charges are not expected in a deadly crash on the roosevelt boulevard, that left a pedestrian dead. it happened sunday afternoon, in the feltonville section of philadelphia. police say a 66 year old man was running across the boulevard, when he was struck by a car, heading south. the victim died at the hospital. the driver of the car did stop at the scene.
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>> here the 2500 block of north mars done street. dozens of firefighters work interesting to control those flames. we're toll one firefighter was taken to the hospital with a leg injury, but is expected to be okay. no one else was hurt. philadelphia police are vick g a deadly shooting and the victim is a teenager. a 19 year old was found shot in the street sunday afternoon at 52nd and locust in west philadelphia. taken to the hospital where he died. his name not released. police say they are area still searching for the suspect and the weapon. >> gunman remains on the loose following a weekend shooting at a zombie convention in florida. eyewitness video here capturing the sound of the gunshots in fort myers, one person was killed, and four others injured. participant said near stampede began once everyone heard the initial shot. police say it was a chaotic scene. >> people taking cover, you
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know, running toward the shots, and that's when we located victims. >> zombie con has been running for eight years, and a track more than 20,000 people in fort myers every year. >> 5:10 right now. it is prime time football tonight in south philly when the eagles take on the giant at the linc. the giant have struggled this season and so have the eagles. get this, if the birds beat the giant, they'll be tide for first place in the nfc east, nice change there, right? eagles quarterback sam bradford through for more than 300 yards last weekend, he says the eagles have to play complete game. >> you know, there has been some times this year, it seems we've gotten in a rhythm in the second half, not just myself but the offense is a whole. obviously looking to start that if the first half. >> also, it is a big week for the temple owls. they are in the college not ball top 25 for the first time in more than three decades. the new number 22 owls beat central florida saturday, to
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move to six and zero on the season. thomas ran for three touchdowns for temple. if temple beats east carolina this weekend, they will be seven and zero for the first time in school history. way to go owls. >> still ahead this morning, secretary of state, john kerry; headed to the middle east, as tension rises between israel and palestine. we have the latest just ahead. >> also, coming up: raising awareness for deadly disease. we'll take you to the 29th annual aids walk philadelphia. >> and, astronaut school kelly marks a milestone in space. we'll tell you about the record he set this past weekend. >> hopefully not cold hearted snakes on your bus this morning. certainly cold start to your day. but the justin has good news if you are missing those regular fall temperaturesment coming up in your seven day. we'll be right back.
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>> john carry went them to ends the violence in israel and the west bang, attacker shot and shot people, counting at least ten others. it is the late that's month long wave of violence which has resulted in increased security around israel. >> now the violence last led to some israelis taking matters into their own hands, gun shops are seeing up tick in sales. one shooting instructor told cbs news that in the last week, hundreds of people have applied for permits, and they're struggling to keep up with demand. >> iraq nuclear deal in effect, went into place sunday opening the way for iran to make major changes to un ground nuclear facility. the us expect that a ran will take month to live up to its ends of the bargain could eventually provide the country lee free from international sanctions, may not be lifted immediately, the country must further rain in nuclear program before any changes happen. 5:15 right now, astronaut
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scott kelly breaks record during his historic space mission. today it is his 385th day living in orbit. friday, though, he broke his 383rd record day, rather, broke the record for a cumulative stay in space. october 29th, kelly break up a record for consecutive days in space. he is schedule to return to earth on march 3rd after 522 days. kelly tweeted about his accomplishment, quote here, records are meant to be broken. and kelly is used prolific tweet from space, sent this out yesterday it, includes this: day 205, week send fading as nighttime is shading the earth. good night from the space station. beautiful shot there. and if we had shot of our forecast, my gosh, little chilly out there, justin, find a coat. >> has killer view there. look, playing with his toys up there in space, having a good time. down here, yes, waking to up cold temps. looking at mid 20's, through some mid 30's out there.
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really the trends today after cold start. still cool, this afternoon, for this time of year. at least the sunshine is around, tomorrow we start to rebound back to the mid 60s, which is close to average. wednesday, thursday, return to the 70s, so, if you are not ready for this cold air just yet, wait forma days, warmer air returns, for the weekend, closer to average again, with temperatures in the 60s. but we're in a good stretch, sunshine in the forecast. twenty-nine millville. thirty-four wildwood. forty-five rehoboth beach. capitol city of delaware, you guys at 34 this morning, palmyra 31, shore host chilly 30 degrees, mullica hill already dipping to the upper 20's as well as woodstown, cold spot allentown, quakertown, both mid 20's at this hour, of course up in the mountains, mount pocono checking in at 22 degrees. if you thought yesterday morning was cold, even colder today. anywhere from three to 10 degrees colder, across the reporting station. clear skies over us right now, calm winds, all of the cold dense air at the surface, you can see the flow of the cold air moving in from the northwest, see the clouds over the ocean.
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ocean still warm. temperatures in the 60s, get the colds air over the water, for us lots of sunshine, big time color change over the past few days, cold temperatures, check it out, getting close to peak conditions for the fall foliage, up into the lehigh valley and poconos, probably the next week. into philadelphia, some moderate color as well as part of south jersey and delaware, so we quickly change over the next couple of weeks as we head toward the peak of the season. all right, monday's temperature, conditions in the afternoon, lot of sunshine around tonight, clear night, so good for the football game. just going to be cold. and then for tuesday, maybe we get new afternoon clouds in from time to time. look at the temperatures, we get to the low mid 50's at best again today. tonight, not quite as cold. game time 8:30, 9:00. tomorrow noticeable warmer mid and potentially some upper 60s. forecast today, 54 degrees in the sunshine, tonight not quite as cold, at 41 for the city. three's in the suburbs, extended forecast, looking at 54 today, 60s, tuesday,
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meisha, how about low to mid 70s, can you hand thal? >> i can handle that. justin, thank you for, that because waking to up 30's, that was quite chilly. good morning, everyone, hope you have a cup of coffee with us, the perfect morning for t here is a live look outside, 422 eastbound at oaks, moving in the eastbound direction, looking good here, certainly starting to see some movement out there, this early monday morning, here is a look at the blue route, taillights northbound direction, at route one, this is another area that i kind of keep my eye on, trying to get onto route one, looking good, blue route looking real nice for early monday morning, also something that we've been touching base on now, stomps closed, north and southbound ram the at 202, and south ram top 95 north closed, until 5:00 a.m. on thursday. so, make note of that. and also, another area we've been touching base on, chestnut street bridge over 95 is closed between front and columbus, until further notice. damage to that support pier is in effect here, and also, traffic is being diverted to front street. use alternate such as race
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street. that's something that i would recommend. but, other than that this early monday morning, things looking pretty good. just cold out there. erika, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. local ministry that helps the homeless raising money for the family of toddler found wandering around love park. chosen 300 has launched campaign to raise $12,000 in 12 days. the organization will also work with the families to help them get back on their feet. that will two year old boy and his family were living in a box in love park. he was found by a septa police officer over the weekend, he's now in the custody of the city >> in love park, special event to collect coats for those in need. organized by helping hand from your fellow man organization, new combination of philadelphia. the event also included live performances, face painting and some tasty food. if people braved the chilly temperatures to walk for important cause in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the art museum sunday morning before the start of the 29th annual aids walk philly.
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people laid panels of the aids memorial in the grass, honoring loved ones who lost their battle with aids. they say each one tells us a story. >> each one is different, each one is the life, each one has friends, mother, but when you walk around and look at these, you can see individuals affect other people. >> aids walk philly the largest annual hiv aids public awareness in the greater philadelphia region. >> hundreds of people pounded the pavement for the fifth annual mother walk and run in seoul, new jersey. the event raises money for the lauren rose albert foundation's mother matters program. it benefits mothers who are facing difficult times in our area. >> all right, right now 5:21, and the eagles play in prime time tonight against the giant. still ahead we'll hear from former bird bobby taylor about
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that match up. also this morning, learning more about the vice president and vice president biden's thought process about whether or not to run for president. we have the latest in campaign 2,016. you're watching "eyewitness news" this morning, so happy you're joining us. we'll be right back.
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or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. >> first place on the line when the eagles take on the giants at the linc tonight. bobby taylor visit dollars sport zone last night, told our don bell and leslie van arsdale, birds better he be careful of quarterback eli manning. >> eli is a guy that doesn't get enough respect. he is a two time superbowl champ, two time mvp, and he has these guys on three game winning streak, which the same scenario last year, on three game winning streak, came here, and got blew out. >> least the best of seven american league championship
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series two games to none when the series resumes tonight in toronto, on the national side, can anyone contain the mets daniel murphy? how about this guy? murphy's fourth homerun in his fourth straight post-season game. it led the mets to four to one win over the cubs. the series switches to wrigley field tomorrow night, the mets are up two games to none. >> all right, well, it is bad enough getting injured on the field, right? but just got worse with a soccer player in greece, being carried off the field when the medic dropped the stretcher, then stumble and fell on to the poor guy verdict, gent lip the player did make it to the side lines, unser moan justly just dropped him right there, the guy is injured for pete's sake. oh, all right. right now, 5:26. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", dea officials are headed to delaware county today to address heroin epode deem i can. we have the details for you. also ahead, six year old boy accidentally shoots and kills his younger brother. now that boy's father is
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facing charges. we'll have the latest. justin? >> waking to up temperatures still below freezing this morning, and stays chill think afternoon, but warming trend in the seven day, those details when "eyewitness news" returns.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> good morning, it is monday, october 19th, i'm erika von tiehl. and oh, we are off to chilly start this morning. we have the latest on your forecast, justin has good news, i promise you in the seven days. presidential candidate bernie sanders responding to comedian larry davis' portrayal of his this past weekend. we'll hear from him just ahead. it is uncanny, almost like looking sanders himself. we'll show you the clip. cold is the biggest thing they notice when waking up this morning. >> and frost outside in that's no good. >> hard to wake up and get out of the covers. talking 50's for the high today. you know, in the winter that would be warm. >> yes. >> but not used to it. >> right now not used to it, that's the thing. but 70s in the seven day? >> i'm this charge, i'll bring back some warm air. not here to stay just yet. all right, talk about what's happening outside see the skyline there, no problem, looking from the


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